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I can't finger myself, I can only rub. I'm a yr old girl

The Problem: Ok so, I've become so desperate to finger myself that now I'm here. I need to know THE BEST ways to masturbate and to get turned on, maybe something kinky(: I know I don't seem but I am. I just need this one thing ( btw I have a phone! ) so please help/explain how to be pleasured when ur alone. :))

Asked by: OhYesHarder! at 11:22:36 PM, Sunday, May 22, 2011 PDT FLAG


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justaman May 23 2011 7:00am FLAG

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tiffany k May 23 2011 7:05am FLAG
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ZAK May 23 2011 2:41pm FLAG
ing awesome

Anonymous May 23 2011 2:58pm FLAG
zak shut up. masturbation is perfectly normal and healthy.

Finch May 23 2011 6:11pm FLAG
Maturating makes you a pervert?<^???><??~\??

Mr. Taylor May 23 2011 7:09pm FLAG

EMMA May 23 2011 7:30pm FLAG
Yes now vote on my thing:)

ZAK TAYLOR May 23 2011 7:38pm FLAG
Well then 99% of people are perverted then. no seriously dude. masturbation is perfectly normal.

Finch May 23 2011 11:12pm FLAG
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Anonymous May 23 2011 11:59pm FLAG
hhahhahaahahaha ^ its like 3 am here and that has made my day lol

Finch May 24 2011 12:27am FLAG
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Oh I pee fine and I never have masturbated but can probably do it ( assuming) and please dont assume thing about me? thanks:)

ZAK May 24 2011 2:39pm FLAG
then go jack off ZAK

love d*cks May 24 2011 8:54pm FLAG
r u a virgin? that may b y u cant stick it up u i masturbate (u gt a prob wit dat zak) bt i only rub. wow ur pretty cool 4 an

shay May 24 2011 10:49pm FLAG
use a shower head ;)

Finch May 25 2011 8:35pm FLAG
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ooooooo May 26 2011 8:15am FLAG
dont give out your phone numbers to anyone on this website. you dont know these people they could be 60 year old men waiting for young girls to send them their phone numbers so they can trace it to where they live and kidnap and rape them. anyone who ask for phone numbers or gives their phone numbers out is just depserate losers who cannot get girlfriends in real life or they are ugly and the only want phone numbers because they dont want girls to see how ugly they are. giving out phone numebrs on websites it the dumbest thing anyone can do. DONT GIVE OUT YOUR PHONE NUMBER EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous May 27 2011 10:27am FLAG
zak how can you say you have never masturbated. everyone has masturbated. everyone in the world has done it atleast once. your just a scared little kid whos to embarrassed to admit that you have masturbated. why do you act like such a loser. oh wait your not acting. you are a loser.

kelsey May 27 2011 10:30am FLAG
lol kelsey is awesome haha

Finch May 27 2011 7:55pm FLAG
Fingering at the age of , what is this world coming to?

Getalife Jun 01 2011 12:26pm FLAG

hey:) Jun 01 2011 12:27pm FLAG
I masturbate washin milfz

Johnny Jun 02 2011 9:50pm FLAG
I'm going crazy looking for some though my c*ck is 4'2 brownish who wants a yr old young c*ck

Johnny Jun 02 2011 9:54pm FLAG
Where do i put my finger in the whole all the way at the bottom?????

Apple Jul 07 2011 1:06am FLAG
Omg i did it!!!!!!!!!!!!

Apple Jul 07 2011 1:16am FLAG
Just go on the internet and look at pictures of ***** boys worked 4 me

ill never tell Jul 07 2011 4:25am FLAG
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Jay Jul 13 2011 9:21am FLAG
@getalife masturbation starts at infancy, honey.

crazytrancegirl Jul 17 2011 2:02am FLAG
just play as much as u can with your cl*tories and dat will help a lot

liza Jul 30 2011 7:19am FLAG
I'm fingering myself right now and I'm 10 years old its easy..

thats for me to know+you to find out:P Aug 02 2011 10:00am FLAG
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charlena Aug 02 2011 12:03pm FLAG
Ive done it.&anonymous your rite dont ever give out your number on the internet once its on there u cant get it off!

cuttie<3 Aug 17 2011 6:47am FLAG
Ive done it.&anonymous your rite dont ever give out your number on the internet once its on there u cant get it off!

cuttie<3 Aug 17 2011 6:48am FLAG
I don't see why people are saying Its wrong to finger your self it's perfectly normal. I'm too :)

rose :) Aug 27 2011 10:28am FLAG
masterbation is perfectly normal but maybe not having sex at the age of charlena and boys licking your is probably not age appropiate ethir but boys fingering you is fine and this advice is coming from a boy

the name is boy Sep 11 2011 3:57am FLAG
im 10 and i understand everything on this page but the only thing i can do is rub

a girl Sep 17 2011 4:33pm FLAG
WHAT *** SITE i use ***hub

justaskin Sep 17 2011 4:38pm FLAG
I can't believe people on here have had sex at , that's dirty you will regret it your whole life your body isn't even ready then and in the future boys will just see you as a slut to have sex with

;) Sep 21 2011 1:34pm FLAG
I can't believe people on here have had sex at , that's dirty you will regret it your whole life your body isn't even ready then and in the future boys will just see you as a slut to have sex with

;) Sep 21 2011 1:35pm FLAG
I'm 10 and doing it now

Young er Nov 01 2011 3:52am FLAG
WoW- helped so much, but I'm bisexual... Well, I have a bf but me and my bff get it on.... Like the once she came to my house and we got drunk because we stolr $y parents alchahole and then I remember he ripping my skirt up, pulling my panties down and her just licking me and fingering me like nothin I have ever experiences I mean she basicly fingered me with her tongue and we like were lickin eachothers 's till we cumed and it was amazing- now during school we are in defferent classes but we give eachother a time to meet in the bthroom and we pulled our dresses up and luck our vegina's so hard.... And I am also !!! ;)

Sex lesbien machine Nov 27 2011 2:24pm FLAG
well im 10 and wanted to no the same question why could i only rub? why is my vagina hole to small? is it normal since im not on my period? could any one help me please? i dont want to not be able to have sex if i cant even fit a finger a centemeter in without it hurting---megan

meggylovesyou Dec 18 2011 9:08am FLAG
well im 10 and wanted to no the same question why could i only rub? why is my vagina hole to small? is it normal since im not on my period? could any one help me please? i dont want to not be able to have sex if i cant even fit a finger a centemeter in without it hurting---megan

meggylovesyou Dec 18 2011 9:21am FLAG
wheeeyheeey, go buy a vibrator.. ;)

ilovesexandBL*WJ*BS Dec 23 2011 10:46am FLAG
Ok, so I am and I'm starting to finger myself. I dnt know if I'm doing it feels weird I'm too scared to stick my finger up all the way cuz it hurts and I dnt wanna break my hymen. I dnt even knoe if I'm putting it in the right hole. It embarasses me. What is rubbing exactly? I feel so stupid cuz yr olds even know what it is. I dnt even use a tampon cuz my mom told me it can break the hymen

confused girl Jan 02 2012 12:00pm FLAG
I also used the corner of a pillow but its not as hard as a finger it doesn't go in my cl*t. I also tried the end of a tooth rush, but I'm too scared to put tht all the way in pls help and give me advice! For some reason I get more turned on by watching lesbian ***, guys dnt Rlly turn me on at all. I wish I was straight

confused girl Jan 02 2012 12:04pm FLAG
Eletric toothbrush is awesome! I'm 10 and love fingering myself!!!!!!!! Most my friends think I'm a freak but one of my friends(Maddy) loves it 2 and once we where in the same toilet and she started feeling me then she licked my p*ssy nd fingerd me soooo hard!!!!!!!!!!!!

Go Jan 05 2012 1:27am FLAG
I find it strange that year olds have done stuff like that! I'm and I have a bf, but we don't do stuff like that, we just kiss and cuddle, and there's year olds fingering eachother and licking eachother out?! :\

me Jan 05 2012 1:55pm FLAG
I'm and haven't done any of the stuff these 10-s have done but I have tried to finger myself but my finger won't go in all the way so I just decided to stop and wait until I got a little older, I guess...(: But I still want help and advice on how to do it

A young chica Jan 16 2012 10:35am FLAG
I have never fingered myself but I do watch *** and when I do (which is like every day) I squeeze my legs together and then pull them apart quickly and do this a few times while watching *** when I feel like I'm reaching an orgasm I squeeze them together and hold it. To me that's the best way to get an orgasm

Don't no how i got on this website Jan 16 2012 6:50pm FLAG
wow...I'm ,i mean i got a bf,I'm not a virgin,and,well frankly 10-yr olds know more shiz den meh!

>;DD Jan 31 2012 1:01am FLAG
I'm 10 and can't quite finger myself yet. I am fairly intelligent and, if i do it, will my mum notice in the future if my cl*t is boken for period and inserting tampons? Oh, I crave my bff licking me out!!! Mmmm

The Sexy Geekgirl Feb 08 2012 1:29pm FLAG
im and dont no wich hole it is in need to put my finger in help me PLEASE :}

GIGLY GIRL GGGG Feb 14 2012 12:31am FLAG
This is the stupidest website I've ever been on. All of you 10 year olds and what not, you do NOT sound cool. You sound like a bunch of repulsive wannabe c*nts. You're probably not even old enough to know what that means.. The way you all are talking doesn't make you look cool, you disgust me. I'm 18 and I am losing faith in humanity because of nasty fakes like you. You are ing disgusting.

Anonymous Feb 16 2012 8:29pm FLAG
I'm as well and Im always and moving my body fast lay helps but I want I want to finger my self with out breaking my cherry help?

Anonymous Feb 21 2012 7:53am FLAG
just get horney maybe some *** then relax and start slow a then try to go faster xx

? Feb 23 2012 10:49am FLAG
any horney girls that want to talk dirty please send me a reply 2 this

horneyguyxx Feb 23 2012 11:06am FLAG
hey horneygut how old r u i am and ive started fingering myself but if u give my ur email adress ill talk real dirlt lol <3

Swansea'sFingeringGirl Mar 09 2012 12:18pm FLAG
Some one write back to me im sooooo and need a year ild boy and he has to be hot leave your number!

! Mar 18 2012 9:07am FLAG

me Mar 25 2012 2:42pm FLAG
If any one is or girl want to have fun just text me 4-335-3536 and if u have skype just add me Jaylovercookie

Jay Apr 02 2012 11:51am FLAG
i need help 2 email me @

a yr. old girl Apr 03 2012 11:10pm FLAG
Ok i need some advise plz im and love masterbating but i dont know how to finger and a little scared and my oppoin like ya'll care lol is 10and is to young about right but like i have room to talk lolz plz help thanx

sweetz Apr 04 2012 6:18pm FLAG
It's 5:32 in the ing morning and I'm I'll

Mental Apr 05 2012 9:34pm FLAG
This is interesting .... :]

Inf3ct!ous Apr 07 2012 9:40pm FLAG
im a lesbian i have a friend named holly she has blonde hair blue eyes she is years and virgin im and virgin i dont like d*cks and every time im around my friend i want to kiss her and lick her plz someone help me

lesbian Apr 13 2012 2:30pm FLAG
This has made me lose all hope in humanity. .

Wow Apr 14 2012 10:35pm FLAG
You guys are all stupid, I am & most likely most if these people arent realy 10 & , and me u have nefer masterbated and I am also sad for these "kids" beause when u was 8 I was asked to have sex by my ex "bf" (when your eight u think you have a bf) & I screamed and ran home, all I though about when I was 10 & all I thought about was unicorn stickers and flavored lipgloss

Curly sue :p Apr 20 2012 6:49pm FLAG
You guys are all stupid, I am & most likely most if these people arent realy 10 & , and me u have nefer masterbated and I am also sad for these "kids" beause when u was 8 I was asked to have sex by my ex "bf" (when your eight u think you have a bf) & I screamed and ran home, all I though about when I was 10 & all I thought about was unicorn stickers and flavored lipgloss

Curly sue :p Apr 20 2012 6:49pm FLAG
You guys are all stupid, I am & most likely most if these people arent realy 10 & , and me u have nefer masterbated and I am also sad for these "kids" beause when u was 8 I was asked to have sex by my ex "bf" (when your eight u think you have a bf) & I screamed and ran home, all I though about when I was 10 & all I thought about was unicorn stickers and flavored lipgloss

Curly sue :p Apr 20 2012 6:49pm FLAG
you all

Anonymous Apr 21 2012 11:48am FLAG
I can't finger myself

amanda Apr 21 2012 11:49am FLAG
I think you guys are really... Not bright for doi g this to ur body know.. Im and I dont do any off this.. Anymore ive fingerd myself ones and felt horrible like neglected myself Nd my body... All you 8,9,10,yr olds sound like complete sluts...

:\ Apr 25 2012 8:39pm FLAG
Ima girl and me and my friend eat each other out when no ones home I get ate soo bad and I'm solo wett!! This girl I meet says she's a lez and a great eater!! Meet with her today and I orgasmed in 4 minutes....

I love pussie (|) Apr 25 2012 8:44pm FLAG
I'm ten and want to finger myself but don't know how!!

Anonymous May 02 2012 3:07pm FLAG
I'm ten and want to finger myself but don't know how!!

Anonymous May 02 2012 3:08pm FLAG
I'm ten and want to finger myself but don't know how!!

Anonymous May 02 2012 3:08pm FLAG
im 10 and super . plz help!!!

10 yr old gal May 03 2012 1:15pm FLAG
ya im and i have fingered my self. its easy one u try. but i like rubbing better.

none of ur hecking busness May 05 2012 5:05pm FLAG
ya im and i have fingered my self. its easy one u try. but i like rubbing better.

none of ur hecking busness May 05 2012 5:05pm FLAG
ya im and i have fingered my self. its easy one u try. but i like rubbing better.

none of ur hecking busness May 05 2012 5:05pm FLAG
ya im and i have fingered my self. its easy one u try. but i like rubbing better.

none of ur hecking busness May 05 2012 5:05pm FLAG
I'm a boy of now and I wonder a lot do girls my age masturbate a lot is it ok and like its kinda confusing and awkward to talk about is there something wrong with me for just not getting it ?

Guitar dude 66 May 06 2012 4:33pm FLAG
Basically ur probz older but saying ur young so its like wtf lil slags get a life ur nd ur saying ur not virgins bit ed init SLAG

dude May 13 2012 3:49pm FLAG
I'm ten and I do it. It's so nice. I use other things like them long erasers to stick up my pusssy

Anonymous May 28 2012 2:30am FLAG
Rubbing doesn't work for me It sucks

Anonymous May 28 2012 2:31am FLAG
I so wish I could have sex at the age of ten!!!!!!!

Anonymous May 28 2012 2:53am FLAG
I so wish I could have sex at the age of ten!!!!!!!

Anonymous May 28 2012 2:53am FLAG
its nothing wrung its just wrung with your ages sex at frisky

Anonymous May 28 2012 8:18pm FLAG
me baby

Anonymous May 30 2012 7:09pm FLAG
U guys i have no idea how2 finger myslf. it feels weird and hurts slightly. im wonderin should i wait To even worry about tht stuf. help please?

unsure lady Jun 08 2012 6:53pm FLAG
Any girls?

sexychicl Jun 09 2012 2:10am FLAG
Any girls?

sexychicl Jun 09 2012 2:11am FLAG
Im so and im a lesbian so yeah I need a girl to have fun with

sexychick Jun 09 2012 2:13am FLAG
Ok I'm ten and I know how you just have to put you middle figer just a touch in your vagni ok thats all you can't fit your fist in at age ten or eleven so don't try you'll hurt yourself

Alex knows a lot Jun 09 2012 8:50pm FLAG
I am to and I go to *** hub I am a boy call me at 76026820 ok

Joshua I'm to Jun 16 2012 12:36am FLAG
Get some computer, turn it on and then watch ***. Then insert, slowly, into your vagina. I'm 19, it works for me.

191821 Jun 18 2012 2:14pm FLAG
Watching *** dosnt help all you need to do is find a girl and ask them if they to suck c*ck or you could rub your hand up and down on your penis and it will give lots of pleasure

Sexygirl:) Jun 19 2012 11:40am FLAG
If boys would like to see my vagina send a pick of your part at my number even girls I'll set you girls up with a guy just text comment back asap pleasssse

Sexygirl:) Jun 19 2012 11:43am FLAG
My numbe is 7182259021 pleaser know hurt me

Sexygirl:) Jun 19 2012 11:46am FLAG
Don't really only if you want to actually I would like to a girl so bad right now I'm a lesbian not all the time thought but most of the time

Sexy girl Jun 19 2012 11:50am FLAG
I'm I am straight but addicted to fingering myself what do I do xx

No 1 Jun 20 2012 2:23pm FLAG
I'm I am straight but addicted to fingering myself what do I do xx

No 1 Jun 20 2012 2:23pm FLAG
Find out wat things u like by watching *** such as threesome orgy gay lesbian n see wat turns u on then watch more *** n you'll get super turned on I'm n rubbing my is gud enough for me I'm waiting till a docks in me but until then *** n rubbing worked for me also hump things cos that's the closest thing to actual humping apart from fingering you will get to for now but be turned on before you start humping anything otherwise it won't feel good

anon1 Jun 20 2012 3:00pm FLAG
I want a guy to stick there big ing big and I am only

No 1 Jun 22 2012 11:23am FLAG
Anybody in BULLHEAD AZ that can come and tuck me

No 1 Jun 22 2012 11:24am FLAG

Get a life ppl and do something better than talk about this Jun 24 2012 6:34am FLAG
This is a very intresting site but hey anyone wanna eniak me and wanna talk dirty with soone girl or boy

;-) Jun 24 2012 3:55pm FLAG

Anonymous Jun 24 2012 5:48pm FLAG

Anonymous Jun 24 2012 5:48pm FLAG
I am a guy, i always fantasize alot. I need a girl i can chat dirty with. Write to me on

NaughtyfantasiesBoy Jun 25 2012 4:44am FLAG
I am a guy, i always fantasize alot. I need a girl i can chat dirty with. Write to me on

NaughtyfantasiesBoy Jun 25 2012 4:44am FLAG
I'm and I hav same problem

somechick Jun 29 2012 8:23am FLAG
I want someone to heck me so bad right now

anonymous Jun 29 2012 2:52pm FLAG
I'm and lesbian email me at twitter

Sexy lesbian Jul 02 2012 9:34pm FLAG
Try sliding under your faucet in your bath tub and let the water hit your vagina.It feels so good!

Luvmealways Jul 04 2012 12:18pm FLAG
Try sliding under your faucet in your bath tub and let the water hit your vagina.It feels so good!

Luvmealways Jul 04 2012 12:18pm FLAG
Try sliding under your faucet in your bath tub and let the water hit your vagina.It feels so good!

