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The Problem: 3025440374 me? im a girl. 18. im hot i have black hair and light skin. my breast r a c and my tangs tight i love giving head and i swallow im kinda kinky and up for anything sexy me ; )

Asked by: sexybear at 03:57:26 PM, Friday, April 01, 2011 PDT FLAG


im up ru on fb? babe? ;)

pacemaker Apr 02 2011 7:32am FLAG

Don't contact this girl she's got a frogggy boyfriend

mbeezy Apr 02 2011 2:45pm FLAG
sexy bear?

pacemaker Apr 02 2011 4:42pm FLAG
i am here baby! a real man that u wanna babe ....can u lick my d*ck.....iTs like a ROCK!solid..4.u girl......

abizaks! Apr 03 2011 11:47am FLAG
someone played a prank its a jank number this chick isn't going to give you , heres the real chicks number 302230

sexi_luv_bunny Apr 03 2011 2:18pm FLAG
here is my id late contact me sexi_luv_bunny

abizaks! Apr 04 2011 1:57am FLAG
If u want to giv me a chance to u my number is 970648

Abhi Apr 04 2011 9:26am FLAG
Mera lun 8 inch ka he.muje hot grl baht achi lagti hain.muje chodne ka baht shoq he.plz...muje msg karen. 03074896225

Apka Dost Apr 06 2011 9:03pm FLAG
oh salayoo apney number dia kro qun sanoo sharif lokan nun phsa danday oo .kanjero apney yaran day number tay apney werain day number danday o o qadi apni sister da v number dao

luli bhai Apr 10 2011 2:36pm FLAG
They see me trollin' They hatin' Patrolin' they tryna catch typin' dirty

Trollionaire Apr 12 2011 7:51am FLAG
you know how stupid and dangerous it is to give out your phone number to people on the internet that you dont even know. pedophiles can use your phone number to track where you live. how would you like to walk out of your house and find some 50 year old man waiting to kidnap you or rape you or even worse murder you. giving your phone number out on the internet for sex is the most stupidest thing a kid can do. not to mention its illegal.

Anonymous Apr 17 2011 12:29pm FLAG
Omg u again thois is the third time u used that exact paragraph

watcher Apr 17 2011 2:41pm FLAG
watcher does it bother you? good then i will keep using the same paragraph over and over. saves me the time of typing it out.

Anonymous Apr 18 2011 9:47am FLAG
My god these sorta people are really mental. You probs dont know how many rapers and pedo'zz go on here ? :/ ers.

Yoursosick Apr 21 2011 2:57am FLAG
me girls 1-(7)-820-5395

Masonno Sep 14 2011 4:38pm FLAG

Austin Apr 06 2012 5:15pm FLAG
Girls me! 7347992510

Jcld# Apr 07 2012 5:03pm FLAG
Oops i mean 7347996737

Jcld# Apr 07 2012 5:04pm FLAG
You must be one hella ugly bitch if u gotta catch s on the net. Smh gnl

aubree mangrum Apr 16 2012 12:52am FLAG
this is fake my number is the number and im a man how can i delete this?

Anonymous Apr 17 2012 9:15pm FLAG

The owner of that number Apr 17 2012 9:20pm FLAG

THE OWNER OF THE PHONE Apr 17 2012 9:21pm FLAG

THE OWNER OF THE PHONE Apr 17 2012 9:21pm FLAG

THE OWNER OF THE PHONE Apr 17 2012 9:23pm FLAG
me on kik! Jimmyt73

Jimmy Jun 06 2012 9:29pm FLAG

Anonymous Jul 17 2012 3:57pm FLAG

U know. Smart people put their number on here. Dumb ones dont. B Jul 19 2012 10:47pm FLAG
I need an big d*ck. me. 4303422359. to 19 only

Alli Jul 19 2012 10:50pm FLAG
me 4303422359

Alli Jul 23 2012 8:42pm FLAG
Come on boys. I need help. me! 4303422359

Alli Jul 24 2012 10:05pm FLAG
I do not . Im just looking for a nice guy to text. Im . Female. So chick put my number on here. I dont mind but it got on my nerves. Text me boys. Only -. 4303422359

Katieann Aug 08 2012 9:46pm FLAG
4303422359. Sorry

Katieann Aug 08 2012 9:48pm FLAG
Im a hot babe looking for some action. me 19784296926 and my cousin at 1 (209) 809-33. We are both girls. I'm and she's ,

