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anyone wanna exchange pics? leve a number girls im lonely.

The Problem: - 24 im

Asked by: anyone75 at 11:44:41 PM, Wednesday, February 23, 2011 PST FLAG


hey dexe

Hot babe Feb 25 2011 1:38am FLAG

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hot babe Feb 25 2011 1:39am FLAG
sure do leave a number im a guy ill text exchange pics

anyone75 Feb 25 2011 2:25am FLAG
becareful. you never know if theses people are who they really claim they are. they could be old adult men who want your number so they can trace it to where you live and kidnap you or rape you or even worse murder you. they can use phone and cell phone numbers to trace a person to where they live.

Anonymous Feb 27 2011 2:22pm FLAG
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hot babe Feb 27 2011 9:17pm FLAG
This response was flagged for inappropriate or offensive content.

The beast girl Feb 27 2011 9:18pm FLAG
My number is *********** i cant show it becuz of the ppal i dont want random ppeal calling me ill gave you my email

sexy girl Feb 27 2011 9:20pm FLAG
hey stud want to talk?

blow job girl the best! blow jobs! Feb 27 2011 9:21pm FLAG
back of girls hes mine! hes my number anyone75 email me ok!

the girl who wants sex Feb 27 2011 9:22pm FLAG
me anyone75!!!!

hot Feb 27 2011 9:23pm FLAG
WTF! is going on hear? wow dude did all thoes girls like you or something?

Rock star bad boy Feb 27 2011 9:24pm FLAG
my emails say u wanna / exchange pics or hit me up at 443 683 33

anyone75 Mar 01 2011 10:19pm FLAG
how big is your d*ck anyone75?

hot girl Mar 04 2011 12:52am FLAG
my d*ck size is inch

anyone75 Mar 08 2011 11:30pm FLAG
Hey... Hi... If any grl want to do sex wiyh me... Plz rly,,, my d*ck is 8inch... Monu

Anonymous Mar 10 2011 9:02pm FLAG
any girl wanna

joevannie Jun 01 2011 1:57am FLAG
any girl wanna see a real d*ck. my number is 601-692-6537. lets trade pics

Jimmie Leach Jr. Jun 10 2011 5:35pm FLAG
Mine is A 7, but its my girl friends c*ck no one els, i get my size from my dads famlys side

other guys say it but dont mean it! Sep 05 2011 10:44pm FLAG
hey im a guy any girl wanna or send pics email me or text me 347-845-2346

big d*ck ;) Oct 20 2011 3:40pm FLAG
hey im a guy any girl wanna or send pics email me or text me 347-845-2346

big d*ck ;) Oct 20 2011 3:41pm FLAG

girl Nov 02 2011 7:41pm FLAG

paul Mar 13 2012 3:27pm FLAG
anyone want to exchange pics

paul Mar 13 2012 3:27pm FLAG
Text me rite away 085859342

?? Apr 06 2012 11:39am FLAG
very mature big ass and tits looking for under hit me up say u wanna 085859342

Sexy Apr 09 2012 1:41pm FLAG
Add me on Skype lets sex Skype flynn.hadorn2 I'm

Hottie May 29 2012 2:49pm FLAG
Add me on Skype lets sex Skype flynn.hadorn2 I'm

Hottie May 29 2012 2:49pm FLAG
Text me 936-463-2492 im a guy ill exchange any type of pics

Big_nuhh Jun 05 2012 10:30pm FLAG
any girls want to txt

dude Jun 06 2012 8:32pm FLAG
any girls want to txt

dude Jun 06 2012 8:37pm FLAG
Any girl want to sex and send pics heres my ## 28198986

Matthew c Jul 07 2012 7:25pm FLAG
Any girls wanna txt 64838883 well exchange pics

