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i want to my aunt how do i tell her?

The Problem: i want to my aunt but how

Asked by: loverock121 at 09:27:19 PM, Friday, November 14, 2008 PST FLAG


When the whole family is together, walk up to her, drop your pants and say "strip bitch and spread your legs Im gonna bang your brains out!"

Anonymous Nov 15 2008 11:47am FLAG

thanx but i would never do it that way yeah but wat happens if she doesnt strip and i wont do it in front of my family i dont want everyone to know about it jezze

loverock1 Nov 15 2008 4:43pm FLAG
get her drunk that always work haha

-{katie}- Nov 16 2008 9:41am FLAG
Maybe just say you want to talk to her in private.. it's worth a shot.

lala Nov 17 2008 6:23am FLAG
i agree with anonymous

that guy Nov 24 2008 8:28pm FLAG
katie is right just get her drunk or slip her a ruthy

ur mom Nov 27 2008 11:03pm FLAG
wat tha heck shes ur aunty! that is just sick it is wrong!

kiwichick Jan 01 2009 8:10pm FLAG
i agree with kiwichick

love2shopaero Jan 16 2009 11:03am FLAG
i wanna bang my aunty Angela soooo bad! shes like 36 but lookz 2O, im a young **** n want my d*ck in her pusssy, she comez ova all da time, like tonite........

Balla' Jan 17 2009 5:07pm FLAG
I saw my aunt in the bathroom..and i got catched by she is not talking with me..

John Jun 19 2010 4:18am FLAG
This response was flagged for inappropriate or offensive content.

help me Aug 16 2010 4:12pm FLAG
well if u want her then tell her and see what she says,if she feels the same way then shouldn't be a problem you want know unless you do

crypto Aug 16 2010 4:17pm FLAG
i know what you mean i have a hot aunt i want but don't know how to tell her

mike Aug 16 2010 4:20pm FLAG
i got lucky i was in the same situation but one day when we was alone we got drunk and she asked me if i wanted to play truth or dare and it was perfect she came on to me by like the 3 question she ask me to rub her back then her legs and i started rubbin by her butt and dared me to kiss her i was so scared and tried to play it off but i always wanted her so i did and we start makin out and touchin each other and she took off her shirt and got down to her panties and i almost blew my wad right then it was insane but i calmed down and started kissin her neck and moved down her stomache, she started rubbin my c*ck through my shorts and took them off me and we 69 and then had the best sex of my life

chris Aug 16 2010 4:30pm FLAG
i need a perfect answer not a dummy.that should be work.say like that

chin Sep 20 2010 8:24am FLAG
touch her butt.or give her a hug 4rm behind wif ur stif dig.give her a sleep tablet maybe 2 wif tea.mke sure u alone inda house if she is asleep strip her down do ur thng

junior... Sep 30 2010 8:31am FLAG
go to hell she is ur aunt

sarath Oct 16 2010 1:59am FLAG
Get her drunk

arturo Oct 26 2010 6:27am FLAG
Get her drunk

Anonymous Oct 26 2010 6:27am FLAG
Get her drunk

arturo Oct 26 2010 6:28am FLAG
just whip it out and tell her to suck it.

Phil Nov 01 2010 12:45am FLAG
when your parents are out of home mix sex capsules in her drink

suresh Nov 09 2010 4:05am FLAG
when she in bathroom so take snap her &black mail to her

lun parshad Nov 09 2010 4:07am FLAG
get emotional with her and tuch her thies and giv sympothy and say you r good pain relever massager she have definatly pain in back and u do your job with oil and aunt

aunty lover Nov 26 2010 8:25am FLAG
Dont try aunt try your own mom its the best sex.

Amith Dec 04 2010 7:49am FLAG
so hot

so hot Dec 07 2010 11:05am FLAG
i had the same problem i was lucky enough to do it last year she started flirting with me i was she was 27 we ended up having sex about in 4 months it was awesome she gave the best bj ever

Synner Dec 08 2010 10:10am FLAG
how can i my aunty in the night?

manish sharma Dec 18 2010 10:08am FLAG
welll i have this aunt she has a nice ass and i just wana get my c*ck in there what do i say and i know she likes my c*ck cause iv ed her befor but she wont do it again she said it was a one night thing

Aron Dec 21 2010 9:23am FLAG
the same situiaton happend to me , my aunt was 18 and im were both attracted 2 each uva 1st were like touching each uva den 1 day she told me 2 suck on her big tits man mmmm, dat waz nice den i shagged her so hard she 4got her name, and im smelling her sexy tongs now mmmm yummmy i wna her more .xxxx

i wna my aunt Dec 26 2010 2:40am FLAG

me Dec 29 2010 1:36pm FLAG
My aunt is avoiding me what I do?

Anonymous Jan 01 2011 12:28am FLAG
Just talk to her and then her

uzair Jan 02 2011 4:21pm FLAG
just be honest when no one is around tell your aunt,you are very attractive,and i would like to make out with you,and swear to her you will never tell no one about this beg her its yes or no.

Greg Feb 17 2011 12:01am FLAG
please i can't able to stop my emotion at her.I wan to heck her badly

john Feb 18 2011 11:09am FLAG
lsn man i had the same issue, but in my situtation my aunt is married and she has a kid in my age, you have no idea how i think she is sexy, big boobs, big ass, she always drives me crazy, i want to her so bad..

dude Feb 18 2011 4:50pm FLAG
dude don't do that, she will never allow u to do.just cal for some days and stare at her.

john Feb 20 2011 2:28pm FLAG
If u need add sex feeling in her just,give the tablet to her.only 2tablets,instantly she will attack u as a hunger.And the tablet name is Women Himalayan Niagra.It works.But a very care fully.Give the tablets to her.When u both r allow.Just like a privacy type.because after getting that tablet.She will desire into a sex.And she will do what ever u ask her.After u can heck her

john Feb 20 2011 2:33pm FLAG
Just try it.Because it work for me very desperately.

john Feb 20 2011 2:34pm FLAG send me u'r message to listen u.

john Feb 20 2011 2:52pm FLAG
Drunk People Make Crazy Things... Thanxx....

Me Feb 28 2011 8:33am FLAG
I want to my aunt

Sunil Apr 01 2011 1:31am FLAG
I want to my aunt

Sunil Apr 05 2011 12:31am FLAG
How do I tell my aunt I wanna her

Idk Apr 20 2011 11:22pm FLAG
How do I tell my aunt I wanna her

Lalo Apr 20 2011 11:41pm FLAG
i wanna force my d*ck in my aunts ass hole and then her face and cum down her throat shes 37 im 18 fine ass fine tits

fifo Apr 22 2011 2:57am FLAG
i wanna force my d*ck in my aunts ass hole and then her face and cum down her throat shes 37 im 18 fine ass fine tits

fifo Apr 22 2011 2:59am FLAG
How do I tell my aunt I want to her

Anonymous Apr 24 2011 7:04pm FLAG
if u want to ur's aunt then sleep with her if she is watching T.V. by sleeping go to her and hugg her from behind with erected penis on her ass and make movements on her ass if she feels she will allow and after that u can go further but if she is not watching T.V u can do it on bed also

Rahul Pale May 05 2011 8:37am FLAG
if aunt is in sleep then rub her ing job

Rahul Pale May 05 2011 8:39am FLAG
How do I tell my aunt I wanna take a shower wit her I wanna get her in there so bad she has big ass she lets my spank her ass and tell her she has a big ass

bigdaddy May 05 2011 10:59am FLAG
i want to sex with my aunty she was 38 and i have 22 also she has no husband he dies

john adam May 30 2011 1:59am FLAG
or call me my nu 9048442822 i am in kerala or call 09048442822 plz share ur fellings with me by adam

john adam May 30 2011 2:01am FLAG
I want to my aunt too. But what if she tells my parents

Idk Jun 03 2011 7:53pm FLAG
i need advice on how to tell my aunt im in love with her

trenner Jun 21 2011 9:03pm FLAG
i want sex with my aunty.

shah Jun 27 2011 3:20am FLAG
Bloddy f *kr s

Gosthunters Jun 29 2011 9:46am FLAG
sex pills names

john Jul 08 2011 3:25am FLAG
i also want to my aunt but being an asian it makes almost impossible,we are muslims and we dont drink, i have seen her ***** through hole of bathroom while she was taking bath,i think i should tell her about my feeling or touch her,..what you say guys what should i have to do??

farhan ahmed Jul 20 2011 2:30pm FLAG
well i wanna my aunt also but i wanna ask her when she gets drunk

DamnRacoon Jul 24 2011 1:32am FLAG
Just man up guyz!, go up to her and kiss her dnt let her say an answer, grab her ass then her tits and start gettin her ***** if she says no after that then you better start begging she doesnt tell your parents ima do that next time i see her which is Thursday.

-A-Bitch Jul 26 2011 9:26am FLAG
i love my friends mom she is so sexy,has big tits ,butts n sexy ass...i jst like her like hell..but how do i tell her ?i jst wana her like hell...plz suggest me guyz??

