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Any Gay Guys Wanna Text Or ?

The Problem: any gays wanna text.. im really ..

Asked by: ladygaga#1fan at 06:02:43 AM, Friday, February 04, 2011 PST FLAG


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Anonymous Feb 04 2011 5:48pm FLAG

. almost ..

Ladygaga#1fan Feb 04 2011 6:16pm FLAG
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J Feb 04 2011 6:38pm FLAG
stfu however yu r! he can b gay if he wnts to!

Lil Chikanita Feb 04 2011 6:44pm FLAG

Lil Chikanita Feb 04 2011 6:45pm FLAG

J Feb 04 2011 6:47pm FLAG
Can can be if he wants! ITS HIS CHOICE! LEAVE HIM ALONE! I think its amazing that he let people know... I'm Bisexual, and just bc im a girl, makes it hot... but if its a guy, its gross... I DONT GET IT! Get over it and leave him alone J... Kthnxbye... oh and ladygaga#1fan... Be whoever u want to be... Dont let anyone make u feel bad about it :)

Jenna Feb 04 2011 8:21pm FLAG

THE ISH Feb 04 2011 8:34pm FLAG
how does tht have ANYTHING to do with wut I just sed...

Jenna Feb 04 2011 8:56pm FLAG
FACT: Homosexuality stems from a mental as well as genetic defect. Therefore gays are mutants

Ispeakthetroof Feb 05 2011 12:21am FLAG
thnx Jenna.... i'm also bisexual && a girl && guys think its hot... but i dnt get it how if guys r... its gross... so i totally agree with yu!

Lil Chikanita Feb 05 2011 6:40am FLAG
It is said that at the time of conception we all start life as a female. The developement of the cl*toris into a penis is dependant on the presense of dihydrotestosterone produced by the testes. In the absence of the SRY gene, of the Y chromosome, a female embryo will develop. The development of the female external genitalia is promoted by the presence of estrogen and other hormones within the maternal system. Sometimes these chromosone and genes get mixed up and a girl is born as a boy and ends up with sexual attraction to girls vica versa for boys. There is nothing wrong with being gay or lesbian. It is a choice of life style not a mutant.

Anonymous Feb 05 2011 7:43am FLAG
i get tired of hearing gay and lesbian people being bashed. most of this B.S. comes from religion beliefs. if the churches would mind their own business about what people did in the privacy of their own homes the world would be a better place to live. that is why do no not believe in religion. to me religion is a form of dictatorship and they tell you what is supposed to believe in and what you are supposed to think is right or wrong and what is a sin or not. kind of like hitler did with with jewish people. yeah yeah i know now a lot of religious people are going to start chimming in. if you dont like gay or lesbian people then get over it. no one is forcing you to date them or watch them have sex. its their choice not yours or anyone else.

Mike Feb 05 2011 7:50am FLAG
Anonymous... If genes and chromosones are getting mixed up then that's not normal. Also you are contradicting yourself if you say homosexuality stems from genetic and chemical mix ups then turn around and call it a life style. A life style is chosen, you don't get genetically screwed and call that a lifestyle. Do you think that down syndrome, another genetic defect, is a lifestyle too? The word is mutation.Something that is not normal is an abnormality. Defying genetically hardwired instincts and that help the human species continue is not normal. And when something abnormal happens genetically that alters how the person will be is called a mutation. Therefore, gays are mutants just like a person with 6 fingers on each hand. And I don't have a problem with gays. I'm just sayin so stop getting worked up

Ispeakthetroof Feb 05 2011 9:52am FLAG
im some cases it is a life style. there are people who are 100 percent strait who find that they cannot relate to women sexually so they turn to guys. lol im not getting worked up

Anonymous Feb 05 2011 10:16am FLAG
this one guy asked 2 have it with gim when we were playing hideandseak what should i do what if he askes me agan

Rochelle Feb 07 2011 8:21pm FLAG
if u wont a baby with him go ahead

Anthony Feb 07 2011 8:23pm FLAG
Rochelle: wat dis this haf to do wif anythinqq???

Lil Chikanita Feb 08 2011 4:28pm FLAG
Psh, im totally straight, but not angry with gays. Usually when i see 2 guys. I think "geee hes hot, i wonder if he's bi?"

CuriousCooki Feb 08 2011 7:14pm FLAG
THERE IS NOTHING WRONG WIV BEIN GAY OR LEZ MY M8S gay and he's a cool dude. Y duz every1 feel like gays/lezes are mutants ???????? >:@

The girl that typed be4 u Feb 13 2011 2:00pm FLAG

Anonymous Apr 21 2011 10:28am FLAG
ILL ? IM A HOT GUY? HERE'S MY #? 199667970

ZAK May 06 2011 7:53pm FLAG
Yur hot guy ooh

Dominique May 26 2011 9:06pm FLAG
I think I'm bi... I don't no yet but I find both male and females sexually attractive. Any girls or guys want to . I'm male 21 from pa. I'll do pics if you'll do pics. Also lookin to meet up for an intimate encounter.

scaredtoadmit Jun 13 2011 10:39pm FLAG
I think I'm bi... I don't no yet but I find both male and females sexually attractive. Any girls or guys want to . I'm male 21 from pa. I'll do pics if you'll do pics. Also lookin to meet up for an intimate encounter.

scaredtoadmit Jun 13 2011 10:40pm FLAG
ill . im . email me first.

Anonymous Jul 17 2011 12:43pm FLAG
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Tman Aug 03 2011 2:51pm FLAG
541-418-2697 im bi male nd 20. very kinky very didirty always willing to swap pics or be ur text slave or watever u wanna do. i got a 7 1/2 c*ck nd willing for watever :) hit me up

that one guy haha Aug 17 2011 2:24am FLAG
text me i am and bi. i am as hell. 4053852234 i will do anything:)

jorden Aug 22 2011 9:24pm FLAG
me gays. I'm new to this stuff and was hoping for someone to show me the ropes... 207-446-955 or I'll do/anything you want guys!

!!! Sep 03 2011 2:50am FLAG
me at

Hotan Sep 19 2011 7:52pm FLAG
any Aussies? Leave your number, i wanna you ALL!

Horny as Oct 04 2011 5:13am FLAG
91942806 is all u need to do to have the best experience of a lifetime!;) phonesex, pics, whatever u want;)

Jeff Nov 07 2011 4:35pm FLAG
Jenna or any others text me or pics. 9-362-24

the guy who wants pics Dec 03 2011 7:32am FLAG
ride me 908 285 1988

andy Dec 29 2011 3:43pm FLAG
Any one wanna

this guy Jan 11 2012 11:26am FLAG
Give me numbers wanna text trade pics

caleb Jan 21 2012 10:05pm FLAG
Im and so ing horney ill but email me first

Random guy Jan 23 2012 7:44pm FLAG
You can text me at 6786468679 but dont me between the hours of 7:00am through 4:45pm

Random guy Jan 23 2012 7:46pm FLAG
Ill .im 18 and . Text 3852019703

Horny guy Jan 30 2012 8:44pm FLAG
txt me 18785 im gay and

ben Feb 07 2012 4:55pm FLAG
im bi me but email me first Tops only

Gee Feb 08 2012 5:18pm FLAG
heeeeeeeeey are you gay then? xx

random robot Feb 11 2012 10:19pm FLAG
text me 709 699 35 ;)

matt Mar 04 2012 2:51pm FLAG
Omgg text me someone. I'm a bottom but if you can talk me into it, I'll ya. Who knows. 87221947

Hornnyyyy Mar 22 2012 2:11pm FLAG
Any one wanna text me im very

Horny Guy Mar 26 2012 1:33pm FLAG
Really want textin buddies ;)

Paulyy Mar 28 2012 11:37am FLAG
any1 interested? :-P

paulyy Mar 28 2012 11:40am FLAG
any1 interested? :-P

paulyy Mar 28 2012 12:08pm FLAG
734-628-2339 I'm 7 nd a half Willin to trade pics

ipreferbottom,420 Apr 09 2012 8:17pm FLAG
I'm , athletic build, abs, pecs, and i really wanna suck a d*ck for the first time ;) Any takers for ?

giveittome Apr 28 2012 8:37am FLAG
910-964-3449 want to bi male ;)

Anonymous Apr 28 2012 8:02pm FLAG
Get at me ;)

The Sexiest Apr 29 2012 2:21pm FLAG
Get at me ;)

The Sexiest Apr 29 2012 2:21pm FLAG
Get at me ;)

The Sexiest Apr 29 2012 2:21pm FLAG
Get at me ;)

The Sexiest Apr 29 2012 2:21pm FLAG
Hi um I love to male gay my number is 2562799902!

gayboy645 May 04 2012 12:15am FLAG
Phone sex here 60932000

Anonymous May 17 2012 6:33pm FLAG
I'll answer my phone masturbating

Anonymous May 17 2012 6:45pm FLAG

TRAVIS CODY SMITH May 24 2012 2:33pm FLAG
If any guy wants to feel free to text me! start with a picture! 1-520-455-7246

Darian May 26 2012 5:58am FLAG
If any guy wants to feel free to text me! start with a picture! 1-520-455-7246

Darian May 26 2012 5:58am FLAG
id love to with u! can you make me feel like a sissy? i luv being a sissi boi 972-971-0700

jpfdood May 27 2012 12:35pm FLAG
Hey text me I'm willing to do anything 580-232-00want to know anytim else text me and find out

Blake Jun 01 2012 10:10pm FLAG
Hey any 1 wanna txt or I'm 18 my # is 8-490-ill give u the last #'s if I get a reply. my age or younger.

john Jun 03 2012 6:42pm FLAG
Is nay one up

Anonymous Jun 07 2012 12:24am FLAG
I would really like to get to know giveittome;)

Sexyguy Jun 07 2012 7:24pm FLAG
Sexyguy how old ru and wuts ur #?

john Jun 09 2012 10:44pm FLAG
Wth is this

Anonymous Jun 18 2012 12:12pm FLAG
I want a big juicy d*ck Text (4) 501-2896

Hotty Jun 29 2012 12:54pm FLAG
Ready for sum sex or phone sex 667000

love to suck u Jul 01 2012 1:34am FLAG
Ready for sum sex or phone sex 667000

love to suck u Jul 01 2012 1:34am FLAG
Any older men want to get nasty

Anonymous Jul 01 2012 1:35am FLAG
Really willing to /text 606080999

Mr. Big Jul 03 2012 11:43am FLAG
New number 0328 986 45 now in England

Mr. Big Jul 03 2012 12:50pm FLAG
I have a big c*ck and ready to rock any guy wanna have some fun

Sexyguy Jul 07 2012 8:07pm FLAG
Sexy gay guy love to go down to gay beachs call

Ok Jul 07 2012 11:17pm FLAG
Sexy gay guy love to go down to gay beachs call

Ok Jul 07 2012 11:17pm FLAG
Sexy gay guy love to go down to gay beachs call

Ok Jul 07 2012 11:17pm FLAG

Gay_freak Jul 09 2012 3:00am FLAG
**** pics... Email me. I'm 20 and trying to decide.