Sexy boy swagg Jul 19 2012 9:19pm FLAG
anyone want to or kik anthony0101 and my numbers 93747888 me asap;)

g Jul 24 2012 12:10am FLAG
anyone want to or kik anthony0101 and my numbers 93747888 me asap;)

g Jul 24 2012 12:11am FLAG
anyone want to or kik anthony0101 and my numbers 93747888 me asap;)

g Jul 24 2012 12:11am FLAG
anyone want to or kik anthony0101 and my numbers 93747888 me asap;)

g Jul 24 2012 12:11am FLAG

Anonymous Jul 25 2012 8:53pm FLAG
If live in America and girl send 18478773576

alex Jul 30 2012 12:24am FLAG
If live in America and girl send 18478773576

alex Jul 30 2012 12:24am FLAG
Any girl text me plzz no girl under 20 plzz my # is 919-701-5719 so get me ASAP...oh yeah IM A BOY

Anonymous Jul 30 2012 6:06pm FLAG
Hi anyone wanna send pic ;) you won't be disappointed (925)-360-88:D txt me

Not to say Aug 15 2012 5:06am FLAG
Girls wanna and trade pics? I'll make you wet your panties. Athletic in nyc fredwright410(at) 3473854337

Cool dude Sep 28 2012 8:18am FLAG
txt me 919-418-7310

champion Sep 28 2012 9:16pm FLAG
Anybody want 2 me, hit me up at

Anonymous Sep 30 2012 12:53pm FLAG
Girls me. Give me ur numbers im

tyla Oct 08 2012 8:14pm FLAG
Kik bjornnjorn for an hot chat Im 18

Bjornnjorn Oct 15 2012 12:17am FLAG
CHICKS ONLY email me at

dillster Oct 16 2012 3:25pm FLAG
Im a girl. I dnt . Text me at 4303422359

Katieann Oct 25 2012 8:02pm FLAG
hmu cute blonde and i have a perky ass 518 982 6935

Rachael Wehrenberg Oct 28 2012 10:54am FLAG
anyone up for mobile sexchat

Anonymous Nov 03 2012 7:42pm FLAG
Any girl want to me hit me up at 33432278.

I want to see all girls big boobs. Nov 04 2012 5:52pm FLAG
Girls 3584 8292

Blake Nov 05 2012 2:17pm FLAG
lookin for sexy girls..i have a big d*ck...434 907 45txt me

vince Nov 06 2012 5:34pm FLAG
Any girls n los Angeles c.a

Anonymous Nov 07 2012 7:55pm FLAG
Hey dexe

Anonymous Nov 07 2012 7:57pm FLAG
Text me I'm and my dck is huge girls only 8019958653

Appov Nov 11 2012 4:57pm FLAG
Any girls wanna txt my number is 42323249

Anonymous Nov 13 2012 11:30pm FLAG
My is 27030653 :girls only: ima guy send me a pic

td Nov 14 2012 4:35pm FLAG
70229866 ME OR TEXT ME Hawaiin d*ck :) girls only

Blake bomb Nov 16 2012 3:56pm FLAG
send me pics of your self girls or talk dirty i dont care at 423 972 5066

wardirge Nov 26 2012 3:17pm FLAG
my name is aaron im looking for women only to nd trade pics with! im nd im hella horney! so txt me at 6362326081;)

younghard**** Nov 28 2012 7:11am FLAG
hiya im Erica im 18 and really horney text my 989-488-65

erica Dec 03 2012 4:58pm FLAG
21 year old male with 6 pack abs n decent sized d*ck. Email me for my number ladies n let's get this started.

Brando196 Dec 09 2012 9:41pm FLAG
Girls send me your numbers to at

Oneguy Dec 10 2012 5:58pm FLAG
Hey gurls, kik me:SubsidedCape66. Watever u wanna send(;

Luverpftits Dec 10 2012 6:23pm FLAG
Anybody wanna ? My number is 541 787 26 me right away!!! Girls only im a guy btw

anonymous Dec 11 2012 7:16pm FLAG
Oh and btw the one above this is mine and feel free to te t whenever you want to am always so feel free to

anonymous Dec 11 2012 7:22pm FLAG
hey guys im willing to with anyone just text me (810) 210-99

regan Dec 12 2012 12:56pm FLAG
hmu if ur i got a nice rack 1 (518) 703-7645

CarlyCorina Dec 12 2012 5:10pm FLAG
if ur i got a nice rack 1 (518) 703-7645

CarlyCorina Dec 12 2012 5:14pm FLAG
(951)-236-1885 text whatever haha girls only!!

