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make me super wet and

The Problem: im , bi girl, tell me something to make me really horney and wet. and i really want to learn how to make myself squrit so if anyone can tell me that would be great!! :p(;) ( thats a eating out face (: )

Asked by: horneygirl18 at 05:12:56 AM, Thursday, June 30, 2011 PDT FLAG


Hi well the best way to make yourself squirt is to push and rub on your g spot while rubbing your cl*t at the same time. you might feel like you have to pee but its not pee its that your getting ready to squirt.

fiend Jun 30 2011 12:36pm FLAG

Wat is your g spot

Bisexualgirl Jun 30 2011 12:42pm FLAG
Hi well the best way to make yourself squirt is to push and rub on your g spot while rubbing your cl*t at the same time. you might feel like you have to pee but its not pee its that your getting ready to squirt.

fiend Jun 30 2011 12:47pm FLAG
its the spot inside you almost right behind your cl*t that when you rub or touch it you feel amazing

fiend Jun 30 2011 12:48pm FLAG
its the spot inside you almost right behind your cl*t that when you rub or touch it you feel amazing

fiend Jun 30 2011 12:48pm FLAG
Where is ur cl*t

Bisexualgirl Jun 30 2011 12:51pm FLAG
its the part on the outside of you vagina right above your hole. lol

Anonymous Jun 30 2011 12:53pm FLAG
sorry that last one was by me

fiend Jun 30 2011 12:53pm FLAG
txt me at i promise to make u

da-dumbass Jun 30 2011 12:58pm FLAG
txt me at i promise to make u

da-dumbass Jun 30 2011 1:00pm FLAG
did you find your cl*t and g spot?

Anonymous Jun 30 2011 1:04pm FLAG
did you find your cl*t and g spt?

fiend Jun 30 2011 1:05pm FLAG
No can you tell me like where and how to find it

Bisexualgirl Jun 30 2011 1:13pm FLAG
would it be cool to text it will be easier to talk and tell you?

fiend Jun 30 2011 1:21pm FLAG
if you are ok with that my number is 302-521-8439 and the name is Rob

fiend Jun 30 2011 1:27pm FLAG
My phone is literally ded sware to god how a bout chatzy go on there in the room ok

Bisexualgirl Jun 30 2011 1:28pm FLAG
da-dumbass e-mail me at pretty please :)

horneygirl18 Jun 30 2011 1:42pm FLAG
To fiend If ur not gunna in worrie bout it

Bisexualgirl Jun 30 2011 1:53pm FLAG
ill show you where it is bisexualgirl

hot guy Jun 30 2011 2:13pm FLAG
im on chatzy bisexualgirl give me the room number.

hot guy Jun 30 2011 2:22pm FLAG
anyone can email me at please email me!!

girl18 Jun 30 2011 2:23pm FLAG
Its called

Bisexualgirl Jun 30 2011 6:33pm FLAG
im on it now bisexualgirl

hot guy Jun 30 2011 6:35pm FLAG
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Easter Island Tribal Leader Of The Leaf Clan Jul 01 2011 2:44am FLAG
Sorry Bisexualgirl I got off for the night. You dont have to be so mean. Im back now.

fiend Jul 01 2011 4:31am FLAG
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Hornybabe Jul 01 2011 1:18pm FLAG
Sorry fiend i have anger problems and to easter ialand heads since u talk so much about hell go suck the devils d*ck heads

Bisexualgirl Jul 01 2011 1:53pm FLAG
fiend thts not bisexualgirl talking it's Easter island being the jackass he always is, posing a's other ppl and having no life with a mangina to match

Hornybabe Jul 01 2011 2:18pm FLAG
id love to txt you something that will make u wet and ... im

Anonymous Jul 01 2011 6:56pm FLAG
oh my email address is send a email ill give you my number

Anonymous Jul 01 2011 6:57pm FLAG
Hey Horny babe that was the real bisSexual girl i do have anger issues and i do think the easter island heads are ing morons do dont say that it wasnt the real me

Bisexualgirl Jul 01 2011 10:05pm FLAG
We ee ee are the Easter island heads. And thi ii iis is our first post on this post!

easter island heads corporation Jul 02 2011 5:29am FLAG
go die easter island heads. obviously noone wants you on this sit but you. So why can't you leave???? seriously

bloodyhell Jul 02 2011 12:38pm FLAG
Why can't you leeeeeeever. Blood and hello

blue Jul 03 2011 11:35am FLAG
Yea easter island heads go fuk off

Anonymous Jul 05 2011 9:11pm FLAG
hey i just cumed all over my girlfriend and i so right now i need more sex

sexy chik Jul 16 2011 11:27am FLAG
we-eeee-ee are the easter island heads and we are super gay and give our grandads bl*wj*bs for our pocket money!

