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I want to eat out my sister....HELP!

The Problem: Whnever I look at my sister I always imagine me having sex with her she is 19 and I am how can I get her to let me eat her out?

Asked by: Northy at 07:09:00 PM, Monday, January 24, 2011 PST FLAG


First go to to learn how to do it right then wait til she goes to bed really tired, get between her legs, and do it. She will probably dream about her boyfriend/girlfriend doing it to her and cum real good for you.

Nasty Jan 25 2011 6:34am FLAG


LOVE DOCTOR Jan 25 2011 12:59pm FLAG
There are several ways to do this. You could just go at it eating her pu**y out of her live body like sushi. I prefer grilled pu**y steak. Fillet her pubic region, taking care to avoid the bladder, and place the fresh meat directly on the grill. This is easier if you first decapitate her so she won't squeal and squirm around while you remove your prize. Once you have enjoyed the pu**y steak, skin her and butcher the carcas for future dining pleasure.

Hannibal Jan 25 2011 7:53pm FLAG
are, rape kar chhinal par.

xxx Jan 25 2011 9:37pm FLAG
u ing perve im so sick of all dis incest happening u guys have sick minds nd u make me sick

punani Jan 25 2011 9:40pm FLAG
ya i would go to a sigh. then get her drunk make sure ur parents r NOT home. then take off her clothes u will see her tits then her . good luck.

ffgghuyt Jan 26 2011 9:36pm FLAG
ya i would go to a sigh. then get her drunk make sure ur parents r NOT home. then take off her clothes u will see her tits then her . good luck.

ffgghuyt Jan 26 2011 9:36pm FLAG
after you done what he said she gonna be nice n wet so yer dik will slip in easy you might as well her too.

Horny Bro Jan 27 2011 6:19am FLAG
im , give me your number and you can eat me out any day ;)

LesbianChild? Jan 31 2011 5:36am FLAG
You want to eat out your sister? Easy! First strip her of all clothing, then prepare your sister by washing her down with vegetable oil so she won't burn in the oven, then a quick pop in the oven at about 350 degrees, with an hour for every twenty pounds of meat, cover with foil after two thirds of the cooking time to prevent over browning of her skin, and your well set to eat her out! Gutting and stuffing her is optional; but if you decide to go that route, then allow an extra hour of cooking time.

Deedly Dee Dee Jan 31 2011 12:58pm FLAG
If you are cooking her alive, be sure to give her an enema to clean out her intestines and make her pee before she goes in the oven so her waste does not taint her meat. Be nice to her and tie her with her fingers on her twat so she can diddle herself as she cooks. Orgasms improve the flavor of her meat.

Hannibal Jan 31 2011 2:56pm FLAG
i used to lick my sisters between their legs all the time. i loved it. specially sense they were still bald between their legs. i got both of them to let me do it to them by playing truth or dare with them. even got them both to jack me off lots of times.

girl lover Feb 06 2011 6:28pm FLAG
I want to see my yr sister *****. She has big boobs and a big ass. How do i playwith her while sleeping? I showed her *** but she wasnt turned on. I dont want to have sex bt want to see her *****. I hold my penis in my pants in front of her and evn shake it bt she dosent react. Help me guys. . .

Rohan Feb 07 2011 11:29pm FLAG
im and i see my 9 year old sister ***** all the time. we always take showers together. its hot when i make my penis rub against her butt or sometimes i can make it rub on her belly if i pretend like im reaching for the soap.

mike Feb 08 2011 9:15am FLAG
Mike is there any othr way 2 c my sister *****? She has big boobs and she locks bathroom while taking bath. . . How can i show her my penis without knwng her that m doing it intensnaly?

Rohan Feb 08 2011 10:36pm FLAG
thats freaking stupid you better just stop thinking like thaT YOU STUPID RETARD

RANDOM PERSON Feb 25 2011 11:39am FLAG
I want you to have a sexual relationship with your sister!