MasterDreamSex Dec 13 2012 2:24am FLAG
(810) 597-7068 txt me

lilly Dec 13 2012 12:47pm FLAG
txt me 84352969

dustl Dec 15 2012 2:46pm FLAG
KIK ME AT putlocked male 8 inch..

adam Dec 23 2012 10:17am FLAG
Hey Im and wanna email Any hot girls. email me ;)

Jas G Dec 23 2012 12:48pm FLAG
6-795-8372, me girls ;)

Joe Dec 25 2012 2:48pm FLAG
hot girls me at

Zac Dec 27 2012 7:54pm FLAG
im a guy. 256 735 3904. me girls;)

miles Dec 28 2012 8:06am FLAG
if u have verizon, 256 735 3904. girls only! ima guy!

miles Dec 28 2012 8:08am FLAG
text me i got a nice d*ck

oscar Dec 28 2012 10:16pm FLAG
me at 727-667-2597, girls only (my phones on vibrate) :)

sean Dec 29 2012 1:59am FLAG
girls me 919-418-7310. btw ima dude. send a pic

Dusty Dec 31 2012 10:33pm FLAG
Girls am all yours am a guy 7307 8782 tex me any kind of girls

Kidswagg Jan 03 2013 5:42pm FLAG
me at this number;):5039643766

Hornybabe:P Jan 05 2013 12:14am FLAG
Whoever wants to talk dirty or just plain old txt I'm here.............97362660

Swag Master Jan 05 2013 6:52pm FLAG
me girls 647 853 5559

Anonymous Jan 05 2013 7:36pm FLAG
you sould quit this s*it and go sex yourself up mofos please

nunya bidnuss Jan 06 2013 12:59pm FLAG
Can anyonre me im a boy im Girl s only

zach Jan 07 2013 5:07pm FLAG

"Horneybabe:P" Jan 08 2013 4:23pm FLAG
Anyone wanna ? if yes reply. IMA Boy

Danny Jan 08 2013 6:37pm FLAG
Text me a ***** pic I'm very naughty (ONLY TEXT ME NO CALLS JUST )5047230992

The Lesbian Jan 09 2013 2:31am FLAG
Sorry wrong number it's 2252575660

The Lesbian Jan 09 2013 2:53am FLAG
Hey im a dude just hit me up if u want to be naught, just text no calling 3473294804

Caveman Jan 10 2013 7:49pm FLAG
M 78289790

Anonymous Jan 18 2013 9:32pm FLAG
Hey any 18 or younger girls me I'm male 5046459071

7 inches Jan 21 2013 9:01am FLAG
Male 19 looking for girls to Exchange pics with 8456532791

Anonymous Jan 22 2013 9:43pm FLAG
Hey ima gurl. if ur verizon hmu at 4102005190. i do n yes im single. no creepers or ill just get my dad n hes a cop. so yeah im

nyaboo Jan 29 2013 7:49pm FLAG
?. (; girls only yr old guy 760 927 61

Me Feb 04 2013 1:48pm FLAG
anyone wanna hmu at my email girls only 18 or younger my d*ck be 7 inches

nerdyswagg Feb 05 2013 6:55pm FLAG
anyone wanna hmu at my email nd ill email u my number girls only 18 or younger my d*ck be 7 inches

nerdyswagg Feb 05 2013 6:55pm FLAG
Imma guy in ****s, girls only Hmu at856392622 say hey or sumthin like that

Anonymous Feb 06 2013 12:01am FLAG
This site is being monitored, the cyber crime unit is locating every number on here, and launching an investigation effective on February 7, 20. Any post after this will be tracked. is a crime, you will have to register as a sexual offender, and are susceptible to prison time in a federal penitentiary.

The Federal Bureau of Investigation Feb 06 2013 12:08am FLAG
holy I'm outta here!

