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swallow dogs cum?

The Problem: is there any problem to swallow the dog's cum? or to let the dog cum inside my ass?

Asked by: nate0sex147lover at 04:02:51 AM, Tuesday, September 22, 2009 PDT FLAG


ok to swallow dog cum me n my friend let her dog do us then welick his stuff outa each other its so hot

dog cum iz yummy Sep 23 2009 8:11am FLAG

I let my doggie squirt his hot cum in my cuz if I let my boyfriend do that I will get preggo.

luv my doggie Sep 25 2009 10:57am FLAG
WHAT that nasty lmao ,but for real

WTH Sep 25 2009 4:51pm FLAG
Why I rate is a huge problem.Dog on human = fail

korn1 Sep 29 2009 3:20am FLAG
You can't take your dog to the prom BUT he will have sex with you whenever you want, lasts longer than most guys so you get more orgasms and he can't get you preggo. Thats one - and 3 + giving your dog a score of +2 over a guy.

luv my doggie Sep 29 2009 7:46am FLAG
I wipe peanut-butter on the d*ck and let my dog lick it off. Gets me off in a hurry :]

korn1 Oct 08 2009 2:32pm FLAG
u jerk.

your father Oct 21 2009 10:03am FLAG

Anonymous Nov 01 2009 11:10pm FLAG
Dogs c*cks can get's the best feeling ever!

fckmedry Nov 08 2009 5:13am FLAG
one time i let my dog lick my it felt SOOOOOOOOOO goood,better than masturbating could ever feel

yummmmmy Dec 25 2009 10:17pm FLAG
God u people r fukin disgusting!

sick 2 my guts! Dec 26 2009 9:20am FLAG
e-mail me more dog-human sex cuz I wanna try it Jan 18 2010 1:47pm FLAG
This one is way out there even for me =P yuck my friend yuck !

deathgirl101 Jun 24 2010 7:15pm FLAG
|erm i say.... unless you wanna end up having children thta are half human half puppie i say dont even try it..

and ... Jul 01 2010 11:58am FLAG
your all a bit weird, you know your letting urr dog lick you hes had his ing toiunge up his ass, freaks

ingweird Aug 29 2010 1:47pm FLAG
im running!

AHHHHH Oct 13 2010 2:16pm FLAG
im running!

AHHHHH Oct 13 2010 2:16pm FLAG
im a man and i like to let my dog cum in my ass it is so good it not going to hurt you u can fill hem good when he cums so get redy for the load

out thir Oct 25 2010 10:15pm FLAG
Never do dat...cause it mite cause u breast cancer due to syndromic cum diffrentiation....

Doctor of sex Jan 21 2011 1:24am FLAG
errr really dog human big differcn stick with ur onw kind which is human

thats gross! Feb 10 2011 3:58pm FLAG
dog licking pu*sy is great. orgasmed quick (;

Anonymous May 01 2011 12:05pm FLAG
i did it so good

nx Jun 05 2011 8:34pm FLAG
i think this subject is sooo hot!! Chicks getting done by dogs,, and then chicks lick the cum out of eachother!!! I shild so pull my d*ck right now!!

horney boii Sep 28 2011 5:13pm FLAG
im dying too get s and a dogs c*ck and drink his cum. Jul 11 2012 1:30am FLAG
I'm going to vomit

w.t.f. Jul 15 2012 5:59am FLAG
i love it when he cums in my

babygurl22 Aug 06 2012 11:18pm FLAG
Have'nt tried it but would love to have dog cum in my mouth I do here that it is very tasty so it really makes me interested in trying it I would also like the dog to mount me and out of me but getting back to the cum yummy yummy yummy.

always wondering 49 Oct 01 2012 6:59pm FLAG
I want that hot juicy dog cum right now it makes me so hot for doggie cum that i want to go out and suck him off right now

eat that doggie cum Oct 01 2012 7:03pm FLAG
I think that if you like to have your dog cum in your ass thats great i would love that to i think it sounds very sexy makes my ass so hot for doggie cum please it now and i will suck your doggie off for a long time, I want all of his cum in my mouth and ass

Horny For Dog Cum 69 Oct 01 2012 7:09pm FLAG
I want that hot dog c*ck in my tight ass I want that great dane to mount me and make me his bitch i want that hot cum in my jerk than i will suck him off and swallow all that yummy cumi want it now my ass is so hot please do me my hot dog.

love the dog cum in my ass Oct 02 2012 7:12pm FLAG
I don't know about anyone else but you have to try sucking your dog off it's great having dog cum in your mouth my d*ck is getting hard I want him to do me right now yum that cum taste good

love your dogs they will love you back Oct 02 2012 7:19pm FLAG
Cum from a tastes better.

