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Can any one help me so I can my step mom

The Problem: Ok so my Step mom is incredibly hot and she is only 30 and I am (almost ) and I really want to have sex with her basically me and my dad go down there on the weekends and I sleep in the living room on the couch (he sleeps with her) ive talk to her and she sorta makes sex comments with me I've also told her that I want this "cake" for my birth day (one were a stripper pops out) jokingly. she use to (like a month ago) playfully westle with me or now she will try to (playfully not trying to hurt me) kick me or hit my crotch sometimes I comment her on her body (I once saw her breast but she had pants on and she was completely topless) once she tried to show me how fat she was (she is really not) and I told her she had a nice hour glass figure I have never (of what I can remember right now) slapped her ass or touched boobs or cl*t ( oh and I should add she has 2 kids (girls) anyways on night I had a dream about me and her having sex I really want to make that dream a reality and hopefully have a (fwb) frend with benifits/ "sex buddy" please respond I would be very thankful Thanks, Kyle

Asked by: Kyle2011kicks at 05:12:47 PM, Sunday, July 24, 2011 PDT FLAG


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PureHonesty Jul 25 2011 1:32am FLAG

Don't go after stepmom. If you get her your dad will be really pissed. Instead her two daughters. After you get them both let her and dad catch you so you can have a family orgy.

Bobby Jul 25 2011 5:17am FLAG
Just watch ***. . . You are too young for sex. . . *** will prepare your mind.

ZAK Jul 25 2011 7:35pm FLAG
Make sure your dad is at work. You go up to ur mom and say" mom I saw you flirting with that guy the other day" even if she didn't and she should say different but you say that you know that she did it and that ur going to tell dad. She should try and stop you. You say that there is only one way to make my not tell. She says what. You start to unbutton ur pants and say something like "what do you think" and pull down ur pants. She says no I'm not doing that. Then you say that ur going to tell dad. So then she hecks you. You say of you tell dad we did this then I'll tell dad you flirted with another guy. This worked with my mom hope it works

Anonymous Jul 31 2011 1:11pm FLAG
Nice thinking,those guys are very lucky who get the chance to her,but i did not get any chance,one day my excitation get its extreme point...and i rape her..later on i apologize,she agreed.u do the same

Bedanta Aug 10 2011 10:18pm FLAG
Try to be a good mothering me.

Bedanta Aug 10 2011 10:22pm FLAG
I wanna heck my stepmom help

Urgh May 25 2012 8:27pm FLAG
Just play with her vagina

Unknown Aug 07 2012 9:49pm FLAG
Make sure no one is home but u to. Get a hard on if shes laying down on the couch even better whip it out and ask here is she will help. It worked with mind and we and it was amazing. I never spunked so hard in a girls mouth.

bigd*ck Aug 25 2012 9:45am FLAG
When your dad is gone for work and your step mom is still sleeping crawl into bed with her wake her up and talk to her tell her that u have feelings about her start kissin and go on I'm going to do the same

Haoooooooooooon Aug 29 2012 8:24pm FLAG

Anonymous Sep 05 2012 1:51pm FLAG
Some one help me find a way to ing her a cubble days ago some one got mad and punched a whole in my bath romm door its really small so today she was takeing a bath and it was just me and her home and i walked past the bath room and i look through the crack and i saw her nice round ass and i seen her boobs she is 31 and i am help me

unknown Sep 11 2012 6:09pm FLAG
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prophet dudu Sep 12 2012 2:07pm FLAG
Tell me how it went I also won't to my stepmom and she has 3 young childern and I'm *(

won'ttofucstepmom Oct 19 2012 7:30pm FLAG
i wnt to text her and tell her i want to

Anonymous Oct 29 2012 7:50am FLAG
walk up to her and go mum all my friends are having wanks and can you help me and show me how to do it then work your way up touch her up when shes showing u then her

Anonymous Nov 01 2012 6:37am FLAG
tie her up and touch her till she wants u

lll Nov 05 2012 1:25pm FLAG
im home alone with my sis and step mom i realy whant to my step mom sigustions?

jake Nov 06 2012 6:32pm FLAG
My stepmom and stepsister both are ugly, but have nice asses and I wanna them so bad.

er Nov 20 2012 7:22pm FLAG
Just say hey i feel so bad let her say why then say u are so damn hot and i cant find no one i have sexual needs and i want to fullfill them then say could we have sex i wont tell dad

Unknown Nov 24 2012 11:51am FLAG
I am I live with my mom in las Vegas and visit my dad and step mom. my step mom is 43 and I really want to get at her, she is catholic and has 2 kids, one is 25 and the other is 26 can someone please help

dusty105 Nov 24 2012 3:37pm FLAG
My step mom is 29 my dad is 39 I'm and I really wanna heck her but don't know how she i blonde nice ass her bra size is 44 DD what should I do

Plzzzz help Nov 25 2012 9:21pm FLAG
You suck you mother er

Yu Dec 17 2012 2:22pm FLAG

Yu Dec 17 2012 2:22pm FLAG

Yu Dec 17 2012 2:23pm FLAG
Have no ideas but would just like to share I'm 21 and my stepmom is 42 she is real nice looking and big ass well one day I had took my laundry over and she washed dried and folded and put back in my tote with a top on it then when I got home I noticed her panties on top of all my cloths I knew it could not be accidental so I really thought about it and called her later that evening and talked to her I told her I got your underwear laughing she played if she didn't know what I was talking about I said your panties you put them with my cloths I will return them to you she said no keep them so I told her I will bring them back besides I would like to see you in them anyways so she hung up on me the next day I come over my dad was gone out of town and I walked I'm her room and handed them to her as she was taking them I gripped them a little harder and pulled her closer to me and grabbed her ass and waist and started kissing on her neck she acted if she was trying to fight it until all o f a sudden she reached down and and grabbed my rock hard d*ck than she said ok son hold up ima show how momma ed out by my stepmom now times are really great

AwesomeStepMoms Dec 24 2012 5:18am FLAG
My plan would be for you to put her in an embarracing situation, like noisely entering her bedroom when she's downstairs, knowing that she heard you and will hopefully come up to investigate ? Anyway, open her knicker/ nylon draw, grap a pair of thongs/panties/tights (or wot ever), have your back to the door, trousers down at your ankles, erect c*ck in hand and vigouracely wank yourself stupid whilst sniffing at her underwear !!! Wits the bets she won't disturb u and will probably watch till you Finnish the task and too embaraced to mention it to your dad and you also ? But u know in the back of her mind, she has memories of you wanking and you know too, therefore can't get anymore easier to just grab your c*ck and wank over her knickers regulary, therefore, won't have the energy or time to try ing her ?