Hagen Jul 09 2012 9:41pm FLAG
Idk who the British Mr. Big is, but in order for me to reply to you, you must a picture first, and not to the above number, but to 1-760-793-3689, I got a new phone and number!!

The Real Mr. Big Jul 11 2012 11:56am FLAG
call me at 3092105260 or me

gayguy3 Jul 16 2012 1:46pm FLAG
The 972-971-0700 is a bad number dont call or text it.. its a wrong number

joe Jul 16 2012 1:55pm FLAG
Yeah Joe is right, the guy isnt gay and said it was stolen

brad Jul 16 2012 1:56pm FLAG
me I am always 2706060796

joel Jul 23 2012 11:54am FLAG
me I am always 2706060796

joel Jul 23 2012 11:56am FLAG
Anybody text me c: start with a picture first .. my numer is (310) 591 - 0863

thaat onee boyyy Jul 27 2012 1:46am FLAG
Anybody text me c: start with a picture first .. my numer is (310) 591 - 0863

thaat onee boyyy Jul 27 2012 1:47am FLAG
Anybody text me c: start with a picture first .. my numer is (310) 591 - 0863

thaat onee boyyy Jul 27 2012 1:47am FLAG
Anybody text me c: start with a picture first .. my numer is (310) 591 - 0863

thaat onee boyyy Jul 27 2012 1:47am FLAG
I'm gay guy here name is Shannon and looking to meet up with a gay guy if you are near Cincinnati Ohio text me 57089187. Looking for relationship

Shannon Jul 27 2012 9:53pm FLAG
I'm gay guy here name is Shannon and looking to meet up with a gay guy if you are near Cincinnati Ohio text me 57089187. Looking for relationship

Shannon Jul 27 2012 9:56pm FLAG
Any scene BOYS out there?? I'm a scene girl and I enjoy talking to scene guys cause they can relate to can be from anywhere but if it's from Georgia even better ^_^ but from anywhere and just tell me your name,age,and number...then I'll text ya :)

SCENE QUEEN..jk jk ME.. Jul 28 2012 8:18am FLAG
I am. Chazz if you sexy and you or and livte near Atlanta text my 7066595548

Anonymous Aug 05 2012 11:15pm FLAG
Hey i'm , gay and lookin to trade pics and !! Text me at 530 38268

Joe Aug 09 2012 2:57pm FLAG
I'm always text me 92499542

Jr Aug 09 2012 4:02pm FLAG
hey i'm bi txt me 21078042 im a bttm lookin for to rock my world

thebaddest Aug 12 2012 8:01pm FLAG
Hey guys text or me 580-232-00.oh and don't text the number that says Caleb.its actually a girl who is acting like a guy

Blake Aug 25 2012 10:58am FLAG
My number is 1903300text me I'm gay

Codeman Sep 03 2012 1:31pm FLAG
My munber is 360279me I'm gay.

gay Sep 06 2012 3:54pm FLAG
Who wants to !! Down for pics!! :D

joey Sep 06 2012 7:13pm FLAG
Text me Joey

Blake Sep 06 2012 7:47pm FLAG
Text me giveittome

Blake Sep 07 2012 3:11pm FLAG
someone wana give me numbes

Anonymous Sep 12 2012 12:29am FLAG
972-971-0700 is a bad number, dont text it, the guy will report you to the police if you do

Anonymous Sep 13 2012 12:49pm FLAG
636-744-4273 18yr I'm soo , willing to do ANYTHING. I love abusive sex, and gangs. I'll talk to anyone.

Needd*ck Sep 13 2012 9:05pm FLAG
if yall looking for some fun email me... me and my di©k are looking for you ;)

John Sep 16 2012 8:08am FLAG
my penis is just dripping with cum, Im just looking for someone to lick it off. email me:

john Sep 16 2012 8:19am FLAG
Im just looking 4 someone to text. 4303422359

Katie Sep 16 2012 7:16pm FLAG
I'll . I'm and gay. My number's 6890 0464.

Alex Sep 30 2012 9:42am FLAG
Im so

neon Oct 02 2012 10:27pm FLAG
I wanna gay just reply

Gayboy Oct 03 2012 12:42pm FLAG
Gayboy whats your number?

as f*** Oct 04 2012 5:50am FLAG

Anonymous Oct 04 2012 6:16pm FLAG
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gay me Oct 07 2012 4:02pm FLAG
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kevin Oct 07 2012 4:21pm FLAG
You can have mine Kevin my email kei_white@hotmail .com

This big d*ck Oct 07 2012 5:10pm FLAG
what is your phone number big d*ck

kevinD Oct 07 2012 6:35pm FLAG
This is is me email kei_white& then I well give u my number Kevin

This big d*ck Oct 07 2012 7:01pm FLAG
u want me to email u big d*ck

kevinD Oct 07 2012 7:13pm FLAG
I mean Kevin when u email me at then I well give u my number

This big d*ck Oct 07 2012 7:18pm FLAG
Yes Kevin

This big d*ck Oct 07 2012 7:20pm FLAG
can i please have your phone number big d*ck

kevinD Oct 07 2012 7:22pm FLAG
Kevin this is my phone number 8791 6430 and I like girls and boys text me hi Kevin

This big d*ck Oct 07 2012 7:25pm FLAG

This big d*ck Oct 07 2012 7:26pm FLAG
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kevinD Oct 07 2012 7:34pm FLAG
19 skinny bottom in WA looking to text

Anonymous Oct 07 2012 8:15pm FLAG

This big d*ck Oct 07 2012 9:07pm FLAG
when should i call u big d*ck

kevinD Oct 07 2012 10:35pm FLAG
Don't care

This big d*ck Oct 07 2012 11:11pm FLAG
will u marry me big d*ck

kevinD Oct 08 2012 12:42am FLAG
I do not know u look like Kevin

This big d*ck Oct 08 2012 8:48am FLAG
do u have a car big d*ck

kevinD Oct 08 2012 2:08pm FLAG
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kevin Oct 09 2012 12:06am FLAG
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kevin Oct 11 2012 11:19pm FLAG
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kevin Oct 13 2012 3:12am FLAG
I wanna a hot guy bad. please pvt out numbers. i want d*cks!

Courious Oct 14 2012 8:04am FLAG
Who has an IPhone? Send me your number!

Femguy Oct 14 2012 8:24am FLAG
Text me 40 683 71

Anonymous Oct 14 2012 5:09pm FLAG
Hey, i'm not looking to but I wouldn't mind some advice on finding a boyfriend. I'm and having trouble finding other gay boys.

Alexis Oct 17 2012 6:21pm FLAG
I want a guy to with me. please leave numbers! ill do anything to myself for you! i want your d*cks!

Courious Oct 25 2012 1:45am FLAG
Im and need a gay buddy:) please leave your number if your single, gay, and wanna talk bout what you wanna do to me:)

Sexyboytoy:) Oct 25 2012 4:57pm FLAG
I'm gay hory who wanna text

Anonymous Oct 25 2012 6:08pm FLAG
ill text! :) put your number up! now!

Sexyboytoy:) Oct 25 2012 6:52pm FLAG
Anyone up for jackin off? :):)

Sexyboytoy:) Oct 25 2012 8:09pm FLAG
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Anonymous Oct 25 2012 8:45pm FLAG
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darkmoon Oct 27 2012 10:05am FLAG
me boys! 828 442 9997

Anonymous Oct 28 2012 10:57am FLAG
Please do not text the number 8284429997 anymore guys. totally straight. lol cya

Anonymous Oct 29 2012 2:57am FLAG
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Anonymous Nov 05 2012 2:42am FLAG
18 Skinny, have abs, and looking to over email.. If your interested send a pic to and ill send one back

Mj Nov 07 2012 11:45am FLAG
hey sexyboytoymy name is kevinD and i am gay

kevin Nov 07 2012 8:11pm FLAG
Hey, I'm gay! Want to ! I'm text me. --> 18705002296

NicholasB Nov 07 2012 9:45pm FLAG
hey nick

kevinDS Nov 07 2012 10:35pm FLAG
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kevin dorigan Nov 07 2012 10:43pm FLAG
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kevin Nov 08 2012 2:47am FLAG
Im a 23 yo guy. Handsome ex football linemen looking to spark up a cool relationship with other dudes. Just looking to make a few friends. Black. 6ft6 9inches incur...chill cool bro

universalurbanmind Nov 09 2012 8:19am FLAG
Email guy:)

Anonymous Nov 09 2012 8:21am FLAG
who wants to f me

kevin Nov 10 2012 4:30am FLAG
Ill you until your ass bleeds :) :)

Anonymous Nov 10 2012 12:26pm FLAG
Does anyone want to me!? I'm gay! Horny! ;)

Anthony Nov 10 2012 7:59pm FLAG
come to me

kevinDS Nov 11 2012 3:06am FLAG
Leaue a number! ill you:) :)

Anonymous Nov 11 2012 7:11am FLAG
I wanna anyone in the mood

Anonymous Nov 11 2012 2:54pm FLAG
Any guy over 40 with a hot muscular body like Eric dane want to and text? ;)

Anthony Nov 11 2012 3:30pm FLAG
its 703-409-9900 anonymous

kevin Nov 11 2012 3:37pm FLAG
989-882-6104 ill with anyone

andy Nov 12 2012 7:13pm FLAG
Hi any one want to top me

Latino Nov 14 2012 11:02pm FLAG
hey andy text me

kevin Nov 15 2012 5:57pm FLAG
Anyone wanna make me your slave? leave your number and ill you :) :)

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Anonymous Dec 01 2012 3:44am FLAG
do u have a car

kevin Dec 01 2012 10:28am FLAG
No only a beautiful butt ;)

Anonymous Dec 02 2012 10:46am FLAG
i am in a bad mood

kevin Dec 04 2012 1:48pm FLAG
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kevin Dec 05 2012 2:51pm FLAG
Kevin D how olr you?

