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The Problem: I have a mom that I'm really attracted to but I doubt shes attracted to me. I really want to sleep with her. I need ways to trick her into having sex with me. please don't give me any of that "your disgusting" crap it doesn't help anyone

Asked by: urish at 05:13:06 AM, Sunday, May 22, 2011 PDT FLAG


Well your not disguting if your attracted to your mom, most guys are, really. But really you should find a younger girl whos vagina hasnt been ed up. seriously how many kids does she have? the more there are the looser the vagina

that one girl May 22 2011 2:54pm FLAG

but I'm really attracted to her and don't want to give up on this. your right I should find a girl my age, but I need a way to seduce(trick) my mom into ing me

urish May 22 2011 3:25pm FLAG
I don't mind if it's been ed up I really want this. She has 4 kids

urish May 22 2011 3:26pm FLAG
Wow 4??? She must be really tired. Ok, if you REALLY want this ask her just have the talk with you (even if youv already had it) then once she is done, tell her you still dont understand and ask her to show you. Then and ONLY then will you take it out

that one girl May 22 2011 3:33pm FLAG
thats good ill try it. but what if she dosnt want to show me. or what if she gets mad

urish May 22 2011 3:59pm FLAG
Then she does and you cant. But seriously i bet there are a couple of nice girls willing to have sex with you. You are only attracted to your mom because its natural. You love her you dont want to make love to her. There is a bathtub full of consequences i could give to you (such as she could go to jail) but i wont. so if you want to then thats the way to go

that one girl May 22 2011 4:09pm FLAG
sorry to be rude, but i just have this thing agaisnt my mom

that one girl May 22 2011 4:10pm FLAG
I doubt that I just love her. I'm very sure about this. but your right. as for other girls I don,t really know of any. how about you? would you like to exchange emails?

urish May 22 2011 4:15pm FLAG
you are disgusting

me May 22 2011 5:10pm FLAG
your not helping anyone jerk

urish May 22 2011 5:15pm FLAG
depends on you

that one girl May 22 2011 7:40pm FLAG
sure my email is

urish May 22 2011 7:47pm FLAG
whats yours

Anonymous May 22 2011 7:47pm FLAG
sorry that last one was me

urish May 22 2011 7:58pm FLAG
well what part of the country do live in??

that one girl May 22 2011 8:13pm FLAG
and how old are you?

that one girl May 22 2011 8:14pm FLAG
Ah? come on? the only reason that you would have sex with your mom is cause you suck at getting a girlfriend? get a girl? she will help you get over your mom.

ZAK May 22 2011 8:40pm FLAG
i wi my mom. But i cant get this out of my head , i need something from my mom

urish May 22 2011 11:54pm FLAG
where do you live that one girl

urish May 22 2011 11:55pm FLAG
you dont even have a girlfriend zak so stfu and gtfo

Finch May 23 2011 7:58am FLAG
I asked you first

that one girl May 23 2011 6:49pm FLAG
lol im 18, and you?

urish May 24 2011 12:06pm FLAG

that one girl May 24 2011 10:44pm FLAG
thats cool. Wanna email???

urish May 25 2011 1:57am FLAG

shay May 25 2011 7:42am FLAG
Just tell your mom u love her and that u wanna do that

Gkakmsjsjybsyk May 28 2011 8:54am FLAG
I hope you two have some good sibr tiem ;)

O yus! May 28 2011 11:03pm FLAG
ima a mom. i have kids and i fuked each one. im getting sick of them and their little gf. want truck me in the bum?