Luvmealways Jul 04 2012 12:18pm FLAG
im and ing awesome

slut Jul 04 2012 10:21pm FLAG
damn you ing eat my p*ssy but he says he aint ready. i guess it makes since he is only and im . I have given bl*wj*bs before to him though and his d*ck is pretty big for . mostly why im dating him. ;)

virginity=sh*t Jul 04 2012 10:28pm FLAG
so im and dating a . kinda similar to person above me. he wouldnt have sex with me or anything sexual at all. so i gave in and did it with a guy who wating on me when i was , and it was amazing. since then ive had sex with 3 other guys and my bf found out. so to get my sexual needs fulfilled we did it and he knows how to do a girl. now we do it weekly and i am loving it. best of all we dont have to use condoms cuz he has trouble ejaculating. i know its unsafe but im secretly hoping to get preggers. maybe today is the day cuz im going to go meet him for sex right now!

love them ds Jul 04 2012 10:36pm FLAG
I am and use a smalle vibrator tool that i took of a head masaser and move it around on my vagigi and i thing im having an orgasm almost ninty percent sure anyone have any feedback

kayty Jul 05 2012 6:26pm FLAG
Oh and im super but my mum has no clue i dothis stuff

kayty Jul 05 2012 6:27pm FLAG
Some of u guys might not know wat this is but i just had a hackin awesome orgasm

kayty Jul 05 2012 6:30pm FLAG
I have weird sex dreems i think thts y im in the a m

Anonymous Jul 05 2012 6:32pm FLAG
Im a male and love to or have phone sex and i also love oovoo ;) im , text me at anytime ;) 954-268-3888

and Horny Jul 07 2012 10:51am FLAG
If you are and under and have come across fingering yourself by accident, but dont go flaunting it about its private to you and if youre and under i wouldnt recommend putting anything inside yourself, just rub. i found out about masturbating by accident when i was around 8 or 9 and i have been addicted since, i tried to stop because i didnt feel it was normal but i guess you gotta do what you gotta do, im now and have only recently started actually putting things up there. i use the shower head too, that helps just dont shoot water up your hole because its dangerous. if you are 10ish you shouldnt want to masturbate, leave it until you find out by accident because then its easier to find out what pleasures you most. dont be worried though, its normal :) x

someone with experience Jul 07 2012 2:42pm FLAG
I'm n I want to have sex bt I'm scared n I watch ***

ccdtdeyurthscfdk Jul 12 2012 8:25am FLAG
i love to masturbate it feels ing amazing and i use my shower head to make me orgasim

i want you to me Jul 13 2012 1:29am FLAG
i have the same prob.

yr. old who wants to masturbate!!!!! Jul 13 2012 5:40pm FLAG
Im and i wont to finger myself but idk how!!! In as hell 2!!!!

A really gurl Jul 14 2012 1:10am FLAG
Im and i wont to finger myself but idk how!!! In as hell 2!!!!

A really gurl Jul 14 2012 1:11am FLAG

Anonymous Jul 14 2012 5:12am FLAG
My mom doesn't know that I watch *** and stuff. I rub. I am and I think I'm bi curious and I think I may actually be bi. I want to try to finger but which hole? I am very small and I have no camera on my kindle fire so I can't send pics. Idk what to do I feel so bad for doing these things behiind my mom's back.

Anonymous Jul 14 2012 8:50am FLAG
Iam 22

Anonymous Jul 14 2012 5:57pm FLAG
Please help. I was the comment my mom doesn't know that I watch *** blah blah blah I need help. I think I know where my vagina is but I don't know about where my hymen is and how much pressure is required to break it. I have not had my period yet. I have read things, looked at diagrams, but I need help.

Anonymous Jul 14 2012 6:00pm FLAG
Im i have fi gered my self and im not sure what happened, a liguid poured out kinda and felt really good some1 help and tell me why and are there any better ways to do it

Mell Jul 15 2012 3:26am FLAG
Hey try watching and my phone number is 456734

HALEE Jul 15 2012 10:49am FLAG
Hey try watching and my phone number is 456734

HALEE Jul 15 2012 10:49am FLAG

DAFUQ? Jul 15 2012 6:14pm FLAG
Hey sexy bastered

Anonymous Jul 15 2012 7:01pm FLAG
I have a boyfriend but we do nothing in that subject it's not normal for 10-s to be fingering each other, like it's okay to masturbate but really? If your age is on the clock your to young for the c*ck

LiviLovesYou Jul 15 2012 7:10pm FLAG
I have the same ploblem I'm and I'm scared to put anything up there!! ? I only rub!! I tryed once to put my finger in but it hurt really!!!

\(?.?)/ help! Jul 18 2012 3:04am FLAG
I searched "I'm and moving" and came across this website. Are you all serious? You know docters can find out your doing this and tell your parents? I mean, im and I learned what it was when I was 8 by a family friend. I didnt know what was going on, but i didnt like it. Im not going to lie, ive done it for a couple weeks, when I was , then stopped. I dont think I will ever masturbate again. especially now that I know that I was only doing these things because I was molested as a kid. Just dont do it girls, and guys! There are other things to do! Like video games or watching tv or playing outside. Dont grow up to be a pedophile!

Anonymous Jul 18 2012 10:26am FLAG
I agree^ and sry yhew were molested. :/

Chic Jul 18 2012 10:27am FLAG
I Want Tang To Get Licked Right Now By A Girl Who Is Down??

I'm Jul 19 2012 9:55am FLAG
im and i was wondering wat hole i put my finger in to cum plz awnser me

cheekygirl Jul 20 2012 9:10am FLAG
pllzz awnser me

cheekygirl Jul 20 2012 9:13am FLAG
Ok here's some awnsers: Start off small, u have to get turned on h*rny before u do anything that is y it wont let u. Try a vibrator, watch *** sites like ***hub and watch the advertisements( don't click them though they only want u to pay or sign up) go in the shower get wet and think of a sec fantasy with ur crush. Just have fun with it its completely normal but don't try it with other people cause ur too young. And I don't know how to gum yet but I don't want to cause some times I ask myself "what's rong with me?" And its just ur horomones. Relax.

girlnotgivingmyname Jul 20 2012 9:37am FLAG
And there's 2 holes 1: front u go to ,well pee 2:) behind it (not ur butthole lol) it another hole on a slant first u have to get turned on by *** sites and stuff and then. Ull know so try it. My finger gets tired sometimes so I try a lipstick or vibrated. Just look around the house. Good luck. P.s. to cum u have to get reallyy turned on. Watch out to pop ur cherry. U can pop ur cherry masterbating, fingering., havign sec or even back riding. At first it hurts and u bleed but there's no avoiding it its just a prowess tht everyone (girls) go through and u get pregnet (having sec). U cant get pregnant if ur not having sec with a boy and not unless ur cherry popped yet. Don't freak out though. Its normal.

girlnotgivingmyname Jul 20 2012 9:44am FLAG
Horseback riding lol. Aurocorrect -.-

girlnotgivingmyname Jul 20 2012 9:45am FLAG
Horseback riding lol. Aurocorrect -.-

girlnotgivingmyname Jul 20 2012 9:49am FLAG
Guys listen seriously .... Im an i have fingered my self but i never pu in cause im afraid im ggoin to do somethin bad and hurt my self please help!

Girly girl (: Jul 21 2012 2:40pm FLAG
ok first of all, im really stupid and explain to me what puPOO is?? lol then i will awnser u.

girlnotgivingmyname Jul 21 2012 3:50pm FLAG
ok first of all, im really stupid and explain to me what puPOO is?? lol then i will awnser u.

girlnotgivingmyname Jul 21 2012 3:50pm FLAG
ok first of all, im really stupid and explain to me what puPOO is?? lol then i will awnser u.

girlnotgivingmyname Jul 21 2012 3:50pm FLAG
and i have fingered myself like not slow but not fast but medium and i havent well, poped my cherry.

girlnotgivingmyname Jul 21 2012 3:53pm FLAG

Anonymous Jul 21 2012 10:53pm FLAG

Anonymous Jul 22 2012 3:59pm FLAG

Email me @

I MADE THAT WHEN I WAS 8 >:( Jul 24 2012 5:11pm FLAG
hahaha. i cant read

i want to get boned Jul 26 2012 12:13am FLAG
ing lil girl advice!!! Like woww. Dumbass s

Raeana jo mayo Jul 27 2012 8:55pm FLAG
-,...,- society. Parents. Government. Sex videos. YOU FAKED IT TILL YOU MADE IT. negros

Raeana jo mayo Jul 27 2012 9:01pm FLAG
Hey I'm and just started mastrabating. I rub and hump but I'm way to scared to finger myself. I worry that it will hurt a lot. I need advice on how to over come my retarded fear. Please help me!!!

Panda love :) Jul 28 2012 1:28am FLAG
Hey I'm and just started mastrabating. I rub and hump but I'm way to scared to finger myself. I worry that it will hurt a lot. I need advice on how to over come my retarded fear. Please help me!!!

Panda love :) Jul 28 2012 1:42am FLAG
Okay, first of all, its completely normal to fap. Two: where are ur parents under 18 havin sex??? like wtf thats rong its okay to finger but lozing ur virginity if ur serious, at 9-18, okay thats going the extreme.smmfh I discovered it al 7 or 8 i mean its completely normal, just dont get a slutty with it.Thats just misusing the privilege and makin all us females look like betches how obviously dgaf about their bodies. MMM SMMFH once again...

xXKatherinaBetchxX Jul 28 2012 2:00am FLAG
Im and I finger myself but I dont feel nothing the only time I cum is wen I watch lesbian *** and I really need somebody to eat me out im always and I need a girl!!!

XxXiMhOrNyXxX Jul 29 2012 4:28am FLAG
I libe in las vegas so If u wanna get down message me at (my sisters account)

XxXiMhOrNyXxX Jul 29 2012 4:30am FLAG
I libe in las vegas so If u wanna get down message me at (my sisters account)

XxXiMhOrNyXxX Jul 29 2012 4:31am FLAG
Im 10 and just get your bath tap on ur vigina and it fells good

???? Jul 30 2012 3:07am FLAG
Im 10 and just get your bath tap on ur vigina and it fells good

???? Jul 30 2012 3:08am FLAG
Im 10 and just get your bath tap on ur vigina the water fells good On my vigina

???? Jul 30 2012 3:32am FLAG
i like to put a pillow and start humping, but dont lost your virginity that means if u are a girl you might lose your wanna have sex with boys

virgina_wet Jul 30 2012 11:01am FLAG
i like to put a pillow and start humping, but dont lost your virginity that means if u are a girl you might lose your wanna have sex with boys

virgina_wet Jul 30 2012 11:01am FLAG
It normal to masterbate and it feels amazing it natural everyone does it

Repoter Jul 30 2012 3:01pm FLAG
It normal to masterbate and it feels amazing it natural everyone does it

Repoter Jul 30 2012 3:01pm FLAG
Ummmmmmmm i am and i am very !!! I want to tuck hard!!!!with a big co*k!!!! anyone wanna *uck me?;)

sexygirl;) Jul 31 2012 12:36am FLAG
Somethings wrong with y'all. Wat r u guys like years? Don't y'all have something better to do like watch Disney or something?

Betterthanu Jul 31 2012 6:40pm FLAG
If you want to lose the one thing you should beproud of that your choice but wait till you have found that one boy or girl that you really love and fyi love is not sex and if you really want to get over being afraid to finger yourself wait till your and have your boyfriend do it for you just dont have sex cause if you have never fingered yourself your not ready but make sure you can trust him i dont know how i got to this site eighter

name and age boy or girl wanna know just ask Aug 01 2012 1:28am FLAG
I'm and I do it too and actually I was searching how to stop doing it but I stumble on this... Hmm I think it's normal. I mean if boys have there "urges" can't + have them too... (I was ten when I did it but now I m so :) you can email me if you wanna because idk :P (dont ask about my email name because its just what I put lol)

Ashley Lynn Aug 04 2012 3:31am FLAG
Oh wait when I said cant `+ I was going to say girls.. :D

Ashley Lynn Aug 04 2012 3:33am FLAG
im and i finger all the time its great my boyfriend has even fingered me and licked me out it is the best :)

sophie Aug 04 2012 11:52am FLAG
im and i finger all the time its great my boyfriend has even fingered me and licked me out it is the best :)

sophie Aug 04 2012 11:58am FLAG
is it normal for a guy to consistently watch lesbian *** i do it all the time and i here a lot of guys whach gay ***

brogan Aug 04 2012 11:54pm FLAG
Help I'm and a girl I came across masturbating by accident when I was younger but I learnt last year what it is and reading this before I tried to watch *** but it didn't work so I clicked on lesbian *** by accident and I found myself watching it. I like boys but I do seem to find lesbian *** more comforting than normal ***... Am I bi or something? Also when I finger it hurts but when I rub it doesn't feel right the only thing I like is pillows is there any advice I can take???

please help :( Aug 05 2012 10:36am FLAG
I'm not sure sorry but yes I have the same problem I like boys but I'm sort of scared of their... C*cks they look awful and I get turned on my boobs I'm not sure what to do :( I'm and I watch lesbian *** and I think its gross that 10/s are havin sex its just not right! Masturbating is different

happy to help :) Aug 05 2012 10:42am FLAG
Wtf y tha hell is all des lil kids having sex these days geez im and i wanna keep my virginity until i found the guy i wanna spend the rest of my life with

Becca Aug 07 2012 5:19pm FLAG
Your 10 how the hell can you get hornu your a child!!

Sally Aug 08 2012 12:46pm FLAG
i'm and i haven't fingered myself, i was happy with just rubbing my cl*t up until last year .. But every time i try to finger myself it hurts, no matter how wet i am, i've watched all types of *** and none of it helps, i don't know what you're doing having sex under but it's your slutty life so whatever .. But it's completely normal to be afraid of fingering yourself or for it to hurt a bit the first few times (i'm just a chicken i guess)

p*ssy lover Aug 09 2012 6:09am FLAG
i started to finger myself at 10 years old and at now i still do. When i used to finish swimming menand my friend used to finger eachother and lick each others

LickMeOut Aug 09 2012 9:26am FLAG
Ew. You need to get yourself checked out ^^ poor dog!!

Smartass Aug 10 2012 6:45am FLAG here's the thing for all you young people......having sex is not normal......which is having a c*ck in u. Its OK to be "eaten out" Trust me. Its amazing to be eaten out. By both a girl and a guy. Now fingering yourself good, think about our dream guy and u two having sex, you will then get a tingly butterfly feeling. Then u will kinda get wet. That's when u can strip. I wud start with rubbing your clot slow, than gradually get faster and faster. Now every one is saying to use a shower head or a vibrating toothbrush, but not everyone has one. So I would just use the end of a brush or a marker. Both works fine, now not everyone has a cellphone, but of u do, play with the vibrate settings. Then what u do is that u just feel for the opening of your va-jay-jay. Now not all of wants to stick or finger up there yet so just trace a circle around it. Then just slowly stick it up there, and stick it in and out. I would wait till ur like or like me. Then have sex. Me and three friends had a plan when we were thir****. It was to have sex and then make a video and just say we had sex....then we heard the song " I just had sex" so we used that song to make our video. Sorry for side track, it was a funny story. But hope advice helps.

lovelovesex Aug 11 2012 3:57pm FLAG

Alyssa milburn Aug 15 2012 11:16am FLAG
Peoples numbers from uk

Mee Aug 19 2012 2:30pm FLAG
I'm ten and I have fingered myself and had a lot of organisms Plus I watch ***

10girlorgans Aug 20 2012 6:50pm FLAG
Unlike many, masturabation sometimes doesn't work for me. I have fingered myself before and there is nothing to be afraid of. First off you need to make sure you stick your fingers up the right hole. Look up what hole cause I'm not getting into that right now. Once you do that just stick two CLEAN fingers up there. If you have fingered yourself and just need help getting turned on, think about your crush or something. Sometimes you don't need to be turned on. Also if it helps listen to fast love songs like Wild Ones. Hope this helped ^-^

PandaLuver(: Aug 20 2012 10:56pm FLAG
Unlike many, masturabation sometimes doesn't work for me. I have fingered myself before and there is nothing to be afraid of. First off you need to make sure you stick your fingers up the right hole. Look up what hole cause I'm not getting into that right now. Once you do that just stick two CLEAN fingers up there. If you have fingered yourself and just need help getting turned on, think about your crush or something. Sometimes you don't need to be turned on. Also if it helps listen to fast love songs like Wild Ones. Hope this helped ^-^

PandaLuver(: Aug 20 2012 11:02pm FLAG
Girls if you ever have any questions text me 6-589-5647

Josh Aug 27 2012 1:13pm FLAG
to help with masturabation i watch *** i think lesbian *** is the best but any is a good *** site

i love sex Aug 27 2012 7:17pm FLAG
My email is Katie.luvs.d*

G Sep 02 2012 6:18pm FLAG
Hey any one wanna ?

Felix3 Sep 03 2012 2:24pm FLAG
Or does any one want to give me a blow job?

Felix3 Sep 03 2012 2:25pm FLAG
any one on kik ad me craig48

craig Sep 04 2012 4:46pm FLAG
or skype craig.c.

craig Sep 04 2012 4:47pm FLAG
You guys I don't even know where my vagina hole is I just turned

kande34 Sep 05 2012 7:00pm FLAG
Well I am 9 and ahhh my friend looks up *** all the time Whene im over at her house I think she's turning into a lezo no chiz but I am straight I no lots of stuff cause I have 2 big bros and my really close cuz and any way for u guys out there try rub like a Derwin pencil with ur spit or somthing and try slowly pu up ur pu**y

Horsemad Sep 10 2012 4:32am FLAG
Hey Im if you need arosal me an 904-4-2975

Terry reed Sep 10 2012 3:32pm FLAG
Hey its Terry again me right now I could make u so it isnt even funny.

Terry reed Sep 10 2012 3:38pm FLAG
I'm a girl and I want to know how the h*ll did i get on this ed up site......... havin sex at 10 is just wrong

crazygirl Sep 13 2012 2:57pm FLAG
How cum it's so hard to finger I've tried it but can't get it all the way up there

:$:8:):$. Sep 14 2012 4:13pm FLAG
If you want... You can email me and ill tell you a REALLY good way to "get in there" . I'm and I'm not some crazy pedophile. I don't think a pedophile would say something like that... Just saying. My email is kamilk2246 @ hotmail com

good adviser Sep 16 2012 7:22am FLAG
Im a girl i can't finger myself but just look at *** a then you can i love doing it

lea Eaton Sep 16 2012 9:53am FLAG
I love looking at *** and fingering my self email me but no sex talk if you live in ga maybe we can if you would like im a girl

lea eaton Sep 16 2012 10:01am FLAG
is someone on right now who would like to talk about sex and finger cuz when i finger myself i don't feel anything i won't to someone so bad

lea eaton Sep 16 2012 10:18am FLAG
who is now right now mybe we can talk

Lea eaton Sep 16 2012 1:28pm FLAG
who lives in peachtree city,Ga 30269 maybe we can

Lea Eaton Sep 16 2012 2:31pm FLAG
im gmail my only of your And then we can talk only if you am a girl you can be a boy or girl im not gay i just would like someond to

lea eaton Sep 16 2012 2:35pm FLAG
Hello lea eaton I'm also if u want to talk I'm a girl and if u want someone to that's ok 2

i am a bitch Sep 18 2012 7:22pm FLAG
So need someone to have sex with or masturbate

me plz Sep 18 2012 7:25pm FLAG
I'm , wanna ? ^^

Emo/Scene Guy Sep 19 2012 3:02pm FLAG
so i am ten no very pretty as people say overweight and still no period just last month my mom caught me watching *** o i thing i know what rubbing is and when i try to finger myself it hurts i always fantasize about this one donhaven but he went to another school he liked me too some one teach me how to finger myself an dif i finger myself to hard ca i breat the thing that says if you have lost your virginity .i have a diary about my fanasizes of mine help me i need to finger emal me at

emz Sep 19 2012 5:02pm FLAG

william.j Sep 22 2012 12:45am FLAG
I need a masterbating friend and btw I'm a boy plz help!!!!

Anonymous Sep 23 2012 6:38pm FLAG
I need a masterbating friend and btw I'm a yeqd old boy plz help!!!!

Tyler Sep 23 2012 6:39pm FLAG
Kik anyone any to add me 69YOLO69 btw I'm a boy so ya hmu!!!!