Me Feb 06 2013 12:09am FLAG

Mine Feb 06 2013 12:09am FLAG
F**k this come get me. Hahahaha

Anonymous Feb 06 2013 12:21am FLAG
im always someone wanna talk

Hornyman 0------------ Feb 06 2013 8:07pm FLAG
Any girl wanna flaunt and see my huge c*ck kik me tony21979

some random uk guy Feb 10 2013 3:32am FLAG
kidswagg is my bf dont txt him anymore

leslie kid swag's girl Feb 11 2013 5:50pm FLAG
Hey I'm looking for a friend who is a girl I'm .age between to 20 just hit me up I'm a guy 5046459071 can't wait

Let's be freinds Feb 14 2013 10:06am FLAG
1-580-668-0695 im a guy girl text me

Imaguy Feb 14 2013 3:20pm FLAG
Any 1 just want to talk I'm here 87032566

Dylan Feb 16 2013 2:01am FLAG
Im sexy with a in dic* !!!!!!!!

Anonymous Feb 17 2013 6:43pm FLAG
Text 40743274 girls only no guys I do

King Feb 18 2013 9:43am FLAG
Wanting to ppl so txt me (503)568-32oh yeah i

wet girl with big tits Mar 02 2013 10:42am FLAG
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That big d*ck Mar 10 2013 9:02pm FLAG
Daniella sorrow sorry lost ur email txt me at 607-749-0076 that why i didn't send it

justin Mar 20 2013 8:00pm FLAG
hey girls kik me at thatoneguy305 ill do dirty or clean chat it doesnt matter im really up for anything (looking for a slave btw) age doesnt matter

thatoneguy305 Mar 21 2013 7:41pm FLAG
Hey. My name is Noah, and I'm a 10 year old boy. I'm lookin 4 someone to date, and maybe even with. IF YOU ARE UNDER , and are interested, kik me at maiernoah. If you look older than , you are getting blocked. I am bi I think, so boyz and girlz text!

Noah Mar 26 2013 5:27pm FLAG
m wanna 4332321

zach Apr 07 2013 4:28pm FLAG
Any girl that want to text,,or trade pics, hit me up at 38833

nick Apr 07 2013 6:39pm FLAG
Imma guy Hmu 84990301 any girls looking to

Anonymous Apr 10 2013 10:21pm FLAG
Any one can text me number above I'm not gonna anymore

Anonymous Apr 11 2013 5:20am FLAG
me girls at 562 44723 anytime no matter how late

Anonymous Apr 11 2013 9:35pm FLAG
txt me ladys must send pic first if u want mine im 21 athletic and have a 10 inch coke and 3inches wide and am im white and have short hair and was a ***star for 4 years 725 734 0290...........

***STAR....:) Apr 16 2013 6:38pm FLAG
Hey im m usa im 5-fit brown hair brown eyes looking for **** girl to ;)

RyanDtc Apr 21 2013 6:15pm FLAG
^^ my numbers 727 643 0820 text me girls

RyanDtc Apr 21 2013 6:16pm FLAG
girls me my number is 75718981

Chillz Apr 23 2013 9:09pm FLAG
Anyone wanna text or phone call girld only? X

Olly Apr 27 2013 3:23pm FLAG
*Girls only

Olly Apr 27 2013 3:24pm FLAG
I live in Indiana, any girl wants to me call me first so I know its a girl, 21924207, I also have Skype but I'll tell you that when you me;)

Chris May 01 2013 11:27pm FLAG
Girls me -19

josh hollinz May 02 2013 10:42pm FLAG
I'm a boy any girls can me at 1 (8) 227-7884

Tony May 05 2013 4:56am FLAG
me girls at 56244723

Anonymous May 16 2013 9:23pm FLAG
Sup any girls wann text

Coolguy May 17 2013 11:50am FLAG
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g May 22 2013 11:05pm FLAG
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older females text me

joe Jun 09 2013 9:52am FLAG
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joe Jun 09 2013 9:54am FLAG
Any girls wanna do it here?

Anonymous Jun 11 2013 7:30pm FLAG
257500 girls only

Anonymous Jun 19 2013 7:49pm FLAG
Any girls wanna face time?