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Nobody Dec 08 2012 8:32pm FLAG
Kevin yes.

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hey my number is 435 704 48 just text this number to reach me down for a conversation heart to heart or whatever you would like.

text me and find out Jan 02 2013 9:02pm FLAG
anyone live in utah

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i am a gay male and i will anyothed gay my number is 706-934-2567

guy45 Jan 05 2013 9:02pm FLAG
hey guys sorry if I missed your text or call my phone broke so now I am back

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anyone live in utah

Anonymous Jan 06 2013 9:32pm FLAG
9-3-2319 text me.

Anonymous Jan 09 2013 1:54am FLAG
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My name is Wesley Hamilton and I am and gay. Brown hair and brown eyes. A lot of people think I'm cute and I love to sexy boys

WesleyHamilton Feb 01 2013 6:08pm FLAG
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So. Horny. And wet. Any one want to tex or. Trade pic Iam. 42. Old male. And . Text me some one 701 219 3199

Jim. Tom Feb 05 2013 1:30pm FLAG
Text me 604 698 5095

Anonymous Feb 07 2013 2:34am FLAG
Dont Text 347-867-4876 Plz

Ty Bbc And Feb 10 2013 2:47am FLAG
Text me anytime 18+ 909-246-29 ;)

Cane Feb 13 2013 12:38am FLAG
Text me 30582921 21 male here

Anonymous Feb 13 2013 5:29pm FLAG
Email me some pics, and we can swap

anon Feb 13 2013 7:50pm FLAG
Chubby guy 2622475423

curious Feb 13 2013 8:59pm FLAG
Super . 2622475423

curious Feb 13 2013 9:18pm FLAG
Im bi male text me at 231 445 8347 ill do anything ;)

Anonymous Feb 13 2013 11:26pm FLAG
I wanna get off with only gay or bi guys in there 20s My number 270 606 0796

Anonymous Feb 14 2013 1:38am FLAG
Text just wanna talk text the number 702-882-8367 text me the numbers 1 and your age

Anonymous Feb 14 2013 7:46pm FLAG
Hey boy and under text me @ 2525007248 I like to I'm

Anonymous Feb 15 2013 11:02pm FLAG
If want this big d*ck this is my email than I well my phone number

This big d*ck Feb 17 2013 3:22pm FLAG
anyone want to chill with a good looking bear ? leave numbers

**** Bear Feb 19 2013 11:37pm FLAG
Hey im text at 97393097

Anonymous Feb 20 2013 3:48pm FLAG
Hay. Any older. Guys. Iam bi 36 old male need a good pic show. Will. Show. All of. Me as hell want to see a big fat c*ck. Suck you dry then put it up. The. ??? 701 690 7973

Anonymous Feb 20 2013 7:04pm FLAG
Dont text 270 606-0796 Hes a cop!!!!!!!!

Anonymous Feb 22 2013 5:29am FLAG
yeah my phone was shut off!!!!! :(

Anonymous Feb 22 2013 5:31am FLAG
606 0796 bad #

Anonymous Feb 22 2013 5:33am FLAG

steven Feb 22 2013 10:53am FLAG
9373679232 text or call

steven Feb 22 2013 10:55am FLAG
Im tect me pic my number is 1(760)550-8359

David Feb 23 2013 12:51am FLAG
19373679232 call/text

steven Feb 23 2013 3:38am FLAG
any gay guys wanna talk/text? im almost . post your # and the word taco and ill text you

****photographer Feb 24 2013 3:39pm FLAG
Any gay guys wanna ? post number and word yikes and ill text u

anonymous Feb 24 2013 3:40pm FLAG
taco and yikes 93180882

Me Feb 24 2013 4:38pm FLAG
Taco text me Need a good bud 501 620 7931

Anonymous Feb 25 2013 7:21pm FLAG
Text me

Me Feb 26 2013 2:36pm FLAG
I'm bisexual

Trey Feb 27 2013 3:37am FLAG
My number. is 601 20361

trey Feb 27 2013 3:38am FLAG
Text. Word. Fat one. I. Am 22 bi male white . ( ) number. Is 506 7028

Fat guy Feb 27 2013 8:23pm FLAG
Text me and ill rock ur word

Trey Feb 28 2013 4:51pm FLAG
Don't ing gay call me or text at this number 879430 I well call the cops

Bitch Mar 02 2013 7:43pm FLAG
Don't call this number or text 879430 he well call the cops

Vzvb Mar 02 2013 7:45pm FLAG
3258101 that's my # txt me :)

. Mar 02 2013 8:12pm FLAG
601-2-0631 Text me

Trey AKA SexyPoison Mar 02 2013 11:56pm FLAG
Wanna text? I need a friend. You must be white, -, fit, and cute. Preferably around the Orem Utah area, but I don't care. Post the word Red and your number. I'll text you.

niktheboi Mar 03 2013 9:14pm FLAG

Anonymous Mar 04 2013 8:39pm FLAG
Dont Text 972-971-0700 he will call the cops and he is not GAY!

Anonymous Mar 05 2013 9:09am FLAG
anybody still wanna do this?

anonymous Mar 05 2013 2:46pm FLAG

Anonymous Mar 05 2013 4:14pm FLAG
hi im gay but lonely im

Tra Mar 07 2013 4:39pm FLAG
Txt me

Mike Mar 07 2013 9:01pm FLAG
Really craving c*ck xx

Suck me Mar 08 2013 3:49pm FLAG
I am I will send videos of me masturbating give me your # Shout Keys

Anonymous Mar 08 2013 6:07pm FLAG
me 57431937 I want you to beg for my d*ck

bud Mar 08 2013 8:49pm FLAG
Anyone up to sex and bored Email me first at

alex Mar 08 2013 9:25pm FLAG
me pictures 9286002208

Anonymous Mar 08 2013 9:27pm FLAG
male 9-473-3005

Anonymous Mar 11 2013 6:50pm FLAG
Text me 828-850-7509

Anonymous Mar 11 2013 8:42pm FLAG

Anonymous Mar 13 2013 6:38am FLAG
HI i am any body want to see me *****

brandon Mar 13 2013 4:09pm FLAG
Me 931#808#82

Anonymous Mar 13 2013 7:07pm FLAG
My name is Austin I'm gay if any boy wants to me or if you want to we can have phone sex but if u just wanna that's OK please me my number is 6019552259

Anonymous Mar 14 2013 7:03pm FLAG
Hey people! i'm and i'm gay:) live in utah:) any one wanna ? send me a pic of you and i'll send one back;) 385 26844

Tay ;) Mar 14 2013 9:08pm FLAG
93180882is a cop. trying to catch a preditor what the . . . . . . . bad idea

Anonymous Mar 14 2013 9:16pm FLAG
Hey Brandon me 6019552259

Anonymous Mar 15 2013 1:18pm FLAG
My name is Austin I'm a slut so please I'm very so me 6019552259

Austin Mar 15 2013 1:24pm FLAG
I have a big d*ck when I'm and a fine ass

Austin Mar 15 2013 1:26pm FLAG
My name Nik. Post your number and the word taco, and I'll message you. You must be white, -, fit, cute/hot, and preferably in utah.

niktheboi Mar 16 2013 9:47pm FLAG
270 606 0796 is a cop dont text!!!

Anonymous Mar 18 2013 9:42am FLAG
Yeah 606 0796 got my last phone shut off.

Anonymous Mar 18 2013 9:45am FLAG
me anyone I have a big ass and an average sized d*ck a I want someone to have a good time with on the phone or just please me 601-955-2259 I'm gay and a slut

Austin Mar 18 2013 2:46pm FLAG
Kik me. Any age. But you have to trade pics. Johnj256.

anonymous Mar 18 2013 7:29pm FLAG
Someone text me (909)246-29

Cane Mar 21 2013 1:32am FLAG
Gay boys I'm Washington, text/ me. 3604407808

WashingtonGay Mar 23 2013 11:04pm FLAG
I am bi people text me 973218... Also add me on facebook PrettyBoy Max

Kaleb J. Maxwell Mar 25 2013 8:29pm FLAG
Hey. My name is Noah, and I'm a 10 year old boy. I'm lookin 4 someone to date, and maybe even with. IF YOU ARE UNDER , and are interested, kik me at maiernoah. If you look older than , you are getting blocked. I am bi I think, so boyz and girlz text!

Noah Mar 26 2013 5:31pm FLAG
Text me now at 973-930-97 anyone please

sexy200 Mar 28 2013 8:29pm FLAG
CALL ME AT 2298483925

KEN GREEN Mar 29 2013 2:39pm FLAG

tom carroll Mar 29 2013 4:30pm FLAG
I'm and I had sex with men older than me and I'm a guy but I don't I love sucking c*ck and riding it cause I'm pretty freaky age through 25 I'm experienced and ready for gays that live near Louisiana

mistaallready Mar 30 2013 11:38pm FLAG
Looking to 7- s plz anyone I'm and bi

My d*ck is hard Apr 01 2013 7:45pm FLAG
Number is 7653377010

My d*ck is hard Apr 01 2013 7:46pm FLAG
if u have a phone tht can install apps get a app called tango and (free text video calls and pics) if ur lucky u can see a ear old in action first person to do this gets to txt me on tango NO CALLS My d*ck is hard.. please do it first i wanna share my c*ck with u its lonely.. im most.the time and always hard.

i love.being and stripping Apr 02 2013 2:53pm FLAG
@My d*ck is hard im wanna c my c*ck hats ur email and i will email u my number

The same guy from above Apr 02 2013 2:58pm FLAG

Matthew putman Apr 02 2013 9:34pm FLAG
matthew putman r u my d*cks hard

i love.being and strippin Apr 03 2013 5:13am FLAG
Any guys under email me at I'm willing to text or . Just email me first.

Maximum Ride. Apr 03 2013 10:38am FLAG
To stripping my email is above. email me.

Same person as above Apr 03 2013 10:40am FLAG
I want to sick someones d*ck! If your a guy and you want that email me. I'm a girl and I'm straight.

