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i want to suck my sister's boob

The Problem: i want to such her boob.she also want tht.wht i do?

Asked by: MADORCHOD at 07:08:49 PM, Saturday, July 03, 2010 PDT FLAG


suck it wen u r alone and then ask if u can heck her

Were not pervs were just curious Jul 06 2010 1:25pm FLAG

If both of you want the same then what is the problem??

SexSmile Jul 17 2010 4:50pm FLAG
Go ahead, she would probably like it.

annomus Jul 28 2010 4:53pm FLAG
her :-)

Jack Aug 10 2010 4:37pm FLAG
This response was flagged for inappropriate or offensive content.

hiuycyt Aug 14 2010 12:43pm FLAG
Hey guys! I was thinking of seducing my mum, shes only 36, i am . She has a great ass!! nice tits and god-like body! I was thinking to fuk her in the shower. I would say "Do you mind washing my back?" and i will offer her that aswell. So when we will be in the shower, i will be standing from behind and washing her body with the showergloves, whilst my dik will be pressing between the middle of her legs...And i am hoping it will kick off from then, WHAT DO YOU THINK??? IS IT A GOOD IDEA?

hiuycyt Aug 14 2010 12:45pm FLAG
da ??

Anonymous Aug 16 2010 4:20am FLAG
grab her boobs while she is sitting next to you and see what she does but dont tell her your going to do it

Anonymous Aug 28 2010 10:11pm FLAG
Say you are her baby and she need to feed you. She will take her boob out so you can suck.

Sylvia Aug 31 2010 6:17am FLAG
heak her

sucker Sep 16 2010 6:54am FLAG
My sis is her tits are starting to llok nice I stuck my dikk in her ass hole last night

Raper face Sep 17 2010 8:12am FLAG
when my sister is go to bed i touc her boobs she also touch my body we together SEX

sant Dec 02 2010 1:36am FLAG
hay guys how can i ask my cousin sis to let me to suck on her breast and tell her to suck my ditch

frrink Dec 21 2010 2:19pm FLAG
i mean to suck my c*ck 4 some who wants detail

frrink Dec 21 2010 2:20pm FLAG
Well look for the opportunity when no one is at hOme except u n ur Sis n then capture the chance when she is at sleep..... She won't mind doing that infact she will like it ... Just do it ...

Rox Dec 28 2010 4:43am FLAG
Ask her to give u a massage n that u r so tired she won't refuse then try to touch her boobs with ur head ...most of the girls like their tits being sucked or touched ...... Don't ask her directly About it otherwise she definitely refuse the guy above said wait for the chance when she is at deep sleep

Bruce Dec 28 2010 4:56am FLAG
u should not to becase god does not u to

lincoln Jan 01 2011 8:29pm FLAG
but on onther hand her hars suck a booby for me

abe Jan 01 2011 8:30pm FLAG
everett is choseon one reber that reply to me one facebook

eg Jan 01 2011 8:31pm FLAG
hey wat do i do when a gril in 6 grade want to fk wat do u say repley on facebook or myspace type on top

abe lincoln everett Jan 01 2011 8:35pm FLAG
but on onther hand her hars suck a booby for me

abe Jan 01 2011 8:42pm FLAG
u should not to becase god does not u to

lincoln Jan 01 2011 8:42pm FLAG
Im sucking om girls tits right now

Daddylonglegs Jan 09 2011 12:05am FLAG
the thing that matter if both u like it make shere your parents dont find out our your dead

doge Jan 09 2011 2:32pm FLAG
My older brother used to tell me that if I let him suck on my nipples it would make them grow into boobs. I believed him so I let him do it alot. It didnt help my boobs grow but it felt good when he would suck on my nipples and lick them. When they started growing he sucked on them a few times but then stopped. I think he just wanted to suck on them when I was flat chested.

