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how to convince(Mom) for sex???urgent plz rply frnds...

The Problem: i am 18yr old and my mom is42.we are family of 4 my elder brother and father...we are in India(tamilnadu)...and my mom is traditional she had never talked to me about sex... i am vry much on mother...still i had nver experienced sex with anyone,she should be first...she is very strict and scolds me even if i didn't wear shirt she dont want to me to be in bare body.... so suggest some idea to enjoy sex with her,i can't ask straightly to her she will chase me out of home....but i wanna ???

Asked by: rafiq at 02:24:42 PM, Monday, November 08, 2010 PST FLAG


Thats Fu**en Wrong!! U idiots!

wat the hell!! Nov 11 2010 9:44pm FLAG

I had pass this condition and I succeed. I want to advice you that watch her in the night and when she will in the sexy mood then show your body and hard thing to him. You will success my brother.. Goodluck.

Madarchod Nov 14 2010 5:06am FLAG
i cant find her in mee..

rafiq Nov 14 2010 4:33pm FLAG
Rape Her..

..... Nov 15 2010 10:06am FLAG
You first have to sleep wit her for 4 to 5 days.then the sixth day just put your hand over her belly and then slowly began to reach the tits and then leave it there till she notices tat . When she notices tat you have to press her boob and when she sees you pretend to be asleep.then she wil know tat u want to have her.then you have to touch her ass wit your penis so tat she wil touch it.then if she turns put your head between her boobs. She will know tat you have to want her seriously.the most important thing is tat you should try it when nobody is at home.

Jacky Nov 23 2010 2:10am FLAG
You first have to sleep wit her for 4 to 5 days.then the sixth day just put your hand over her belly and then slowly began to reach the tits and then leave it there till she notices tat . When she notices tat you have to press her boob and when she sees you pretend to be asleep.then she wil know tat u want to have her.then you have to touch her ass wit your penis so tat she wil touch it.then if she turns put your head between her boobs. She will know tat you have to want her seriously.the most important thing is tat you should try it when nobody is at home.

Jacky Nov 23 2010 2:11am FLAG
Let her see a little of your hard tool at a time and if she doesn't say anything keep showing a little more. She will finally make a play for you to have sex with her.

sexymother Dec 19 2010 9:51pm FLAG
madarchod randi kkk,,,, tra baap sa puch sla randowa ki aod,,,, ghassar kkk bhn k lora tra bapp btaoga ksa ma chodni hhhh...

sarkar Dec 26 2010 2:07am FLAG
how can i ask my aunt if she wants a foot massage or full body? can u ask your aunt on advise on what i should do or if any of u are an aunt and have a nephew can u help me out

love feet Jan 01 2011 8:43am FLAG
Rape her and say her to dont tel others .she will not tell surly

Anonymous Jan 02 2011 6:12am FLAG
See dis iz d solution..when ur bathin tab teri ma ko towel lane ko bol..aur teri lauda khada kar de jab ma vo lagich chaku se kaat dalegi lavde,ma ko chodega?chal bhaag kutte.

Lavda Jan 21 2011 12:43am FLAG
apni ma ko bol ki tu use dekh ke muuth marta hai, aur bol ki tu is adat ko chodna chahta hai, wo tujhe advice degi,

gaurav Mar 24 2011 10:59pm FLAG
am also in ur situation. Mail me in am frm kerala

robert Apr 13 2011 2:35am FLAG
if you show you lung to your mom at big definatly she excite to see your lund

mom er........ May 12 2011 7:16am FLAG
how to find mom weak point to have sex... I too belong to same INDIA...the above what he told fit my mom too... she is also traditional and don like SEX... can anyone help

XXX May 27 2011 12:05am FLAG
how to find mom weak point to have sex... I too belong to same INDIA...the above what he told fit my mom too... she is also traditional and don like SEX... can anyone help

XXX May 27 2011 1:20am FLAG
Email me advise pls to

Scott Jun 02 2011 10:16pm FLAG
Uk at the end

Scott Jun 02 2011 10:16pm FLAG
just watch her when she removes her dress for a dress change and just kiss on her lips n boobs and it happens

ram Jul 06 2011 7:35am FLAG
you jerk why dont you die before thinking this if you are a real son of your mother just die somewhere

your father Jul 08 2011 3:06am FLAG
see quietly what have

muhammad aslam Jul 14 2011 2:51am FLAG
i have a aunty in neibhour of my house, i want to sex with her so plz give tips for it..

