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How can i touch my mom boobs without her knowing?

The Problem: Okay so i want to touch my mom boobs and i almost did while she was sleeping but got scared so how can i do that? i also want her to see my penis?

Asked by: Nick4871 at 11:28:38 AM, Wednesday, April 06, 2011 PDT FLAG


u should not do this this is sin.

always cool Apr 09 2011 11:54pm FLAG

while she is sleeping,go and touch her between her legs.....and touch your co*k with her ?she will accept it

alwayscool Apr 10 2011 12:42am FLAG
Plzz help me.. How to make my girlfriend on chat??

Xxxxx Apr 10 2011 2:56am FLAG
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Lindsey Apr 15 2011 10:11am FLAG
Uhm, don't be scared when she sleeps just do it. and lick her p ussy and take her cl othe s off. ;)

Anonymous Apr 24 2011 1:01pm FLAG
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david May 03 2011 10:50am FLAG
If your mom drinks, and she passes out.. Do it then, they can't feel a thing. I stuck my d*ck in her , and she didn't wake up

Paul May 11 2011 10:19pm FLAG
Why the would you want to touch your mums tits any way

Anna May 20 2011 6:11am FLAG
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Anonymous May 27 2011 8:49am FLAG
When she's drinking spike her drink, Open her legs stick your d*ck in, Lick her out Tongue her, Jump on top of her, Put your d*ck in her mouth, And touch her boobs!

Anonymous May 27 2011 8:49am FLAG
When she's drinking spike her drink, Open her legs stick your d*ck in, Lick her out Tongue her, Jump on top of her, Put your d*ck in her mouth, And touch her boobs!

Anonymous May 27 2011 8:51am FLAG
Apni mummy ki chuchi chhune me koi burai nai hai. wahi chuchi pee kar tum bade hue ho. pee jao apne maa ka sara doodhoo.

neelam a mother Jun 01 2011 11:07am FLAG
get up like at 3 or 4 am in the morning and do or do it while she is in deep sleep

angel of darkness Jun 01 2011 6:45pm FLAG
I can't see my mams boobs

sophie brazil Jun 14 2011 11:44am FLAG

huhu Jun 15 2011 10:40am FLAG
I would do it when she's asleep . My mom when it's just us in the house she takes me into her room. She asks me if I want to see her boobs and other things. She also asks to see mine ( to see if I'm growing right) but I just think shes wrong. Very wrong.

Danielle Jun 17 2011 12:12am FLAG
just try bumping into her by accident.........i did it that way and it worked ;)

random guy Jun 26 2011 12:45am FLAG
sleep with your mom and touch ur moms tit sand pretend that u did it accidently

rahul Jul 09 2011 1:05am FLAG
How to touch your mums boobs homealone with out her knowing

Anonymous Jul 12 2011 3:37pm FLAG
I really really want to touch my moms boobs they r so big i just want to squeze them suck them and but my d*ck in in her tang any advice

Chris Jul 16 2011 12:38am FLAG
I want to suck all the milk out of my moms boobs and i want to do it with her but i dont know what to do

My moms boobs Jul 16 2011 12:44am FLAG
When your mom is drunk take her shirt and bra off and do wat eva u want lick and touch her boobs she wont know a thing and u might even stick your hard d*** in her mouth or her or her nice ass ive done it before it will work

Me Jul 18 2011 11:29pm FLAG
drug her take shirt off u can her all you whant then

samantha .v Jul 20 2011 9:43pm FLAG
I want touch my moms boobs i get scared cause i think that i will get in trouble any ideas