Twilight Sparkle Oct 24 2012 8:40am FLAG
i m enjoying it...yummmy

trisha Nov 17 2012 10:48am FLAG
love big dog to me

jim Nov 24 2012 9:38am FLAG
This made me so

Hi Dec 13 2012 8:54pm FLAG
Bunch of Sick ers, scum of the planet,

yakk Dec 14 2012 3:55pm FLAG
It's fine I let my dog her while she sucks his c*ck its all good fun enjoy just remember to swallow

God Dec 16 2012 10:14am FLAG
i love dog c*ck the big ones and yes i love dog cum

bc30009 Jan 05 2013 4:01pm FLAG
i saw a dog *** sean and that dog was cumming very very powerful trst me i wish i was there to swallow all . omg that was powerful

bc30009 Jan 07 2013 1:50pm FLAG
You people are all sick! You are ING your poor, helpless animal

You all are a bunch of sick s and worthless and need to get a life

someone. Feb 01 2013 3:46am FLAG
i let my dog lick my , was amaaaazzzing!!!

beth Feb 22 2013 9:38am FLAG
tried to get him to put cok in but wuldnt

beth Feb 22 2013 9:40am FLAG
I have been swallowing dog cum for years and I love the taste and it makes me feel so slutty which is a feeling I love. It is totally opposite my straight laced day job. Besides, dogs don't talk, are loyal as hell and better than men. So swallow dog cum is a go for me!

brenda Mar 15 2013 4:44am FLAG
you sucky suckyyy me c*cky c*ckyyy bum bum me cum cummmm dog's shakalakalaka in youuuuuu

raymond christopher raju Mar 17 2013 2:53am FLAG
i swallowed once and it is very sweet.

Jagira Mar 21 2013 11:23am FLAG
All of you people need ta be checked into a mental house forreal yo!

Nasty Apr 12 2013 7:00am FLAG
I love dog jazz eat all of it

Anonymous Apr 19 2013 9:18pm FLAG
No prob eat all you want. It will please him and fill your mouth. Good eats, or sucking lucky dog.

me and myself Apr 21 2013 7:23pm FLAG
Try to Knott it will blow your mind.

me and myself Apr 21 2013 7:26pm FLAG
I just like to watch.

Anon. Apr 25 2013 7:36pm FLAG
Y'all are some nasty bitches. But then again, I every woman I come across, so whatever.

Thug nasty May 11 2013 5:21pm FLAG
let your dog shoot a big load in your hole and then have your gf suck it all out and swallow

Anonymous May 15 2013 6:08am FLAG
it will be cause of HIV

Dr James thomas May 28 2013 11:46am FLAG
My dog gave me one good lick wanted to give more but its an outside dog and didn't want parents or siblings to see! Hot as hell getting a dog when i move out go girl

Horny Bestiality Bitch Jun 09 2013 10:46pm FLAG
I lick my dogs big d*ck a lot since it is summer and he s me so hard. so when I move out I am getting a dog with a huge repeat HUGE penis their cum is so sweet and I love it

dogcumlover Jun 18 2013 8:55pm FLAG
I hv never every heard of no sick ass like this...youll need to through...thats abuse to the dogs ans you hv issues for thinking its okay...

just keeping it real Jul 04 2013 6:34pm FLAG

Yes Jul 21 2013 11:19pm FLAG
My dog lick my girlfriend

John Jul 21 2013 11:20pm FLAG
I've been playing with dogs since I was a little kid i'm in my 40s now I love them licking my c*ck&ass I've sucked&been ed a few female dogs nice &tight! They loved it!

trucker Aug 15 2013 12:25am FLAG
Dog lovers email me, lets chat!