Hardcok4u2suk Jan 01 2013 11:40am FLAG
The best thang to do is get your step mom drunk but just because she drunk don't.mean you try anythang just yet first you need to kinda play with her after that start with tickling her then give here I kiss make your have a hold of her leg nice and ferm to show her your takeing charge of the hole thang wich should also turn her on then kiss her again and lay her on the bed and pull her hair a little bit honor to hard but I will make her go coo coo for your c*ck then you get to

popimp Jan 01 2013 2:41pm FLAG
my step mom is hot and and wants sex

leviissingle Jan 07 2013 1:59pm FLAG
I just had 2 wet dreams of my stepmom about 10 hours ago and cant get her off my mind cant stop thinking of me slowly sticking my c*ck in her . Gonna try soon hopefully works. P.S. Im shes 34.

wowwishiwasyou Jan 09 2013 12:34pm FLAG
I'm and my step mom is 39 she is her any help here thanks

iwantmystepmom Jan 13 2013 10:54pm FLAG
Just do wat I did. Wen she is walkin in d door knock her out , blindfold her and tie her up and rape her.

larry murphy Jan 16 2013 3:38pm FLAG
This makes me so all your c" cks

u Jan 16 2013 7:29pm FLAG
Just a good plan plz I'm in she 39

Anonymous Jan 19 2013 4:41pm FLAG
Mine too shes 32 I'm ive seen her boobs and Pusey through a hole in the bottom of our bathroom door SHES SO SEXY

ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhyeeeaahhh Jan 28 2013 2:04pm FLAG
Let her catch you masturbating when nobody's home make sure your not watching *** this is a turnoff leave your door cracked about an inch and just go she will eventually get curious of the sounds and open your door then you make total eye contact and say o I'm sorry don't tell my dad then aproch her while at the same time begging her not to tell your father try to maintain a Bonner the whole time then tell her that you think that she is the beautiful woman you've ever seen then say that you've wanted her for a long long time that worked for me give it a shot

AK47 Jan 31 2013 5:03pm FLAG
wait till dad goes to work go in there room and then make some noise till she cums up stairs and wank in her panties and say her name and then look at her and smile

BIG JERKOFF Feb 06 2013 5:49pm FLAG
hand cuff her to her bed and cum on her face

cum master Feb 06 2013 5:51pm FLAG

dirty***star Feb 06 2013 5:55pm FLAG
call her and wank and say her name when you wanking turns her on

I LIKE EATING Feb 06 2013 5:58pm FLAG

ano Feb 10 2013 2:21pm FLAG
i wana her so hard and play w her big tits

big division 1 Feb 13 2013 3:37pm FLAG

oi Feb 13 2013 3:38pm FLAG
Ok so my step mom has a really nice ass and tits.. I know that because I've actually seen her ***** so many times when she showers. Sometimes when we're alone in the house I try to walk around with an Boner to give her a discreet signal.sometimes she was bends over in front of me and I've tried to grab her ass and then tell her that was an accident to se her reaction but idk I'm about to be 19 and she's like 34 but I can't resist.. I'm planning to because just put her to sleep and just cum on her face and her body to marturbate because I'm not sure I want to actually duck her because that would really hurt my consciousness

Uri Feb 15 2013 1:03am FLAG
i ed her for over an hour. she came 6 times.

9 inch c*ck Feb 17 2013 4:22am FLAG
Put liquid meds that make u sleep in her drink wait for a few minutes while she sleeping and do what u want

Joajxjxns Feb 18 2013 9:57am FLAG
After my dad cumed,he was called 4 night shift @ work and my step mom wasn't satisfied...I heard her complaing 2 my dad by da way. So when dad left I went into their bedroom ***** and found her *****,with my LONG penus I turned her on,then I ed her till the morning...

annonymous Feb 20 2013 3:39pm FLAG
Just straight up her then say shhh dont tell dad ;)

inch c*ckk Feb 26 2013 10:20pm FLAG
I want to have sex with my step mom so bad. One night my dad went out with some friends and my step mom went to bed at 9. So I went in the room she was sleep I was so happy and then I got my phone and made videos of her sleep. So can some one help me have sex with her, oh and I'm and she's 30. Also she's a light sleeper.

Alhsbxhss Mar 13 2013 7:27pm FLAG
I'm and my step mums 45, yes I hvae had sex with her twice. What I did was, laying on my bed ***** having a wank, she walked in and said what are you doing!? I replied, well I haven't had sex in a while so I thought I'd have a wank,she walked over too me and started tossing me off, then she took all her clothes off and said you want sex you only have to ask, then she got on top of me and ed me, never cummed so much in my life!

heidfb Mar 17 2013 2:54am FLAG
when she asleep gentely pull her panties off and stck it in her cuch or butt softly duhh that i did im

Pu$$y licker (0) Mar 17 2013 10:40pm FLAG
i also your mom

Anonymous Mar 25 2013 12:49pm FLAG
Tell her that your friends did it and now u want too I guess I'm and want to f*** my step mom too.

in. Mar 26 2013 1:56pm FLAG
Dude I need help Im and need to bang my step mom she has huge tits and a allright ass but her and my dad fight alot so what should I do????

Zac Mar 31 2013 8:44pm FLAG
I also want to my stepmom so bad! My d*ck gets sore when I see her...

anonamus Apr 07 2013 1:59pm FLAG
I'm my Stepmom moved out but I need to heck her she got a huge ass and tits please help and fast

SOS Apr 11 2013 7:28pm FLAG
I really wanna my own mom shes 35 im what should i dont want her to freak out and turn on wise i wanna cum in her.

Anonymous Apr 16 2013 2:03am FLAG
My stepmother is short and plump with a nice set of tits that I would love to kiss and play with. would love to stick my hard c*ck in her and

stepmummylover Apr 22 2013 4:49am FLAG
My mom last night keep beging me to sleep with her cause the beds bettere than the couch and my dad wont her any more so what do i do i know thata she wants me but dont know how to tell her i want her.

Mystepsbigjuggs Apr 29 2013 5:58pm FLAG
I also wanna my stepmom, when's she out I sniff and wank over the knickers

Jon May 02 2013 2:45pm FLAG
Please help me a brother out. I'm 21, stepmom is ~41. She lives with my father and 3 siblings whom I visit from where I live. Our relationship is awkward because we fought a lot. Big lately we've been cool and I've been fantasizing ing her brains out, in the shower, in the kitchen, everywhere. But if I approach her and fail...that'll ruin my whole life. What's a safe way to figure out if she's down to have sex with me or not?

AverageJoe May 03 2013 7:56pm FLAG
Yes! Just had a boner infront of my stepmom and she noticed and said "we're gonna take this up to the bedroom" we're gonna in 10 minutes

James May 05 2013 11:53am FLAG
Today my stepmom had black leather leggings on and I was wanking over them and she caught me, we then ed for 2 hours

Billy May 05 2013 3:23pm FLAG
I want my stepmother very bad I'm planing 2 jyst ask her or show my d*ck 2 her but don't know if it wil work

Anonymous May 06 2013 7:20am FLAG
Plz help me

Anonymous May 06 2013 7:21am FLAG
I want my step mom so bad, she was wearing black leggings and bent over infront off me and I could see her knocker outline also when she's out I get her bra and knickers and wank over them, how can I get her? Help!

Ryan May 06 2013 2:22pm FLAG
I realy want my stepmother wen my dad is at work how can I get her to have sex with me plz plz plz plz help

Anonymous May 07 2013 5:01am FLAG
Right dad is going on a course tomorrow for 2 days, leaving me and my stepmom alone, I'm gonna make my move tomorrow!

Ryan May 07 2013 2:22pm FLAG
give her sleeping pills instead of medicin then you have the sex and grab the awsome ass

dur May 07 2013 10:37pm FLAG
Right so I made a move by saying I think about her a lot, she said to me wait downstairs I waited and she came down in a leather catsuit and started giving me a blow job we went upstairs and had sex, we're having more tomorrow, keep you updated!

Ryan May 09 2013 2:21pm FLAG
Today she was out and I was wanking over the catsuit she had worn last night, she came in later and we ed for about 3 hours, dads back tomorrow

Ryan May 10 2013 5:18pm FLAG
So dads back now and me and my stepmom are sending each other messages we pretended to go shopping but really we had sex in the car, can't let dad know about this!

Anonymous May 12 2013 2:43pm FLAG
My stepmum looks exactly like Kat from eastenders and had big tits and wear big sexy chubby legs and wears them tight dresses like she does, anyway I was having a wank over her bra and knickers when she came in and spotted me, she started tossing me off, she said she's gonna me, shall I do it or not?