Chris Jul 20 2011 10:30pm FLAG
drug her take shirt off u can her all you whant then

samantha .v Jul 21 2011 5:06am FLAG
This is very bad soon. Amma na yennanu theriyuma da unaku poriki tho varenda soon ull b punished

anniyan from india Jul 21 2011 7:14am FLAG
Okay. I am not saying do it cos u will enjoy it but I am not saying don't either Having s*x is to far but most boys (including me) get urges to touch her boobs. Steer clear of (for what of a better name) below the belt if u know what I mean Also if you are going to touch her boobs. DO IT WITH PERMISSION cos otherwise it is wrong (and that is coming from a non-religious guy, well ****ager) but you will be constantly angry with your self until u come clean which might spoil ur relationship with her. The same things apply with touching your siblings or aunts E.C.T. Don't ever let her do anything below the belt cos this is likely to lead to sex AKA incense and a very expensive law suit It is a little weird to touch anyone in your family but I am not saying that it is wrong so it really is up to you and her so if she does let you, enjoy it but don't do it routinely as it will become a habit and will lead into bigger things (BAD THINGS) like as I have said, incense. Now advice for mums Still coming from me. The unknown guy If you don't mind your son playing with you then restrict him like I said for the first part so no below the belt even if it is just a peak. It is just weird. But if you don't want him to, don't feel pressured in to it by him Say no and don't get mad/angry at him because puberty brings sexual urges that are normal for most kids (9-18) Oh and if he does touch you and you have said no, explain to him that you are not happy with it but stay calm and don't shout and maybe get a book explaining about the female anatomy with pictures so he can get an understanding but still stays away from ***ographic websites as if he does see ***, he will be addicted to it which obviously is bad Just be understanding but keep a strict set of rules about it if you let him see at all Now for sisters Still by me! The unknown guy (who by now is probably getting quite well known by all of u :) so yh) It is a bit weird for a boy to touch his sisters boobs, would you agree Cos he is changing through puberty be understanding if he is younger than you or the same age as you but if you are younger than him, he may be trying to use u as nothing more than a mere sex toy which you don't want so say no Again like with the mothers solutions only let him if you are happy but also let ur parents know about this sexual activity sway towards you but tell them that if they are going to talk about these feelings tell them that it is not the falt of the child but hormones are to blame and if they are also happy for you to go ahead, then restrict him when doing so and don't let him do something that is uncomfortable to you and don't go below the belt as again it will lead to sex and incense which is wrong and if you say no, tell your parents to by books on the female anatomy with pictures so he can still get a feel for the human anatomy whilst staying away from *** Now for other family members Follow the mothers rules but don't just be like oh okay, I will show you my boobs. Be a lot stricter but don't yell at him cos it is not his falt. His hormones are taking over so just be understanding and don't go below the belt Unknown guy out. :P. Peace If you like this, comment, rate and sUbScRiBe!

Unknown guy Jul 27 2011 2:44pm FLAG
I also want to touch her boobs I am but she is a very light sleeper who would not be understanding of my urges to touch her and we don't have sleeping pills. Please help (I know it is a sin + I believe Satan is after me cos I know so much about him but I am not religious so ;) )

The unknown guy Jul 31 2011 3:44pm FLAG

The unknown guy Jul 31 2011 5:37pm FLAG
Just do it

RANDOM Aug 01 2011 1:05am FLAG
But she would not understand my urges and would probably hate me for it so how can i

The unknown guy Aug 01 2011 3:05pm FLAG
Just lay on the swag and be like, "Just like old times"

Not from LL Aug 03 2011 9:42pm FLAG

MOMTITS Aug 04 2011 11:26pm FLAG
Just get ***** and go with the flow

Nick 710 Aug 05 2011 12:24am FLAG
I actually don't have a big problem getting decent chicks. I'm charming, and know some slick moves. If your mom is a cashier in a gas station, buy a lottery ticket. When she asks what kind, say "Pick your favorite one." She goes to hand you the ticket you tell her "Keep it. Maybe you'll get lucky." Then leave. Talk right, and you can get your mom.

