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friends mom is hot

The Problem: I saw my friends mom in a thong she looked good she told me i could do her in the butt im should i

Asked by: qwert at 04:24:29 AM, Monday, June 18, 2007 PDT FLAG


ya her it fair game

#1lover Jun 18 2007 11:29am FLAG

Hell yeah! Smack Dat all on the floor! Smack Dat give me some more! Smack Dat till u get sore! Smack Dat!! Oh Oh Oh!!

Anonymous Jun 18 2007 12:12pm FLAG
if she said it was ok....Is he your good friend?

so what Jun 18 2007 12:35pm FLAG
Dude that would totaly be WRONG!!! hes your friend Dont Do his Mom

Britt_Bratt Jun 18 2007 5:12pm FLAG
When you finish with his mom do his sisters too

Anonymous Jun 19 2007 9:48am FLAG
go 4 it!!!!!!!! have sex with her!

robert Jun 19 2007 4:02pm FLAG
Nail her and knock her up!

Jake Jun 20 2007 8:32am FLAG
SICKO!!! do you want to be your friends brother or sisters dad!?

iamandrea Jun 20 2007 9:38am FLAG
iamandrea none of this is happing in real life. they just putting a show on here to get you to react to it. Thats what sick little swallow mormones do.

Zoe Jun 25 2007 10:21am FLAG
me frist. I go both ways

ShiningFire Jun 26 2007 3:06pm FLAG
wut ever if u do your just being stuped

lil-brat Jun 30 2007 10:47am FLAG
hell yeah you should stick it to her. If you don't someone else will. And zoe, arent you like twelve? don't you have any parental supervision at all? where the f**k are your retarded parents at? they need to start regulating your activities and it would hurt for them to buy you a spelling book either.

Reverend Wilhelm Jul 02 2007 6:25am FLAG
It's the right thing to do, helping out the poor woman in her time of need.

Bill Jul 02 2007 11:30am FLAG
just doo it with a condom

Anonymous Jul 04 2007 12:52pm FLAG
hey this is britney spears i sahved my hair untill it was bald i got nnerv as hannah montana would say so live with it

britney spears Jul 04 2007 12:54pm FLAG
i would!!!!

Anonymous Jul 04 2007 12:55pm FLAG
Do it and then call the cops and tell them she forced it on you.

yeah yeah yeah Jul 07 2007 6:59am FLAG
okayy everyone just read the comments back!its only boys that are saying do itt.Doesnt that tell you summink...Boii's go read a *** magazine!

anonymous Jul 10 2007 9:29am FLAG
go for it!

LILLY Jul 11 2007 9:05pm FLAG
LILLY, you don't count.

x-Amber-x Jul 14 2007 2:06pm FLAG
have sex with your friends mom and sister and have a 3sum and let your friends see and enjoy the scene you thong -looker

Anonymous Jul 15 2007 1:46pm FLAG
Dont do it if your friend and you are really close that would totally ruin your friend ship. And if your a virgin think about who werid it would be to have your friends mom be your first.

<3 Jul 18 2007 3:55pm FLAG
duuuuude!! don't do it for the love of god!! that would be soo wrong :|

Kirt Jul 19 2007 5:52pm FLAG
go for it ever heard of "mrs. robinson"?.. the older they are the more they can teach you!!!

justme Jul 19 2007 6:41pm FLAG
just let the female cum many many times..only fair

justme Jul 19 2007 6:45pm FLAG
this is the mom your talking about n I would love for you to do me rough cum in my face I like it doggystyle just so you know next time you come over I'll be ***** just for you papi

milf Jul 20 2007 1:06am FLAG
Is she a m.i.l.f?? lmao

Barbie =] Jul 24 2007 6:35pm FLAG

Anonymous Jul 28 2007 7:50am FLAG
You shouldn' do it you can always wait for the right girl to come into your life and that girl would be age appropiate!!! So it is up to you I say don't do it but if you do you are making a wrong decission!!!! It is all your choice and remember the choice you make can help you life in the future or destroy it!!! You need to make that choice no one else should make it for you!!!!

Smart Girl Aug 01 2007 2:33pm FLAG
Man if ur lookin for sumthing good email me at i like thongs more then a 30 sumthen year old meliester

thong gurl Aug 03 2007 9:53pm FLAG
dont email her she will get emotionally scarred for life like me

scared gurl Aug 08 2007 8:09pm FLAG
if u wanna b a mother er then go 4 it

wow Aug 19 2007 11:42am FLAG
can i do her first

matt Aug 25 2007 5:24pm FLAG

Jenny Aug 31 2007 10:58pm FLAG
don't put u r penus in2 h3r.

???? Sep 13 2007 4:01am FLAG
thats your friends mom nasty

beautiful _heilp here fast go to it asap Sep 20 2007 11:32am FLAG
not right away rub and kis her than go for it

! Sep 24 2007 3:11pm FLAG

F!@# YOU Sep 30 2007 11:13pm FLAG

%%%&&&**&&^ Oct 06 2007 12:15am FLAG
do it. sex with ur friends mom is amazing so good. i did it and she loved it. booya

Anonymous Oct 08 2007 3:46pm FLAG
F!@# YOU go your dog you stupid ass

? Oct 08 2007 3:46pm FLAG
No. Seriously... dont listen to these pervs. at least wait till your older if you can hold yourself back.

Anonymous Dec 03 2008 6:34pm FLAG
Yes, do it. She will be so happy and you too.

laurel Aug 31 2010 4:45am FLAG
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