Same person as above Apr 03 2013 10:44am FLAG
To Noah: Im a girl and I'm twelve. I would love to date/ with you. Email me at Thanks.

Zelda. Apr 03 2013 10:48am FLAG
hi im email me (BOYS and gays only) (the lines 2 _ together) IMPORTANT: YOU MUST HAVE a phone which installs apps like angry birds, etc STEP ONE: i will email u my number step 2: go onto app store/ google play and intall app called tango (tangos free texting and free pics) step 3: text me saying you got tango on phone step 4: wait for me to get on it step 5: it will begin :D NOTE: it can only be one day only and i will pick a random guy from email.

.!. Apr 03 2013 12:35pm FLAG
Im and Mexican and gay so anyone who wants my c*ck and suck at it and have call61897560

zavien Apr 06 2013 12:07pm FLAG
So I'm and live in america(gay). If you wanna trade pics/ me hit me up, my email is send photo in first email with number, I'll send a pic your way.

Curtis Apr 06 2013 12:51pm FLAG
Any one one wanna

john Apr 07 2013 12:14am FLAG
Kevin idk u but text me 254 246 1885

john Apr 07 2013 12:29am FLAG
I am pretty good lookin. At least I'm told so. , got abs. Straight but wanna compare and kinda find guys attractive so idk. Text me saying, "OF COURSE" I'm all caps so that its discreet, if not I won't reply. Also, I hate to be rude but ya gotta be sexy and between -. 770-547-9305

StudMuffin Apr 07 2013 9:52pm FLAG
Listen, dont text 972-971-0700- The guy is not gay and will report you to the police, its a bad number

Anonymous Apr 15 2013 7:52am FLAG
Some one please me I will also have phone sex my number is 6019552259 I'm a slut and I have a big ass and a average.size d*ck. I'm Sooooooooooooooo right now

Austin Apr 15 2013 3:12pm FLAG
And I have tango

Austin Apr 15 2013 3:18pm FLAG
I want a gay friend text me gays...720-635-08 :) im really pretty and im ...i dont care how old you are just want a gay friend lol NO ONE OVER THOUGH

LiddoNiecie Apr 17 2013 8:36pm FLAG
I want phone sex someone call me but text me first saying "Do you wanna have phone sex" my number is 6019552259

Austin Apr 18 2013 5:49pm FLAG
Austin, I'm a 32 year old I wanna ext with you. Text me at 87573381

curious gay Apr 19 2013 9:58pm FLAG
Anonyomous I love to roleplay and ext text me at 8757 3381

curious gay Apr 19 2013 10:14pm FLAG
Hey s'exies (; im 18/ male/ single. Text me saying "Let me see your d!ck" then i'll reply. I'll do anything.. Videos, pics, or even just dirty talk.. Warning! I'm a super freak (347) 397-7566

Chad Smirh Apr 20 2013 9:43pm FLAG
For phone sex just call me 6019552259

Austin Apr 25 2013 3:37pm FLAG
I'm Sooooooooo

Austin Apr 25 2013 3:48pm FLAG
any girls or guy leave yo number

oj Apr 25 2013 9:55pm FLAG
Everyone that is or older. Text me. 86049506

Horny Apr 27 2013 10:00pm FLAG
Guy gay kick me rene23

kikk Apr 28 2013 1:58am FLAG
male single 5-250-7680

Anonymous May 01 2013 8:24pm FLAG
Guys+ leave yo numbers

May 02 2013 7:43pm FLAG
Someone me i am bored 904 567 3319

Anonymous May 04 2013 6:10pm FLAG
Text me Im and bi, I look good Send Yes and a pic of your d¡©I if u want me to text back Only text me if your and if u look good My number 787-980-0740

Anonymous May 06 2013 1:13pm FLAG
gay boy looking to be ed hard kik me tylermorgan62

Anonymous May 06 2013 7:28pm FLAG
gay male looking for a phone sex partner;) I'm a bottom and want a very kinky top! Leave your number if you want

Anonymous May 07 2013 9:22pm FLAG
, I'm really attractive!(: 770-547-9305. Please look good. Lol

StudMuffin May 09 2013 9:33am FLAG
Call 6019552259 for phone sex

Austin May 09 2013 2:27pm FLAG
Everything I said on here I didn't mean it I did it because Ia bet and I have Gf so I'm not gay or bi and do not text my number I wont be posting on here again the reasons are 1. I'm not gay or bi, and 2. This is the day that my friend said I don't have to do this anymore so yea

Austin May 10 2013 9:29am FLAG
Email me at

i want it May 10 2013 1:36pm FLAG
I need a boyfriend!!!! Kik me if your interested! Ughdumbbitch

chunky republican May 11 2013 11:49pm FLAG
Call me at 0796926

Kevin35 May 12 2013 5:44am FLAG
my # is 1-(83-8997 :)

... May 12 2013 4:18pm FLAG
Nvm I can't be straight I'm back and still gay and so text me and/or me 6019552259

Austin May 13 2013 1:54pm FLAG
Please or phone sex

Austin May 13 2013 1:56pm FLAG
Heyy people! I'm Taylor :) . Text or call me or something :) 385-2-5619

TayTay May 13 2013 5:05pm FLAG
Im gay want pics and to hit me up whenever 706 741 7928

Bailey May 13 2013 9:10pm FLAG
I'm gay. Love to trade pics. I have a huge clock that is ready to cum out and play! Lol 270-8-18

Cody May 14 2013 9:21am FLAG
I'm Austin I been posting on here before I'm gay and I love having phone sex 6019552259 Im a slut and those guys that loves sluts here I am waiting

Austin May 14 2013 2:20pm FLAG
Text me Im bi and I look good 7879800740 only Tex me if your not ugly

Anonymous May 16 2013 9:08am FLAG

Austin May 19 2013 4:03pm FLAG
Me... 26... Just want fun...up for anything Phone nber 404-857-2243...names Ray

Ray Adams May 21 2013 10:49pm FLAG
Im muscular able to trade pics and 84746593

anonymous May 22 2013 1:06am FLAG
Ok actually I really am gay forget what I said please or call me for phone birthday was today by the way 6019552259

Austin May 22 2013 7:47pm FLAG

Austin May 22 2013 7:53pm FLAG
Have any of you guys been raped before just leave your number

you_know_who May 23 2013 8:36pm FLAG
Ive been raped twice at my old school

Haahaa May 23 2013 9:06pm FLAG
Doo yuh raaly wannt ma number

Mars May 23 2013 9:07pm FLAG
Leave your numbers

you_know_who May 24 2013 5:49am FLAG
I'm a girl so stop texting me and my bane isn't Austin I just put it for a prank my friends dared me to do so don't call or text me and yes I am posting this as the name Austin so y'all know so BYE

Austin May 24 2013 6:56am FLAG
Ok everyone here's the truth I'm gaand I just been busy lately and I had too many people texting me so Im not a girl I judged needed something for people to believe so I could get everything settle so I'm really am gay and Im a slut and please any text me 6019552359

Austin May 24 2013 4:52pm FLAG
That was my cousin yet again, ok no matter what is posted with the number 6019552259 it was not by me my cousin is pranking me so DO NOT TEXT THIS NUMBER NO MATTER WHAT IS POSTED

Austin May 24 2013 5:20pm FLAG
Does any one live on tn

May 24 2013 10:12pm FLAG
Does any one live in tn

May 24 2013 10:26pm FLAG
Does any one have in d*ck

deep ass May 25 2013 9:37pm FLAG
I live in KY 45 mins from nashville

Anonymous May 26 2013 2:39pm FLAG
Hey Kentucky what's your number

deep ass May 26 2013 7:30pm FLAG
bi male. Text me boys. But you have to be cute. Send me a picture first. And if your cute ill respond. 86049506

Horny May 26 2013 11:22pm FLAG
bi, male looking for someone to ... Just broke up with bf... Will txt/call anyone who leaves name.. Like or leave comment with name and number

Dustin.... 😑 May 28 2013 5:06am FLAG
Don't listen to any of the messages before I want a guy in me txt me at 6019552259

Austin May 28 2013 5:38am FLAG
, bi, male will do anything u want me to do for free... I will give bj, dance for u, let u dry-hump me.... I have a 5 in. C*ck which is ok for my age still growing.. If u want to u must first put your name and number below... I am experienced...

Mexican boui May 28 2013 5:45am FLAG
Any one want to ? Txt back at 281-603-3252 I'm anyone from y/o 👌

The big D May 28 2013 4:23pm FLAG
KY here let me have your numb and I will come meet you.

Anonymous May 29 2013 12:32pm FLAG

The big D May 29 2013 3:11pm FLAG
Anyone wanna ?? Feeling today

Mexican boui May 29 2013 3:13pm FLAG

Mexican Boui May 29 2013 3:14pm FLAG
I do

Anonymous May 29 2013 7:43pm FLAG
hit me up on my kik want to trad pics name is brickrick

May 29 2013 9:32pm FLAG
Feeling h0rney guys it up at 281-603-3252

The big D May 30 2013 5:34pm FLAG
Any one want to leave number plus 20

sex May 30 2013 9:39pm FLAG
Any one mixed or black

deep ass May 30 2013 9:45pm FLAG
Hey my name is Kevin

Kevin Jun 01 2013 8:47pm FLAG
buddies must be y/o, muscular, And long d.... I'm 18.. Txt back

Sexy ass man whore Jun 02 2013 6:33pm FLAG
The Guy that lives in KY text me with a picture. I live in KY too.

Anonymous Jun 05 2013 9:17am FLAG
yr old… a little new to being bi but wanna trade dirty pics? Kik me at McNeil23 or text me at 28982408

Malcolm Jun 05 2013 3:44pm FLAG
Ok here is the truth I am gay and a slut and I am now andsomeone text me 6019552259 I'm and I will do anything if I can that is

Austin Jun 06 2013 10:24am FLAG
Just fall in love with anyone

Eddie Jun 06 2013 3:16pm FLAG
Austin if u say that u are gay that's fine and how old r u

Eddie Jun 06 2013 3:28pm FLAG
I'M but I'M looking for a best friend. I'M a biI guy and I would love to have a bi/gay bestie!!! I'M mixed and funny af Lol if your interested text 30276741 with your name!