Mark Brennen Aug 05 2011 12:37am FLAG
??????????????.._,,,..---.,?????????????? ?????????????..,-?`,,,,_,-~-,?-,?????????????. ?????????????..;??.???.?;.?;????????????? ????????????.?.,\.,,---,..--~-.?-~;????????????.. ?????????????.?,?;..~?,?..?,????...;./???????._?,-,??? ?????????????..?-,\?.;-,;?,,...|;???????...\.\..|.?,??? ??????????????..;-,.?~--~`.,-?,`~,_????.???-?,|..;,,??. ??????????????.;?,\.?~,,,,-?`?/?..?``??~--,_??..,?,-``/.,?-,?? ????????????.._,~???~,??.,-??????..?~,?..?;.???-?-?;?? ???????????,-~??????`~,-????????.?-,?,?-,_../??.. ??????????,-??????????????????-,-?.../??? ????????..,??????????????????./?...;???. ?????????./????????????????;?..,/??,???? ?????????/???????????????..?,?.|??./??? ????????..,??????????????????;?/?..,/???.. ????????../????????????????..;..|?.,/???? ????????,??????????????????;?`?~~?????. ????????/???...,?????????????.|??????. ???????...;,_??...,?????????????...;?????? ???????...,?..?``?~,-?;??????????????\?????.. ???????...;??../..|??????????????..\?????. ???????...|??,??|??????????????...\????? ???????..,???/?.\?????????????.??\????..

Anonymous Aug 05 2011 12:38am FLAG
Give your mom a Rusty Venture.

Russian Guyovitch Aug 05 2011 7:39am FLAG
Basically, please respond

man Aug 06 2011 2:43am FLAG
Dude what the f**** why would u wanna do day? She's your mum ??? Are you ok kid go ahead and get some sleep k? You not awake

Joelle Aug 10 2011 1:06am FLAG
Hi I know jus when you are bout to hug het make the move and whn your in the bathroom say mom I need creative

Gabrielle Aug 10 2011 1:09am FLAG
This response was flagged for inappropriate or offensive content.

Anna Aug 10 2011 1:14am FLAG
I want to touch my moms boobs when she is sleeping but im affraid that she will wake up any advice

Chris Aug 10 2011 10:32pm FLAG
??????????????.._,,,..---.,?????????????? ?????????????..,-?`,,,,_,-~-,?-,?????????????. ?????????????..;??.???.?;.?;????????????? ????????????.?.,\.,,---,..--~-.?-~;????????????.. ?????????????.?,?;..~?,?..?,????...;./???????._?,-,??? ?????????????..?-,\?.;-,;?,,...|;???????...\.\..|.?,??? ??????????????..;-,.?~--~`.,-?,`~,_????.???-?,|..;,,??. ??????????????.;?,\.?~,,,,-?`?/?..?``??~--,_??..,?,-``/.,?-,?? ????????????.._,~???~,??.,-??????..?~,?..?;.???-?-?;?? ???????????,-~??????`~,-????????.?-,?,?-,_../??.. ??????????,-??????????????????-,-?.../??? ????????..,??????????????????./?...;???. ?????????./????????????????;?..,/??,???? ?????????/???????????????..?,?.|??./??? ????????..,??????????????????;?/?..,/???.. ????????../????????????????..;..|?.,/???? ????????,??????????????????;?`?~~?????. ????????/???...,?????????????.|??????. ???????...;,_??...,?????????????...;?????? ???????...,?..?``?~,-?;??????????????\?????.. ???????...;??../..|??????????????..\?????. ???????...|??,??|??????????????...\????? ???????..,???/?.\?????????????.??\????..

Anonymous Aug 11 2011 1:05am FLAG
take some sleeping pills and mix it in water and then she'll fall a sleep then remove her dress and do what u want

sex Aug 11 2011 1:06am FLAG
go and sleep in her boobs and talk to here creative

HACKER Oct 10 2011 9:21am FLAG
Give your mom something to drunk and then touch her boons

peter Nov 02 2011 7:11am FLAG
Be like mom , "u have something on ur shirt" and when she says " where? " say there and touch her boobs then loook at her reaction if she says nothing keep going , but if she gets mad stop.

NAUGHTY SAM Mar 19 2012 1:31pm FLAG
i wanna touch my mums tits but dont have sleeping pills and she works late shes got 38dd and i always stare

joshy se bomm Jul 30 2012 1:17pm FLAG
i wanna touch my mums tits but dont have sleeping pills and she works late shes got 38dd and i always stare

joshy se bomm Jul 30 2012 1:17pm FLAG
i wanna ask a girl out but already have a gf what should i do

josh is sexy Jul 30 2012 1:19pm FLAG
Say that your sister dared you to touch your moms ***** boobs or she'll take your money.

Chris Aug 02 2012 2:52pm FLAG
Anna do it for me.

