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I let my dog lick me out

The Problem: I let my dog lick me out and it feels so good. i put peanut butter 'downstairs' and she licks until i wwant to scream. is there anything else you do that gives you pleasure?

Asked by: confused1122 at 12:32:58 AM, Tuesday, July 20, 2010 PDT FLAG


put ur dik in her fanny or lick her fanny

Horny Bitch Jul 20 2010 9:47am FLAG

I'm a girl

confused22 Jul 20 2010 11:14am FLAG
that is nasty.. the dog might have germs or that might cause ur vajj to have a affection

I did that but it didn't work did you put a lot on there

Anonymous Jul 20 2010 9:54pm FLAG
i've heard of the shower where you sit under the nozzle where the water comes out from the bottom and get the water hot and push like your having a baby and it is the most amazing feeling. then it kinda tickles your vajj

Anonymous Jul 21 2010 7:43am FLAG
This response was flagged for inappropriate or offensive content.

Lisa Jul 21 2010 7:53am FLAG
@Lisa: That's nasty.

Anonymous Jul 21 2010 10:47pm FLAG

am i honest? I THINK SO. Jul 23 2010 8:39am FLAG
WOAH!!! ya'll are sick.

DivineUniversalPrinciple Jul 25 2010 12:30am FLAG
I love how it feels when he knots me and his hot doggie juice fills me up. Don't judge if you haven't tried it.

Lisa Jul 26 2010 9:53pm FLAG
haha wow human/dog baby...naaasty sick people who r pshycho

I Wanna Try That!! But I Don't Got A Dog! :( DAMN!!

Anonymous Aug 03 2010 4:28pm FLAG
justin bieber sucks ass sorry had to say it,, and if ur not goin to give advise then dont comment i dont care if u think its nasty,, if they wanna do that let them its not like ur watchin,, anyways u can hump ur pillows,,

Anonymous Aug 06 2010 3:01am FLAG

Anonymous Aug 09 2010 1:24am FLAG
Thatis cruel and unusual that poor dog. That Is NOT what pets are for you freaks!! you people need serious counseling! jeez jus watch *** and do it yourself! Don't put an innocent animal in the situation!

Anonymous Aug 13 2010 9:25pm FLAG
i think that u guys should get bfs or gfs dont play with ur dogs and cats also u r sick s!!!

Anonymous Aug 14 2010 9:45am FLAG
i think that u guys should get bfs or gfs dont play with ur dogs and cats also u r sick hecks!!!

molly <3 x <3 Aug 14 2010 9:45am FLAG
put peanut butter on ur nipples and let ur dog lick them or masturbate and they will lick until the cum is all gone

idothis Aug 14 2010 2:31pm FLAG
at the same time i think its so wrong and dogs don't deserve to be used like that and you should find a real MAN but it sounds fun

Miley Cyrus #1 fan Aug 19 2010 3:53am FLAG
God thats suprised me

A man Aug 19 2010 8:08am FLAG
Im just wondering y u let ur dog enter u at this age :-/. U lose ur virginity still. Idm u doin it but think of ur virginity ;-)

A man 2 Aug 19 2010 8:11am FLAG
get sum real gross ass bastard

Anonymous Aug 19 2010 10:25pm FLAG
Its not creulty if ur dog enjoys it..

Anonymous Aug 19 2010 10:35pm FLAG
Oh i love it it's so exciting and his big and hot tongue... it feels awesome and he seems to like it

GIRL Sep 06 2010 12:43pm FLAG
wen in the shower and put it on as higher pressure as it will go and put it quite close 2 ur vajj but not 2 close then stik ur fingers in a finger urself, it u get bored of tht get sumin long and round and shove tht up there if u massage around ur cl*t it feels sooo gd , and in a way i agree dnt put ur pet froo tht + shower is sooo much bettr! ;-P

Anonymous Sep 11 2010 12:45pm FLAG
Flip 0ver onto your hands and knees and let him do you "Doggy Style" idiot! Hell, my German Shepard does me every time I'm on tour!

Justin Bieber Sep 20 2010 7:54pm FLAG
i let my dog lick me all the time. im addicted.

girl Sep 29 2010 3:25pm FLAG
i let my dog lick me it feels soo good

justin bieber lover Oct 09 2010 11:48am FLAG
damn i wish i had a dog

Anonymous Oct 16 2010 7:52am FLAG
i have a female dog and it fells just great :) don judge if you havent done it.... i wish i had a boy dog too though :/

Jesenia Garcia of Greeley, Colorado Oct 20 2010 3:50pm FLAG
o myyyyyy god it is doooo awessssssssssoooooooooooooommmmmmmmmeeee i love it

Anonymous Oct 26 2010 2:27pm FLAG
my dogs licking me right now as i watch ***. im addicted. im a girl.

doglovers ;) Nov 03 2010 10:27am FLAG

1 Nov 04 2010 10:02am FLAG
Put your finger inside your and move it up and down it give you ultimate pleasure before you cum you will sceam loudly aaaaaaaah aaaaah oh yaaah aaaah so good

Wet Nov 15 2010 11:08pm FLAG
Wat the

Anonymous Nov 21 2010 3:53am FLAG
Wat the

Anonymous Nov 21 2010 3:54am FLAG
Dog's are great for this and it feels good both ways. I have a male and female balck lab. They both love to lick my wife. She will even lie on her back and spread her legs wide and the male will get on top her and ride her. It's one of the hottest things to see. He knots in her and sometime goes for about 30mins till he cums. Then our female will lick up the rest. She says the feeling is just unreal... there's nothing else like it. Just amazing!

Anonymous Dec 02 2010 5:24pm FLAG
Sick bastards...

YouWillBeCondemned Dec 09 2010 11:11pm FLAG
When his tounge goes inside me it feels soo good

Dec 14 2010 11:48am FLAG
justin bieber is awsome ;&#9834;

yh boi Dec 19 2010 2:03am FLAG
When I'm home alone I take of my bra and let my female dog lick my nipples, so I put peanut butter on em that way it's like a treat and she really likes to lick, plus I gets me really hot and it feels soooooo amazing

Jade Dec 28 2010 6:12pm FLAG
I've got an 8 inch c*ck for rent and I'm pretty handy with my tongue P; I'm only so doesn't make it weird

anon. Jan 07 2011 10:30pm FLAG
it always feels great

anonymous Jan 08 2011 7:32pm FLAG
My dog is lickin me now it is so amazon I am so turned on I let him lick me every day as much as he wants then I watch *** and poke my self while snoggin my best friend

Suck my tits Jan 20 2011 7:12am FLAG
I put my bunny in my knickers and ride a soft toy

anon Mar 16 2011 3:26pm FLAG
I let my female dog lick me all the time just the feeling of jer tongue inside me... she loves peanut butter to... :)

Anonymous Mar 20 2011 9:03pm FLAG

Anonymous Mar 20 2011 9:03pm FLAG

Anonymous Mar 20 2011 9:04pm FLAG
How do u get a dog to lik u if they dont lik peanut butter?

Anonymous Apr 04 2011 5:29am FLAG
Um...this is just wrong on so man levels. It's so inhumane, people are supposed to have sex with people not animals. Please stick to men and women rather then dogs, it's just not natural and you will most liely regret it. Stop.

Skinny Love May 23 2011 2:14pm FLAG
I larveee it, it makes me so horn/y, he's perfect, wen I go round my friends I get the dog to follow me to the toilet, its so kink/y knwoing you may get caughtt :P

anon Jun 07 2011 12:10pm FLAG
i want to do that, but i dont have a dog. and it feels nice when your let the water from the shower go inside you it feels amazing. try that? i really want my dog to do it to me.

anon. Jun 08 2011 9:44am FLAG
I let my dog it this to me and I feel so guilty afterwardds buut it feels so good. . . Sometimes he starts to bite. . . . I am so messed up! D:

Anonymous Jun 20 2011 11:03pm FLAG
I let my dog it this to me and I feel so guilty afterwardds buut it feels so good. . . Sometimes he starts to bite. . . . I am so messed up! D:

Anonymous Jun 20 2011 11:06pm FLAG
Are there health prob?