69YOLO69 Sep 23 2012 6:41pm FLAG
I'm single and I finger myself and ride stuffed animals all the time for sum reason black *** turns me on I guess it mkes sense.. I m black

im nd i know it Sep 23 2012 10:29pm FLAG
Ok I'm years ols and I have this crush and he's hot so I often fantasize about him but not sex fantasize though no way but I have these odd dream aboout sex n I wake up late in the morning so everyone is on the other side of the house so I have a bit of privacy so can some1 please help me get turned on really I'm desparate I want sex soooo bad that I put even give someone a bl*wj*b but like most people on this sight I get turned on by watching lesbian *** to and big tits help me because for an I have bigger tits than a soo guys please

anonomous Sep 24 2012 12:00am FLAG
I'm and I love sticking a wet sticky lollipop up my tight little wet !

want a c*ck Sep 24 2012 11:57am FLAG
I just want a boy to chat wit on this page I'm and I love riding pillows tlk dirty to me

im nd i know it Sep 24 2012 7:56pm FLAG
I wanna and I'm only nd my boyfriend eats me out nd I always suck his 6" big c*ck I'm going to suck him now

My p.u.s.s.y so ing wet somone ride me Sep 25 2012 9:55am FLAG
ima yr old male love to please the females hmu

sit on my facee :D Sep 26 2012 3:16am FLAG
@im i want you so bad right now

leaf Sep 28 2012 6:26pm FLAG
i just wanna cum

claire Sep 29 2012 3:15am FLAG
I'm and I live in west Virginia Ive tried to finger myself but I don't know how I've fantasized about sex with boys and even girls mostly Boys... I want sex so bad... Don't judge me Sep 29 2012 11:03am FLAG
me at 1036270 email me at I'm on twitter Mckennamansfiel and Skype!! Sep 29 2012 11:07am FLAG
i am 9 and turnin 10 on October ll i rub my me? i need big d*ck

sexy bitch Oct 01 2012 3:56pm FLAG
hey its sexy bitch just letting you boys out there know i want hot guys i am available.:p smooches

sexy bitch Oct 01 2012 3:59pm FLAG
I'm and love to use my moms face cleanser and rub it in my vag, it feels so good, I get the best orgasms ever whenever I do it I squirt pee everywhere then lick my cum off of the brush, it tastes so good, for a while I've been wanting to finger myself, any help

Cutie girl Oct 01 2012 4:36pm FLAG
Hey its sexy bitch i am sooooooo i am using a huge dildo

sexy bitch Oct 02 2012 2:04pm FLAG
anyone want to be my online boyfriend?i am looking for a 10 year old.

sexy bitch Oct 02 2012 7:10pm FLAG
I would love to be your boyfriend but im :/ wanna date anyway?

leaf Oct 03 2012 7:32am FLAG
yeah sure leaf!love you baby.kisses

sexy bitch Oct 03 2012 4:04pm FLAG
leaf it your GF i just want to say is leaf your real name?i cant belive im dating a !i still love you baby.Do you think im a slut?i am 10 years old!i hope we are still dating it doesnt matter my age,never too young for love.

sexy bitch Oct 03 2012 5:10pm FLAG
I would pick you up and bang you against the wall but I'm 25 and that's too old

Some guy Oct 03 2012 5:31pm FLAG
no it's not my real name baby <3 i still love you so so much <3 *kiss* you're not a slut <3 do you have a facebook or twitter or something we can use to talk regularly? i love you baby so much <3

leaf Oct 04 2012 10:44am FLAG
no sorry i dont :(.‹3 kisses

sexy bitch Oct 04 2012 1:25pm FLAG
you should get one babe <3 it would help us keep in contact <3 kiss

Leaf Lover of Sexy bitch Oct 04 2012 2:34pm FLAG
okay i'll try.‹ cat is just chilling with you,kisses.I LOVE your new a cat you so much.

sexy bitch Oct 04 2012 5:44pm FLAG
yay!! <3 hehe nice, i like cats. my favorite animal is a wolf. I love you too <3

Leaf Lover of Sexy bitch Oct 04 2012 6:04pm FLAG
i like them too,they are sooo cute mostly the baby ones:p.(howl).‹3 i will change my name.

Sexy bitch lover of leaf Oct 04 2012 6:11pm FLAG
Hehe <3 i love it <3 and i love you! so so much <3 (Howl) do you have an email?

Leaf Lover of Sexy bitch Oct 04 2012 6:18pm FLAG
im sorry babe,but me and my dad share one,he will find out about US.I will be grounded. you know how fathers are.Sorry,u mad?<3.i got a pouding headache,not fun.:(.i wish you were here

sexy bitch lover of leaf Oct 04 2012 6:26pm FLAG
Oh, yeah i know :/ oh well. do you think you could make one? and no im not mad <3 i will love you no matter what <3 i promise. Aww babe <3 i wish i was there to make it go away <3 you could make all make headaches go away with just one kiss <3

Leaf Lover of Sexy bitch Oct 04 2012 6:29pm FLAG
my mom did some wierd vodo on me .she says it makes headaches go away.she took salt and put a cross over my forehead.i thought she was doing an excorsism on me :p LOVE YOU

sexy bitch lover of leaf Oct 04 2012 6:47pm FLAG
lol that is weird. LOVE YOU TOO <3 we need to figure out how to talk privetly so we can you know ;)

Leaf Lover of Sexy bitch Oct 04 2012 6:55pm FLAG
i know what you mean.listen babe,i got school tomorrow and i gotta sleep LOVE YOU‹3

sexy bitch lover of leaf Oct 04 2012 7:08pm FLAG
Night babe <3 love you sooooo much <3 night

Leaf Lover of Sexy bitch Oct 04 2012 7:26pm FLAG
Its morning :) i wake-up early.

sexy lover of leaf Oct 05 2012 3:42am FLAG
i ment to write sexy bitch lover of leaf i wrote something different :p

sexy bitch lover of leaf Oct 05 2012 3:45am FLAG
lol its okay <3

Leaf Lover of Sexy bitch Oct 05 2012 8:50am FLAG
I love you soooo so much that im gonna make a question thing just so we can talk without everyone else seeing <3 and we can talk about anything we want <3

Leaf Lover of Sexy bitch Oct 05 2012 8:59am FLAG
Also im going to be gone for 2 days starting today <3 don't forget me <3 i love you baby <3 forever <3

Leaf Lover of Sexy bitch Oct 05 2012 10:18am FLAG
Why?Are we still going to talk?

sexy bitch lover of leaf Oct 05 2012 11:34am FLAG
yeah of course we are <3 but not for the next 2 days :/

Leaf Lover of Sexy bitch Oct 05 2012 1:53pm FLAG
what time are you leaving?Love you.<3

sexy bitch lover of leaf Oct 05 2012 3:25pm FLAG
you guys are lame she is 10 your that is rape leaf lover of sexy bitch come on wake up she is 10 im go out with me im lea email me at and dump her you can finger me leaf

lea eaton Oct 06 2012 7:55am FLAG
excuse me, lea eaton me and my boyfriend are happy together.Back off SLUT.I should call you lea the ugly.

sexy bitch lover of leaf Oct 06 2012 8:47am FLAG
wtf so many young ass gurls masterbating lol im n as hell lol hope my sister is never 1 of you young ass durty gurls who dnt even know where the hell to put you finger lol email me if you want to reply

boy3 Oct 06 2012 9:00am FLAG
I hope you are reading this lea eaton my boyfriend says he loves me.he will never fall for you UGLY ASS SLUT

sexy bitch lover of leaf Oct 06 2012 9:35am FLAG
im i love fingering myself and i watch *** my friend seems to know alot about it should i ask her if she wants to masterbate with me?

finger me now Oct 06 2012 3:49pm FLAG
im and i want a bf and i want them to have a cell phone so we can

lovebug Oct 07 2012 12:12am FLAG
and im a girl

lovebug Oct 07 2012 12:16am FLAG
Dear lea eaton, my boyfriend will never fall for you.He said he loves me.SO BACK OFF!!!!!!!!!

sexy bitch lover of leaf Oct 07 2012 4:23am FLAG
Lea eaton,you are not because u wrote you are and that was September this year.YOU CANNOT GAIN 3 AGES IN A MONTH UGLY ASS LIAR

sexy bitch lover of leaf Oct 07 2012 4:36am FLAG
dude your like 10 and i ed your boyfriend now your the ass

lea eaton Oct 07 2012 7:19am FLAG
Dear lea eaton, no u didnt ugly ass.I will ask him i bet you dont even know his first name [UGLY ASS BITCH]

your 10 you are like in 3th grade you don't ever know x 90 so shut up hoe

lea eaton Oct 07 2012 9:02am FLAG
I need help it hurts when I put my finger in my hole I think I'm doing it wrong...

marshmello Oct 07 2012 9:17am FLAG
just go in slow

jade conwell Oct 07 2012 9:22am FLAG
I am in fifth grade thank you very much and ×90=1,084 YOU DUMB ASS

you a d*ck dude shut the ing job your still a hoe bitch what you still have pig tales.

lea eaton Oct 07 2012 10:24am FLAG
nope i pick my hairstyles.Pigtails are totally lame.:p.I am sick of fighting wanna be friends? :]

hell no i what your boyfriend

lea eaton Oct 07 2012 12:27pm FLAG
well your not getting him whore.Do you live in hell?Cuz that is where your chipmunk ass is going.[SLUT]

shut up your so goddam lame ″do you live in hell” that is so lame and yes i did up and go play with your dolls bitch

lea eaton Oct 07 2012 1:18pm FLAG
I dont have dolls [you idiot] He is my boyfriend no matter what.Did you read mine and his conversations?Hooker,your the bitch.your pathetic.BACK OFF BACK OFF BACK OFF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

sexy bitch lover of leaf Oct 07 2012 1:27pm FLAG
hell i saw his d*ck have you now what bitch your little boyfriend has a big d*ck i made out with him you have never ever seen him in real life bitch

lea eaton Oct 07 2012 2:38pm FLAG
No you didn't he will never be your bf so cry me a river build yourself a bridge and get over it!

yes we did where you there no you where not bitch and he said he loves me caues i give him a bl*wj*b and he said noting about you

lea eaton Oct 07 2012 3:41pm FLAG
yeah right bitch.then what is his name?ANSWER ME.NOW GO CRY TO MOMMY

i don't know i just had sex with him you know he is not really gone we live in GA and go to the same school and i don't need to go cry to my mommy bitch

lea eaton Oct 08 2012 4:48am FLAG
do YOU need your DIAPER CHANGED?you didnt have sex with him.PLEASE RUN IN FRONT OF A BUS!!!!!!!

what the hell do i need my Diaper changed lame and yes i do he don't even like you like that your ing 10 get out of here you son of a bitch

lea eaton Oct 08 2012 10:37am FLAG


lea eaton Oct 08 2012 11:54am FLAG
Wow... im gone for 3 days and already girls are fighting over me... nothing changes in the internet world.. and who are you Lea Eaton? i think you have the wrong person.. but i love sexy bitch, im not a player so im not just gonna break up with her for another girl that's mean and immature. im sorry, Love you sexy bitch <3 Kiss <3

Leaf lover of sexy bitch Oct 08 2012 1:29pm FLAG
Love you too.Your back!I missed you!I hope you wont be upset when i tell you this but my best friend is boy.Are u okay with that?

Sexy bitch lover of leaf Oct 08 2012 2:09pm FLAG
Im kinda okay with that... as long as you tell me if you and him start dating or if you fall for him or something... i hate it when i have to find those things out for myself... worse when the only way i can talk to you is through this site! but i missed you too <3 so much <3 i had to find something to take my mind off you <3 so i went down to the beach with my mom's boyfriends kids and we dug a 6 foot hole in the sand, it was awesome :D i could only just fit in it (im 6 foot 2) love you sooooo much <3 also my computer has a problem :/ so im gonna be using my dad's one for awhile untill it's sorted (hopefully soon) Love you so much <3 Kiss <3

Leaf lover of sexy bitch Oct 08 2012 2:33pm FLAG

sexy bitch lover of leaf Oct 08 2012 2:46pm FLAG
That's good :) I'm glad you have some kittens now, i like cats but im more of a wolf person :) wait have i told you that? and that's good, wait do you tell him you masturbate and stuff like that....?

Leaf lover of sexy bitch Oct 08 2012 2:49pm FLAG
whoa,overboard!I am a wolf person too i like them equally,cats and dogs:]What is YOUR NAME?< u know people can get pet wolves?Should i get a baby one?I want chocolate.i am not fat.i just love chocolate okay.<3

sexy bitch lover of leaf Oct 08 2012 3:18pm FLAG
omg your bf just emailed me saying he likes me a said he don't what to hurt you so srry

lea eaton Oct 08 2012 3:23pm FLAG
I said i liked you as a friend and i cant tell you babe <3 im sorry it's a secret <3 hehe i not fat either but i also love sweets (like you ;) ) anything to do with liquorice i love :D

Leaf lover of sexy bitch Oct 08 2012 3:48pm FLAG
ok whatever

lea eaton Oct 08 2012 3:52pm FLAG
:/ don't be like that Lea, read the email i sent you.

Leaf lover of sexy bitch Oct 08 2012 3:54pm FLAG
I want to be friends with lea but she doesn't want to.Love you leaf ‹3 kisses

sexy bitch lover of leaf Oct 08 2012 4:18pm FLAG
i want that too :/ love you too <3 kisses <3

Leaf lover of sexy bitch Oct 08 2012 4:46pm FLAG
‹3 what is your name“leaf”? xoxoxo hugs

sexy bitch lover of leaf Oct 08 2012 5:42pm FLAG
I cant tell you <3 not yet and not here <3 kisses <3 love you <3

Leaf lover of sexy bitch Oct 08 2012 6:01pm FLAG
okay bummer.So we keep our names a secret?I have no shame of hiding my name as long as u dont laugh.Should i tell u?When u left,Lea has been nothing but mean to me.I knew u wouldn't leave me if you did,i would have been devastated.‹3

sexy bitch lover of leaf Oct 08 2012 6:13pm FLAG
I would love to know your name <3 i would never laugh. I want to name my first boy Caesar and my first girl Friday so to me names are just words, but amazing words no matter what (i don't really like normal names) and no that's not the reason i call myself leaf. Yeah i know :/ it was mean of her to just assume i would dump you for her, (she doesn't even know what goth means XD ) and yeah i know you would baby <3 and i will never leave you <3 promise <3

Leaf lover of sexy bitch Oct 08 2012 6:23pm FLAG
My name is Miracle:) i have blue and brown hair i dyed it:) i have icy blue eyes.

sexy bitch lover of leaf Oct 08 2012 6:49pm FLAG
im yrs old and watch *** but everytime i feel myself it feels normal i dont know weather im putting it in the right hole i also hump hard teddys but i really wannt finger myself but cant fine the hole please help

lucy Oct 08 2012 6:50pm FLAG
that's an amazing name <3 I love it so much <3 hehe i have Black hair and strange colored eye's (Green with blue and yello in the middle) and lucy, i

Anonymous Oct 08 2012 6:54pm FLAG
*and lucy i cant give you any advice but what's it like humping hard teddy's and things?

Leaf lover of sexy bitch Oct 08 2012 6:55pm FLAG
hi im yrs old i really want to loose my virginity i have sexuial fantasies for an older man i perfer older men this man is 43 but is gorgouse everytime i see he i think of what we could do could you please tell me house to finger myself everytime i try i cant feeel anything i think im getting the wrong hole which hole is it please help

becky Oct 08 2012 6:56pm FLAG
its great with hard teddys your go in to a small orgasim near anouth straight away :) try it sometime

lucy Oct 08 2012 6:57pm FLAG
Lol im a guy... what's your email? and it sounds nice, have you ever tried it miracle?

Leaf lover of sexy bitch(my miracle) Oct 08 2012 7:00pm FLAG
i also have a crush on an older man this man in 43 but gorgous everytime i see him i wanna go up to him and suck hiim buy i daren't cause my mom doesn't know i watch *** or even know about sex :-( i also have a fantasie about father and daughter incest but daren't ask my father for incest

Lucy Oct 08 2012 7:01pm FLAG
i know it sounds stupid but can i give u my dogs email i maed for him so my parents dont know please?

lucy Oct 08 2012 7:03pm FLAG
sure :)

Leaf lover of sexy bitch(my miracle) Oct 08 2012 7:04pm FLAG
Lucy,listen girl,i know what u r going through,DONT FINGER YOURSELF IT HURTS REAL BAD.Not to be mean though i dont think u should hump teddy bears anymore.

sexy bitch lover of leaf Oct 08 2012 7:09pm FLAG
okay it's email me tell me who it is we might be able share some pics ;)

lucy Oct 08 2012 7:09pm FLAG
oh and the name from the email is lola bloor but email

:ucy Oct 08 2012 7:11pm FLAG
i haven't tried it lol.

sexy bitch lover of leaf Oct 08 2012 7:14pm FLAG
okay thanks :) and miracle what do you mean? don't you masturbate and things like that, why cant she?

Leaf lover of sexy bitch(my miracle) Oct 08 2012 7:14pm FLAG
have you emailed me yet honey?

;ucy Oct 08 2012 7:14pm FLAG
yeah i have :) cheek

Leaf lover of sexy bitch(my miracle) Oct 08 2012 7:17pm FLAG
right it aint come thru email mine my email is

lucy Oct 08 2012 7:18pm FLAG
sorry it has come thru ill email u back nw

lucy Oct 08 2012 7:18pm FLAG
thanks :)

Leaf lover of sexy bitch(my miracle) Oct 08 2012 7:22pm FLAG

lucyy Oct 08 2012 7:24pm FLAG
should i email you at or

Anonymous Oct 08 2012 7:24pm FLAG
by leaf ^

Leaf lover of sexy bitch(my miracle) Oct 08 2012 7:24pm FLAG

lucy Oct 08 2012 7:25pm FLAG
okay thanks :) also in a sec im gonna go i'll be back on tomorrow love you Miracle and love you Lucy <3

Leaf lover of sexy bitch(my miracle) Oct 08 2012 7:27pm FLAG
okay 1 more tho of u u knw below and u can have 1 of me ;)

lucy Oct 08 2012 7:29pm FLAG
huh what do you mean? (explain in the email)

Leaf lover of sexy bitch(my miracle) Oct 08 2012 7:32pm FLAG

Anonymous Oct 08 2012 8:41pm FLAG

Leaf lover of sexy bitch(my miracle) Oct 09 2012 12:56am FLAG
Leaf your dating me AND lucy wow,im not mad it's just a little wierd.:p LOVE YOU‹3

sexy bitch lover of leaf Oct 09 2012 1:20am FLAG
are you dating lucy and me? if yes i don't mind <3 love you,leaf

sexy bitch lover of leaf Oct 09 2012 1:31am FLAG
what? who told you that?

Leaf lover of sexy bitch(my miracle) Oct 09 2012 1:31am FLAG
yesterday you wrote,love you Miracle and love you lucy ‹3

sexy bitch lover of leaf Oct 09 2012 1:50am FLAG
leaf bitch lover of leaf hes not dating we just talk thats all nothing else just mates i wouldn't steel him of you unless you wanted a threesome ;)

Lucy Oct 09 2012 7:33am FLAG
okay i dont know about a threesome ask leaf.Lucy,want to be one of my BFF'S?

sexy bitch lover of leaf Oct 09 2012 12:48pm FLAG
lol a threesome would be interesting! and lol babe i tell everyone i love them. well only really my friends anyway

Leaf lover of sexy bitch(my miracle) Oct 09 2012 12:52pm FLAG
okay its a threesome!Its okay you tell everyone u love them now that i know

sexy bitch lover of leaf Oct 09 2012 12:57pm FLAG
WOO!! what do you say Lucy? wanna be my girlfriend? ;) along with Miracle <3

Leaf lover of sexy bitch(my miracle) Oct 09 2012 1:04pm FLAG
Why wont lucy answer us babe?Maybe she is not online.Hello earth to lucy :) LUCY!

sexy bitch lover of leaf Oct 09 2012 1:56pm FLAG
lol so i wasnt on i can only come on at night when my parents are in bed cause they dont know i know what sex is :/

lucy Oct 09 2012 5:02pm FLAG
Lol, so do you wanna date lucy <3 you me and Miracle <3 all in a threesome <3 i love you both so much <3 having both of you is a dream come true <3

Leaf lover of Lucy & Miracle Oct 10 2012 2:10am FLAG
As i lay down and think of the beautiful brown eyes, Imagining every single breath you take, Im just a molecule of H2O you breathed out, Im just a molecule of alcohol you breathed in from the boiling kettle, Im nothing.... But you're the blunt razor that tears my skin apart opening my heart to the knife that you stabbed in my back, you're the warm water that was injected under my skin, the water tainted and burning my beating flesh, you're the ice that froze my heart, and the hammer that shattered it... so far no one has picked up the pieces or even tried to put it back together... they only used the pieces to cut me.... that's a poem i wrote a few minutes ago.... for my ex

Leaf lover of Lucy & Miracle Oct 10 2012 2:45am FLAG
nice poem for ur ex :] i just came back from beauty school.I learn at home and my actual school is a beauty school i applied for 3 beauty pageants for next month.I am having one tomorrow,wish me luck!