Rachel Jan 15 2011 9:34am FLAG
go ahed am also doing like this all the best

Rasika Jan 30 2011 11:11pm FLAG
go ahead i will also do this she also likes it she only tell that to press my boobs

roxx Feb 02 2011 5:38am FLAG
when she fall asleep lick her boob nicely and try to suck it

rgfg Feb 05 2011 6:29am FLAG
alri guys i 18 and me sister is goin last night i was goin for a piss and her dooe was open so i went in and seen her on the bed ***** so i started ta ed her and the moaning she was doin when ever one was walkin by and the amount of cum on the floor was unreal form her

aaron f Feb 07 2011 2:41pm FLAG

Had Feb 24 2011 11:23am FLAG
yesterday i went to hospital, i saw a lady with big tits and heavy breast, she smiled at me, i asked why u are smiling at me, she told, baby you looks like my son. then she asked me to come with her to her home. i went to her home. she told me that she want to use the toilet and went inside after some time she came out and asked me to go the toilet and i also went to the toilet, there i saw her panty i rubbed it on my penis then i came out. she took me to her bed room, and aked do u want to have some mild, i said no i done need mild. she she tole me that it not from the cup but from her breast. u r like my son i want to feed you. i happily agreed to suck her breast, they are very big when i started to suck her, she put her hand on my penis and told she want suck my penis, and put it in her mouth and started to suck it then she asked me to her daughter also with her at the same time.

jaya Apr 16 2011 7:22am FLAG
if u want to ing her talk dirty.

parimaler Apr 16 2011 11:28pm FLAG
This response was flagged for inappropriate or offensive content.

Moses May 02 2011 11:36am FLAG

Rita May 15 2011 1:04pm FLAG
This response was flagged for inappropriate or offensive content.

Rita May 15 2011 1:07pm FLAG
This response was flagged for inappropriate or offensive content.

Rita May 15 2011 1:08pm FLAG
i want to my sister but her mind dont come on sex what should i do plz help me

er May 18 2011 1:09pm FLAG
press while she slep.

csk May 19 2011 4:15am FLAG
i dont want to know that you press or not i want to your sister please give his phone number and photo that i want to mastrubate

your uncle May 19 2011 6:22am FLAG
Me too

Hecker May 20 2011 6:13am FLAG
Hi Rita, I am Interested in you.

Raj May 20 2011 1:22pm FLAG
This response was flagged for inappropriate or offensive content.

Lindsay May 21 2011 5:56am FLAG

Don May 24 2011 7:04am FLAG
Any of use in Australia

Horny boy May 25 2011 4:09am FLAG
any girl thats need a good hecking u can call me

dice May 26 2011 2:39pm FLAG
no not at all

kuppusamy May 31 2011 12:55am FLAG
hi Rita my mail id or 25 m UP

sahil khan May 31 2011 10:50pm FLAG
Squeeze the milk out of her breasts

Someone Jun 02 2011 6:39am FLAG
Pull her breast and put source all over it

Babes Jun 02 2011 6:40am FLAG
you sick bastards are disgusting. you are thinking of ING your mothers! dont you creeps know how wrong that is!!!! get a life, you losers!!!

ANGRYATCREEPS Jun 05 2011 4:15pm FLAG
Rita givi me your phone

Dj Jun 05 2011 5:40pm FLAG
Hi rita i want to

SEXLOVER Jun 09 2011 8:25am FLAG
yaar if sister also want then wht is the problem go ahead and suck her feel her soft body lick her my sister she is 23 me 21...she is so sexy i love her v much...plz help me plz i realy want her in my bed...plz my number is 03235109836

behanchod66 Jun 18 2011 1:56am FLAG
i my sister when we both r in std. VII.we both r share same bad one day i cant control to look after her big ass and big boobs....and thats happen.after that we both are sex a day night every time.but she z my lovely sister nothing els.

unknown Jun 22 2011 6:15am FLAG
I know nothing about it u all are mad see ya all i hell. And then ask me if u can

Anonimous Jun 24 2011 10:31am FLAG
i want to and suck my sister too but everytime i try she wakes up! help plz!

google Jun 25 2011 12:22am FLAG
tell her if you can lay in the bed together after few min. mastubrate her breast and askher if it felt good, if she get you can suck her breast

sex lover Jun 29 2011 9:38pm FLAG
i have a sister named ruby.when she was 9 only oneday she asked me what is condom.she watched this on tv and doesnt know about this.i brought her to bathroom and removed both of our clothes, she was very shy and asked what are u doing.i softly touched her small boobs and and some whity fluid cameout.

jackey Jul 03 2011 11:20am FLAG
Rita i am interest and how old are u and this is my number 4-335-3536 textme or call me

Jay Jul 05 2011 10:33pm FLAG
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Spandana[aachari] Jul 06 2011 1:53am FLAG
tum sab ki maa ki chuttttttttttttttttttttttttttt

ajay Jul 18 2011 2:15am FLAG
i suck my sister suck. but did not say any thing about this incident in normal life with me do she want sex

ajay Jul 18 2011 2:18am FLAG
This response was flagged for inappropriate or offensive content.