Dogirl Aug 21 2013 11:04pm FLAG
this page is sick lol

.i. Aug 26 2013 3:20pm FLAG
My dog licks my alot and it feels soo good and then I suck his up and down until he cums then I ride him good x

Anonymous Sep 15 2013 1:58pm FLAG

. Sep 18 2013 9:18pm FLAG
that's hottttt, love it when my girlfriends are into dog sex and let me watch my dog them before or after I do :)

anonymous Sep 18 2013 9:50pm FLAG
swallowing doggy cum and having a dog cum in your ass is safe. im a 32year old male and I have sucked many dog c*cks and I have been knotted in the ass literally hundreds of times in the past years. it feels great. try it.

quinto Sep 19 2013 10:07am FLAG
i had also tried knotting with street dog it was awesum

i love dog d*ck Sep 22 2013 2:07pm FLAG
I let my me all the time gets Me off more then any guy has ever or could I love it.

DoggieLove Sep 24 2013 7:16am FLAG
i always swallow every drop of dogs cum.

melissa Sep 25 2013 2:22pm FLAG
push the dogs penis all the way out and suck it for a wil then let him do you

Anonymous Oct 06 2013 6:11am FLAG
My dog has done 5 organisms inside me he very big 10 inch very wide we after he done 2 hours late he ready for round 2 he always

korney1 Oct 07 2013 7:32am FLAG

masterbater Oct 08 2013 6:04pm FLAG
Who wants sex with me il cum in your arse women only

Dublin dude Oct 08 2013 6:06pm FLAG
i really want a good video that show a nice dog bl*wj*b and the cum being rubbed on.... omg soooo goood

derpy Oct 11 2013 6:11pm FLAG
If any one lives in the uk and got a dog plz let me him me and cum in my mouth plz. X Ty. And email me if u got a dog i can suck on

i want dog cum plz Oct 18 2013 2:44am FLAG
This website is great fcf7fc3d07089342c2cd27a328756410

- Oct 19 2013 1:32pm FLAG
I'm sorry that is completely disgusting You guys have problems

you need Jesus Oct 22 2013 2:39pm FLAG
I'm neutral, prefer being Romantic in astral with more wild creatures though like wolves. Interspecies intimacy is awesome, would like to try it with an extraterrestrial if the feeling is mutual. I miss being in control, this is something I will have to try physically some century soon.

astralnet Oct 31 2013 5:18am FLAG
i let him cum in my ass and my and it feels great the best feeling

woof Nov 05 2013 7:15am FLAG
I like to suck atleast one of my male dogs everyday. its very hard to resist as I have 2 males both always me or without blowing them and decided I wanted to have them shoot it all in my mouth so that day I gave them the best bl*wj*b each and the amount of hot cum they squirted in my mouth was just amazing. that was the best sucking day but I cant wait that long again and waiting 3days is about the same volume they shoot into me anyway. BLISSSSS!!!!

dogslut Nov 21 2013 6:24pm FLAG
ing pigs

Anonymous Dec 04 2013 3:39pm FLAG
How can you people do that

Anonymous Dec 04 2013 3:41pm FLAG
there is no absobtion in the bowels so its ok to let it insde yo ass.

svada Jan 05 2014 9:47am FLAG
me an my wife went to a sex party for the first time and since we were new, a large dog for about 10 min. When he released her, gobs of cum came out.

husband Jan 08 2014 9:15am FLAG
why some hypocrite people say this is disgusting or not good or we have a problem it's all natural so go your self did you even try it

you Jan 09 2014 8:04am FLAG
Yall hella nasty.

dograpper Jan 09 2014 7:42pm FLAG
I stopped by this site for a reason! I must say the ones that are say yuck and sick !! Why did you stop by here???

doglover Jan 12 2014 5:21pm FLAG
I love sucking off my dogs c*ck until he shoots his load in my mouth. Definitely swallow. Don't waste a drop. I've never let my dog my ass, but I might try it.

yummy Feb 05 2014 5:19pm FLAG
Just let him jump up & pump, very nice. Been sucking for year's, they Really love . SO HOTTTT!!!!!

country girl 420 party with Dog Feb 06 2014 6:31am FLAG
my niece Katie D sucked her dog's d*ck and I caught her, made her suck me off and I sucked off the dog

uncle steve Mar 14 2014 1:28pm FLAG
You dog d*ck lovers are amazingly hott Mar 19 2014 8:46am FLAG
It's ace

Meeeee Mar 23 2014 10:43am FLAG
Hey, you d*cks! there's something called Zoophilia where people are sexually attracted to dogs. They might say that it's disgusting to suck a man's c*ck. Also, Zoophilia is not considered normal to most people, so posting these negative comments can really make someone feel like . Just please be respectful, even though it's the internet. Mar 26 2014 7:52pm FLAG
That is just YUCK!!!!!!!!! Apr 17 2014 3:08pm FLAG
A little note,if you want people to take you seriously,please learn proper grammar,hell, BASIC grammar and spelling would do a world of good for you :P but yeah,me and my girlfriend like letting our dog mount her. Apr 23 2014 11:22pm FLAG
I drink dogs cum didnt wast a single drop . It was so tasty Enjoy...