Call Aug 31 2012 3:10pm FLAG
Im a hot babe looking for some action. me 19784296926 and my cousin at 1 (209) 809-33. We are both girls. I'm and she's , is my limit ^.^

Sam girl Aug 31 2012 3:10pm FLAG
girls me pics of your tits and 818 233 6085 c; will return the favor juss ask Male girls only<3

OhYehs Sep 04 2012 5:27am FLAG
6364666198. Im a hot 22 year old male And am bored as . girls 18 n older that want to just msg me anytime. Il send a pic

Text me.. Sep 15 2012 3:40am FLAG
Hey. I need a nice guy to text me. But he has to be -. please. 4303422359

Katieann Sep 18 2012 5:50pm FLAG
Any Girls text me;) I'm with a athletic build;) 435-730-4090

FreeforAll;) Sep 19 2012 4:45pm FLAG
hi guys and girls, my name is Phoebe i'm 19 and i'm ! I send pics so shoot me a txt ;) 781 475 2334

Phoebe Oct 13 2012 8:59pm FLAG

Not in phoebe Oct 17 2012 6:52am FLAG

NOT ing phoebe Oct 17 2012 6:56am FLAG

Not ing phoebe Oct 17 2012 7:07am FLAG

Not in phoebe Oct 17 2012 7:07am FLAG
want to see a huge d*ck text me a pic of u and ill show you 40374365

lucas Oct 21 2012 11:19pm FLAG
hey any hot girls, me at 856467

Claud Oct 25 2012 8:14pm FLAG
I'm very male looking to sex share pics with girls here's my number 1 587 407 0355

Cody Oct 27 2012 1:08pm FLAG
Girls me 6904475

dominic Oct 27 2012 10:55pm FLAG
. me girls91831905

johnson Oct 29 2012 4:17am FLAG
do u have kik

rj goss Oct 29 2012 1:02pm FLAG
Still waiting 4 that guy. 4303422359

Katieann Nov 06 2012 9:55pm FLAG
Want to

Anonymous Nov 08 2012 2:23pm FLAG
Email me

Mjdppp Nov 10 2012 9:36pm FLAG
Sexy me ladies 21830109

steve Nov 11 2012 5:25pm FLAG
me asap ladies only 51068892265

angel Nov 13 2012 2:04pm FLAG
lol its a number perves

angel Nov 13 2012 2:09pm FLAG

angel Nov 13 2012 2:09pm FLAG
kik me, girls only m.johnston420 i trade pics you wont be disappoint m

Anonymous Nov 21 2012 9:51am FLAG
im my d*ck is inches i need a girl to me let me get that pic of ur and trust me u wont be desaponted my number is 757-585-53

jake with the all mighty snake Nov 23 2012 6:28pm FLAG

So4ChinIT Nov 26 2012 2:55pm FLAG
Kik me fakeaccountlikelike I'm M

Fakeacount Nov 27 2012 7:00pm FLAG
me ladies at 1-847-508-4977 see ya and remember you arent anything till somebody loves you=)

TJ Nov 28 2012 3:45pm FLAG
kik me girls m.johnston420 ;) i trade

Anonymous Nov 28 2012 9:56pm FLAG
All ya are stupid ers.(:

Unknown. Dec 06 2012 3:07pm FLAG
My friend said this is his girls number .not the number she said.but y'all are gonna die if this is his girl.he has anger problems.!!(;

Anonymous Dec 06 2012 3:18pm FLAG
email me for s, girls only

SexyDude Dec 16 2012 4:00pm FLAG
26298992 ill anyone

big boy Dec 17 2012 5:40pm FLAG
This is hilarious and no offence but you're all a bunch of ****s XD I'm so dubious right now as to whether you even used your real numbers-- in which case you're stupid. No offence!