PU55Y 4 L1TTL3 B0Y5 May 28 2011 11:03pm FLAG
Well, your mom has to be a milf. I WILL CUT YOU. AND YOUR MOMS BIG HAIRY VAGINA. Kthx

PIKACHUUUU May 28 2011 11:08pm FLAG

Not messed up like you. May 30 2011 12:05am FLAG im 18!!

ed by urish May 30 2011 8:06am FLAG
who wood want 2 ha sex with their mom? if you 2 do that imagin how aqward it wood b between u 2 afterwards...

penguin Jun 05 2011 11:54am FLAG

bg Jun 24 2011 8:25am FLAG
go 4 it its nice to scew yer mom i have 4 a long time after she jerked me in the tub

goerge Jul 02 2011 11:28am FLAG
hey does anyone want 2 go out

sarah Jul 25 2011 4:35am FLAG
wats ur email sarah

that guy Jul 28 2011 10:24pm FLAG
Lol I need advice on this too.

NBD Nov 24 2011 9:43pm FLAG yeah lol Nov 27 2011 11:11am FLAG

Anonymous Dec 11 2011 4:51pm FLAG
i wish i could make her pass out then do it and she wouldnt know

q Mar 13 2012 3:38pm FLAG
Man I feel the same

Anonymous May 13 2012 9:40pm FLAG
Man I feel the same

Anonymous May 13 2012 9:40pm FLAG
umm. so i guess iv reached the wierd part of the internet again huh?

blazie May 18 2012 1:28pm FLAG
Just do what that one girl said

awsomeguy Jun 07 2012 8:32pm FLAG
Just do what that one girl said

awsomeguy Jun 07 2012 8:32pm FLAG
Who wants to email!

Anonymous Jun 08 2012 3:15pm FLAG
id like to you

Eric Jun 22 2012 7:28pm FLAG
just force her and hack.enjoy

don Jul 01 2012 1:34am FLAG
hey PU55Y 4 L1TTL3 B0Y5, ill truck you in the bum where u live?

tht Jul 13 2012 7:57pm FLAG
i find this disturbing

TheSmmartGuy Jul 20 2012 12:11am FLAG
How the did i got to this page ?

Wtf Jul 21 2012 5:49am FLAG

fjwiizv Jul 24 2012 12:29pm FLAG
It's your mom. that's disgusting. that's friggin' illegal. it's friggin' incest. you're gross kid.

tellin'ittrue. Jul 25 2012 4:17pm FLAG
Just go uP behind her and grab her boobs then say mom please me

The guy that went all the way Jul 26 2012 7:48am FLAG

25884224 Jul 29 2012 1:45am FLAG
okay you're seriously screwed up; if she doesn't want to then don't force her into anything and EW she's your mom she gave birth to you. do you really want to have sex with the vagina that you came out of then you need to talk to a psychologist or something because you're seriously her instead.

don't be stupid and use your head Jul 30 2012 6:59pm FLAG
okay you're seriously screwed up; if she doesn't want to then don't force her into anything and EW she's your mom she gave birth to you. do you really want to have sex with the vagina that you came out of then you need to talk to a psychologist or something because you're seriously her instead.

don't be stupid and use your head Jul 30 2012 6:59pm FLAG
This isn't that rare. There's an actual technical term behind it. I'm also very attracted to my mom, I have vivid dreams and when I do is when I really want her. It sometimes gets to a point that I can't control and have to jerk off to try and cope. It's hard and frustrating. I've had sex with a lot of women (none my mother) and I still have the fantasy. It's something I can't control and wish I could. These ppl on here that are being rude and hurtful doesn't help anyone.

Guy In Missouri Aug 21 2012 11:45am FLAG
Man your weird jjust your moms vagina when she's asleep.

Crazykid4 Sep 07 2012 6:21pm FLAG
you people are seriously ill.. get some help but not from another psycho like yourself... seriously you people are going to hell.. how disturbing. I have a child who I would never want exposed to any of you, you should be ashamed of yourselves.. your mother is supposed to be your guide to be a better person not a sex toy.. have some respect, how cynical... Let the Lord have some compassion for your shameless acts.

Anonymous Sep 08 2012 8:35am FLAG
I ed my mom when she was really drunk! :) i think she remembers though, but she just doesnt say anything!