the real easter island heads Jul 17 2011 1:22am FLAG
Im so wet rite now. Sexy Chic turn me on. Plez im . Some1 post sumthing eles dirty

me hard plez Jul 28 2011 6:18pm FLAG
I wany join the sex

mehard Aug 01 2011 10:38am FLAG
i want sex. can someone email me to get me really ?! my email is s

sexysammi Oct 23 2011 9:47am FLAG
man im so

sexychick Oct 24 2011 3:51pm FLAG
Caan someone mee ?

PrettyGirlBree Dec 27 2011 9:24pm FLAG
i want to get so /wet email me ill b waitin n im bi so girls to;)

smexiigirlso Feb 12 2012 11:10am FLAG
ok so if u want to get rlly just go look up some *** then rub ur cl*t lol not tht hard haha or u can turn on ur shower and run water in ur hole it feels amazing!

anon. Feb 14 2012 5:30pm FLAG
I wanna get VERY too!!!

Im24/7 Mar 06 2012 4:05pm FLAG
I wanna get VERY too!!!

Im24/7 Mar 06 2012 4:09pm FLAG
listen you guys dont need to be giving out your numbers or email addresses. there could be predators or sex offenders watching this site waiting to prey on innocent people. look, you can go anywhere to get , ***, hot lines, etc. that is atleast more safe than an open site like this. im not trying to offend anyone.

-forrealgirl Mar 24 2012 10:10am FLAG
Ok if you wanna get real t go to the bath put your p.u.s.s.y under the water and and find the spot that makes you fill awesome. Hope I helped

p.u.s.s.y girl Mar 30 2012 4:48pm FLAG
Guyz give me some nice *** sites I can go to

bitch Mar 31 2012 3:42pm FLAG
I want Someone to make me wet

Bisexual chick 9 Apr 01 2012 9:03pm FLAG
bitch: ***hub is free and has a bunch of other websites too

DoingYoMom Apr 22 2012 6:25pm FLAG
Hey I'm a girl I'm bi I'm so wet can someone make me and talk dirty to me my bbm pin is 28D2AF I'm btw<3

wet24/7 May 08 2012 10:23am FLAG
Hey I'm a girl I'm bi I'm so wet can someone make me and talk dirty to me my bbm pin is 28D2AF I'm btw<3

wet24/7 May 08 2012 10:24am FLAG
Please somebody<3

wet24/7 May 08 2012 10:33am FLAG
just somebody xD

Fuuuuu:3 May 18 2012 4:47pm FLAG
email me at

May 19 2012 3:01pm FLAG
email me at

May 19 2012 3:01pm FLAG
email me at

May 19 2012 3:01pm FLAG
Please would someone say something REALLY dirty right now? I NEED to get wet!!!

anon. May 23 2012 2:51pm FLAG
I need to get really wet asapp! I just reaally need it.

sexygirl Jun 02 2012 1:30am FLAG

Sexy chick Jun 02 2012 3:20pm FLAG
I'm so right now

Babe #1 Jun 02 2012 3:21pm FLAG
I'm so right now

Babe #1 Jun 02 2012 3:22pm FLAG
Someone get me EXTREMELY ( <- i really mean that) .

Hot Girl Jun 03 2012 3:44pm FLAG
I wanna fuq rite now

sexxy Jun 03 2012 8:47pm FLAG

yodad Jun 03 2012 10:31pm FLAG

yodad Jun 03 2012 10:31pm FLAG

yodad Jun 03 2012 10:31pm FLAG
Go and rub your cl*t and push at the same time I did it to my girlfriend she loved it then finger them at the same time :')

all i talk about is sex girls :* Jun 07 2012 9:56am FLAG
Hey im a gurl nd im bi im in horney right now help me i want sex really badd;)

Bi-sexual nd sexy Jun 12 2012 9:33pm FLAG
Hey im a gurl nd im bi im in horney right now help me i want sex really badd;)

Bi-sexual nd sexy Jun 12 2012 9:39pm FLAG
Sex is amazing..I need to get ...can someone please get me wet;)

wetgirl8 Jun 14 2012 4:47pm FLAG
Sex is amazing..I need to get ...can someone please get me wet;)

wetgirl8 Jun 14 2012 4:50pm FLAG
Pleasseee get me wet. Im and home alone, please? ;)

OhSoWet(;) Jun 18 2012 9:03am FLAG
Im & wet bi txt me 9724810707 (; Leave names dirty talk to Jun 18 2012 9:20pm FLAG
How old are u Breezydylan?