Linta Apr 24 2014 1:02am FLAG
Are you all out of your in grip!! SICK CUUUUNTS!!!!

Manny Apr 27 2014 3:30pm FLAG
Drink up its the best tasting cum ever. It puts men's cum to shame.

Anonymous May 14 2014 7:17pm FLAG
Omg I try it itz to good omgg oh I put jelly on my d and he licked so fast enjoy May 26 2014 4:24am FLAG
Are you's . A hope the next time the dog s in your mouths ya pair of disgraces.

Amy May 30 2014 11:40am FLAG
like to try a dog ing me. anyone got a dog

dave Jun 07 2014 3:18am FLAG
i cant wait to get my own dog and try all this !!!!!

gaydoglover Jul 23 2014 11:35am FLAG
I love letting my dog Buddy have sex with me. He cums in my mouth and vagina all the time and it's always been great. I've made money off videos of it too. Look for Ariel dog lover or tikibooty.

Tiki G. Jul 24 2014 11:19am FLAG
I tasted it and it was salty

A dumb hoe who is always Jul 25 2014 6:45pm FLAG
I used to swallow my roomates dogs sperm every day. I got him to where he would tauckle me, grab on to my head and hold it still then Insert his already hard c*ck into my mouth and right to the back of my throat. He would literally pin me down hold my head and mouth me until he came. Let me tell ya his sperm always tasted so good,I would find myself a bit of an craving his load while he walked around everybody I guess its ourittle secret oh and max is a Rottweiler so he was always very forceful when he would attack member.

jd Oct 05 2014 5:25pm FLAG
black in white sex

Anonymous Oct 21 2014 7:40am FLAG
How did the people that think its wrong end up on this site because you arent going to find this unless eyour curious .That being said i think its hot as hell. !!!!

Anonymous Oct 22 2014 8:07am FLAG
I want to try it also, can't dream and think about anything else than be abused and f***ed by a big dogs d**k in my sissy c*nt, I think feeling him spurt into me and being tied to me will be the very best experience in my whole life.

Anonymous Oct 24 2014 10:49am FLAG
I have been having sex with my dog or dogs since I was young, love the feel of the knott in me and POPPING out, gogs have HUGE loads and it feels good and tasts GREAT, and he licks me clean after, but so does my BF.

Hot43fun Oct 24 2014 3:12pm FLAG
get more dog cum up you

Anonymous Nov 18 2014 10:09am FLAG
more up your wet

Anonymous Nov 18 2014 10:11am FLAG
my dog's cum tastes like rusty nails

tom Nov 18 2014 1:05pm FLAG
I was at brother in-laws house for birthday party and ended up in basement playroom with their lab and couldn't help sucking his d*ck, it was big but I was able to get it down my throat and his knot in my mouth for a few seconds, now I know how my wife feels when I throat her. As I was enjoying the dog cumming in my mouth my 10 year old niece Katie says hi uncle Seth, I was busted so I told her I was making him feel good. She came over and starred at his hard d*ck, almost reaching for it so I told her to go ahead and she did so at this point I knew I was safe and we agreed not to ever tell anyone. I never sucked his d*ck again but I jerked off a lot thinking about it and wondered if Katie ever sucked him

Uncle Seth Nov 18 2014 1:19pm FLAG
I rub dog food over my d*ck and my dog licks it. he makes me cum like 4 times in 50 mins

Some guy Dec 06 2014 9:11am FLAG
Girls have been sucking dog c*cks for hundreds of years, it's only the internet that has now made it public. Guys are for pregnancy, dogs are for pure sex! So if you want unbelievable orgasms and endless you, just do it. You'll never look back - 10 times better than black c*cks.