Motherer Sep 17 2012 9:55pm FLAG
My son knocked me up once, it's so romantic have a strapping young lad, who you have known, take you in their arms and get you pregnant, we still truck

pregoMILF Sep 18 2012 4:14pm FLAG
I want to duck my mom I'm and I think she'll blow up at me help

ekul Oct 03 2012 5:51pm FLAG
I want to my mom I'm and I think she'll blow up at me help

ekul Oct 03 2012 5:52pm FLAG
i want to have sex so bad anyone interested??my boyfriend broke up with me because i wanted to have sex !

sexlover Oct 08 2012 7:21pm FLAG
hey sexlover, im available

im so Oct 09 2012 7:59pm FLAG
I'm also available sexlover

a guy Oct 10 2012 10:37am FLAG
What's your email sexlover?

Giantc*ck Oct 10 2012 12:22pm FLAG
i wanted to get my step mom to have sex with me so i just asked and she said yeah why not, so we ended up having sex and doing anal, if you want it u have to ask for it

sexyc*nt Oct 16 2012 8:42pm FLAG
PU55Y 4 L1TTL3 B0Y5 wats ur email

Anarchy Oct 20 2012 2:31am FLAG
wont to

lil girl Oct 22 2012 2:40pm FLAG
stfu you guys thats sinfull you shoud be ashamed im a 42 year old mother of 3 seek help

your mom Oct 22 2012 4:21pm FLAG
U ppl are sick

anonymous Oct 23 2012 9:40am FLAG
this is hilarious

this the funniest thing i have ever seen

ryan Nov 18 2012 3:18am FLAG
iv ed up 4 girls and im

ryan Nov 18 2012 3:19am FLAG
just kidding i have none :)

ryan Nov 18 2012 3:22am FLAG
ive been having sex with my mom for 2yrs now. email me

tom Nov 22 2012 11:21pm FLAG
I'm single ;)

CassidyGurl Nov 24 2012 5:04am FLAG
FROSTYGANGORDIE true this is funny as hell expessaly with the moms talking to

LeanD man Nov 27 2012 9:34pm FLAG
CassidyGurl my email is email me

LeanD man Nov 27 2012 10:09pm FLAG
Having it with my mom would be fantastic

cheesynut Dec 06 2012 2:45am FLAG
I really want to have sex with my mum as well but she is married but my dad works away a lot how do I get her to have sex with me I'm or do any of you want to do it with me I'm ready for anything

Big c*ck Dec 10 2012 2:53pm FLAG
I wanted to have sex with me stepo dad but i knew it was bad so i had the best shag with someone who reminded me of him

A. Dec 10 2012 7:10pm FLAG
You guys are sick!!!!! Get help!!!!!

Ur gross Dec 24 2012 12:19pm FLAG
i think you need to go to a psycholog. This is sick. get some help, it will be better for you and your mum, cause if you do have sex with your MOM (your mom!!the woman that gave birth to you!!!), you will never be able to look yourself in the mirror again.

meee Jan 20 2013 7:07am FLAG
Sleeping pills work

Anonymous Feb 07 2013 5:12am FLAG
At night go and her ass

her Feb 09 2013 12:25pm FLAG
just honestly tell her of your desire. her reply comes next.

tj Feb 14 2013 8:52pm FLAG
you find sleeping pills and give her the right dose in her water when the dad of the house or watever is gone. then have fun.

Anounamous Feb 21 2013 5:21pm FLAG
that dude spelt anonymous wrong

Anonymous Feb 21 2013 5:24pm FLAG
good luk 2 all you first timers!!!!!!!

The awesome guy Feb 21 2013 5:25pm FLAG
Tell me if it works for you peeps.

ananamous Feb 21 2013 5:27pm FLAG
all of you perverts.