Dr. Phil Mar 17 2011 5:17pm FLAG
I'm 18 and love it wen my bro walks in I lay ***** on my bed cupping my huge soft tits slowly rubbing my nipples as he parts my legs gently and slides his long tongue up my wet soft c*nt as I moan whilst he massages my tits and gets hard mmm

candy Mar 23 2011 11:34am FLAG
This started by him gettin into my bed with erection and takin me from behind as he gripped my tittys as he ed me balls deep

candy Mar 23 2011 11:36am FLAG
He told me this would be a regular thing n it did until one day I was on all fours as my tittys wobbled as he was taking me anally, when I heard soft groaning n sighs from the hall, along with soft ball slapping sounds, then my father walked in jackin off so hard! He told me I was such a sexy princess as my bro in me harder at that point :)

candy Mar 26 2011 3:18am FLAG
quit being a out

Anonymous Mar 31 2011 10:40am FLAG
i am and my sister is 37 and i licked her while she was sleeping and she woke up when i started fisting her and she sucked my c*ck we played fr aabout six hours in her house and we filled a bottle with my cum, she drank iit then we madeout for a long time

huh yea May 12 2011 7:44pm FLAG
i had started to eat my siister in her sleep n my other t sisters came in, just in thongs...they saw what i was doing and joined in i startedby eating 1 sister but ended up ingall of them. ohn i am my sis i ate out was 23 and the two who walked in were 26 37. the oldest one i still bang (almost everynight) my d*ck is hers

i love dice May 13 2011 7:54pm FLAG
lsbianchild? i will give u my number...i would so enjoy your young ...n he best part isis that itsit an s i will even allow you to blow me also i hope u like it in the butt

i <3 lesbianchild? May 15 2011 6:52pm FLAG
You aren't sick, you're normal, even though in ity. Many have such fantasies and as long as you keep them as fantasies, you don't need to worry. How many of your critics have fantasies of killing Muslims or executing men for having sex with a willing ?

edmund May 19 2011 7:41pm FLAG
lesbianchild? im and would love to meet up and have some fun, we can do what ever u want..... can i have ur # so we can talk;)

lesbianchild:) May 23 2011 6:30pm FLAG
Im 28, I want eat my half sis. She is so pretty and sexy.

Anonymous Jun 10 2011 8:45am FLAG
" I love dice" I really want to meet your sister

Me Jun 21 2011 2:27pm FLAG
Sick ! Disgusting!

me. Jan 31 2012 9:47pm FLAG
I really want to eat out my 19 year old half sisters up and down my face for hours.

no joke Mar 25 2012 6:14pm FLAG
you must not get no females dats why u wanna eat her out wen u could eat out any other female.

urabitch Apr 28 2012 6:12pm FLAG
you must not get no females dats why u wanna eat her out wen u could eat out any other female.

urabitch Apr 28 2012 6:12pm FLAG
im a twelve year old cute girl will some one 69 me please?

precious May 16 2012 7:10pm FLAG
just ask her

Anonymous Jun 06 2012 2:57pm FLAG
Heard of soddam and gammorah?

A Passerby of Poor Souls Jul 10 2012 9:46pm FLAG
Sombody post their # hear qo whe can talk

Female liker Jul 26 2012 10:11pm FLAG
Im the whith a small d*ck any girl still wanna have some fun;)

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Im the whith a small d*ck any girl still wanna have some fun

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BBitwillbefun Aug 09 2012 3:07pm FLAG
My brother walked in the bathroom and was watching me shave my

Anonymous Aug 15 2012 6:25pm FLAG
Get at me for a menu! treats on me ;) (seriously)

bklynboy Aug 17 2012 1:50pm FLAG
Text me @4843753020 **** girls only ;)

Bklynboy Aug 17 2012 1:51pm FLAG
when my sister goes to bed i folow her i wait till she is in a heavy sleep the i start sucking her pu*sy and then i take out my 10" co*k and i but it in once she woke up when in di*k was in her and then she satrted to mon and yell loudly its was ed her befor

hard fu*cer Aug 18 2012 2:18pm FLAG
I wanna eat somone out any takers

a guy Sep 03 2012 11:24pm FLAG
I wont to eat my sister out every night but i do i got her pregnent once i her every night she just blamed it on her bf ;) i have came so close to my sister now she has the beas tits the nice twat and her twat fits nice around my d*ck i play with her cl*t with my toung every night :) i live you sis <3