Anonymous Aug 12 2011 1:03am FLAG
i really want to my aunt,her name is dana forni,shes from florida,she has black hair and a nice ass and tits.shes married and has two kids 7 and 8 year olds,her husband is a dentist,he goes to work everyday..except weekends. and her kids started school. soo ill be alone with her at her house. soo then what should i do to give her a sign that i want to heck her. shold i take a shower then come out go over to her then my towel accidently drops.....

brey buz Aug 14 2011 2:32pm FLAG
by the way im and shes in her 30's also she has a facebook soo you canlook her up to see what she looks like

brey buz Aug 14 2011 2:35pm FLAG
she never gives me any sexual looks or anything

brey buz Aug 14 2011 2:43pm FLAG
make her feel sexy...

someone34 Aug 17 2011 12:17am FLAG
How do I convince my aunt to

Anonymous Aug 18 2011 10:39pm FLAG
I also want to as she was not wearing panties under the saree that was strange . then she suddendly woke up I got scared and thougt she will inform my parents . But she didnt do . I really masturbate a lot thinking about this. But after that incident she is very consious doesnt allow me to see her navel or cleavage . But I still masturbate

prakash Aug 20 2011 6:38am FLAG
you can look your aunty very sadly

kamadevan Sep 06 2011 4:32am FLAG
guys give me some advice . my comment is the one above prakash

Anonymous Sep 25 2011 11:24pm FLAG

Anonymous Oct 05 2011 8:59am FLAG
tell her ur feelings,she surely will agree if u r bold n aggressive,once my nephew also tried me n ilet her by their in laws not strangers.truely try it within no days ur aunt will be ur c*ck sucker.i assure every guys who wanna fck ur aunt go n try coz ur aunt is hungry 4 ur c*ck.

sexy aunt- Nov 27 2011 8:47pm FLAG
guys im the guy brey buz a few comments away help meeeeeeeeeeeee

brey buz Nov 30 2011 7:05pm FLAG
dude i also want to her she will tell it to her husband & my parents & can also slap me what should i do.

karan Dec 13 2011 12:38pm FLAG

xyz Dec 13 2011 12:42pm FLAG
you guys are ing stupid these people are your family member if you have to to think about doing this to them then you morons need to get some help You are all a bunch of sick SOBS

Anonymous Dec 15 2011 3:37pm FLAG
i wana my ant

ant ,sis er Dec 20 2011 9:18am FLAG
im going to my aunts this christmas

that guy with the boner Dec 21 2011 12:02pm FLAG
guys me also i want to her very badly.

want my aunt. Dec 21 2011 11:35pm FLAG
Guys, i also wan 2 sex ma aunt...samtimes she responds ve 2me,make me attractd just rub her butt n boobs wyl she in sleep at da yearly morning abt 4.30 am dats da time evry1s sexuality wakupz n she wil responds vly den do wat u want ,/do it wyl she is at partially slept

Auntfkr.... Dec 29 2011 4:58am FLAG

Weky Dec 30 2011 1:00pm FLAG
i wanna :*

silent killer Dec 31 2011 10:43am FLAG
u guys are nasty i just sed that to see what kind of response i get.

brey buz Jan 03 2012 1:59pm FLAG
u guys are nasty.....i just made that comment to see the response from you.

brey buz Jan 03 2012 2:06pm FLAG
I her guys she is amazing and gives me more pleasure than my wife

Amit Jan 07 2012 10:34pm FLAG
i want to sex with my aunt bt how is it posible 1 night i slept with her nd i touch her ass nd her big boobs partialy she was slept i thnk she dont knw abt that. plz yr plz help me what i hv to do for her. what i hv to do for tell her. i cnt cntrol myself plz sm1 rply me

mohit Jan 11 2012 11:13pm FLAG
Fool...heak her

Punisher Jan 19 2012 7:57am FLAG

SHANTO Jan 19 2012 2:05pm FLAG
go when their is nobody in the house then kiss her mouth then catch her ass the strip her even she will be in the mood to

roith Jan 26 2012 6:10am FLAG
catch her ass ehen she is cooking and telly your optionion the till she like when ever

rohan Jan 26 2012 6:12am FLAG
i steal my aunts dirty panties so i can smell her when i masterbate.

iggy Jan 27 2012 11:09pm FLAG
get her whan she sleep

money Jan 28 2012 8:21pm FLAG
her now

money Jan 28 2012 8:22pm FLAG
get her whan she sleep

money Jan 28 2012 8:23pm FLAG
my aunt came frm office she was too tired she told i will bath and come and she cald me to give clothes i saw her ***** through hole..............then she was sleeping and i was beside her her dress went little up so i opened it and i saw her ass it was so nice and too big so i ed her and she is pregnent niw wat to do tell me sugesions

jayanth Feb 05 2012 6:02am FLAG
Do any1 knw wer 2 find free rape videos 4 free download?

rapist Feb 09 2012 12:48am FLAG

y Feb 14 2012 7:34am FLAG
Damn i wanna Bang my aunt to ! She Has a Big Nice Ass its Puffy! Everytime Shes over Some How She Talks About My d*ck. She always Shakes Her Big Phat ass To Get My Attention and She Does and She Almost Puts Her Ass On My Face! How Can i Grab Her Ass Making it look like an accident?

it Feb 15 2012 4:06am FLAG

HELP Feb 17 2012 4:44am FLAG

HELP Feb 18 2012 4:26am FLAG
hey guyz plz help me... my aunt z damn hot nd sexy c'z perfect 4 havin hardcore sex' hr big boobs,legs, attracts me alot i hv seen her also nd touchs her thieghs nd hips pretending her that m unware 4 it while my hand toucher her body.. plz tel me hw to seduce hr i wnt her itz large nd juicy

hunter Feb 19 2012 12:09pm FLAG
i wnt to my aunt too..i like hr legs nd hr foot a lot

42JGA Feb 21 2012 6:46am FLAG
frndz i hv dn it i hv ed my aunt atlast my dream cme true c ws amazing on bed i hv enjoyd alot lickin her vagina it was h ot man and her big ass

hunter Feb 24 2012 11:50am FLAG
Having the same problem, I want to me?

greg Feb 28 2012 4:18am FLAG
DOn't rush to Sex. First step just be her close friend, Second talk what you feel about other girls, third start flirting with her, forth ask difference between sex and foreplay, fifth ask her can she teach some foreplay, sixth have fun and show you are trust worthy, seventh take her to dinner, eight take her to two day trip and have fun, ninth seduce her and play foreplay in one week trip, Tenth her taking a one month abroad trip. This often works. Always remember no forcing, no irritating her, ensure only you both know these things, never share this to close friends as you are super hero or her as slut. Final respect her and her family life. If she says NO... just imagine her heck her in your dream

Tarkeeb420 Mar 03 2012 9:47am FLAG

gnhf Mar 07 2012 8:05am FLAG
Poda pannikale

Mr perfect. Mar 10 2012 10:56pm FLAG
Dont do sex with other girls.

:-)Mr perfect.:-) Mar 10 2012 10:58pm FLAG
Dont do sex with other girls.

Mr perfect. Mar 10 2012 10:58pm FLAG
my aunty is tooooo sexy i want to heck her a;; the time she has big boobs...which attracts me....

harldly er:) Mar 11 2012 5:02am FLAG
its all sick guys ............change up u r mind for good.....insha allah

angels Mar 12 2012 1:33am FLAG
even i had the same when she was asleep i opened her dress and i ed her ass,it was sexy and cool and sexy

rohan Mar 12 2012 1:45am FLAG
get her drunk

3 Mar 13 2012 8:23am FLAG
talk about sex

234 Mar 13 2012 8:23am FLAG
i really want to her. ?

3 Mar 13 2012 2:34pm FLAG
I too want to her Is there a way i can make it look all accidental? By the way I am , She is married and has two kids

anonymous Mar 14 2012 4:04am FLAG
next time u are alone with her and she bends down in front of u and her ass in just thier, pull down her trousers and her panties, and ram ur d*ck in her ass, she will love it

3 Mar 14 2012 8:23am FLAG
get some rope/belts or both and tie her to the bed while shes sleeping and put pillows under her back so she cant see who it is and than have fun. also do this when thers other boys in house so she knows its not you.

THE boss Mar 17 2012 8:04pm FLAG
i ed up but we still do it every now and then so i wish the best of luck and id just tell her thats how i did it. and dont listen to THE boss he seems to suffer from controll issues and hes also seems like hes a rapist so go for it

the voice Mar 17 2012 9:38pm FLAG
i want to show my aunt my c*ck and shes married but her hus isnt always home so im gonna drop my pats and or towel in front of her next time i see her

Anonymous Mar 19 2012 2:27am FLAG
im years i want to show my year old aunt my c*ck and shes married but her husband isnt always home so im gonna drop my pants and or towel in front of her next time i see her an its gonna be erect

Anonymous Mar 19 2012 12:39pm FLAG
when my aunts was at my house just the 2 of us and she bent over to pick up yhe groceries that she dropped and she wasnt wearin any tousers so i dropped my pants and bashed my c*ck into her clint and she didnt do or say anything she just stayed bent over

Anonymous Mar 19 2012 12:46pm FLAG
I'm going to my aunts house for spring break, time to be a pervert and spy on her

Big d*ck Mar 19 2012 2:55pm FLAG
i ed my aunt when she was asleep and then i jizzed on her face then she woke up andi told her the truth now she like grabs my d*ck every time she comes over and i slap her ass my next target is my sister i want anal with her so if i were u i would go for it when she is asleep i love effing my family members after my sis im going for my cousin her ass like WOW

deez nutzz Mar 22 2012 5:13pm FLAG
i ed my aunt when she was asleep and then i jizzed on her face then she woke up andi told her the truth now she like grabs my d*ck every time she comes over and i slap her ass my next target is my sister i want anal with her so if i were u i would go for it when she is asleep i love effing my family members after my sis im going for my cousin her ass like WOW

deez nutzz Mar 22 2012 5:15pm FLAG
i also wnt the sme....

any1 Mar 22 2012 8:22pm FLAG
My aunt came here to my home yesterday; as she knows chemistry, she agreed to teach me some of it.My parents were here then, but after 2 hours, they all left...we were alone.At that point, she was sitting near to me, speaking about the lesson, and I had a boner at that moment.I then looked at her, and she was looking at it.I always wanted to heck her out, she has the greatest tits and ass, but I'm a sissy to do so.I thought to tell her, but I was so cannot imagine.Then, she told me that she has to go home(remember-we were still alone,while parents left for 3 hours), and she had to change her clothes.She did it in front of me, she took her T-Shirt of and I saw here big,tight boobs...they were just jiggling! My c*ck just got crazy, and I thought that it was the best moment to do so,to ask her.But I was too scared! I will see her today as well, we will be alone, what should I do? :(

Somebody Mar 26 2012 1:26am FLAG
I have a urge to my aunt too,ppl help me?!

