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I want to know if my aunt wants sex with me ???

The Problem: Hey i am a yr old boy from chennai . . my sunt is 30 yrs having 2 kids and my problem is shes a damn hot aunty who dresses only withs shorts in her house evn if im there and i just cant stand myself looking at her legs . . her husband leaves to his ship every 6 months so i feel if she is sex depressed and might want som from me ????????? HELP ME OUT GUYS

Asked by: iamabad at 02:18:08 AM, Friday, April 22, 2011 PDT FLAG


u have not mentioned any instances which show any positive sign ... be careful while trying it .. u don't wanna spoil a good relation

Varun:) Apr 22 2011 10:34am FLAG

I like to rub my fat rolls all up and Down and deposit mould on your body. Text me baby! 0398546318

fat sweaty betty Apr 22 2011 11:45am FLAG
The best thing to do would be next time you go to her house, sneak up on her then cut her open in the kidneys and eat them. Also lick the center of her stomach lining it will taste like hot sick.

the dominant one Apr 22 2011 11:47am FLAG
And Jebus say eat not the sweaty betty text feature but instead rape her stretched rotting c*nt in front of her children and The. You will be made beautiful in the eyes of the lawd. The lawd :

bible lover Apr 22 2011 11:48am FLAG
hey please guys im really into her wenevrshe stands in front of me i just feel lik holding her hips tightly and kiss her but !!!!!!!!!!!!!

iamabad Apr 22 2011 8:03pm FLAG
Ey me negro, mayk da secksy sownds to da wombman den she wil luv u tenda for da rest of yor dais

da bling Apr 23 2011 10:02am FLAG
the signs: If ur both sitting on the couch and she puts her feet on you, eye-contact,

this bang Apr 23 2011 2:05pm FLAG

You are a SICK SADDO Apr 29 2011 8:19am FLAG
Hey lets just do u want to have sex with her???? Shoot for it man! If u do,do it.....

Super ninjas! May 02 2011 2:02pm FLAG
you could get her to walk in on u changing/wanking/pissing and see what she does

wanna my aunt to May 17 2011 2:27pm FLAG
give her a chance to see you masturbating Accidentally.......

peepingu May 28 2011 9:26am FLAG
I have the same problem too my aunt is hot with a nice rack

Meep Jul 22 2011 11:23pm FLAG
I can tell my expierence. It happen couple weeks ago she was visiting us.I took her to my room and let sitted her on my bed. When i get closer to her i give her kiss and in 2 mins we were ***** and we had sex. And she haves 3 sons, idont care. Just do it, its incredible sense.

yourneighbour Sep 25 2011 1:27am FLAG
i'm crazy bout my aunt 2 i jus wanna at her nd fck her hard. man js rub her tits nxt time

eater Feb 12 2012 9:09pm FLAG
bust a nut in your aunt. she'll like it :)

David04 Apr 06 2012 8:41pm FLAG
its easy to predict, if she keeps giggling in front of u, or keep touching u everytym den its kanda bingo, or else never do it !!! u gonna be screwed

Anonymous May 09 2012 3:19am FLAG
Just go in the bathroom and wait untill she has to go then see what happens

80085 Jun 19 2012 5:20pm FLAG
sit beside her and try to touch her brest accedently every time and if she dosent reacts then she is yours it works try it

aakash raj Aug 09 2012 8:33am FLAG
See if she's trying to seduce u.i mean showing cleavage, naval etc..... Or purposely bending infront of u.and then jst stare at her no matter if she looks back at u jst stare at her..... Then she wl fall for u!

Aunt lvr Jan 02 2013 10:32pm FLAG
yesterday when I was sittin in front of pc in my aunts house she came and placed her face in my arms and rubbed her face in my shoulders.i want 2 know if she wants me to have se with her?if yes den how shud I begin? and ohh yes she is divorced and watches *** afta her sepration

Rohan Jan 11 2013 6:06am FLAG
i also want too sex with my aunt if u anybody like to share ur story col me 9048442822

by adamfrom kerala Mar 20 2013 10:51am FLAG
I'd like to f**k my Aunt she is so f**king hot nice a** BIG tits double D's...I'd love to stick my d**k in her I say go for it b/c God No's if my Aunt would do that to me I would f**k the hell out of her...

Anonymous Mar 23 2013 9:37pm FLAG
if any one want to have sex with a hot girl..... mail me

barbie Apr 05 2013 5:23am FLAG
i also want too sex with my aunt she is very kind to me i also stare at her always and sometimes she stares at mee i want to know if she want to have a sex

batman Apr 21 2013 2:33pm FLAG
my aunt is always wearing tight shorts and bends over on purpose when am around when she sits on the couch you could see that she has a tight need advice how to know she want to have sex with me and pleased dont put anything stupid.

BIG BUSINESS Jun 25 2013 5:58pm FLAG
Try a hug then a kiss on her neck and nibble an ear!

azbobtwo Jun 29 2013 9:51pm FLAG
Go up to her and hug her if she hugs back she''s yours

Anonymous Sep 26 2013 1:59pm FLAG
zbBXXo Fantastic post.Much thanks again.

ndwxOwmExprbR Oct 24 2013 3:38am FLAG

sdfgh Jun 12 2014 11:12am FLAG
If she bends in front of u on purpose then go for the

T.phill Oct 19 2014 5:05pm FLAG
Touch her back and see what happens

Lonely mad man Oct 20 2014 5:21pm FLAG
Rub her an she don't do noting then rub in front a touch her tt

Anonymous Nov 30 2014 11:59am FLAG

hbb Dec 06 2014 1:17pm FLAG
her bitch

Anonymous Feb 08 2015 2:21am FLAG
get in her you ass

Anonymous Feb 08 2015 2:22am FLAG
get inside her and blow like a bomb you bitch. Let me tell you something.where to start.. You start from feet.Women's feet yum yum yum... Start kissing her feet.Then come to legs but don't go inside. Then come up and hold her hands tight with your hands and kiss her deep.. Deep bitch deep.. It should be a smooch.Drink her mouth for 2 minuts it will turn her on. Then come done and open her chest and drink her milk as long as you can. Chew her softy breasts chew her nipples.Eat them eat them Women like it They want you to eat them you c*nt. Then come to legs and kick the door and get in.. After that the most delicious part.ASS Chew her chocolatey ass.Take a bite like a men take a bite. Lick it chew it then it... To put more taste just like ice on cake. Put her feet in your mouth and chew them. Lick her soles they are yummmmmmm. Chew her vanilla feet specially her tasty heels they are soft and smooth.. Just get easy on her.Woman want you to bitch.

Anonymous Feb 08 2015 2:32am FLAG
be wild...jump on her and her

toni May 31 2015 2:25am FLAG
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