Classy Lady Dec 20 2012 1:13am FLAG
anyone wanna me my number is 330 437 7236 good girls only plus dirty pics welcome looking forward to hearing from you girls post your number if you would like me to text you thanks :)

ben Dec 21 2012 6:52pm FLAG
remember real girls only dont want their boyfriends texting me ok thanks

ben Dec 21 2012 6:55pm FLAG
single if that helps too

ben Dec 21 2012 6:57pm FLAG

Anonymous Dec 22 2012 12:49am FLAG
My name is Kevin Talcott (: 406-871-53

KevDog Dec 22 2012 2:22pm FLAG
ladies txt me, 6-795-8372

joe Dec 25 2012 3:03pm FLAG
I'm i9, makes. Girls hmu ;) 8599030736

cshaffer Dec 27 2012 10:33pm FLAG
text me im a young female who is about it 9039448953

Anonymous Dec 29 2012 6:08pm FLAG
Girl, looking for girls, or guys ;) Perferably girls tho, kik: justsmile1

Jessica Dec 31 2012 3:20am FLAG
any girls who are single like me i'm ben text/ me @ 330 437 7236 you gotta be single no guys/boyfriends thanks :)

ben Jan 01 2013 12:32am FLAG
I need a girl to me and send me pic Text me girls 210 374 10

Adrian Jan 01 2013 1:05am FLAG
hi it's ben again i have a friend who is and looking for a girl to text 469 400 9432 is his number text him ladies ok thank you he has been on me for quite awhile now any single girls can make him happy please btw his name is isaac

ben Jan 01 2013 7:42am FLAG
Girls my # 43242520.. Love dirty Ill Love any girls..

Rey Jan 02 2013 9:51pm FLAG
Or 97995031.. I'm thir**** by the way.. 7 in. On me...

Rey Jan 02 2013 9:52pm FLAG
Ay looking for nice girls or dirty girls doesn't matter just bored but if you want my numba just ask- any age

Josh Jan 13 2013 12:52am FLAG
18/male/8pack/blonde hair blue eyes/ me trade pics ;) Females only. 36059386 Names Ryan

ryan Jan 17 2013 6:50am FLAG
kik: bob5822 girls only ;)

joe Jan 20 2013 1:50pm FLAG
Kik me lickmedry1928

Anonymous Jan 22 2013 8:55pm FLAG
Bu the lickmedry1928 is female I just ed her she's hot

Sarah Jan 22 2013 8:58pm FLAG
snippzer - snapchat ^^ m20

woah Jan 23 2013 3:59pm FLAG
Leave your number to very

The Lesbian Jan 26 2013 8:35pm FLAG
Hey ladies text 720-272-95or kik jackfrost0322 for some fun ;) btw im 7 inches

Anonymous Feb 02 2013 7:15pm FLAG
hey ladies me at 2567105662 pic first questions later

big c*ck dave Feb 05 2013 8:33pm FLAG
me girls im @ 9496332598

jake c Feb 08 2013 8:43pm FLAG
Hey whats up im n is looking for someone around that age. i dnt and im thick with big tits n ass so yeah NO PERVES MY DADS A COP! ill always txt u back only if ur verizon lol txt me sexy boys 41020005190

Starchick;) Feb 09 2013 1:54pm FLAG
Hey my real number is 4102005190 sorry i had to many 0s lol text me

Starchicx:) Feb 09 2013 7:28pm FLAG
Thats not her number its mine im nya. i never put that up there and my dad is not a cop. and i do so hmu if ur verizon lol! ill always answer u back and yes im and black with nice tits and ass so yeah lol bye only guys!

nya Feb 14 2013 11:29am FLAG
You all are about dumb on here.

A Feb 18 2013 2:01pm FLAG
Anyone send an swap pics. 4233683852 im a guy in my twentys

Someone Feb 18 2013 2:08pm FLAG
Girls me whenever you want Ill always answer and ill send a pic back im a male with a big d*ck for my age

Sexy Evan Sayz Feb 18 2013 2:55pm FLAG
I'm a guy I'm 18 with a 8 inch d*ck and my number is 70803379 text me girls plz

Jade Feb 20 2013 3:52pm FLAG
Girls me 8585 39

bigboy101 Feb 23 2013 7:25pm FLAG
Girl only me my snap chat is mason 1999 no that's not when I was born I am seven**** I have a footlong d*ck and will send pics

Footlongthebigbossdog Feb 24 2013 7:34pm FLAG
and girl looking for good hmu at 67853821

thebigone Feb 27 2013 4:49pm FLAG

. Mar 04 2013 6:49pm FLAG
Call 2533558501.... (;

Anonymous Mar 09 2013 1:24pm FLAG
Hmu ladies,8900 0887

rickybobby1 Mar 13 2013 9:47pm FLAG
guy here number is 865-253-4631 girls only

big b Mar 18 2013 3:36pm FLAG
21 f kik me caelynkelly

caelyn Mar 23 2013 2:19am FLAG
You all are a bunch of dumasses. an s talking about me. No wonder kids these days are getting diseases an . GROW UP and ACT YOUR AGE. DAMN KIDS

Georgiaboy Mar 24 2013 6:45pm FLAG
Hey. My name is Noah, and I'm a 10 year old boy. I'm lookin 4 someone to date, and maybe even with. IF YOU ARE UNDER , and are interested, kik me at maiernoah. If you look older than , you are getting blocked. I am bi I think, so boyz and girlz text!