Frin Jun 24 2011 7:09pm FLAG
i wish i was a girl. i dont blame u for doing this i would even like to meet a kinky girl that would do this

from sweden Jun 28 2011 5:52am FLAG
This is A bit sick :3

rose :) Nov 04 2011 6:30am FLAG

anon Nov 10 2011 8:26am FLAG
i wish i had a dog.

anon Nov 10 2011 8:27am FLAG
it must fewel good keep doing it

lilmz ggggg Dec 13 2011 3:56pm FLAG
I let my three dogs lick me it feels sooooooo good I love it

Hot and sexy Jan 14 2012 10:32pm FLAG
I let my three dogs lick me it feels sooooooo good I love it

Hot and sexy Jan 14 2012 10:34pm FLAG
You guys are so sick ewwww

Love Jan 14 2012 10:36pm FLAG
You guys are so sick ewwww

Love Jan 14 2012 10:36pm FLAG
This is AWFUL!!!!!! Ur gonna get some NASTY infections down there, and that girl should NOT be watching *** whilst sodomizing your family pet! STOP!! One day your dad's gonna walk in and be so disgusted he'll send you away to a convent with a chastity belt or something drastic like that!!! Jeez ppl, has nobody herd of a vibrator, get a rabbit if ur so into animals!! And go to a doctor an ask for some antibiotics whilst your at it, putting peanut butter down there is gonna give you a yeast infection if nothing else!!! God how do ppl even discover this sick !

Yeah, This is a problem D: Jan 30 2012 1:55pm FLAG

Anonymous Jan 30 2012 1:56pm FLAG
d*ck bastard c*nt ass

Anonymous Jan 30 2012 1:57pm FLAG
my dog licks my ALL the time. feels sooo good, i love it. better than any man ever has.

marissa Feb 10 2012 8:20pm FLAG
what the

marissa Feb 10 2012 8:22pm FLAG

marissa Feb 10 2012 8:22pm FLAG

0.o Mar 02 2012 9:35pm FLAG
Does it give you infections? I want to try it does it feel good?

Anonymous Apr 04 2012 10:31am FLAG
if it feels gud do it

bi guy Apr 10 2012 10:52am FLAG

YOUR DAD Apr 28 2012 5:03am FLAG
It is an amazing feeling I need to try to get my dog to lick my tits

Anonymous May 30 2012 10:38pm FLAG
I do this all the time with my dog, makes me so mmmmmm best thing in the world ;) highly recommend it to all girls :D

me Jun 07 2012 4:03pm FLAG
I started letting my yellow lab lick my when I was . He gave me my first orgasm. I also got him to lick my jerk and my titties. It was so awesome! I let him lick me just about every day. I'm now 18 and he's still giving me so much pleasure! Man's best friend? Maybe, but he's also this ****age girl's best friend!

Kristen Jun 09 2012 2:48am FLAG
My dog licks inside me too :) I just started yesturday when I had a skirt on and i was home alone, and my dog nuzzled up my skirt, so i pulled down my panties and laid on the ground. Then he started licking inside my vagina and he got my cl*toris real good. I had my first orgasm yesturday and im ;) I think ill go get him now...

MeLickMe Jun 11 2012 10:27am FLAG
i want my dog to my ass

Anonymous Jun 14 2012 2:39pm FLAG
I fuk my dog in the ass very day she loves it and can't wait for me to her anal

Ching chong Jun 14 2012 5:45pm FLAG
Right Now Were My Dog All The Time

Swag_Team Jun 21 2012 9:41pm FLAG
Right Now Were My Dog All The Time

Swag_Team Jun 21 2012 9:41pm FLAG
People are so stupid talking about infections. A dog's mouth is cleaner than a humans plus it has plently of bacteria killing enzymes in it's saliva..honestly you won't catch anything. If anything the dog my catch somethin if you aren't clean down there

Anonymous Jun 24 2012 11:34pm FLAG
well is this beastilty ......idk i tried but he bit my i dont trust him

Ariss$ Jun 28 2012 2:40am FLAG
Are you all ers.

The normal one. Jul 02 2012 4:28pm FLAG
Are you all ers.

The normal one. Jul 02 2012 4:28pm FLAG
Are you all ers.

The normal one. Jul 02 2012 4:28pm FLAG
Are you all ers.

The normal one. Jul 02 2012 4:28pm FLAG
Are you all ers.

The normal one. Jul 02 2012 4:28pm FLAG
Are you all ers.

The normal one. Jul 02 2012 4:28pm FLAG
Sick ers y dnt u gt a dildo or use ur fingers

ford fan Jul 06 2012 8:04am FLAG
why is it bad if he is liking it and u r 2 nothing wrong with that =))

Anonymous Jul 06 2012 9:27pm FLAG
U no wat u r not alone i have heard of this but never had it done because my dog wont do it u c ma bro is allergic to peanuts so we ant have peanut butte in the house anypne got other ideas

Putahh Jul 19 2012 2:49pm FLAG
Is there any guy who wants to eat me out or have sex with me?

Shale Jul 19 2012 10:32pm FLAG
Is there any guy who wants to eat me out or have sex with me?

Shale Jul 19 2012 10:33pm FLAG
Is there any guy who wants to eat me out or have sex with me?

Shale Jul 19 2012 10:33pm FLAG
Sorry I posted it so many times, phone nOt working.

Shale Jul 19 2012 10:34pm FLAG
im and my dog is ing my in my tight wet c*nt at this moment in time

me doggystyle Jul 22 2012 4:00am FLAG
@shaleI will but how old are you and what location?

Anonymous Jul 23 2012 1:16am FLAG
@shaleI will but how old are you and what location?

Anonymous Jul 23 2012 1:16am FLAG
Ay girls why url going that to the poor animals when there's guys out there like me with big c*cks for url to suck n all day long

someone Jul 23 2012 1:37pm FLAG
you people.. this is sick

grossed out Jul 26 2012 12:57pm FLAG
This can be counted as animal cruelty. You got dog so treat it right! If you let your dogs do this to you, you're a sick, twisted person. And you can go to jail for that.

A SANE PERSON!!!!>:-( Jul 26 2012 8:21pm FLAG
Yea u must like it because ur ugly as and no real guys want u. and dogs do you because they do anything that moves

wowwwwwwwwwwwww Jul 27 2012 9:48am FLAG
I N G sick

WTF Jul 27 2012 9:49am FLAG
hey every one who thinks its gross don't knock it til ya try it

yous Jul 29 2012 1:51pm FLAG
i let my dog lick me out and i think its totally ok, she enjoy it and so do i =) and girls, i do NOT use any food there, she likes my wet and she likes it

, Jul 30 2012 10:40am FLAG

hmm Jul 31 2012 11:21pm FLAG
shove ur ass in ur dogs face

ur mom Aug 10 2012 12:54pm FLAG
this makes me feel sick!!! :( dogs arent sex toys they have feelings they are living beings.

:) Aug 11 2012 7:49am FLAG
Okay, I have some advice that might come in handy to you girls that are first timers to this doggy stuff, first of all make sure you are clean down there, and try and advoid food to get your dog to lick you, secondly put as much pineapple & celery into your daily diets because it makes your natual juices taste better to them, and thirdly don't pay any attention to these negitive comments from people that have never experienced this kind of things it stirs their curiosity or they wouldn't take the time to read your confessions.. its okay to do whatever you want your dog as long as you don't force them and your doggy wants to do it to you. ^_^

Womanly advice Aug 14 2012 11:45am FLAG
Oh Man am i

!!!!!!!!!! Aug 23 2012 7:49pm FLAG
i let my dog lick me it was FIT

Anonymous Aug 31 2012 7:34am FLAG
I'm a girl, and I tried this with my dog, it's natural to be curious, u live once so why not enjoy life? I never used food down there, sounds a bit weird to me I guess, my dog loved my wetness. To all u haters, u haven't tried it, so don't diss it.

JustThatRandomGirl Aug 31 2012 10:57pm FLAG
Any girl down to ?