Yo man naaaa Apr 04 2012 1:00pm FLAG
I want to heck my aunt so bad she's really hot but has a his and 2 kids how do I do it

Anon Apr 07 2012 11:40pm FLAG
think about the future, she'll attend your wedding, she is your father or mother's sister,practically almost your mother, i wanted to heck my aunty soooooooooo bad too but i thought about this, and the thoughts crumbled!!

254 best bliv Apr 09 2012 11:26am FLAG
Just have a erection go up behind your aunt give her a big hug make sure your d*ck presses up around her ass or ass crack. Go outside for couple of hours. Come back inside, and when she gets blankets for u say "I'm sorry for for my boner, when I hugged you" but make sure u have a boner and say"uhhohhh I think I have one right now" and see wat she does! If ur lucky!!!

The Jewish voice Apr 10 2012 2:48pm FLAG
my aunt is might me 30 or more and i m . she is really beautiful. her boobs are average(fine for me). she is like aishwarya rai. she had bath today and i wanted to heck her. shall i go inside and do it. I cant stop my self.!!

Anonymous Apr 10 2012 11:35pm FLAG
i m yrs old.. my aunt is abt 30. hr name is anjana. She wrs saree. I touchd her legs till hr hr hn hr sleep

i love aunt anjanas legs! Apr 14 2012 9:28pm FLAG
i would just like to say that all u people who says it sick y the r u looking it up

i proved u wrong Apr 15 2012 1:44pm FLAG
I had my sexy aunt when I was freshmen.My aunt Mae was the youngest of my aunts and uncies.In fact she attended the same high school I attended.She was a yr old brunette and a sophmore at the time and I was and 5'7" with a muscular built that I inherited from my dad that I remember hearing one of my aunts say,'You look as good as your dad when your mother fell head over heels in love with you dad back in high school.' My aunt Mae was such a hottie with killer legs,nice set of nice round bouncy breasts and ass that most guys turned to look at when she walked by or if she was in a hurry and was either walking fast or running and made her ass and breasts jiggle in a sexy kind of way.Her sexy hips also had a sexy sway and guys seemed to forget all else,especially when she wore shorts or short dresses and skirts.Her skin was a soft creamy white smooth baby like skin and seemed to glow when she wore them short dresses and skirts or short shorts with a tank top or something that just seemed to show off her awsome cleavage.I as well started to notice her when I was in junior high.She wasn't in any sports or anything,but she had such a hot sexy bod that was,I would say a 37-24-38,5'5" and I remember overhearing her say she was 0 lbs. 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Lance Apr 17 2012 11:24am FLAG
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Lance Apr 17 2012 2:21pm FLAG
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Ahm hold her legs,bite her neck and give her a massage always work =)

Darkness May 22 2012 9:55pm FLAG
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Am leaving with my uncle house from past two years. Nowadays my aunt looks very sexy, some time she looks me in very hot. i saw her boobs and panties when she washing the cloth and she also now . Some time i touched her hand when she given us the tea. Few time I touched her ass also (by mistaken). When she washing the cloth some time she will shows her boobs, but some time she will cover from her hand. Am very much confused. I want to sex with her. Please guide me.

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am staying with uncle house from past 2 years. As of now i didn't sex. Nowadays my aunt looks very sexy. She is 36 year old, having one child 5 years. I saw her boobs many time and few time i saw her panties, while she was washing the clothes /dishes (She also aware). Few time I touched her body: hand and ass(by-mistakenly), she didn't told anything. Some time (nowadays) she wear Transparency nightie so i can see her boobs and panties. Some time washing the clothes she will shows her boobs but few times she will cover from hand. Am very much confused. Please guide me, how i can sex with my aunt.

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dawson emmick Nov 07 2012 4:52pm FLAG
Alight, enough of all these BS answers.. i completely understand you so this is what u have to do. Be the life of the family, what I'm trying to say is make everyone laugh by being funny and flirt with everyone so when you flirt with her she won't think it's weird. When you're flirting be that touchy type of person.. I don't mean touch her titties or ther butts but touch them around the arm, waist, hug them, etc. When you find your aunt by HERSELF that's when you make the move, touch her around the waist, tell her she looks pretty, and that she caught your attention for quite some time now. If she smiles and responds with a positive manner and you know know everything is going good, kiss her in the cheek and eventually end up kissing her lips, if everything is going the complete opposite then don't even bother because then everything would be horrible in the family from then on. Yes, I'm not saying how to ask her but how to make your move. Why? Because no aunt is too slutty enough that when her NEPHEW says something like, "aunty, you've caught my attention for quite some time now and i'll like to then!"

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help! I'm yr, and I want bang my aunt, she has 32 yr., she everytime asks me if I had a girlfriend, pls. some advices. . I"m going to try the towel after shower (forgetting the switching underwear in room, and after shower I would go there.. and I will leave the tower to fall), may it work ?

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DDDD Mar 16 2013 4:47am FLAG
when you are just with she at home, try the towel move.. like the guy from 3 coments up.. tell us if it worked

Anonymous Mar 16 2013 10:15am FLAG
it is hard because there is always someone.Can you give me another advice?

DDDD Mar 16 2013 3:25pm FLAG
wait... until it will clear.. masturbate yourself in the bath or your room with door open.. but be sure she will notice that

for ddd Mar 17 2013 12:52am FLAG
thank you.I will try.

DDDD Mar 17 2013 1:15am FLAG
her hard

mr cool Mar 20 2013 9:30pm FLAG
I wanna have sex with my nephew he is so awsome Aaaaahhhh i'm

sobiii Mar 23 2013 3:46am FLAG
i want to my aunt please give me some advice please

Anonymous Mar 23 2013 1:38pm FLAG
i want to my aunt please give me some advice please

love sex Mar 23 2013 1:39pm FLAG
The other day I dropped a pen behind my aunt an as I went to pick it up I sniffed and kissed her ass I got hard instantly the smell was so intoxicating I want to eat her ass hole so bad then watch as she swallows my cum

Fido Mar 24 2013 11:12am FLAG
I'm yyyyyyyyy

sobiii Mar 24 2013 9:09pm FLAG

sobiii Mar 24 2013 9:10pm FLAG
I wish I could my aunts ass

Aunt humper Mar 25 2013 1:14pm FLAG
I meant I wish she would give me a bl*wj*b and I would give her a anal

Aunt humper Mar 26 2013 7:57am FLAG
But she is married and her kids are older than me what should I do please help me

Aunt humper Mar 26 2013 8:00am FLAG
I was alone with my aunty 2 weeks ago and told her that she had to lay down and shut her eyes because it was a magic trick and when she did it I took off my pants pulled her shirt down and started ing her tits

Anyone want to have sex Apr 01 2013 7:47am FLAG
Dude shes your aunt, you might just wanna have sex so go get a girlfriend and continue from their

A smart Person Apr 07 2013 7:27am FLAG
Go for it

Anonymous Apr 07 2013 11:15am FLAG
I wanna lick my auntys cl*t what to do

Annomoys Apr 07 2013 11:04pm FLAG
Rape her. Get her drunk and take advantage thats what I did with my sister

Trololl Apr 08 2013 5:45pm FLAG
Me and my sister all the time now. At first I raped her a lot but then she stopped crying and started moaning

Trolololl Apr 08 2013 5:46pm FLAG
I want everyone to know that I'm just kidding. Incest is ing disgusting you bastards

Trololl Apr 08 2013 5:48pm FLAG
How do I get my aunt to me help please

Desprate Apr 15 2013 4:09pm FLAG
You can tell her that you have problem with your penis and ask her to see.Then you will know what to do.

for Desprate Apr 25 2013 4:42am FLAG

Desperate Apr 25 2013 3:19pm FLAG
help me i'm and my name is jamesback and i want to my aunt cristina back

jamesback Apr 27 2013 10:29pm FLAG
my name is jamesback and i want to my aunt cristina what should i do?

jamesback Apr 27 2013 10:32pm FLAG
my name is james back and i wont to my aunt cristina back

jamesback Apr 27 2013 10:34pm FLAG
I am alone at home with my aunt.I want to her so hard.How do I tell her???

ALKOS May 01 2013 1:33pm FLAG
take a shower and go arround the house *****.. stay at tv.. be sure she will view you

Anonymous May 01 2013 2:33pm FLAG
or.. before you take shower.. ask her to wash your back when you ask her to come in the time of shower.. be sure she will see your d*ck.. hard hard... and then ask her to wash your legs... how old are you?

Anonymous May 01 2013 2:42pm FLAG
Help me. I regulary give my aunt Jahura massages and rub my small d*ck on her sexy ass, which she doesn't feel. I want her yo take her panties off. How should i tell her, I'm muslim by the way.

Marouanne May 05 2013 11:18pm FLAG
I am and my aunt is 37

ALKOS May 06 2013 3:08am FLAG
Bro I hav the same problem but I'm trying to get her in a private talk so I can tell her

Kik me for advice @victor_p_gamer_ps3 May 06 2013 6:42pm FLAG
I what to my aunt

Anonymous May 06 2013 9:13pm FLAG
I'm Anonymous with 5 coments up.. alkos.. have you done what I told you? Marouanne: you are very lucky, when you rub your d*ck on her ass, try a jump if you know what I mean.. rub passionately in order to sent her a message (slowly from left down right up and again..) if she didn't feel nothing with back massage.. when you massage her front.. massage legs.. get on her to the up.. and massage her tits.. and very imp.. at the end kiss her on lipps.. if she didn't give you away.. kiss long and passionate. . and when you are going to end.. put slowly your hand in her panties. . good luck... I'm very unlucky.. because I don't have regullary contact with my aunt and when we have.. we are whole family.. so I can't anything.. but se is asking me if I had a girlfriend.. and was very impressed when I told she I wear 41 at shoes..

tin May 07 2013 4:01am FLAG
bro even i also want to .......

sri May 16 2013 4:54am FLAG
I think it feels good to let my d*ck slide in and out of my dogs mouth and I love to take my d*ck and rub it up and down my aunts asscrak and it feels good when I take my d*ck and I have to force it in and out of my cousions mouth the reason y it feels good cuz I have to get her in my room and lock the door and when she sits on my bed and I tell her to lay on her back and I tell her to close her eyes and I take my pants off and get a boner and I stand over her and tell her to open her eyes then she screams so I sit on her then she closes her mouth so with one hand I keep her hands down and I plug her nose the when she opens her mouth I shove my d*ck into her mouth and then I take hold of her hair and I slide my d*ck in and out of her mouth really fast then I take hers pants off and shove my d*ck into her and I cum and I got her pregnet omg it felt good

Loverock1 May 16 2013 10:35pm FLAG
Listen anonymous, she doesn't let me touch her front side despite telling her to turn. What do you mean by "Try a jump"?? I'm sure you know i'm muslim. How do I do it??