Miracle [sexy bitch] Oct 10 2012 12:57pm FLAG
:D yay i bet you're amazing <3 i wish i could see a picture of you <3

Leaf lover of Lucy & Miracle Oct 10 2012 1:00pm FLAG
That poems beautiful ;). I like the thought of dating its a yesx

lucy Oct 10 2012 1:06pm FLAG
Thanks <3 and YAY :D Threesome :D love you so much Lucy and Miracle :D

Leaf lover of Lucy & Miracle Oct 10 2012 1:12pm FLAG
Lets all talk dirt ;)

Leaf lover of Lucy & Miracle Oct 10 2012 1:13pm FLAG
Dirty* ;)

Leaf lover of Lucy & Miracle Oct 10 2012 1:15pm FLAG

miracle Oct 10 2012 1:16pm FLAG
you go first <3

Leaf lover of Lucy & Miracle Oct 10 2012 1:17pm FLAG
why me,it was ur idea u say something

miracle Oct 10 2012 1:19pm FLAG
lol fine <3 i wish i was with you two so i could you and finger lucy at the same time ;)

Leaf lover of Lucy & Miracle Oct 10 2012 1:22pm FLAG
ooh i'll be moaning ur name too ;)

Miracle Oct 10 2012 1:24pm FLAG
MMmm Moan it loud <3 I'll slowly start ing you harder and harder till you're screaming my name <3

Leaf lover of Lucy & Miracle Oct 10 2012 1:26pm FLAG
then we make out

Miracle Oct 10 2012 1:30pm FLAG
yeah <3 while lucy gives me a blow job <3

Leaf lover of Lucy & Miracle Oct 10 2012 1:32pm FLAG
i start feeling u till u orgasm in lucy's mouth

Miracle Oct 10 2012 1:34pm FLAG
hay i am a lesbain hook me up btw i am

sexy mama Oct 10 2012 2:02pm FLAG
mmm yeah then lucy swallows my cum and kisses me all that way up to me chin so i start fingering you both while you both kiss me

Leaf lover of Lucy & Miracle Oct 10 2012 2:03pm FLAG
hey i would love to have some dirty fun:)

sexy mama Oct 10 2012 2:06pm FLAG
hehe then join in ;)

Leaf lover of Lucy & Miracle Oct 10 2012 2:12pm FLAG
oh i would swollow your cum baby and kiss u while i was fingering miracle <3

lucy Oct 10 2012 4:14pm FLAG
miracle give me your email we can talk dirty like i do to leaf

lucy Oct 10 2012 5:18pm FLAG
me and my dad share one and i will get in trouble if they know i talk dirty oh maybe me and u can share an email

Miracle Oct 10 2012 6:15pm FLAG
Yea we could can't u make your own?x

lucy Oct 10 2012 6:30pm FLAG
Then my dad will want to know why i want to make an e mail

Miracle Oct 11 2012 12:32am FLAG
Today is my BIRTHDAY YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Miracle [sexy bitch] Oct 11 2012 2:15am FLAG

lucy Oct 11 2012 3:11am FLAG
Thanks sista,...where's leaf?

Miracle Oct 11 2012 11:35am FLAG
Dunno he wasn't emailing me lastnight or today so I hope he's okay how was your birthday x

Lucy Oct 11 2012 1:25pm FLAG
awesome,the party is going on four 5 days.I wanna talk dirty with u guys

Miracle Oct 11 2012 1:41pm FLAG
Happy bithday baby <3 <3 <3 <3 love you so much <3 <3 <3 hope everyting is going well i wasn't on yesturday because i was really busy! (i live out in the country) so i don't get into town much but i had to get my bank account sorted for my new job (also i have a new job :D ) and i had to get a sting for my bow, a knife, and a suit. when i found out i needed to get a string custom made i went in search for a suit... found one for $600... so i just kept looking as i only had $60 and i found almost the exact same suit for $2... so yeah i got that one, then i still wanted a knife so i went to the hunting/ fishing store and while looking around i realized i could get some more arrows as well, and that's when i spotted it! a very nice loooking compound bow for 100 bucks.... and that's when i spotted a recurve fiber glass bow with 2 arrows.... for 70 bucks... but the guy said he could take it down to 60 bucks :D so i got it, and it's a VERY nice bow too!! draw weight of 50 lb so it's very good, last night i tried it out, killed one chicken and i almost got a rabbit but as soon as i draw the bow he ran away :/

Leaf lover of Lucy & Miracle Oct 11 2012 2:44pm FLAG
That's not good babe I missed u let's talk dirty. Xx

lucy Oct 11 2012 3:21pm FLAG
Okay babe <3 i missed you too <3 i wish i was on top of you and grabbing your boobs while you scream my name

Leaf lover of Lucy & Miracle Oct 11 2012 4:00pm FLAG
oh baby i was i was sucking your c*ck and giving you a footjob

lucy Oct 11 2012 4:46pm FLAG
where are you all i miss u 2

lucy Oct 12 2012 5:19pm FLAG
I miss you too baby <3 im busy all the time babe with getting my bow sorted and stuff <3 love you and Miracle i miss you so much <3 say something please i love you <3

Leaf lover of Lucy & Miracle Oct 12 2012 6:23pm FLAG
ill come and help you masterbate and stuff im i swear! i love things like that too

Anonymous Oct 13 2012 4:30am FLAG
Hi KIK name is nlamb. I'm . KIK me boys and talk dirty to me

Anonymous Oct 13 2012 5:41am FLAG
Hi sorry this is nlambmy friend was playing around on my fone and posted this. PlZ do not KIK me.

Anonymous Oct 13 2012 5:53am FLAG
Leaf,the party waz amazing.I got a guitar from my aunt the is awesome!26 of my friends came. i am going to ihop 2day :] love you babe,bye Lucy!

Miracle Oct 13 2012 6:37am FLAG
oh babe i miss you too. gglad the party was good moricle byee, email me back babe xxx

Lucy Oct 13 2012 8:28am FLAG
You guys make me lmao

bi bitch ;) Oct 13 2012 12:13pm FLAG
any girls wanna ? ;)

*lesbian* Oct 13 2012 12:46pm FLAG
Leaf wanna talk dirty?

Miracle Oct 13 2012 1:56pm FLAG
I happy about your party babe and i would love too <3 you start and *lesbain* ask lucy and miracle if you can join join out foursome ;)

Leaf lover of Lucy & Miracle Oct 13 2012 7:54pm FLAG
ok ;)

*lesbian* Oct 13 2012 8:04pm FLAG
then maybe you and me can have some fun ;) what's your email?

Leaf lover of Lucy & Miracle Oct 13 2012 8:08pm FLAG (i made that when i was 8)

*lesbian* Oct 13 2012 8:31pm FLAG
cute ;) i don't really like jb lol but i love twilight

Leaf lover of Lucy & Miracle Oct 13 2012 11:10pm FLAG
me too i liked him when i was 8

*lesbian* Oct 14 2012 7:22am FLAG
leaf lets talk dirty ONLY US

Miracle Oct 14 2012 4:07pm FLAG
hey guys hru

lucy Oct 14 2012 5:09pm FLAG
lesbian i emailed you

lucy Oct 14 2012 5:11pm FLAG

*lesbian* Oct 14 2012 8:23pm FLAG

lucy Oct 14 2012 8:26pm FLAG

*lesbian* Oct 14 2012 8:39pm FLAG
Ohh ya I finger my self real good on my cl*t to have a serious orgasm lol ;)

anonymous Oct 14 2012 8:43pm FLAG
whos this?

Anonymous Oct 14 2012 8:46pm FLAG
some sexy bisexual blond and u

Anonymous Oct 14 2012 8:50pm FLAG
Okay Miracle <3 love you <3 you start ;)

Leaf lover of Lucy & Miracle Oct 15 2012 12:49am FLAG
I wish you were here so you could start ing me.Then i give u a BL*WJ*B

Miracle Oct 15 2012 4:41am FLAG
i'm fingering myself right now and it feels good. i'm only 10

finger girl Oct 15 2012 1:14pm FLAG
im a straight

lucy Oct 15 2012 5:07pm FLAG
finger girl sounds nice, how is it? what's you're email, maybe we can trade pics ;)

guy guy Oct 16 2012 1:21am FLAG
miracle leaf emailed me asking me to tell you that he wont be on for awhile because hes broke his ankle so he asked me telll u

Lucy Oct 16 2012 9:02am FLAG
okay im so sorry 4 him :[

Miracle Oct 16 2012 1:50pm FLAG
:[ ill tell him

Lucy Oct 16 2012 2:00pm FLAG
ok so bored.I just came back from beauty school.LMFAO. :P

Anonymous Oct 16 2012 2:33pm FLAG
By Miracle↑

Miracle Oct 16 2012 2:35pm FLAG

lucy Oct 16 2012 5:38pm FLAG
BORED AS HELL!!!!!!!!!!! I am going to watch the debate.Go OBAMA.OBAMA,OBAMA,OBAMA.............

Miracle Oct 16 2012 5:43pm FLAG
Woo! Obama! im glad you two are having a good time <3 im stuck inside with a broken ankle... cant shoot bows... cant do parkour or climb trees SUCKS DX

Leaf lover of Lucy & Miracle Oct 16 2012 8:14pm FLAG
What the f. U. C. K is thia place

sadface Oct 17 2012 7:31am FLAG
Hi leaf get better soon. LOVE U.Masterbating LOL IM THAT BORED.:P

Miracle Oct 17 2012 1:38pm FLAG
give me your skype adress if you are have trouble masturbating and will do it together

anonymous Oct 17 2012 2:00pm FLAG
r u a boy or a girl,anonymous ?

Miracle Oct 17 2012 3:08pm FLAG
I had sex for the 1st time when i was 7 and im now and im preg. i started to finger myself when i was 4

Izzi Oct 18 2012 1:00am FLAG
No Anonymous she's my girl, go find someone else!

Leaf Oct 18 2012 2:50am FLAG
leaf do u have skype?

lucy Oct 18 2012 10:13am FLAG
wow izzi how did u know how 2 masterbate wen u were 4!?

sexychick Oct 18 2012 10:53am FLAG
Bored as hell.Leaf did u know im kinda goth?

Miracle Oct 18 2012 2:43pm FLAG
i dont know how to masturbate and im :\

lucy Oct 18 2012 3:55pm FLAG
Wow you guys are what? 10? you have messed are ing age..!!!!

act your ing age!! Oct 18 2012 4:00pm FLAG

Miracle Oct 18 2012 4:52pm FLAG
i know right!!!!!!

*lesbian* Oct 18 2012 7:21pm FLAG
just do it dont take advise

Anonymous Oct 18 2012 8:51pm FLAG
off act your age all this is normal you just don't understand so just leave us alone, and Babe im fully goth lol

Leaf Oct 19 2012 2:34am FLAG
Yeah.Goth!!!Now im fully goth u<3

Miracle Oct 19 2012 3:00am FLAG
yay! got any piecings?

leaf Oct 19 2012 6:13am FLAG
I got my ears pierced thts it email me bk leaf...:-)

Lucy Oct 19 2012 7:33am FLAG
Ok ok my good I got time for this

Go a Oct 19 2012 7:59am FLAG
Any girls wanna tlk dirty i am so

josh Oct 19 2012 8:47am FLAG
josh are u leaf?

lucy Oct 19 2012 5:43pm FLAG
I got my tounge pierced,my nose and i got 4 ear piercings

Miracle Oct 19 2012 5:59pm FLAG

*lesbian* Oct 19 2012 7:30pm FLAG

Miracle Oct 20 2012 2:58am FLAG
and your only ten?

*lesbian* Oct 20 2012 6:31am FLAG
how come u not emailed me back lesbian?

Lucy Oct 20 2012 7:24am FLAG
Yep im only 10.I do whatever.

Miracle Oct 20 2012 4:10pm FLAG
Wow i cant believe ur ten i thought u were like u sound alot oler :-)

:ucy Oct 20 2012 4:16pm FLAG
really?Leaf been known im ten

Miracle Oct 20 2012 5:18pm FLAG
You really shouldnt have piercings. but im not ur mom and i cant tell u what to do soo

*lesbian* Oct 20 2012 5:35pm FLAG
WOW llol

lucy Oct 20 2012 8:13pm FLAG

*lesbian* Oct 21 2012 2:10am FLAG
Hi I'm 10 I know a 20year old who helps me!

Just jokingnothing is real Oct 21 2012 3:09pm FLAG
Anyone want my number I'm a m bi?

Carmen Oct 21 2012 4:04pm FLAG
ill have your email im an yr old girl

lucy Oct 21 2012 4:12pm FLAG
Where u from?

Carmen Oct 21 2012 4:26pm FLAG
Well I'll have to make an email I'll make it 2morrow for u ok?

Carmen Oct 21 2012 4:28pm FLAG
ok are you male or female and im from england you?

lucy Oct 21 2012 4:35pm FLAG
I'm male I'm from us!

Carmen Oct 21 2012 4:38pm FLAG
when you've made one email me at and who ever wants to talk dirty email me with that email ok xx

lucy Oct 21 2012 4:39pm FLAG
do you have your own computer?

lucy Oct 21 2012 4:39pm FLAG
No but I have a iPod

Carmen Oct 21 2012 4:41pm FLAG
can u send pics from ipod

lucy Oct 21 2012 4:43pm FLAG
Wht do u mean?

Carmen Oct 21 2012 4:45pm FLAG
can u send a picture from an ipod so we can share pics

Lucy Oct 21 2012 4:47pm FLAG is my hotmail

Carmen Oct 21 2012 4:52pm FLAG
ok ill send u one now ok illl say its me

lucy Oct 21 2012 4:53pm FLAG

Carmen Oct 21 2012 4:55pm FLAG
sent u1

lucy Oct 21 2012 4:57pm FLAG
I haven't gotten it yet!

Carmen Oct 21 2012 5:07pm FLAG
u email me ok at

lucy Oct 21 2012 5:12pm FLAG
Lol no email me hi! Ok

Carmen Oct 21 2012 5:13pm FLAG
ok sent

lucy Oct 21 2012 5:18pm FLAG
someone email me at im an girl doesnt matter how old u are just email me aslong as your male thats all that matters

lucy Oct 21 2012 5:37pm FLAG
Anybody want my num??

Jamie Oct 21 2012 5:47pm FLAG
female too acturally

lucy Oct 21 2012 5:58pm FLAG
ill have your email jamie i havnt got a phone

lucy Oct 21 2012 5:59pm FLAG
No bitch!

Anonymous Oct 21 2012 6:04pm FLAG
whos a bitch?

lucy Oct 21 2012 6:05pm FLAG

lucy Oct 21 2012 6:18pm FLAG
U r lucy!

Jamie Oct 21 2012 6:35pm FLAG
why am i explaine why i am?

lucy Oct 21 2012 6:41pm FLAG
Cuz I'm not giving u my email!

Jamie Oct 21 2012 6:45pm FLAG
and that makes a bitch!?

kucy Oct 21 2012 6:47pm FLAG

Jamie Oct 21 2012 6:53pm FLAG
why does it u could of just said no instead of having a ing go couldn't u you need to learn to calm down take a chill pill man controle yourself and dont take it out on ofter people i think u need a shag to calm down

Lucy Oct 21 2012 6:56pm FLAG
weird ass conversations people...weird ass

*lesbian* Oct 21 2012 7:05pm FLAG
lol its jamie u wanna email me lesbian?

Lucy Oct 21 2012 7:05pm FLAG

*lesbian Oct 21 2012 7:09pm FLAG
u got my email

lucy Oct 21 2012 7:19pm FLAG

lucy Oct 21 2012 7:23pm FLAG
u there bbe?

Lucy Oct 21 2012 7:39pm FLAG
email me at if u wanna talk dirty

lucy Oct 21 2012 7:54pm FLAG
Anyone want my num? And Lucy just don't say anything

Anonymous Oct 21 2012 7:56pm FLAG
ill have your email

Lucy Oct 21 2012 8:00pm FLAG

Anonymous Oct 21 2012 8:02pm FLAG
u cant stop me from saying anything though

Lucy Oct 21 2012 8:03pm FLAG
Well now I c y Jamie called u a bitch

Anonymous Oct 21 2012 8:10pm FLAG
who is this? and why do u think he did

lucy Oct 21 2012 8:14pm FLAG
Because ur being a little bitch soo shut the up

C*ck lover Oct 21 2012 8:16pm FLAG
I agree with c*ck lover

Hankering Oct 21 2012 8:17pm FLAG
i said who is it and im not being a bitch u got a problem with me email me at if u got a problem with me email me!

Lucy Oct 21 2012 8:18pm FLAG
you both need grow up tbh

lucy Oct 21 2012 8:20pm FLAG
Wow she does sound like a bitch!

Marx Oct 21 2012 8:20pm FLAG
you all need shut the up and grow up and i know its the same person using diffrent names!!!

Lucy Oct 21 2012 8:23pm FLAG
Hi I'm a girl I'm really right now!

Anonymous Oct 21 2012 8:27pm FLAG
u wanna email me and talk dirty?

Lucy Oct 21 2012 8:27pm FLAG
Ummm no if u don't have phone then ur out of luck

Anonymous Oct 21 2012 8:31pm FLAG
now iknow its u jamie stop being a Tw*t

Lucy Oct 21 2012 8:32pm FLAG

Anonymous Oct 21 2012 8:37pm FLAG
you now leave me alone your caursing trouble with me and josh so leave me alone

lucy Oct 22 2012 7:48am FLAG
What the heck is wrong with you all?????

Why would I put my name??????? Oct 22 2012 9:56pm FLAG
Leave poor lucy along!!!!

Why would I put my name??????? Oct 22 2012 9:57pm FLAG
toys stick them in ur pussie or touch ur cl*t streth it,

fatty mc cheese Oct 22 2012 10:42pm FLAG
just wondering at leaf why r u ok with your boyfriend having like 5 girlfriends and emailing them and at leaf the girl says she is a lesbian why would she talk dirty with a guy

bi bella babe Oct 23 2012 4:55am FLAG
i meant at miracle not at leaf about the first part ^^^

bi bella babe Oct 23 2012 5:00am FLAG
dont really get you but ok! thanks for sticking up for me why would i leave my name

Lucy Oct 23 2012 3:42pm FLAG
Dont know I dont care as long as no girls r fighting over him.he started dating me then i let him date lucy and me.After that,I dont know what happened

Miracle Oct 23 2012 5:22pm FLAG
lol as long as you don't think i pinched him of you :-)

lucy Oct 23 2012 5:56pm FLAG
ohhh okay at least you arent over possessive lol thatd be annoying

bi bella babe Oct 23 2012 7:28pm FLAG
lol after we joined lucy to our relationship she just started hitting on everyone else and sending them pictures so im like ".... okay whatever thanks..." and sad cos i hate sharing :/ but im for miracle <3 i love her and that wont be changing anytime soon

leaf Oct 23 2012 8:15pm FLAG
Love you too <3.I just woke up tired.The light is off just the way I like it

Miracle Oct 24 2012 3:37am FLAG
leaf i did say i didnt send pics they didnt even email me the only reason i put my email up was because i thought you were ignoring me and dint wanna speak to me anymore then you explained and i realised but they didnt even email me so :D thats good right

lucy Oct 24 2012 7:53am FLAG
well lucy your nicee i would email or text ya if ya want i dont mind :D i dont put my number up and as for leaf thts nice but leave the lesbian girl alone she is lez not bi she dont want a guy

bella Oct 24 2012 3:41pm FLAG
about to go to the doctor dont know who going my dad is going and my brother is going.