Bradley May 12 2013 2:53pm FLAG
So my mate fancies my 'Kat moon' lookalike stepmom, he came round mine last night and he said he needed to go to the toilet he was up there for minutes then I went up I looked trough the window at the top and he was sucked off by my stepmom he had his hands on her arse pushing her closer i instantly got a boner and watched for another 10 mins and after she said to him "don't tell brad about this" he replied "I won't"

Bradley May 18 2013 4:07pm FLAG
So last night I went into her bedroom and she denied she sucked him off I then quickly got her arms and legs and tied her to the bed posts, she was saying "Bradley what are you doing" I got some duck tape and covered her mouth with it then I thought about what I was gonna do an started to kick her out

Bradley May 18 2013 4:11pm FLAG
So last night we slept together and when we woke up this morning she slapped me for sleeping with her, we then argued about it and it ended up with me picking her up and leaning her against the wall snogging her she then said she's gonna tell my dad about it if I don't have sex with her I'm stuck in 2 minds

Bradley May 19 2013 3:05pm FLAG
Okay so at first I wasn't going to have sex with her but then she walked in with a really tight dress on and some sexy makeup and said "are we doing this then" I replied "no" she then said "oh guess I'm gonna have to tell you dad you tried to rape me then" she laughed I said "no wait I'll meet you upstairs"

Brad May 20 2013 2:42pm FLAG
I went up 5 minutes later with just my boxers on and she was wearing some blue knickers and bra she spat on my c*ck and started to suck it (it felt so good) after that I started to bang her up the arse by the end we were both sweating and both fell asleep

Brad May 20 2013 2:46pm FLAG
Didn't go to school today as she woke me up dressed In a sexy catsuit we've ed since and she's gone to Anne summers to get a dildo and some new knickers and bra while I'm going tescos to get more condoms

Brad May 21 2013 9:45am FLAG
Came home and found some romantic music playing and some candles waited downstairs and she came down in a uniform, she slowly got out my d*ck and started to suck it she said to me "tomorrow I want you and your mate" i nodded my head and said "his very keen to you and so am I again" I stripped her ***** and banged her

Brad May 21 2013 2:41pm FLAG
not been to school for the last 10 days but yesterday i invited my mate round and we was sitting there and she came in wearing some leggings and a bra she signalled for us to follow her and we then both ed her for hours with her sucking my mates c*ck while i was banging her and swapping around

Brad May 31 2013 4:58am FLAG
she said she needed to go out to get some toys, waiting for her now

Anonymous May 31 2013 4:59am FLAG
Just got some more condoms to find out my dad is coming back later, anyway earlier I was sucking her tits in the shower and leant her over the bath to bang her hopefully dad doesn't find out about this

Brad May 31 2013 10:03am FLAG
Dads back now and her and him are snogging all over the place, I want her so bad, might need to show dad she's mine...

Brad May 31 2013 12:33pm FLAG
So me and her have came up with a plan, tie him up and watch us each other, gonna do it tonight

Brad May 31 2013 12:34pm FLAG
Ok so I'm and my stepmom is 26 she have send me pict and everyting but idk if I could her sooooo badly what u think should I?

Anonymous May 31 2013 8:46pm FLAG
Ok so I'm and my stepmom is 26 she have send me pict and everyting but idk if I could her sooooo badly what u think should I?

Christian May 31 2013 8:46pm FLAG
Okay I'm and stepmom is 29 I was home alone earlier and she knocked on the door, I answered it and she was wearing some sexy leather trousers and a shirt she said she just popped round to see how I was doing next thing I know she's undoing my trousers zip and tossing me off I had my hand on her arse while she was doing this, what shall I do now?

Anonymous Jun 01 2013 7:42am FLAG
Okay so managed to tie dad up to a chair with rope and duck tape I said "let me introduce you to someone" than she came in wearing stockings and a bra I got her and we were ing right infront of dad than she slapped my dad saying "we've been having this affair for a month you thick bastard" I than started to lick her out now we're going to a hotel to get away from him

Brad Jun 01 2013 8:49am FLAG
In the hotel room now and I've got a condom out and ready for business once more, tell you about it soon

Anonymous Jun 01 2013 8:51am FLAG
I'm and want to have sex with my step mom to. She's the same height as me and big ass good tits. Help!

A Jun 01 2013 3:47pm FLAG
So we had sex all night last night and earlier I said "what we gonna do about dad" she replied "dunno might just leave him" I than said to her "I love you so much stepmom" she said "mmmmm want some more c*ck" I got my c*ck out and she started to suck it she said "I want 3 at once" I replied "what about the servants in this hotel and mine" she replied "yeah let's do it

Anonymous Jun 02 2013 6:42am FLAG
So we called down to reception and 2 males came up when they came in me and her were snogging and she said "come join in lads" they instantly got their c*cks out and started wanking she went over to suck them off and we had a orgy for half an hour they than went back downstairs to carry on working

Brad Jun 03 2013 2:32pm FLAG
If ur step mom master bates walk in on her

Anonymous Jun 03 2013 4:25pm FLAG
i whan to have sex so bad

5555 Jun 04 2013 9:26pm FLAG
No advice but I wanna a really hot girl dose any one no someone that would be down I live in Fort Worth tx

J Jun 05 2013 2:10pm FLAG
Tell me how it goes I kinda wanna bang my stepmom too!

J4ke Jun 12 2013 1:02pm FLAG
Last night we went to a fancy dress party and my stepmum went dressed as catwoman (she was wearing a latex catsuit) when we got back I started to touch her arse she then turned around and said "what are you doing" I went straight upstairs and went asleep what should I do? Btw I'm and she's 29

Anonymous Jun 15 2013 8:29am FLAG
The next morning she came in my room and said "what we're you doing last night" I replies "I just wanted to feel your arse" She replied "why? Your my stepson your not supposed to be" I replied "it just looked so nice" she said "we'll don't do it again"' I think I've upset her

Anonymous Jun 16 2013 1:00pm FLAG
That night we were eating dinner and I said " I enjoyed that party last night" she said "so did I, who do you think looked the best" I went red and said "you I loved your coustume" she went upstairs and 5 mins later came down in her catsuit, I instantly got a boner "I like this aswell" she said, I said "please let me kiss you" she replies "no when your older maybe I will let you me" but I had got my c*ck out and signalled her to come forward she came and got it and said "your sneaky bastard" and started to toss it off it was the best feeling in the world

Anonymous Jun 16 2013 2:57pm FLAG
Help im and my stepmom has a nice big arse and i wanna her so bad wat shud i do she calls me sweetie all the time and i have her phone# i dont think she wants s*x someone help me plz!!!!!!!!

chris Jun 16 2013 5:59pm FLAG
I just ed my stepmom last night. My dad was working late so it was just me and her. She baited me into her room by saying she needed help doing something. When I got in she locked the door (it was a key lock door) and put the key in her combination lock chest. She then undressed so I did to. It was so awesome. Her boobs are huge. Her ass and arse were perfect. I wish the night could have lasted forever. My dad had to stay in town at a hotel because it started to storm all night and he wouldn't get home till tomorrow afternoon so me and my stepmom did it all night. We even slept together. She's 35 and amazing bod (bet you were me) and I'm . Surprised aren't you. I'm not making it up. Need help to figure out how to do this all the time. Any ideas how to keep my dad away just long enough for some fun.

Thelukiestguy Jun 18 2013 11:23pm FLAG
Tonight I had my friend over, also , and he was surprised I got to do this. My dad actually had to travel to OK for a week so I get to have so much fun. We had gone to my stepmom's room again. My friend had never done this before so it was funny watching him. She was sucking friends c*ck while I banged her. I had banged her so hard tonight. This was a memorable night. My friend fell asleep first so we went to another room and banged it some more. She gave me her phone# so I could always see her. We ended falling asleep with my c*ck in her arse. It felt so good all night. If only it could last forever. Just so you know what boobs feel like, they feel amazing, like balloons filled with water or flour but not as rubbery. And for my c*ck it felt like, can't really explain, it just feels like it is.