Rellie Jun 06 2013 9:42pm FLAG
-gay boys text me my # is 361-445-5384

Boy Jun 07 2013 10:30pm FLAG
Kik me at McNeil23 or text at 28982408… I'm horrnnnnnnny and touching myself lol… wanna trade pics?

EVO Jun 07 2013 11:37pm FLAG
Anyone that is right now and wants to send pics to eachother ??

Boy Jun 08 2013 1:13pm FLAG

boy Jun 08 2013 1:14pm FLAG

Boy Jun 08 2013 10:08pm FLAG

Anonymous Jun 09 2013 6:19am FLAG

Boy Jun 09 2013 6:56am FLAG
Message me I'm and I'm touching and fingering myself, please 6019552259

Austin Jun 09 2013 3:21pm FLAG
text me at 624738247 im m white

Anonymous Jun 10 2013 8:54pm FLAG
gay or bi guys text or me at 830-730-0560 im sooo right now

dallas Jun 11 2013 4:19pm FLAG
I am text me at 61997743

Anonymous Jun 11 2013 7:22pm FLAG
I5, male, & bi. Will sexy with anyone as long as they be havin abs. I gotta long d*ck. Must have a phone that can get an app called "text me." Start conversation with a pic of your abs. Number is 361-445-5384

Antisocial 3 ill do u Jun 12 2013 11:18am FLAG
Wrong number!! Real one is +18328043492

Antisocial 3 ill do u Jun 12 2013 11:19am FLAG

Antisocial 3 ill do u Jun 12 2013 12:40pm FLAG
Men with big juicy c*ck and have abs reply and ill send u my number

Sexy Jun 12 2013 12:43pm FLAG
Anyone want to ?

Antisocial 3 ill do u Jun 12 2013 3:24pm FLAG
Need some huge c*ck in me (would loveeee some black) just txt me saying I'm gonna gag you 5405895345

Thisgayguyneedsit Jun 12 2013 7:19pm FLAG
m bi looking for a friend or maybe more text me 052740669 just say ur name and age!

Thatguy Jun 13 2013 1:53pm FLAG
Someone message me whites only! (10-20) 361-445-5384

Rich Jun 13 2013 10:04pm FLAG
Don't text or call this # cause he is a fake 8328043492

Romeo Jun 14 2013 9:22pm FLAG
He says his name is tylor he was my boyfriend but he is a fake

Romeo Jun 14 2013 9:25pm FLAG
But i'm available now # is 9102860423 I'm text me

Romeo Jun 14 2013 9:28pm FLAG
Sorry I messed up number is 91028604I'm really sexy

Anonymous Jun 15 2013 11:42am FLAG
What u mean he is fake?

Evan Jun 15 2013 3:18pm FLAG
503-822-3352 my name is Derek I'm white with 5.5 inch penis. looking for some texting friends. close to my age, like -

Derek Jun 16 2013 10:39am FLAG
m. 7 in d. me971 277 6552

Big d Jun 17 2013 8:53pm FLAG
I'm extremely someone me andou had phone sex before text me say u have and I will see about having phone sex number is 6019552259

Austin Jun 18 2013 1:34pm FLAG

BIG Jun 18 2013 4:34pm FLAG
I'm super right now I'm stroking my c*ck and fingering my ass my c*ck is really hard, I want someone to shove their c*ck into my ass and mouth and cum in my ass, mouth or both please me and if you wanna have phone sex call me (1) 601 955 2259 I need someone now

Austin Jun 19 2013 1:30pm FLAG
Ik what I said beforee but I am gay and I have a big c*ck and ass I am a slut so please text me 601 955 2259

Austin Jun 19 2013 1:39pm FLAG
Text me boys to see my fat long c*ck! Xoxo

Anonymous Jun 20 2013 6:37am FLAG
My number is 0497835455 I'm and

Anonymous Jun 20 2013 6:39am FLAG
I'm so hard right now I want a nice fat c*ck deep inside me

Austin Jun 20 2013 10:16am FLAG
Call me! I'm a 5'male, muscular and ! 8638996492!

Sexy Bitch Jun 20 2013 4:01pm FLAG
text me now. im really hard drooling for a mouthful of c*ck 2062762600

tyler Jun 20 2013 10:05pm FLAG
I'm hard, I need someone to or to have phone sex with I'm m. And I have a 5 1/2 in d*ck (1) 601 955 2259

Austin Jun 21 2013 8:36am FLAG
Wrong Number!!! 863-944-6679!

Sexy Bitch Jun 21 2013 2:02pm FLAG
If any gay or bi boys wanna have sex and think they can make it down to Canyon Lake Tx text me at 830-730-0560

Dallas Jun 23 2013 3:13pm FLAG
Or if u wanna just send me a pic of ur d*ck and name

Dallas Jun 23 2013 6:18pm FLAG
iNg aSs hOle sCrEw u BiTcH

Haylee Jun 24 2013 7:47pm FLAG
Rome he died in a car accident!!

Haylee Jun 24 2013 7:48pm FLAG
Who wat did i do?

Dallas Jun 24 2013 7:58pm FLAG
6free 195lbs 10 inch c*ck black hair green eyes cowboy 25 yrs old

Anonymous Jun 26 2013 10:17pm FLAG
I'm Sooo please text me 6019552259

Austin Jun 27 2013 12:26pm FLAG
Text I'm 73188547 ;)

Tight little hole Jun 27 2013 4:26pm FLAG
I'm extremely right now, call me and we can have phone sex.601 955 2259

Austin Jun 28 2013 10:32am FLAG
i wanna play but email me first

yesbaby Jun 28 2013 12:00pm FLAG
im and in need of a buddy or pic trading. 503-822-3352

Derek Jun 28 2013 2:17pm FLAG
In body live in ohio thats black or ghetto

Anonymous Jun 28 2013 6:37pm FLAG
I wanna ! Text me i'm , and looove older guys.

Jonathan Jun 29 2013 1:22am FLAG
If you live in Cali, and up leave your number sexys ;)

c*ck blower Jun 29 2013 1:24am FLAG
Jonathan what's your #??

rich Jun 29 2013 10:09pm FLAG
Text only no pics sorry 73188547 ;)

Horny guy Jun 30 2013 12:05am FLAG
any one over 20 with a monster c*ck

c*ck luver Jul 01 2013 4:30am FLAG

;) Jul 03 2013 8:37pm FLAG
Hi I am and text me at this #90895667600

Antonyo Jul 03 2013 8:54pm FLAG
Need to suck a c*ck text me send a pic 82627777

·muley Jul 04 2013 12:57am FLAG
Text me plz 46792447

jjrivera Jul 05 2013 5:02pm FLAG
Hi I am I want to live in San Diego text me at 619-977-43

Anonymous Jul 06 2013 4:41pm FLAG
Somebody me I am

Anonymous Jul 06 2013 4:42pm FLAG
I 'm 18 looking for some one I can send pics to just txt m 478 290 9923

mark Jul 07 2013 2:00pm FLAG
Hey all yo sexy men me at 202 563 1855 pics or texts I prefer pics

guylukin4gay Jul 07 2013 9:18pm FLAG
I'm a white male looking for some friends. I'm willing to do anything for your pleasure and I'm open to pics vids and phone calls or face time 570-687-7789

Jake Jul 08 2013 5:27pm FLAG
Oh and I'm BI so ladies and jents me

Jake Jul 08 2013 5:29pm FLAG
I wana some guys ask for my number and ill give it to you !

Sam i am Jul 09 2013 1:52am FLAG
Im love to

hotty Jul 09 2013 1:57am FLAG
My num is (760)402-8705 i will trade pics and talk dirty on the phone im .

i lov d*cks Jul 09 2013 1:59am FLAG

Sam i am Jul 09 2013 2:01am FLAG
Sam i am wats yhure num?

i lov d*cks Jul 09 2013 2:01am FLAG
Just got a new number dnt txt that one anymore!!

Sam i am Jul 09 2013 3:10am FLAG
i wud love to anybidy thats circumsized and and older text mhe @ always up for love to have big d*cks in my mouth black or white

jacob Jul 09 2013 10:00pm FLAG
I am text me at 61997743if you are 8-

Anonymous Jul 10 2013 10:57am FLAG

Anonymous Jul 10 2013 10:58am FLAG
Hi my name s Austin and I am a gay slut so if anyone wants to have phone sex, , trade pics, facetime, text me andtell me which 6019552259

Austin Jul 10 2013 2:59pm FLAG
Who wanna ?

Anonymous Jul 11 2013 12:16am FLAG
I want sex text. Please text me at 19024526466 I love to play hard to get. You will struggle with me and then im yours

DjV-Tino Jul 12 2013 11:02am FLAG
My responses are limited. You must ask the right question. I'm male 27 and white. I love boys . They are softer. Text me at 19024526466

DjV-Tino Jul 12 2013 11:05am FLAG
Hi I am if you are gay and live in San Diego and want to have sex come over text me at 619-977-43

Anonymous Jul 12 2013 2:28pm FLAG
Kik me at brandonboss69 I am

Anonymous Jul 12 2013 5:54pm FLAG
Anybody want to text with yr old?