Anretard Feb 22 2013 12:44pm FLAG
Lame ass

dont worrie bout it Feb 23 2013 2:10am FLAG
when she bends down just pull down her trousers and her.

stu Feb 24 2013 6:31am FLAG
just fk her

Anonymous Feb 24 2013 6:31am FLAG
any bi [im a looking 4 cyber sex]

dbzlover Feb 24 2013 6:46pm FLAG
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i hate zak Feb 24 2013 6:55pm FLAG
i really wanna me to any help?

me- Mar 03 2013 9:53pm FLAG
i really wanna duck my mom but idk if she wants to duck me any help?

me- Mar 03 2013 9:55pm FLAG
I just read all of yalls advice. First off. Lol. Secondary. Feeling sick now. Lastly find a private incest forum to discuss y'alls "desires". This just pops up on Google and I was bored.

lmao Mar 05 2013 12:07pm FLAG
You guys are al nasty why would you want to have on with your mother if you really want to have on go have sex with a girl your age and if that go wrong have on with your friken pillow

wolflover Mar 08 2013 4:06pm FLAG
Sorry I hit the wrong keys and said on when I meant sex lol

wolflover Mar 08 2013 4:08pm FLAG
Lost on the interwebs again.

Me Mar 12 2013 3:57pm FLAG
This ed up man. Incest is looked down on. I mean, I get that you cant help how you feel, but seriously get over it. You would never be able to look her in the eyes again.

Why am I here? Mar 14 2013 12:09pm FLAG
My mom is singlenher and mh dad got divorced and i know she uses dilidos and she bought me lube to masterbate but i dont know how to get her to have sex with me

i want to do my mom Mar 21 2013 7:14pm FLAG
I want to my mom she bought me lube does that mean she might have sex with mw

i want my moms Mar 24 2013 6:17pm FLAG
I'm single and I wanna boyfriend :)

Delia Mar 27 2013 7:53pm FLAG
Hey delia were do you live i want a hirl friend

i want my moms Apr 01 2013 7:25pm FLAG
go get her and suduce her and if she says no afterwards than you are screwed and she will beat you ass if you do! trust me it happened with me and that is a bad consiquence. if she does like it then keep on going but if she doesn't like it then you are screwed and she will beat the out of you and you will be so sorry that you will ask your dad to make her feel better!

jaro potter Apr 04 2013 7:30pm FLAG
Touch penises with the neighbor boy.

Roger Apr 10 2013 7:55pm FLAG
Sexlover how old r u

Overdrive Apr 18 2013 10:06pm FLAG
How can I start the conversation to day I wanna duck you mom

gg May 10 2013 7:26am FLAG
i want to my friends mom but i dont know how to approach, and im and looking for sex

BIG-d*ck_ May 13 2013 4:23am FLAG
dbz lover, i'll you

BIG-d*ck_ May 13 2013 4:35am FLAG
Who wants to email me.

That one guy that everyone wants to know May 16 2013 10:07am FLAG

Anonymous May 29 2013 3:44pm FLAG
Uhm. Da fuq did I just read

That one guy Jun 15 2013 9:35pm FLAG
How do i tell if shes heavy sleeping or not

Anonymous Jun 16 2013 9:47pm FLAG email me girls. ;) 18yo lookin for fun ;D

european d*ck Jun 18 2013 2:51pm FLAG
Lool Wtf is u fke up in hed bro

Anoymous Jun 27 2013 7:46am FLAG
I wanna have sex with my mom. I have fantasies about her a lot but don't know what to do. I have a gf and we sometimes have sex not that much and I still think about my mom. Idk what to do or how to ask. Can anyone help?

Zach Jun 28 2013 6:51pm FLAG
dbzlover wanna do it. where do you live. im a boy.

Anonymous Jun 30 2013 8:26pm FLAG
Trade pics of my attractive mom for yours if interested email me but please no old ladies please send your mom pics first cuz I've been ripped off to much already.