Thelukiestguy Jun 18 2013 11:38pm FLAG
Today my older sister, she is , had come over for a night. I guess my stepmom told her about last night because when I went into her room both were undressed and looking at me. I was about to run but I then thought they were going to me and I was right. My sister is blonde with an even more amazing bod then my stepmom. Not as much boob but still perfect. Her boobs were awesome. Can't tell much because we just started and they needed to get something from the kitchen so I'll tell the rest later.

Thelukiestguy Jun 19 2013 4:00pm FLAG
I am why my step mom is 25she has a baby for my dad how can I her????

22d*ck Jun 22 2013 10:41pm FLAG
Hi i want to have sex with my mom, im she is 50 (but looks like a 30Yr old) i recently saw my mom ***** when she was asleep and i could never get the image out of my head and now im obsessed with her without her waking up?

anon Jun 23 2013 11:12am FLAG
how to i thing her without her waking up ^^^

anon Jun 23 2013 11:13am FLAG
i have used my finger and liked her balloons but when i lik her pung she wakes up and when i try removing here cloths she wakes up, need help

anon ^^^ Jun 23 2013 11:14am FLAG
After she tossed me off she looked at me and said "what am I doing? Tossing off my stepson in a catsuit?" She then whispered in my ear "don't you dare tell your dad about this, I'm never doing anything with you again!" And went to bed

Anonymous Jun 23 2013 2:41pm FLAG
The next couple of days we didn't speak until about 5 days later my dad had gone to work and it was just me and her. She was on the laptop and needed help with something, I helped her and I whispered in her ear "lets go upstairs" she said "your so sneaky" we went upstairs in her room and and she said wait here. 10 mins later she came in wearing stockings bra and knickers I was lying on the bed admiring her then she started to toss me off once more, I said "suck it" she put her mouth around it and was sucking it, I put my hands on her head while she was gagging

Anonymous Jun 23 2013 2:53pm FLAG
After she said "I can't believe I'm doing this, I'm going over to see my mate I'm going to be late" I said "bring your friend over here and we could have some fun" my stepmom rang her friend and asked her to wear something sexy. When she got here she was wearing leggings with boots and a short shirt my stepmom said to her "meet my stepson" I shook her hand and my stepmom said "his and your gonna be having sex with him"

Anonymous Jun 24 2013 2:41pm FLAG
My stepmom waited downstairs while upstairs we were both stripping I got my c*ck out and she spat on it and was wanking it "so what's your name" she said while rubbing it "George you?" "Leanne" I got a condom out and put it on my c*ck then slowly I put my c*ck into her vaj she said "ohhh yeahhh" I got faster and faster with her screaming and me shouting

Anonymous Jun 24 2013 2:44pm FLAG
i want to my stepmom. she's 44 and Im . just the other day she was walking around in her panties and a sexy shirt. i kinda had a hard on. she was in the kitchen and i rubbed her ass. she looked at me and said nothing. how do i tell how i feel and how do i at lease get my d*ck sucked? help please

viper Jun 26 2013 11:18pm FLAG
Me and Leanne were banging for minutes, I gave her 10 pound and then she went

Anonymous Jun 28 2013 4:38pm FLAG
After Leanne went I went down to my stepmom and stripped her, she started sucking my c*ck and then we had dinner

Anonymous Jun 29 2013 9:12am FLAG
The next day I woke up and went on my stepmoms phone I got Leanne's number and text her saying "meet me today in town" I told my stepmom I was going to see my mates and I met Leanne, she was wearing a short skirt with boots, we went back to hers and she stripped for me, I got her worn knickers and started to wank over them then we banged

Anonymous Jun 29 2013 9:15am FLAG
Well my Dad is always having me over on weekends to work in his garden, and my stepmom is always there, sometimes she even helps out even though she can't do it and i always end up finishing it. Anyway i'm nearly 19 and she is 36 and god I want to take her on her bed and tear into her, and not that it would be a problem for me but I know for a fact that my Dad can't do to her and she would only be pleasuring herself. Just makes me think how cruel this world is sometimes aha.

9 Inch Hulk Jun 29 2013 2:27pm FLAG
I'm and my step mom 26 how do tell her I'm sexualy atracted to her

Don't Hate 305 Jun 30 2013 7:00pm FLAG
just go to her when she's sleeping climb in bed with her wake her up rub her vagina pull it out let her feel it pull off her clothes stick it her vagina and suck on her boobies

unknown Jul 01 2013 3:52pm FLAG
when your dads not around that is

Anonymous Jul 01 2013 3:53pm FLAG
Help!! Step mom is 36 I'm .. Dads a buthole most of the time 2 her, just got back from family reunion. When we came back they started fighting.. They r mad at each other right now.. She gives very very small clues, thy I can tell help I want her sooo bad.. :/

Dumoney Jul 01 2013 8:24pm FLAG
My stepmom always washes my face after football ( I dunno why also I'm ) she always stand on her toes and her tits touch my face its the greatest feel ever I wanna bang her so bad. My dad always work late but I also have a stepsister how should I ask my step mom to bang be she is 39 and is f***ing gorgeous

Someguy Jul 07 2013 12:22am FLAG
This is nasty you d*ck heads go get a girlfreind you sickos

The only sane person here Jul 09 2013 11:17pm FLAG
I am and my mom is 31 i have a bother and sister and my dad is still married to her and i just wanna f#%k her, any suggestions?

You know who i am Jul 13 2013 9:53pm FLAG
i know how u feel brother I am Morgan I am I have a step mom she's so f$$king hot when I was 8 she let me suck on her titty`s when my dad wasn't around then she grabed my d*ck felt it and then puled her vagina out and told me to lick it so I did so what I am saying is weight until ur dads not around tell her we need to talk in private go in her room start telling her how u feel start to rub her kiss her and then take her hand and put it on u d**k and then let go of her hand if she likes she'll keep rubing it grab her shirt & braw pull off and suck on her bobbies pull of ur shirt and pants then pull down hers and then at the same time pull down ur underwear rub her vagina and strt to lick it then climb on top of her shuv ur d*ck in and kiss her then after 4 minutes of doing that roll her over on her back and keep doing it just don't forget to stick it in her ass good luck I wish u well brother

for you know who i am Jul 15 2013 11:48am FLAG
Thanks for the tip i'll try that.

You know who i am Jul 15 2013 1:02pm FLAG
I am and my mom is 32 i want to (you know) but how do i know if she does,any suggestions?

Hunter Jul 15 2013 8:30pm FLAG
Ok so my step mom is 34and I'm turningshe has nice tits and ass I want to fck her sooo bad need help nnnooowww

Bigwig Jul 16 2013 6:10pm FLAG

Bigwig Jul 16 2013 6:11pm FLAG
I want to in help please

jimmykidman Jul 18 2013 10:49am FLAG
I really want to a tenager but I'm

jimmy Jul 18 2013 10:51am FLAG
When she is taking a shower go in the room and stare at her . Then you can just take all your clothes off and she will want to do it!! Trust me it has worked several times for me! Contact me at!

Jul 19 2013 7:24pm FLAG
I have seen her hairy many times too!!!

Jul 19 2013 7:25pm FLAG
I meant !