Anonymous Jul 13 2013 1:26pm FLAG
Hi I'm real , wanna talk about my tight little hole ;) Text at 80one04two

Hornyboy Jul 13 2013 11:31pm FLAG
Text me at 324786

Gay Hunk Jul 14 2013 7:59pm FLAG
Text at 801.....6101....542 ;)

Thisguy Jul 15 2013 1:17am FLAG
Hi I'm Austin and I'm really I want a nice big long c*ck in me and I want someone to cum in my tight hole and feel your hot cum run out of my ass and then I someone lick it off of me and spit it in my mouth

Austin Jul 16 2013 12:51pm FLAG
Im a gay yearold bottom, I love sexually txting so txt me tops! No chubbs or blacks, im very cute looking for same, 661 9006618

Michael c: Jul 18 2013 10:54pm FLAG
Hi I'm I any gay guy wanna meet up and have sex text me 2242359647

anthony Jul 19 2013 11:52pm FLAG
Anyone wanna sect or text just text me at 4848943936

someone Jul 20 2013 12:05pm FLAG

someone Jul 20 2013 12:05pm FLAG
Hi I'm if any gay guy wanna meet up and do something text me 2242359647 age

anthony Jul 20 2013 5:30pm FLAG
Any gay guys text me if u want to meet up and have sex 2242359647 I'm

anthonyAny gay guys text me if u want to meet up and have sex 22 Jul 20 2013 7:21pm FLAG
Any gay guys text me if u want to meet up and have sex 2242359647 I'm

anthony Jul 20 2013 7:22pm FLAG
does any body live close to Tennessee or North Carolina i have a big ass and need some one to me let me know and i will give u my number

sexy Jul 21 2013 3:27am FLAG
I'm and wanna meet up with any gay guy and have sex.text me 2242359647

anthon Jul 21 2013 12:42pm FLAG
Hey my number was 4848943936 now it is 60822333

someone Jul 23 2013 5:07am FLAG
if u like ass kik birdwell24

Anonymous Jul 23 2013 6:14pm FLAG
im 22, any1 from Hyderabad-India..... im Bi mail me get xperince with me to

raj Jul 25 2013 11:31am FLAG
I'm gay guys in Chicago or near Chicago text me if u want to meet up 2242359647

anthony Jul 26 2013 6:25am FLAG
Ill text "someone but he bettr reply

Horny Jul 26 2013 2:01pm FLAG
Oh god so

Hi Jul 26 2013 8:44pm FLAG
anyone wanna have sex with a yr old guy, sorta large but not fat. my skype is sammy.boi96

Anonymous Jul 27 2013 2:21am FLAG
anyone wanna have sex with a guy, sorta large but not fat. I'll skpe you too if I can. I live in arkansas. my skype name is sammy.boi96

Anonymous Jul 27 2013 2:23am FLAG
Someone want to txt im bottom my number is 630-835-2443 ill reply to anyone but dont call i dont answer calls

Someone Jul 27 2013 2:49am FLAG
Hey I'm 21. Up for texting or . Text me at 1-7-802-3605 names alex btw

young.bear91 Jul 27 2013 2:50am FLAG
I'm and I'm ;) i have a large build but not fat. I'm strickly bottom. I'm willing to exchange pics and and maybe call if I can ;) my skype is sammy.boi96 I can't video chat right now but I will later on today or tonight. ;) my phone number is 501-908-5902 . I don't care what race you are. I don't care if you're chubby but I don't like REALLY fat guys...

sammy.boi96 Jul 27 2013 5:53am FLAG
hey /text 7566 7238 for a tall tan yr old boy im bi and only ppl unless ur a girl -19

boy Jul 27 2013 6:52pm FLAG
im gonna text "someone" he betttr reply

boy Jul 27 2013 6:58pm FLAG

Anonymous Jul 29 2013 4:33am FLAG
I'm anything you want me to be but text me hi and even if we don't live near each we can virtual sex and My number 480 734 5276 and i And I luv you all

Anonymous Jul 29 2013 4:35am FLAG
im waitin only 2 ppl hav textd me but itd b awsom if i got more

boy Jul 29 2013 8:38am FLAG
Hi I'm if you're in Chicago or the suburbs and wanna meet up text me 2242359647

anthony Jul 29 2013 12:54pm FLAG
thanks to evry peep whos textin/in me evry othr hot guy/girl me at 7566 7238

boy Jul 29 2013 4:40pm FLAG

Kellar ! :) Jul 29 2013 5:46pm FLAG
and young 519 26654

young and cute Jul 29 2013 7:33pm FLAG
down for sesting^

young and cute Jul 29 2013 7:34pm FLAG
thanku to peeps who text/ me

boy Jul 30 2013 10:07am FLAG
20 m upf for some gay 4257770458

lad20 Jul 30 2013 11:48pm FLAG
Text me laying in bed not up 2 anything 07780333455

boy Jul 31 2013 3:10am FLAG
077922494 now and forever. come is good for me anti-wrinkle, im a model you do the maths boys

And live in tennessee leave your number

black_nightmare Aug 02 2013 5:45pm FLAG
stop texting this big d*ck ok you guys leave him alone

this big d*ck Aug 04 2013 12:13pm FLAG
email me:

Anonymous Aug 05 2013 12:23pm FLAG
Hi I'm and im gun call or text me at 9089567600

Antonyo Aug 06 2013 8:00pm FLAG
Anyone who is wanna meet up and have sex? Txt 630-835-2443 i live in addison IL so chicago people or anyone who lives clise to me im and a bottom

This guy named jesus Aug 06 2013 9:46pm FLAG
I'm a

J Aug 06 2013 10:24pm FLAG
And I'm very

J Aug 06 2013 10:25pm FLAG

J Aug 06 2013 10:26pm FLAG
I'm u can kik me at

Anonymous Aug 08 2013 4:46pm FLAG
I'm and snapchat me at footballboy6969 or kik me at horneyguy696996

Anonymous Aug 08 2013 4:47pm FLAG
I'm in indianapolis. Bi. anyone text me 3696 9302

Anonymous Aug 08 2013 7:46pm FLAG
anyone text me because i am a lonley gay man love to hear from you xxxx 07519909037

ian Aug 09 2013 2:27am FLAG
hi men text me i am a gay man need some fun again 447502034272

phil Aug 09 2013 2:30am FLAG
kik me at jetblake23. love to make new friends

Anonymous Aug 09 2013 9:02pm FLAG
I'm .. Kik me - Tyler_PText me - 07583297922 Pic swaps, 10 year old to only

Tyler Aug 09 2013 9:07pm FLAG
male Alabama my Skype name is ZekeMcMurtry my oovoo name is zeke_shot mh number is 601 672 86I want sum body I can do alot with :-)

Anonymous Aug 14 2013 6:39pm FLAG
m bi someone txt me I'll and trade pics, 979-320-7933

Bi guy Aug 14 2013 10:05pm FLAG

Bi guy Aug 14 2013 10:07pm FLAG
Any hot/sexy guys outt eir wanna txt or iam and always on, open to any 1, 928-660-8302

Micheal ;) Aug 15 2013 11:47pm FLAG
Text me at 43425404 I want a sexy dude

Jack Aug 18 2013 7:15am FLAG
If any body wants to bye a 8 years old boy he is blond with blue eyes need to sell this kid very pore he also has leg hair and is circumcised let me know

Anonymous Aug 18 2013 8:36pm FLAG
He also has a brother that I will sell to he is blond with blue eyes and is almost he is circumcised to he has some pubic hairs and he has leg hair to let me know

Anonymous Aug 18 2013 8:44pm FLAG
There names are jake and Sam

Anonymous Aug 18 2013 8:48pm FLAG
I'm gay and looking for guys to text 573-528-1054

Anonymous Aug 25 2013 4:17pm FLAG
Does some body live in tx

Sex Aug 26 2013 6:47pm FLAG
I'm and will trade pic text first!

Tafbdbjjd Aug 27 2013 4:03am FLAG
gay guy and will trade pics with any one any age email:

fred Aug 27 2013 6:13am FLAG

Anonymous Aug 27 2013 8:05am FLAG
Cali swimmer and skater have old phone so cant text pics but i got skype text me for my name

alex Aug 27 2013 4:21pm FLAG
I'm so y me

Freaky t Aug 27 2013 7:54pm FLAG
I'm so hmu

Freakyt Aug 27 2013 7:55pm FLAG

LIL TRAVIS Aug 30 2013 9:33am FLAG
Text me 55993427. I'm not skinny but I have a cute face. I'm . Text me anytime. iMessage preferred but it doesn't matter.

Dougie Aug 31 2013 12:49am FLAG
my no. 03362258249

Saim Aug 31 2013 5:31am FLAG
Hi I'm sheyenne

sheyenne6 Aug 31 2013 5:40am FLAG
I want to sex with someone plz help me ahah i am a er aur meray pas balance nahi hota hai jisko meray sath sex krna usko meray ghar ana hoga

Saim Sep 02 2013 3:54am FLAG
Hey Im a male average height very effiminant and curvey very lol text me at 577101

Dylan Sep 02 2013 12:24pm FLAG
I want to sex with my friend plz help

Saim Sep 03 2013 4:09am FLAG
309 948 85

jayson Sep 04 2013 3:31pm FLAG
im and a boy and gay i prefer boys my number is 928-851-3235

bhbhjhvjv Sep 06 2013 5:56pm FLAG
Hey I'm and I'm really hard right now :) I'm white and have blond hair! I'm bi! We can txt and send pics. Only -boys! Leave your number if you want to txt and stuff!

that person lol Sep 07 2013 7:55pm FLAG
hey that person lol cn u come at my home plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz my no. is 03362258249

saim Sep 08 2013 3:43am FLAG
I'm bi and want to talk to a cute boy. I'm and only text -s. Leave your numbers if you wanna talk and send pics.

midnightMadness Sep 08 2013 8:16am FLAG
But only text me if your cute <3

MidnightMadness Sep 08 2013 8:24am FLAG
God hates gays. You people are messed up. Your gonna go to hell unless you go to the lord. He can help you.

3 Sep 08 2013 8:52am FLAG
Hi I am 10 years old I am blond with blue eyes and have leg hairs and I want to get ***** with some one

Brandon Sep 09 2013 3:14pm FLAG
I'm anyone who wants to kik me at jay5kxz or text 86432555.