Johnny Bravo Jul 04 2013 9:28pm FLAG
its gross how u want to have sex with your mom but dont be afraid to ask her

sexybit69 Jul 06 2013 8:56pm FLAG
Don't be scared to ask her, I know it's uncomfortable but it's the only way to know if she does and if she does then just go ahead and do it but if she doesn't want to then just live your life on. It's going to be embarsing but its the right thing to do instead of just going to her and putting it in because if she doesn't like then not only will she hurt you, you will also be sent to jail for rape and assalut against her, and when your in jail you will be raped there and not only that but you will also have less friends and your family won't want you near them. So just ask her. But wait until you can get her alone with you where nobody will hear you.

Right hand man Jul 12 2013 4:14pm FLAG
I really want to have sex with my mom she is a bbw but a nice one I need advice

Anonymous Aug 10 2013 11:46am FLAG

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Anonymous Aug 15 2013 9:12am FLAG
say mom if you sleep with me ill clean my room .

Katharine Aug 27 2013 11:08am FLAG
He he he ur

PPP Sep 29 2013 8:51am FLAG

Boop Sep 29 2013 8:52am FLAG
Umm u can kind of ask her wat sex is like and stuff like do u thinkim ready lol

Llllllalalalal Oct 02 2013 8:21am FLAG
Lol u arnt alone,its called incest and u you can get into BIG trouble for it.just try to get a decent gf,and when/if u do it,pretend its ur mom...

dat 1 dude across the street Oct 07 2013 9:43pm FLAG
It should help u cause u think its still ur mom,but its really another girl...

dat 1 dude across the street Oct 07 2013 9:46pm FLAG
Hey guys. I'm boy. And I want to have sex with my mom. When I was younger say like 5-6 years old. We still had baths together. And every so often my penis would touch her vagina, or her hand against my penis. ALL ACCIDENTAL BTW. But obv now I've grown up, and I take baths alone >:(. So I started sniffing her panties. And this sent me wild with desire for her, I was trying to catch her *****, trying to see under her skirt etc etc. I'll continue this.

MItchS Oct 07 2013 10:45pm FLAG
So one day she was coming shower and she walked right past my open door *****, so obv my d*ck was rock hard, I quickly made my way down stairs and she was bending over getting clothes. So I gently slid up behind "pretending to get something" When I did my Penis slid right in the crack, she obv felt it, but never said anything.

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Sexy devil;) Nov 10 2013 5:00pm FLAG

Sexy devil;) Nov 10 2013 5:19pm FLAG
I have the same problem, I'm want to have sex with my hot mom, she is an insecure hot person. She is divorced and has a boyfriend that lives with us, I am her second oldest of 8

HDTietjen Nov 12 2013 7:57am FLAG
Please help!!

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First off my mom has had made bad videos with men but she is ing hot skiny big boobs IM ive can so close to sex first I cuudle with her laying down then I kiss her neck In a playful way then we are cuddling in the spooning way then I tickle her she loves it I move close to her boobs as I tickle in her shirt then I started face to face cuddling we put are legs over each other and slowly moved I always put my hand and move it slowly from in between her thigh to next to her v and we move like almost humping slowly but really rubing

Anthony person Nov 17 2013 8:58pm FLAG
Ya'll really need The Lord. I am the same way though, I think the worst thoughts I could ever think of my mother. I wish that I didn't but I do. Do you not realize that she is the one who brithed you, took care of you since you were an innocent child. She has invested a massive part of her life in you and you're just going to disrespect that. Of cousre, if you are unsaved ( like I used to be) then there is your problem, a sinner is expected to sin. I wish I could lead you all to The Lord but I know that a lot of you will reject him. If you'd like to know anymore about my God, and how not to commit this awful sin, send me an Email at:

SomeoneThatWantsToHelp Nov 18 2013 6:39am FLAG
Please help I want to my mother I'm 18 and she has boyfriend I still live with her and her boyfriend is over some days and she is 42 and I find her fine as can be and live with my mom and two brothers would really like the help thank...