SomeGuy Aug 06 2012 8:05pm FLAG

SomeGuy Aug 06 2012 8:06pm FLAG
Give her sleeping pills and her hard

Hahahahaha Aug 07 2012 7:54pm FLAG
Give her sleeping pills and her hard

Hahahahaha Aug 07 2012 7:54pm FLAG
go to rite aid near williumsville there are lots of drugys go back home put it in her drink then do whatever i'm 9 years old and even i know how to do it

lolololol Aug 28 2012 12:39pm FLAG
or go to an alley in the ghetto also just in case have a knife

lolololol Aug 28 2012 12:41pm FLAG
when she is sleeping just touch her boob she wont feel it i done it loads i do it evry night ;) xx

sexer Sep 07 2012 10:48am FLAG
i touched my aunt's boobs and sucked her nipples.....without her knowing....bcoz when she sleeps automatically her nipples come out and tempt me... also i showed her my penis..and tried to seduce her...she said mine was so long..and touched it.. so go on touch ur mom's and insert ur's....

nudy jones Sep 19 2012 11:36pm FLAG
i wanta touch my moms boobs advice

Anonymous Oct 19 2012 4:20pm FLAG
when l skeep with her what should i do first

Anonymous Oct 19 2012 4:24pm FLAG
ive ing hot

the guy Oct 29 2012 12:02am FLAG
Guy i massaged my mum and touched her tits and i wanna heck her wat do i do next.

y.mad Nov 01 2012 2:46pm FLAG
Where do I get sleeping pills

Bob Nov 07 2012 6:36pm FLAG
don't do it

the end of the world Nov 09 2012 11:37am FLAG
take off your mom's clothes when she is awake and do it all the time she will forget i have did it just do it and kiss her boobies

Zain Nov 16 2012 5:55pm FLAG
u guys are f***ing sick she made u but the first step is to wait till she is in deep sleep then left up her shirt touch SLOW then take ur hand back quick and plus i got a super hot gf

theawesome Nov 18 2012 10:05pm FLAG

theawesome Nov 18 2012 10:08pm FLAG
my phone number is 660-342-7409

theawesome Nov 18 2012 10:09pm FLAG

theawesome Nov 18 2012 10:10pm FLAG
my mom is a really lite sleeper I'm afraid she'll wake up help

Anonymous Dec 16 2012 12:19pm FLAG
be a man don't do it i made a mistak

zain Dec 19 2012 5:26pm FLAG
theawsome are you a girl if you are can i touch your boobs goes to anyone else who a girl im free tell me your number we belong together.

zain Dec 19 2012 5:29pm FLAG
also marry me .

zaiin Dec 19 2012 5:32pm FLAG
sex with me i live in high acers creasent house number 24 but i don't date im 10 come do some kissing i will suck your d*ck and boobs

zain Dec 19 2012 7:16pm FLAG
Can I have your number Anna?

SexGod Dec 27 2012 1:29am FLAG
The vagina is better. when she is sleeping pull down her pants if she is wearing sweatpants and just start stroking her vagina. But if u wanna touch the boobs give her really long and tight hugs and press you chest face ect up against her breasts.

Anonymous Jan 03 2013 3:25pm FLAG
you sick mother er litrly just get cam corder hide it in bath room and wait

lesbian me love them Jan 04 2013 11:09am FLAG
when she is asleep keep your penis in her mouth and don't stop and say SUCK also say YOU ARE HOT I WILL TOUCH YOUR BOOBIES but keep your penis in so she can't scream then do whatever you want also go to another house and do the same to their mom im still going.

penis sucker Jan 04 2013 6:43pm FLAG
tell your mom to take you to happy tugs it's a place where you lie down ***** and ***** asian girls suck your penis then they will tell you to put your penis in their butt and they don't care if you touch their boobs or butt you can also suck their boobs their like sex ladys to sex with tell your mom or dad they might not know what happy tugs is and 1 thing the asian girls there pull your penis you can kiss their lips to them not your mom.

have fun Jan 04 2013 7:03pm FLAG
tell your mom to lie down ***** then put your penis in her ass up and down with your penis in there then touch her boobs .

boobies Jan 05 2013 8:42pm FLAG
my mom wakes up easily how to do it?!