Noah Mar 26 2013 5:37pm FLAG
Kik me at rock22_1 I am a guy . girlsKik me right now if u can Girls only

The guy Apr 01 2013 10:55am FLAG
I'm a guy and my number is 57980246. me ;)

Nick Apr 07 2013 1:34pm FLAG
I'm a guy 19 yrs any kind of girl kik me rjones

Anonymous Apr 07 2013 8:29pm FLAG
guy here. Big d*ck. me. I'll do anything! GIRLS ONLY!!!!!! My number is 903-746-7946

Jake69 Apr 09 2013 7:58pm FLAG
Texas boy here! Huge c*ck head! HORNY GIRLS ONLY kik me! I send s but you have to send some too(; and you know what they say.. everything's bigger in texas(; my kik it mitchluk

Mitchluk Apr 13 2013 1:50pm FLAG
If u want to find a good buddy u can test me just comment ur number

American Boy Apr 14 2013 5:34am FLAG
Hi im bobby!!! would like to have fun with somone!!! must be a girl!!!

bobby A. Apr 16 2013 4:54am FLAG
Someone swap pics ;) 787346767

Justin Apr 17 2013 6:42pm FLAG
Ladies me! 508-369-3604

Dan Apr 21 2013 7:23am FLAG
hey guys, this is a sort of prank: here's my friends number: 24299373 he doesn't know it's posted only girls text him age doesnt matter enjoy ;)

Anonymous Apr 21 2013 5:47pm FLAG
Looking to or kik s or snapchat (girls only)

Casey Brown #4043867722 or kik me at aedoe7 Apr 21 2013 7:25pm FLAG
hey girls only, just to talk nothing sexual i promise text me 209 489 4563

Anonymous Apr 23 2013 2:43pm FLAG
Wanna here's my like I'm . Weible

yolo May 06 2013 9:26pm FLAG
Wanna here's my kik I'm . Weible

yolo May 06 2013 9:28pm FLAG
Hot girls only -19

yolo May 06 2013 9:32pm FLAG
ayye girls text me im 18, i swear you wont regret 95452496

alex May 08 2013 4:34pm FLAG
me girls at 56244723

Anonymous May 09 2013 9:00pm FLAG
Hey me or we could roleplay I'm a male I only want females my number is 3-790-8665

cmetot May 15 2013 1:39pm FLAG
Hey ladies, me at 26999384u will NOT be disappointed ;)

jenks May 15 2013 10:14pm FLAG
me 8326295574

superc*ck May 23 2013 2:27pm FLAG
Hey im looking for girls age that wants to text a good dude an have fun text me my num is 7656398460

Aaron May 25 2013 8:55pm FLAG
18186206619 im so hard

Max May 26 2013 1:25am FLAG
2672407786 im a guy looking for females

Anonymous May 26 2013 6:50pm FLAG
Looking for young girls who like to ask?????'s about stuff a little older guy would know- I have been lucky to been blessed with a great imagination. I like young girls because they are innocent and not stuck up. Daniel 40544448

Hopefully you'll call May 27 2013 6:04am FLAG

wtf.. May 28 2013 1:09pm FLAG
Girls looking for a fit guy kik laxbroohes super cute and really nice

Anonymous May 28 2013 7:46pm FLAG
(865) 745-9264 me I'm a guy

Love girls Jun 04 2013 11:27pm FLAG
Horny girls kik me yajackya

Anonymous Jun 09 2013 8:28pm FLAG
Need girl to sxt me on kik. Joshua-xgn

Anonymous Jun 12 2013 10:18pm FLAG
guy looking for girl kik me Ray Ray

Anonymous Jun 15 2013 9:10pm FLAG
Guys kik me at Vicky G I like to see you masturbate. f