Me Sep 10 2012 5:33pm FLAG
I'm down to ^ and yes, I agree with the above poster, who said that food is not the way to get the dog to go along with it. Just stay clean and make your diets better. Anyway, it isn't abuse as long as you're not forcing it.

Anon. Sep 11 2012 6:23am FLAG
If your dog likes to and you like it to. Then do it. I wish I could watch Have fun

Anonymous in IN Oct 05 2012 1:39pm FLAG
You are all sick messed up non human sickos

Anonymous Oct 08 2012 3:41pm FLAG
Guys this feels so goooooooooood . I love it its just an amazing feeling .

Anonnnnnn Oct 09 2012 3:34pm FLAG
i cannot believe this page is for real,you people are all severely damaged and in need of professional help just to say the least!!! all of you who are having sexual contact with your dogs are sick and probably were molested by your parents or some family member when you were young. Either that or hillbillys!! please seek some therapy! that is my advice to all you sick weird perverts!!!

me Nov 01 2012 4:41pm FLAG
I've done it and at first I felt very guilty but now we do it on a weekly basis at least.. I love it!

just me Nov 02 2012 4:55pm FLAG
Tell me about it I'm 28 and I've been letting my dog eat me out since I was each day I come home and there he is waiting for me. I'm so ashamed when he's licking me he get a really big dog erection and that makes me so wet a couple of times he even ed me Rex my dog has such a big d*ck. My freind from work comes over all the time and I let Rex do whatever she wants to do with him sometime she even squirts Rex has s us both hard. One day my freind was super so she let Rex do her anal. I think it's normal

G Nov 03 2012 8:32pm FLAG
I doo this all the time I lost my varginity doing this I am and it feels so good x you haters xxx

Doger Nov 12 2012 3:40am FLAG
you are seriously screwed up.....your dogs deserve much better!!!!!

L Nov 17 2012 9:10am FLAG
There is NOTHING normal about ANY of this. Furthermore, it's actually considered animal abuse just so you're aware. Freaks. You're everything that's wrong with this world.

Someone that's NOT a complete sociopath Nov 18 2012 4:21pm FLAG
Doger...i think u r soooo sexy hehehe email me we cud hv some girltime fun lol btw im 10 an i let my doggy lick me all the time an i love it!!!

littlegurl Heather Nov 21 2012 4:04pm FLAG
use an electric toothbrush, dry it completley then take the head off, put blue tak or anything on there and use it on your cl*t, orgasm every time.

Helpful Person Nov 26 2012 9:43am FLAG
thank you helpful person

littlegurl469 Nov 28 2012 8:30am FLAG
its normal because the dog is the one that goes there at first have a well shower , don't put any food down your vajj I used to do it wen I was younger and still do I am 35 as long as you don't push your dog to do itand becarful that your parents don't catch you I have 3 kids and I gave them the chance to have a feeling I took of their pants and unddies and told them to open their legs wide since we hav 4 dogs I even let the kids see that I do it so just wash up , eat plenty of food eg pinapple cause it hives more jucie to your vajj

mysteru Dec 11 2012 2:17pm FLAG
mysteru i think u r soooo hot lol omg i jus wet my lil panties reading ur advice lmao u can email me at littlegurl469@yhaoo

lil heather Dec 14 2012 4:00pm FLAG
are some of you people so desperate and lonely that you've resulted to molesting animals... your own pets? you , scruffy bastards! disgusting.

anon Dec 17 2012 10:53am FLAG
i am and i let my dog do it all the time i dont let him come in because i am afraid of losing my virginity.

cute girl Dec 17 2012 4:39pm FLAG
yr oldgirl ifu cum on here again hit me up at lets play

lil heather Dec 18 2012 4:19am FLAG
my name is kate and im && have 2 dogs and im just wondering if any other girls that have dun this would want 2 talk 2 me about it? im still kinda shy about doing it! so text meee && we can talk! only girls that have dun it! 518 290 62

kate Dec 18 2012 5:01am FLAG
i need some one to hoke up with

cute girl Dec 18 2012 10:45pm FLAG
I'm about to try it, I'll let you know how it goes!

curious Dec 21 2012 5:17pm FLAG
Holy it feels so good! <3

Hornygirl223 Dec 21 2012 9:34pm FLAG
I did it before it feels good but should u let your dog drink your pee while on the toilet??

Unknown Dec 28 2012 4:13pm FLAG
When I let my dog lick me out she will first just tug on my pus*sy hair then she will lick me out once she went so deep inside it hurt but when I relaxed and opens my legs wide even more then she digged deep into me it felt so great!!!

Anonymous Dec 28 2012 6:49pm FLAG
Once I got bored of her just licking my vajj I took one of her gummy steak treats and stuck it way up my vajj and she Open my knees with her nose and digged her way up my vajj then she would move her tounge around inside my vajj it felt so good then she would bring the treat closer and then bite to get it out then lick the flavor out my vajj it felt so good I got so crazier I put lots of then in my vajj And when she moved her tounge around in my vajj the treats would go all around and felt sooo great:)))

AgreatfeelingXD Dec 28 2012 7:02pm FLAG
I think it us normal at least your dog enjoys it I never forced my dog to do it. It was just natural. My dog did every thing to humping me, licking my vajj, sucking my tits. It's just so enjoyable ;)

I like it ;) Dec 28 2012 8:13pm FLAG
I think that u shouldn't put peanut butter cuz it's really messy. I prefer using like some dog food and hide it in ur vajj and let her find it

Anonymous Dec 28 2012 8:16pm FLAG
I agree ^ you should play a game with her just take 1 treat and shove it wayyy up your vajj and she if she could find it :)))

Anonymous Dec 28 2012 8:18pm FLAG
I did this before its amazing she licks me so much and hard & nibbles a little with her hot nice tongue

anon Jan 05 2013 9:32pm FLAG
i do it to it feels soo good, and it gets me wet!!

awesomer than chris Jan 06 2013 1:32pm FLAG
I am so wet just reading it all.

Josefa Jan 08 2013 1:07pm FLAG
I'm so wet!!!

Cute girl Jan 11 2013 4:40pm FLAG
I am a doctor that could help you send me a video and I can give you advice please excuse the email it's a personal email from 20sum years ago

xdoctorx Jan 12 2013 1:36am FLAG

? Jan 15 2013 12:57pm FLAG

i Jan 16 2013 10:49pm FLAG
U are all sick!

me Jan 22 2013 11:13pm FLAG
I wish I had a dog I'm getting so wet from reading this. If I had a dog I would let him lick my p*ssy everyday

Wet by reading this Jan 27 2013 10:04am FLAG
if i let my dog inside of me will i lose my viginity nd will it hurt?? am

Anonymous Jan 28 2013 7:05pm FLAG
It is not beastiality if your dog goes at ther and sniffing huh?think it...

Hey... Jan 30 2013 11:17am FLAG
Stfu! I love when my dog licks my vagina! Even better... I don't hav to put peanut butter on it! I can do it to y'all to!

Yum Feb 02 2013 12:23pm FLAG
My dog sucked my tits too! I'm only !