Anonymous Jan 06 2013 7:29am FLAG
Just walk to her bed put ur hand on her boobs and press lightly then leave

Mom Jan 06 2013 8:51pm FLAG
She wears bra I tried that 2 fingers slid down her tits (with her clothes on) after I did it thrice she woke up any more advice?

Anonymous Jan 07 2013 6:39am FLAG
Also she wakes up to sounds as soft as an opening cabinet

Anonymous Jan 08 2013 12:28am FLAG
users are hores

ladys man Jan 09 2013 5:00pm FLAG
wantto tell me and add ur num

ladys man Jan 09 2013 5:03pm FLAG
i ment to

Anonymous Jan 09 2013 5:05pm FLAG
I wish I had a mom! :( but there is a girl that likes me a lot and I think she will say yes if I ask her to touch her boobs. Should I do it?

Reggie Jan 09 2013 6:54pm FLAG
I have already banged in the corner if the school property (it felt so good) but now I'm interested in her boobs what should I do?

Reggie Jan 09 2013 7:07pm FLAG
This is a black girl with huge boobs! I can't resist them! But I also have one red headed girl who always grabs my d*ck during school. She has amazing fingers she really turns me on when she does that ;)

Reggie Jan 09 2013 7:17pm FLAG
Oh man if I had a mom and we were alone in the house I would purposely jack off and have my mom catch me doing it. :)

Reggie Jan 09 2013 7:27pm FLAG
im with ya

Anonymous Jan 10 2013 6:41pm FLAG
my mom sleeps deep and she sleeps without panties of bra. i have touched her , =licked it once and had touched my c*ck to her when she was asleep. but now i am interested in boobs. what should i do ?

ing moms boy Jan 12 2013 9:16am FLAG
Go get some

FMOT@SAvAg3 Jan 23 2013 4:09am FLAG
I too want to press my mother's boobs,u continue doing,at every sunday my house people will go to grandmother's house,i will see her going to bath.i will watch her in the small holes in the door.she will ask me to bring some hot water,if the water is over,i will run and give water to mom,she opens door by covering with lahenga,she will be wet,i saw her half boob of right side and came out.and watching her bathing,she was shaving her hairy .i saw and moved away.

Rajanna Jan 27 2013 9:33am FLAG
I want to touch my moms boobs and she usually stays up for a long time befor she go to bed

Momsboobies Jan 27 2013 8:42pm FLAG
What should I do

Moms ponies Jan 27 2013 8:43pm FLAG
Shut up

me Feb 01 2013 11:51pm FLAG
I want to touch my moms boobs how can I do it without her knowing and she is a very light sleeper

Anonymous Feb 03 2013 11:13am FLAG
How could I get my mom to let me see her *****

Sexu Feb 03 2013 11:19am FLAG

Anonymous Feb 03 2013 1:55pm FLAG
I press my moms boobs very hardly but she not wake up so I think to touch her but I can't touch. because she wake up she slapped me and what are you doing.and I said nothing. after that she not give permission to sleep with him..... what can I do ???

narendra Feb 06 2013 10:36pm FLAG
narendra thats child abuse

uuuuuuuuiseeeeuiebjrjfjuruuujj339kiurhiubjrjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjj5rr Feb 10 2013 7:40pm FLAG
its not a big matter..... i was once feared and with great courage just squeezed my moms boobs in a power cut..... it was a nice experience..... and daily at sleep just put hands acting like sleeping.... now it became habit.... once my mom wake and note me but now she never mind....