Marouanne May 17 2013 11:14am FLAG
I spent a lot of time with my aunt and then one day she complained abt headache and then I massaged her.I had a straight view of her soft breast.In the mean tym I caressed her and slowly I moved my hands onto her chest. and started kissing her.Then I laid her down sideways and started licking her .I licked and ate her badly and had sex with her.But I was out only after minutes.Disaster :P

John May 18 2013 2:29am FLAG
my aunts 21 or 20 but im and she's taken but i want to fck her so hard. i just think if i tell her she'll tell my parents what do i do she doesnt drink and i can't buy pills

Dont Hate May 18 2013 1:37pm FLAG
I am almost and she is 35.We live togheter and she doesn't have husband nor children.She has sexy ass and nice tits.I saw her boobs once and she knows that.I walked in my underwear in front of her and she looked at my d*ck.She doesn't go to parties and I am sure she doesn't have sex for a long time.Please help,how do I tell her??

Kullio May 18 2013 11:25pm FLAG
Kullio.. you have to be his best friend.. to be like a husband, you have to start like that (in a night go in his room and tell you can't sleep.. and you want to sleep with her. next: after some hour of sleep with she.. hug her.. take her in you arms and sleep like that.. still no force... next day.. tell her you liked to sleep with she and you would sleep again again.. in situation what you told.. she will be agree.. repeat the hug sleep... after three days.. offer she massages before to sleep.. and ask her to massage you too.. I say iy again.. you have to be very close to her and not to force her ... my nickname is tin.. tell us after some days your progress

tin May 19 2013 5:33am FLAG
at massages. . I want to say.. offer it first.. and if she doesn't want. . get you hand under blouse and massage easier. . after some time she will accept full massages

tin May 19 2013 5:36am FLAG
i want to m aunt she is 36 nd am just 21 ,ones day night saw her fussy when she is sleeping .

sanju May 20 2013 9:16pm FLAG
Me her to see when you marturbed and the heck aunty

God May 21 2013 2:38am FLAG
u want to him. so simple yr. :-)

sex guru May 22 2013 10:50am FLAG
Tell her you want to and see what she says. I want to bang my aunt to and she got massive I mean HUGE TITTIES, and I masturbate to a pic of her in a bikini all the time!

Anonymous May 22 2013 7:47pm FLAG
just go to her room then tell her what you feel tgen the next day ask her something then pretend you drop your towel then if she look at ur d*ck its inverted sry

May 26 2013 8:17am FLAG
Guys I wonna hv sex with my aunt n I saw few packets of condom in her cuboard I want her to suck my penus n i want to suck her vagina tell me guys how I can I thought to black mail her by telling that i will show these packets to her husband n hv sex N I want to hv sex with my english subject teacher ( neha arora )

siddarth May 27 2013 12:03pm FLAG
Life is short! If your aunt and you agree, go for it.. I had an aunt, but I was too imature and my d*ck was too small at the time, but I know she wanted me. She was about 45 and I was . I missed out, but you do not have to, just if you love each other, respect each other and just don't go on for a one night stance and don't rape her or visa versa! Just enjoy each other, for when you are dead, you are dead and one can't enjoy then, I don't think?

FATMAN May 28 2013 7:13am FLAG
me to... i rely like to have sex with my aunt.. my aunt 45year old.. if i get him.. i him every day and hour..

my aunt May 28 2013 7:43am FLAG
Is it better to and round ass. Which one shall I go for, eh??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

Marouanne May 30 2013 1:39am FLAG
Sorry about the last comment, It came out wrong it was supposed to say. Is it better to have sex with an aunt that has BIG Boobs or small boobs. You see, my aunt (Jahura) has a shaved and big ass. Which one shall I go for?

Marouanne May 30 2013 1:42am FLAG
has a shaved vagina and a big ass whereas my other aunt has big boobs, hairy vagina and a big ass. Which one shud I go 4??

Anonymous May 30 2013 1:44am FLAG
the cmmnt above is frm me Marouanne

Marouanne May 30 2013 1:44am FLAG
1. Take a small air in ur mouth nd go near to her then claps ur chicks then she 1st hates then after she were definately under stands u then proceed step by step as ur like

nadendla.suresh May 30 2013 2:47am FLAG
thank anonymous, my nephew followed your steps. when he was giving me the massage her moved my panties and said 'trust me' he massaging my ass so well i fell asleep then i felt his finger in my ass but i never said anything to him. he then put it in again but harder i got up and saw his yr old c*ck in there oh it was so good. after he cummed (mins later) he said he used this website. after reading his cmmnts i never knew he had a crush on me. then he told me that my other sister is next (shes got bigger boobs than me

Jahura (Marouanne's aunt) May 31 2013 10:17am FLAG
I'm glad to hear the success.

Anonymous Jun 01 2013 12:59am FLAG
I have an aunt by marriage that is taken for granted by husband. They don't have sexx often. Any ideas? My plan was to get close to her and make her feel beautiful and then offer her money to have sexx, since her husband doesn't give her any. She is stay at home mom with 5 kids. I'm 20 and she is late 30s.

Help Jun 01 2013 7:34pm FLAG
So have u ed her

B Jun 02 2013 4:54am FLAG
I've and she said no so I rode my four wheeler over to her house. When I walked in I heard her crying and she had something in her hands she said that she's pregnant and it's my kid cuz she hasn't had sex since her husband died its been 2 weeks since I found out Please help what should I do and Tell me ur stories to

Jake w Jun 02 2013 5:35am FLAG
What the hell my whole storie didn't go an that took me 30min to type

Jake w Jun 02 2013 5:46am FLAG
Go for It! You might find she wants you more than you want her! just keep it to yourselves and if you are under age, don't do it, for your Aunt could get into a lot of trouble!

Hot Rod Man Jun 03 2013 7:46am FLAG
tell her she looks beutiful and hug her and then kiss her and say i love and also make sure she sees you look at her boobs

Anonymous Jun 07 2013 12:57am FLAG
always go near her and kiss and hug her normally and then touch her navel her belly,when she fell horney then bang her. . , ,

HeRock Jun 08 2013 9:43am FLAG
i hv a very hot aunt she's49 yrz old and i'm 22......iwant her too much!!she is so hony.plz help!

black and red Jun 10 2013 6:43am FLAG
i want 2 forc my c*ck in her ass sinc she's vrgn ..i want suck her vaginaand hv bl*wj*b from her sexy leps.plllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllliz help i can't wait anymore.

black and red Jun 10 2013 6:47am FLAG
go 2 her n tell m love with u N wanna sex with u if she say no or say i will ur parents ... that time don't be panic ... show ur d*ck to her N that tym she felt for ur d*ck ... N do ur bl*wj*b

CM punk Jun 10 2013 12:38pm FLAG
i got lucky with my aunt, she let me ting up agianst me as i pounded her

Big R Jun 10 2013 6:40pm FLAG
how to my aunt how do i bam wham thank you mam

animal mother Jun 12 2013 8:56pm FLAG
I slept with her for seven days.First night I hug her.When she woke up she saw that I was hugging her.Second night she hug me.After some nights I gave her and she gave me massage.Tell me wath to do next.

Kullio Jun 14 2013 1:46am FLAG
Kulio, Good untill now, from here starts, massage again and if she doesn't wear underwear or bikini oil his ass very much so you will massage a lot but she will going to get , after.. climb on her to massage her back and put somehow to your front (d*ck) to be in contact with her ass. And move slowly but no force. And... you must give massage to her first and she the 2 nd... keep the door partialy open when you're at bath ( shower)... ! And important. . Tell us some details like your age, her age, if has husband/ hildren .. etc.

tin Jun 14 2013 6:10am FLAG
To clarify something, if she doesn't wear underwear or it has bikini on her to that....

tin Jun 14 2013 6:12am FLAG
I am and she is 35.She doesnt have children or husband and we live togheter.

Kullio Jun 14 2013 9:36am FLAG
Ok... go on it

tin Jun 14 2013 1:47pm FLAG
just go and her....first she will refuse after that she only commit...

manju n gowda Jun 14 2013 7:02pm FLAG
i wana my aunt she is 32 but looks 20 i am how do i do it

no one Jun 15 2013 10:41am FLAG
My bet advice to you is to make sure that when it's the morning, no one is home especially the husband if she has one, make sure she's in her room, knock on her door (If you think she's awake), then when she asks you to come in, go inside and say hi. After that go up to her and tell her how you feel about, "Hey, I have to tell you something... You know I love you, but what I am about to say cannot leave this room, please..." When she agrees then tell her "I really like you, more than an auntie. I've had dreams about you that I wish were real." Notice her reaction. To do this you must have the courage and make sure you've got nothing to lose and that no one else is home. Just be honest! After that... Have sexy fantasies!!!