Jerome Sep 09 2013 11:03pm FLAG
Brandon or any gay/bi guys text me 63324643 <3

Text me Sep 10 2013 11:08pm FLAG
Im 40 y/o male straight i think but recently viewed a pic of a well endowed penis with c*ck milk all over it and it got me very turned on. All i wanted to do is put it in my mouth and suck every drop of that milky liquid outta his c*ck. I've never even considerd a man before. Does this mean im gay? Anyone have any comment or suggestion? Call me curious

currious Sep 11 2013 10:40am FLAG
Leave your number and we can ! I'm white and I am really ! Im and will with anyone 10-! I send videos and Pictures!

gay4u Sep 11 2013 6:20pm FLAG
Hey Brandon what's your number?

foreverandnever Sep 11 2013 6:44pm FLAG
740-352-8558. 18 plus only for text friend. I do not send pics or vids and dont want to meet. Just looking for real friends to chat with.

currious Sep 13 2013 3:53pm FLAG
i suck d*ck

dee Sep 14 2013 7:59am FLAG
hey im taylor im 19 call me : 404 604 72 i eat ass and lick nutz call me pleeeeaaaazze

taylor robinson Sep 14 2013 8:02am FLAG
404 604 72 call me 5 7 huxky nice ass fat d*ck ... the names taylor robinson call me now im hard for u.... +o(

call me taylor Sep 14 2013 8:04am FLAG
i like eating butt its tasty and juicy i love the smell it turnz me on 404 604 72 my name is taylor robinson

taylor Sep 14 2013 8:13am FLAG
I am m slim and am into older guys taking advantage of me

Zacklovesbmx Sep 15 2013 8:18pm FLAG
Kik me m into older boy /men kik me @ zacklovesbmx

Zacklovesbmx Sep 15 2013 8:19pm FLAG
Someone message me only 361-445-5384

:) Sep 15 2013 9:42pm FLAG
Hi I am and want to meet some one for sex

Brandon Sep 16 2013 2:55pm FLAG
Live in San Diego CA

Brandon Sep 16 2013 2:55pm FLAG
Who's gay in portsmouth or wheelersburg ohio area

Anonymous Sep 17 2013 2:28pm FLAG
Hi everyone

Jason Sep 17 2013 4:05pm FLAG
Hi Anonymous

Jason Sep 17 2013 4:25pm FLAG
Hi Jason

Anonymous Sep 17 2013 4:35pm FLAG
I want sex

jake Sep 17 2013 5:11pm FLAG
Who lives in wheelersburg ohio

Anonymous Sep 17 2013 9:23pm FLAG
Anyone live in or close to wheelersburg ohio

Anonymous Sep 17 2013 9:40pm FLAG
hi everyone looking for guys to or text ? 18 to 30 only !

Anonymous Sep 19 2013 9:26am FLAG
im new on hete but im gay 27male very cute give me your number guys ? hot hard and for a nice c*ck ! love cum

Anonymous Sep 19 2013 9:36am FLAG
call me im really sexi 1(8)408-90, i gotta big d*ck

d*ck big Sep 19 2013 4:05pm FLAG
Where's all the Columbus ohio guys? me!!!!

BigTimePleasure;) Sep 20 2013 12:03am FLAG
I'm 18 bi and for some c*ck. please me soon ;)

frenchy Sep 20 2013 12:59am FLAG
looking to hook up and meetup with guys living near austin texas Im y and have a hot effiminent body ;) reply boys ;)

Dylan Sep 20 2013 9:08pm FLAG

junior Sep 22 2013 5:09am FLAG
Hey Jason :) are you on ?

Anonymous Sep 22 2013 4:46pm FLAG
Dee and Jason give me ur numbers and I'll text you

Anonymous Sep 22 2013 6:09pm FLAG
hey plz come at my home main tujhay chodon ga bhi aur to mujhay chodna aur phr to mera apnay moo me lena aur main bhi tera apnay moo main lunga my no. is 03362258249 plz call me

Saim Sep 24 2013 5:27am FLAG
Text me im a bottom ;p 80.,10.,42

Thisguy Sep 26 2013 8:31pm FLAG
Hey willing to trade prefer videos u can text me 864-361-42 or kik:me4taylor

Anonymous Sep 27 2013 3:27am FLAG
put your number up got big d*ck

Anonymous Sep 27 2013 3:42am FLAG
hey im single slender native American /mixed bisexual 19m looking for some white or any race that is only/ that is my type is skinny and slender tall or short nice penis maybe 7-10 inch only no blks boys tho text me /send a pics first/call me sometime / im a virgin/ im looking for long distance relationship that can text me all day n nite n in the morning to im easy to get mad and im emotions as well my number is 501-266-4356

LIL TRAVIS DJ JORDAN Sep 27 2013 6:38am FLAG

Anonymous Sep 28 2013 10:36pm FLAG
Anyone live in utah

Ray Sep 29 2013 2:42pm FLAG
Send me a picture of you and if I like it I'll reply. 8604 9506

Bi male :) Sep 29 2013 8:51pm FLAG
Text me I'm ! through boys!text hey to 864906356

rockyhorrorfan Oct 01 2013 8:21pm FLAG
Sorry my numbers 8649063565

rockyhorrorfan Oct 01 2013 8:22pm FLAG
from chicago suburbs I want to meet up with gay guys and have sex text me 2242359647

anthony Oct 01 2013 8:35pm FLAG
U can text me at 267.454.5889

Ray Oct 02 2013 7:17pm FLAG
Hey if u want to trade send me pic first to 864-361-42 then if I'm not playing soccer I will send u one back I promise

kik:me4taylor Oct 03 2013 3:27am FLAG
Text me im a bottom ;p 80104,2

Here Oct 03 2013 4:14pm FLAG
Hey kik:me4taylor where do you live?

rockyhorrorfan Oct 04 2013 4:58pm FLAG
Text me, i'm top and hispanic and 19. 347-339-1001

Anonymous Oct 04 2013 5:29pm FLAG
Text me at 347-339-1001 if you're -27. I'm hispanic and top, and i'm constantly

Anonymous Oct 04 2013 7:42pm FLAG
Text me I wanna be dirty

rockyhorrorfan Oct 06 2013 6:50am FLAG
Txt me I'm 606022283

Josh Oct 06 2013 1:28pm FLAG
Text me I'm Cute and anyone under ill send u anything

Gave Oct 06 2013 2:44pm FLAG
put your numbers up

Anonymous Oct 06 2013 3:00pm FLAG
im 7879252878

Anonymous Oct 07 2013 2:49pm FLAG
Anyone wanting right now hit me up 864-361-42 or kik me4taylor

me4taylor Oct 10 2013 7:56pm FLAG
Looking for someone to text or call me. And im looking for a bf and maybe get ed too. My number is 6829702248

adolfo Oct 12 2013 8:38am FLAG
I'm gay looking for boys text me at(951)-348-0047 or face time

Nick Harrington Oct 12 2013 9:40am FLAG
Text me at 4805285837

Anonymous Oct 14 2013 2:53am FLAG
Who wants to text me I'm want anyone my age or younger

Will Oct 14 2013 6:46pm FLAG
Anyone 9-hollar at me if u want to trade or meet up somewhere 864-361-42

kik:me4taylor Oct 14 2013 10:02pm FLAG
yr old M bi I'll send s kik me wi7ll

Will Oct 14 2013 10:20pm FLAG
txt me at 571 528 5292 to trade pics/ any boys any age

Jake Oct 16 2013 1:47pm FLAG

Mike Oct 16 2013 11:12pm FLAG
All guys welcome send s I'll return the favor. 9096460835

Mike Oct 16 2013 11:13pm FLAG
Anyone live in or near canton georgia

Will Oct 17 2013 9:36pm FLAG
hey guys! send me pics, I'll reply :) 5597767972

luke Oct 19 2013 3:38pm FLAG
Hay new to this

bandit Oct 19 2013 8:27pm FLAG
Hey I'm latino 19 just looking for someone to talk to my number 33088298

adiel Oct 19 2013 10:05pm FLAG
Am and will do anything. 72726967 hit me up. ;)

sexysam Oct 21 2013 5:18pm FLAG
hey guys i'm kind of new to this, anyone want to hit me up? my number is 646 258 82

Javier Oct 22 2013 12:20am FLAG
Slave boy text me at 804 301 4497

Anonymous Oct 22 2013 8:41pm FLAG
I'm still new to this my number is 804 301 4497

Anonymous Oct 22 2013 8:44pm FLAG
Some one send a pic I have the 804 301 4497 phone number

Anonymous Oct 22 2013 8:48pm FLAG
jCVvh2 wow, awesome article post.Really looking forward to read more. Cool.

oNgrtCvNZhss Oct 23 2013 7:31am FLAG
anybody live in pennsylvania leave your number/age im must be and fit and if you got a uncut d!ck

anthonyde Oct 23 2013 7:24pm FLAG
anyone wanna . gay guy, 31, 6'4, dark hair, blue eyes and pale skin, medium build. not bad looking. txt me on 075546396 ;-)

Darren Oct 24 2013 11:30am FLAG
kik anthonysantosmust be no olds sorry

anthonyde Oct 25 2013 8:22pm FLAG
Any boys under kik me at arodriguez9 please no blacks, I'm up for pretty much anything. Please hurry I'm

Anonymous Oct 25 2013 11:32pm FLAG
I live in Florida btw so if you live close that's a plus, kik me at arodriguez9 if your and under no blacks.

Alex Oct 26 2013 10:20am FLAG
To Noah: hi I'm interested in talking to you but your kik account says you have a new account and I can't read the whole thing. Please kik me at arodriguez9

Anonymous Oct 27 2013 9:16am FLAG
I'M 18 but I'M looking for a best friend. I'M a biI guy and I would love to have a bi/gay bestie!!! I'M mixed and funny af Lol if your interested text 30276741 with your name! I'M not about that life! Lol

rellrell Oct 27 2013 11:47pm FLAG
Text me s;) 480-440-47

Jacob Oct 30 2013 4:27pm FLAG
Hi um bi curious and really I will do ANYTHING for s I'm my number is 503-360-7674 text me I only want guys or younger the younger the better and scene boys would be so perfect please text me.

Aiden Nov 03 2013 12:04am FLAG
Hey um crazy bottom text at 801.610.,42

Guy Nov 03 2013 10:06am FLAG
Hey live in Cali I'm chubby text me at 95058094

J Nov 05 2013 8:27am FLAG
Hey Michigan Horny! 6-594-4455 NoooooooWww

Bottom Nov 05 2013 5:15pm FLAG
6-594-4455 Text me Pleeeeeeeaaaaaasssssssseeeee

Bottom Nov 05 2013 5:15pm FLAG
black dude who's looking for someone to chat/trade with....up for anything but prefer whites from -35ish...hmu (678)-667-6406

Kilgore630 Nov 06 2013 6:30pm FLAG
Wanna trade pics (*****) and I'm and bi my # is 4789746321

Dre to real Nov 07 2013 7:39pm FLAG
Hey... I'm bi and looking for a boyfriend. I'm with blond hair. White. Skinney. Tall. I will only date you if your through and I think your cute

david bowie fan! Nov 17 2013 3:08pm FLAG
Hi I like sucking d*cks

Anonymous Nov 18 2013 7:49pm FLAG
leave ur number if your country or black and if you have a big ass and long d*ck and fit.. ages only

ass_never_been_then_the_same Nov 21 2013 7:29pm FLAG
Need to trade pic, with someone, super , need a daddy no one under 40

jake Nov 23 2013 4:21pm FLAG

g Nov 23 2013 9:41pm FLAG

hey Nov 23 2013 9:45pm FLAG

hey Nov 23 2013 9:45pm FLAG
Text me

hey #77901805 Nov 23 2013 9:46pm FLAG
. only -u wont be disappointed :)

me! #8649063565 Nov 24 2013 6:30am FLAG
Text if you live any where close to dublin ga

mark Nov 24 2013 12:41pm FLAG
Hey my name is Carter Smith I'm live in Texas. I'm skinny, white, and have an average size c*ck... If u want to snapchat me at "csmith01" send a full body pic and maybe I'll respond if your really hot.. Interested in men older than !!!