Jul 19 2013 7:26pm FLAG
I meant p*ussy

Jul 19 2013 7:26pm FLAG
I'm my stepmom is 28 amazing tits nice ass jut don't know how to tell her I want her

Anonymous Jul 23 2013 12:28am FLAG
I ed my syep mom and sis.

john Jul 23 2013 2:14am FLAG
i want to my step mom badly she is 44 and im she has a nice ass and great tits what should i do

masPr Jul 23 2013 6:21pm FLAG
HELP ASAP!!!!' Im and my stepmom is 35 , and lawwwd shes so ing sexy ! I been wanting to hit it since i was like , but the thing is that idk how to make a move .....ANY SUGGESTIONS? Btw:me and my dad used to live with her when i was younger .another thing is tht i have a stepbrother that lives with her and we're about the same age

hunter Jul 27 2013 11:52pm FLAG
I saw my mom ***** I was sleeping in her bed not like having sex just lying next to her and she got up for work and I fake sleeper and I saw her come in the room ***** and I want to do it again but if I do should I hug her then take off my clothes and her or wait

Wantmymom Jul 29 2013 10:29pm FLAG

Wantmymom Jul 29 2013 10:31pm FLAG
I saw my mom ***** I was sleeping in her bed not like having sex just lying next to her and she got up for work and I fake sleeper and I saw her come in the room ***** and I want to do it again but if I do should I hug her then take off my clothes and her or wait

Wantmymom69 Jul 29 2013 10:40pm FLAG
Help. Thelukiestguy or anyone else I'm too and want to you know my step mom she has big tits and a big ass my dad and her are divorced but still are friends and I spent the night once with my friend my sister and her friend. I need inside my step mom. she isn't seeing anybody else and I think she might or might not live with her friend.

sos Aug 01 2013 10:07pm FLAG
Im going to give my stepmom sleeping pills and finger her and play untill she wakes up to me doing it

b Aug 07 2013 12:09am FLAG
While my step mom is sleeping I stay up and grab her HUGE Tits and move the top of her shirt so I can look at them

Anonymous Aug 07 2013 6:38pm FLAG
Soo what happened jake?

Anonymous Aug 08 2013 2:31pm FLAG
I think she killed him

Anonymous Aug 08 2013 2:32pm FLAG
Today dad was at work and me and my stepmom was home alone, I've liked her for 3 years now and today she was wearing some lovely black leggins with a pink thong and a vest, we were watching and she was sitting with her legs stretched out and her bum stretched out it looked so tempting to slap anyway she farted and said to me "come smell this" I was right next to her arse smelling it then I put my nose on her bum I got erect straightaway I slowly started to pull her leggins off and started to run my mouth across her arse

Anonymous Aug 08 2013 3:41pm FLAG
I'm My stepmom is 38 or 39 she is sexy as hell I wanna fuc* her so bad but what should I do to give her a signal? That I want her? Help me!!

Help me please!! Aug 10 2013 2:14am FLAG
Wow u people all got serious mental probs

anthony Aug 17 2013 8:53pm FLAG
Well just tell her you saw her kissing or flurting with another guy even if she didn't she will say stuff that she did not kiss or flurt with another guy. Tell her there is only one way and try to take her top or shirt of so yeah good luck.

Advice guy Aug 18 2013 2:17pm FLAG
im 19 and my stepmom is 27 my dads is away for 2 years because of business so its me and her. one night I walked past her bedroom and their she was legs wide open and dildo in hand. at first I didn't know what to do and then I glanced at her beautiful me more. since that night we sleep together every night and ive got her pregnant but she got an abortiin

anonymus Aug 19 2013 4:59am FLAG
I do not have any advice I am and my stepmom is 40. I want to her and please do leave stupid sugestions or dumb plans.

??? Aug 19 2013 12:41pm FLAG
I want to her til she screams

quarters Aug 19 2013 10:14pm FLAG
I want to have sex wit my step mom and I need help

like a boss Aug 20 2013 8:31pm FLAG
Please help my stepmom is such a fcking mild she's 40 n I am she. Caught me jerking off and I saw her take to really good looks at my c*ck

****z Aug 23 2013 8:46pm FLAG
Ok im and my step mum is 29 and i really want to finger her. i go to my dad evey weekend and he rarely goes out but sometime he will go out to do shopping and it takes a quite long. at that time im with my step mum she is friendly towards me but not flirty or sexual. please give me a way to give her a sign to turn her on so she lets me finger her ( dnt say wank infront of her or tie her up or something stupid) ( oh and she is a bit shy)

the dude Aug 25 2013 8:49am FLAG
I am yrs my step mom is abut 25 she at sleep I want to ? How can I do it?

ajj Aug 26 2013 6:50pm FLAG
You guys are ing mental

Go see a doctor sickos Sep 02 2013 7:35pm FLAG
I'm and I wanna do my step mom so bad but I don't know when is the right time because I wasnt raised a nudist please help

Cool kid Sep 02 2013 9:18pm FLAG
I also want to my mom plz give any advice at my no. 03362258249

Saim Sep 06 2013 4:35am FLAG
Wtf is wrong with all of you

Anonymous Sep 08 2013 7:44am FLAG
fake question fake answers,, rascala

Anonymous Sep 11 2013 12:18pm FLAG
my step mom is 29 and i am last nite she told me to try on underware she got me on front of her son when i did she grabbed my 8 inch penis and started to suck it. after that she started to get *****. it felt so nice. i havent realized my girl friend waz supposed to come over and had keys so she came into my room and my step mom started to tease her so i conld have sex with her

best nite ever Sep 12 2013 5:50pm FLAG
my step mom has big boobs and a ass how can i her she only a halfer day

jetro Sep 15 2013 9:47am FLAG
Im seven**** and want to fck the sht outa my stepmom shes a cnt to me n my dad but shes so bangin what do i do to want my giant cok

Anonymous Sep 17 2013 12:30pm FLAG
How do i get her to suck my d*ck

iwantulisa Sep 17 2013 12:31pm FLAG
Helpp please I want to her so bad

Anonymous Sep 20 2013 9:55pm FLAG
Mine's 37 and I'm (nearly ) and she's frickin hot. Help please!

Bor Sep 22 2013 2:39pm FLAG
Hellp want her so badd

iwantlisa Sep 22 2013 6:39pm FLAG
Anyone I want to bust on her facee

Anonymous Sep 24 2013 7:35pm FLAG
When you're at the store get a mask and a whole outfit, the get a big roll of duck tape, when she sleep and dad not home tie her up, do whatever to her, escape through a window and don't untie her, go to the living room, watch tv and pretend nothing happened, also to make more realistic, take some stuff and hide it somewhere safe with your clothes and when you're done with a tv show go to her room and pretend you're hungry and want to go somewhere and "accidentally" see her *****

TheAwesomeGuy Sep 26 2013 8:58pm FLAG
ing sickos

Unknown Sep 27 2013 10:06am FLAG
She and my dad are officialy divoced should i he????

Anonymous Sep 27 2013 9:43pm FLAG
i need advice badly and urgently ok i want to ha p....

anonymous Sep 30 2013 1:05pm FLAG
What I did was I wated till a day my dad had left and my stepmom was still asleep. I crald into her bed and gently took her cloths off . She was by assleep so I got in undressed. I quickly put my d*ck in her and put my arm around her. I fakeley fell asleep And wollk her up she felt my d*ck in her and wen she found out it was me she freeked out and wolke me up and asked me what had hapend (why I had my d*ck in her). I said I had ing) she pleaded not to tell my dad I said if I could have sex with her again. And taths how I ed my step mom

Grate stepsone Oct 07 2013 10:13pm FLAG
I need a real seduction method one where she will want to f*** me over and over again

ulisa Oct 12 2013 9:50pm FLAG
You can tell if she wants to f**k with you by: 1:Know how often your parents have sex. 2:Try to know how h*rny she is. 3:Try touching her ass and tits(see if she denies when you do it) 4:Make her see your erections and when you have a hard-on make her feel it Good luck ;)

Jlopez Oct 14 2013 2:48pm FLAG
Ik how her and my dads sex. Life is its nothing their in a middle of a divorce but she's always a bitchh I just want to duck the out of her but my grabbing her add I feel is to delibrat

Anonymous Oct 14 2013 7:42pm FLAG
I saw my step-moms ass and I felt her tifs and took down her pants one day, I just wank over her knickers now

Anonymous Oct 19 2013 10:25pm FLAG
i im 24 and my dads ex wife is 39...ive seen her ***** a few times as a kid and one day i seen her in the shower i was sleep in my room and caught a glimpse of her tits and nipples...every since i been younger ive had a thing for older women...i never once had sex with her...recently we were having a conversation about how she isnt with my dad and how she has a guy she has sex wit every blue was weird because we have a really cool bond and i'd never think in a million years she would tell me those things...but it gave me a boner ... i was laying down n the bed and had to keep moving around because my c**k was so hard....i really want to have sex wit her but i dont kno how to go about not sure if these stories are real but they def. helped me to try diff. tactics...

bet u wanna kno Oct 25 2013 8:04am FLAG
7z2wxN Muchos Gracias for your blog.Thanks Again. Will read on...