Rishav Jul 16 2011 10:08am FLAG
i want to make my mom eat my sperm, and suck my c*ck evry tym i want, but how can i convince her?

motherer Aug 21 2011 12:49am FLAG
just mix sleeping pills in the coffee or juice let it drink after go her

momer Sep 09 2011 4:10am FLAG
even mujhe bhi maa ke sath sex karna bahot acha lagta hai. mera contact no, 9762659997 and mail id

harish Oct 02 2011 10:41am FLAG
Massage her it relly works

Mohit Oct 19 2011 11:06am FLAG
chinal ke chudirbal apna lavda khada kar ke rakh jab bap tere maa ko chodega tab bap ko laat marna maa ko ghapa ghap chodna mast lovada rat bhar chodna

shubh Jan 01 2012 8:44am FLAG
apne laude ko tel lagaa wo v saande ka khub saara tel. Kuch din maalish kar jisse lund lumba hoga aur fir apni gand khud mar le kyunki tere jaise madarchod ko koi ladki nai milegi. Dub marna chahiye tjhe.

NANA PATEKAR. Jan 02 2012 6:42am FLAG
patty kunna polayadi moneeee

malayali Jan 30 2012 10:43am FLAG
ask her if she is having pain in her feet,& unke pairon ko dabao,while doing that slowly move your hands upward in order to touch her assets.

mom son incest Feb 02 2012 9:59am FLAG
I didn't my mom litterally but I hv touched her ass,breast ,&vagina for many times.I always give massage on her legs,back &buttocks.& she doesn't mind.but she doesn't always permit me to massage her vaginal depends upon her mood.

mom lover Feb 02 2012 10:05am FLAG

1 Feb 18 2012 4:43pm FLAG

-1' Feb 18 2012 4:43pm FLAG
even i have the same problem..

motherer Feb 21 2012 1:22am FLAG
i too from kerala ......want to make love to my mom....still trying....

sam Feb 21 2012 6:48am FLAG
i also want to my mom.....i want to suck her vagina....plz give some tips bcoz she is traditional and dnt like such things..

ak Feb 24 2012 9:25am FLAG
i also wan hve sex wid my mom .... she is mature n sexy i love to suck boobs n her ass but how ... plz suggest me wht to do

lavdo Mar 06 2012 12:39pm FLAG
dont think like this friend

Anonymous Mar 07 2012 10:37am FLAG
just change ur mentility and find any paygirl...u stupid

hiteshi Mar 11 2012 1:59am FLAG
first be favourite of her then do wat she told u to work then whn no other is that home then sleep with her slowly slowly start like putting leg on her n hand on her boob and try feel her wat u did n how big is ur lund by touching ur lund on her ass alternatively Ats all then see wat she n sexy mom...!!!!

sandeep Mar 17 2012 9:12pm FLAG
what do you do if she is totally against this stuff?

Mike Apr 07 2012 5:35pm FLAG
Hey guys ! I did it ! =] . On the first when she is using a laptop try to look at his face and look in her body . Then she will ask "what is your problem ? " Then say that " your sexy mom , can we just have sex ? " .

=] Apr 08 2012 6:40pm FLAG

anonymous Apr 18 2012 11:56am FLAG
How do i ask my mom to have sex? Im nervous so please give advice! Im for my mom!

Justin Apr 28 2012 2:30pm FLAG
just tell her that u r in a love with her body . If she accept then f**k off and if she refuse then, ra*e her off , and tell her not say to any one .

zidan Apr 29 2012 12:58am FLAG
just dont think about it ek gaste ko paise de kar uske mar lo

james May 18 2012 11:42pm FLAG
Give her deep sleep pill & fuch her. She also doesnot know that you ed her.

Tera dost Jun 04 2012 3:34pm FLAG
How can i have sex with my mom if im a girl

slug Jun 07 2012 7:38am FLAG
How can i have sex with my mom if im a girl

slug Jun 07 2012 1:04pm FLAG
put a cucumber in ur and then put it in her mouth

slug's dad Jun 09 2012 10:37pm FLAG
Rape hr

Zykus Jun 13 2012 2:38am FLAG
plunge ur d*ck into her ass while sleepin

tariq Jun 16 2012 9:37am FLAG

Ass kicker Jun 18 2012 11:24pm FLAG

SLUG Jun 23 2012 4:52am FLAG

MOTHER ER Jul 01 2012 2:39am FLAG
i am a nephew so how i seduce my aunt for sex i m and she is 29 she is indian and dont drink

sexy aunt Jul 03 2012 6:16am FLAG
plz giv me some advice

sexy aunt Jul 03 2012 6:17am FLAG
Oooo god save them from hell fire!! Jul 16 2012 10:40am FLAG
Are yar me ab tak virgin hu aur muze sex experiance lena he koi ladki ya aunty interested he to mail kare sab sicret rahega m frm maharashtra

Lover boy Jul 18 2012 10:01pm FLAG
pls any mom can give any ideal??

mom Jul 20 2012 6:14am FLAG
her hard

Anonymous Jul 27 2012 3:00am FLAG
stupid asses

Anonymous Aug 10 2012 8:18pm FLAG
Sale kute teri!