Allie Jul 21 2011 9:24pm FLAG
Sike that's gross

Allie Jul 21 2011 9:25pm FLAG
Hi Rita, I am Interested in you. My number is 97770968.

Nihar Jul 23 2011 9:01am FLAG
yesterday my aunt came to my house, she is 61 years old but she is having very big boobs and tits, i am always very fond of her body. yesterday nobody was in my house when she came. she took bath i saw her body through a hold in the door. she also noticed that i am wathing her. after taking bath she came out and shouted at me. i told her i am very sorry for that but i am very much want to see her. after some time called me, and opened her blouse and show her boobs and told me to come close and press this, i pressed and she put it in my mouth asked me to suck it. i sucked she put her hand on my penis she asked me can u ed her .her soothu is very big. thevidiya mundai, she is my dear chinaal.

surmum er Jul 25 2011 3:57am FLAG
ewwwwwwww all you ers are PATHETIC , and GROSS ! YUCCK

lover3 Jul 26 2011 12:42am FLAG
I want this boy to suck my boobs. I love i when guys do that. He obviously has a huge crush on me and I like him back. What should I do?

Manicluv Jul 28 2011 5:17am FLAG
ewwwwwwwwww....what the hell are you guys are soo grossy...God will punish you someday...this is a forbidden guys are just the same with dogs doesn't have brain at all..better go die...

roy Jul 31 2011 10:42am FLAG

lacy Aug 11 2011 5:24am FLAG

lacy Aug 11 2011 5:24am FLAG
i am in australia... anyone only suck my boobs??

lacy Aug 11 2011 5:25am FLAG
Sex in the city kiss her on her cheek say to her go and get changed she will go and get changed walk into the room and say you are sexy can i taste ur milk she will say yes then push her on the bed and tell ha to nurse yu feel her up kiss he titts then lick then suck say yu want to be nursed everyday ?

Indian Aug 12 2011 7:42am FLAG
Gud idea i will try dat as i love my sisters tits i did that before everyone went out and she sed to me to help her take her bra of i sed i can only do it wiv my mouth she sed olkay after wen i took it off milk was leaking i sed its leaking she lay on the bed and sed to me suck me out then i sed no she locked to room door so then i had tooo it was loverlly then we had sex on floor

Boobies Aug 12 2011 7:46am FLAG
Hi rita i wann suck you would you ply giv me ur no

Sam Aug 16 2011 11:55am FLAG
Hi rita i wann suck you would you ply giv me ur no

Sam Aug 16 2011 11:55am FLAG
It is immoraly bad to do it. So dont.

Me Aug 19 2011 4:19pm FLAG
i am ready to do nythng on ur boobs cal me plz....97465619

striker Aug 29 2011 12:52am FLAG

Anonymous Sep 07 2011 3:40pm FLAG
Just pour some water accidentally to her boobs then started rubbing her boobs while telling sorry... Then surely she get mood and you can suck her boobs...

Friend Sep 23 2011 10:32pm FLAG
bloosy people. shame on urself. shameless fellows. u suck ur mom n sis? man

unknown Sep 27 2011 11:46pm FLAG
shame on urself,u want suck,heck,ur mom aunt and sister boobs,then there is no meaning for relations,i hate all who did it

vijay Sep 28 2011 12:37am FLAG
i am 23 year old female and i want 2 suck my sister boobs

Anonymous Sep 30 2011 12:18pm FLAG
my sisters boobs r very sexy !!!!3

Anonymous Nov 03 2011 4:58am FLAG
U all are pathetic...d worst part of lyf..hw cn ne 1 do dis wid their mum n sis..shiiiii

Unknown Nov 07 2011 12:10am FLAG
I want onl9 sex plz sum1 sex wid me here..m full ..