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Shut up

man Feb 05 2015 4:40am FLAG
I have suck off a dog few time i love it. But i did let one dog me. He knot me i feel it lil but didnt git stuck like i wanna him to. He was not big dog. Soo do i need git a big dog where i git stuck. Email

scoobdoo Feb 09 2015 11:09pm FLAG
This is soooo disgusting u people are sick ...nasty ass fukers

stick to ur kind Feb 18 2015 11:34pm FLAG
I want to do this sooooo bad but I can not find a person with a dog that I can suck. I am wondering is there anyone out there in the KY area that can help me out on this. Thanks

Bucket list Mar 18 2015 12:49pm FLAG
I've been trying to find a way to suck a dog off for years. What's the best dog to use? Thought about maybe getting a pony instead. I need the cum....

loveity Mar 21 2015 4:10am FLAG

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Anonymous Apr 10 2015 7:36pm FLAG
Before engaging in any sexual acts with animals, please take the animal to a veterinarian to have it tested for communicable diseases. There are diseases that humans can contract from animals (zoonoses). Just tell the veterinarian you are being paid to have your pet provide "stud" services and that you are required to provide documentation proving that your pet is safe. Once you have discovered that your animal is not infected, you may engage in any sexual activities you desire. Just be sure your pet does not mate with another animal or more testing will be required before further escapades. Below is a link that provides more detailed information. http: //

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Professor Bestial Apr 10 2015 8:14pm FLAG
I've seen videos of VERY cute chicks sucking dog d*ck and it's a turn on to watch. When the girl jacks and sucks then gets a huge cream load that runs out of the corners of her mouth and she licks it all fantastic! Keep it up girls! More sexy, erotic videos please...LOL!

Richie d*ck May 11 2015 5:43am FLAG
I love beastiality dog videos are my favourite

Beast man lover Jun 03 2015 9:46am FLAG

DON Jun 07 2015 8:37am FLAG
That is hot as hell!

Anonymous Jun 07 2015 1:49pm FLAG
I love to suck dog or human c*ck and love the taste of cum.

cumlover Aug 18 2015 1:12pm FLAG
I've never got the whole peanut butter . When it was me and him, it wasn't a matter of licking food of a d*ck, what the ? No, when he got , I went to find him. If either of us pushed the other away, we listened, though that rarely happened. I mean these people are like 'Replace your boyfriend, get a dog!' I say 'Dump your boyfriend, date the dog!' That much better amirite? Must be Buzz Aldrin..,

Cuz I love riding rockets Aug 24 2015 3:35pm FLAG
Wow, so hornie and every swear word is censored. Wow.

Your Site is bull Aug 24 2015 3:36pm FLAG
caught my niece Katie D. sucking her dogs c*ck, so I joined her and I ended up eating her 10 year old c*nt and made her cum

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Uncle Steve Oct 21 2015 10:40am FLAG
How old is Katie now, where do you live I would love to join you

Kieth Oct 21 2015 10:56am FLAG
Katie is 10 now, West Vagina

Steve Oct 21 2015 10:57am FLAG
Does 10 year old Katie swallow your cum Oct 22 2015 10:49am FLAG
I am a boy who loves to suck dog c*ck, I am afraid to let my dog mount me, will it hurt, will it cause harm

please help me Oct 22 2015 11:25am FLAG
I love the taste of dog cum, I love it when they shoot their little streams of cum down my throat and into my mouth, the taste of rusty nails is great. I tried to let fill my mouth but it takes so long so I now get two c*cks in my mouth for a good swallow, never got sick. I sucked the boy off from next door several times I love the mouthful I get from him and the fact he will my mouth while I relax.

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Uncle Steve Dec 02 2015 3:52pm FLAG
Well I finally got up the nerve to suck off my dog and now I feel like a horrible kid so I came here to write about it and hopefully feel better. Am I a bad kid for doing this, I'm only but kinda demented and have played doctor with my sister, even got her to suck on me when she was 4 and I was 8, we played doctor for 5 years, she always got me off using the hair from her Barbie doll on my penis before switching to her hand. Not having her to play with led me to the dog who's always around and willing to play. It started with the dog licking my d*ck and balls but when he hit my butt hole I was in heaven jerking off while he licked leads to a wild orgasm. All that wasn't enough, I had to suck him off, the taste of his penis was horrible, the taste of his semen was even worse, finally I deep throated him, knot and all in my mouth so he was shooting right down my throat and I didn't have to taste it, but even now 30 minutes later and after brushing my teeth I can still taste him. Will I get used to the taste and will I feel better about sucking off a dog.