Yum Feb 02 2013 12:24pm FLAG
I am and my dog licks me

kate Feb 04 2013 6:58pm FLAG
I've been letting my dogs lick my balls and c*ck and ass my whole life. Its amazing. Love reading all ur experiences

stroker Feb 08 2013 1:42pm FLAG
well im only but i have something to say for everyone who is saying this is rong.......U GUYS ARE THE ONES WHO EVEN LOOKED UP THIS WEBSITE SO IF U CALL US SICK THEN UR JUST AS SICK

sexy-jade Feb 08 2013 8:18pm FLAG
really who agrees with me on this?

sexy-jade Feb 08 2013 8:20pm FLAG
whenever i get my dog will lick the "juices" off my of hand, he'll lick it entirely. so it's not that he doesn't like that, but he wont actually lick me out :( any advice?

asdfghjkl;' Feb 10 2013 11:46am FLAG
i have a brown pit lab mix and she always licks me -turning -and she has been doing this since i was 8.over this time she put two and two together and started to get excited when the pants came off.

sexy-jade Feb 10 2013 2:34pm FLAG
I think its ok and hot as, my dog licks my when ever he wants and I suck him off too he loves it and I do it when ever hes in heat. Me and my friend french kiss all together n it makes us wet

Mariee Feb 13 2013 8:19pm FLAG
Sick c*nts!

me Feb 18 2013 5:06pm FLAG
This is hot ;)

Anonymous Feb 19 2013 1:19pm FLAG
Any girls with kik I whould love to see this kik me at zach22lyon pleas

Anonymous Feb 24 2013 7:38pm FLAG

Y PEOPLE R SICK Feb 24 2013 10:33pm FLAG
sexy-jade u r AWSOME wud love to know you!!! email me at littlegurl469@yahoo

lilheather Feb 27 2013 2:42am FLAG
I'd love too let my dad's dog to lick me out, I'd be screaming ' me'

Dffghh Feb 28 2013 11:21am FLAG
I want to do this in a wierd way... i don't have a dog though....

Millie Mar 01 2013 5:10pm FLAG
Hello I'm an Italian with a mental disability. Are there any animals on this site. I love sticking d*cks up my jerk. Call my phone at 905 891 8476. I also have a 2 inch pecker and look like Mario

Justin faggio Mar 06 2013 1:04pm FLAG
i get peanut butter and i rub it all over my vagina but mainly on my cl*toris. i put the put the peanut butter in reaall deep so her tounge will go in deeper. then i call her in and she starts to lick so hard and fast. then she gets deeper and deeper and i start to moan and groan. i make the absolute sexiest noises. i cum and orgasm so many times. then when im done with the licking i tell her to lay down. i get on top of her and i hump her SOO hard and fast and i get the best orgasm. it feel sooo great and amazing i love it. i start to throw my head back and thrust and buck my hips. orgasm are so nicee. im so right now.

i love to get eaten out by my dog Mar 17 2013 3:03pm FLAG
Guys, its called beastiality and alot of people do it. No you can't get pregnant and dog tounges are alot cleaner than ours, you do realise they clean their own privates too right? Its normal to let your dog lick you out or even do you so don't worry.

Justtakemyadvice Mar 21 2013 4:13am FLAG
yall some NASTY MOTHER F'ERS!!!!!

Anonymous Mar 21 2013 10:42am FLAG
confused22, i cant relate to you, but anybody who knows anything about sex is that it is supposed to feel amazing, but the best way i can put it is this: humans have sex with humans and dogs have sex with dogs. i really hope you can find the will to stop. i have a dog too, and she means the world to me. animals were just not meant for this. i think you can do it. im only thir**** and ive steered clear of most every sexual thing ive seen. hope this helped. :)

puppylover Mar 22 2013 9:03am FLAG

your mom Mar 22 2013 8:58pm FLAG
Actually to all you people that actually put peanutbuter down there so the dog can lick you if you keep puting it there just so it will lick you time after time it is animal abuse and you can go to jail and you cant say i wouldnt under stand if i never felt it cuz i did once and i was so ashamed cuz i knew that only sick er do that

sick f****** Mar 29 2013 12:25pm FLAG
This is ing dirt bags that should have their animals taken away . I think this kind of stuff is illegal actually . STOP IT NOW THIS IS SO GROSs

Mad Person Mar 30 2013 8:10am FLAG
WHAT..............THE..........ED UP WHAT THE HELL WTH WTH????? Y DO U PPL DO THIS

DISGUSTED BY U PPL Apr 01 2013 1:18pm FLAG

WTH Apr 01 2013 1:19pm FLAG
um the ppl who are taking this all out on her its not her fault even know i do think that it is discusting you people do not need to take it all out on the internet

Taco Apr 01 2013 1:21pm FLAG

MAD Apr 01 2013 1:28pm FLAG
You need d*mn dildo or something! Ew

emo.princess Apr 03 2013 1:34pm FLAG
First to anyone hating On them OUT.

death777 Apr 03 2013 6:35pm FLAG

Farcy donut Apr 04 2013 5:20pm FLAG
I lie back on the settee and flip my legs right back and my 2 dogs are licking my ass and balls wile im tossing off and they even lick up all the cum, its ammmaaazzzzziiinnnng feeling wile wanking, 2 tongues all over it :)

scott Apr 05 2013 5:01pm FLAG
My dog licks me out all of the time,he loves it,it feels so ing good.

poo Apr 07 2013 10:46am FLAG
how do i do it?

sexy-humper Apr 07 2013 10:12pm FLAG
i gt a 9 inch c*ck that u can use

who wana have sex wit meh! Apr 07 2013 10:15pm FLAG
There is nothing wrong with doing this, its not hurting you or da dog(as long as your not making it lick you).... plz don't hate you probs haven't tried it... it may sound gross but my dog is REALLY CLEAN so are most dogs... plus i dont even have to put food down there he just comes up to mee and starts licking guilty to say it feels goooood!!!! AND haters if you think its sooo bad how did you come across this (you would have had to type somthing in ... why would i get a bf when i could have a dog NO strings attached ......... YOU HATERS WORRY BOUT YOUR OWN LIFE !!!!!

YOLO Apr 08 2013 7:33pm FLAG
you sed it YOLO

lil heather Apr 09 2013 6:28am FLAG
No there is nothing wrong about doing this at all I think this is a good thing to do if it makes u feel good and u like leting a dog lick u than go for it and if u don't know any guys or girls u have to do something that makes u feel good and if u are very u have to do something to get yourself off with I'm a boy and I don't know any girls so I let my dog lick peanut butter off my d*ck just remember not to get caught doing this by your family I got caught by my dad one time it was really embarrassing GOOD LUCK TO u all on here

advice boy Apr 13 2013 11:58am FLAG

It feels amazing. I first do this and then use an electric toothbrush. For those of you who think its gross plenty of people have already spoken for you so why not keep it to yourself? It doesn't really make a difference what you think. I wouldn't recommend putting any kind of food down there or have actual sex with your dog. Both of those things are truly gross.

camille Apr 17 2013 4:46pm FLAG
Put video

Anonymous Apr 17 2013 7:23pm FLAG
just ing stop

retard Apr 24 2013 8:20pm FLAG
i dont thinkits wrong,do what you want.

ROCKY RIVIVAL! (im achick btw._ Apr 27 2013 8:04pm FLAG
That's terrible. I haven't tried my DOG licking me out, the same dog I raised and sleeps in bed with me. I have a boyfriend who eats me out, try that instead.

Miranda May 01 2013 11:35am FLAG
My dog is dumb as a rock.... Pull my pants down and it searches my pockets... -.-

Master kanobi May 01 2013 6:35pm FLAG
I love to be licked out by my big Labrador, and doesn't just do it if I don't have any peanut butter down there which sucks, but he still always makes me orgasm everytime! I have never had sex with him but I think I'm going go soon! but I always jerk him off!

dogs are the best! May 03 2013 8:54pm FLAG
Your ing weirdo

Anonymous May 05 2013 5:52am FLAG
I typed in why my dog is licking me so much when he's sick and find this. You're all really messed up. This is bestiality, which is illegal. I want to throw up reading this

DOS May 09 2013 1:59am FLAG
^ My name was supposed to be disgusted but it t sent it in before I could fix it

Disgusted May 09 2013 2:00am FLAG
I let many dogs lick me its an amzing feeling, super great orgasam, they like the smell, taste of my juice!

Super mom May 09 2013 7:21pm FLAG
@littlegirl email me im

hannah May 12 2013 5:41pm FLAG
I tried it one time and it was like heaven. My dog even made me squirt!! I'm getting wet right now just thinking about it

Hot and wet May 13 2013 8:55am FLAG
My Labrador with lick me till im about to orgasm then he will go away for a few minutes then come back. I've tried putting peanut butter down there but as soon as I'm about to orgasm he goes away. Can someon help me? Any advise?

Troubled May 15 2013 6:11am FLAG
Go see a head doc people

leelee May 16 2013 6:14pm FLAG
@Troubled Try just finishing with your fingers, or an electric toothbrush. Showerheads also work.