Sajid mujtaba khan Aug 26 2012 9:33am FLAG
Wen she iz sleepng u also slp besde her and heck her

mom* Aug 28 2012 7:18am FLAG
im 8

takota Sep 09 2012 1:21pm FLAG
did it!!! thanks guts

TAKOTA Sep 10 2012 8:18am FLAG
i mean guys

TAKOTA Sep 10 2012 8:19am FLAG
Hump your mom

Jj Sep 19 2012 8:21am FLAG
Bring out your d*ck and try to put your moms hand on it

Jj Sep 19 2012 8:22am FLAG
i used to sleep with her for 2 months,then 1 day i put my hand over her belly and then slowly began to reach the tits and then leave it there till she notices tat . When she notices, pressed her boob slowly.after sum time touch her ass wit my hard penis as said by jacky, after doing the same for 3 days ,nxt morng my maa asked me about my intention very politely---that was my dreams comes true,i pointed my intention straightly.that morng my maa/mom let me play with her soft boobs.& "THE NIGHT" was fullllfillllling my fantasy about my maa, nowadays maa's boobs/dudu pressing has become a regular workout for my fist but sex is weekly manner-----many many thanks to jacky for his unique idea, i m + now ,u can share ur experiences with good luck

dan prosen Sep 19 2012 5:01pm FLAG
congrats dan!!

old er Sep 28 2012 11:55pm FLAG
wen i was 20 n my mom was 45..i took a brk frm studies n used to stay at home with my mom all day ..n dad used to cm late night. i did smthing like this: 1. started talking a lot wid her n thus a warm frndshp grew between us. 2. i told her that she look tired n offered her foot massage one day n she acceped. (dude women really like massage!!) 3. started talking little bit abt sex while massaging. 4. in 2 weeks it was an all body massage (except genitals) ;) 5. in 3 weeks i was only massaging near her genitals n talking abt sex for almost hours.. 6. on a grt day wen my hands were inside her sari massaging her thighs i asked her drop panty for better massage n surprisingly she did it with closed eyes n didnt bothered to pull her sari down to cover her (i call divine palace). 7. as soon i saw her uncovered vagina..i was gone out of mind.I started talking off my pants n i guess she figured it out but still waited with closed eyes.. 8. then left for your imagination :)

old er Sep 29 2012 12:12am FLAG
Meri maa ki koon lega,wo mujay nahi deti

sajid mujtaba khan Oct 06 2012 10:23am FLAG
I cummed inside my mother and She shat ony mout and I shoved it down my ass and then I drank her period and I asked her to fist my jerk

Jammiaamia Oct 07 2012 12:10am FLAG
Me and my dad had a threesome with my mum I sucked him off and ate his

Brodie Oct 07 2012 12:11am FLAG
Plz I'm and my mom is 41 she's giving me signs of wanting to heck like rubbing her ass against my hard boner than the next day nothing I've slept with her a couple times and she always changes infront of me she is a light sleeper and she is divorced I would totally love to stick my 7.5 inch c*ck in every hole she has and then cum all over her and eat her out please give me some advice I really need it PLEASE

MomF**KER Oct 08 2012 5:55pm FLAG

Duejhdh Oct 09 2012 10:26pm FLAG

df Oct 19 2012 9:28am FLAG
im 9 my moms 40 and she shares no sign of intrest of sex she seams so far to be a at first easy sleeper then later hard sleeper my dads not home much but i know tons about sex and i need advice and are stairs are squeky and i nned to out stay up longer then my family so i need sex tips and tricks on staying up later

james Oct 21 2012 3:50pm FLAG

TOM JANE Oct 23 2012 2:21pm FLAG
Mom ke samne kabhi kabhi jangiya pahenke najar me ao. Matlab uske samne nahi jana he par jab vo room me dakal ho to use dikana chahiye. Fir kabhi kabin jab wo room me aaye tab jagiya pahen rahe ho wese dikana chhiye.dhayn rahe is vakt d*ck bada na ho. Fir kabi bada dik dikao or dusari bato sex ke alave par hasi majak karo or in bich unke boob ko 6u ne ki kosis kar jese ki tv deka raheho to unke kandho par apn sir rakho or dhire dhire unke boob ke pass lejakar rakho phir dabao phir kapde parse hi boob ko chuso ab mom puri tarah tayar ho cukihe apne beteke sath sex karneke liye ab dost anand de apni mom ko or khud anand utha par dhayan rahe mom sexy ho tohi is tarika apnana.

guru Oct 23 2012 8:48pm FLAG
This response was flagged for inappropriate or offensive content.