I need my mom to have sex with me like now!!! Nov 18 2013 8:29pm FLAG
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One time in 4th grade, I hade a play date with a girl in my class( NOT saying her name) ps I'm a girl. And I went to her house. We went into her room and closed the door. We were playing family or house. I was the wife and she was the husband. We did the usual family things and then she talked me into getting on the bed. We were watching tv and then she started rubbing my arm and said if I was cold. I said yes and she started rubbing my legs.( I'm now that was 3 yrs ago. Didn't know what I was doing) anyway she started getting more into it and I was to. We sat up and started rubbing each other. Then she leaned in and kissed me in the lips! I was like WTH but then I was like I wanna try this... We kissed for a while and then we started French kissing! It actually felt really good. The soft lips, the tongue... And we started taking our shirts off and we touched each other's slightly growing boobs. We laid back on top of each other and kissed more. We squeezed our butts and were making out. We would've finished but her mom was calling downstairs. We both had uh oh faces and hurried and put our clothes back on. We went down and just asked something. But it had nothing to do with what we were doing. We were flushed with relief. We went back up but we didn't finish. She wanted to keep going but I said no cuz I thought we would get caught. Just wanted to get it out there! Hope u like story

Anonymous Dec 09 2013 5:07pm FLAG
By the way it was 100% TRUE and I'm still

Anonymous Dec 09 2013 5:11pm FLAG
How do I have sex with my mom I'm and she's 41 and very sexy how do I approach her

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I just had sex with my mom a hour ago, it was great. to get her all you do is ask, then she is all yours, by the way make sure your dad is not home, or any other siblings.

ihadsexysexwithmymama Jan 02 2014 1:06pm FLAG
Just ask her i think she will understand

Kyle Chase Jan 04 2014 9:52pm FLAG
IM ON A DSI XL LOL I came to this site to not seek the answer but to give advice

Kyle Chase Jan 04 2014 9:55pm FLAG
Do I try to touch boobs first or try to stick it in when she not looking?

I want to penetrate my moms tight Jan 07 2014 11:20pm FLAG
I want to my mom and I tried but my sister walked in

Noone1 Jan 09 2014 9:27am FLAG
What the actual ing desperate. Who even gives out their email address on a random website, anyway?

A sane member of society Jan 10 2014 3:23am FLAG
So many lolz on here. You people are psychopaths hahaha

A sane member of society Jan 10 2014 3:25am FLAG
I want to my mom too any help

Mason Jan 16 2014 8:08pm FLAG
Hey tom u single

lol girl Jan 18 2014 6:59am FLAG
Im single lol girl ;)

lok guy Jan 18 2014 9:23pm FLAG
I need to her

Alec Jan 20 2014 9:46pm FLAG
I think you should've told me and i wouldn't of grounded you.

Mom Jan 21 2014 2:10pm FLAG
Theres nothing wrong with it. My dad left when i was 6 and when i turned my mom needed someone to havesex with so we did im always banging my mom and

Anonymous Feb 03 2014 4:33pm FLAG
Is she your step mom at least?

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You guys are pretty

unbelievable Mar 05 2014 10:42am FLAG
Try and tell her that you want to massage her. When she is down to her bikini start by rubbing her thighs and tits. Then climb over her and her

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This guy Mar 30 2014 7:37am FLAG
The main reason or most likely attracted to your mom is because it's taboo, or no one else really does it. Just find a different type of taboo on account that it could really up your family and you and your mom wouldn't look at each other the same again. Do you have any sisters? Or cousins? Try them out.

Kaeporah Apr 01 2014 9:55am FLAG
Look man I used to want to but I got over it, I have a gf and I'm pretty happy with her. Get out there more meet people, but I'm not sayin ur a retard, I wanted to. Just get out there

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