Anonymous Jun 16 2013 12:41pm FLAG
Kik me girls im male wafflelover-

Matt Jun 18 2013 7:57pm FLAG

Lizzy1080 Jun 22 2013 6:49pm FLAG
i kiked u lizzy

anon Jun 22 2013 9:25pm FLAG
m. i like younger girls though. and under kik me at hotguy4yorlife. no age is to young ;)

hotguy4yourlife Jun 24 2013 5:19pm FLAG
looking to i am a boy looking for a girl so me 7193732542

big d*ck Jun 25 2013 1:36pm FLAG
Girls me cell number is 330 437 7236 and kik me at singleguy320 and lets have fun girls only

Ben Jun 27 2013 8:53pm FLAG
Guys text me (734) 626-08 for pics. I'm a girl an I want some d*ck pics so if you wanna exchange pics text me ;)

Anonymous Jun 29 2013 4:11pm FLAG
Kik me swaggin 2468

Anonymous Jul 02 2013 11:48am FLAG
Hey girls, I'm male. Kik me at XxSecretDonutxX or text me (361)-550-4947 or email for s, , and sexy role play! I can also teach you how to squirt and masturbate! :D

kasper Jul 03 2013 1:05am FLAG
Kik me for pics monkeyboys1 Girls only age i dont care

Anonymous Jul 05 2013 5:12pm FLAG
Hey girls text me at 336-278-57 im male send s first

Anonymous Jul 07 2013 5:13pm FLAG
Hay hot guys with big c*cks me i share pics if u do but I can only sen them to emails oh and I live in Oklahoma I'm a girl hoping year old boys please be in great shape oh and if we meet up Ill suck c*cks or play dirty truth or dare

Bitch Jul 08 2013 12:40pm FLAG
Hey girls I'm ayr old male that wants to hmu 70722835

Anonymous Jul 09 2013 12:11am FLAG
Don't text 70722835 he will report you for harrassment

Anonymous Jul 09 2013 2:24pm FLAG
6372 3651 male I'll make u wet girls u won't regret I promise

Jason Jul 11 2013 8:31am FLAG
+ girls please text me im looking for a young dirty and sex craving girl hmu

Anonymous Jul 11 2013 1:38pm FLAG
bitch what's your email ?

Anonymous Jul 11 2013 8:40pm FLAG
Kik me @tarin.clark for s (: if you send one ill send one back ! m

Anonymous Jul 11 2013 8:43pm FLAG
me ladies and I'll show my perfect c*ck 4805860347

Anonymous Jul 12 2013 10:57pm FLAG
me I am a yr. old girl and looking for fun... send a full body shot or I will not reply . NO FAKES I will message girls or boys STATS IN FIRST MESSAGE 8-3-6077

bitch Jul 13 2013 11:21am FLAG
20 year old college guy wanting to with girls of any age...I especially like young girls ;). And trust me, ya'll will love my d*ck ;) txt me at 361-244-59and let the fun begin ;)

Jagged Jul 13 2013 11:20pm FLAG
me girls @ 255429. Anyage between and 25.

sexyknight Jul 14 2013 7:36pm FLAG
me girls have a hard d*ck and want to trade pics ;) 7193732542 i am so girls and older one send one if you send one frist ;)

and hard Jul 14 2013 9:08pm FLAG
Girls . 27790707 I'm guy

Anonymous Jul 15 2013 8:19pm FLAG
Hey im 41 looking for wmn , chatting or swapping pics my nbr is 94o 256 3oo5 u dont then i understand.

red e now Jul 17 2013 5:57pm FLAG
Hey girls kik me: Cam_eee -

Anonymous Jul 19 2013 12:34am FLAG
Girls 27790707 I'm m ill be ur slave girls only

Anonymous Jul 19 2013 12:47am FLAG
Hey there I'm looking for a buddy I'm a guy so girls only kk c; 7606688724

Anonymous Aug 04 2013 12:33am FLAG
me ladies at 7275994733

Sexymale Aug 09 2013 7:05am FLAG
Here's a huge d*ck for you

Sexy male Aug 09 2013 7:05am FLAG
Hello, I'm 19, 6'3'' 0lbs slim athletic body that is looking for some interesting girls to text and have fun with. Text me at (6)465-99

