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What is the fastest way to kill myself?

The Problem: I've been wanting to kill myself, and don't know the fastest way of doing that. Would it be fast if I buy a gun and shoot myself dead? Drinking clorox or whatever poison in the house? Slashing my wrist? Burn myself alive with gasoline and matches? I'd appreciate anyone's help on the fastest way to kill myself. Thank you! ~!NRUB I LLEH NI~

Asked by: BetterOffDead at 02:28:18 AM, Tuesday, June 15, 2010 PDT FLAG


Dont do it. I love you

Anonymous Jun 16 2010 11:29pm FLAG

All of those things you suggested sound really painful, and potentially slow. If you try to shoot yourself with a gun and flinch at the last second you can end up just blowing half your face off and living talk about pain. Clorox? are you kidding. It will burn all of your insides but you won't die right away, have fun suffering in the hospital for 3 weeks while you starve to death. Slashing your wrists isn't as easy as it sounds and burning yourself alive will take quite a while as well. Just give up giving up and try living its easier.

Jordan Jun 19 2010 11:49pm FLAG
if you ask then you really don't want to die

Anonymous Jun 20 2010 10:28am FLAG
you might feel like you want to die, but there is so much to live for. just wait and see and if ur life really is un livable then take an overdose. its the simplest and most convienient way. but just remeber - killing yourself is very selfish and imagine how your mum would react

bitchhere Jun 20 2010 1:18pm FLAG
anonymous go jump of a bridge , Pill mate think pills!

deathgirl101 Jun 24 2010 7:05pm FLAG
Invite all your friends to dinner. In the morning set your oven to 350, get *****, climb into the oven and pull the door closed. By dinner time you will be ready to serve.

Hannibal Jul 02 2010 9:43am FLAG
Drowning is quick and easy.

Anonymous Jul 18 2010 4:07pm FLAG
Drowing thats how in ending my life ae i do not know how to swem

duck Jul 22 2010 3:30pm FLAG
sleeping pills and strong alcohol

Anonymous Aug 22 2010 7:38pm FLAG
shoot up 5 or 6 grams of cocaine or heroin at one will die. or jump off a really tall building.

the misanthropic nihilist Sep 12 2010 11:40pm FLAG
you sad bitchs die alll of you dont kill your self you selfish bitch

Anonymous Jan 18 2011 1:23pm FLAG
can some one cut my arms and legs off all so cut me head off so all bleed out and die

407 Feb 22 2011 3:51pm FLAG
10mg of cyanide mixed with chilled beer then sleep for minutes (you'll obviously be dead) i realize cyanide is highly illegal because of how toxic it in the same state BetteroffDead is...i hate my life and i hate living. as much as i care about the people around me i dont care about myself enough to stop myself.ive been cutting myself for 4 years and im only .i plan on attempting to kill myself next week..once finals are over (dont ask why im waiting until then)i looked up quickest ways to killyourself and that came up...i will proably be finding another way if youd like to help me you can do that too...please give me easy painless ways, poisoning would be the best option for me but it has to be 100% gerantee it will kill me fast. thanks. oh and please on one tell me i should ive while i can because i dont care to hear about that i have made up my mind and once i get a fool proof plan on how to im going to.

letmebemyself Jun 12 2011 6:28pm FLAG
iThink Ama Try Overdosing , But idont Have Much In the Medicine Cabinet . Is extra strong Tylenol Okay ?

Anonymous Jun 21 2011 6:49pm FLAG
this way isnt fast but it always works live life it may take 100 years but it always works

anonymous Nov 21 2011 11:51am FLAG
yall r in stupid.... man up bitches!!!!!

lucifer Jan 08 2012 8:32am FLAG
im just tired of my life. everyone thinks i live this fabulous life with a perfect family but i don.t. my little sister wants me dead and has expressed it many time. my grandfather kicks me out on a regular basis, i hate my life and i feel likei have no escape. i feel worthless, i've been told im trash by my family all of my life and i believe them. they say a pretty girl like me will only add up to be a whore. they never take time to notice the success i've had, i've always been an honor student, a beauty queen, and a generally well rounded person; but i've done all of that with no help from them. the only person who ever truly cared about me and put time into me was my granny grace but she died a few years back. ever since she died i've felt like i have no one on my side. i feel Alone. There's void in my life and i can't find anything to fill it. so i'm just ready to end it. i'm going to overdose on sleeping pills. seems like the easiest way to go.

eda Jun 26 2012 11:41am FLAG
Let me you once and u will want to live.

big d*ck Oct 06 2012 6:18pm FLAG
This page is under investigation!

N/A Oct 27 2012 12:56am FLAG
life is a bitch and then you die.

dead soul Mar 23 2013 6:51pm FLAG
Dear person, don't kill yourself, whatever is causing ur pain find a wayy to ignore it. Don't give up, lets be honest life's not easy but live for wht u want and wht is right and If people hate, they hate, who cares, but u can shape your life in a wayy to wht u want, if ur not happy with ur life, shape it into something else, whatever u want!!:) but I'm not just gonna be like "there's like so much too live for bro""" I went thought a similar thing and changed my life to wht I wanted, and yeah some people don't like me or agree with me but I'm happy with the life I want to have and the friends I have on the same flight there:) good luck, member Gods always there

Wes Jul 04 2013 8:13pm FLAG
Over every hill or "problem" the hill always ventuly goes back to the nice valley:)

Man Jul 04 2013 8:15pm FLAG
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BcYDhTvysB Nov 18 2013 9:24am FLAG
I think Clorox. At least that's what I'm going to try. It'll ing hurt like a bitch because what happens is it literally burns your insides until you die. But, honestly, what's what compared to the pain of living a meaningless and hopeless existence, right? We're all meant to die in the end. Why go on living when you have nothing to live for? We might as well just die. It's going to happen eventually either way.

Anonymous Dec 01 2013 9:59am FLAG
I want to end my sad Life also and l found a great way to do it. Charcoal setup a grill in your bedroom and burn charcoal and then do drugs or alcohol so that you fall asleep. And then you never wake up. I love my dog so I'm gonna leave my dog with my dog sitter like to myself and I'm really going to do it I'm just building up the courage so this is the best way if you need help

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emocutter7 Feb 12 2014 4:41pm FLAG
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WTF meet u guys at hell

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iXWOSkDBo Jun 04 2014 5:08am FLAG
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Me Jul 09 2014 1:36pm FLAG
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Anonymous Sep 24 2014 10:45am FLAG
Ixwoskdbo, I pray your still among the living as well as everyone else that has posted on this site. I do have some amazing advice. Don't die. Don't take your life. Wether you realize it or not your life has purpose. If not to the people you want to hurt because they hurt you and you love them then it matters to someone who you don't realize really loves you. Ixwosdbo I too went through the same kind of childhood however I'm a male and my sister rapped me until I was . I hid. I blocked it out. I gave up. I was beaten, tore apart, abused, for lack of a better solitary word "destroyed". One thing I can say though is my desire to "end it all" faded. I met the most amazing people afterwords. My life changed. All it took was me realizing that what happened to me wasn't my fault. I'm not to blame for being wronged. I love my life now! Let me make it clear. I survived the most traumatic experience that would justify suicide, but I chose life. I really demanded a better life. As hurt as I've been I really didn't deserve to die. I found what I needed. I feel all of you can too! If ever you doubt yourself and feel it's better off ending, I challenge you to contact me. I'm not a religious man by any means, I just care about all of you. Find me. It's easy first clue- my name is the only name you can find in the MONTHS of the year.

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