Carter Smith Nov 25 2013 8:37pm FLAG
New snapchat is "XDcsmithDX"

Carter Smith Nov 25 2013 8:43pm FLAG
Hey So I want to text a cool gay/bi guy. please leave #

Bleh! Nov 25 2013 11:00pm FLAG
Hey kik me at official_carter__

Carter smith Nov 26 2013 7:11am FLAG
No kik =(

Bleh! Nov 26 2013 3:20pm FLAG
Email Carter?

Bleh! Nov 26 2013 3:22pm FLAG
Hey everyone..Hot young guy, willing to do anything..Text me at six three zero - four seven four - two one eight six.

Chicago Nov 27 2013 3:03pm FLAG
Email me I'm with a six inch c*cked, low hangers, and am pretty hairy. Kind of geely but love anyone ages and up. so HMU

don Nov 28 2013 12:59pm FLAG
hello anyone

Anonymous Nov 29 2013 11:52am FLAG
If anyone wants to talk to me. (Im . bi. and love music [dance and alternative] and im a hipster geek.) Email me at Shawbert 5 5 9 9 @ gmail . com (Without all the spaces)

ClassixxBoy Nov 29 2013 11:25pm FLAG
Bi and

f Dec 04 2013 3:37pm FLAG
wanna see my d*ck?

h Dec 04 2013 3:38pm FLAG
I'm really !

h Dec 04 2013 3:41pm FLAG
I'm spitting on my d*ck

h Dec 04 2013 3:43pm FLAG
Now I'm ing. Myself

h Dec 04 2013 3:45pm FLAG
What ur number

Anonymous Dec 04 2013 4:17pm FLAG
if anyone wants to . talk dirty and all that email me ill do anything ;) m bi

Bottom bi Dec 04 2013 11:48pm FLAG
Email me I'm and have a six inch d*ck and low hangers always filled with cum. I'm a virgin but love to get facials and love having 2@

don Dec 06 2013 12:49pm FLAG
Hey don do you have a phone?

h Dec 06 2013 3:56pm FLAG
Very open and bottom text at 180...101.5.42

bottom Dec 14 2013 8:07am FLAG
Text me start with a pic

j 4075087271 Dec 17 2013 6:24pm FLAG
Hey some one send a pic to

Rider Dec 17 2013 7:09pm FLAG
Anyone me

Nico Dec 18 2013 4:22pm FLAG
Hi anybody on

Anonymous Dec 20 2013 3:36pm FLAG

--- Dec 20 2013 3:43pm FLAG
Send me a pic

j 4075087271 Dec 21 2013 4:24pm FLAG
for older 4.25/77.7/04.58 20 male top

hotbiker Dec 21 2013 9:29pm FLAG
Hello!! I need a or text buddy ;) hit me up oxXxDrAkExXxo on kik 😊 txt me anytime I'm a free man 😜

Drake Dec 25 2013 11:43am FLAG
Hello!! I need a or text buddy ;) hit me up oxXxDrAkExXxo on kik 😊 txt me anytime I'm a free man 😜 I'm

Drake Dec 25 2013 11:46am FLAG
Kik me at taconinjaassassin I'll cum for u

Nico Dec 27 2013 12:48am FLAG
I want phone #'s. I dont have kik. So please leave your # below.

CB Dec 27 2013 2:37am FLAG
Kik: jonahmh I'm a gay boy in the USA. I'm looking for phone sex from anyone years old. Hmu please, I'm fit

KevinTorres Jan 04 2014 8:15am FLAG
Hey I'm 18 looking for a text buddy I'm latino if interested hit me up at 330 eight eight 1 seven 2 nine 8

Adiel Jan 05 2014 2:49pm FLAG
Hey I'm looking for ****s who are 8-to trade pics and vids Kik:me4taylor If u want my phone u have to kik me

Anonymous Jan 06 2014 11:07pm FLAG
hey im looking for a bf really badly. Age isnt really a problem. Im tall and fit with a 7 inch d*ck. Ill do anything, , trade pics, whatever you want. Text me between hours of 9:00pm and 7:00am

anonymous Jan 07 2014 6:41pm FLAG
What's ur number

Jay Jan 08 2014 10:32am FLAG
I'm looking for a black boy and I'm a bottom looking for a top

Mekeal Jan 10 2014 1:30pm FLAG
iam for a guy

ryan Jan 18 2014 12:26am FLAG
I want a bf

Anonymous Jan 18 2014 12:26am FLAG
Anyone wanna swaps pics im bi my kik is bigredneckjason

Anonymous Jan 18 2014 7:18pm FLAG
Bi boy skinny, jock, tall, brown hair and eyes. Send me pics and I'll reply Kik me @ bsblyf

Connor Jan 21 2014 10:17am FLAG
I'm and I'm a bottom looking for a hung boy to rail me and swap pics

Swallow69 Jan 21 2014 7:24pm FLAG
Connor what's your#

Swallow69 Jan 21 2014 7:27pm FLAG
22 m Charlotte NC with uncut c0ck for boys with small hairless c0ck k!k psdavid oovoo psdavid901 skype echo6tech must have mic n cam

guy Jan 22 2014 3:39pm FLAG
Give me numbers I'm and want to send pics of my tight ass and c*ck

Swallow69 Jan 22 2014 8:16pm FLAG
How about you give me your # @Swallow69

ClassixxBoy Jan 23 2014 9:38pm FLAG
207 3three three three four

Swallow69 Jan 24 2014 8:44pm FLAG
Text me fast I'm tight ass

Swallow69 Jan 24 2014 8:45pm FLAG
male bottom hairless everywhere ! Smooth ass and I need a c*ck !! Text me up:) 207 3three three three

Swallow69 Jan 25 2014 8:43pm FLAG
Three three three four

Swallow69 Jan 25 2014 8:44pm FLAG

Ku Jan 25 2014 11:52pm FLAG
Hi i am gay boy nerf a bit d*ck in my ass my ass Is still a vergin need a bf i live in compton ca if u want me com and jet me i will wate only so tharsty leed a d*ck ===D 0:

Juan Jan 26 2014 12:14am FLAG
Not nerf it's need

Juan Jan 26 2014 12:17am FLAG
Not jet tis jet

Juan Jan 26 2014 12:19am FLAG
Get Not jet

Juan Jan 26 2014 12:26am FLAG
What's your numbers Juan

Swallow69 Jan 26 2014 10:23am FLAG
Wats yours and how big Is yoru d*ck and hoh do u Look ===D 0;

Juan Jan 26 2014 7:29pm FLAG
Its how not hoh stupit aouto corect

Juan Jan 26 2014 7:32pm FLAG

Juan Jan 26 2014 7:35pm FLAG
War do u live @ swallow69 i want u now want ur d*ck

Juan Jan 26 2014 8:28pm FLAG
My number is 207 3three three three four

Swallow 69 Jan 27 2014 7:38pm FLAG
me some hot pics ;) I'm 22 and a runner. 949 444 four three four five I want to see some 8==D

James Jan 27 2014 8:55pm FLAG
I'm looking for a gay person to I don't care how old u

Red moon Jan 27 2014 9:53pm FLAG
I gust want a boyfreand to love and have very good sex alot / evry day / I want a 8=====D 0:

Juan Jan 27 2014 10:16pm FLAG
Not gust its just

Juan Jan 27 2014 10:20pm FLAG
Agen I live in Compton ca go to Compton Hight school singal And a vergen kina chubby but not fat If u live neer me tellme I might go over Agen I'm All gay boys I need a boyfreand and need sex naw If inchrestid gove ne ur number I rele need a long big D

Juan Jan 27 2014 10:27pm FLAG
Swallow69 I will call u first how old are u

Juan Jan 27 2014 10:33pm FLAG
Hi any one won't to me i don't care what u look like but as long as u are to 35 than

Red moon Jan 28 2014 2:49pm FLAG

Juan Jan 28 2014 9:35pm FLAG
Hi Juan I wood like to contic u can I get or number

Red moon Jan 29 2014 4:57am FLAG
Can I get urs red moon but how old are u

Juan Jan 29 2014 8:04pm FLAG
So need a big d*ck only Fit gay boys give me ru number

Juan Jan 30 2014 6:00pm FLAG
Juan look me up on kik my user name is worrer 45

Red moon Jan 31 2014 9:08pm FLAG
Do u have a kik

Red moon Jan 31 2014 9:13pm FLAG
hey what are your guyses phone nummbers

joran Feb 02 2014 7:50pm FLAG
love yo talk derty and be a bitch im male any ones welkom txt first

little bitch boy =) Feb 03 2014 10:29pm FLAG
m here anybody wanna text? Leave ur number

D.k Feb 04 2014 1:51pm FLAG
Red moon sory no give me ur nombre

Juan Feb 04 2014 4:19pm FLAG
D.k leav ur nombre Little bitch boy=) u 2 Joran u 2 We Will all talk or meet 4 sex

Juan Feb 04 2014 4:26pm FLAG
Juan emal me.

D.k Feb 04 2014 5:19pm FLAG
D.k dont gat 1 mack me 1 pez

Juan Feb 04 2014 10:25pm FLAG
My name Juan Castro yers old libe in Compton ca mack me 1 pez d.k

Juan Feb 04 2014 10:29pm FLAG
So need a big d*ck

Juan Feb 06 2014 9:03pm FLAG
You gay boys gat a slype only

Juan Feb 13 2014 10:11pm FLAG
Dirty nasty no limits bottom, text me I'm bored love anything but I usually don't send pics I need a lesson for valentines day ;p 801.61,0.42

Thisguy Feb 14 2014 9:25pm FLAG
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