Miracle Oct 24 2012 3:51pm FLAG
Bella u want my num I'm a m

Anonymous Oct 24 2012 5:06pm FLAG
i guess.

bella Oct 24 2012 5:29pm FLAG
who r u Anonymous?

Miracle Oct 24 2012 6:22pm FLAG
yeahh who r u anon.?

bella Oct 24 2012 6:38pm FLAG
Im not les or bi i asked her to email me for a normal chat thts all i wouldnt turn les or bi even if my life depended on it

lucy Oct 24 2012 8:07pm FLAG
U can email me for a normal chat if u want?

Lucy Oct 24 2012 8:09pm FLAG
i like guys someone faked me up there i guess -_- im straight lol anyone play electric guitar or drums ,i do :3 and i play 4 sports :3

bella Oct 25 2012 3:24am FLAG
About to go to beauty school in about 20 minutes....Then i go to help some students with singing i help the teacher with that.

Miracle Oct 25 2012 4:11am FLAG
Bella I'm Jordan I am on here for the first time

Jordan Oct 25 2012 5:28pm FLAG

*lesbian* Oct 25 2012 5:43pm FLAG
ohhh hello then jordan,sure ill text ya i guess u were anon. lol

bella Oct 25 2012 6:29pm FLAG
in bored tell me how my bff [he is a boy] and I made a rap and our favorite part was''u going where?With who? girl,u rachet!''

Miracle Oct 25 2012 7:12pm FLAG
No beauty school 2day so i just go to singing i am the top student in my singing school

Miracle Oct 26 2012 4:25am FLAG
i have no school today anyways teacher work day i guess and i dont listen to rap xD

bella Oct 26 2012 9:19am FLAG
KK yesterday my beauty school said on Halloween we will come in our costumes and go to a haunted house.:] YAY

Miracle Oct 26 2012 11:36am FLAG
I'm eleven nd need pictures sent to this email and masterbation is NOT bad.I can only i know but fingering hurts!

HeyBabe... Oct 26 2012 5:55pm FLAG
r u lez or somethin^^^

bella Oct 26 2012 6:05pm FLAG
Fingering hurts but i did it the first time it hurts the second time is a breeze

Miracle Oct 26 2012 7:26pm FLAG
Idk how I ended up here, bit if anyone wants to talk dirty just write me a reply im bi by the way!!! :)

Dirty talker Oct 26 2012 8:20pm FLAG
My email is send me pics!!

Dirty talker Oct 26 2012 8:36pm FLAG
Having a Halloween party u have to be 10 and up to go its 2day.But its not like people on this website r coming then i will have 2 take care of ALOT i wish u guys could come.I already invited 36 ppl.Im a black cat.oh, and im only 10.I can have parties when i want 2.I love my life.Sorry for the ppl who cant come :(

Miracle Oct 27 2012 4:49am FLAG
I'm a girl, who lives in california.(: anyone wanna email? I'm bi.

Britney Oct 27 2012 7:58pm FLAG
The party was awesome.The people who wore white,their outfit was glowing.It was a special light.I thought it was cool that the light made things glow.The cupcakes were awesome.ALOT OF PPL CAME.

Miracle Oct 27 2012 8:25pm FLAG
Today Is my brothers b-day.So 2 parties in a row WOO!he is turn'in .

Miracle Oct 28 2012 10:03am FLAG
mee!(2)3509262 Lol mmm I'm so turned on by all these dirty conversations and I sitting in my room grounded blah huh! Can't wait to move out of this hell hole and stay alone, no boyfriend, no parents, no baby's cause they'll ruin my body and I'd prolly suck as a mom lol whatever !

>^•^<Ugly girl >^•^< Oct 29 2012 10:52pm FLAG
Tomorrow is Halloween.Im still going to my friends party. hurricane sandy.Im going.The pwr went off last night.I love Halloween I get to scare ppl.I love puttin' TP on ppl's house and throwin' eggs at the windows:p.At night nobody can see me.My costume is all black.I scared ppl at my party last Saturday.My 20 yr old cousin was a slutty mad hatter

Miracle Oct 30 2012 6:05am FLAG
Hiiii everyone

Young and dumb and full of poo Oct 30 2012 2:36pm FLAG

Miracle Oct 30 2012 2:56pm FLAG
Waddup ugly girl? Just want say that your a heckin lyer, your not ugly! You are so heckin hot! I'd eat a Jell-O shot off your butt, sorry I lied to you about my age, u don't look u look and act really mature. I'll keep your picture for the rest of my life.

Red wood pecker Oct 30 2012 3:10pm FLAG
woa okay whatever.R u a boy?If u r,wanna talk dirty?

Miracle Oct 30 2012 3:25pm FLAG
Hey miracle I'll talk dirty will u!

Ur mom Oct 30 2012 5:29pm FLAG
Okay u first

Miracle Oct 31 2012 3:29am FLAG
Ok, im and i finger myself all the time, i havent told anyone about it but i do, Its an amazing feeling also im stright but i really wanna get licked out or fingered my a girl and do the same to her, but fingering at is perfectly normal, the awkard thing is i started fingering myself round that age thinking not knowing what it ment and did, haha.

Guess who. Nov 01 2012 10:00am FLAG
LOL That is weird.No school.Im sooooooooo Bored!!!!!!!!(if u want to imagine me saying it,then i am lightly screaming it:).I’s gots munchies!!!!!!!:).Im in pj’s i got a heating pad on my belly and eating chocolate.My mom turned the steamer on cuz i told her to.I am doing this cuz my period is KILLING ME!!!!!I am SAD cuz one of my cats got cancer.BOOOHOOO!!!! :( :( :( :( :(

Miracle Nov 01 2012 6:14pm FLAG
Okay just letting ppl know that if i talk dirty with ppl other than my boyfriend it means nothing.But if im doing it with my boyfriend then it doesnt matter cuz we really mean it

Miracle Nov 01 2012 6:19pm FLAG
this is easy all you have to do is take a condom and slowy start to rub then once you get going,start to slowly insert into your vagina

antcheddar Nov 02 2012 2:07pm FLAG
I'm girl and I like fingering myself it fells so good I can't reach orgasm can some one tell me how I can orgasm with my fingers as I'm and can't buy any sex toys,

Babe Nov 02 2012 4:04pm FLAG
Dont worry im to and i used to not know here's what to do: rub your self all over and wet ur fingers and slowly insert

understander Nov 02 2012 4:23pm FLAG
Hey if any girls wanna share pics and and stuff email I'm and wanna teach you stuff ;)

Tom Nov 02 2012 6:06pm FLAG
Hey tom ;* my email is up above email me boo ;* ;)

Dirty talker Nov 02 2012 7:59pm FLAG
No thnx

understander Nov 03 2012 7:43am FLAG
Im almost and im a guy an i try to pleasure my self when im all by my self the only reason i do it is beacause im loney

? Nov 03 2012 4:26pm FLAG
I. Need. . NOW.

*lesbian* Nov 03 2012 5:07pm FLAG
Im ten and finger myself,but i usually just rub.this is so embarrasing!but the fact thattenyear olds are having sex is just nasty!EWW

bdsm Nov 05 2012 5:33pm FLAG
soz i not been on for AGES i been away :D xxx

lucy Nov 06 2012 12:40pm FLAG
no u were on another question talking to a guy who likes u.

Miracle Nov 06 2012 1:28pm FLAG
ohhhhhh shiiiiiiiiiiit

*lesbian* Nov 08 2012 4:02pm FLAG
Go to *** and watch videos. I am a girl and I've been doing that to myself since I was , now I'm . I like the hen tai bandaged section. Search up stuff online with private browsing. Go the bathroom or lock your door. Or even wait unt ill everyone is out of the house. Are u a les?

A person that loves sex, but hasn't done it:-x :-1 Nov 09 2012 5:27pm FLAG
I think I've actually been doing it longer

A person that loves sex but hasn't done it Nov 09 2012 5:28pm FLAG
I'll now call myself foxygirl. I have actually had sex with my half nephew. He has been touching me since iwas a baby. I don't want to tell anyone because I love when he licks my cl*t. I have done anal with him. No , I might be prego.

A person that loves sex Nov 09 2012 5:32pm FLAG
Txt me ill give advice im almost going to be so it okay if you dont want to but it doesnt hurt to give it a try (210)505-5061

? Nov 11 2012 5:45pm FLAG
Any one want to have fun I love c*cks and love to rock I'm u want it come and get it tell me if u want it

I love c*cks in my Nov 11 2012 7:01pm FLAG
Donkeys love to rub cheese on my nipples.

Your dad Nov 12 2012 11:09am FLAG
Hey Leaf and Miracle!Can I be a part of your relationship?I am ,bubbly personality,cute(if I may say so myself),love to talk dirty,and live in Seaside Heights New Jersey:)You guys are SO cool!Love, Ariana

Ariana Nov 12 2012 9:10pm FLAG
im 10 and i have fingered myself its not that bad

tyler Nov 14 2012 8:29am FLAG
i love c*cks in my tang u are a bitch even though i like c*cks in my tang to

tyler Nov 14 2012 8:32am FLAG
if u have a bb my pin is 2A2CCB3b i am and i can make u wet

;) Nov 14 2012 1:24pm FLAG
Pics? whats your kik?

^_^ HARDER! Nov 14 2012 1:24pm FLAG
I can ha!

ANONYMOUS GIRL Nov 15 2012 5:36pm FLAG
Oh wow what has the world come to. I'm and a guy. And when they say girls are more mature than guys is a lie all you 10 year olds and s don't know what you aredoing to yourself. You are lowering your standards so no one will get with you. I'm still a virgin AND A GUY so why can't you manage

Kyle Nov 19 2012 12:59pm FLAG
Add my BBM, 28AB6619, I'm a male, Don't matter what age you are aha, Just wan't to talk :)

28AB6619 Nov 20 2012 9:42pm FLAG
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Anonymous Nov 21 2012 1:18am FLAG
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isi Nov 21 2012 1:45pm FLAG
Who Wants To Get Me Wet?

Horney Nov 21 2012 8:27pm FLAG

Anonymous Nov 22 2012 1:23pm FLAG
A girl who is wanting to trade pics kik me at Ethan Schrader

Anonymous Nov 22 2012 1:27pm FLAG
i use the shower head but i need more ;) ;) help me

mia mia Nov 22 2012 8:53pm FLAG

I love wet Nov 23 2012 8:08am FLAG
Hi I love wet

lailah Nov 23 2012 10:26am FLAG
i like wet too call me

Anonymous Nov 23 2012 4:10pm FLAG
My advice is invite over a friend and go to the bathroom. Tell your friend to get in there with you and once she is in there lock the door and get *****. Pin her down and take her clothes off. She might resist so hold her down hard and also get some duct tape and tape her mouth shut and tie her hands behind her back. Then lick her vagina until she is moaning and she is squirming to break free. Then take the duct tape off her mouth and shove her head into your vagina and tell her to lick it. Keep her head there for a long time and this best works at night when you are in a basement. Then ask her if she likes it. If she does then keep her in that position and after 10 minutes and then take her clothes and throw them out the door then when you think you had enough duct tape her to a wall and leave her there. You should feel great. Set a alarm clock to 5:00 A.M. And go into the bathroom where you left her and take her down and each other up. Oh and I said I was and my friend's name was Megan Harper.

Alaina Rubi Nov 24 2012 7:46pm FLAG
that sounds like some good sh*t, wanna do that to me?^^

LickMeOut Now!! Nov 25 2012 1:56pm FLAG
@ LickMeOut Now!! i will do it for you

Cutie Cl*t Nov 26 2012 4:58pm FLAG
Let me get thoso digits my names Brandon you can hit me up on face book

Brandon Nov 26 2012 8:22pm FLAG
What is a good *** site

? Nov 27 2012 12:14am FLAG
I've done it i fingered my self yay

Me Nov 27 2012 12:30pm FLAG
Guys use a toothbrush an electric toothbrush if your to young to get a massager thing it works

YMCA what does that Even stand for Nov 28 2012 12:07am FLAG
And ***hub

YMCA what does that even stand for Nov 28 2012 12:09am FLAG
I'm not gonna lie, the world we live in is is. But most of all I hope that god forgives you and that you forgive yourselves before it's too late.

some guy who dosn't really care Nov 29 2012 1:31pm FLAG
add me on skype my names lucy.bloor4 im yr old female ;)

lucy Dec 01 2012 3:10pm FLAG
Anyone got live profile? Send me pics and stuff plz! I'm and I finger myself and it feels amazing! My Lp pin is LPFTMUAE Message me ;) <3

Cutiegirll!<3 Dec 02 2012 10:29am FLAG

dfghjk Dec 02 2012 12:22pm FLAG
Horny girls?

Heyimaguy Dec 02 2012 1:01pm FLAG
I'm a guy. Check me out on kik, willing to trade s. xheatx only girls no guys plz

xheatx Dec 02 2012 1:03pm FLAG

BISEXUAL LOVER Dec 02 2012 1:13pm FLAG
hey im straight i just wanna talk anybody want my email !!!!!!!!!

IM_STRAIGHT_LIKE_THT Dec 02 2012 1:25pm FLAG

IM_STRAIGHT_LIKE_THT Dec 02 2012 1:30pm FLAG
wassap girls ma name is nick im send me pics of uplease my email address is peace

nick Dec 03 2012 6:26am FLAG
Nick get of this site right now

Anonymous Dec 04 2012 12:50am FLAG
Im so HORNY:) i need someone to lick me :)

WET~BITCH! :) Dec 04 2012 9:39am FLAG
I can help any girl out with being and stuff. If u wanna talk email me Im btw

Anonymous Dec 05 2012 12:38am FLAG
I can help any girl out with being and stuff. If u wanna talk email me Im btw, and i ment to put a name on the other comment

Chris Dec 05 2012 12:40am FLAG
I am And I have no clue what so ever how to finger myself and I really want to know coz it frustrates me when other people know how to finger themselves and I don't flipping know!!!! So someone give me a lesson sort of!!

Sexybeasttt10000 Dec 06 2012 2:58pm FLAG
I'm nd very I just want to be eaten out. Any one wan to help

eat my Dec 06 2012 5:45pm FLAG
can someone talk dirty to me i want to be wet and and shoves his big d*ck in my tight little hole‹3

Dirty Talker Dec 06 2012 6:25pm FLAG
Your u should be playing with dolls not your , your gonna regret it if you start this early

pete Dec 07 2012 9:52am FLAG
Im And im a guy, if any GIRLS wanna talk dirty or clean, email me at: Or add me on skype: skypemajortutorialz

Chris Dec 09 2012 10:55pm FLAG
Waddup girls im call me at (209)-570-2902 if u wana me nd ill be glad to eat any girl out. :/

Big-dik-vic;) Dec 09 2012 11:27pm FLAG
add on skype big-dik-vic or email me on im yr old female and willing to cam :) <3

lucy Dec 12 2012 4:46pm FLAG
Wow :O

Adriana/Candygurl Dec 17 2012 12:21am FLAG

lucy Dec 17 2012 4:38pm FLAG
If there are any girls that are young and want me to help them finger themselves or let me lick them email me

Anonymous Dec 19 2012 12:43am FLAG
i finger my self and im i like to talk dirty and love girls and guys

blonde beauty Dec 21 2012 7:47pm FLAG
Hello everyone, im a male, anyone wanna talk?

Chris Dec 22 2012 5:38pm FLAG
Lucy, i'll talk!

Chris Dec 22 2012 5:39pm FLAG
I am not the Chris from before, this is a new Chris!

Chris1 Dec 22 2012 5:43pm FLAG
weird site

jdog Dec 22 2012 8:11pm FLAG
any horney lil girls wanna talk add

Anonymous Dec 24 2012 7:19am FLAG
add me on skype at lucy.bloor4 or email me at

Lucy Dec 26 2012 5:37pm FLAG
Ok super right now some one talk dirty to me Ps I'm

lilslut Dec 27 2012 11:10pm FLAG
Oops I meant to write super horney

horneylilslut Dec 27 2012 11:12pm FLAG
just relaze and it will hurt the first few times

destiny Dec 28 2012 7:35am FLAG
Hey i'm and when i was your age i used to get quite ''scared'' when masturbating. Firstly, i tried using an electric toothrbush and slowly rubbing it through my vagina, eventually i was able to do it faster so try that. If you do this and you are still not satisfied try sitting on your bed (with the doors closed haha!!) And slowly moving your hands into your trousers and rubbing them up and down your legs, but slowly, and eventually rub your vagina, in and out and get faster. A few minutes your vagina will be wet so try playing with it and slowly get your fingers a few cms into your vagina.

Minnie Dec 28 2012 2:56pm FLAG
Hey all I just watched *** like I usually do once a week but this time it was strange I felt my and it was soaking wet. This has never happened before I don't know what it means someone ease help

Greenlillygirl Dec 28 2012 3:30pm FLAG
Greenlillygirl it basically means that you got and aroused by the ***

Advicedude Dec 28 2012 7:43pm FLAG
hey im and lesbian you wanna me?

Temie Dec 29 2012 2:50pm FLAG
Yes l:)@ temie

Alec Dec 30 2012 12:16pm FLAG
I'm ten and I really want to finger myself but im afraid I'll make myself bleed! Will I

Annonamis Dec 30 2012 10:28pm FLAG
Okay...having an orgazom is ok? But try thinking of other things go out and doe somthing else :) ..... u migjt be suprized

jasmine Dec 30 2012 11:58pm FLAG
Hers my number wanna txt

jasmine Dec 31 2012 12:01am FLAG
Text me good advice please???? 092327286

Cookies and milk Dec 31 2012 12:15am FLAG
Hahah anyone else

jasmine Dec 31 2012 2:28pm FLAG
Stupid kids. Lost all my faith in humanity now. What has this world become!

Anonymous Jan 01 2013 11:52am FLAG

Me! Jan 01 2013 3:06pm FLAG
Anybody wanna talk dirty

Kid who looks like the beibs Jan 01 2013 6:30pm FLAG
Why are all of you even on this site... I'm and just happened to see this. When I was young like you guys I was out playing with friends and I hardly thought about boys...this is just sad and is a big realization that your generation is just not gonna make it.

stop Jan 02 2013 12:45am FLAG

Anonymous Jan 02 2013 1:32pm FLAG

Anonymous Jan 02 2013 1:32pm FLAG
boy text 77422529

Dixeywayoflife Jan 02 2013 4:18pm FLAG
It's fine.. Just look up some answers too help you.

Heyhoo! Jan 02 2013 9:09pm FLAG
kik me john45_

John Jan 03 2013 9:25am FLAG
Im stupid nd i have no idea wht the fuge im talken about dont listen to me...i have no idea wht u guys are goimg through

Anonymous Jan 04 2013 12:29am FLAG
text or call me 4242233976 plz Ill do anything with u girls ;D

Jose Jan 04 2013 3:44pm FLAG
I'm a guy looking for someone to end dirty pics with. Text me any time at 5263901

Horny guy Jan 05 2013 9:10pm FLAG
I need advice, me and my girlfriend are.. you know, having sex, well she wants me to lick her vagina. I mean yeah i like it, but is it ok? Shes and im by the way

shh (; Jan 06 2013 8:35pm FLAG
Um I'm the same I don't no how to finger myself and I'm it is so so good when I rub

Amber-rose. Rush Jan 07 2013 12:34am FLAG
It's soooo good when I rub

Yaaay Jan 07 2013 2:22pm FLAG
It feel soo nice

Yaaay Jan 07 2013 2:23pm FLAG
Any girls that wanna learn how two and have skype add gigitygoo4 im a guy btw

bigdic Jan 08 2013 3:52am FLAG
Hi, im a girl, I'm , nearly and have fingered myself daily, any girls having problems at any age text me 079024288 or email me at or any boys fancy talkin dirty do the same thing

Anonymous Jan 09 2013 9:48am FLAG
Any sexy -girls wanna im a male if u want my # write me back.