Anonymous Aug 14 2013 1:31pm FLAG
Hi I would love love for you to text me u sound like you love to have fun so text me like now at (919) 951 4238

Awesome Aug 17 2013 11:14pm FLAG
I'm a guy by the way looking for a sexy girl text me my numbers up there^^^^

Awesome Aug 17 2013 11:23pm FLAG
me girls 210 324 4487 just want to i dont care what age plzzzz txt me and send s i will reply

Anonymous Aug 19 2013 9:08pm FLAG
girls send s and talk dirty 210 324 4487

Anonymous Aug 19 2013 9:10pm FLAG
Any girls to 50 text me at 231 288 5244

olderwomanlover Aug 27 2013 11:26pm FLAG
I'm a male looking for any girls wanting to kik me. I prefer to be naughty and I will and send pics if you will;) kik joebox69 girls only please

Anonymous Aug 28 2013 9:52pm FLAG
Hey ladies if you want to kik me at Caulson3 we can swap s

Cam Aug 29 2013 12:13pm FLAG
Hey ladies,im will girls i will send pics if u will ;) # 903-910-8771

sexybeast Sep 05 2013 9:33pm FLAG
I'm a girl looking to hot guys I have a nice ass and small tots but a nice

d*ck sucker Sep 09 2013 4:01pm FLAG
Want hott girls to and pic trade 18 to40. Nmbr is 8702064697

pu__ylickr Sep 11 2013 12:45am FLAG
My name is Greg, I'm , I'm looking for someone to chat and/or sexy with, please text (719-465-62). Only girls please, I'm very athletic, and have been told I look hot

Marine Sep 13 2013 8:32pm FLAG
And/or with, sorry auto correct get me...

Marine Sep 13 2013 8:33pm FLAG
Kik me lady's no300hunnah I'm a male I'll send dirty s :)

big d*ck Sep 15 2013 6:16pm FLAG
girls 68228768

austinsk Sep 25 2013 6:36pm FLAG
hey u guys me from 6:00-3:00 am i have big tits, long hair, and a tight p__y. yrs plz

blow kissezz Sep 25 2013 6:46pm FLAG
and my number is 704-620-8089

blow kissezz Sep 25 2013 6:48pm FLAG
ik im posting a lot but guys or girls idc ;)

blow kissezz Sep 25 2013 6:50pm FLAG
girls 6822 8768

party Sep 26 2013 1:13pm FLAG
Im a 18 year old guy from Ohio Girls only! 2392335194

Tyler Sep 29 2013 7:08pm FLAG
blow kissezz where?

Anonymous Oct 03 2013 12:40am FLAG
im a guy looking for girls :nd up 2252909907

Anonymous Oct 03 2013 1:25pm FLAG
4057795822 it will be well worth your time ladies I'm

Anonymous Oct 05 2013 4:12am FLAG
Sexy 4057795822

Anonymous Oct 05 2013 4:12am FLAG
Kik me boys;) presleyhasarrived

Anonymous Oct 07 2013 5:31pm FLAG
Girls- if youre looking for a hot guy with big d*ck to with youve come to the right place;) Kik me at triplethreetres

Anonymous Oct 09 2013 3:11pm FLAG
Girls 18+ kik me: Markky21

Anonymous Oct 14 2013 6:45pm FLAG
Hey any girls on 27/m wants to

horne Oct 18 3:59pm FLAG
Girls kik me meagher1998

Anonymous Oct 20 3:27am FLAG
M looking for a sexy buddy, any age above , pretty or sexy girls only my kik: Cooltempt7

Anonymous Oct 27 12:09pm FLAG
Any ladies want to me shoot me a t xt to.78533918

Anonymous Oct 28 11:04pm FLAG
hey im Dalton looking for a young girl that wants me to be her daddy;) an you be my naughty lil daughter;) text me 804 901 5533

stetboy Nov 01 2:00am FLAG
girls 6822 8768

mee Nov 01 7:02pm FLAG
Any girls on

ray Nov 04 12:12pm FLAG
Any girl up to

ray Nov 04 1:06pm FLAG
332387girls who are looking for a big c*ck

Anonymous Nov 04 4:36pm FLAG
me at 4048456557 boy girls only

Anonymous Nov 06 4:35pm FLAG
Kik me anytime @ imtoocute1987 girls only

Anonymous Nov 08 12:35pm FLAG
the police #FTP

RABBIT Nov 09 1:44am FLAG
23 male looking to have some fun on kik. Girls message: jwalkerblue