Bi-sexual nd sexy Jun 21 2012 5:55am FLAG
Im really right now please some 1 say something dirty to make me really wet i cnt take it no more i want sex and i want it now nd im bi ;)

Bi-sexual nd sexy Jun 21 2012 6:08am FLAG
Im really right now please some 1 say something dirty to make me really wet i cnt take it no more i want sex and i want it now nd im bi ;)

Bi-sexual nd sexy Jun 21 2012 6:10am FLAG
I'm so right now!! Some1 make me wet!!

sexychick Jun 22 2012 11:26am FLAG
OMG I just had sex and I'm only :D

Anonymous Jun 22 2012 11:34am FLAG
squizz ur nipples

yumm Jun 23 2012 12:39pm FLAG
how do i make my self really without rub my cl*t

girlready for Jun 23 2012 12:42pm FLAG
Someone get me wet and

Still a virgin Jun 24 2012 10:32am FLAG
Someone get me wet and I'm and bi so girls to ;) email me

Anonymous Jun 24 2012 9:44pm FLAG

Anonymous Jun 24 2012 9:46pm FLAG
Oh god I am rubbing my sooo hard right now! Any guys want to fuq me?

anonymous Jun 27 2012 2:38pm FLAG
I'm and very wet

Hornygirl Jun 28 2012 1:31am FLAG
I'm rele an looking for a hot guy to have some fun with, e-mail me at;)

anonymous;) Jul 01 2012 12:22am FLAG
im and only and i want to have sex hook me up

sexypurplek Jul 01 2012 2:41pm FLAG
im bi to so girls look me up ok me hard

sexypurplek Jul 01 2012 2:44pm FLAG
Hump ! Its gr8 also . Ur pillow just anything it gets me

Lala Jul 01 2012 9:46pm FLAG
I'm sooo ...

Anonymous Jul 01 2012 10:33pm FLAG
I'm sooo ...

Anonymous Jul 01 2012 10:33pm FLAG
I'm sooo ...

Anonymous Jul 01 2012 10:33pm FLAG
use a showerhead and put it under your while the water is on

Anonymous Jul 02 2012 10:50am FLAG
use a showerhead and put it under your while the water is on

Anonymous Jul 02 2012 10:50am FLAG
Omfg im im bisexual sombody plzz make me wet i wanna have sex nd im only so gurls nd boys sombody make me wet but i mostly want a gurl so gurls tell me if u want my number nd we can ;)

Bi-sexual nd sexy Jul 02 2012 5:17pm FLAG
Im soo rubbing my cl*t ;)

Anonymous Jul 03 2012 3:50pm FLAG
I'm so and bi someone make me wet let me know if you want my number so we can

Verygirl Jul 04 2012 10:15pm FLAG
Verygirl ill make you wet, trust me

Hornyer Jul 05 2012 12:35am FLAG
So ing horney right now, what will you do to me ;)

Biaswell Jul 05 2012 5:00am FLAG
If u ppl wanna get nd wet ;)

Bi-sexual nd sexy Jul 05 2012 1:45pm FLAG
Im and i whant to know where my cl*ts are

amyy Jul 07 2012 5:20pm FLAG
I'm really right now and need someone to make me wet... Add my bbm pin so we can have some fun: 268E01A2. I'm by the way.

bitch Jul 08 2012 3:21pm FLAG
Im so nd i wanna finger myself idk how to can some 1 help me?

Horny nd wet Jul 08 2012 8:14pm FLAG
Ohsowet I'm thir**** too and really babe get me cumming hard

finghorneybi Jul 08 2012 11:56pm FLAG
Finghorneybi im too make me ;)

Horny nd wet Jul 09 2012 9:26am FLAG
Im cansomeone make me really ?

Getme Jul 09 2012 1:24pm FLAG
Getme trust mee;) nd im bi

Horny nd wet Jul 09 2012 1:31pm FLAG
Getme trust me nd im bi nd ;)

Horny nd wet Jul 09 2012 1:35pm FLAG
Man I want a nd so I can fuk him I just want to do it &#57430;

sexy bitch Jul 09 2012 7:00pm FLAG
Man I want a bf so I can fuk him I just want to do it &#57430;

sexy bitch Jul 09 2012 7:01pm FLAG
Man I want a bf so I can fuk him I just want to do it &#57430;

sexy bitch Jul 09 2012 7:01pm FLAG
Some talk dirt! I want to be as f!!!

Sexyb**** Jul 10 2012 10:26am FLAG
Sexyb**** if ur bi ill make u i promise ;)

Horny nd wet Jul 10 2012 7:52pm FLAG
Hey of you want to get and think it is someone that you like and then you start frining yourself and maybe you mite squart not prosimming nothing bye xx hope you have fun trying to do that

Sexy slut that needs sex Jul 13 2012 6:13am FLAG
Hey I'm I need someone to no pics though. Camera is broken 43432896

Horny as Jul 15 2012 9:50am FLAG
im a girl that is .

sundress Jul 15 2012 2:04pm FLAG
im and want sexxxx me harddddd

aexxxghjk Jul 16 2012 3:41pm FLAG

somehirl Jul 16 2012 4:26pm FLAG
Oopps its supposed to be somegirl

somegirl Jul 16 2012 4:28pm FLAG
Oopps its supposed to be somegirl

somegirl Jul 16 2012 4:28pm FLAG
Ugh im so nd im bi so gurls 2 ;)

gurl Jul 16 2012 9:35pm FLAG
agggghhhh me and not bi but really want sex..

myboo Jul 21 2012 11:33am FLAG
I want to have an orgasm sooo bad n im

HornyGirl Jul 21 2012 4:08pm FLAG
I'm super .. And I'm ;)

me. Jul 22 2012 6:14pm FLAG
Suck my bobos hard and bite it suck my make out wif me lick me every ware

reall Jul 22 2012 10:07pm FLAG
I'm so and bi and I'm plz some one give me there number

reall Jul 22 2012 10:11pm FLAG
You really shouldn't be doing this at a young age masterbation is finand here's what I do.ima girl n ima twelve so I look at a bunch of *** n tease myself untilled I can't do it any more than you put a pillow between your legs and lay down start rocking or humping it than when your about to have an orgasm stop than keep going you'll get a climax. When I do it a where a thong so I can put the part infront between the lips of my vavina

anonymous Jul 25 2012 7:40am FLAG

Anonymous Jul 26 2012 3:34pm FLAG
just rub ur cl*t nd watch *** nd hump things.. hope this helps!

me Jul 28 2012 3:49pm FLAG
I finger myself everytime i watch *** , i get really wet ! I love it , lol , and i get that feeling where i have to pee , then i get an orgasm and stop but I've never really squirted . .

light blue Jul 29 2012 3:41am FLAG
hope this gets you /wet. think of you in the shower with a guy and he's pressing against your boobes and touching your vagina then he starts to finger you and he gets you to squirt, he is so hard he just can't hold back he starts ing you so hard and your wetter then you have ever been he kisses your boobes and he starts eating you out your so wet and it feels so amazing. Hope this helped

/wet Jul 29 2012 8:08am FLAG
i need advice 4 my friend and she isn't bi or lesbo... can any1 help her?

me plz Jul 29 2012 1:54pm FLAG

Anonymous Jul 29 2012 3:27pm FLAG
Add me I am a babe 286BBC00

Anonymous Jul 29 2012 3:28pm FLAG
I want an orgasm so baaaaaaaaaaaad

- Jul 29 2012 4:11pm FLAG
Some one get me wet

cute, sexy.girl Jul 30 2012 1:55am FLAG
email me... im and bi (more to guys tho)

its in the comment^ Jul 30 2012 10:09pm FLAG
Im c: Email me at, Please ;D

SexiiLollipop x Aug 01 2012 2:44pm FLAG
Oh and by the way, im ;)

SexiiLollipop x Aug 01 2012 2:44pm FLAG
Text me, my number: 07570957555. Please text mee, anyone. ;)

SexiiLollipop x Aug 01 2012 2:47pm FLAG
I can make you . ;) Text mee.

SexiiLollipop x Aug 01 2012 2:48pm FLAG
Someone girl get me please

Anonymous Aug 02 2012 1:18pm FLAG
Every "Girl" on this post is actually a year old man not a yr old girl. fyi.

ShakeDown Real Aug 05 2012 11:43pm FLAG
just hump like 3~4 pillows youll be good

love Aug 07 2012 4:25pm FLAG
you should lie down in bed, legs bent and spread, start rubbing your boobs, then go down to your vaginia, start rubbing it, then go onyour cl*t and rub that, not to hard, then use 2 fingers to finger yourself, while your playing with your cl*te, amazinggg Aug 09 2012 7:12pm FLAG
add me, i can make you so wet,;)

Anonymous Aug 09 2012 7:14pm FLAG
you's are so gay!

#the#best Aug 10 2012 7:31pm FLAG
playing with my cl*t ohh someone me now

sex Aug 11 2012 1:54am FLAG
My number is 589469 n I want a girl n I'm

Inneka Aug 13 2012 12:00pm FLAG
Jk it's 5994 60

Inneka Aug 13 2012 12:02pm FLAG
No none of it's my number

Inneka Aug 13 2012 12:03pm FLAG
I'm and I'm so write something that will have me wet as hell And gasping I'm playing with my boobs rite now And fingering my vag feels so good

i wanna suck ur boobs Aug 14 2012 9:24pm FLAG
Oh I mostly want a girl talking dirty to me I wanna squirt bitches

i wanna suck ur boobs Aug 14 2012 9:27pm FLAG

girl Aug 15 2012 11:14am FLAG
5342 5862 me I'm ;)

Ferrettgrll Aug 16 2012 6:27am FLAG
Lol jk I ain't givin y'all my number

Ferrettgrll Aug 16 2012 6:34am FLAG
Damn you all are so me all day long.

Anonymous Aug 16 2012 11:37pm FLAG
Can someone email meh at i am really nd need help im bout to exploide over here im also bi

MehHard Aug 18 2012 6:38am FLAG
ahh, i am soooo i want to have sex

ME Aug 19 2012 1:11pm FLAG
Any bi girl that's up for a lot of fun are more than welcome to add me on bbm if you want to have fun and find out a lot of fun stuff to do to yourself that's orgasmic so fun it will be I promise that to all. 29A037

always Aug 19 2012 6:43pm FLAG
rub gently the ponity part of are vagina it works get more facts at ???

()() boobs Aug 19 2012 11:31pm FLAG
stop by at my house an al give u sex ;') ( )( ) ???boobs

()() Aug 19 2012 11:34pm FLAG
me hard

()() boobs Aug 19 2012 11:39pm FLAG
my email don't add the stars ?????????????????

boobs Aug 19 2012 11:43pm FLAG
im kk. i want some d*ckk. i swallow and deepthroat (;

****age *** star Aug 24 2012 3:35am FLAG
I'm so !!

Bixeasual bitch Aug 26 2012 11:47am FLAG
Im and love to have phone sex Email me for the number I how old u are

creamy squirter Aug 27 2012 4:15pm FLAG
ima bi gurl honest n im like reely reeeeely i wanna get so wet caall or text me on 07435896725 n dont be shy i just reely wanna get wet n i aint sum old man so just call me

*** star Aug 28 2012 7:26am FLAG
im a girl som1 make me wet

Aug 31 2012 1:09pm FLAG
I know. Open your legs and tuck in ur panties between your legs in to your cl*t. Then rub with your fingers up and down very slowly and you will get wet. Trust me it works! ;D

Maha Sep 02 2012 9:47pm FLAG
I'm and I really want some1 to do me. I'm bi n I want a dildo in me! Plz help me with rhis

Mahayana Sep 02 2012 9:50pm FLAG
im someone email me i wanna get really !

Sexy Emma Sep 03 2012 1:33pm FLAG
Can someone dirt talk to make me really wet i just wanna be wet

Sexy Emma Sep 03 2012 1:36pm FLAG
dirt talk someone

Sexy Emma Sep 03 2012 1:39pm FLAG
Anybody here who can make me ? No sex offenders tho.

anon Sep 03 2012 6:49pm FLAG
Ya email me at and ill get u wet as hell

Anonymous Sep 03 2012 11:06pm FLAG
Im im and need someone to dirty talk with

hot.guy Sep 03 2012 11:08pm FLAG
some one Make me ...

girl2k Sep 04 2012 11:08am FLAG

Anonymous Sep 04 2012 12:42pm FLAG

Candyjiminez0418 Sep 04 2012 5:13pm FLAG
Oh, and im bi

Candyjiminez0418 Sep 04 2012 5:28pm FLAG
Email me at, cuz i be wantin 2 get !!!!!!!!!!

AmaranthSDK Sep 04 2012 6:14pm FLAG
Email me im a guy who wants to a girl dont care what age of girl you are

Anonymous Sep 04 2012 9:42pm FLAG
How bout ?

AmarnanthSDK Sep 05 2012 7:12pm FLAG
Years old or what

Anonymous Sep 05 2012 7:18pm FLAG
years ol, and im a chick

AmaranthSDK Sep 05 2012 7:25pm FLAG
Can u prove ur a chick like with a pic I can prove im a guy

Anonymous Sep 05 2012 7:27pm FLAG
Not with a picture, i dont have one of me on here

AmaranthSDK Sep 05 2012 7:29pm FLAG
Can you.send one through email

Anonymous Sep 05 2012 7:31pm FLAG
I dont have a picture on my computer. I cant connect my cmera 2 my stupid computer

AmarnthSDK Sep 05 2012 7:34pm FLAG
Ok can u prove it anouther way

Anonymous Sep 05 2012 7:35pm FLAG

AmaranthSDK Sep 05 2012 7:37pm FLAG
Do u have a camera phone

Anonymous Sep 05 2012 7:38pm FLAG
Nope, but i have a pic of me and my friends on there, send me an email and if my powerdoesnt go out, send me proof tht ur and i will give u my number and send it 2 u. Cuz i dont enjoy pedophiles and rapists

AmaranthSDK Sep 05 2012 7:42pm FLAG

Anonymous Sep 05 2012 7:46pm FLAG
Check ur email

Anonymous Sep 05 2012 7:49pm FLAG
Yo guy here wants to get some chicks

In you soon Sep 05 2012 8:24pm FLAG
Someone can get me :) I'm a bisexual girl and if youvwant you can email me (my user name) Sep 06 2012 2:48am FLAG
My powere went out :(

AmaranthSDK Sep 06 2012 4:33am FLAG
Did you al leats get my email

Anonymous Sep 06 2012 5:03am FLAG

AmaranthSDK Sep 06 2012 6:12pm FLAG
It was a pic of myself

Anonymous Sep 06 2012 9:00pm FLAG
Cant sleep really dam guy wants to some girl dont care about age

In you soon Sep 06 2012 9:58pm FLAG
I'm In the mood to get someone please help me

Stranger Danger ! O: Sep 07 2012 4:47pm FLAG
Bbm pins? yearold girl looking for a guy to have some fun

28CDB4CC Sep 08 2012 4:31am FLAG
call me NOW emmanuel at 253-353-51

eman Sep 08 2012 11:12pm FLAG
I need diff ways to get

Kaci:) Sep 10 2012 8:29pm FLAG
Wow everyone here is hella .

Someone Sep 10 2012 10:30pm FLAG
ok 23/m super looking for multi orgasm fun and trust me it will be fun so email me females only and yes I have pics and all that

firedrimr Sep 10 2012 11:50pm FLAG
I'm so yy

&waiting Sep 16 2012 6:17am FLAG
i wanna u babes

handsome Sep 17 2012 7:24am FLAG
any girls wanna text (903)-363-3401

Eric Sep 17 2012 10:38am FLAG
Im a gay guy named liam and i wanna get . me at 9544942692

lostmarblesrock!!!!!!!!! Sep 17 2012 5:54pm FLAG
Mmmm lick that sexy . Lick it real good. Oh yes. There it is. Mmm keep on going baby. Mmmm right there. Oh god. I'm going to cum! (Err theres some dirty talk? >.< hahaha)

JustABiGirl Sep 18 2012 5:11pm FLAG
JustABiGirl and everyone else you should stop posting here and go to church. God may still be able to save you.

Heismyworld~Christian4Life Sep 18 2012 5:13pm FLAG
Christian4Life is right God can save your soul! Just find a church and confess your sins! Theres still time if you go now!

ChrstnGrl Sep 18 2012 5:14pm FLAG
Oooh you would abandon all your beliefs if you spent a night with me ;) I can make the straightest girl queer and the most Christian girl beg for more! Goodluck saving your souls! xoxo

JustABiGirl Sep 18 2012 5:15pm FLAG
How I get .. ? ;) I take a long hot shower whilst taking special care to lube my ass, c*nt & cl*t as I push a finger in and out of my shaved ed.. You just have to use your imagination, my boyfriend loves walking in on me playing with myself - you just have to work out what's good and what's not & it does of course always help to have someone to 'help each other out?' afterall? ;)

Layla Sep 18 2012 5:24pm FLAG
girl just looking for fun! email ;)

sexibby Sep 19 2012 1:26am FLAG
I wanna someone so hard. I wanna know how to have an organism ? Bi girl feel free to give me some tips(;

Sexy B*tch Sep 19 2012 4:15pm FLAG
Free to make me on here

Pooplogs Sep 24 2012 12:26pm FLAG

Anonymous Sep 25 2012 9:36am FLAG
Ima probably make some 1 wet or

hoe 21 Sep 26 2012 6:18pm FLAG
I wanna eat one of ur gurls Vaginas or I wanna hump a boy or better not I want them to hump me hard I just want him to make me scream a lot nd I want it to hurt I want him to start slow then start getting faster till her gets really now ;)

hoe 21 Sep 26 2012 6:22pm FLAG
heyy try using mobile vibrator and rub ur gg spot back n forth

gal Sep 27 2012 1:11am FLAG
I want a bug jucy c*ck in me me hard and fast?;)

sexual bitch Sep 27 2012 8:05am FLAG
Mmm I'm super horney mmm wow I want one of u girls to take your fingers and finger me. Slowly and then i take ur hand and mak it go faster and harder ahhh I'm laying in bed waiting for some one to talk dirtyyyyy uhhh finger me mmm we can hump are pusyz together

horney girl Sep 27 2012 3:44pm FLAG
I'm so ...

Horny slut will you hard Sep 28 2012 11:10pm FLAG
omg im so who wants to on here

bisexual bish Sep 29 2012 3:01pm FLAG
kik me im a guy who wants to kake chicks

Thatsexyguy Sep 30 2012 9:41am FLAG
thatsexyguy. Is my kik

Thatsexyguy. Sep 30 2012 9:42am FLAG
Someone give me there number I want to get and wet

Anonymous Oct 02 2012 5:07pm FLAG
Heyyy im a girl n im n gettin rlly me hard cuz im rlly fckn HORNY!

do me hard Oct 03 2012 5:17pm FLAG
heyy im still kinda but nobody wants to send me an e-mail i rlly wanna get wet tell me something that will make me

do me hard Oct 03 2012 6:39pm FLAG
Where's your cl•t I can't find it

Awesone Oct 03 2012 8:46pm FLAG
im shure if u research in on google youll find out!! ;P

do me hard Oct 04 2012 2:53pm FLAG
Seat down ***** in front of a mirror and wide ur legs open at the top most part of ur vagina opening u will c a small lump d size of a small penis dat is ur cl*t wen u touch it u will feel some kind of sweet sensation

Singleserial Oct 06 2012 8:16am FLAG
i know how to make someone really , im a girl, yrs old. email me at

lickmyxoxo Oct 09 2012 8:20am FLAG
need some one to maje me plez i am a girl not bi

mm Oct 09 2012 2:46pm FLAG
Mm do u have email or kik? I'm too and guy

That guy Oct 10 2012 6:03pm FLAG

mm Oct 10 2012 6:45pm FLAG
that guy wat is ur name

mm Oct 10 2012 6:49pm FLAG
I want some or d*ck right now

Bi gurl Oct 13 2012 11:48am FLAG
I'm really I'm a bi girl :) someone email me ;)

Sukiserra Oct 13 2012 7:01pm FLAG

me now Oct 13 2012 7:32pm FLAG
Omg are u guy insane I'm seeing ,,yrs old kids talking about sex and get me this is discusting please kids go do ur homework or play outside what has this world become so disappointed do u guys kno someone could rape u guys I wished the best for u poor kids ur missin out in being a kid ur going to regret it u have enough time for sex And stuff like this give ur selfs time hope u guys don't end up being prostutes or worse sex slaves do u guy even think of what kind of danger u guys are put it self In

Changealittle Oct 13 2012 10:36pm FLAG
Mmmmm you guys make me so y f va

wety Oct 14 2012 12:27pm FLAG

you are a fag Oct 14 2012 4:58pm FLAG
im and want to ell me ur number im bi

boobs Oct 14 2012 7:16pm FLAG

Oct 14 2012 7:22pm FLAG

Come me Oct 15 2012 11:01am FLAG
I'm feeling really right now

Come me Oct 15 2012 11:02am FLAG
anyone want to go on webcam and you can see my boobs

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Can anyone make me wet? Here's a description of me, I'm short, turning in July, I have DD cups (not lying, I've got bigger ones than my mom) I have dark brown hair and I guess that's all I'll say. I'm straight so guys please!

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Anyone here that can make me wet and moan for you right now? I can try to return the favor. (guys plz, but I am sort of bi so girls to I guess) I'll come back if no one answers.

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Anonymous, are you a girl or a boy and how old are you? I'm turning soon in july.

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I see how it is... Lol jk. Bbl (be back later) email me tho! Make it naughty, dirty, and sexy plz.;)

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I want to give you my number Anonymous... But I feel like I'll get in trouble if my parents see what I'm doing... Unless... if you just text me at night, they won't notice. I really want to talk to you right now I am so turned on. And hey are you lying to me Anonymous? You said you were a girl in one comment and a boy in the next. It's really okay if your a girl. I'm fine with that. ;)

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If anyone wants to talk dirty I'm here.