Sister er Oct 17 2012 2:39pm FLAG
just do it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous Oct 22 2012 6:25pm FLAG
Just do it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

li2d Oct 22 2012 6:26pm FLAG
lesbian child i will eat you out im and here is my number (520)730-8094

tyler Oct 22 2012 7:33pm FLAG
hey girls, im a boy in alberta, any girls wanna get eaten out for hours? email me

Johnny2twoshoes Nov 11 2012 10:37pm FLAG
I want to eat out my sister....HELP! The Problem: Whnever I look at my sister I always imagine me having sex with her she is 19 and I am how can I get her to let me eat her out? Asked by: Northy at 07:09:00 PM, Monday, January 24, 20PST FLAG alrighy Northy... I'm going to take it you have never been with a girl... but seeing its your sister... thats just Gross! You really need to get your own girlfriend. if you cant get one, I'm sorry. but, if you really want to eat your sister.. ask her.. if all fails, then i guess get some rope.. tie her hands to the bed, duct tape her mouth and enjoy.

DaBadAssGirl...Ya'llGuysAreBitches..JusSayin Dec 27 2012 7:56pm FLAG
I am a girl. Im 23. and ALL GUYS ARE GROSS! ugg. I've never had a boyfriend. I'm proud to be a virgin... with all the a.i.d.s. and h.i.v goin around 2 people are infected every hour... not right. #ProudToBe.A.Virgin

DaBadAssGirl...Ya'llGuysAreBitches..JusSayin Dec 27 2012 7:58pm FLAG
Girls add you're number I want to

please Feb 01 2013 4:20am FLAG
Who wants to be eaten out in lives in ga

Random Feb 06 2013 3:49pm FLAG
I have your numbers and im reporting them

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demonslayr45 Jun 09 2013 10:00pm FLAG
Not smart to post numbers on these websites and may God have mercy on all interested in this wicked.

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Anonymous Jul 04 2013 2:37pm FLAG
Im love to eat out any girls live in ottumwa Iowa and looking for a good time ;)

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well if you want to in have sex with her do it you stupid dumb whore

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Alright..what kind of sight is this.

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One day I saw my sister ***** pumping her wet round with a long black vibrating dildo my c*ck became yhard. slow

nasty Aug 18 2013 8:20pm FLAG
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Dominique Nov 07 2013 9:10am FLAG
I really wanna eat my 23 yr old sister shes so thick from the front and the back i always see her in panties and a bra but i see her tits before there huge i really wanna her so bad but dont know how to ask?

sexysister Nov 10 2013 1:23pm FLAG
Wait until midnight when she's in a deep sleep then gently stroke up and down the groove of her bulge making sure to circle around her cl*t area( no direct cl*t contact at this point.....its too full on! Do this for minutes by which time sh

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when I was my sister 18 came got dropped off at home by her friends one night just totally drunk and could barely walk,,,, I helped her to her room she was wearing a skirt,,, when she was passed out I started touching her legs then boobs and pulled her skirt up took her panties off and started to lick her her I just played with her and came on her panties then went to bed she never even knew

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Naughty girl Ashley Mar 09 2015 1:15am FLAG
It is not wrong to want to taste your sisters juices and bring her some pleasure. It could be an enlightening experience for both of you.

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Place the whole of your mouth gently around her labia. gently suck the upper part while working the tip of your tongue above, around and gently over her cl*toris. Do this quickly but deftly. She will respond in a pelvic motion to give you the clues. Savor the sweet-musky juice as her becomes increasing wet. Enjoy my friend.

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Then again, I could be completely full of it and lending misleading advice. Although I would have to wonder about anyone who would take it seriously.

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