Tris May 22 2013 4:03pm FLAG
Weird ass s

BigC*ck32 May 22 2013 7:30pm FLAG
as any u girls had a pee and the dog licked as u was doing it love for someone tell me how it felt

wannac May 24 2013 8:40am FLAG
Omg gazes alday

Anonymous May 26 2013 7:16pm FLAG
I'm and have been getting licked out be my dog since I was 10. It is amazing and feels soooo good , he gives me brilliant orgasms . We haven't ed properly yet , but I want to when I get older ,I do suck and jerk him off though and he loves it . Wedo it pretty much every few days , whenever my parents are at work . I've never used food , he just drinks my cum and pee. If anyone is thinking about doing this then you definately should ,and if you want to know anything else , my kik is randomer98 . Hope you dirty bitches have fun . ;) xxx

May 29 2013 6:40am FLAG
Lay down in the bathtub and turn the fosset on with the water pouring on your vagina, it feel amazing. I do it for about an hour everyday

A girl May 29 2013 4:22pm FLAG
I let my dog lick me all the time, and I use peanut butter too! I totally gotcha.

Anonymous May 30 2013 1:51pm FLAG
I like to lay down on my back and open my legs, and my dog comes running to me. I don't even have to put any food down there. He'll lick until I tell him no more. I can hit so many orgasms. I'm up for showing any one that has a kik.(;

Meee69 May 30 2013 2:14pm FLAG
Meee69, my kik is randomer98 if you wanna chat , would love too talk to you . ;) x

MEHARDER May 30 2013 2:36pm FLAG
Hey I'm a girl and I was wondering if anyone could email me anything about this-

Anonymous Jun 01 2013 10:00am FLAG
Please ignore the above posts with the kik on them it was a sick joke by somebody I know

ihateeverybody Jun 02 2013 1:04am FLAG
I am and I have rotweiler and I let him lick me out. I feel soo goood. And I do suck and jerk him off his penis. I wante something else, maybe I wante let him go inside me but I am affraid lost my virgin. Maybe let him do it? Maybe let him go inside my ass? Girls mail me

Christina Jun 03 2013 1:44pm FLAG
I'm , i have a small little puppy and he's so cute. He always comes for my ass and gets in the crack and licks forever, it feels amazing.

Love it Jun 03 2013 5:09pm FLAG
I used to let my dog do it too, when i was young. Usually you grow out of it, i still fantasize about it but haven't done it in years. I'm sure most of you will grow out of it as well. A dogs mouth has just as much bacteria as a humans no more no less- myth busters proved it. The peanut butter thing is kind of odd-- i mean if they dont want to do it on their own i'd consider that abuse. And it really is disgusting i was young and innocent i didn't even know what im doing.. seems kids grow up fast these days

anonymous Jun 06 2013 5:19pm FLAG
I got with the guy that has a 8inche d*ck and his tong is just magnificent, I. Have a Scottish terrier and he licks me every day he nibbles on me. Get a yoghurt and a syringe and shove it deep in ur bitch waiting for u

bitch Jun 08 2013 9:43pm FLAG
Call me 0747586396 I'm available I'm a girl. And can't to c ur d*ck

Horny bitch Jun 08 2013 9:47pm FLAG
I just let this dog im dog sitting lick me. hes a little chihuahua, i was just sitting and he started sniffing there and so i pulled my shorts to the side and he tried to lick it. so i got peanut butter and let him lap at my cl*t while i rubbed it so he wouldnt stop. I really liked it i feel so ashamed but it felt so good. i orgasmed so hard. Im , i've never done anything like this but im alone and i do masturbate every so often. I feel so sick because of this but im pretty kinky ;p. i dont think ill ever do this again.... Anyone want to talk? my emails Hit me up ! I love to roleplay !!

OhImSoKinky Jun 09 2013 1:20pm FLAG
I sucked my dogs d*ck & Also I licked his butte hole. Out mmm good & he ate me out (((; Wtf is wrong with u ppl Go to CHURCH

JanetMonseyhe3rd Jun 10 2013 7:33pm FLAG
Guys & girls if I eat you out will you eat me out ? Imm Kinky As'f I let my dog do me to it Mmm I love co ck. ((: Adds me on facebook pearl cazares :*

Pearl cazares Jun 10 2013 7:35pm FLAG
Guys is it bad if my DAD & BROTHER ate me out ? & ed me. Without condom :'o I'm on

Elizabeth crotch Jun 10 2013 7:38pm FLAG
Ohlm got Skype

Anonymous Jun 10 2013 8:02pm FLAG
Yes it is bad if you don't want it it's rape

Anonymous Jun 10 2013 8:06pm FLAG
You people are disgusting

Nasty ass Jun 11 2013 9:59pm FLAG
Btw it's not animal abuse. The dogs CHOOSE to do this. Animal abuse is where your force animal to do things they don't want to do or are not find of. Say your dog didn't like it and you forced him to do it. That's animal abuse. I do this all the time. Actually I did it just last night. After I orgasm it starts to burn a little bit but feels AMAZING! It's like he knows when I'm about to orgasm. Right when I'm about to orgasm he licks right at my hole. And he push and hard as he can. He a 65lb. basset hound purebred. He loves to do this to me. He could go all night. He's never mounted me. He's tried to mount my legs before but I always push I'm off.

Kenz Jun 12 2013 12:27am FLAG
This page getsbme get md wet i wish i had a dog xc

marisol Jun 15 2013 11:39pm FLAG
anyone wants to lick me i read this comments nd i rub myself nd i get i wish i had a dog xc

jenny Jun 15 2013 11:40pm FLAG
Well if you are sweaty the dog will just lick you it sounds gross but it is amazing! Or just natural fluids will work!

Bitch Jun 19 2013 6:12pm FLAG
i will lick you jenny and i have a dog if youd like to try that

me Jun 21 2013 10:35pm FLAG
All of yall out there that say its nasty well u r 2 cause u r on this sight so I dnt know where ur coming from P.S invite me on bbm 25DE4D

Jun 22 2013 11:49am FLAG
You guys are sick in help that is not normal

Anonymous Jun 24 2013 1:48am FLAG


Anonymous Jun 26 2013 10:23am FLAG
Omg that

Wishing Jun 27 2013 12:57pm FLAG
Hot hot hot wish i had a make dog now

Wishing Jun 27 2013 12:58pm FLAG
I dont got a dog but i read this stuff nd makes me. Me to start gettinq wet i rub nd make an orgam it feels good try it

no one Jun 27 2013 11:53pm FLAG
i find it funny how most of the people who commented there names have to do with justin bieber XD but i do it all the time its not cruel..

your mom Jun 28 2013 4:42pm FLAG
your all seriously screwed up and need help

? Jun 29 2013 5:41pm FLAG
Wat are some ways to make ur p or d feel good >.<

sjjhhh Jun 30 2013 2:52pm FLAG
Send me some vids at

Michele Jun 30 2013 8:10pm FLAG
Boys don't fuk your dog especially up the ass. And your all right it feels so good. I'm . And in SA. Invite me 279E09EC

sexyB!tch Jul 01 2013 4:28am FLAG
kik me about this 9: tlll me your stories!! im using a vibrator right now and i love to get off to this :)

puppyhumpmemore Jul 02 2013 11:12pm FLAG
My dog does it to me all the time right when I get out the shower and it feels amazing but I don't want to get a infection and I want him to me?

Pigleeetttt Jul 03 2013 9:03pm FLAG
Kick me ; Esa_Marisol

hello Jul 03 2013 10:36pm FLAG
Im and its amazing all tho i have nvr let him do me. Should i?

thatgirll Jul 04 2013 11:59am FLAG
Is it really that sick? I'm a boy n dont think its cruel to the dog if u dont force it. I found dogs want t lick and fuk. Since i was my female dog would lick me all the time. She was forceful, she'd llift her tail ick and lick, sometimes gently chew on my knob. She'd push me to get at my ass and lick and lick at my ass. when sh ewas in heat, she'd n back up to me begging to be fuked. i finally did her, or she did me. it was hard to get in, but once in she pushed back humping me. it was great i came in her.