Anonymous Nov 07 2011 12:13am FLAG
i want to my sister ....what i do Nov 10 2011 12:40am FLAG
plz tell

sh Nov 10 2011 12:40am FLAG
when i look my sister i can stop my d*ck standing ....i want to her heard ...plz tell me some idea

tarun Nov 10 2011 12:42am FLAG
I am 25 year old girl and have one child one day when my brothe came to my house at night me and my brother was alone at home he open my maxi and then cut my bra with his teath and start drinking my milk he drink it about half an hour. I and he both were happy at that time when we go at he home he always take my nipples in her mouth now he was 20 years old

sonali Nov 22 2011 10:52am FLAG
I am a mom of 18 year child and he was very dirty he tried to again so to decrese his feelings he sleep with me one night I sleep with him open my maxi 2 button open and at night he open my maxi and bra I behave as sleep he open my bra and take my long nipple in her mouth and start pumping it he also try to open my panty but I stop by a movement now he does not see her sister boobs and he sleep by drink my nipples milk

sons mom Nov 22 2011 11:03am FLAG
I afterwards.. try it its fun

Havefun Nov 27 2011 10:06am FLAG
can anyone just suk and bite my breast??? my email id is im online always...plz drink all milk from it and bite it softly..first come first.uuuuuuuuuuuummmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

honey Nov 30 2011 8:16am FLAG
i m also fm, but i want dat anyone girl suck my boobs

piya Dec 04 2011 9:29am FLAG
i m also fm, but i want dat anyone girl suck my boobs

piya Dec 04 2011 9:29am FLAG
U all are going to hell guyz. Don't follow these type of ways. Don't do these things. Aren't u ashamed of it?!!

Dead justice Dec 10 2011 7:03pm FLAG
U all r making fake stories and fasinating others to follow it.

Dead justice Dec 10 2011 7:05pm FLAG
Really. WTF. I wish people like you lot weren't made on this Earth. You guys will suffer because what you d always comes back to you in the same life. Its called KARMA, if you incest filled pervs have ever heard of it.

YouDon'tNeedToKnow Dec 17 2011 9:09pm FLAG

YouDon'tNeedToKnow Dec 17 2011 9:11pm FLAG
U guz are fools.Hell fire is waiting all of u

Egrin Dec 18 2011 6:14am FLAG
funny,,,,, everyone has their own life and manner, just enjoy it in anyway... awesome na? (just shut up you idiot)@YouDon'tNeedToKnow who r u to say like that... they want it you get lost

funny guy@true Dec 21 2011 12:12am FLAG
There's hardly a literate, intelligent person in this forum. No one knows how to write or spell, on top of being perverts. Low lifes.

supta Jan 03 2012 7:08pm FLAG
i sucked my sister last night but she did not said a single word to me she enjoyed it after some time she got orgasm and said to me to go to your bed.

ajay Jan 04 2012 3:16am FLAG
Sucking ur sisters boobs is bad stop it

Tomi Jan 10 2012 9:58am FLAG
just take off her shirt,dress,etc...then start dangling her boobs and then take off her bra then start taking the heck out of her :P

Duckler Jan 21 2012 2:32am FLAG

1 Jan 21 2012 5:36am FLAG

-1' Jan 21 2012 5:36am FLAG
Dis is all wrong

Nana Jan 26 2012 7:48pm FLAG
you all are mats, no body have idea how to suck sister's bobes. 1stly you have to start from a kiss then give her a gift next day. it should be a nacklace. You wear her by your own hand, you must be behind and cach her in your arm. She will excite and says you than you, that time take your hand on her bobs and push them hardly. Believe me she will not tel you anything, and continue it. Its my personaly exprement i did it 1 month ago.

SCORPION Jan 28 2012 12:45pm FLAG
masila i want to you infront of you.

masilathaf lover Jan 29 2012 2:39pm FLAG
press boobs

lover Feb 06 2012 9:50am FLAG
My sister does not sleep in clothes and she gas problems sleeping so this knocks her out now I touch her boobs put my c*ck on her cum on her and even touch her

Anonymous Feb 07 2012 3:15pm FLAG
I'm my sister is but she has C cup boobs so when we were on holiday our beds were really close so I tapped her on her arm to test if she was awake then I gentely squeezed her boob.

Me Feb 14 2012 3:42pm FLAG
I'm my sister is but she has C cup boobs so when we were on holiday our beds were really close so I tapped her on her arm to test if she was awake then I gentely squeezed her boob.

Me Feb 14 2012 3:42pm FLAG
I m aman yr old and one night me and my sister sleep together at mat. In mid night i suck my sister slowly slowly she tell amu lage raho .