Anonymous Oct 25 2012 9:05pm FLAG
comment above this one email ill tell you

lucas Oct 27 2012 10:03am FLAG
wat the guys horrible conversation.>>>

tanuj Nov 01 2012 5:19am FLAG

vv Nov 01 2012 5:20am FLAG
my penis is vry hungry fr having sex >>>>

sunny Nov 01 2012 5:21am FLAG
my mas stuborn and she doesnt seem intrested in hecking each other and she told me about sex and im really ive tryed every thing please people help me i really really wanna enjoy hecking my mom

peter Nov 02 2012 6:54pm FLAG
mines just like petes up there ^

pym Nov 03 2012 2:32pm FLAG
my mom is 42 yrs how to convice her to sex

zenb Nov 05 2012 11:43pm FLAG
Well I have heck my mom and it feelt so good I just had a shower and walk out in front of we and ask a question a drop my undies she jump on my c*ck so fast I then got her to stand up and I touch her boobs and now we every two day

Jk Nov 09 2012 8:32pm FLAG

RAM Nov 11 2012 10:47pm FLAG
please guys i need tips bad i cant get sex off my mind i wanna make love with my mom and get her to @heck me i wanna lick her @tang i wanna breast her i want it all

kenny Nov 12 2012 12:52pm FLAG
i wanna her

kenny Nov 12 2012 12:53pm FLAG
hey when u sleep with u r.just keep u r hand in her billy and give kiss to her neck which will make u r mom mood full and do what ever thin u want ...ply is must .if it dosent work i will give another idea

ras Nov 13 2012 5:45am FLAG
I am , my girlfriend is not open to sex at this stage and while we are together i dont think she ever will be. Should i leave her

fhuc Nov 17 2012 3:04am FLAG
Go to hell wow you guys are sick!

Old er Nov 18 2012 7:15pm FLAG
jab mai saal ka tha..meri mom mujhe roj gaal pe kiss karti thi. achanak kuch dino se maine mammi ko lips pe kiss karne ko bolne laga par wo nahi manti. ek din hum dono akele english movie dekh rahe they. dekhte dekhte achanak kissing scene shuru ho gaya jo ki kareeb 5 minute tak chalta raha. uske turrant baad maine mummy ke hoton ki taraf apna hoto ko badaya aur mummy ne jhapat ke unko choosna chalu kar diya. kai minute hone par hum ek dusre se alag hue. baad me mummy ne bola ki "kisi ko agar aaj ki baat batayi to jaan se maar dungi" :)

gumnaam Nov 23 2012 12:19pm FLAG
Take a knife and cut your d*ck

Grandfather Nov 25 2012 9:20am FLAG
How i my mom when she asleep

Anynomous Dec 04 2012 8:21am FLAG
What kind of sleepin pills good for letting a mother sleep

Anynömous Dec 04 2012 8:23am FLAG
bund marao mother chod

bapu Dec 13 2012 10:26am FLAG
mare mom 32 sal ki ha or m 22 sal ga mujh mare mom boht pasand k or m aun ko chodna chata ho but boht koshish krta ho kr nhi pata 2 sal phla jab m mom k sat sota tha to rat ma mujh jb sex increase hota tha to mom mara sat hoti the or mom ki gand mara lund k samna hoti the or m apna lund mom ki gand m chepka data tha asa kai bar kya but mom na chanse nhi deya is k elawa m na mom ki bobs or chud pa bhe hat lagaya ha kafi bar but mom na kuch response nhi deya or jb subha autha tab kise ko bataya bhe nhi yar mujh koi medison batao jis sa m apna mom ko khela ka aun ko chodo plz advice

Anonymous Dec 25 2012 11:38am FLAG
ise trha m na apni sis ko bhe kya aus ka bobs ko khub chosa masla jb vo so rahi the but koi positive responc nhi,mel raha kya kto gys plz advise

Anonymous Dec 25 2012 11:41am FLAG
mre mom bhut sexy ha m na aun ki chuy kafi bar dakhi ha or nanga bhe kafi bar dakha ha jb vo nahati ha tab aunho na mara ak malik makan sa bhi chodwaya ha 2 sal phla ab mujh boht shok chara ha aun ko m chodna chata ho vo boht sxy ha but m kya kro kasa an ko convience kro mujh koi batay

Anonymous Dec 25 2012 11:46am FLAG
I an 19 and my mom is 47 how do i get her to have sex with me i want to badly

bigdawg Dec 28 2012 3:53am FLAG
...just sleep with her...when shes asleep try to press her boop slowly... When she doesnt noticed it...try to squeeze her breast. And uncover her bra ...just try to touch her boop and like the nipples.... Bring her hand and put on u r c*ck... Suck her breast until she pains

Anonymous Dec 29 2012 11:52am FLAG
U sucked her nips wen u were born isn't that enough

True man Jan 01 2013 1:35am FLAG
How do i convince my mm to kiss w/out her getting mad?