Anonymous Nov 13 11:37pm FLAG
Girls kik me otherguy28

ray Nov 18 11:20am FLAG
Girls ki k me otherguy28ng

ray Nov 18 12:21pm FLAG
Girls ki k me otherguy28

ray Nov 18 12:22pm FLAG
I am a boy looking for a to 20 yearold girl to my kik is aj_ navone

Aj Dec 01 8:42pm FLAG
boy looking to girls any age kik me dustyonkik

DustyonKik Dec 04 9:21pm FLAG
I am male looking for some dirty and pic trade

Jaedin Rnquist on kik Dec 07 1:56am FLAG
I'm a yr old guy supper horney reply with numbers plzz

Brad Dec 10 1:39pm FLAG

Azam Dec 31 12:38am FLAG
Dial this it might take a while

Azam Dec 31 12:41am FLAG
1 4 1 7 5 4 0 3 7 7 8

Azam Dec 31 12:42am FLAG
Hey y'all what's up

wvboy Jan 20 6:09pm FLAG
anyone wanna talk

wvboy Jan 20 6:10pm FLAG
Fuk off

Anonymous Jan 31 3:11am FLAG
Big c*ck yr old boy kik me at the_me_man

Trey Feb 05 7:03pm FLAG
Girls only

Trey Feb 05 7:03pm FLAG
Text me I'm 7in and male I like it dirty

no one Feb 09 12:18am FLAG
Meal 19 got a big d*ck kik me xxdsgxx ;)

Anonymous Feb 12 7:52am FLAG
Hard as hell me in to girls text is xxdsgxx

lol Feb 12 8:54am FLAG
Snapchat me da-slayer3 m! Girls only

Anonymous Feb 19 3:11am FLAG
This is hilarious one most of the kids on here try to say they have an 10 inch wong fun because at the age of with a d*ck that big it means less blood in the body your activity period will be over quickly two most of these kids are under 18 which means if any of you get found to have pic of even yourself on your phone god hopes your phone company doesn't do a network virus scan you will be charged with producing and maybe even distributing child ***ography lol lifes a bitch so instead of guys do it old school just meet up and mess around

Beenthere Mar 04 8:32am FLAG
Kik jeenyissexy im a f hott blonde looking for girls to trade with, they don't have to be live, you go first, no guys you'll be blocked. Any age is fine but young is best ;) love ya all

Jenny Mar 05 8:17pm FLAG
Any girls fromto add your numbers if you want to me, I'm ,

Anonymous Mar 10 4:35am FLAG
F girls only kik sexybailey2*00 trade pics you go first

sexybailey2000 Mar 13 10:10pm FLAG
email me ( ) to get my number, GIRLS ONLY and you must prove it,i love and do pics if you do, thx babes ;)

YourGuy;) Mar 16 4:25am FLAG
Looking to 18+ I'm a guy and straight and ladies i promise you will enjoy can talk bout anything

realdeal Mar 16 6:16am FLAG
Kik ehvan_the_killer for a big c*ck ladies.. Must prove you are a girl. NO BOYS

Anonymous Mar 23 8:02am FLAG
Any girl 8-who wanna swap kik me at r_u_scaredddddd I'm m over 6"

Anonymous Mar 23 1:48pm FLAG
girls kik me i am 1*3f and looking to trade pics only girls please i dont want any boys. you go first just pics. kik below

gorgeoushaley Mar 25 9:17pm FLAG
Hey ladies, I'm a dude lookin 4 sum nice pics... ladies only Kik TreJInfinity

lookin4fun Mar 25 11:24pm FLAG
M Dom looking for female slaves. My kik is alecazam1 and you must be able to send live pictures

Anonymous Mar 28 1:27pm FLAG
Hey girls kik me I'm a nice guy I can talk clean or dirty my kik is tritent I'm m and I'm looking coward to talking to u:)

Anonymous Apr 07 2:26pm FLAG
Hey im looking for girls to kik me for some wild and fun and im strait but guys can kik me to tell me other girls kiks plzzzz

Mc_T_Raw_187_Tyga Apr 08 6:12pm FLAG
My kik is below

Mc_T_Raw_187_Tyga Apr 08 6:14pm FLAG

lips Apr 09 7:10pm FLAG
Give advice: