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The Problem: I'm a yr old girl. I juss wanted to know if it was normal for a young girl like me to bee soo ? And I'm always thinking of guys and having sex :/ is this normal too? And I really wanna have sex but I kno what could happen. What do I do ? Something besides me having sex and ending up pregnant!

Asked by: xoashanteDuh at 02:42:26 AM, Tuesday, June 07, 2011 PDT FLAG


It's very normal darling, I used to feel like that when I was your age

taost Jun 07 2011 9:51am FLAG

Then I started to dogs dogs dogs dogs dogs dogs dogs dogs dogs dogs dogs dogs dogs dogs dogs dogs dogs dogs dogs dogs dogs dogs dogs dogs dogs dogs dogs dogs dogs dogs dogs dogs dogs

taost Jun 07 2011 10:28am FLAG
xD always ?

taost Jun 07 2011 12:01pm FLAG
i say explore that part of your life as soon as you feel comfortable (i read an article that said many people actually start masturbation in their toddler years... mind you it isnt sexual, it just soothes them at that point. but i digress) be happy that you have the chance to explore it at such an early age... i didnt :/

Salah-Ad-Din Jun 07 2011 4:01pm FLAG
to answer your question: go to any health department. they will supply you with birth control (condoms, pills, etc) so that you can safely enjoy the part of life i missed out on

lah-Ad-Din Jun 07 2011 4:03pm FLAG
the above was supposed to say Salah-Ad-Din

Salah-Ad-Din Jun 07 2011 4:03pm FLAG
What's up with toast posting heck dogs? Df?! . Anyways thank u guys for commentin and giving advice :)

xoashanteDuh Jun 07 2011 4:53pm FLAG
hey xoashante you should text me :) 87039944 please. im

joey23 Jun 07 2011 5:21pm FLAG
I would not recommend texting this person. For all you know, he could be someone my age like in his 40's and wanting to get off to a young girl.

Cowboy Casinova Jun 07 2011 11:14pm FLAG
BIRTH CONTROL? SHE SAYS SHE IS HORNY NOT GETTING INTO SEX. She says she wants to, but is afraid of what could happen other then getting pregnant... BTW! That was not me posting Dogs...

taost Jun 08 2011 3:56am FLAG
if you remember i also said that she should explore that side of life taost. please read all of my statements through before bickering at me. and actually at the end she DOES say she wants to have sex

Salah-Ad-Din Jun 08 2011 3:12pm FLAG
again try something called READING THE FULL STATEMENT, idiot. you ALMOST deserve to get stalked by whomever is doing that if you cant even read my stuff completely through... and hers

Salah-Ad-Din Jun 08 2011 3:13pm FLAG
You never complety read mine either xD I agreed, she does want to try sex. ****ager, just like the rest of them, but I never feel the need for sex. I hardly masturbate even... So yeah... Obviously you should take your own advice xD

taost Jun 08 2011 4:13pm FLAG

xoashanteDuh Jun 08 2011 5:38pm FLAG
which is why i suggested birth control. i was unaware of the intent behind the message and do so apologize :P im here to give advice. i believed that the only apprehension youhad was a fear of pregnancy, and gave advice specific to that particular problem. if you had other apprehensions to it or werent then that should have been made clear... i think the other issue is a differentiation in interpretation :P

Salah-Ad-Din Jun 08 2011 9:33pm FLAG
Birth control like ing dogs is good too xD I would know BECAUSE THAT'S WHAT I DO!

taost Jun 08 2011 11:46pm FLAG
Well i have the same problem and ima boy xD but ya just feel comfortable with wut u do. dont get presured into doing somethings ur not ready for.Im ready to make that steap with a very dear friend but r u?

Tybug24 Jun 09 2011 12:56am FLAG
spelled step wrong xD

Tybug24 Jun 09 2011 12:57am FLAG
If u ever feel like u need 2 talk e-mail me at And i know there is messed up ppl in the world so if ya feel uncomfortable thats ok but ill be here p.s. i dont check e-mail very often so if i dont reply for a while dats y

Tybug24 Jun 09 2011 1:01am FLAG
i am a guy an an i m we should talk

tre Jun 11 2011 7:43pm FLAG
i am a guy an an i m we should talk

tre Jun 11 2011 7:53pm FLAG
Send me a hot pic we could talk

Ben Jun 14 2011 7:50pm FLAG
I also have the same experince . When i sex thoughts i used to put my finger in the it is wonderfull and it will have a heavenly joy

Anonymous Jun 16 2011 2:35am FLAG
I say just trade s with me!

Guy Jun 22 2011 4:27pm FLAG
Lol sassy -year old. also not very smart. Get back to me once you've gone through sex ED. Get a guy, get an 18-year old friend to buy you a condom or go to health department, and maybe some birth control pills, and have sex and bam! no pregnacy.

YOU-RETARD-THATS-MY-LEG! Jun 26 2011 6:00pm FLAG
Oh my god u pedos.

yyyyyy Jun 27 2011 11:44pm FLAG

xoashanteDuh Jul 01 2011 9:04am FLAG
mastrabate, thats all, im in the same situation, dont email any of these idiots!

I-Love-You-Kyle Jul 01 2011 6:02pm FLAG
im too and a guy im always too just masturbate thats what i do :P

I can haz cheezburger? Jul 05 2011 9:15am FLAG
omg girl i have the same thing but i was super im now and have had "it" 2 times it feels so good well i loved it BUT what ever you do where a condom!

hihihihi Jul 07 2011 3:55am FLAG
omg im twelve to im a girl and just masterbate NO SEX thats how my ten year old couisn got pregnet

random hobos Jul 14 2011 11:03pm FLAG
I'm but I have thought about it and had dreams but never actually had sex but I really really want to ...; my friend has done it with her boyfriend who lives 2 houses down from her and she said it felt good but hurted

Kkk Jul 15 2011 8:21pm FLAG
I feel the same way but I tried laying down in the shower and it kind of works.I can just walk into a Health Department and ask for birth control pills and condoms... or can I. I really want to have sex and get my sexual desires over with but I dont want to have sex at

QU33N Aug 09 2011 6:09pm FLAG
Oh-Emm-Geee Me 2 lawlz Im also ,Goshh I wish I knew a guy Who like wouldn't tell peoplez,If I did Im prettyy sure we'd be ing riteee naw lol,Think up a fantacy,Wankk to it XD My fantacy is like a hawt Bisexual Skater/Emo guyy & his buddy screw meh whie I suck him off Pretty odd tho XD

T-Rexx Aug 13 2011 12:28pm FLAG
Im almost and im always really and i really want to have sex but i masterbait with a hair bruch handle instead.

Sammie Aug 18 2011 6:12am FLAG
Im and male, me 1(7)820-5395

Hornyboii Sep 09 2011 1:13pm FLAG
Im a . really . I mix flour and water and put it in a condom then put it feels so good. Using an electric toothbrush is also lush. Anyone up for email? ;)

Emilie.x Oct 18 2011 11:40am FLAG
Me sexay;)

Horny boii Oct 19 2011 6:11pm FLAG
Me sexay;)

Horny boii Oct 19 2011 6:19pm FLAG
How long ago were these posts?

? Nov 16 2011 10:52pm FLAG
How long ago were these posts?

? Nov 16 2011 10:54pm FLAG
but it out of your mind and entertain yourself with homework or watch spongebob when you watch spongebob all you can think about is how much of an idiot he is and wait till your married

a person Mar 13 2012 7:48pm FLAG
A woman needs to explore and learn what her body likes before losing her virginity. Start masturbating ASAP and don't be embarrassed.

Darren Apr 13 2012 10:34am FLAG

1 May 17 2012 8:26am FLAG

-1' May 17 2012 8:26am FLAG
a fetus,works wonders for me. Love your true ruler and master, Satan

Satan Jun 09 2012 7:31pm FLAG
P.s I'll see you soon

Satan Jun 09 2012 7:35pm FLAG

1 Jun 11 2012 8:01am FLAG

-1' Jun 11 2012 8:01am FLAG
look im also also hell of but dont worry just chill with it

no one Jun 19 2012 4:24pm FLAG
p.s im a guy dont jerk off that dirty and if u do wash your hands well befor and after mostly befor so u dont get an infection

no one Jun 19 2012 4:52pm FLAG
how old is this post

emilie Jul 11 2012 1:46pm FLAG
dont email any of these guys im female always lost my virginity already but it freakin hurts unless ur prepared just masterbate with a brush or something

girl Jul 24 2012 2:38pm FLAG
dont email any of these guys im female always lost my virginity already but it freakin hurts unless ur prepared just masterbate with a brush or something

girl Jul 24 2012 2:38pm FLAG
im going through the same exact thing! I told my mom and she said it was perfectly normal, and if i wanted to i could masterbate! DO NOT HAVE SEX!!!!!!!!!!! ur too young even to date!!! Do not throw away ur life like that, wait till ur eigh****. i am the same age as u, just masterbate and distract urself!

i am bored Aug 08 2012 8:14pm FLAG
Umm it's not good to masterbaute or watch ***.. Sadly I just watch *** on redtube

Idk Aug 25 2012 2:20pm FLAG
O need advice

Anonymous Jan 02 2013 3:44pm FLAG
Omg I'm the exact same °̩ really want ² have sex and everyone keeps saying get a vibrator but where are TWELVE year old supposed ² get one!

just another girl Mar 16 2013 11:34pm FLAG
s. As a myself, I say with utter dismay; stop sticking fingers and d*cks in your hole you baby-sluts. It's normal but damn you don't have to go so far as to possibly hurt your 'gina. Masturbation is the best way to go. If you're that much of a ing idiot to not know how to pleasure yourself without toothbrushes and man meat, then Google is your friend. Dumbs.

Go s Apr 03 2013 12:10am FLAG
brush to masturbate dont do ittyyyyyytttttt

Anonymous Apr 09 2013 11:30am FLAG
heyy dont worry dude, its just your hormones kicking in, its totally normal, besides i get quite alot too so you are not alone! p.s. call me DD, im a massive fan of black veil brides. ;)

mrsjinxx May 11 2013 9:23am FLAG
I wanna do it to BAD will u do it with me

gabe May 19 2013 6:14pm FLAG
whatever you do dont have sex.

anonimouse Jul 24 2013 12:26pm FLAG
Look I'm too, what you need to do is............. NOTHING. Seriously make sex this special thing that you wait for, if you need to you can masturbate but *** is unrealistic and just imagine how your parents would feel. This feeling is normal but don't send s to any of those freaks. Just remember that you're not ready. I know everyone says your not ready but it's true. Stay Strong and please please please for your sake, Stay Virgin!!!

KeepCalmAndBlowMeAKiss Oct 15 2013 9:58pm FLAG
Hey girl I feel your pain just masturbate

Mali Dec 21 2013 7:50pm FLAG
But if u do have sex just use condo S I'm and pregnant it sucks just stick to masturbating

Mali Dec 21 2013 7:51pm FLAG
Buy girl hope you get better :)

Mali Dec 21 2013 7:56pm FLAG
Take a bath and while the tub fills up turn the water on realllllyyyyy hott and stick your under it it burns like hell but it feels amazing and makes you cummmm instantly

Feb 03 2014 8:16pm FLAG
Watch ***

Feb 03 2014 8:18pm FLAG
Stick either a banana or like a long pole or a cucumber in there and move it up and down really fast ULL feel like you have to pee really bad but don't stop and eventually ull cummmmmm

Feb 03 2014 8:19pm FLAG
I have a similar problem actually my step bro he's asked me to have sexxxx with me and be is already tested he had to after his last GF so he's clean and he has condoms and birth control pxills and I wanna have sex with him so bad but I'm kinda scared so later on tonite I'm gonna tell that I just wanna start out with kissing then move to sex so if ur really find someone who'll have sexxxxx with you and start slow with kissing hope I helped I'm a bisexual too just saying

JasminLovesSexXxXxXx💓💓💓💓 Feb 03 2014 8:23pm FLAG
Master bate it will calm your hormones

Anonymous Mar 10 2014 5:39pm FLAG
EjMOIg Great post.Thanks Again. Cool.

XdLkYiSDWsqAvn Aug 05 2014 7:25pm FLAG

OhSmijMYZoKwyhzEtkf Jan 01 2016 2:23am FLAG
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