Rajesh Koothrappali Jun 15 2013 9:00pm FLAG
My aunt has hairy vagina

BB Jun 17 2013 3:50am FLAG
so what shud we do

RE: BB Jun 17 2013 12:57pm FLAG
have a question where can I find women Himalayan niagra pills at ???

catfish Jun 18 2013 6:12am FLAG
All i am trying to say is that you must follow my advice! Thank you.

Rajesh Koothrappali Jun 24 2013 7:46am FLAG

MY AGE TH Jun 25 2013 6:16am FLAG
Give her some sex arousing pill when no one in home...

Utter Jun 25 2013 11:37am FLAG
i want to my aunty nagalakshmi bt how to proceed to it i dont knw please send me some sujjestions

siva Jun 26 2013 2:22am FLAG
Get your hands dirty and tell her you have to pee really bad also tell her if she can help you take your pants off but you don't wear any boxers your have to have a boner so when she pull your pant down she be surprise look tell her if she can hold your d*ck in the way off the toilet if she agree's once your finsh d*ck slap her act lik it a mistake or you can touch her boobs and she might like it or she get mad at you if she bust you u tell that she grabbed your d*ck and you won't get introubled she will it like black mailing her but it works.

Alexander M D. Jun 29 2013 11:05pm FLAG
I was staying at my aunts house, it was just me and her for the night. She asked me what I wanted to do since we were alone, so I untied my shorts and started rubbing my c*ck all over her boobs on the outside of her shirt (she has had a boob job it is amazing). So then she grabbed my d*ck and played with it, then she took off her shirt and unhooked her bra and laid down on the floor so I hopped on top of her and titi ed her all night. Every time I came I would just keep going.

I like sex Jul 01 2013 7:18am FLAG
i am 19 & she is 35 with husbnd and 3 childrns uncle mostly out of town days if i do somthing to her & she told to my prnts so what can i do..

arman Jul 01 2013 2:22pm FLAG
Am & my aunt 38 with husband and one baby. She has a big ass and good tits.I'm saying with her 2 days. I touch her big ass for a night and day but she tell me "give me some space" and jacked off in her bed with her in the room. I always get her pantys and bra and jerk off and siff it. I want to her really bad or see her *****. How do get her ***** or have sex with me. Please help!!!

cbat23 Jul 03 2013 11:14pm FLAG
im in with chin

R Jul 04 2013 3:20am FLAG
How to seduce my aunty for sex.i have seen my aunty ***** .i ve seen her breasts when she bends over me.i want to my aunty. She is hot and sexy.i want to see her *****.please tell me working tips to seduce my aunty. can I convince her for sex

vinay Jul 04 2013 6:03am FLAG
I want my aunt so bad, she has nice tits, she has a husband with 2 kids she usually works the same hours as her husband making it hard for me to make my move, ive seen her in her bra and panties and also sniffed and jerked with them

So bad Jul 05 2013 3:53am FLAG
But she comes up sometimes and usually takes a shower in my moms room locked im thinking right after her shower i can emotionally get to her. She has been lately wanting to get closer to me by making me laugh, showing me pictures, and hugging me alot which i love, i really need some advice

So bad Jul 05 2013 3:57am FLAG
She comes for shower in time of work?

Anonymous Jul 05 2013 1:13pm FLAG
Sometimes and then she might take a nap but children are home

So bad Jul 05 2013 1:15pm FLAG
Try the towel move, when you see her coming home to ahower in time of work, and tell her you're entering to shower when she rang, go to shower and pull accidental the towel in front of her

Anonymous Jul 08 2013 1:38am FLAG
Get next to her wen ur uncle not home Ñ sit down next to her .rub her arms Ñ sqease her nec that way she would feel . Rub her legs Ñ from there ų ŵİll get every piece ų want

stevon Jul 13 2013 12:22pm FLAG

kk Jul 14 2013 10:13am FLAG
juss lick her yy and force

aunty killer Jul 14 2013 10:14am FLAG
Just say: i have alot of energy. Should I give you a massage? Then if she says yes. Massage her and slowly touch her ass and see what she does? She will enjoy. BOoM ! Or just do it when she sleeps. Gunna do it soon. Cause i want my aunty sooo bad

Asvxpm Jul 14 2013 7:42pm FLAG
Pray about it although it is kinda weird that you wanna have sex with you're aunt... I mean think about it!! What if you're aunt gets pregnant and you're the father what if the family figures out

A guy named joe Jul 15 2013 8:24pm FLAG
When I ed her for a bit longer and then we finished.

Anonymous Jul 17 2013 6:10am FLAG
Show her ur d*ck ....

Anonymous Jul 17 2013 11:41am FLAG
Show her ur d*ck ....

vicks Jul 17 2013 11:41am FLAG
Im And My Aunt Is 35 And One Day I Saw Her Ass When She Got Out The Shower Her Towl Came Off And Ever Since I Just Wanted to Her Omggg

Mike Jul 18 2013 3:07am FLAG
Im and my aunt is 28. One day I was at her place alone looking at her having a shower through the glass on her bathroom door when she saw me. She came out of the shower and said to me "I saw you looking at me, wanna see some more" so I replied "ing almost daily for like 4 weeks.

SS Jul 25 2013 7:37pm FLAG
My aunt is mother tits and ass She shows of her tit all the te to me what should i tell her

Anonymous Jul 26 2013 7:45am FLAG
My aunt is mother tits and ass She shows of her tit all the te to me what should i tell her

macus fenux Jul 26 2013 7:46am FLAG
Im and my aunt is 26 and I just want to have her tits please help please please WHAT DO I DO

Somebody who needs help Jul 27 2013 5:34pm FLAG
i have a hot aunty too....her ass and boobs are so big...when ever i see her my d*ck just gets as hard as rock....

don't know who Jul 28 2013 9:42pm FLAG
My aunt has 3 kids living wit her how should I tell her I want f__k her wit my cousins in da house shes not married i will f___k her fat round a___ of hers wat should I do????

Starscream Jul 29 2013 4:53pm FLAG
Im by the way and she is in her early 40s plz help I like to f___k her soooooooooo baddd wat should I do to tell her I love her,im not good at words

Starscream Jul 29 2013 7:14pm FLAG
I'm really weird I want to my aunt so bad i walked into her room and saw her vagina and I stared at it for an hour and every day I masturbate about it until one day when she went to work I put my phone in her room and got a video of her undressing I licked the screen when her vagina came up now I went in her room and found her vibrator and I heard her use it today and when she went downstairs I stole her panties and her vibrator and stuck them in my pants and I licked and sucked each of them and maturbated on both of them what do I do

Home Jul 30 2013 2:31pm FLAG
help me. Im my aunt's 26. i want to massage her. how shall i do it????

boy Jul 31 2013 7:50am FLAG
For boy, if you're alone just with your aunt, and she doesn't have children or husband... play truth or dare, and ask her to massage you first... after she massaged you.. then you have to ask her if she would like to be massaged as well... tell us more details.. and if it works :)

tin Jul 31 2013 10:04am FLAG
is the massage the 'truth' or the 'dare'????????

boy Aug 01 2013 10:22am FLAG
When she say 'dare' you dare she to massage you..

tin Aug 02 2013 2:13pm FLAG
but i want her to get ***** so i can put my d*ck in her. how shall i get her to take her clothes off????????

boy Aug 03 2013 5:44am FLAG
Be smart.. you put her to massage you with oil or cream.. if she wear bikini you have to undress just to underwear. . And when you masaage her.. put a lot a lot of cream on his butt.... after when massage her back put over she with your d*ck on her ass.... If she doesn't weae bikini.. it gonna be hard... you have to undress all... Good luck

tin Aug 03 2013 1:14pm FLAG
thanks tin. ill try that soon

boy Aug 05 2013 5:14am FLAG
ok i have a grandma but she not really my grandma she 48 im 18 yes its still wrong but one day we were going out to eat and she had to take a shower and she left the door slightly open so i peeked at the mirror i couldnt think before i knew she yelled wat u doing i got scarred she got got out put towel over her i said im sorry but i find u attractive she got close 2 me and said it ok ( she been single 4 long time) she said u get 1 time we went to her bed and banged when we finished it was wierd yes she was amazing at it but was i wrong

Anonymous Aug 05 2013 8:10pm FLAG
Hey Guys Im and I Want My Aunty Bad!Shes 38 But Bangable Wanna Stick My C*ck Up Her Fanny Soo Bad!When Where Having Laughs n Things She Sometimes Says To Me , Me n u Are Gonna Do Smat Later n She Says Me n You Have Got a Date Tonight For a Joke !!! What Shall i Do I Want Her Soo Bad Guys Help Me Please Plus i Text Her Nearly Everyday!Shall i Send a Some dutty Videos Or Texts Or Anything???

YouDontNeedToKnow Aug 06 2013 3:29am FLAG
the most effective way to any (any) women is: to ask her if she would like a massage.. pretend you are professional... the rest is easy ;) good luck

expert Aug 08 2013 9:01pm FLAG
what is your age ur anty,is she single tell me ur situation we can help,because 1st we must have to know all the things other wise you will be ed up in place of her.

Rajesh Aug 09 2013 7:35am FLAG
what is your age ur anty,is she single tell me ur situation we can help,because 1st we must have to know all the things other wise you will be ed up in place of her. My email id is u can add me in facebook i will be always help u promish because i have done al this stuff.All the best friends

Deepak mahato Aug 09 2013 7:38am FLAG
mhy aunt is a greedy bitch, but she is soooooo hot, she was dong the dishes once whe i rubbed my d*ck on her ass, then she called me into her room and said WTF was that? she was really angry, i told her that she was thr sexiest woman i had ever seen and then she relaxed, then she said she hasnt had sex in 4 years, she was then showering when she came out she put on her panties but she didnt know i came in her panties now she is pregnant wiht my child but she doesnt know it i guess its revenge for my dad's ferrari she crashed. btw i am

w Aug 09 2013 9:50am FLAG
ur dad hasn't in poor

RE: w Aug 09 2013 11:28am FLAG
Ok I can barely read anything everyone is saying. It's like missing letters in your words!! Lol ok Im today is August 9, 20. Let me give some advice. But first I WANA ing your cousin or aunts is fine. But ur sisters or mom, you definitely have problems if you wanted them. Well guys I hope you can read this. I wana keep writting more since this is a bunch of fun writting this and reading others posts. Love you all. Idk how old this topic is or if anyone still reads these but yeah bye! :)

The guy who is like everyone else wanting to their aunt Aug 09 2013 11:07pm FLAG
Where the hell is my whole paragraph at!!!!!!!!!! It shows like two sentences!!! bs man

The guy who is like everyone else wanting to their aunt Aug 09 2013 11:09pm FLAG
I dont no about aunts but i ed my neighbour last month still i go to her to get laid Shre has xl boobs!

anonymous Aug 15 2013 4:15am FLAG
What do i text my aunt to tell her i want to heck her

Jake Aug 15 2013 11:49pm FLAG
i am **** and my aunt 22 years old i want to her and the problem is my uncle is not talking to me and she is friendly with me

vikash Aug 16 2013 6:08am FLAG
Go up to her and say you have to talk to her in private. Once you are alone say it to her and tell her not to speed it around

Aperson Aug 26 2013 7:10pm FLAG
Oh man thats no big deal as I my aunt any night i want...........She is so damn sexy bro trust me! But How to do it? Thats an easy one,,,,,,,,,,,,, Firstly Make sure you a look good and your have a grownup stick of your own............Then firstly try to be in front of her which includes show her your d*ck a few times and make sure to stroke it a few times so that it would stand and also make sure she sees it wet and with its inner skin visible..............Then you will see the magic which happens............She;ll see it and she will go crazy for you and your little piece of flesh..............Then try to be carefree of her seeing you masturbate a few times or what you could do is leave the door of your bathroom open and make sure she is comming...............Then in a few days you ll get what you want..................

Someoneallalone Sep 04 2013 11:00am FLAG
when no one is there in the house go near her and ask about her married life and she will be telling you and you go near her and she will surly tell that she is tired of this life and you hug her give her a kiss on lips and then touch her bombs and den sex thats it

Good man Sep 10 2013 9:34am FLAG
My aunt is so ht she is married with three kids and her husband is out of town how should I bang her?

Aunt lover Sep 17 2013 9:44am FLAG

Anonymous Sep 21 2013 8:47pm FLAG
I wanna my aunt so bad but she keeps giving me mix signals all the time like we play fight n I basicly have my d*ck on her ass but I want to put it in her ass

code 877 Sep 22 2013 1:08am FLAG
I want to sex with my ant. Maybe she is and i am 26. What should i do now.

Anonymous Oct 01 2013 11:51am FLAG
I want my aunt too and she wants me too we kiss when no ones looking im just waiting for the right moment...she has to want you too man and take advantage when shes wasted because women show what they really want when theyre wasted know what i mean?:D just be patient and plan it out

guy Oct 03 2013 9:43pm FLAG
Theres also times when shes alone doing the dishes and i come from behind hugging her waist pressing my hard d*ck against her sweet ass maaan its such a great feeling!!

guy Oct 03 2013 9:51pm FLAG
uumbikko..................nalla utharam

kerala Oct 11 2013 9:49am FLAG
I want to .

ass Oct 15 2013 11:45pm FLAG
i and my mom always had sex and we loved dat becoz she is a widow and i satifsy her as her husband my mom is very sexy even we enjoy every day.....

rohit Oct 17 2013 1:41am FLAG
hey guy if u want my mom plz send ur mob number nd she is boord with me....

Anonymous Oct 17 2013 1:43am FLAG
how should i my aunty???????

rocky Oct 18 2013 12:57am FLAG
how should sleep her in her house only?????????

rocky Oct 18 2013 1:05am FLAG
ya hey u wnt my mom she is just 38 she wnt a new coock mine is boored whatz ur size nd dhe is dam hot

Anonymous Oct 19 2013 3:27am FLAG
i too want to my unty,last night we were drunk but i dnt dare to touch her.give me some name of sleeping peels or sex peels

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Thajgnkb Oct 23 2013 8:40pm FLAG
I want to my aunt she has a nice ass but I'm scared to tell her because she might tell my parents i always see her in a bra what should I do help me please

Guy Oct 24 2013 8:05pm FLAG

Anonymous Oct 28 2013 11:42am FLAG
hai i love my aunty

krish Nov 10 2013 2:05am FLAG
my aunty was got married she will no haveing child i want to sex with them

vino Nov 14 2013 7:57am FLAG
my auntie was so hot.Shes alone in her house.I want to his hood very fresh>YEAH !!!! what will i do?

kantutan Nov 14 2013 5:51pm FLAG
My aunt always flirts with me like in a hidden way because she's married and sometimes touches me but makes it seem like it was an accident and doesn't give it much importance what should I do she's like 40 but has a body of a 30 year old and acts like a 20 year old she has nice tits big ass and d*ck sucking lips

Kid with the aunt Nov 17 2013 10:16am FLAG
my aunt wants me to her and b in a relatnship wid her .... as her husband stays abroad ....!!! what shud i do ....??? i do like her Bt m scared ....!!!

incest lover Nov 21 2013 12:22pm FLAG

sex guru Nov 23 2013 8:09am FLAG
O my god

Pawan Nov 27 2013 5:11pm FLAG
My aunt is @30 and im @, i saw her boobs mad about her. We r living in neibers. How did i her

anu Nov 30 2013 8:19pm FLAG
I'm and my aunts 45 with boob implants and a big ass I always look at her when she's home alone and it's like she wants me to do her but she has nine**** year olds and a 22 year old kids and she has a husband what do I do?

Brody Dec 02 2013 4:32am FLAG
Look I have tried an I know she wants to but it won't happen bro

Smitty Dec 04 2013 1:47am FLAG
Best sex ever with my aunt

Me Dec 08 2013 12:27am FLAG
simply forget about it bcoz she is ur moms age

Anonymous Dec 15 2013 11:09pm FLAG
guys nothing is more lusty than an aunts ed my two own aunts and they are really good lusty bitches

Anonymous Dec 15 2013 11:12pm FLAG
look at her that ur really love her dont show ur lust in ur eyes but love

Anonymous Dec 15 2013 11:15pm FLAG
when she is sleeping molast on her boobs if she became angry then ask her that ur simply pushing her cloth on her if she remains calm then slowly slowly start to kiss one special tip when ur aunt is ready to her like a beast

Anonymous Dec 15 2013 11:21pm FLAG
I want to her what should I do

Iwanttoheckmyaunt Dec 18 2013 2:05pm FLAG
acsidently fall on her and when you get up press her boobs if she like it then no one in the house tell her get on to her bed hop on her and do ***k

****man Dec 21 2013 11:39pm FLAG
I have the same issue any other advice without getting her drunk or molestin her?

Mad Child Dec 31 2013 3:50pm FLAG
yes go hue her dont leve her then start kissing her if she refuses u say i suicide if u tell my parents i am sorry if she agrees then start to remove her and ur clothes and the sexy things

er Jan 01 2014 10:14pm FLAG
im am not "er" i am er

er Jan 01 2014 10:15pm FLAG
er my real name is f**cker whats why they show er

f**cker Jan 01 2014 10:16pm FLAG
an i borrow any of ur aunties cause i dont have any , because i am gettig seeing all the ans

f**cke Jan 01 2014 10:17pm FLAG
find a way to watch *** with ur aunt n then show her ur thing will lead to another

superbad Jan 02 2014 12:19am FLAG
anybody have any success and would u share with us how u did it?

gotta aunt ASAP Jan 02 2014 1:26am FLAG
go to her, take out your penis and give her

Suputi Jan 03 2014 5:13am FLAG
I'm and my aunt is 28 she has amazing ass and ccup tits she lives down the street from me with my grandmother I want to have sex with her so bad how should I tell her

incest Jan 03 2014 3:00pm FLAG
Yea dude n tell us wat u did and how it went.....good luck

Kkk Jan 04 2014 1:47am FLAG
Watch a dirty movie with her

anonymus Jan 04 2014 8:32am FLAG
It's useless, let it be a fantasy :)

Gucci man Jan 08 2014 2:37pm FLAG
Am desperate of my aunt past years and she is 50 and i 29 ,planning to give her sleeping pill and have sex .will she come to know when she woke up of having sex

Shammi Jan 11 2014 3:56am FLAG
I grabbed my aunts hand and put it on my c*ck! She s me whenever we see each other now!! Best sexy ever

Jack Jan 23 2014 3:45am FLAG
iam and my aunt is 39 i want to her. she sometimes show me her boobs but while sleeping she stops me when i were going to touch her belly

rahul Jan 24 2014 4:21am FLAG

nosaa Jan 26 2014 7:04pm FLAG
hai rahul u go ahead slowly keep ur hand on her belly and make her feel good and slowly insert ur hand into her underwear and finger her ......same time press her boobs tooo...

rohith Jan 27 2014 8:36am FLAG
my aunt's divorce i want to f*** her she live with grandma now but i don't want to give sleepy pills or when she sleep how do i get her or make her drunk help me plzz help me plzz

secret Jan 27 2014 6:18pm FLAG
my aunt is my dream she is having killing figure she has a good pair of huge well shaped boobs with pointed nipples i want to suck it

deepika Jan 28 2014 9:09am FLAG
I like my aunt in a sexual way. My plan next time I see her, is to tell her that me being and in puberty makes me feel odd sometimes and tht I really want to have some sort of sexual intercourse. Then I will ask her if there is any way she can "help" meI will also beg her to not tell my parents anything I had just said. Hopefully she will respond in th way I want her to and she will "help" me herself.

Planner Feb 11 2014 11:13pm FLAG
my aunt is sexy but i want to my aunts daughter she is and i'm 21 and she always try to seduce me when she seens me long time she comes suddenly comes and tightly hug me like a kid but this vibrates ma d*ck...uffff what to do so that i her and she will not tell anybody ???? plsss help me

dirtymindedd*ck Feb 13 2014 3:01am FLAG
I just want to

Hornykid Feb 13 2014 10:25am FLAG
I just want to f*** my aunt so badly. I need her p*$$y help!!

Hornykid Feb 13 2014 10:26am FLAG
i have the same probelm

Anonymous Feb 13 2014 9:34pm FLAG
Just rds

Prinkes gohil Feb 14 2014 11:07am FLAG
i just had a boner an my aunt could see it soo were both alone in the kitchen an next thing she grabs me c*ck an sucks it

Anonymous Feb 16 2014 2:26pm FLAG
just say to her do u want to do a taste contest and if she says yes. get some food eg grapes and if she gets it right go to get a strawberry an then after out your c*ck in her mouth an then she should start suckin it. it worked for me

Anonymous Feb 22 2014 2:50pm FLAG
say your aunt ""aunty something attach in your butt and i remove "" then touch her ass and she will excited and catch her

playboy Feb 22 2014 7:21pm FLAG
just when your alone with your aunt say to her i need to tell you something and say to her i need to do something that i havent done in 6 months an she should say what is it you need to do and i said i need to do something rude and she said oohh i know what you mean. i said do you. she said yes i do, you need to have a wank and i said yes soo she said while i iron my clothes just lie on the bed and have a wank and i did and me aunt couldnt resist suckin me d*ck

Anonymous Feb 23 2014 12:43pm FLAG
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angela longman Feb 23 2014 12:46pm FLAG
ange will you give me a tit wank please.

Anonymous Feb 23 2014 12:48pm FLAG
OMG is this you paul. when were alone and im in me nightie come to me and feel me tits and ill do anythin u want babe xxxxx

angela longman Feb 23 2014 12:49pm FLAG
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Anonymous Feb 23 2014 2:09pm FLAG
when my nephew is at my house, i let him give me a massage and he feels me tits an sucks me nipples an i get a hard on. i give him massages aswell an i said get ***** so it will be a better massage so he said ok an i start massaging his legs an next thing he said can you massage me penis and i said eerrmm sure so then i start massaging his c*ck an i thought i know what he will like (a wank and a bl*wj*b) so then i start wanking him off and then he said go on suck it so i did and he loved it. and now he visits me 5 times a week and i suck him off everytime he visits. and im single and so is he

Anonymous Feb 23 2014 2:57pm FLAG
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marlboro Feb 24 2014 8:39am FLAG
i want to ing her dirty panties

marlboro Feb 24 2014 8:41am FLAG
My aunty is 37 i am 18 my aunty is so hot and i want to her harder. But she has 2kids and she will not talk correctly to me. And she is beside my home. So plz help me guys how should i tell my feelings :-(......

Rony Feb 24 2014 8:49am FLAG
Plz help me guys how should i tell her.

Rony Feb 25 2014 1:40am FLAG
i went to my aunt can you check my penis to see if anything wrong with it. and she went ok. then she was touching my penis and i said can i ask you something. she went ok. i went suck my d*ck and she did

Anonymous Feb 25 2014 10:11am FLAG
il tell ya bro I had the prilvagge of and was going at it

anonymous Feb 25 2014 3:01pm FLAG

Anonymous Feb 25 2014 3:02pm FLAG
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annoymous Feb 25 2014 3:28pm FLAG
a had a boner and my aunt could see it and she was staring at it and i caught her looking straight at me c*ck and so i said. are you looking at me c*ck and she eerrmm eerrmm i was yes and then i said do you wanna see it. she said but im your aunt so i said so what, do you wanna see me c*cky or she said oh well go on then so i got it out and i wanked infront of so then she said let me wank you off. i gotta tit , bl*wj*b everything

Anonymous Feb 25 2014 3:53pm FLAG
i gotta shower then afterwards i wrapped the towel waist down an i sat down on the couch and she could see me hard c*ck. and she said nice c*ck and i went how do u know she said cause i can see it. i went sorry she said dont be sorry.i went why soo she said close your eyes soo she sucked me d*ck

Anonymous Feb 25 2014 4:04pm FLAG
i gotta shower and i had a boner and my aunt was in the kitchen soo i went into the kitchen and spoke to my aunt for 5 mins and then my towel fell down and i had a boner and my aunt stared at it and i said sorry.she said you dont need to be and i just stood there cause i didnt know what to do when the towel fell down and my aunt said just start wanking. and i said why.she said cause its a nice c*ck soo then she wanked me a tit wank,bl*wj*b,then everything and then i ed her,i go to my aunts 4 days a week and i do everything with her.

Anonymous Feb 27 2014 4:22am FLAG
i was in my aunts house,i was down stairs watching tv and my aunt was upstairs in her room. soo i went up to her room and i caught her ***** fingering herself and i said wow OMG and she said sorry and i went you dont need to be and she went wanna finger me and i did she said put your c*ck in there and i did

Anonymous Feb 27 2014 4:33am FLAG
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paul farley Feb 27 2014 4:37am FLAG
my aunt went out to drop me cousin off at cadets and when me aunt came back she seen me jizzing in her nickers and she said all you need to do is ask me for a bl*wj*b or anything

Anonymous Feb 27 2014 6:17am FLAG
my nephew asked me what it was like giving a bl*wj*b and i said give me your c*ck and ill show you

angela longman Feb 27 2014 6:20am FLAG

mom Mar 01 2014 1:53am FLAG
i seen my aunt bend over and I said stay there.she said why. I said just stay there one sec.she said ok. then I said close your eyes and open your mouth. she said ok. then I got me c*ck out and put it in her mouth and she loved it.

Anonymous Mar 02 2014 10:55am FLAG
Plz help guys. I am and my aunt is 32. She has 4kids and the biggest tits ive ever seen. I want her so bad. I visit her in the summer and i have to sleep on the couch. She comes put and turnd the tv off when we r the last oned up. She always wears a tight night gown that lets me see her ass. She came out one night and when she went to turn the tv off she dropped the remote and bent over to pick it up. I looked at her ass and saw she was wearing a thong! So i knelt down andstarted licking her he.

tstout99 Mar 07 2014 1:54pm FLAG
i said to me aunt, give me some of your spit and she said why and i said watch and see soo she give me some of her spit and put it in my hand and i put it on my c*ck and then she said y dont u just ask for a bj

Anonymous Mar 10 2014 11:42am FLAG
i jerked off in her nickers and i think she seen them but she didnt say anythin. the next time i jerked in my aunts nickers, she seen them and as it was only me and her she said to me. is that you putting jizz in my nickers and i said eerrmm yes. she said aawww. i went sorry. she said ok but let me see you jerk off next time.

Anonymous Mar 10 2014 12:59pm FLAG
I gotta shower and I was alone in the house with my aunt. We were both in the kitchen and then my towel fell down and I said I'm really sorry and she just stared at my hard c*ck and said u best had be. 10 minutes later she gotta shower with the door wide open and the mirror in the bathroom was facing my aunts so I could see her in the shower and I was staring at the mirror an I could see my aunts big tits and then I got my c*ck out and started wanking and then my aunt sawn me and she said come her and I went into the bathroom and then she got out of the shower and then she sat me down on the toilet and gave me a bj

Anonymous Mar 16 2014 5:14am FLAG
So I was wanking in my living room to a pic of my aunt on my phone..... She came in and saw me...... I instantly lifted my trousers up and she said "h****n, what are you doing?" and walked out What shall I do?... I want her soo bad. She's separated and has two kids.

h****n Mar 16 2014 9:42am FLAG
Shes also told me off for watching *** on her computer

h****n Mar 16 2014 10:02am FLAG
my aunts ass is huge and i want to insert my penis there

yo yo honey singh Mar 19 2014 1:46am FLAG
1 night my aunt was drunk and after that she sleep and i came to her room and i touch her tits and she didnt recognize then ./. i finger her ass and lick it and it ./. ../.. ./. ./. ../..

./. Mar 28 2014 7:49am FLAG
i was in the bathroom having a pee an i left the door wide open an my aunt came past the bathroom an then stopped an seen my c*ck was hard an starred at it an i turned round an caught her starring, i said were u looking at my c*ck an she said eermm yes. then i said ok, do u wanna suck it and then bshe said i may aswell

Anonymous Apr 03 2014 8:24am FLAG
Look just ask her can I talk to you then go to a room say look I what to have sex with you then see wher it go if not just go to a room wipe you d*ck start to bête off call her name say come her pls and then she will drop and suck it like it a lollipop that what happen for me at lest

You know Apr 05 2014 4:48am FLAG
hey i am and my aunt is near about 40 i want to her! frnds help me please i want her badly she have 2 kids 6 & 7 years old give me tips for attarct her

pritesh gupta Apr 10 2014 3:06am FLAG
So basically I'm 20 now and my aunts 26. I me again??? She's not married!

Boy May 02 2014 12:58am FLAG
So basically I'm 20 and my aunt is 26. We once had sex four years ago. Now she wants a massage from me!! Any suggestions to how I could her again???? She's not married

Boy May 02 2014 1:00am FLAG
when she's showering, walk in their ***** and say: spread em, bitch.

AManWhoIsSittingintheTOILET May 07 2014 3:09pm FLAG
Can anyone help me I need the guidance shes toooo busty

Boy May 08 2014 10:55am FLAG
i was alone with my aunt in her house and she was cleaning and i said to her do u wanna polish my and she went polish your what and i couldnt say it and then my aunt went do u want me to polish ye rod

Anonymous May 11 2014 5:49am FLAG
my aunt was in the shower (we were alone in the house) and i said to her ange i need a pee and she said oh well go on then ive turned around and i went in to have a pee and i had a pee with a boner and just stood there and rubbed my d*ck and my aunt said are u done yet and i said no and then she suddenly turned around and seen me playin with my d*ck and then my aunt said get undressed and come into the shower with me and i did and i gotta bl*wj*b of her

Anonymous May 11 2014 8:50am FLAG
Can anyone help me!!!! Please!!!!!! I'm literally begging!