Anonymous Jan 03 2013 6:17pm FLAG
I m and my mom is 50, but still looks good. I don't know how 2 get her to kiss and maybe more. what do i do?

Anonymous Jan 15 2013 6:17pm FLAG
im and my mom is 40......she has sexy boobs(yes i hav seen them) how do i get her to sleep wit me

momf**ker Feb 09 2013 8:27am FLAG
how do i get my mom 2 kiss and stuff?

Anonymous Feb 09 2013 9:44am FLAG
first u must confess your love to ur mom then see how she react. if negative then accept it. nothing gonna happen if u dont tell her

anna Feb 14 2013 12:11pm FLAG

Anonymous Feb 23 2013 9:31am FLAG
ami amar make chudte cheysilam, kintu parini. Chudte chai boltei amake boka dilo. Ami maje maje amar ammur dud tipi tokhon kisu bolena, ami ammuke kibabe chudbo? Please, tips dio.

Anonymous Feb 23 2013 9:36am FLAG
Looks like lots of people have incestuous feelings. First of this is wrong. The guy who posted the question is only 18 years old. Trust me it is only natural to have such feelings towards the women in the house, especially in a conservative society in India. Don't act on it. Keep yourself occupied with something else. These are fantasies and some people live with it and others make the mistake of committing to it. The latter is wrong. will get over it with age. Just don't harbor such thoughts.

Grace Feb 28 2013 6:31am FLAG
These people are animals, why your mum, upon all the population of girls, we are realy at end time.

Churchhill Mar 11 2013 4:18am FLAG
My aunt when she takes a bath she walks around the house ***** she does that everytime she takes a bath and she doesn't close the door while aunt always advice us about sex but I want her so bad.

JohnGraig Mar 13 2013 9:13am FLAG
motherchod!!itna randa pehle bar dekha jo apna ma ko hi chod na chahta hai@@

Nishant Mar 13 2013 8:22pm FLAG
sale agar tujhe apne maa ke bareme koi feelings nehi aati hay to yahan kya karne aya tha?apne opinion apne pashi rakh

mamma's boy Mar 15 2013 1:17pm FLAG
I want suck mom breast. She is divorced at 25 age. Now Age 55. Very religious indian mom. I ask to suck breast. She refuse & dont talk to me...... Now days she normaly talking 2 me....but dont allow touch her boob.. How seduce my mom?????

iii Mar 16 2013 12:06pm FLAG
Wo jab kitchen room pe khadi hoti,piche se jao aur apna lund ko uski gaand me press kar ke boobs ko dabao.

Sumit Mar 20 2013 1:30am FLAG
i wan to have sex with my mom, i have seen her *****, she is o-sum, i have also sniffed her panty to make me satisfied, but cant stop it, i have also shown my d*ck to her,but she only smiles when i show it to her.WHAT TO DO PLIZ GIVE ME ADVICE, IM ONLY AND SHE IS 42,I also cant r*pe her because of l^w

asli marde Mar 21 2013 11:16pm FLAG
U need to tell her ur gonna take a nap then when she comes to wake u *****.... If she wants the D then well....SHE WANTS THE D otherwise grab her and strip her *****...get her stoned by forcing her to smoke weed...then play the most favorite type of music she likes (ex smooth jizz) Start by caressing her toes or even armpits She will start suckin ur penis and if she doesn't...FORCE HER THEN UR SET 4 life If all else fails.....RAPE!!!!!! ;P (If u won't...gimme her # I will) 8=D~ Or the NORMAL thing to do is get a IN GIRLFRIEND

GrandmasDestroyer69 Mar 30 2013 12:16pm FLAG
Ur a tool

Hammer Mar 30 2013 12:18pm FLAG
Ur a fruit

Vegetable Mar 30 2013 12:18pm FLAG
I have the same problem!!! HELP!!! Plz I want my mom sooooooo badly I'm willing to pay her too. Plz any1 email me at