Tim A. Dec 02 2015 4:22pm FLAG
Tim A. what you are feeling is normal, you need to jump right back in and continue it at least every day. I would also suggest you your dog mount you from behind--he will find his hole and you will love it, if you finish this way you will feel like the submissive one where it's easier to deal with your choices

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I made a big mistake by getting my dog hard and quickly shoved him in my butt, problem was his knot was really little and it grew so fast that I couldn't get him out. I always sucked him off with him down my throat and my lips around his knot, just never figured how big it was. Well, my wife walks in and I'm busted, at least I thought I was. She proceeds to tell me she's been doing him too. This is going to be nice.

Kenny A. Dec 12 2015 7:32am FLAG
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Mark Deck Jan 07 2016 4:19pm FLAG
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RollOverRover Mar 13 2016 8:04am FLAG
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Katie D Apr 03 2016 11:53am FLAG
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Dezzy Apr 12 2016 9:52am FLAG
Anyone from the u.k with a dog? I am curious but dont have a dog. Had my tongue on 1 but never really got a chance.

curiousguy May 22 2016 12:18pm FLAG
Hmmm... I have only let a dog eat me out... But im curious about what it feels like to feel their doggy d*ck inside me..

Anonymous Jun 18 2016 1:20pm FLAG
MY dogs raen't into getting sucked but they love to lick me and knot deep inside. I like how muh they fill me up with dog come. Sometimes I play with guys and girls into it too. My most favorite thing in the world is feeding dogcome to others out of my hole or feeding dog's the come of my husband. It feels so good to have my legs wide open for a long time while their tongues go nice and deep. If you're a woman that play I'd like to chat or cam with you while my dog does me :) Sep 20 2016 9:49pm FLAG
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Katie D Sep 25 2016 7:26am FLAG
Katie how old are you

Hard Chris Sep 25 2016 7:31am FLAG
I love feeling that tiny dog d*ck (with its little actual bone) start sliding in my ass (as i guide him in with my hand) mmmmm to feel it swell up 10x bigger than it went in soft.... that big fat dog knot expanding in your ass, swelling so big and fat filling you up..... takes no time to cum at all feeling it throb and fill you with cum....

mehaha Oct 07 2016 6:45am FLAG
Anyone from the uk that would help ease me into trying. Would love to try

Anonymous Oct 24 2016 6:48am FLAG
I love sucking my dogs d*ck and drinking his cum

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Dogd*ck Oct 24 2016 2:08pm FLAG
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You from the uk?

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The problem no dog

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I love sucking dog c*ck, been doing it sinc I was young

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animal Jan 02 2017 6:12pm FLAG
My and I have talked and she is all excited about finding a dog. Are there breeders who raise and train dogs for sex with women?

Alfaduetto Jan 02 2017 11:52pm FLAG
are there any well made dog sucking videos out there. Most we've seen are poorly photographed.

Alfaduetto Jan 02 2017 11:55pm FLAG
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Anonymous Jan 04 2017 4:32pm FLAG
We started letting our dog my then girlfriend now wife. We got 2 dogs and a 7 year old boy these days who is the dogs relief manager

Anonadad Jan 25 2017 6:51pm FLAG

Anonymous Jan 28 2017 2:51pm FLAG
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any one has a dog that will me

me Apr 11 2017 2:47pm FLAG
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Katie May 13 2017 1:35pm FLAG

fjndjkxvbhugjkdf Oct 19 6:05pm FLAG
Couldn't read all those messages, but I have to admit my curiosity about zoophilia. The only problem is: there is legality and morality. Something legal can be immoral and something illegal can be moral. If no one define the words he uses or justifiy his statements, who cares what everyone is thinking?. I also think everyone must to know when life's pleasures are to be enjoyed and when responsibilities are to be fullfilled. I think the problem is not to have dirty deeds but to have more activities of pleasure than activities fullfilling our daily responsibilities. After all that, I wonder too if the people aren't writting what people want to read instead of the thruth. Most of today's blogs and web pages are filled with rational emptyness, so we have to "put some flesh around the bones" ;) Nov 16 5:31pm FLAG
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