HAMEED Feb 13 2013 4:43am FLAG
My mom is a very light sleeper and I want to know how to watch her in the shower with a non waterproof camara. Help

Hahaha Feb 15 2013 4:59pm FLAG
help want to touch my moms boobs and p***y when in a heavy sleep but don't know how hard i should squeeze

sex Feb 18 2013 7:48pm FLAG
even i want to feel my mom boobs and wana drink her milk suggest me

ganesh Feb 22 2013 11:15am FLAG
my friend wants to my mother she is soooooo sexy and innoscent how to convience her

mom lover Feb 22 2013 11:24am FLAG
I am a girl and I want a d*ck any advice how to make one or something

Ashling Feb 27 2013 11:17am FLAG
it me again I need a willy or a d*ck

Ashling Feb 27 2013 11:26am FLAG
I'm 9 and I want a willy that. will just hang from me

Ashling Mar 03 2013 12:26pm FLAG
What ashley

Bailey Mar 04 2013 6:52pm FLAG
my mom is a modrate sleeper how would press her boobs

lucifer Mar 06 2013 8:00am FLAG
Ashley you can have mine just tell me do you have big boobs. :)

Reggie Mar 12 2013 10:55pm FLAG
I want suck mom breast. She is divorced at 25 age. Age 55. Very religious indian mom. I ask to suck breast. She refuse & dont talk to me...... Now days she normaly talking 2 me....but dont allow touch her boob.. How seduce my mom?????

iii Mar 15 2013 11:04am FLAG
i really want to feel what sex is like so when my mom or dad makes jello i make sure they are not looking and i put my penis in the jello

cuuuuuuuiiiuuuu Mar 19 2013 6:09pm FLAG
I touched my mom boobs when she was sleeping and removed buttons of her top & touched her bra then I got really hard I removed my shorts lie ***** next to her .......all the time I thot she was sleeping but she pretends to b sleeping....which I found wen she touched my d*ck and looked at her she smiled and sd me.......

booblicker Mar 20 2013 11:59pm FLAG
now she is home...

iii Mar 21 2013 3:44am FLAG
so your all alone with your mom iii?????????

killo Mar 21 2013 7:12am FLAG

iii Mar 24 2013 11:40am FLAG
just hug ur mom tightly and then slowly touch her boobs

anonymous Mar 31 2013 4:45am FLAG
Just sleep next to her get her hand while she's sleeping put it on ur clock she will move it about while asleep and the when she wakes up she might suck your d*ck and she might get close and let you touch her tits

Z Mar 31 2013 11:23am FLAG
plz help im dieing to have sex with my mother im ten years old and my moms 31 years old what should i do

KID WHO NEEDS TO HAVE SEX Apr 01 2013 12:50pm FLAG
Make time machine and go back in time to when ur mom is 10 years old and do her.

Tj5 Apr 02 2013 10:13am FLAG
Then have kids with her and she would not meet ur dad and u will disappear in the future ok.

Tj5 Apr 02 2013 10:16am FLAG
Hey im a boy looking for some naughty girls to . Email me at We can start exchange pics when ever!

Anonymous Apr 08 2013 6:41pm FLAG
i have a sexy teacher and in the middle of math she and me go to the washroom a she talks about how bad i am in math so now when ever she does that i rape her untill the end of the day and she doesnt tell so in front of the class room me and my friends raped the teacher and the other girls and raped every teacher in my school and tell them to not tell and they dont tell it's true

ben Apr 09 2013 7:03pm FLAG
ben you rock bro

rape me Apr 10 2013 11:15pm FLAG
ben i got some advice to touch your teachers boobs ok when you are in a hallway and you see a teachers boobs and there a hallway jam sqwez where the teacher is and grab the boobs when you are getting pass i also closed my eye and pertended to slip and suck here boobs she got so we had sex at my house and my 7 brothers help me rape her when she said stop we kept raping and soon i told dem to put all their d*cks in her anus she screamed that was good

its over 9000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 Apr 12 2013 6:50pm FLAG
You are a

your father Apr 23 2013 8:15am FLAG
Ok when your mom and you are home alone ask your mom if you could touch her boobs and beg to touch her boobs

Isaac Apr 30 2013 7:46pm FLAG
i pressed my mother boobs gently, after some time he open his eyes, he opens his blouse, and put her hands on my leg , my rod is wakens then i pressed boobs gents, her nipple is hard, my mother is adjusted to that, really he enjoying in half opened eyes,

ashu May 01 2013 2:09am FLAG
i would love to feel my moms boobs and my sister ass and legs are amazing

**** May 06 2013 1:18am FLAG
wait until their asleep

ass lover May 06 2013 4:25pm FLAG
To those of you saying "sleep with your mom, then do it"... How the f*** am I supposed to sleep with her in the first place?