LuvMyFurryLuvers Jul 05 2013 6:21am FLAG
Hey thatgirl, only you can decide that one. I bet yer hapy to have discuvrd his velvet tongue. idk, i think him licking you is fine, dogs love licking. I love licking. ...and he'd likely love to do ya, but you may get scratched or hurt and he'd fill you with his stuff - could be dirty

Anonymous Jul 05 2013 7:39am FLAG
i let my dog do it to me sometimes but i feel really guilty and bad but she loves it, i've always made her stop when i was about to orgasm though. her tongue kinda burns the inside of my vagina.

i need a boyfriend. Jul 05 2013 7:54am FLAG
I dont have a dog ;/ all i do is rub im a girl I have a bf am virgen he been wanting to eat me out but am scared am by the way

hello ~.~ Jul 05 2013 11:16pm FLAG
SO many grammar errors!!!

Anon Jul 07 2013 9:00pm FLAG
Don't let your boyfriend eat you out. He isn't going marry you. Trust me. I just got out of a long serious relationship. He told me he wanted to marry me and have kids and support me. LIES. ALL LIES. Broke Up with me as few days before our anniversary.

all alone Jul 08 2013 7:22pm FLAG
I am only to

all alone Jul 08 2013 7:23pm FLAG

Me Jul 09 2013 11:22am FLAG
My dog licks me all the time, it feels so good when his hot dog tongue is in me

The person who is me Jul 10 2013 12:06am FLAG
Its awesome when a cat does it havent done it in awhile though anyone who wants to send pics or videos kik me- angel eevil. I would love to see it

annoymous Jul 10 2013 11:47pm FLAG

Jg Jul 12 2013 3:07am FLAG
where do you live. I would love to cum and watch you being licked by your dog anyway I think you must be very sexy and to want to do that. I love the sensation of my fish trying to nibble my anus and c*ck.

bigc*ck 20009 Jul 12 2013 3:17pm FLAG
I'm waiting for u to answer

bigc*ck 20009 Jul 12 2013 3:20pm FLAG
i get vaseline and rub it on cl*t but today i tested the electric tooth brush put it on it feels great inside

faffs Jul 14 2013 3:17am FLAG
Skip any food products 'down there" silly. Your dog will spend plenty of time making you deliver the juices he really loves.

Maryes Jul 14 2013 7:49am FLAG
Oh god my dogs eating me right now

udontknowme Jul 16 2013 11:47am FLAG
I let my dog lick me out... All I did was make myself cum then stuck near her face and as soon as I knew she liked the taste I moved my finger to closer to my vagina and Athens she started to lick me out... Now all I have to do is open my legs:)

Poop Jul 16 2013 5:08pm FLAG
I want a dog so friggin bad 2 eat me out!!!!!!! I really dont think its animal crulity or nasty or anything because if the dog wants to than y not itz gona feel good!!!! Ugh i wish i had a dog

Ally Jul 16 2013 11:08pm FLAG
My dog licks me because i only unbutton my pants but tomorrow im gunna pull my pants panties down and im gunna let him lick me he doesnt like pb but my gilr dog does so we gunna have a threesome tommorrow my girl dog gunna lick my boobs she gets my boy dog just wags his tail and gets hard i feel like sucking his d*ck im gunna do this in my backyard under that table i get wet and my boy dog goes faster

LesbianGirl Jul 16 2013 11:27pm FLAG
U know what I also do it. It feels soooooo great. Agh doing it right now

me Jul 17 2013 7:51am FLAG
It's all fun and games untill he thinks it's a ban strip and bites it. How are you supposed to explain that to your doctor?

Ratchet Jul 17 2013 10:41am FLAG

Ratchet Jul 17 2013 10:44am FLAG
I licked my dog. I don't care what other people say

I love dogs Jul 18 2013 9:40am FLAG
My dog is a bosten terrior

I love dogs Jul 18 2013 9:42am FLAG
Can some whon talk to me

I love dogs Jul 18 2013 9:47am FLAG
Omg you are so right its goey texture

I love dogs Jul 18 2013 9:50am FLAG
You sick people, leave your dogs out of your ed up sex lives

Freelancer Washington Jul 22 2013 12:30am FLAG
ed* and please learn to a spell

Freelancer Washington Jul 22 2013 12:33am FLAG
I did this earlier xx

MyDogLicksMeOut Jul 22 2013 12:45pm FLAG
My dog always licks my legs when i come out of the shower she loves licking for some odd reason anyone elses dog likes to lick alot?

LolGirlLol Jul 22 2013 2:15pm FLAG
I am a girl. I masterbate occasionally, but not as much as I used to. When I do, I lay down in the bath tub and let the faucet run into my vagina. It feels so good, but after I climax or whatever, I no longer seem . I want to be able to masterbate for awhile, how can I? and is it normal for me to only be able to masterbate for so long?

anon Jul 22 2013 4:51pm FLAG

Anonymous Jul 24 2013 11:51am FLAG
anon shut up

LolGirlLol Jul 24 2013 1:01pm FLAG
if any of you have kik i would love to see it so please add me my username is: mcnox

mcnox Jul 26 2013 4:20am FLAG
Hay I live in Oklahoma and would love to let your dog oh and boys only

Sexy Bitch Jul 26 2013 10:45am FLAG
I live and Harrah Oklahoma and would live to have your dog only if your in Oklahoma around Harrah text if you want me to do that for you my number is (509)72330 oh and I'm a girl boys ages - 19

Dog / Human Lover Jul 26 2013 10:52am FLAG
Love to have sex with your male dog I will also give you a blow job and if you would like you could lick my I'm right there πŸ”Ί

Dog / Human Love Jul 26 2013 10:55am FLAG
i live in massachusetts would like to add girl's to my yahoo that as a dog and let him do thing to you and i am in to girl's with a dog never been with any girl that as a dog i am not putting any info on here i will come on here to see if any one want to add me i will find a way to gave you my info

massachusetts guy Jul 26 2013 11:18am FLAG
Any body

Dog / Human Lover Jul 26 2013 11:44am FLAG
girls only and from massachusetts

massachusetts guy Jul 26 2013 11:49am FLAG
are you a girl Dog/Human Lover

massachusetts guy Jul 26 2013 11:51am FLAG

Dog / Human Lover Jul 26 2013 12:01pm FLAG
ok you have yahoo

massachusetts guy Jul 26 2013 12:02pm FLAG
No gmail

Dog / Human Lover Jul 26 2013 12:04pm FLAG
gmail is part of yahoo do you have a webcam

massachusetts guy Jul 26 2013 12:31pm FLAG
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Dog / Human Lover Jul 28 2013 12:56am FLAG

I AM AMAZED Jul 28 2013 9:31pm FLAG
Get off this place if u don't agree

Dog / Human Lover Jul 29 2013 10:20am FLAG
i let my female dog lick me all the time. it feels SOOOOOOO good! she only licks for a short time though :( i live in atlanta georgia im a girl anyone wants to do me reply!

KinkyMaddie<3 Jul 30 2013 10:35am FLAG
If you live near Harrah Oklahoma text me I'm a girl and my number is (509)72330 if you own a male dog I'll let you watch him have sex with me or I can be your sex slave the sex slave is ages I'm a girl who wants fun

Dog / Human Lover Jul 30 2013 2:50pm FLAG
Dog / Human Lover i gave the Harrah Oklahoma police your number and sent them the link to this site thay will be calling you or going to your house

cop Jul 31 2013 3:02pm FLAG
That is my number but my friend was playing my phone I had no clue what she was doing I will make sure to tell her to stop and I'm am so not her friend anymore but I'm so scared because I just got it back and it was on this please don't get on to me

ScaredGirl Jul 31 2013 11:30pm FLAG
Anyone on this site do not text my number it is the (509) # that was my friend so pleas don't text it

ScaredGirl Jul 31 2013 11:36pm FLAG
Oh and cop plz tell them my resin for this terriffying thing that just happed to me I had no idea what she was thinking

ScaredGirl Jul 31 2013 11:38pm FLAG
I'm never letting anyone play my phone a gain and I'm am restricting this site from my phone

ScaredGirl Jul 31 2013 11:41pm FLAG
look how this girl lie's saying she is from oklahoma and i check her phone number and her number is out of Davenport, WA not oklahoma

cop Aug 01 2013 3:32am FLAG
I do that too!!! And the water thing under the nosel!! Both of them feel soo good

Anonymous Aug 01 2013 8:12pm FLAG
My dog wont do it to me he has liked me before but now every time I put his fave treat on me vajj he uses his paw to pull it off :(

iwishmydogwouldlikeme Aug 02 2013 9:44am FLAG
HEYYY! im sooooo someone DO ME! i live in ATLANTA! plz respond. im a girl and i will blow and do any guys yrs old. i will let you watch me let my dog eat me out!