Amit Mar 30 2013 12:20pm FLAG
Mere abba aur maa ground flr me sote the,aur main 1st flr pe sota tha taki raat var tv dekh sakun, par ek din may maa ko change karte huye dekh liya-to maa ne mujhe dhamkake bahar kar diya,ushi raat mere man huya maa ko chodneka,to mai ne agle dopahar clg nehi gaya,aur intezar karta raha kab maa nahake bathroom se nikle,to jab maa ne fir change karne gaya to maine maa se apne man ke i6chaon ke bareme bataya to maa ne mujhe firse dhamkake baahar kar diya or mujhe totally refuse kiya,to maine unse kaha ki'may abba se a66a chodunga,agar tumhe a66a nehi laga to bapas fir kabhi nehi poochoonga',par maa ne is baar vi refuse kiya or mujhe dhamkake vaga diya,par 1 din raat ko jab mere abba tv dekhne k liye 1st flr pe gaye to maane mujhse unke saat ground flr pe sone ko kaha,to maine bataya ki agar aap mujhe chodne doge to hi tumhare saath sounga,warna nehi,to maa ne kuch nahi bola or baje sone chale gaye.maine baje tv program khatam hone ke baad maa ke saath sone gaya ,or dekha ki maa to so gayi hay,to maine vi unke paas so gaya,thori der baad maa jag uthi or mujhe bole ki mayne itna der kyun kiya,to mayne baataya ki apne mujhe inkaar kar diya na isliye ,to maa ne bataya ki mayne kab inkar kiya,par 1hi baar chance milega,agar a66a nehi kar paye to fir kavi mat poochna…..sach kahraha hoon doston usraat main sari taakat de kar choda tha, maa ko impress karne ke liye, par aadha ghante baad maa ne mujhe so jaane ko kaha, to mayne socha ki sayad meri kousis me kami raha gayi our maa ko a66a nehi laga……par uske agle din jab main 10 baje sone se jaaga to maa ne mujhe kaha,kI aapne abaa se kahana ki abse upar hi sooye….tab se main maa ke saath hi sota hoon aur…………………

mamma's boy Apr 02 2013 7:25am FLAG

fkyrmomslugnbusty Apr 23 2013 4:17am FLAG
Ya all going to HeLL

Anonymous Apr 25 2013 9:30am FLAG
Ask her to show you her vagina it works like gold

Kk Apr 28 2013 11:10am FLAG
you are khassi.

tera baap May 03 2013 11:28pm FLAG
pahla apne ma ko kaho ki unki bp ha ye batsota time kahna pir unka hat apna land par rak dana phir bo man jaigi meri ma to pat gai tum ma sa kisi ko chodna ha to meri ma ka cel par phone karna ma chitor rajasthan ma rahta hu

900 May 05 2013 10:09am FLAG
First of all create a friendly relation with ur mom . Then say that u are loving a girl . She is very sexy . But she dont understand my needs. She speaks to me rarely. Like that. Create a situation that u both are alone in your home . Show her the pictures in your laptop or cell and hear music with a same ear phone . This is to make her come closer . Touch her hips act unknowingly. That scratch your leg with her leg. And say sorry. See how she react. If see does not take it as an issue then thumbs up. Then say your are lazy and make her sleep at afternoons. Make sure you are only at home. In the gap close all the windows and doors. When she falls asleep , you too sleep near her. Slowly put your leg on her hip and make her saree moved. You should put a blanked while doing this. Then see her reaction. If she turns your side that means she wants sex. Slowly put your hands on her hip and rub it. You should do it slowly. Dont hurry. Put your hand on her neck. Then slowly move your hand to the breast. Remove her jacket and bra . Do very slowly. Then press her boob. And play with her nipples. Put your hear on her breast and rub it make her wet . Now time to vagina. Remove her saree. Then slowly move your hand to her vagina. Make sure it is wet . Then masturbate. Now put your penis and fore play. After all tell her to keep it secret. Hope i helped you.. Enjoy

helper May 06 2013 8:02am FLAG
cal me now 2

Anonymous May 07 2013 8:29am FLAG
aj meri ma ki chud ma mana apna land dala bo chilai or boli tera dosto ko kal ghar bula na

Anonymous May 07 2013 8:35am FLAG
hey im and my stepmother is 38...any suggestion on how making me her favourite child...cause i got many brothers...and also sisters...