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Hey ... I'm a guy with abs and I can make you wet.

Max Jun 09 2013 7:05pm FLAG
Will someone. make meh wet here

af Jun 09 2013 7:12pm FLAG
Oh really? Go ahead and try. Btw you sound hot.

... Jun 09 2013 7:14pm FLAG
af are you a girl or a boy and how old are you?

... Jun 09 2013 7:15pm FLAG
You sound hot to with those DD cups and I think short girls are cute.

Max Jun 09 2013 7:18pm FLAG
Lol, yeah? Well I hate being short because I can never see over things and if I ever get a bf in my life I won't be able to kiss him cause I'm so short.

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Well, if I was your bf I would pick you up and put you on my sholders so you could see over things. And... for the next problem I would pick you up and let you either rap your legs around me or you could make me lean down to kiss you or you could tackle me and kiss me I don't care what ever you want. Btw I would give you a lot of tongue action.;)

Max Jun 09 2013 7:27pm FLAG
Wow, you sound so sweet. That's the kind of guy I'm looking for. And that last part sounds so nice, I've never been kissed before so I really want to get kissed! (I know weird right?) I really want you here now (even though I like just met you but your so sweet I want you)

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Thanks, ur sweet to. I would totally french kiss you right now but I'm not there... And it's not weird, you don't have to get kissed really young. If that ever happens to anyone, it probably is .y because you don't even like the person ur kissing that much if ur like . You want you first kiss to be passionate, and sweet so you remember it.

Max Jun 09 2013 7:39pm FLAG
Mmm I wish you were here so you could. Was that word sopposed to be shi**? And I totally agree, I feel better now about the whole kissing thing. And that last sentence is so sexy and your making me want you more.

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Gentleman always catch my eye. They are the real sexy ones not those di..cks that treat girls like sh** and use them for sex. I just wish there were more of you because then there would be less men that are di..cks in the world.

... Jun 09 2013 7:48pm FLAG
Srry I have to go. It was nice talking to you.

Max Jun 09 2013 7:50pm FLAG
It's okay. It was nice talking to you to. :D You made me wet, just so you know.

... Jun 09 2013 7:52pm FLAG
Hmm is that so? Well that's good. Wish I was there so I could do all sorts of nasty things to you.

Max Jun 09 2013 7:54pm FLAG
Mmm that sounds so good. Do you have to go?

... Jun 09 2013 7:55pm FLAG
Not anymore ;) Want me to make you horney?

Max Jun 09 2013 7:56pm FLAG

... Jun 09 2013 7:57pm FLAG
Ok, do you want me to roleplay?

Max Jun 09 2013 7:58pm FLAG
OK!! I'll start it. Your a dirty officer who sees me wearing a black mini skirt in a tight tank with no bra on and red high heels walking down the street. My DD cup bounce every step I take.

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I walk right behind you and cup one of my hands on your as.s and one on your boo.b, forcing your body to go against mine. I hear a soft moan come from you and I smile. I say ″Your coming with me, you have been a very bad girl.″

Max Jun 09 2013 8:09pm FLAG
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Max Jun 09 2013 8:19pm FLAG
Sorry I'm sending this late btw im a gir

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I slide my shirt off and you stare at my muscular chest. You rub your hands all over it and bring you hands back to my face, you kiss me for a long time. I attempt to take your skirt off but you wouldn't let me. You say ″only pants, I don't have a condom.″

Max Jun 09 2013 8:32pm FLAG
″Ok″ you say, and you throw me on the bed. I laugh and get ready. You start to go on top of me but then I say I want to be on top. You say ″whatever you say″ and I plop on top of you. My are squashed on your chest. You take one in your mouth and such it until it gets hard, you do the same with the other. You then rub my va.g through my skirt to make me wet and find that I don't don't have any underware on. You smile.

... Jun 09 2013 8:41pm FLAG
Hey, this is getting really hot but I'm tired so good night. I'll try to be back tomorrow.

... Jun 09 2013 8:43pm FLAG
Ok. Good night.

Max Jun 09 2013 8:44pm FLAG
Is. anyone still here

bad girl Jun 09 2013 8:45pm FLAG
can i have ur number bad girl

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no. but u can text me at 6-322-0193

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Anonymous Jun 11 2013 3:56pm FLAG
Yes, sorry for late reply

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