Amandeep singh Feb 16 2012 3:38am FLAG
i will tell my story , when i was 19 my sister was 24 , she has nice tits ( yummy ) .... one day when she was sleeping in t-shirt ..... my grandma was in other room and me and sis were on same bed in one room ..... i had one habit of putting my hand on stomach of other person next to me , she also knew it .... when she slept about 2 pm i slowly put my hand on his stomach then slowly i put my hand on her one boob .....then i slowly unbutton 1st two buttons and then 3rd one ..... bcoz she is deep deep sleeper that even if u hit her to 20 times then also she will not wake up after unbuttoning her t-shirt ..... i saw that boobs inside the bra..... i slowly put my hands inside the bra ...very very very slowly that i knew i had 25 min to put my total hand on her left boob then i slowly press that boob ,......i got ...then i press then hardly but no reaction from her so i had my road empty ....... i slowly put her one boob outside the shirt then tickeled her boob sucked her boob ....... she slighty awake but as i instanneouly kept her boob inside cloth she got sleep .... know i want to suck other boob i put my hand inside bra and start pressing boob but grandma called me to help her to go toilet so i had to go ........ after coming i gently kissed her nipple i close her button and went to sleep at 5.30 am ....... in the morning she was wake up but i still sleeping .....she awake me i huge me like a child that time i thought that boobs touching my chest now i fuked sucked pressed seqenzed llast night that u dont know ,,she tell me 'mu sweet bro please wake up its now .... i tell her i want to sleep ( with ur boob ) for other 4 to 5 hrs.........i was feeling her boob i hold tightly ........and she stiil in that t-shirt but ony 1 button open ..... i told myself "opps its my misake" i njoyed my sis boob ....

sister lover Feb 18 2012 2:50am FLAG

UR FATHER Mar 01 2012 2:24am FLAG
i love to read incest......but it's a sin do practice incest

dead man Mar 01 2012 10:39am FLAG
it's wrong only if u think's all in you mind..... Just keep it a/secret

sister Mar 01 2012 10:41am FLAG

Me Mar 02 2012 2:26am FLAG
U Guyz Are Great,am Also havin Sister,her Age is 25,am 21 She looks so Hot,i Want 2 Heck Her,how can i do that,guyz plz help me out..

Human Mar 02 2012 2:31am FLAG
my sister boob is size small but age is 19 years. plz help me. thanks.

boob size problems Mar 02 2012 10:36am FLAG
hm u just press those boobs when she slept or when u both are playin...daily doing like this will make ur sister boobs bigger

doctor Mar 03 2012 10:58am FLAG
If u sleep b/w u r mother & father, then touch u r mother's teats at night when she's sleeping. Give them a big press on them & take u r hand and put it in u r mother's blouse, then push u r hand into u r mother's bra, touch the boobs nipples, then remove out u r hand, if u feel that u r mother is waking up, then open the all blouse buttons slowly & then go into her back side , remove the blouse, open all the hooks of her bra and remove the bra, then u won't be able 2 see them but touch d nipple and take into u r mouth and press the nipples with u r teeth, then take a battery if u want to see the boobs and then spit on the boobs of u r mother more and then take d mustard oil and massage the boobs with u r hands, then u feel her very sexy, then close the hooks of d bra and then close the buttons of the blouse and sleep by placing u r hand on u r mother's breast. Also u can do this everyday in night during sleeping time.

Rakesh Chadda Mar 03 2012 11:02pm FLAG
Fear God wea eva u r?

I.m Ahmeyani Mar 04 2012 12:20am FLAG
Rakesh @ Hm How can I Suck My Sister Boobs...??

Human Mar 04 2012 10:56am FLAG
well i got a girlfriend and i just slowly slip my hand on breast but if she says no i dont care i just when shes sleeping tie her to the bed with 2 hands tied to the top so she cant move i do this when shes ***** i wip her and she says im her king i wip her mor and i make her maid and her breasts are size 55 so i just get more girls and i wip ther s we hav a right to undrwss them on the str?et thats well wat i do

ruler guy Mar 04 2012 2:48pm FLAG
if any boy or girl friendship wth me plz

shanzay Mar 10 2012 4:00pm FLAG
i sucked my sister boobs just now it woked guys,i sucked those boobs when she is deep sleep,those are awesome,thanx 4 ur advice,and gonna suck those every day

sex lover Mar 12 2012 5:00pm FLAG
hi guess i wana make my sis so hot so wht do i do

sis fkr Mar 18 2012 11:08am FLAG
ur sister sud be like ur child and mother sud be ur god.dont neglect the pain ur mother felt bearing u.plz dont expose the ur mothers body science in public its like selling her.oneday u all will feel urself as dirty creatures.its not gud to talk all these in public dnt spoil others also.if u r bad let it be personal to u.