LuvG97 May 12 2013 6:22am FLAG
raat ke samay apne maa k pass sone ki koushis karo,jab wo so jaaye har roz thora thora karke unke boobs ko dabao,tab tak dabana jobtak unhe ye pata chale ki tum unki boobs ko daba rahe ho,aur agar wo thori hile to apne haat ko unke boobs par hi rakh dena-taki wo tumhari haat ko apne boobs se hataye,aisehi har roz karna ,3-4 din baad unko ie use to ho jayega aur dekhna sote waqt wo bra nehi pahanenge,uske baad raat ko sote waqt apne blouse k ek buttons bhi khula rakhkhenge----jis din dekhoge ki wo button khula rakhkha hay us din samajh lena tumhara raat hay,par agar tum usdin baki buttons nehi khul paye to wo naraz ho jayengi aur tumhe phirse suru karna parega,to ushi din tum baki buttons khol ke apna fantasy haasil kar sakte ho,button khulte samay wo thori narazgi dikha sakte hain,par unko ignore karna hi bahatar hay kiunki sabhi mahilayen beabru honese pahle thora nakhra karte hain,tumhe wo nakhre ignore karke pressure dena parega,ea pressure manme sex ke vabnao ko jakarne ka zariya hay,aur haan agar koi golmaal hui ya phir tum zyada extited ho jao ,ya fir tumhari maa chillaneki koushis ki to ek baat unse kahana,ki unki boobs pe tumhara adhikar hay,bachpan me tha,abhay aur aage bhi rahega,samjhe?tum agar thorisi risk nehi loge to kuch nehi kar paaoge,chodne ke liye request hi tumhara ekmatra varosha hay ,kiun ki jor deke tum boobs par adhikar haasil kar paaoge par rape karna uchit nehi hay,himmat mat haro ,roz koushis karo,thora diimag larao to tum apne maa ko chod vi paaoge,kiun ki tumhari maa kabhi vi tumhe rape case ke jurm me police k haatho nahi denge aakhir tum unke hi bete ho.aur incest ab india main bohot hi popular ho raha hay,so go ahade,that story was my own life's true story thats why i am so confident,so keep trying and trying

true advisor May 12 2013 3:13pm FLAG
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hey i am also from tamilnadu i have the sameproblem in my mom but i like to watchhere with another man but i dont now whos hot for my mom in my steert and kindly any chennai r tamil guys advicr me and i need to tell u one that i know a girl whom s here own father but only moms r not accepting sons for their sexual needs May 18 2013 7:18am FLAG
ma ko bol ma teri bosi tight hai dele kar du

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Anonymous May 20 2013 5:02am FLAG
I am deep i also want to my mom

Anonymous May 24 2013 2:01am FLAG
My mum is 40 and iam 19 plz give me advice at

arunkumar May 27 2013 8:35pm FLAG
Fools!!!! How can u do dis 2 ur mother????? can't u find a call gal or can't u guys get a gal frnd for urself? DISGUSTING!!!

anonymus77 May 29 2013 2:39am FLAG
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Guys I am and my mom is 40 she has a big boobs and her ass is bigger in size I am from TAMILNADU but I have seen her while taking bath and she often kisses me in cheeks but once I had kissed her lips it was like a litchi fruit please and beg you to give me some tips for doing sex wit her and to suck her boobs and lick her guys

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hey guys i got gold advice, just tell ask her if you can touch her breast, and if she looks at you funny just say it is from puberty,

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give sleeping pills

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rajesh Jun 17 2013 11:16pm FLAG
You are all sick. And those of you who succeeded. Well your mothers must be desparate sluts. Find a girlfriend.

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I touched my mom whole body . When she was deep sleep . But she know I want her . But she is not allowing me to have sex with her. Pls give me advice hw I would convey her fr sex

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Atheist Jun 25 2013 3:45am FLAG
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tera baap Jun 28 2013 8:23am FLAG
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good guy Jul 19 2013 3:06pm FLAG
for lolkiller drug her or get her drunk. you could scare her and make her faint then f**k her.

good guy Jul 19 2013 3:12pm FLAG
Mr luvg97 plz write the story in Tamil

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I hv a step mother of 35 and am 18 i had seen her body wn see changes her dress bt she isd strit i want her she looks lik a clg girl wit big boobs soo plzz giv me idea

Achu Aug 04 2013 11:36am FLAG
Plz write ur stories in English guys.....

ragul Aug 04 2013 8:53pm FLAG
Achu she is just ur step mom so u can directly ask....

ragul Aug 04 2013 8:56pm FLAG
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Im I want my mom ive heard her talking about sex and I sleep with her and dads not at home but granpa n granma .but she thinks im good boy I dont worry abt character but I dont thin wat jacky told wud work . So pleasr give me a advice pls . She is hot . I said jacky plan wudnt work cause I think she wud think I pressed her boob in sleep

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I'm 20 when I tried advice first it worked.i pressed boob.then I told her truth that I want her in badluck she told it to my father so I withdraw.she mow my intention.

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guys sleep with her and slowly pull her legs on to ur legs while doin this grab her in...if she resists kiss her on lips and keep her shut

mother ing son Aug 11 2013 5:57am FLAG
will the sleeping pills work?????will she wake up?????will she remember anything after she wakes up?????

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i am and i want to fk my mom but what will happen if she says no pls help

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hey i have an idea and m successful frm these,, frst buy 3 sleeping pill and mixed her food at night and when she sleep wait for 1 hour after that u can try frst press boobs n then sucks ur mom vagina lightly and slowly thn u see that some water was cumng after that sucks her vagina fastly n wake up her and n when she wake thn u say ur mom that u want her badly and agan sucks her vagina and kiss her and then press her, trust me bro m its my story n m successful of my plan and every day me n my mom have together.