KinkyMaddie<3 Aug 03 2013 6:42pm FLAG
*sooooo *

KinkyMaddie<3 Aug 03 2013 6:42pm FLAG
watever wont let me say it. rhymes with lorny starts with h

KinkyMaddie<3 Aug 03 2013 6:43pm FLAG
Just let my dog eat me out. He loved it.. I didn't have to put anything down there either, I just got him In my room shut the door, and pulled down my pants, spread open my legs and he started licking me.. His warm tongue felt so good.. He even licked my butthole a little bit.. He gets really into it too! I love it! I don't think there's anything wrong with it.. Just keep it to yourself and no one will know! It's not like your dog can talk! Lol

kynze Aug 05 2013 1:27pm FLAG
I want a dog to lick me out while someone's watching but I don't have privacy or a male dog

Someone Aug 05 2013 2:07pm FLAG
This is totally sick.

That one girl Aug 06 2013 12:45am FLAG
I caught my two daughters doing this with the family dogs. They convinced me to let the third dog lick me.It was awesome and we now do it together. Hubby sometimes watches and it turns him on. I do feel guilty though.

Satisfied Aug 06 2013 5:28am FLAG
I let my dog lick me for the longest time it felt so good instill it died and then we got a new dog and now every time I try to let it lick me because I let him hump me he won't it makes me mad what should I try to put on it I'm allergic to peanut butter

Lesly Aug 07 2013 11:45am FLAG
mail pics to

kim Aug 07 2013 4:17pm FLAG
I wanna try this but my 4 dogs are outside and not aloud inside MAN I WANNA TRY SOOOO BADLY any ideas any1?

Random Aug 08 2013 12:54pm FLAG
I'm and from nz Wellington and girls?

and keen Aug 09 2013 3:08am FLAG
I let my dog lick me out and i had amazing orgasms the he put his d i ck in my vagi na and he humped me. It felt amazing and i had more and more orgasms. I dont think its wroung unless u force it.

ed by a dog:) Aug 09 2013 9:14am FLAG
I tried this and it felt ok but my dogs tongue was too rough so it kinda hurt my labia and/or scratched it? Any ideas to help it not do that? I probably could orgasm by doing it but my dog licks up all the juices before I'm able to orgasm, and once it's licked up, it's too dry and it hurts.

Anonymous Aug 10 2013 2:54am FLAG
XxSmileyzxX add me kik

Anonymous Aug 12 2013 1:30am FLAG
Sick s!!!

jesus... Aug 13 2013 3:46pm FLAG
Reading this is actually making my stomach turn...u are all wrong in the head!!! U all need counselling.get a grip!!

jesus Aug 13 2013 3:48pm FLAG
Listen to me bet all you people out there r ****ages that have not been laid and probably noone wants to so please dont leave it down to the poor inocint creatures. Poor little dogies bet if ya mum n dad walked in on you they would send you away to the ward for sick and disturbing cause that is what you r nothing but a waste of life you sick indivials you will for your sins be punished and burn in hell while the dogs you abuseed on your face. Evil people evil world you r rotten souls with a life fall of nothingness

the end Aug 13 2013 3:53pm FLAG
Please all just stop it leave it alone poor little dogs never done any harm to you so stop

please stop Aug 13 2013 3:55pm FLAG
i wish i had a lol

hornu guy Aug 13 2013 8:41pm FLAG
I did it and I'm a guy butt I feel so guilty

Noone Aug 18 2013 12:36am FLAG
I wish i had a male dog to sniff me there and lick me and pleasure me and make me open my legs wide, i want to be woken up like that everyday and i want him to put his hot dog penis inside my wet me hard

babe Aug 19 2013 1:51pm FLAG
I understand yall are young and want to "explore" your sexualities, but they're has to be something in your minds that says that this is wrong. You will look back on that one day and regret it. Where are all yalls parents? Dogs are meant to be pets not "lovers". This has to be some form of animal cruelty. Lord please bless these children and help them make the right decisions. Please guide them Lord. Let them see the light and realize the errors of their ways. Amen.

concerned parent Aug 19 2013 6:10pm FLAG
Shut up @concernedparent I bet u 20 dollars that if you were single youdve be doing this daily and even if ur grosser out try it first ok? Don't judge a book by its cover

Anonymous Aug 20 2013 9:50pm FLAG
Hey guys plz answer What if ur a virgin and u want to stick ur finger in ur c*nt but wont it hurt

Anonymous Aug 20 2013 9:52pm FLAG
Me: *sees brother in laptop* was up!? Brother: Aaahuscaredmewtfiswrongwithu?!?! Me:what? *sees screen on laptop* WTF R U DOING?!?!

trolololo Aug 20 2013 9:58pm FLAG

trolololo Aug 20 2013 10:00pm FLAG
I'm and was ment to be a dad but my little girl sadly passed away. Now just thinking of what you do to your pets creeps me out. What if your Parents found out? In my opinion I would rather my daughter have that done by a boyfriend than a dog.

Was a dad :'( Aug 21 2013 6:26am FLAG
Ur all fags

Thisguy Aug 22 2013 2:42pm FLAG
I'm and I watch *** while my dog licks my feels perfect and I suck his d*ck mmmm

Anonymous Aug 24 2013 5:49pm FLAG
I'm completely fine with girls or guys doing this. Although 2 years ago I had a friend who did this and put peanut butter on her vag and the dog bite her... She has to have surgery to fix the damage and the dog had to be put becareful dogs are animals and don't understand that they have to be gentle

Nicole x Aug 25 2013 11:24am FLAG
I tried to get my dog to lick me but he wouldn't i even put peanut butter on my cl*t still didn't do it.. I want to tire it badly. But just by reading this makes me wet. Kik me @kayla_luv I wanna hear your stories and watch video of this happening. Please kik me

I really wanna tire but he won't do it Aug 28 2013 10:56pm FLAG
this is a bit sick but im still trying it cant find a guy

maryheart3 Aug 31 2013 9:00pm FLAG
* I *

maryheart3 Aug 31 2013 9:01pm FLAG
Hey! Am a girl and I let my female dog eat me out! It feels so amazing and honestly, as long as you don't force the dog it's fine. I'd love to talk to other girls who do it too so kik me itsSophiaxx :)

Sophia Sep 01 2013 2:46am FLAG
Sometimes, when I'm home alone with my male dog, I'll get down on my my mouth wide...and tell him what a good dog he is as I pet him on the back. :)

I prefer humans Sep 04 2013 9:29am FLAG
If anyone has an follow alli @ hottie75:$ ask me dirty questions and ill send you some too;)

Alli Sep 04 2013 2:11pm FLAG
Please ask me questions on You won't regret it. My profile pic is sexy and i am only thir**** and live in michigan. Be dirty to me;P Its alli @hottie75

Alli Sep 04 2013 2:22pm FLAG
Girls ed by dogs, guys getting bl*wj*bs by calfs.. feels soo good having that big tongue wrapped around your c*ck.

