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How can I become my moms slave?

The Problem: My mom is a really hot dominating woman and I really want to be her ass slave can anyone help email me at if you have any ideas

Asked by: moms slave at 08:08:48 PM, Wednesday, April 21, 2010 PDT FLAG


You need serious help - consider therapy ASAP!

The Professor Jun 15 2010 12:13pm FLAG


Anonymous Jun 16 2010 11:35pm FLAG
Consider blowing your brains out - save the taxpayers some $$$$

Idiot advice Jun 20 2010 5:59pm FLAG
get a gf shes your mom!!!

hitter18 Jun 21 2010 3:33pm FLAG
dude really like wat (hitter18) said get a gf shes ur mom......ur a freakin freak

shygirl Jul 04 2010 10:09pm FLAG
Wait one night till she's quite wet and ING RETARD GET A SHRINK!!!

You mum Aug 02 2010 3:49pm FLAG
Just tell her you want an experience like that and ask if she would do it.

domgirl Aug 10 2010 12:28am FLAG
i agry with domgirl

someone777 Aug 25 2010 10:38pm FLAG
If you really want your mom, just get her drunk and GET YOU SOME MOM!

cr@ck7#0n3 Aug 30 2010 2:43pm FLAG
Dont do it yourself. Ask your friends to avail the chance. They would definitely like to volunteer.

laurel Aug 31 2010 4:41am FLAG
just ask her ? W0w

youur innq qaaay ! Sep 16 2010 2:48pm FLAG
ma ko aise bolkar blue film dikhao ki duiya me kya kya ho raha hai. Is tarah wo khud garam hoti jaegi. Tum asisa batao ki ye sub tumhe pasand nahin hai. Aisa karanese uska sex jag uthega. Phir ekaek us ki chuchyiyo par giro. Mafi mango. galti se lag gaya bolna. Is ke bad dekho ki wo khud tumhare lund par giregi. Phir kya daldo ma ki chut me. Mainebhi aisa hi karke sagi ma ko chod chod kar pet laya hai. hamari shubh kamna hai. aage badho. ma ko chodna koi galat kam ahin hai.

saleem,jahanabad Dec 13 2010 11:03am FLAG
maine mere dost ke sath milkar meri ma ko khoob choda hai.meri ma budhi hai.uski chuchiya to jaise totapari aam hai. uske chut par kuchh bal safed bhi ho gaye hai. par wo sherni jaisa chudati hai. abto wo kehati hai ke mujhe randi ke jaisa chodo.mujhe meri ma ko dosto ke sath chodne me maja aata hai.

kuram,rampur Dec 13 2010 11:09am FLAG
Find a girl to pose as your girlfriend, invite her over to the house a lot and fuss over her and wait on her and act like the "perfect submissive" This will make your mom jealous. Let this go on for a while untill Mom gets angry and has had enough of her. Then "break up with the phoney girlfriend and let mom know you did. Serve mom some wine just after the "breakup" in the evening and keep filling her glass. Maybe make it on a holiday when people celebrate. After mom has had several glasses of wine,Tell mom that the girl broke up with you because you kept telling the girl she should be more like your mom. Mention all of mom's great quality's that you admire Say Now you realize that the girlfriend could never compare to mom. no one ever could! Pledge your devotion to mom. Tell mom you wish she were your girlfriend and you will do anything for her. And say you will do anything she says. Start spoiling mom, waiting on her ect.. If something is going to happen this will open the door.

the advice you asked for. Dec 14 2010 6:12pm FLAG"ll tell u explanation about u"r mom.add me

john Feb 22 2011 9:36am FLAG
Ma ki sewa karo.. Pair hath dabao.. Uske khane me nashe ki dawai do aur maze karo.. Ma ko chodne me jo maza hai wo kisi me nahi

Chuddakar beta Apr 15 2011 1:59pm FLAG
You are all super stupid s especially you Poonjabi knob suckers

the dominant one Apr 22 2011 11:58am FLAG
maa ki choot mein se nikalt e ho saalo or usko hi chodna chahate ho doob maro thodi to izzat karo maa ki

Anonymous Jul 24 2011 12:49pm FLAG
09898050873 cl me.

helper Sep 22 2011 3:43pm FLAG
u can contact me as i m also maa lover that to of maa ki chut. mera contact id hai 976265997 mail id hai

harish Sep 27 2011 11:51pm FLAG
dont go too fast askin her

Jack Jan 07 2012 2:31pm FLAG
I m also a mom and i m my faughters sex slave

kristy Dec 16 11:22pm FLAG
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