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Kumar9064 Oct 18 2013 8:06am FLAG
how can i have with my mom while sleeping with her she is giving me signs of sex but iii miss all the chances .... how do i have with her.. ??

xxa Oct 20 2013 11:45am FLAG
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xxa Oct 20 2013 11:46am FLAG
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Anonymous Oct 21 2013 10:27am FLAG
arjun... i am not able to tell my feelings to her i am very nervouse ....while giving her massage i touch her half hips .... plzz tell me how to seduce her..plzz

xxa Oct 21 2013 10:35am FLAG
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Koi Lafda to ni hogaa Kyuki mai jab bhi unke sath sone krta hun wo apne boobs hath ya chadar se dhak leti hain

xxa Oct 21 2013 8:01pm FLAG
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xxa Oct 21 2013 8:02pm FLAG
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JyWIreqoMXMmS Oct 25 2013 6:00pm FLAG
Even I also need advice can any one ping me how to execute this please Doing nothing

yesiam Oct 29 2013 3:53am FLAG
ung nanay ko binubusuhan ko

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Manit Nov 23 2013 8:23am FLAG
I'm and like sex with my 58 yr old aunt but i dont think she likes incest ... She lives 1hr car away from me .... I dont know what to do :( pls pls help

Incestlover66 Nov 25 2013 6:54am FLAG
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i wanna have sex with my mom but she is very much religious . she does not likes to have sex . i dont know how to have sex with her . pls anyone tell me.

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Mera beta b muje chodna chahta h.muje b koi btaye usko smjhau ya mai khud sb kuch bhul jau?

Preeti Dec 30 2013 10:36am FLAG
Preeti ji...mail me ur contact mail kar ..mujhe apna contact no mail karna...main aunga or main help karunga aap ko...

satish Dec 30 2013 4:55pm FLAG
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Preeti Dec 31 2013 8:49am FLAG

MAHESH Jan 02 2014 3:53am FLAG

ROHIT Jan 02 2014 4:00am FLAG
Chod de apni mom ko.mai b roj chodta kisi se nhi kahegi.sote time chod.chodna sikhne k liye mom hi theek rehti hai.maine toh unko khub choda h.mere ek dost ne b choda h.dono ne milkar khub chudai ki unki.tmko advice chahiye toh btau??

Debujit Jan 02 2014 10:38am FLAG
Go near her when she is in beds and askher about her brasize then she would laugh and answer to you then you should argue that it is not true it is bigger than you said it then fastly press her brest and say:yes you are correct ! It will work sure

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I hve the same problem... help me mail me

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i want to my mom i am she is 36 and frm kerala wat is away

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Sunita Jan 20 2014 8:16am FLAG

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Apni maa ka boobs dabao wo aruge karegi lekin boobs dabate raho i am sure she will get horney then u can do any thing u want

Anonymous Jan 25 2014 6:57am FLAG
how can I convince to her she will understand me if she reffused me ,what about my relationships ,she will accept me and or pl

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I don't have good relationship with mom how to convence her for se# please help me she is 44 & me 20 does it work......,,

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hey my mom is 36 and i am so pls give me advice how to do sex with her as her boobs are so big. she sometimes also tries to see my penis bt i father scolds me for studying and he is angry one.i hv my small bro what to do pls somebody help me as i wnt to do sex with my mom

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magar payel bhabi mera joint family i cant use this advice , please sugest any other . she is very hot iam unable to controle

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my mom was not interest in this pls give advice

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I am also trying for sex with mom

Anonymous Mar 15 2017 10:48am FLAG
Many many times I am trying to seduce my mom but not get succe

krish Mar 15 2017 10:51am FLAG
I want to my mom but i don't getting chance

Anonymous Apr 17 2017 12:11pm FLAG
I m also press my mom's tits hardly and remove the cloths like bra and drink milk from tits and press the anus then me mom dressed slex

sam May 13 2017 11:41am FLAG
Mai ne APNI mom ki nangi photos click ki hai or jab wo raat ko nind me hoti hai Mai ne unki panty utari hai or vagina ko zor see dabaya hai

gulu dada May 31 2017 3:30am FLAG
I was 18 years old and my mom was 36 . One day my father,me and my mom go to cinema and came late on that night I sleep in outside .on 1o clock am I gother awake I heared some sound from my neighbours house I go and see, my mom was ing together and she also a hot 25 year old lady

conour Oct 22 2017 4:30am FLAG

Anonymous Jan 17 5:40am FLAG
Koi bahan ka bhai hai jo my wife ko apni bahan banaye only delhi and noida

Anonymous Feb 14 9:19pm FLAG
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