Anonymous Sep 04 2013 10:11pm FLAG is horrible!! I was definitely searching something normal and this came up. You all need help. You're going to have big regrets one day. Poor animals! :(

scared Sep 07 2013 10:57pm FLAG
I'm a guy and I've done this before and I love it! It feels amazing, and the dog loves it too. Anybody can message me on kik. I'd love to share experiences. My idea is yourDominant

yourDominant on kik Sep 09 2013 6:16am FLAG
Listen sweetie, ignore those rude comments. I'm four****, and after a stressed day, I come home, and strip and play with myself a little. Dogs are mpt forced to do ANYTHING. Dogs can smell that you, their loving master, desire sex, to mate. They'll happily , you put off the same scent as a bitch in heat, and your dog loves that smell. He licks your c*nt to get a taste, but eventually he'll want to mate with you. Once he does this, he has claimed you. I would know.. he knots in you, and he owns you. Be careful about petting male dogs, or females. He'll get jealous and literally rape you. He wants you to know you are HIS.

Anonymous Sep 09 2013 4:53pm FLAG
ilove all you nasties,, i would do anything too see ....frustrated in utah

slc b Sep 13 2013 12:55pm FLAG
This is ers and this should be reported! that's what men and women are for not dogs you ignorant d*ck heads . This really turnt my stomach I have a dog and I would never do that to her .

YALL ARE NASTY Sep 19 2013 6:28pm FLAG
all u haters shut the f#*% up YOU ARE ON THIS SITE TOO! how did you get here? HUH? yeah. thought so.

kinkymaddie<3 Sep 21 2013 4:09pm FLAG
any girl wants to have some fun... and trade kinky pics on KIK ... add me: elfstoner is my kik

Horny Elf Sep 22 2013 3:14am FLAG
I would love to see some pics of a dog licking . Elfstoner is my kik ! :D

Horny Elf Sep 22 2013 3:15am FLAG
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The is wrong with you people? there is such a thing as Zoophilia

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Anonymous Feb 03 2014 7:56pm FLAG
Oh gosh.... I was trying to google why my dog keeps licking herself because she is sick and accidentally stumbled upon this. Somehow, I seriously doubt as many of you as say you do actually would allow your beloved pet to do this. It's disgusting. That isn't what animals are for. Go find a nice boy or girl or whatever you're into and experience some legitimate sexual pleasure with someone who can enjoy it. I also hope you realize that if you use food, it is abuse, and beastiality of any kind is completely illegal most places, and you could, and perhaps should, go to jail for this.

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Okay, my point of view is that if you are a single woman, it is completely natural to want that special feeling, and if your dog is willing to lick you out or ride you, what's the problem? My male white shepherd looooves to ride me, and it is the most amazing feeling. Tons of you posted comments about how disgusting we are, but how did you find this website? And you had to have read a few of these, so it would be great if you all could stop acting like preachers, considering that you MUST have looked up something sexual that relates to this situation. (P.S. when I started letting my dog lick me out, I told myself that if I found someone, I would stop, but until then, me AND my dog are enjoying each other.) (P.P.S. sucking slut dripping wet and others like you, this column is for ADVICE, not prostitution rings.)

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Is this for real or people taken the piss. This must be classed as pet abuse.

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Anonymous Apr 08 2014 3:55pm FLAG
was that your step dad and how old are you

Anonymous Apr 13 2014 1:54pm FLAG
I think it's disgraceful that you people are actually allowed to pass on your genetic material

Arn Apr 16 2014 9:27am FLAG
Well all of you saying that it's animal abuse it's not animal abuse if the animal likes it

Randomperson101 Apr 17 2014 6:53pm FLAG
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jbPhOnwKou Apr 19 2014 12:57am FLAG
Don't do it! It isn't worth it... you're going to make your own decisions anyway.. but in the Bible it is a sin and it says that you can destroy your life over it... Just take it as one last voice as saying you can start over a new life.. this is not a healthy obsession for anyone.

End it! Apr 19 2014 1:16am FLAG
Its not abuse the dog loves in the girl loves it wats the prob dont knock it till u try it

Anonymous Apr 22 2014 1:33am FLAG
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It's called beastiality it's wrong on all levels stop it now..quit being a pervert.

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Hi guys I want my dog to lick my vajina but I don't know if it will cause any infections so what do I do?

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Anonymous May 02 2014 11:20am FLAG
The Bible says, β€œDo not have sexual relations with an animal and defile yourself with it. A woman must not present herself to an animal to have sexual relations with it; that is a perversion." So don't do it.

BestialityIsASin May 08 2014 1:41pm FLAG
I did that once a long time ago and i still feel like a horrible person it was on accident to but i still feel horrible so those of you that do it on purpose you all deserve to be beaten and im gunna laugh when one day that animal bites you

Anonymous May 11 2014 10:33pm FLAG
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The Bible also says that eating shrimp and pork is considered sinful.... So get out.

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Anonymous Jun 06 2014 6:53pm FLAG
cant you get sick from that?

dawn Jun 06 2014 7:33pm FLAG
Hi dawn no you can't get sick from this are you thinking about trying to do this

anonymous Jun 21 2014 9:42pm FLAG
Wow the internet is messed up. Google about a clingy dog, end up here... Wtf...

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mwah Oct 26 1:04pm FLAG
What in the ing hell is wrong with you people? Don't knock it until you try it? That's what you tell someone who doesn't like Brussels sprouts... the motherers are abusing your pets for you own sick pleasure? What, do you guys masturbate babies too? Because I can only imagine you're the most you. You guys are but Jesus Christ, find someone to eat you out on Tinder or Craigslist.

Disgusted Oct 26 6:38pm FLAG
What, I can't curse? That's the only way I can articulate my feelings for something so vile... this website is awful.

Disgustedx2 Oct 26 6:39pm FLAG
I used to know a girl whose boxer licked her out and she didn't have to use peanut butter or anything. The dog done it on his own. The first time she said that she almost made him stop but then it felt too good. After that she always let him keep going. One time she let me watch. That was the only time that she ever had anything to do with me sexually probably because the dog had her so turned on. So I started to masturbate in a chair while she was on the floor with the dog licking her out. She didn't say anything which I took as a good sign. After a while she started to act like she was having multiple orgasms out of control. From the floor she started reaching at me and opening and closing her fingers like she wanted me for something. When I got out of the chair and moved close she grabbed my penis and pulled me at her face. So I sat on her chest but with most of my weight on my knees that were under her armpits. That was when she started to suck my penis. I was facing her and couldn't see the dog anymore but he must've been busy and I could hear his licks and she was rolling her eyes back. She was so turned on that I was turned on and didn't last very long but she wanted me to keep my penis in her mouth. So after her dog had finished and gone to his water bowl I was hard again. This time I masturbated while she licked my testicles. When I was ready to ejaculate again she let me put it in her mouth again. After that it was like nothing happened. She never brought up what we done so I never tried to talk about it either. We were still friends and done stuff together like bowling and stuff but she had a boyfriend. That was probably why she never let the dog do anything to her in front of me again. She still talked about the dog licking her out and that her boyfriend would always get mad and leave but she never talked about what we done. I think that she wanted her boyfriend to do what I done but he didn't so she let me do it one time. That's my only explanation. She probably never had that experience before and I'm glad that I could help her have it. I wonder if she ever got anyone else to do the same thing.

Mr. Bean Oct 27 3:26am FLAG
YA'LL NEED JESUS. This actually kind of depressing. I'd feel so bad having my dog do this to me, even if she enjoyed it. And I also have a boyfriend to do this with. If you really want to orgasm, take a pillow, blow dry one spot for about minute so it's hot, then jump it while fingering yourself. if you want to wear a bathing suit bottom over you and the pillow for better orgasms. Also, try using a shower head or putting your vag under the faucet in the shower. This was you can easily adjust the force, temperature, speed, and motion for a more pleasurable orgasm. if you want to let your dog eat you out, my only suggestion is don't actually your dog....... please..... XD

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Anonymous Feb 14 1:15am FLAG
Can't u go to jail for that

Anonymous Feb 14 1:16am FLAG
Y'all can do that nasty stuff in your own time but don't spread the word about how great it it cuz that's sick. I ain't ever gonna do that I actually searched up beagle puppies, HOW DID THIS EVER COME UP!?

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