Anonymous May 07 2013 2:16pm FLAG
How can i take a bath with my mom and sex with her

Unknown May 12 2013 3:53am FLAG
you guys are nasty get your d*ck out of your asses

Ashley May 14 2013 10:30am FLAG
im and im bord some one text 918-830-3446

sexy girl May 14 2013 10:36am FLAG
here is a sly way to see a girls breast . if she is wearing a low cut top tell her i bet u can`t touch your elbows together ... then you get flashed.

Ashley May 14 2013 11:29am FLAG
and you can do this. tell her i bet you i can move your boobs with out moveing them... then sqweez them and say oh i can`t

Ashley May 14 2013 11:33am FLAG
my brother touched my breast. then he got a boner... do any of you guys know why yall get boners ?

Ashley May 14 2013 3:18pm FLAG
Just slip her a roofes there esey to get

Anonymous May 14 2013 9:41pm FLAG
How can i

Anonymous May 16 2013 11:58am FLAG
How can i have sex with my mum when shes sleeping and she is a light sleeper please tell me guys i really need this

Anonymous May 16 2013 11:59am FLAG
How can I touch my sisters boobs when she is a very tickly person and is a light sleeper advice please

anonymous May 18 2013 3:15pm FLAG
I am yrs old n i m onli one child n my dad n mom have a divorce I used to stay with mom one night I was masturbating I mom watch me n catch me even she like to have sex bcoz divorce was done 1e yrs b4 she scold me bt at night time of sleeping she talk wid me tht wht u were doing at noon I told now I m in college n every ****age gets sex urges I got she remove mah trackpant n started playing with penis slowing slowing she started sucking it den I started pressing her boobs its is VERY BIG appox size she is wearing 34 size bra den she bought a condom n we had a sex n now we have sex most of night

akmal aslam May 22 2013 2:21am FLAG
I touched my moms boobs by getting her drunk once I did that I layed over her in a sexual way and she took my hand put it by her and said wanna lick it I said yes and then we had the greatest sex ever she had a sex outfit that she put on in front of me my dad wasn't home they were getting divorced mom felt bad so I mean why not have sex?

Anonymous May 22 2013 7:33pm FLAG
U guy ar sily,it's your mum your talking about here.

Loiyd nero kryz May 25 2013 6:15pm FLAG
why does woman get all the pleasure in life

Anonymous May 26 2013 5:38am FLAG
Just cum on her face, she'll like it!

Your Mom May 27 2013 5:26pm FLAG
Yall are some sick ba****** i just did bu i thought it was weird so thets it for me

the truth May 27 2013 10:24pm FLAG
I want to have sexy with my mom and touch her sexy boobs but I don't know how to do that without getting in trouble please help

Hunter Loging May 28 2013 11:58pm FLAG
Sex is awesome with your mom

Hunter Loging May 28 2013 11:59pm FLAG
I really want to lick my moms p***y but she is a light sleeper help pls

timothym Jun 02 2013 9:25pm FLAG

timothym Jun 02 2013 9:32pm FLAG

CusWhyNot Jun 04 2013 8:38pm FLAG
domars..thats ur mom.. she is god...

Anonymous Jun 05 2013 6:09am FLAG
How can I eat my mom out without her knowing

Anonymous Jun 14 2013 2:52pm FLAG
How can i show my boobs to my mom?

Alto Jun 14 2013 9:39pm FLAG
I just tuchd my moms tit she was out all night drinking I got pics to

Milepepp Jun 16 2013 7:46am FLAG
i want my big c*ck in my moms her, and suck her huge tits

diick Jun 19 2013 3:32pm FLAG
i am 24years hot guy..need a girl for ll be very secret..pls help to cum with u

ravi Jun 22 2013 3:54am FLAG
Why would you want to touch your moms tits, that's ing disgusting, try touching a girl your age

Zack Jun 22 2013 11:46pm FLAG
first you should sleep in the noona and note that is does she sleeps in the noon because if she sleeps that time she would never sleep. second touch her boobs......... enjoy it will be nice

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