HKTrUpBQJAwn Oct 25 2013 10:34am FLAG
i once tried that once and wow her felt like 19 and she's 45

dnt gv a Oct 28 2013 9:36am FLAG
I want to do my stepmom. She's 47 but looks 32. I'm turning in a couple months. I've shot my load in her panties before, found her dildo, found her sexy underwear, and found/watched her ***. I think she found out cuz when I tried to cum in her used panties the closet door was locked and I couldn't find the key. I need closure, I need to be inside her. It's not just a sexual attraction its emotional too. I've tried to press my hard on and squeeze her boobs when we hug. She's shorter and weaker than me, but I don't wanna hurt her. I've smacked her ass before and we've wrestled sometimes. I need a plan! Do I confess to her or do I let her catch me jacking off while saying her name? Any other ideas?

ilovemyfamily Nov 13 2013 7:51pm FLAG
This website is great b1ab529cb3a473ab51adc8a357fdeac8

- Nov 18 2013 1:49pm FLAG
What you do is wait till dad is asleep or gone, get on you couch and pretend your asleep when she comes into the room, make sure a window close by is open. Then when she sees you asleep with the window open she will close it then go do something. When she goes into the next room just get some duct tape you had already cut into 2 strips. Walk up behind her quietly then cover her mouth with the tape. She will struggle so make sure you have a knife and show her that you will use it but you don't need to. Then cover her eyes with the other piece of tape and make sure you never talk or let her see you, also make sure that if she knows what your clothes look like then don't wear any at all. When she's all tied up have your way with her and if she doesn't stay quiet then stuff some Cotten balls in her mouth. If family members are in the house and are sleeping then just turn a tv on an hour before they fall asleep so they get used to it the when she is going to come down turn a movie on so it lasts a while and no one will hear you. Yes I used this and it works especially if it is a 2 story house and the living room is right by the kitchen cause that's the best place to tie her up, could even put the tape on a table or counter for easy access. Worked for me and this whole process is to just make her think it is a burgled. For added burgled affect get some things and throw them away out side so it's lost and when your done go to back door and open it, make it sound like your leaving then close the door. If the movie is still going on then it will be easy to sneak past her and go to sleep on the couch, just don't break any glass if people are asleep or they will wake up.

Goodguy Nov 24 2013 11:37am FLAG
What do you do with her after you er

Buller Nov 24 2013 8:59pm FLAG
I really wanna mine to she is 36 years old and is stunning. One we were at the pool and I saw her cameltoe I have never seen her ***** and I want her so bad. I think she knows because she has been observing me a lot lately help pls

Anonymous Nov 25 2013 8:29am FLAG
Also, just leave her there and don't go into the kitchen, let someone else find her. Or bring her to another room and put her on a couch then make it where she can escape. I did it last night and it worked 100%. I'm going to do it again tomorrow. I heard her talking with my dad this morning saying it was a robber.

Goodguy Nov 25 2013 5:03pm FLAG
when i was my dad get married to a 30 year old very hot woman it was her second marrage as dad allways very with his business,i notice she is sexulati not satisfid,when i was she watch me mustribating with her bra and pantis,two days past when she was sleeping in afternoon i slowly undress her and started to licking her and then i mustribate and cum on her,that night my dad did not return home my step mom come to me and told me evrything i did to her and ask me to do it again,i told her if she keep it secrate from my dad i will his wife.4 year passed i m 21 my stap mom is 34 year old and we have 4 year old son

Anonymous Nov 25 2013 8:43pm FLAG
when i was my dad get married to a 30 year old very hot woman it was her second marrage as dad allways very with his business,i notice she is sexulati not satisfid,when i was she watch me mustribating with her bra and pantis,two days past when she was sleeping in afternoon i slowly undress her and started to licking her and then i mustribate and cum on her,that night my dad did not return home my step mom come to me and told me evrything i did to her and ask me to do it again,i told her if she keep it secrate from my dad i will his wife.4 year passed i m 21 my stap mom is 34 year old and we have 4 year old son

rajveer bora Nov 25 2013 8:43pm FLAG
Also if you want her to come to you just don't do anything perverted or weird. Like don't tell her how you feel or look at her when she's *****. Instead if you need to get jeans on ask her for help and she will see your erect di"k. If it is big then she might just strip you down right there, or in other cases it will take a while. And also to keep your relationship longer don't have her dump your dad. Make it seem like everyday life. Then only have her dump him if your done with school. Or if they get seperated then just say your going to a friends house then actually go to her house. Or for easy sex when they're still together then go grocery store shopping with her, she will appreciate it and give you thanks 'leading to sex. Or if y'all are already together than just figure out how fast you can do the shopping, time it right and you could just do it in the car without your dad suspecting a thing. And if you already have a girlfriend have her over one day, if she sees your stepmom and gets jealous and is having sex with you, have your stepmom join in and have a threesome. Your girlfriend will get used to it just don't tell her about other times. Then all three of y'all could have as much fun as possible. Hope this helped I'm putting out information daily, if you have other questions then just ask on this website but don't ask questions that have either been answered or asked, I will eventually get to them all. See ya

Goodguy Nov 26 2013 6:57am FLAG
So can you guys give me any advice so I can my stepmom but something I can do easily or wathever comes to your mind thx

Connor Nov 26 2013 10:51am FLAG
Ok so I figured out that she didn't find my cum in her panties, but boy was today a great day. Today I was giving her a hug and I felt a little bold so as I hugged her I wrapped my arms around her whole body (im much taller and bigger than she is) and I had ny hands directly under her breasts. She told ne she liked the hug but she wanted it higher. I was taken back but I put my hands on her tits and squeezed her, purposely cracking her back and giving her an excuse (which she used). My dad had a bar he had to play at (he's in a band) and he decided to watch the band after his. My stepmom, my sister, her bf, and I all then went home. Since my sister had her bf over and wanted to have some alone time with him (not sexual, she hasn't seen him cuz of college) I had to go upstairs to watch tv with my stepmom I her and my dads room. So she was channel surfing and she JUST HAPPENED to find s *** channel. (yes it was playboy) which I know is pay per view so now I know she watches playboy. She tried to change it at quick as possible but we saw what was happening. We looked at each other and laughed for a bir. I had a hard on then and she definitely knew. Since it was midnight by this point she wanted to go to bed. So I hugged her from behind while rubbing My d*** against her butt and I tried to kiss her on the cheek but she turned her head a little and we had a little lip on lip action. I will continue this story, hopefully I can screw her. Soon its not just about sex anymore, I really do love her. And that's what counts.

ilovemyfamily Nov 27 2013 9:38pm FLAG
I ed my stepmom so hard last night, the way to get them to f*** you is lay in your bed, keep the door cracked just enough for them to see you ***** and play with your penis a bit to get boner, DON'T LOOK AT ***, IT TURNS THEM OFF. You wait for her to tackle you and make your first move up to them and tell them "Strip for me I've been obsessing about this moment forever and I think your beautiful, what size tits you got there? Nice ass" and my stepmom said "Oh. *hehe* *starts unclipping bra* Are you ready for this? Come closer I got a secret." Next thing you know were in bed she got me drunk she looked as sexy as a slut when I woke up and I am . She's 36.