luv u mother nd sis Mar 20 2012 7:46am FLAG
do things fearing ur heart nt god then evry thng wl be k.if ur mother or sis know that u r sayng lik this to others then wat wl they do?liv fr the happiness ur parents dnt use them badly for u becoz u have born from her single body cell.

luv u mother nd sis Mar 20 2012 7:54am FLAG
this is not good, find a girl and do with her.

love ur mother and sister Mar 24 2012 10:40pm FLAG
then send me ur sister

_|_ Mar 25 2012 10:34am FLAG
sister also women no problem suck are that is depended to our sister interest

ab Mar 28 2012 8:01am FLAG
sister also women no problem suck are that is depended to our sister interest

ab Mar 28 2012 8:01am FLAG
i fuked my sister

Anonymous Mar 31 2012 1:12am FLAG
All those guyz who r posting all this will be punished badly fear from god he is seeing u

Ur inner soul Apr 01 2012 12:41pm FLAG
Im about to be and my boobs are size 36D. Thats not big for my age right ?

</3 Apr 04 2012 4:06pm FLAG
hey...i need sum1 to suck my nipplz... Last nyt my jiju sucked me, ed me...he clickd my pics...

saali Apr 18 2012 8:06am FLAG
gimme an is it possible regulary....i badly madly needs him...he is my first er...

saali Apr 18 2012 8:09am FLAG
9953744242...garima kapoor...ur lovely....

saali Apr 18 2012 8:22am FLAG
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Love Docter Apr 22 2012 4:49am FLAG
Garima Tumhare kiye Kuch hai Imp. at

Love Docter Apr 22 2012 4:51am FLAG
U people r sick...jus do these vit ur gf bt nt ur mom r sis!

Prerna Apr 28 2012 12:39am FLAG

gyi;i May 12 2012 10:10am FLAG

gyi;i May 12 2012 10:10am FLAG
Repent and give ur life to God.

Anonymous May 17 2012 4:43pm FLAG
i'm a girl gettin so reading these.

Anonymous May 18 2012 9:54pm FLAG
Im 22, my bra size is a 44. I want to have sex. Plz do it with me. I like guys with big penis's.

sexy May 20 2012 2:25pm FLAG
What language you all speak on this page It cannot be enlish you soun funny hah ha ha suck your sisters boobs is good tasting!

Anonymous May 22 2012 1:01pm FLAG
I snik into my sisters room wile she asleep. I pull back her night gown an lick on her nipples she not wake up. I go again to night . I cum on paper to keep her not knowing. so ggood!

Anonymous May 22 2012 1:04pm FLAG
When your sis goes to sleep..just hold her tightly and kissed her.this is the real begining.... Then press and suck her boooooobs...

Boob sucker May 24 2012 5:02am FLAG
This is true real.i suck my eldet sisters milky boobs lots.every night i press her boobs.belive it is so soft.evety night she sleep wearing a it is easy for me to lift her nighty and suck her milkey and softy boobs.thet is realy tasty.

Boob sucker May 24 2012 5:10am FLAG
Suck Her Big Juicy Nipples, I would. Than Stick Your C*ck In Her Love Canal.

willie May 25 2012 9:57am FLAG
I bet She Has Some Nice Puffy Nipples.

willie May 25 2012 9:58am FLAG
I had the temptation to suck my brothers d*ck one night. But then he woke up. Screw him.

Nastygirl May 27 2012 6:40pm FLAG
Somebody heck me!!!!!

Willie May 27 2012 6:41pm FLAG
Hey sexy I have a big penis. I want ur boobs gurl. I want ur and ass. I want the full rack.

willie May 27 2012 6:43pm FLAG
I'm a lesbian and I want my sisters boobs and . What do I do??