Alyssa Jun 20 2013 12:15am FLAG
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Anonymous Jun 26 2013 6:38pm FLAG
Girls and guys text me pictures 33440549

ThatBiChick Jun 27 2013 7:47pm FLAG
I'm a guy 73188547 text only

I'm Jun 28 2013 1:33pm FLAG
Guys text (734)626-08 for pics. Iv got big tits ;)

Anonymous Jun 29 2013 3:49pm FLAG
Any girls text me (347) 441-4987 if you wanna exchange pics or anything ;) I'm a guy

Anonymous Jun 29 2013 4:03pm FLAG
Hey guys and gals,my names noah. Im , and im tryin 2 get into datin but no luck. I like both boyz an girlz, but not too much older than me. Kik me at AceMallette. If u send inapropate pics, il block u. An I dont , so don ask. CUTIEZ ONLY:)

Anonymous Jul 01 2013 9:00pm FLAG
any girls wanna exchange pics I'm 21m email me at

jr Jul 06 2013 5:06am FLAG
18+ plz font Brothers unless url 18 or older and girls only.....

jr Jul 06 2013 5:16am FLAG
2068673 females only hit me up for chat/ be over 18 if you wanna

im a guy Jul 07 2013 8:57pm FLAG
high as i dont know how i got here peace out

Anonymous Jul 09 2013 9:02pm FLAG
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Melissa Laska Jul 22 2013 8:02pm FLAG
I'm , and a girl thats SO BORED. Text me and we'll see where it goes from there. ;) 92860636

... Jul 23 2013 3:11pm FLAG
Oh my god do not text 92860636... stupid friends and their pranks... i am not a girl by the way...

>:( Jul 23 2013 3:34pm FLAG
I'm a boy me my fone (540) 818 24 or my iPod I will answer my iPod i probly not answer my fone

Me Jul 25 2013 9:48pm FLAG
Wassup.. I never met one girl that was down to .. loll

Anonymous Jul 26 2013 1:04am FLAG
if you wana me go ahed im not one of them dont call me people heres my number 3299810 remember im a dude not a boy and im a guy

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Lorie Jul 29 2013 9:08am FLAG

Dude Jul 29 2013 9:09am FLAG
Hi dude are you there send me a yea

Hotie Jul 29 2013 9:12am FLAG
If you send me one shur

Dude Jul 29 2013 9:14am FLAG
Sory girls have to go real quik

Dude Jul 29 2013 9:17am FLAG
wow abot the pitcur

Hotie Jul 29 2013 9:21am FLAG
Yea do you mind if i can have one more

Lorie Jul 29 2013 9:24am FLAG
Me 2

Hotie Jul 29 2013 9:25am FLAG
I will send you a better 1

Hotie Jul 29 2013 9:27am FLAG
I asked first!!

Lorie Jul 29 2013 9:29am FLAG
Hey dude wich was better

Hotie Jul 29 2013 9:31am FLAG
...uhhh well biger is better bout i send you both a pik

Dude Jul 29 2013 9:42am FLAG
My numbr is 329-9810

Dude Jul 29 2013 9:45am FLAG
If your a girl ...

Dude Jul 29 2013 11:01am FLAG
If eany outher hot grls out there want some piks make shur yours is good i show the whole thing i hope you do 2

Dude Jul 29 2013 12:06pm FLAG
Hey dude, you need an area code or someone else will get your messages messages.

You're welcome Jul 30 2013 8:38pm FLAG
85721967 for real fun;)

thatoneguy Jul 31 2013 8:03pm FLAG
me hot babe 2-223-4834 18 m

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m Aug 08 2013 4:04am FLAG
Noah get a phone

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Beastman23 Aug 20 2013 1:43pm FLAG
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cowgirl04 Oct 22 2013 7:48am FLAG

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cowgirl04 Oct 28 2013 8:34am FLAG
But I do not have a phone I'm grounded from it right now so that's why I said just do it on here, I really don't care who sees.

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Anonymous Dec 03 2013 1:24pm FLAG
Stop it's a crime

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and girls want me to call them. my parents just got me a new cell phone

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Get a ing life

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