Boy May 11 2014 9:24am FLAG
When she is in bed if you sleep over, go in her room and get intop of her so she can't move

No one May 15 2014 1:16pm FLAG
If your aunt is married, and her husband is away go to the bathroom and don't flush the toilet and say " the toilet won't flush help please, stand by the door and have it locked, when she is not looking hump her and ask her to show her boobs. If she doesnot want to do it tell her to not tell your parents.

No one May 15 2014 1:32pm FLAG
Thanks no one. I think il try that. Could you tell me more ways I could tuck her. And she's not married

Boy May 18 2014 9:13am FLAG

Anonymous May 21 2014 11:20am FLAG
me aunt

Jake May 26 2014 6:36am FLAG
me aunt

Jake May 26 2014 6:37am FLAG
to gay a new woman in home

surendra May 29 2014 10:59pm FLAG

ROBIN. Jun 02 2014 8:03am FLAG

VARMA. Jun 02 2014 8:06am FLAG
QmgmI1 A big thank you for your blog post.Much thanks again. Will read on...

TeMsAYhofrmOfqaGlcy Aug 05 2014 8:20am FLAG
any advice on how do i have sex with my aunt when i go round and visit when my aunt is alone?

simon Oct 06 2014 9:41am FLAG
i am 18 n my cousin about 34, i wan to f*** her really bad. she is fin looking asian girl with a huge breast, and nice ass but little bite fat. i have seen her wearing bra and panties in pic on her phone. n i have steal her bra and panties, to help me jeck off. i always see her breast and she let her ass face to me. i always just want to go up to her ass when my d*ck is hard. one time i had to touch her ass with my c*ck, she seem notice it, bc her try not to stand in front of me. lucky she dont tell my parent. until now i still want to F*** her so hard. Any advice i can do to have sex or blowj from her in a way she want it n not telling my parents. or may in a way she is half awake.

Jason Oct 06 2014 5:25pm FLAG
n i forgot to tell seh is married n have 2 children around 7-10. few year before she divorce, but now she has a bf

Jason Oct 06 2014 5:32pm FLAG
My name is suman from delhi. And i am widow and 50 years old... My nephew s me very hard. And now i love it.. Starting me mujhe gussa aata tha lekin ab mujhe maja aata hai ..

Suman Oct 07 2014 1:49am FLAG
Pls can any one give me advice how can i tell and my aunt when she come over to my house. all my detail is under Jason

Jason Oct 15 2014 5:29pm FLAG
my aunt is so hot she has a bubble ass and perfect tuts but is hard to come on to I need help

my hot aunt Oct 16 2014 5:51pm FLAG
How do i tell my aunty i want to her so bad she stays at my house 1 week to visite what should i do ?? Advice

Dray33 Oct 19 2014 7:32am FLAG
u should go up to her and ask what is 69 and tell her to do a damo with u. make sure ur c*ck is fully hard

kris Oct 19 2014 4:30pm FLAG
Wanna my aunt tooo

yourdaddy Oct 23 2014 8:37pm FLAG
GUYS .i want my Aunt ,she is so so sexy like Sunny Leon,I m 18 year old and she is 30,i want to f**k her Hard but we are Muslims and i m scared about it that she will tell to my parents.... Any one suggeste me what i do.........i m very Horny about her plz plz,and My aunt also have relationship with my cazan but he elder than me.......and i m only 18 ..telll

Ahmad Oct 23 2014 11:17pm FLAG
i want to my aunt but ther is no words b/w her nd me can u plz advise me how i can?

Anonymous Oct 25 2014 12:30am FLAG
Finger her

Amit Oct 26 2014 11:24pm FLAG
what u mean by finger her

Jason Oct 27 2014 5:07pm FLAG
Ifif she let's you take a shower at her house then let her see you ***** on purpose. Try massaging her body and then she might massage you. Or just flat out tell u wanna . Tell her its normal and nobody else has to know.

nephew Nov 26 2014 6:20pm FLAG
Tru shot my n*gga

aunter Nov 30 2014 8:37pm FLAG
yyou all

Dec 17 2014 2:21am FLAG
any more advice for Jason

Jason Feb 17 2015 2:18am FLAG
i wanna hav sex with my aunt will u giv me some advice ?

V sai raman patro Mar 27 2015 1:09am FLAG
i wanne my aunt in her big do i get her into that

mario Apr 26 2015 3:26pm FLAG
If wantvto your auntjust enjoy thatvmoment

sid Apr 26 2015 9:10pm FLAG
my aunt loves to get her feet licked. try that evrryone. i like it.

Anonymous Apr 28 2015 8:44am FLAG
well lastnight I was in my aunts house and I was alone in the house with my aunt. So what i did was i got a shower then after i had a shower I said to my aunt ange will you get me a towel and she said ok. Then i was hard and she walked in with my towel and starred at my c*ck. Then i got dry and i got some clothes on, my aunt then gets a shower and leaves the door wide open. i said before she got into the shower does she want a cup of tea and she said yes. soo as she was in the shower i went up and said how many sugars do you have in your tea and she said 2. i then suddenly seen her big massive tits. and i went into my cousins room and got un dressed and then went into the bathroom and said i need the toilet and my aunt said ok. she then seen my hard c*ck and caught my wanking soo my aunt said come into the shower and i said ok. then she gets on her knees and sucks me off. then we had boss sex and i now go to her house everynight and i get a bj all the time

Anonymous May 01 2015 2:30am FLAG
i caught my nephew wanking, and he had a pillow over his head soo he didnt know i was there and then i loved starring at his big hard c*ck soo then i walked over and gave him a bj. he was soo suprised but he loved every minute of it.

angela longman May 01 2015 2:34am FLAG
start by spying on ur aunt,eyeing up her legs tits bending over try catch her attention making her feel undressed

aunt slammer May 18 2015 4:50pm FLAG
My name is danny and im 21. My aunt looks very young but she is at her 45 age , this happens me last year and i want to ed. She got 2 kids and she is very decent and self confident and she works as head nurse , i wants to seduce her but i dont know how any suggestions please.

Anonymous Jun 14 2015 9:18am FLAG
My aunt is in her upper 40s and just got divorced and her son is 18 and is older than me but is never really home how do i mi aunt

Anonymous Aug 29 2015 8:00pm FLAG
My aunt is in her late 40s everytime where alone she always sits near me and leans her head on my shoulder. Last time she did it I slowly rubbed her thigh and when I stopped rubbing she grabbed my hand and put put down her pants she said nothing just sat there moaning slightly.... The next time I saw her she thanked me for hleping her with her problem motions torwards her cl*t well my I live in Georgia and she lives in kentucky so I asked could I stay at her house and the same thing happened her leaning on me so I said do u you have sex.. She sat there smiling and grinned I knew why.. I slowly removed her silk night gown and began licking her big perky titties and fingering her after about 10 she screamed and suck and screw she my sex goddess

Anonymous Sep 01 2015 5:04pm FLAG
hey guys my aunt is been touching me and saying that im so pretty and all is that a sign that she is into me

Anonymous Sep 05 2015 1:35pm FLAG
I want sex with my aunty but she is too attached to god what can I do

z Sep 07 2015 4:41am FLAG
She is 50 years old but her ass lips oooo and she perfect figure

z Sep 07 2015 4:44am FLAG
I always had a crush on my elder Mum's sister Sue since I was and her 38 and I often peeped at her when she was taking her shower.My aunt is a very beautiful woman,with beautiful brown eyes and has barely changedphysically 20 years later i.e at the age of 58!.Since she has been a widow two years ago,I often visit her and encourage her to take back her life in hand.About 6 months ago,we started to talk about sex and being bolder,I started to show her on my cell some ***o clips.I noticed that she showed much interests when viewing guys with big c*cks screwing older hairy women.One day when,I had brought her to the market and on the way back,I do not know how I got the courage to ask her if she shaved her and teets.Very often,I go in her laundry and sniff and lick her panties which I have noted are becoming moe and more wet!!So the best way to know if your aunt will show sex interests in you,start kissing her sweetly on her lips.Then by her reaction,you will know if you must stop trying to seduce her or not.

anonymous Sep 21 2015 1:04pm FLAG
I have a great advice my aunt I wanna bang soooo hard and look her up on face book....Anamika Sharma...shes wearing a lime green shirt shes soooo hot i really wanna her please give advice

Someone Nov 14 2015 9:53am FLAG
Hey guys i need help, i wanna fck my sxy hot aunt and she is asleep in her bed right now. What should i do?

Mucho Nov 14 2015 8:23pm FLAG
Yes! I finally had sex with my aunt. It was 05:00 in the morning and i went up too her room. I knockd on the door and she opend the door. I said that i got too say somthing important too her. I said that i love her and to have sex with her. After 2 min of talkin she said "lay down with me in this bed" so i did. After that she sat on my lap and kissed me. I started to rub her and she got really wet. Then she said "put ur di*k inside me" then after that we started having sex. Ps:(Do the same that i did and thats how u can have sex with ur aunt) i swear it will work.

Mucho Nov 15 2015 8:40am FLAG
Btw im 20 and my aunt is 36

Anonymous Nov 15 2015 8:42am FLAG
Btw im and my aunt is 36

Mucho Nov 15 2015 8:43am FLAG
Hey guys. I hardly see my aunt but when I do I get hard instantly. I want to her but I don't know how. Pls someone help

L*** Nov 18 2015 4:58am FLAG
Just Cum to her face when she's sleeping and believe me,she will suck your d*ck after waking up with that smell..had tried before

0796753182 Nov 19 2015 1:13pm FLAG
I'm hardly around when she is alone or sleeping. How do I get her sleeping and alone.

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