May 27 2012 7:34pm FLAG
I <3 penins's

Anonymous May 27 2012 7:35pm FLAG
I want ur c*cks and nipples and me hard.. come on baby

Dirtybitch May 28 2012 10:42am FLAG

Anonymous May 28 2012 10:43am FLAG

Anonymous May 30 2012 12:07pm FLAG
It was happened yesterday 10/06/.that night i never forgot in my life.luckily me and my sister slept together for coming our two relatives.after one hour pm i wake up and saw OMG. she was in her loose tank top.and no i easily see her big boobs.that so nice.she was sleeping facing her back front of me.i cupped her one boob.and slowly reaction from her.i held her boob tightly. It was so soft suddenly my mind was changed.i want to touch it *****.so i inserted my hand from her top.suddenly she moved towards me.suddenly i remove my hand.but luckily she was not awoke.but now this was the great view for me.her both boobs are lightly vissable. After some time i held her one boob in my hand.and pressed enjoily.but i want more so i touched her both boobs.i pressed her boobs about 1 hour.then i want some more so i inserted my both hands from her top.ohhhh it was so soft,so nice.i rubbed it hardly for 2 hour.then i slowly lifted her top.OMG HER BIG BOOBS attracting me.and slowly i held her one boob in my mouth and the other in my hand.i sucked her boob for 1 hour.that was so milky.that incest i never forgot in my life.i love my Sister i want her boob,got her boob....

Boob sucker Jun 11 2012 1:58am FLAG
i want my sister to suck my penis . i will and make her cum...

behenchod Jun 11 2012 4:31am FLAG
garima i love you.....can i call you

big penis Jun 15 2012 9:20pm FLAG
hey any 1 interested in mee .p. plzzz i want to suck my sisters breast ... and lick her plzzz help mee ...if u want my email id plzz reply ..

anirudh Jun 17 2012 9:01am FLAG
im interested

i love sex Jun 18 2012 1:49am FLAG
anoymos i wanna suck u and heck u so hard plz

i love seex Jun 18 2012 1:51am FLAG
I did press my sister's breast once. I was pretending to sleep and she came to wake me up, and I pressed one of them. She was like, what the hell r u doing? And I pretended to open my eyes and act surprised.... I know people say true story all the time, but seriously this one - true story ;)

BitchesBeCrazy Jun 22 2012 1:18pm FLAG

Anonymous Jun 29 2012 12:05pm FLAG

Anonymous Jul 01 2012 2:22am FLAG
I really want to suck this girls tits at school but I don't know how to ask help please?

Sexy Jul 03 2012 7:10am FLAG
Walk up to her rip off her shirt and suck away That should work

Anonymous Jul 03 2012 7:18am FLAG
That won't work

Sexy Jul 03 2012 7:19am FLAG
That won't work

Sexy Jul 03 2012 7:43am FLAG
if any one want to sex with me send me mail at i will check it on friday

hot er Jul 03 2012 11:56pm FLAG
Can someone tell me how to start suckin away at her tits

Sexy Jul 04 2012 6:36am FLAG
Can someone tell me how to start suckin away at her tits

Sexy Jul 04 2012 6:37am FLAG
your face

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You should not suck your sisters boobs people . It is wrong

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I am a girl though . My cousin was sitting with me than he put his arm around my shoulder and snoock down to my boobs an squeezed them and asked if he could suck them .I said no and slapped him in the face .

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Die in hell. What religion are you bastards. No religion?Think this world is a test. This is adultery. Gunna

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JUST SHUT THE UP AND KNOW YOUR LIMITS. Where has the respect gone for your sister? You are supposed to protect her, and behenchod, make her understand what's right and wrong. Desperate loser.

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You guys are all going to hell

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4oYfbb I truly appreciate this post.Much thanks again. Really Cool.

bvsjbxFEHWkTj Jun 11 2015 1:22am FLAG
Shame on u

Lucky kaler Jun 26 2015 12:05pm FLAG
Yll guys m said yll coz mrae bf se mra brkup ho gya ...nd ab mrae boobs press kon krga i luv ....boobs pressing h koi jo mrae boobs press krae ....plzz tell m....

micho chan Sep 28 2015 10:25am FLAG
yes i m intrstd suck my boobs ....nd do sex with m ...