Anonymous Jan 13 2013 8:07pm FLAG
omg im 9 and it felt so good i ING ASS d*ck

LOVE SUCKING d*ck 9933 Jan 19 2013 12:56pm FLAG
yeah im a guy im and yesim straight but i finger myself allthe time at first i was a chicken thenone i said im not leaving the bathroom until i have done it so i played with my self then i started rubbing my ass and then i got the lube and i took aneck messager turned it on high and i put10 inches up my ass on the third time it felt so good thats all i use now it also helped me jack off with more cum coming out every time it felt so good now when i she says it fill her mouth with cum every time i let her give me head she asks if she can please let me let drink it so i say yeah

Nick Jan 19 2013 6:01pm FLAG
So i think youer hot from what i here on here.I'm !

D.D Jan 20 2013 9:20pm FLAG
so i just started to fiinger myself and i cinda think it fels wired so can i get some advice on this.

D.D Jan 20 2013 9:36pm FLAG
poop on urself.

slenderman Jan 23 2013 11:30am FLAG
Hey girl! I'm and sort of in the same situation. I love the sexual feeling I get when masturbating but don't want finger and break my cherry :P I suggest lying down and rubbing your cl*t (the bump of skin at the top of you vagina) or humping a pillow. Don't email or call these crazy staplers and don't worry about masturbating. It is perfectly normal for your age as that is when girls become curious about their bodies/ -I know this all from doing lots of web browsing! Just be safe <3

Help4You Jan 28 2013 6:31pm FLAG
Persnally I think ye too young! Grow pubic hair first ..... at 10 nd wgatever else ye bearly outta yr mther vigans so stop digging around in yer ones when you don't no what ur doing it can seriously hurt u ir cause damage ....

concerned nd way to old for this §#¡+ Jan 31 2013 7:10pm FLAG
man i go to ***hub and its in awesome i masturbate and finger myself. It feels great and im only

kenise Feb 02 2013 3:07pm FLAG
rub the extra skin on top of the .... then you keep on rubbin it im doin it right now man it feels good.!!

kenise Feb 02 2013 3:08pm FLAG
whoever concerened and way to old for this S#+! you need to stay out of bisness and sense your too old get the f... off the website

.................... Feb 02 2013 3:10pm FLAG
Got milk?

Milkman Feb 03 2013 1:03pm FLAG
Lesbianjust tell her how you fell well when i use to like girls i told this girl i like real bad about my fellings and she accepted it and we became close friends we did not get to kiss or anything just became friends

hiphopmaster63 Feb 03 2013 1:35pm FLAG
hey i need sex someone reply p.s im lesbeain

sex girl Feb 04 2013 4:23pm FLAG
what hole do i put my finger in

sex girl Feb 04 2013 4:25pm FLAG
is anyone talking to me

Anonymous Feb 04 2013 4:34pm FLAG
is lucy on online she sounds so cool she can suck my hard can we meet up u can talk to me you can call me at 7025877331 mmm cant wait to talk to u call me babe if anyone out their is as cool as lucy call me u can have a three-some whith me and lucy i love you licy i don't care if u are boy are girl ugly are hot i love you eat me suck me if you have it give me cum i love you thats my real number call me bewten hours 6-7 i love u please call me if your as cool as lucy call me cant wait to eat you suck you love u talk drity

i love lucy call me lucy i love u Feb 04 2013 4:53pm FLAG
What's your number

Ahahahah Feb 05 2013 1:25pm FLAG
Hey I'm and i wanna finger myself my number is 07766491903

charlotte<3 Feb 06 2013 11:56am FLAG
i love lucy call me lucy ive emailed you

Lucy Feb 07 2013 3:30pm FLAG
Sex at this world is so jaked up

Anonymous Feb 07 2013 11:33pm FLAG
Take a pen or something that you can stick up there all the way put it in enuf to stay and put a pillow between your les and put your hands on the other side and push once its in all the way start humping the pillow or if you have a dog that does it do it to the dog doggy style and he should do it back it is amazing.

sex master Feb 08 2013 8:47pm FLAG
Guys I'm and I do that just DO NOT stick anything up there it will not be good cause u never know ur period might start not good!!

Snazzyshan Feb 09 2013 2:35pm FLAG
who wants to add me on kik messenger im ffemale

lucy Feb 09 2013 6:35pm FLAG

Zac Rennie Feb 10 2013 5:55am FLAG Add me C*nts

Steven Tylor Feb 10 2013 5:59am FLAG
Girls u shouldn't be doing anyway there are strangers in the world u *rs

Anonymous Feb 10 2013 6:03am FLAG
mi namez connar n i have the saim problemo but with mu bumole

connor splif Feb 10 2013 6:42am FLAG
wanna add me on kik messenger connor?

Lucy Feb 10 2013 11:36am FLAG
Guys just started period today

Snazzyshan Feb 10 2013 12:04pm FLAG
Not gonna lie about myself, i'm and i'm a guy. Bit strange yeah.. but from my personal experiences with girls, try slowly massaging your cl*t whilst watching some ***, any other questions private message me on youtube, it'll be confidential plus you'll also see what i'm like, so yeah: have fun people, safe sex remember, don't want any 10 year old mums do we.xD - club1n -

club1n Feb 10 2013 5:12pm FLAG
just spent the last hour going through the facebook links posted, i wouldn't message them, some of them look like douchebags. - club1n -

club1n Feb 10 2013 6:50pm FLAG
There's an app called ivibe it's so good

K Feb 11 2013 2:40pm FLAG
Who wants to add me on facebook? im a yr old female

Jenn Feb 13 2013 11:11am FLAG
i just turned 20/ male anyone want to add me on kik mine is KIK-TonyyC jenn whats your facebook ill add you?

Anthony Feb 13 2013 1:06pm FLAG
my facebook is jennifer barnes

Jenn Feb 15 2013 3:32pm FLAG
girls add on skype my user name is chris.singer8 im male

sooo Feb 16 2013 4:45am FLAG
this sh*t b scary i hate noing that there r ten year olds that ave had sex im and a virgin and im happy knowing that

cow Feb 16 2013 9:34pm FLAG
this world is jacked up

cow Feb 16 2013 9:37pm FLAG
girl and im bi and very i need somone

sex please Feb 17 2013 8:04am FLAG
sex please do you have face book ?

Jenn Feb 17 2013 4:04pm FLAG
I just rub myself and when I get wet I stick a finger or two up there and move it in and out fast.

Brynn Feb 17 2013 6:38pm FLAG
no i wish i did but my parents search me

sex please Feb 17 2013 7:13pm FLAG
lucy do u have an ipod or phone i want to talk to u u sound kool

kitty katt Feb 17 2013 7:17pm FLAG
is lucy still on here?

kitty katt Feb 17 2013 7:22pm FLAG
omg never mind lucy has not been on for 7 days

kitty katt Feb 17 2013 7:24pm FLAG
yea im still here i have facebook/skype

lucy Feb 18 2013 4:44pm FLAG
kool i dont but i have a phone :[

kitty katt Feb 18 2013 6:08pm FLAG
aww what about a computer

lucy Feb 19 2013 1:42pm FLAG
Rub it until wet then shove it in it works the best :)

Tight Feb 19 2013 2:11pm FLAG
i am a lesbein and i need a call me

mickayle Feb 19 2013 2:14pm FLAG
i need a

mickayle Feb 19 2013 2:15pm FLAG
i need pu**y call me i am a girl and i am

mickayle Feb 19 2013 2:17pm FLAG
do u have kik mickayle im female

Lucy Feb 19 2013 4:56pm FLAG

JACK Feb 19 2013 4:59pm FLAG

JACK Feb 19 2013 4:59pm FLAG
no just a ipod and eww

kitty katt Feb 19 2013 7:34pm FLAG
not good an iknow that jack sounds like a wierdo

lucy Feb 20 2013 10:44am FLAG
hi lucy i need a pu55y

mickayle Feb 20 2013 1:29pm FLAG
do u have kik/book/skype mickayle

lucy Feb 20 2013 6:32pm FLAG
I'm. and I'm a girl so ya Kik I'm bisexual don't matter boy or grl I like soo kik me--> clumsylovesu <-- all together

nicole Feb 20 2013 7:58pm FLAG
My kik is "Cheezypants" Looking for some fun male

Bob Sagget(Matt) Feb 20 2013 11:27pm FLAG
Hi am Amy am 10 never had sex r c a man naky yet but wan 2 I wan meet a group of men an let them touch me. Text me 2520 5510. After 5pm mom goes 2 work I be hom lone. Time central

Anonymous Feb 21 2013 4:08am FLAG
Ughhh I want my BFF to lick me out uhh one of u need to do it for me;) too bad idk Any of u I'm too

Lick all up in my ah Feb 21 2013 2:40pm FLAG

kitty katt Feb 21 2013 5:52pm FLAG
I'm 10 and I really am in to *** i'm playing when my parents aren't around and my vagina really tingles makes me want to up x.x And whats a cl*t? Is it that skin bit hanging...?

Starry eyeD Feb 21 2013 10:32pm FLAG
holy ing commenting on something

Anonymous Feb 22 2013 12:16pm FLAG
I' m but like really younger girls what can I do

Anonymous Feb 23 2013 3:07am FLAG
Hey male if you want to kik my username is hotchris1 or leave yours in the comments

Hotchris1 Feb 23 2013 9:28pm FLAG
ill add u hotchris :)

lucy Feb 24 2013 2:44pm FLAG
any lesbians out there that want sex? [yrs old] email:

wetp*ssy Feb 24 2013 3:53pm FLAG
hey hotchris i want your d*ck

wetp*ssy Feb 24 2013 4:06pm FLAG
hey im im down

wetp*ssy Feb 24 2013 4:09pm FLAG
wanna add me on kik wetp*ssy im female bi

lucy Feb 24 2013 4:24pm FLAG

wetp*ssy Feb 24 2013 5:05pm FLAG
um i dont have a kik [or phone my droids broken]

wetp*ssy Feb 24 2013 5:11pm FLAG
lucy ANSWER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :°p

wetp*ssy Feb 24 2013 5:35pm FLAG
ahh what about computer? :P

lucy Feb 24 2013 5:55pm FLAG
And i wont be replying now till tomorrow cause im goin bed :P

lucy Feb 24 2013 5:55pm FLAG
lucy wanna be my online gf

wet Feb 24 2013 6:01pm FLAG

wetp*ssy [stupid website restrictions] Feb 24 2013 6:04pm FLAG
k but email me

wetp*ssy Feb 24 2013 6:06pm FLAG
oh yeah thx

wetp*ssy Feb 24 2013 6:09pm FLAG
u neva answad me but its ok get back on 2marrow

wetp*ssy Feb 24 2013 6:29pm FLAG
Hi I'm male. Send me some pics n I'll send back. I wanna talk dirty cx my email is

dustin Feb 25 2013 1:52am FLAG
lucy r u here i got ur email

wetp*ssy Feb 25 2013 2:08pm FLAG
yh im here and ill reply now :)

lucy Feb 25 2013 2:59pm FLAG
hey dustin

*** Feb 25 2013 3:06pm FLAG
o hey i got ur email :)

wetp*ssy Feb 25 2013 6:21pm FLAG
u sound really kool

wetp*ssy Feb 25 2013 6:25pm FLAG
Omg.... Lol I'm now and I love fingering myself. ;P

N.J.K Feb 25 2013 8:49pm FLAG
Will I get pregnant if I finger my self alot and hard in the hottub

Lexi Feb 26 2013 8:41am FLAG
Kik me lexiloveseverybody

Lexi Feb 26 2013 8:55am FLAG
I wanna trade pics and and talk dirty im female

Lexi Feb 26 2013 11:55am FLAG
hi lexi oh lucy answer i haven't talked 2 u n sooo long

wetp*ssy Feb 26 2013 2:15pm FLAG
Any of you girls out there willing to send ***** pics to an guy if you are text me at 201-470-51

Anthony Feb 27 2013 2:19pm FLAG
ok ;)

buddie Feb 27 2013 2:37pm FLAG
Any girl want to send me ***** pics at

Anthony Feb 27 2013 3:07pm FLAG
Lucy wats your kik??

Lexi Feb 27 2013 7:45pm FLAG
my kik is lucybloor4, but i wont be on again now until the 4th/5th cause im going away

Lucy Feb 28 2013 2:59pm FLAG

wetp*ssy Feb 28 2013 3:59pm FLAG
sorry i havnt had any emails off you

lucy Feb 28 2013 4:08pm FLAG
ill spk soon i promise i gotta sleep now cause its am and i gotta be up at 6 to go away so night

Lucy Feb 28 2013 4:09pm FLAG
oh i emailed you guess u didnt get it

wetp*ssy to:lucy Feb 28 2013 5:37pm FLAG
im this sounds stupid but idk what the

idkjustgetdirty Feb 28 2013 8:47pm FLAG guys email me

Wetandwild Feb 28 2013 9:09pm FLAG
OMG what the heck?? I'm young and like lots of you and I'm shocked that you already have sex, you finger yourselves and masturbate so much!! When I was 10, I didn't even know about this type of sh*t. Even now, none of this stuff pops into my head because I'm always busy with hobbies like bike riding, running, singing, playing piano, going out, going to camps, youth groups and shopping. I also like art. But anyways, moving back to the subject, why don't you go get hobbies too or hang with friends? You're just disrespecting your bodies if you have sex or finger yourself at this age. Me, I prefer to save my body and virginity for marriage when I find a guy who will really love me. When I get these 'feelings' you all might have, I just do other things to keep my mind off them. Don't you people know self control??

Rosepetal<3 Mar 01 2013 10:03pm FLAG
I have morals.

Anonymous Mar 01 2013 10:06pm FLAG
Hey my friend was having the same problem and I helped her out pretty well so maybe I can help u. My numbers 3479270765 and my kik is life1o1 I'm pretty funny and almost always bored so hmu btw I'm not gonna lie or be c*cky but I'm pretty damn good looking I'm American from newyork and I'm

Adrien Mar 01 2013 10:22pm FLAG
Lucy miracle and leaf sound cool

Ceaser Mar 02 2013 7:58pm FLAG
Hey girls. I want a gf. Mwah. I'm , male and this site is kwl. I'm interested in lucy cos she's to the point nd loves to talk dirty

dino Mar 03 2013 8:05am FLAG
Bbm pin: 25CC3075

dino Mar 03 2013 8:09am FLAG
Girls for advice kik me at lazy33

Anonymous Mar 03 2013 10:41pm FLAG
Kik me at :brbh38. I'm a guy dirty

Anonymous Mar 04 2013 1:37pm FLAG
And I'm

Anonymous Mar 04 2013 1:37pm FLAG
add me on skype i am shroob31 ill help

shroob31 Mar 05 2013 12:34pm FLAG
Hey you all 10-s! Aren't you all young doing this!? I mean serously. Btw im

X-trym Mar 05 2013 3:30pm FLAG

Anonymous Mar 05 2013 6:06pm FLAG
song ↑

↑ (same girl as last time hehe) Mar 05 2013 6:09pm FLAG
WHAT THE HECK?! Yeah,I'm . I know much about sex. I've tried fingerng myself too,but i stopped because IT'S NOT RIGHT! It's normal to finger or something or masturbate,but still,THINK ABOUT YOUR AGE FIRST. Are you old enough to do these things or your way too young? You're only or something or 10 then you lost your virginity? And had sex? OHMYGOSH. What's happening to our world? Please,RESPECT YOURSELVES AND KEEP YOUR VIRGINITY and GIVE IT TO THE RIGHT GUY. Yes,the one whom you will marry at the right age ofcourse. But really,if still you want to finger yourself,okay then. It still feels good. But please,don't try to have sex with some guys.

Cute Girl :3 Mar 06 2013 2:34am FLAG
Lucy, Miracle and Leaf aren't cool at all. Sorry, but I've met better people. Not to be mean but you guys are only cool cause you have your little friendship/sex/orgy group and the rest of the people on this site seem to like that stuff a lot.

Smile :D Mar 06 2013 11:34pm FLAG
"smile" why arnt we cool and i still come on here but miracle doesnt and leaf is dead so stfu, add me on kik peoples names lucybloor4

Lucy Mar 07 2013 9:23am FLAG
Ima guy

Ima guy Mar 07 2013 2:48pm FLAG
I'm and just fingered myself for the first time and it didnt hurt it felt pretty good and I also rubbed my cl*t

Anonymous Mar 07 2013 3:09pm FLAG
Lol ok Lucy

Smile :D Mar 07 2013 10:15pm FLAG
u think its funny to put lol to someone who just told u someones dead??? your sick

lucy Mar 08 2013 1:46pm FLAG
Anonymous: Try putting your vibrating tooth brush on your cl*t.

David Mar 08 2013 1:58pm FLAG
Use one finger to start off with, rub up and down on top of the vangina to get you ready. Then insert your finger slowly move it in and out (get faster and harder when it feels good) turn your fingers up facing the stomach side and feel for a rough ball this will be your g-spot which will give you much pleasure and you might feel you want to wee, this is a normal feeling. When it all feels good use 2, 3, or 4 fingers and repeat the action of moving in and out fast and hard or slow and soft

david Mar 08 2013 2:00pm FLAG
david do u have skype/kik?

llucy Mar 08 2013 2:55pm FLAG
lea eaton you missed spelled were you spelled it where so that says alot about you sexy bitch lover of leaf rocks haha miracle won the brawl :D

unknown just kidding,wetp*ssy Mar 09 2013 12:07pm FLAG
smile wtf is wrong with u your laughing because someone died i smack that f**king smile off your face and thats a promise

i dont like wetp*ssy anymore so lise is my real/new name Mar 09 2013 12:13pm FLAG
iknow ya lise he got shot before christmas cause i used to email him :/

lucy Mar 09 2013 1:04pm FLAG
Hey I'm the same guy as hotchris1 I just changed my kik it's now chrisbanjo also I'm straight so girls only

Anonymous Mar 09 2013 2:14pm FLAG
k chris

lucy Mar 09 2013 2:59pm FLAG
You people are so stupid. Just cause Leaf doesn't visit this site anymore doesn't mean he's dead. And "wetp*ssy", or should I say, Lise, you don't need to be a violent ratchet and threaten to smack me in the face. You are an immature idiot. About time you changed your slutty name "wetp*ssy"

Smile :D Mar 09 2013 9:48pm FLAG
Smoke some weed it helps with everything

420 Mar 10 2013 8:43am FLAG
U get and watch *** and masturbate to it

Random Mar 10 2013 11:37am FLAG
smile leaf is dead he got shot if u read my last thing correct u idiot,

lucy Mar 10 2013 1:44pm FLAG
My mums too.

Jimmy Saville. Mar 10 2013 3:45pm FLAG

Jimmy Saville. Mar 10 2013 3:47pm FLAG

My name is gonna be relly long becasue i can haha so idk i just Mar 10 2013 4:15pm FLAG
first of all u goin2 h*ll,second of all im the idiot ur the one who's laughing at a dead dude who would lie about something like that, and third its not a threat its a promise,and last my old name may sound slutty but at least it doesnt sound like a second grader who just got a sticker

lise Mar 10 2013 4:45pm FLAG
smile ur a immature brat who nobody loves and/or cares about u dont get enough attention so ur making up for it now on the web so take that a**hole

lise [le-za] Mar 10 2013 4:55pm FLAG
oh and i have to take advance classes and go to a private school [richman] and get all honor awards so dont u talk 2 me about stupid, stupid

lise Mar 10 2013 5:03pm FLAG
My respects go to leaf, lucy ,but mostly miracle i can't imagine the pain she's going through R.I.P Leaf

Anonymous Mar 10 2013 7:23pm FLAG
Watch *** and masturbate I'm and in the same situation and I watch *** a lot and I get super horney today I used my glass lemonade bottle when I was having and orgasm and damn it felt almost like a huge d*ck!