Luke Nov 27 2013 9:45pm FLAG
I was watching a movie with my family and I was snuggling up to my step mom. I was trying to force myself to get a hard on and rub in into her, but I wasn't in the mood I guess.

Ilovemyfamily Nov 30 2013 12:06am FLAG
Today we were watching Avengers in the living room since my sister hasn't seen it. Sister on right of me, dad right of her and stepmom left of me on the couch. About the middle of the movie my stepmom kind of moved closer to me and since I had a hardon and she noticed. She turned her head to see me and gave me a sly look. I'm guessing that I don't have to use my trick from above anymore. Tell how it went later.

Goodguy Nov 30 2013 3:11pm FLAG
I'm actually going to tell what happened now since we just got done a few minutes ago. Starting with the movie, after she got closer to me she got my arm and put it on her chest, by the back of the couch of course so my dad didn't see. I don't think it would even matter since he was glued to the tv, I think that he hasn't seen this movie either. By the time the movie was done my stepmom was soaked, she decided to stay on the couch so my dad wouldn't see. Since my dad has been working a lot he went to bed after that, and my sister stayed for 30 minutes befor she left to go to a friends house for the night. So it was just the two of us. We went into our sun room which we turned into a den and watched a movie. She was in her chair and I was on the couch almost asleep when she got up quietly and came and layed down infront of me. When I opened my eyes her hot body was laying infront of me asleep. So I made my move, I pretended to still be asleep and touched her anus. She didn't wake up by that so I pushed a little then stoped. That's what woke her up. She saw where my hand was and grabbed it and pushed it in further then kissed me on the mouth. At that I "woke up" and when she saw my eyes open and she didn't stop. I tried pushing her away for effect but she wraped her arms and legs around me and whispered in my ear that I was going to enjoy this and I knew I was. She was sliding on my now erect d*ck and I knew she was enjoying herself. Then she started undoing my pants and I grabbed her boobs. They felt even better than befor. I'll tell more later, bye.

Goodguy Nov 30 2013 4:13pm FLAG
My dad had woken up and was coming downstairs to get ready for work. When my stepmom, Gentry herd home she got off of me and went to the nearest bathroom and stayed there for the 10 minutes my dad took getting ready and leaving. Then she came out and went to her room so I put some anime on. When she came down her friend, Erza was knocking on the front door. Apparently Gentry needed to go somewhere for an hour on an errand so she called Erza to come watch me even though I'd be fine. After 30 minutes of Gentry leaving Erza came into my room where I was watching an anime and it happened to be on one of those exposing parts where a girl is almost ***** and she just came and sat on my bed and asked me if I liked that kind of stuff. Befor I could answer she jumped on top of me and started striping me. I didn't hesitate against her since I'm really used to being ***** for a girl since my stepmom has been seeing me ***** for the past year. Erza was surprised that I didn't try to stop her but she seemed fine with it. Right when she was about to see my d*ck I stopped her and said that she needed to go ***** to. She just looked at me all and took all of her clothes off. She seemed more comfortable striping for me than Gentry. She then started rubbing her boobs all over me befor se took my huge d*ck out. I spun her till I was on top of her then started going in and she wouldn't stop moaning. But the moaning stopped both of us from hearing somebody come into the house and see us.

Goodguy Dec 01 2013 7:02pm FLAG
Right in to middle of the fun my sister had come home early, her name is Lucy and she is , came in and saw us. When Erza looked up she ran off so Erza went to go comfort her, ***** apparently, so I went to go shower. When I was rinsing off can you guess who came in all quietly? Lucy came in and wrapped me in a big hug. She's taller than me by quite a bit so my face went straight into her boobs, then I got erect again and it pushed against her anus. She then blushed, took a step back then striped. Once she was completely ***** she got in the shower with me and gave me another hug. This had been the first time I would be with a girl in the shower *****. I took advantage of her hugging me and sloped my d*ck into her. She looked shocked but enjoyed the sensation. Then instead of me thrusting, she started. She felt even better than Gentry and Erza, and her boobs are bigger. She then pushed me to the ground slowly and got on top of me. Her body was still warm and felt nice. I grabbed both her boobs and stuck the nipples into my mouth. The shrieked like it was horrible yet good at the same time. She started asking if I could stop grabbing so it was just my d*ck in her but I asked why, so that apparently stopped her. Then out of the blue, Erza comes in and says that Gentry's home. We all go down ***** and is surprised to see me with my sister. Gentry just sighed and took off all her clothes and said that this would be fun. Tell you about my time with three girls at once later.

Goodguy Dec 02 2013 3:38pm FLAG
Will be taking break for while, might put more out later. Cya

Goodguy Dec 02 2013 3:45pm FLAG
I'm only and i want to bang my step mom and step sister they bpth have nice tits and juicy asses and my step sister is pregnant and both are verry light sleepers help me plse what should i do I get hard whenever i see them and i steel ther thongs bras and dildos to give em a hint i alsi have a ccamera

iluvthem Dec 03 2013 4:47am FLAG
Same story as iluvthem(exept for the pregnant sister)

Jlopez Dec 03 2013 12:41pm FLAG
What should i do stepmom is awake now

iluvthem Dec 03 2013 3:45pm FLAG
I'm jerking off I'm comming

iluvthem Dec 03 2013 3:47pm FLAG
If anyone sees this i need help i want to my step sister and mom who r both verry light sleepers leeve me ur number

iluvthem Dec 03 2013 6:02pm FLAG
Whats your kik profile, can give you some tips

Immatt Dec 04 2013 4:15am FLAG
So my stepmom had a pain in her lower back today, it was the very lower back and almost the butt.. When I asked her where it was, she was trying to show me. I'm gonna try to walk in on her ***** or let her walk in on me jerking off. But our relationship is strengthening, we seem to be more open with each other.

Ilovemyfamily Dec 04 2013 8:11pm FLAG
Offer to give her a massage and sit in her butt so she feels your c*ck, start with her lower back then get up to her breast and start stroking her bo*bs.if she says no just stop but try to keep up and later get to her cl*t and see where this goes

Immatt Dec 05 2013 8:35am FLAG
yo man its soo easy to have sex with your stepmom (1) you get sleeping pills (2) walk in on her ***** but be ***** and jump on her a start to her (3) ask her to have sex just be nice to her and see where it go's

your stepmom Dec 06 2013 4:06pm FLAG
my mom is at toilet. Wat 2 do now. Giv a quick ans.

abcd Dec 06 2013 7:49pm FLAG
I'm and after basketball practice I went to my room and laid down on the bed. My stepmom came in and said:"WHAT'S WRONG?" I said I got injured in a game today, but I can't talk about it./ she: WHY NOT? I was ***** under the covers and I said: COULD YOU JUST BRING ME A WARM RAG OR TOWEL PLEASE--- in a few minutes she heated a wash towel and brought in to me. She sat down next to me on the bed and said: tell me what's wrong...i pulled back the covers to reveal my erection and I told her I needed her to hold it and apply some heat--it had hurt for more than an hour and I needed some relief..would she "p-l-e-a-s-e- help me...and I didn't want anybody to know about it..." She reached out and with both hands began to rub my penis. Then she leaned forward and kissed the head. I told her the only way I could gain any relief would be if she ed for an hour and it was the best I ever had or probably will ever have.