micho chan Sep 28 2015 10:31am FLAG
If you have a good relationship with her then just ease into it. I used to play fight with my sister. Then as part of the fight I would try to hold her down. One day I put my hands over her boobs. She said she didn't care. Then one day while play fighting my hand went down her shirt for a split second accidentally. She said still didn't care. So one day when she was playing video games while I was watching I just lifted her shirt and slide her boobs out of her bra. I played with her nipples and squeezed them for almost 10 minutes until she pulled her shirt back over them. She had nice pink nipples and her boobs were so soft. She is a 36D. Then one day while playing around and holding her down again, I lifted her shirt again and took them out of her bra. I played with them a for a minute again and then I just leaned in and sucked on her nipples. I'd say that lasted 10 minutes too. She didn't react strangely. She just lay there until after 10 minutes she told me that was enough. She never let me do it again though.

Anonymous Nov 13 2015 2:52pm FLAG
saali randi ke boobs daba, suck kar, kar. fir apna lund chuswa.aur usi chut aur gaand maar.

BehanChod Nov 15 2015 6:50pm FLAG
meri sis ka naam hai inderpreet, age 25 height 5feet 2 inch.bra size 34C hai aur waist 28.kamaal ka hot figure hai.yeh kahani tab ki hai jab pehli baar maine apni sis ke boobs dekhe thay aur dabaye thay.May ka month tha.hum sab cousins hide and seek khel rahe thay.aur inderpreet ko sab ko pakadna tha.shaam ke 7 baj rahe thay. usne sab ko dhund liya tha sirf mujhe dhudna baki tha.woh mujhe dhund rahi thi.uski back meri taraf thi. tabhi mein usay dhappa karne ke liye uski tarag dauda.woh palat gyi aur mera hath uske boobs pe pad gya. game mein usne shayad dhyan nahi diya.par mere andar current daud gya khatam ho gyapar mein sis ke soft boobs ke bare mein hi sochta raha. soch soch ke lund khada ho raha tha.hamne khana khaya aur sone ke liye chale gaye.mujhe to bilkul neend nahi aa rah thi.raat ka 1 baj raha tha.mujhse raha nahi gya. mein inderpreet ke room mein gaya.aur uske bed ke paas beth gaya aur uski sexy body ko dekhne laga.usne white t shirt pehan rakhi thi. jo ki upar khisak chuki thi. uski sexy kamar saaf dikh rahi thi.mera to mann uske boobs dekhne a tha.cleavage dekhna ka try kiya maine.ek nguli se dheere se uski t shirt ki neck ko uthaya.kya gol aore boobs thay uske.meri sassein badhne lagi.fir maine ek unguli uske boob pe raki. usne kuch reaction nahi diya to maine apna hath boobs pe rakh diya.kya maaza aa raha tha soft aur garam lag raha tha boobs.thodi der wait karne ke baad maine dono haath dono boobs pe dal diya. aur halka se dabaya.bahot maaza aa raha tha.lund pagal ho gaya tha.for maine ja ke inderpreet ke naam ki muth mari.

Sis_boob_lover Nov 15 2015 6:55pm FLAG
Don't do it, because you will not be able to stand the guilt. And if you stubbornly do it, you will never stop regretting it.

your friend Nov 24 2015 4:35am FLAG
What's the problem? Feminism told her not to agree with her female instincts. Taught her to think like a man and find it disrespectful to be treated like a girl. Human Evolution did not provide communication between the male and female sexes. It used to work better when you could just grab the female and ravish her, then she would in turn love you based on how you made her feel. Those good old days are gone. You need to respect her manishness and rights to make a decision. And be careful the way you even ask her, you could be in trouble just by asking. Welcome to the New World Order

John May 15 2016 1:52am FLAG
There was a website they made, for ravishable girls to find that perfect stranger who will appear when they need, ravish them, drink their milk, respect each other and disappear forever. Keeping a secret like it never happened. If I'm not wrong it should be . I got a perfect single mom there once upon a time. It was the best 1 day experience I ever had cos she liked her breasts to be sucked, and I love sucking breasts (I wonder how and why some men prefer to suck something else). But the website does not let us keep in touch after one encounter. I couldn't even find her profile anymore. The logic is to allow you both to play out your fantasies in real life, then break you up. Something like that

John Again May 15 2016 1:59am FLAG
I want to suck my friend boobs she is too sexy and her ass is too sexy and I want to her... but if I ask her iam afraiding we will loose frndship...

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