Jessica Mar 10 2013 9:05pm FLAG
Oh bitch please why are you calling ME the damn immature idiot? You're being absolutely rude by calling me an immature brat. Read your comments. Who's the immature brat now, honey? Btw you don't even know me, how could you assume that nobody loves or cares about me? And I don't know you either so it isn't 100% true that you're rich and go to a private school.

I'm not "smile" anymore I'm Mary Mar 10 2013 10:40pm FLAG
LOL and it's funny how lots of you say "i'm rich and the top student" and "I go to a private school" just to make yourselves feel important so you can act all bitchy. Well sorry, you don't look tough to me. Oh, and Lise, you will never be able to slap me in the face even if you promise. Girl bye

Mary Mar 10 2013 10:57pm FLAG
mary you are the most immaturest brat i have ever seen so do us all a favor and go shag sheep

lucy Mar 11 2013 7:45am FLAG
Haha I got rape

sara ruiz l Mar 11 2013 3:14pm FLAG

lise Mar 11 2013 3:18pm FLAG

lise Mar 11 2013 3:21pm FLAG
what i do is me and my bestfriend when she comes over we make out and then she goes under the blanket and i take off my panties and she starts fingering me but with her tongue ii moan all the time bu5 we only do it when my parents are out of the house and we get it on we even do it on there bed then she sucks my tits ang omg im getting please i

i will make you cum in me Mar 11 2013 3:52pm FLAG
i will make you cum in me do u have skype so next time u i could watch? you tell the bitch lise :)

lucy Mar 11 2013 5:18pm FLAG
how do u masterbate i have never done it but when my mum goes out my friend comes over ties me to the bed and start's to fist me the pumps my tight wet BTW any lesbians out their plz give me ur number !!!! i hate d*ck !! 8 ======D {0} bad this good {0} {0}

wet Mar 12 2013 1:36pm FLAG
how do u masterbate i have never done it but when my mum goes out my friend comes over ties me to the bed and start's to fist me the pumps my tight wet BTW any lesbians out their plz give me ur number !!!! i hate d*ck !! 8 ======D {0} bad this good {0} {0}

wet pu*sy Mar 12 2013 1:37pm FLAG
first who the f**k is this↑ second of all who the f**k called me a bitch little do they know im the only bitch

lise Mar 12 2013 2:44pm FLAG
no one called u a bitch

lucy Mar 12 2013 3:27pm FLAG
"wet do u have kik?" im female

lucy Mar 12 2013 3:28pm FLAG
oh ok i just saw bitch and lise lol

lise [le-za] Mar 12 2013 5:10pm FLAG
haha nahh i said you tell the bitch lol

lucy Mar 12 2013 5:30pm FLAG
kk lol

lise [leza] Mar 12 2013 7:25pm FLAG

lucy Mar 13 2013 12:16pm FLAG
ill help :) kik me Little_Skittle96

HelpfulBoy Mar 13 2013 1:04pm FLAG
kk littleskittle :)

lucy Mar 13 2013 3:22pm FLAG
hey bitches LoL

lise Mar 13 2013 3:30pm FLAG
lise you think your big and hard message me a picture of you then

Jennifer Barnes Mar 13 2013 6:12pm FLAG
hey any one wanna talk on hear im a girl

ooops Mar 13 2013 8:38pm FLAG
I will do u have kik/skype?

Lucy Mar 14 2013 6:45am FLAG
Lucy Pop up on kik if you added me and oops do u have it?

HelpfulBoy Mar 14 2013 8:41am FLAG
yeah i have it i wil when i find my phone i think it fell under my bed ill find it then go on whats your name? n how old?

lucy Mar 14 2013 11:55am FLAG
give me ur email then bitch [jennifer]

lise Mar 14 2013 2:21pm FLAG

jennnifer Mar 14 2013 4:31pm FLAG

lise Mar 14 2013 5:12pm FLAG
when are u emailing me bitch

Jennifer barnes Mar 14 2013 5:38pm FLAG
when i want to this is america its a free contry oops you dont live here

lise Mar 15 2013 6:41pm FLAG
i was just sticking up for lucy so dont you come in here and think you no everything 'cause you dont

lise Mar 16 2013 9:18am FLAG

↑ lise

lise Mar 16 2013 9:27am FLAG
son 3 = song

lise Mar 16 2013 9:29am FLAG
lol lise dont make me laugh

jennifer Mar 16 2013 5:51pm FLAG
listen jennifer leave lise alone bitch

lucy Mar 16 2013 5:51pm FLAG
Girls kik me , Im willing to trade s, or just talk dirty, and if you need any help with fingering or questions I can help with that too(; my kik is josh_blankenship

A guy(; Mar 16 2013 7:27pm FLAG
It doesn't matter what time it is (:

A guy(; Mar 16 2013 8:25pm FLAG
like i said before im from the south try me im not afraid to fight you cause if someone lays their hands on me they're gonna wake up in a E.R. bed

lise Mar 16 2013 9:23pm FLAG
ill kik you josh im female ill kik u later fones on charge atm (; i dont know what jennifers problem is lise i think shes psyco lol

lucy Mar 17 2013 1:34pm FLAG
lol lucy ur funny

lise Mar 17 2013 5:00pm FLAG
420 wtf lol smoke some weed it helps with everything who are these people :p

lise [leza] Mar 17 2013 6:59pm FLAG
Hump a teddy bear ! It works

Brittany Mar 17 2013 8:42pm FLAG

lucy Mar 18 2013 1:10pm FLAG

lise Mar 18 2013 2:08pm FLAG
Go to your nearest local pub, down around 8 shots, dance with a few ****age guys and grind yourself into their you-know-what, and then proceed to having the wildest night of your life. Ride 'em hard and fast.

Me Mar 18 2013 9:26pm FLAG
what if ur not old enough to drink

lucy Mar 19 2013 3:34pm FLAG
What I do is hump a pillow, think dirty things, and listen to dirty music. Hope this kinda helps.

Liz Mar 20 2013 3:04pm FLAG
Oh and I'm ten turing eleven

Liz Mar 20 2013 3:06pm FLAG
Hey my advice is if one of ur friend or u have a picture of a boy in that class ask for it and cut one pic of it ok and when u get home get the pic and put it on a pillow and if one of ur parent have a vibrator sneak it to ur bathroom and make it high look at the pic and put it near ur vagina what I did is there's a u know at the top of ur vagina u have this thing hanging out just rub that unroll it tikkles I'm and I just need a really goog c*ck going on my vagina

girl named princess Mar 21 2013 1:06am FLAG
Soneone plz txt me at 638940

dhdlit Mar 21 2013 4:10pm FLAG
who wants add me on kik

lucy Mar 22 2013 9:16am FLAG
I don't know how to finger myself but I wish I could so any advice?I need this ASAP plz

Sexy babe Mar 22 2013 3:42pm FLAG
Sexy babe txt me 4407257198

Sexy guy Mar 23 2013 10:45pm FLAG
Well first of all i just turned and i have been fingered, and before you finger your self, cut your nails short... amd if u do it yourself try playing abit amd maybe spit to get really

Sexytubebahhhh Mar 24 2013 3:50am FLAG
My advise is just to wait until your at least /. I'm in two weeks and last night i fingered myself for the first time.I had humped my pillow before and chairs and moved my quilt to the right place in my area . It felt really good but I had to stop because I felt to young. but last night was something different I felt old and sexy. like a women. I don't have condoms or sex toys only fingers so got any tips?? All I know is to start slow and to work up. Help please. :)

cluless Mar 24 2013 6:21am FLAG
hey lucy im back i dont like kitty kat any more im tori text me lucy @ 9857893052

tori Mar 24 2013 10:47am FLAG
i dont have credit tori but do u have skype kik?

lucy Mar 24 2013 6:49pm FLAG
add my Little_Skittle96 if you want help or email me :

FriendlyFire Mar 24 2013 7:13pm FLAG
@lucy whats your kik

smiles Mar 24 2013 7:21pm FLAG
I asked my friend how to finger yourself through text and we don't talk about this.EVER! Though she was really open and told me that when she was 9 she asked her boyfriend who I am now dating, and she said I should ask him because she could not really explain how to finger myself without showing and she didn't want do that. So I text ben asking him to come over for the night since my parents were out. And he said yes. so that night about half past ten we were on the sofa and he lifted up my dress and stuck fingers inside of me. It hurt at first it it was worth it Because later on in the evening he said he loved me and and then he stuck His penis inside of me. It felt really good and made me come everywhere...I would advise you to try maybe not the hole way but the fingering was super super great!!!! I'm and it was fun. I have been dating him for to months. Did I move too fast. I can't decide but he wasn't my first bf but he was my first.

candyfloss Mar 25 2013 2:14pm FLAG
smiles my kik is lucybloor4!" candy floss you have kik skype?

lucy Mar 25 2013 5:44pm FLAG
lucy we should skype:)(add skype kobeachi31) you seem pretty legit ....and girls kik me and kobeachi ;)young is amazing :)

ken Mar 27 2013 10:44pm FLAG
Go to youngleafs or just buddy love sex 20hope your vinger problem gets solved

sex 20 Mar 28 2013 2:14pm FLAG
I'm evryday I need somme and sex talk to me call e a2292522t :i

im the new girl right now Mar 29 2013 4:22pm FLAG
70-6-4484 Boys text me(;

Crazy bitch<3 Mar 29 2013 6:09pm FLAG
I'd love 2 watch

Anonymous Mar 29 2013 8:03pm FLAG
im and have the same problem help!!!!!!!!

bitch Mar 29 2013 10:24pm FLAG
omgi let my dog lick my vagina is that bad???

amy alvarez Mar 29 2013 10:26pm FLAG
im so fknn h**ny!!!!!!!!!!!!

h**nybitch Mar 29 2013 10:28pm FLAG
add me new kik : Ice_Pheonix96 if you want help

Ice_Prince96 Mar 30 2013 2:59am FLAG
It is necesary that u flick ur cl*t because the most delicate part in ur vagina and u also need to either watch *** movies,get someone to suck our u, u could also get a sex toy

able mistress Mar 30 2013 11:29am FLAG
i find it helps yeah able mistress;)

lucy Mar 30 2013 4:54pm FLAG
I don't know how I got to this website, but I do need some help. I know i'm young but my friend tells me that I should start masturbating. but I don't know how to at all :( could someone help? please?

zoey Mar 30 2013 7:14pm FLAG
For all the girls that want to know were the hole is that you stick your finger in. I can help tuch the very top of your and go down if you get to your butthole you are to far it is right above your butthole

sex Mar 30 2013 7:54pm FLAG

zoey Mar 31 2013 6:59am FLAG
well? can anyone help me?

zoey Mar 31 2013 5:07pm FLAG
i will zoey

lucy Mar 31 2013 6:14pm FLAG
I like and hmu for rp?¿

3somes Mar 31 2013 8:53pm FLAG
lucy, how will u help me?

zoey Apr 01 2013 3:48pm FLAG
erm u have kik i can give u advice on there

lucy Apr 01 2013 3:55pm FLAG
I don't have kik :(

zoey Apr 01 2013 4:17pm FLAG
Ahah hey well masterbation is just fine i personally dont know how to do it because im pretty young to but i know there is nothing to worry about :)

Kelsey Apr 01 2013 8:38pm FLAG
Hey lol forever alone 8:::::::::::::::D

Kelsey Apr 01 2013 8:41pm FLAG
Skype me! Jazzy.lynn6

Jazzy Apr 01 2013 9:15pm FLAG
I am and i am .boy

Horny Apr 01 2013 11:58pm FLAG
wanna kik/skype me ? im female, oh okay zoey :(

lucy Apr 02 2013 10:40am FLAG
I would Skype, and I'm the same age as u but idk

zoey Apr 02 2013 3:33pm FLAG
good stuff. search ***. it does the trick for me. oh yeah, if you like inappropriate show watch south park on tv, netflix , etc. cartoon. they say stuff like vagina & penis also swaring. rated tv-mature also if you like creepy stuff watch or read creepypasta on youtube or creepypasta wiki. over 2,000 article on wiki. long live ***!!!!!!

sims pokemon & internet addict Apr 02 2013 8:41pm FLAG
Anyone have bbm

anonymous Apr 03 2013 1:13am FLAG
Who love in San Francisco u can have a free c*ck to suck only if ur a **** girl then text me 4335 3536

J Apr 03 2013 11:47am FLAG
I'm and don't finger myself but it's fine if you do.... I doo on WWW.*** and watch *** and rub myself... I found the place that makes me cum... any boys in Pennsylvania?

munchy3 Apr 03 2013 1:30pm FLAG
i wud skype zoey add me lucy.bloor4 if u want

lucy Apr 03 2013 4:35pm FLAG
Any boys in Pennsylvania

Anonymous Apr 03 2013 6:23pm FLAG
If u are girl need help kik me jayreclone or u want to swap picture and talk dirty kik me to ,

Jay Apr 03 2013 9:31pm FLAG
call me 571 505 3737

jerk Apr 04 2013 4:48pm FLAG
and you should suck my d*ck

honry Apr 04 2013 4:49pm FLAG
Seriously!? ???

WtfTheseHoesGotAproblem Apr 04 2013 9:48pm FLAG
Number: +1-234-352-5002 Email: Kik: Ice_Pheonix96

Ice_Prince96 Apr 05 2013 3:46am FLAG
or skype:danielcole20

Ice_Prince96 Apr 05 2013 4:17am FLAG
Any girls need help kik me dkhan55

dkh Apr 05 2013 7:58am FLAG
I have the same problem. I go to Xhampster to look at *** vids and I rub it feels so good! I cant stop its a habbit.

rubbing does it Apr 05 2013 12:57pm FLAG
Ice_Pheonix96 kik me if u need help

Ice_Prince96 Apr 05 2013 1:22pm FLAG
u can skype me and we can talk dirty and get wet and dream of licking btw im dont sound like it but i am my sky is picswanted88

picswanted88 Apr 05 2013 1:41pm FLAG
wanna kik me guys names lucybloor4

lucy Apr 06 2013 3:05pm FLAG
Lucy how old are you!

Lexi Apr 07 2013 10:56am FLAG

lucy Apr 07 2013 12:38pm FLAG
I'm and I just got my dads back massager and Used it on myself. It felt so good. I want more!!!

Raeannchael Apr 07 2013 1:13pm FLAG
i masterbate to its well fun and im and have had sex its welll ing nice i jizzed all over her this is prob my first and last msg i just wonded acros this site bye

michaelmcbreen Apr 07 2013 1:27pm FLAG
michael back again if u want to look at me suck finger rub and shag. its prob the best *** site ever or just go on ***hub

michaelmcbreen last msg Apr 07 2013 1:31pm FLAG
lucy ill email u

grandebabe Apr 07 2013 1:54pm FLAG
if there any boy here pllzz can i hav u r email

aaaaaa Apr 07 2013 2:00pm FLAG
Hi peepz

Anonymous Apr 07 2013 7:10pm FLAG email me girls :)

ForeverAlone Apr 08 2013 4:36am FLAG
i help i promise you Email: Skype: danielcole20Kik: Ice_Pheonix96 Number: +1-234-352-5002

ForeverAlone Apr 08 2013 5:10am FLAG
text me? talk about your d*ck/. 48196858

???? Apr 08 2013 1:21pm FLAG
can someone tell me how 2 finger myself or u can do it for me ;}

sexy Apr 08 2013 2:57pm FLAG

granneyonabike Apr 08 2013 3:15pm FLAG
Do u email or kik iill help u

ForeverAlone Apr 08 2013 3:18pm FLAG
grandebabe u have kik? skype?

lucy Apr 09 2013 12:43pm FLAG
Email xxx

grandebaby Apr 09 2013 1:43pm FLAG
Everyone i'm ***** on skype come online ;)

lucy Apr 09 2013 3:08pm FLAG
Whats ur skype name

MrHURSTY Apr 09 2013 3:48pm FLAG
Grande baby what's your e-mail

ForeverAlone Apr 09 2013 6:07pm FLAG
Lucy101 got my out and it really wet

lucy Apr 10 2013 1:33pm FLAG
i help i promise you Email: Skype: danielcole20Kik: Ice_Pheonix96 Number: +1-234-352-5002

ForeverAlone Apr 10 2013 2:23pm FLAG

smiles Apr 10 2013 2:29pm FLAG
ad me on kik xx_hursty

Horny_er Apr 10 2013 4:10pm FLAG
I'm and I found out about masturbation like when I was 8...I think it's perfectly normal to be honest.I don't finger myself because I don't wanna break my hymen.To all the girls,before you masturbate get turned on,think of something hot,and then just rup your vagina or hump a pillow (very retarded lol) but I love masturbating...

Yanne Apr 11 2013 9:06am FLAG
Yanne do u email? or kik

ForeverAlone Apr 11 2013 9:12am FLAG
heyyy can suck anyones dik pllzzz xx

ForeverAlone Apr 11 2013 12:55pm FLAG
piss off faker

ForeverAlone. Apr 11 2013 1:40pm FLAG
eww ur cat foreveralone

Grandebabyxx Apr 11 2013 2:12pm FLAG

Lucy Apr 11 2013 2:14pm FLAG
Follow me on instagram: gabyjvarela I go to George Washington Middle School. :) x.

GabyJ Apr 11 2013 10:08pm FLAG
Gabyj nobody cares u cow

Lucy Apr 12 2013 1:02pm FLAG
text me lucy im

mac Apr 12 2013 5:38pm FLAG
iam and i figer myself and when iam at school i want to kiss this grl and another one so we all said yea but we couldnt cause of the teachers wouldnt let us go what can i do with my gf me and her only i want to her

patty Apr 13 2013 12:36am FLAG
Girls who wanna learn how to squirt or finger themselfs email me or kik ill help :) email: kik: Ice_Pheonix96

ForeverAlone. Apr 13 2013 4:35am FLAG
Bitches text me I'm and I use the Showehead, vibrating toothbrush, my fingers, pillow orgasm feels AMAZING ;))

Hornychick;) Apr 13 2013 6:00pm FLAG
Girls who wanna learn how to squirt or finger themselfs email me or kik ill help :) email: kik: Ice_Pheonix96

ForeverAlone.f Apr 13 2013 6:26pm FLAG
can i have ur number horNychickim a boy and im

mac Apr 13 2013 9:45pm FLAG
Girls who wanna learn how to squirt or finger themselfs email me or kik ill help :) email: kik: Ice_Pheonix96

ForeverAloneff Apr 14 2013 1:32am FLAG
ForeverAloneff I will email

Courtney Apr 14 2013 3:19am FLAG
Meggloveyou is your still to tight I'll losin You up

Anonymous Apr 14 2013 4:50am FLAG
hey im a les and . I wanna finger to

lesanoymous Apr 14 2013 9:06am FLAG
me 2

courtney Apr 14 2013 9:43am FLAG
Mac i will kik you if u want as i dont have credit to text my kik name is lucybloor4

Lucy B (was just lucy until someone started pretending to me me Apr 14 2013 2:26pm FLAG
ok what do u look like lucy b

mac Apr 14 2013 7:33pm FLAG
G Girls who wanna learn how to squirt or finger themselfs email me or kik ill help :) email: kik: Ice_Pheonix96

ForeverAlone. Apr 15 2013 12:16am FLAG
mac do u have kik

Lucy B Apr 15 2013 2:42pm FLAG
nope but my number os 6-322-0193 maybe we can

mac Apr 15 2013 5:39pm FLAG
Hi i am i know how u feel it is kinda hard thoughi am a girl u can text me at 853531

Kinda Apr 15 2013 10:57pm FLAG
Would love to eat out a 10 year. Old bold

Anonymous Apr 16 2013 5:02pm FLAG
ji my name is maya and i feel sooo dirty and wrong. i feel really sad cos i cant finger myself and idk where my hole is where u stick the d. i am feelin really can some1 plz help me i nneeeddd help. also,i cant get an orgasm. HELP!

sexy yr old girl Apr 17 2013 6:00am FLAG
Email me @se xy :) ill help

ForeverAlone. Apr 17 2013 6:42pm FLAG
Girls who wanna learn how to finger urselfs or squirt ill help (: kik me: Ice_Pheonix96 or Email me: I promise ill help(:

ForeverAlone........ Apr 17 2013 7:09pm FLAG
Maya. Were do you live

Anonymous Apr 17 2013 7:34pm FLAG
I am

Anonymous Apr 17 2013 8:32pm FLAG
I'm questioning my faith in humanity. s!? What the ever living .

ding dong you are wrong Apr 17 2013 10:15pm FLAG
I finger myself sometimes and I'm don't give up maybe of fingering is to much stick a pen up there it feels great!!!

Anonymous Apr 18 2013 1:19pm FLAG
This ridiculous. s. No wonder I hate society. This has possibly ruined my view of humankind as a race. Also Lisa, Miracle, and Leaf (RIP if that part is true), that part of this thread was, by a large margin, the dumbest thing ihave ever read

Disgusted Anarchist Apr 18 2013 4:24pm FLAG
The younger you start, the better you'll be at it in the long run! Also, let older guys . Alot. Alot alot.

Ex Apr 18 2013 7:02pm FLAG
I don't have credit for my phone i have kik/Skype/email

Lucy B Apr 19 2013 10:07am FLAG
If u want to sex text 84425739 I am a girl

Horny girl Apr 21 2013 6:45pm FLAG
Oh Gawd ;} I'm a Girl Btw

Whateverlovera Apr 21 2013 11:37pm FLAG

Anonymous Apr 22 2013 3:40am FLAG
text me whateverlovera

mac Apr 22 2013 6:31pm FLAG
Girls who wanna learn how to squirt or finger themselfs email me or kik ill help :) email: kik: Ice_Pheonix96

ForeverAlone,, Apr 23 2013 8:38am FLAG
Kik me Supersquirtle :) I'll teach u :)

Anonymous Apr 24 2013 12:37pm FLAG
Hi im boy with much experience if some girl wanna cum with me text me ... I have a nice c*ck and body ;) Skype : kin19941 Kik: Erik_King101

Anonymous Apr 24 2013 3:43pm FLAG
im baack (:

lise Apr 24 2013 3:54pm FLAG
lise are you a girl and wanna cum? :)

Anonymous Apr 24 2013 4:00pm FLAG

Anonymous Apr 24 2013 6:15pm FLAG
TO all the 10-girls out there wtf is with all the lezbiens this is the most ing high school like ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww

Anonymous Apr 24 2013 6:39pm FLAG
this is the most discusting thing ever wait till high school*

Anonymous Apr 24 2013 6:40pm FLAG

lucy B Apr 26 2013 2:07pm FLAG
Don't do it until you really find the person that likes you. For who you are

alex Apr 27 2013 9:41pm FLAG
I think people are just having sex because thay,don't got anything to do

Alex Apr 27 2013 9:47pm FLAG

lise Apr 28 2013 9:06am FLAG
girls kik me kobeachi

Anonymous Apr 28 2013 11:03am FLAG
hey im and i want to know would girls like me more if i would b me or some guy who is all cool and chill :/

you'll know me Apr 28 2013 1:14pm FLAG
kik me : dragon_rider01 or email:

hmu Apr 28 2013 1:24pm FLAG
i dont have a kik

you'll know me Apr 28 2013 2:01pm FLAG
hey is any 1 know how to impress a girl if you do just let me know by replying to this or email me (looking for girls to awnser)

you'll know me Apr 29 2013 4:35pm FLAG
electic tooth brushes are awesome. one ttime me and my friend went in to the restroom and she started licking my pus*y the most amazying thing ever

Anonymous Apr 30 2013 6:13pm FLAG
kik me lucybloor4

lucy B May 01 2013 2:44pm FLAG
its perfectly normal I always finger myself and if you don't have a vibrator like u said use ur phone or something! do what you want if you like it do it!

Ellie May 03 2013 8:51am FLAG
hi one time my boyfriend started licking my pus.y omg the best thing ever!

love eric May 04 2013 3:35pm FLAG
How old are you

Anonymous May 04 2013 3:40pm FLAG
how old is who?

lucy b May 04 2013 3:53pm FLAG
kik me h0rnyboy (the 0 is a letter o not a number)

Anonymous May 05 2013 3:29pm FLAG
Hey guys ! Kik me ;3 @TayLuvsFrogs99 , I think I'm pretty ? Oh I am also questioning my sexuality. Soo. Boys n girls kik me now please .

Taylor :3 May 06 2013 4:47am FLAG
add me on fb makiyah chardae and folloe me on twitter

ki May 06 2013 9:54am FLAG
hey peeps

lise May 07 2013 3:59pm FLAG
Heey i'm and im bored ._. Someone kik me? ItsCycle and im a boy cx

AyeeJoel May 08 2013 11:33pm FLAG
:):) kik me lucybloor4

lucy B May 10 2013 2:31pm FLAG
i think at the age of 10 and is to young to masturbate im and never masturbated

randomm girl May 11 2013 8:25am FLAG
im bacck

lise May 11 2013 5:28pm FLAG

Anonymous May 12 2013 2:25am FLAG

lucy b May 13 2013 2:07pm FLAG
Hey,Ik how you feel.What i do is i get ***** and sit on my bed and hump my pillow.Or sometimes i get a carrot and shove it there ;)

Amy :3 May 13 2013 2:41pm FLAG
Idk but do u really need to masterbate? Im and never masterbated and i dont really want to either! The only one thats gonna touch me down there is my husband!

Emily:) May 13 2013 6:24pm FLAG
kik me if ur or jayreclone

Jay May 13 2013 7:55pm FLAG
Girls Who Want to learn how to finger or squirt ill help :) im also up for n trading im male bisexual so Hmu :) i wont bite;) Kik: Dragon_Rider01 Skype: danielcole20Email: i Promise ill help

FA May 14 2013 9:31am FLAG
hi im and i found out what masturbating was when i was 9..... it felt really good, but now i can't stop.... HELP I CAN'T STOP MASTURBATING!

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usa May 22 2013 6:09am FLAG
I am a boy and I masturbated ever sinch I was 7

? May 23 2013 8:51am FLAG
will anyone come on cam?

laran May 23 2013 4:27pm FLAG
ill cam

lucy b May 23 2013 5:00pm FLAG
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FA. May 25 2013 8:27am FLAG
SexyIm ten and I cant squirt I wont to squirt I mustt no b righte doi

Anonymous May 25 2013 11:35am FLAG
Hey Im 10 Years old and i HAVE blonde hair and icy blue eyes. contact me my name is tiffany and i am looking for people like that to talk to.Lucy i want u to talk to me.I am a girl and i think that i am bisexual.Okay so one day me and my friend came home from summer school and we went upstairs because nobody was home and we had hardcore sex i licked hers and she ate mine we fingered eachother and now we are dating.Advice so that you parents wont find out: Delete your history every *** site you go to

Tiffany Wet and Wild Bi May 25 2013 2:34pm FLAG

Anonymous May 25 2013 6:19pm FLAG
I’m 21 tall dark and handsome with blue eyes. If anyone is from the UK I love helping inexperienced girls. I will teach you to pleasure yourself. If you have figured it out and it feels pretty good just wait till I lick your . I’m really good with my tongue. To all the people who are saying it’s wrong. Just ignore them. How can something that feels so right be wrong? Trust your hart. Email me

yumyum May 26 2013 1:50pm FLAG
yum yum im 8 can you come over so that u can teAch me since theres nothing wrong

kaylie May 27 2013 8:30am FLAG
i love 2 masterbate, i do it whenever i have spare time. there is nothing wrong with masterbating at yrs old, i use the end of a tooth brush..feels so good.

gimme May 27 2013 6:43pm FLAG
text me 843-419-7587

girls only May 27 2013 8:34pm FLAG
i love teaching girls to finger

richie40 May 28 2013 10:34pm FLAG
Then teach me

Anonymous May 29 2013 5:54am FLAG
Can someone please teach me how to masturbate. I'm a nearly girl. And I really want to know I have tried this but none have given me the real deal. So right now. I want to know how to masturbate......please!!!!

please help May 29 2013 5:58am FLAG
Hi I think I may be able to help. Are you a girl? Do you want to climax??

:) ;) :) May 29 2013 6:27am FLAG
Ya I'm a girl. Just watch *** so super . Please help.....

Anonymous May 29 2013 6:28am FLAG
anybody on whatsapp or mixit ?

richie40 May 29 2013 7:48am FLAG
Ya sure

Anonymous May 29 2013 9:28am FLAG
your number ? Or id ? Im in south africa

richie40 May 29 2013 10:24am FLAG
Kik: CrazyHawk01 Email: Skype: danielcole20ill help you teach yourself to finger yourself or squirt :)

FA. May 29 2013 8:21pm FLAG
Daniel why do you post your email like a million times? It’s like you are really desperate. Have you even fingered a girl? Not just in this thread it’s everywhere. People can read you know.

fag May 30 2013 5:49am FLAG
I want to finger my self but I don't know how to I don't want to have an orgasm I just want to pleasure myself in. Many ways how can I do this

U don't know who this is May 30 2013 2:13pm FLAG
just relax and gently let your finger slide inside dont be in a hurry it takes time. Not every girl orgasms the first few times. Just keep your fingers clean.

richie40 May 30 2013 9:57pm FLAG
I'm and I finger

Me too Jun 03 2013 6:06pm FLAG
Someone, help me my girlfriend wants me to finger her but I don't know witch hole. Top or bottom?? help

girlfriend wants to be fingerd Jun 04 2013 12:26am FLAG
the top hole bottom is her ass

lucy b Jun 04 2013 8:37am FLAG
To the anonymous person up at the top that was talking about the sixty year old men and stuff u r exactly right that's why I never give my phone number name school or any info out about me

Tia Jun 05 2013 1:51am FLAG
im i need a bf get good sex

suck d*ck girl/ Jun 06 2013 10:20pm FLAG
Everybody here is in ing jones yes

Scorpion Jun 09 2013 10:22am FLAG
im and I cant finger instead my finger comes to a kinda wall thing. Help ?

:-( Jun 10 2013 11:45am FLAG
Hey im and I'm a boy I wanna have sex and am single I want a gf to kiss snog feel and love tel me iff a girl will go out wi me I live in england

I want a gf x Jun 11 2013 2:20pm FLAG
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lucy b Jun 12 2013 10:40am FLAG
What's kik

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I'm boy an I think girls should masturbate at age 10 and up!!! :D

boy Jun 13 2013 12:02am FLAG
Someone plz help me Cheer up I'm from Australia and single someone Facebook me Simon Rago

Anonymous Jun 14 2013 2:00am FLAG
hey does anyone out there need a boy freind im bored and theres nothing else to do

mrmoneybags$$$ Jun 14 2013 11:38am FLAG
oh and im not gay or bi im strait

mrmoneybags$$$ Jun 14 2013 11:53am FLAG
This is just sick! Children shouldn't even be thinking about such perverse things, let alone doing them! I hope this is just a bunch of old people being silly and not actual children. If its actually children, then their parents need beat senseless for not raising them right!

Concerned Adult Jun 16 2013 7:22am FLAG
I love fingering myself and I'm a lesbian I want someone to lick my anyone interested ;)

$exy€hick Jun 18 2013 10:11pm FLAG
s? Holy in prostitutes!! Wait till ur !!!!

concerned adult Jun 19 2013 4:38am FLAG
Hey I'm straight but I watch lesbian *** it turns me on but I really like boys and I can't finger myself I only rub because it hurts and when I rub I do until my legs shake is this good?

*** Jun 19 2013 10:01am FLAG
I finger myself, at least when my bf is with me. Love you Gage

only and have to live life to u die:-) Jun 19 2013 5:46pm FLAG
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MOTHERER Jun 20 2013 1:22am FLAG
im and wow the boy i like is cute and i just finger myself Because i luv to think About him ALL THE TIME

Yolo Baby :D Jun 20 2013 3:03pm FLAG
I'm having a bit of trouble believing that there are actually a bunch of s fingering each other and whatnot, so I'm just going to ignore that. However, just to set the record straight, there is nothing wrong with masturbating. It's probably the most normal thing anyone can do.

Someone who has lost faith in humanity Jun 20 2013 7:34pm FLAG
Do you have a kik because I need to tell you something and it might help

Helpful person Jun 21 2013 9:09am FLAG
Don't use shampoo wen master bathing it burns like crap

Somebody Jun 24 2013 5:07pm FLAG
haha thats true baby oil

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clara Jul 02 2013 2:04pm FLAG
I have fingered and taught girls to finger a lot. Im so I can teach whoever through email. just ask.

Austin Jul 05 2013 12:09am FLAG
Help me! I'm and I finger my self. I was doing it since I was 10. When I do it, it feels wrong. And how to I hump? I try to do it but I want it to feel gooooooood. Plz f*** me. I want to have sex with a guy . Stick your fingers up me.

Anonymous Jul 06 2013 10:52am FLAG
hey austin teach me

moi Jul 07 2013 5:16am FLAG
Well I'm a four**** year old mixed male that live in florida... I dnt mind explaining how to. Finger your self an I love ... anyonehave a kik?

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H Jul 14 2013 7:54am FLAG
I also love talking dirty so hit me up if you want a good time ;3

H Jul 14 2013 8:05am FLAG
@lucy I kiked yu lol & @hotchika what's ur kik name.?

floridakidd Jul 16 2013 12:35am FLAG
I'm , I masterbate. I enjoy it, though.. I told my mother, she said it was gross. Then I explained it. She accepted me. So guys, masterbating's not gross! It feels great as your toes curl up and your head spins. I use a hidden vibrator :)

Samantha Jul 16 2013 12:36am FLAG
@samantha want to kik .? I'm four**** an a guy ^___^

iddfloridak Jul 16 2013 1:35am FLAG
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alyssy Jul 17 2013 8:26am FLAG
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gir Jul 18 2013 3:40pm FLAG
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u guys r losers I'm . and i have this bi friend ( I'm not bi) but she loves to lick my and rub me really hard and me and my bf i suck his d*ck and he is a really good eater so we had sex and it felt soooooo gooddddddddd so I'm not a virgin anymore i love sex so yehh get ur girl relaxed and rub you hand through her vagina lips anf take your middle finget and slowly shove it up there and go in and out faster and fastee till she squirms and when she does she likes it so take a belt a strap her to the bed and rape her my bf does it to me

Um if your bf rapes you, you need help. tell ur parents! omg you people are sick! Idk how i got on this site, and little girls, dont finger yourself. Im girl.

ShockedGurrl Jul 22 2013 1:27am FLAG
I'm 10 and I rub and finger and it feels so good

A ten year old Jul 22 2013 10:05am FLAG
who wants to kik?

boy Jul 23 2013 11:30pm FLAG
hey girls im and i love touching my wet if your young around 10 and i have the perfect way for you to finger yourself so first look or watch something dirty try really hard not to masterbate then when your done slip you hand down and it shud feel wet then play around tickle ur cl*t and then lick ur fingers spit on them for more sexy fun

girl Jul 24 2013 1:52pm FLAG
Most of the "or 10" year olds having saying they've had sex haven't really even had sex and I read this guys comment saying he was and his penis was 4'2, that's funny because I'm only and I have a bigger c*ck than he does

The Milk Man Jul 26 2013 7:02am FLAG
Shower thing against pusy I :) 8-------- (:

Jesse Jul 27 2013 10:34pm FLAG
Hey I'm a ye old girl and i want to try phone sex or I'm bi and i want to try phone sex or if u r the age 2/and u want to try too Plzz leave ur number on my email ..:-) ;-)

ages / Jul 28 2013 2:53pm FLAG
Ok so basically here if u r young and masturbate then ur cool ok well im I dont masturbate i dont have a prob with it but um is it wierd or cool if I have had sex before

amanda I am a girl Jul 30 2013 6:59am FLAG
I just rub my cl*t coz it hurts when i finger. I was looking at other website and they were saying wait till u hav your period then it will be easier so im gonna wait till i get my period. IM btw :D just rub your cl*t that gives me an orgasm quickly

sexy chick! Jul 31 2013 8:30am FLAG
I'm a bi male anybody can snapchat me: jacker

Jacker Jul 31 2013 2:59pm FLAG
Just ask a Guy you Know to lick and suck your and you will cum like. Hell

Anonymous Aug 01 2013 2:23am FLAG
I'm just and I watch ***! I'm actually masturbating right now.

Yeah Aug 03 2013 12:04am FLAG
Kik me girls m we can do whatever u want phillyjxxx

Anonymous Aug 04 2013 8:16am FLAG
I'm and I finger myself all the time I luv it ;) !!!

Sexymofo Aug 07 2013 7:56pm FLAG
I'm ten and I mastrabate all the time

Crazy mofo Aug 10 2013 6:15pm FLAG
ok this doesn't respond to the question but im & how do I finger myself. I tried it but it didn't work well its almost the same as hers lol plz can anyone answer this question plzzz.

gurl Aug 11 2013 10:25pm FLAG
One. All you people on here saying this is gross, shut the up. You wouldn't be on here if you really thought that stuff. Masturbation is perfectly healthy and good for you. Just get some sex toys or cross your legs and squeeze a bunch c:

That one girl from class c: Aug 12 2013 7:47pm FLAG
Im and i mastubate every day any girls wanna have phone sex?

8 inch Aug 13 2013 2:10am FLAG
LMAO you 8-s are Hilarious! This srsly made my day thoo! Thanks ;D

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Anomainous Aug 19 2013 6:11am FLAG
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i love Connor p Aug 23 2013 8:23am FLAG
Hi, please show me where I can learn all of your talks. Things are changing and I moved. Mom is great but I am afraid to tell her. I like touching my parts. Please tell me how to learn.

Anonymous Aug 24 2013 11:12pm FLAG
Or you could take a top of a nail polish top and put it in u if u are a girl

Dizzywizzy Aug 29 2013 3:47pm FLAG
I want to has sex so bad with this boy that I know from school we dated on and off I want him so bad cuz I am also having sex dreams about him and me

Dizzywizzy Aug 29 2013 3:50pm FLAG
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Sexy b*tch Aug 29 2013 3:54pm FLAG
I'm and I finger myself with my friends and sometimes we finger eachother and lick eachothers s :)

Just that chick ;) Aug 30 2013 2:05am FLAG
Hey ;) I'm and I love fingering!! It feels good when I do it with a sharpie! I'm a lesbian to. Kik me at paula_sweetie girls only ages 8-

paula_sweetie Aug 30 2013 6:58pm FLAG
What. The. Hell. Is. Wrong. With. You. 10-s? Im , and you've all had more sex than me. o_o

Nowi. Aug 30 2013 8:09pm FLAG
snapchat me: jakobthekiller im m straight.

that1kid Sep 01 2013 10:18am FLAG
Hey ;) I'm a girl I LOVE fingering it feels so good me and my friends sometimes lick each others p*ssies and it feels SO GOOD I'm a lesbian if you did not get that

dorky slut Sep 08 2013 12:17pm FLAG
Dorky... kik? Im /f (:

lez too lol Sep 08 2013 12:21pm FLAG
Im and i ue the shower head but i want to know do i put my finger stright in my vigiana

i cant spell lol Sep 13 2013 4:48pm FLAG
Yes just go slowly. Or have someone lick you down thereyou will love that

Anonymous Sep 14 2013 3:28am FLAG
Jesus christ, 10 & s saying they're not virgins...what is this world coming to. Just rememeber, if your age is on the clock, then you're too young for c*ck!

The Truth. Sep 16 2013 12:04pm FLAG
I fingered a girl when i was 7, she lay on my bed and i stuck my finger up her :)

Like dat girls c*nt Sep 17 2013 9:29am FLAG
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mrs max Sep 20 2013 3:06am FLAG
You kids are really hopeless and your generation is never going to survive. This site is crawling with paedophiles grooming you and some of you will end up being abducted, raped and murdered as the next stage from giving addys or your digits is meeting up. Those of you that do get through to college will end up being sociopaths or worse. Please enjoy being children and get off this site now. It's evil.

mik Sep 26 2013 2:52am FLAG
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