Anonymous Dec 08 2013 9:01pm FLAG
False(Anonymous on top), she aint stupid

Just me Dec 08 2013 9:27pm FLAG
My dad and his wife (MY STEPMOM) in their early 40's. She is so very-very hot I think about her all the time even when I'm at school. I am . Last night they had a big blowup and he left and said he would be out of town for the week but he wasn't sure he'd be back even then. He just left. She sat on the couch and cried her eyes out. I held her and let her talk about their failing relationship. Then I said I would be there for her no matter what. A could of times I kissed her on the cheek and then she just laid back and went partially asleep. I walked her to the bedroom and undressed her and climbed into bed with her assuring her I would not leave her--she would be okay. After several minutes of small talk I told her I loved her and that i would take care of her. I kissed her again on the forehead and the cheek..then I put my face next to hers and kissed her on the lips. We kissed several times and then became longer and with tongues. I placed me hand between her legs and began to rub her until I noticed a change in her breathing. I removed my underwear and put her hand on my erected penis. I rolled over on top of her and we had sex for the remainder of the night. It was great--I mean--really great. I hope my dad stays away for the rest of the year. We then took a shower and returned to her bed. We vowed that no one could ever know what had happened between us--and I assured her that from now on--what ever happened between us stayed us, but I needed sex everyday and she would have to satisfy me. She has kept her word and has treated me with respect as I do her--the sex is ongoing and wonderful. My dad is not living alone in another state and has no idead what he is missing.

going on Dec 08 2013 9:42pm FLAG
There is absolutely nothing like ing an older woman. It is simply the best no matter how young you are and how old she is--just do it and accept it as a gift. It won't last.

Anonymous Dec 08 2013 9:51pm FLAG
my stepmom is 39 years old and is extremely beautiful. I'm and she and I often wrestle and play around on the floor. Its all been good clean fun--then one night I was playing with her and she grabbed my nuts and said i'm sorry--I do that to your dad sometimes. Fondled her breast and said I had wanted to do that to her for a long time. We looked at each other and I began to remove her clothing. She looked at my penis and said you are larger than your dad--then I said can I you? she at first said no--then I said please I need it. She looked around and said okay but make it quick. I climbed on top of her and for the next half hour we had great sex. God, I love this woman-and now she satisfies me whenever I need sex.

Anonymous Dec 08 2013 11:02pm FLAG
My step mom caught me in bed with her daughter from a previous marriage. I'm and her daughter is going on . I know we're too young to be doing this, but we share a room together and we see each other ***** all the time. Lately we have have been sleeping in the same bed and we play around with each other and we both like it a lot. My step mom who is in her early 40's sent her daughter over to her sister's house-she lives two blocks away from us--then she came into our room and said from now on if I needed to have sex it would have to be with her--she didn't want her daughter getting pregnant. She told me to stand in front of her as she sat on the edge of my bed. Now take off your clothes. I did except for my underwear. No, I mean--all of it. I just stood there. She reached up and pulled my pants down and took hold of my c*ck in one hand and put the other hand on my butt and began to rub both. i got an erection almost immediately. She looked me over and said I can see hy my daughter loves your body, but I don't want you getting her pregnant. You can her on a regular basis. She rubbed my c*ck and said we'll work something out.

Anonymous Dec 09 2013 11:16am FLAG
yesterday my mom came 2 me and said, y r u not wearing underwear? Then i asked her 'how do u know it'. She said 'i saw ur c*ck standing up when talking with me. Look now also it is erected'. Iam sure she is in need of a er.

abcd Dec 10 2013 6:06am FLAG
Thanx immatt. I'll try that

I love my family Dec 10 2013 6:18am FLAG
Worked pretty easy for me, and believe me is the best you can have in your life and am

Immatt Dec 10 2013 9:58pm FLAG
I think you should say that you have feelings for her and wanted to know if you could have sex with her and say you seen her cheating

Anonymous Dec 11 2013 1:54pm FLAG
Dude that woudent work because you are saying " i love you but... F**k you"

Hehe Dec 11 2013 11:05pm FLAG
Today I grabbed my stepmoms boobs before going to a school dance. It was when I was hugging her so it wasn't obvious.

Ilovemyfamily Dec 13 2013 8:41pm FLAG
8mhF6m Im thankful for the blog post.Really thank you! Want more.

ygCbzifrHXqlqpPWfOo Dec 14 2013 9:28pm FLAG
Guys I need help my step mom is hot and has a nice ass and tits guys plz help!!!!

stepmomlover53 Dec 16 2013 2:29pm FLAG
And I'm turning

stepmomlover53 Dec 16 2013 2:30pm FLAG
Just compliment her n help her when she does stuff

sniper warrior Dec 18 2013 8:02pm FLAG
But how do i seal the deal

anonomous Dec 19 2013 11:45am FLAG
Ive known my stepmom since i was 8 she used to give me baths and when dad left we slept in the same bed (nothing sexual) this year she flashed me while we were buying a pet rabbit, i even had an amazing dream last night about her i want to Fck her but i dont want to ruin our relationship and i definetly dont want dad kicking my ass should i just wait till hes at work and tell her how i feel? Idk what to do havent slept and have been thinking about her all day i need help

Darkwolf Dec 20 2013 4:46am FLAG
i really want to my step coz shes so hot ''

er Dec 20 2013 6:03am FLAG
My dad is off till next year n i cant do my step mom cause she to busy with my dad n she ignores me,, can anyone help me

anonomous Dec 20 2013 9:20am FLAG
Ok so my stepmom was picking me up to my guitar lessons, as we were waiting I kept rubbing her legs and touching it softly. When she was dropping me off in the driveway at my moms house, she was gonna give me a hug in the car. I said no I wanted a real hug. So she got out of the car and as I was giving her a hug, I made sure she noticed it was squeezing her boobs. We said a few more words and hugged a final time, with me rubbing my boner on her thigh while squeezing her ass. Before leaving she said that she would rather go shopping with me and my mom than hang out with my dad. Is this a good sign? SOMEONE PLEASE TELL ME!!! ITS EATING AT ME!!!!

Ilovemyfamily Dec 20 2013 4:25pm FLAG
Could you give me some advice plz I wanna bust a nut on her face but I dont know how should I approach here

Connor Dec 22 2013 3:38am FLAG
Yesterday when I went to my dads house, I gave my stepmom a side hug and I made sure she felt me grab her tit. Later after a movie when they were dropping my back at my moms house, I was about to kiss her goodbye, when I saw that when I was about to kiss her cheek.... she turned her head a little and I the corners of our lips touched. Not lip on lip, but it was just the corner. I'm gonna start to snuggle her more and pet her head so she warms up to me. Hopefully I might be able to rub her put some.

Ilovemyfamily Dec 22 2013 6:16am FLAG
Tonight, I grabbed her breast when she was in her pajamas, no bra.

Ilovemyfamily Dec 28 2013 9:02pm FLAG
Just wait until you both are alone and start caresing her inner thight, she oviously wants you so it won't take any foreplay. Just go for it, she wont say anything even if she denies to sex. She clearly has a good bond with you so even if she creeps out she wont tell

Immatt Dec 29 2013 12:13pm FLAG
that's right that's what I'm hoping

ilovemyfamily Dec 29 2013 7:33pm FLAG
i still havent had any success with ing my ex step mom today i came over her house right before she went to work my step sister was sleeping on the couch and we were talkin when my step mom comes to the stairs in here tank top and d*ck got so hard i wish i could have boned her right then and there...i really need advice on how to seduce her...i wank off to her thongs and pictures but i want the real thing!! i need help on how i can make this happen

bet u wanna kno Dec 30 2013 9:31am FLAG
maybe a month ago i came over in the morning before she went to work and the house was completely empty. i usually watch tv in my younger brothers room which is next door to hers but instead i watched tv down the hall in my sisters room...the tv wasnt on when i came in the it was very quiet. So as im watchin tv...i hear foot steps gettin closer to the room...when i finally peaked out the door i seen my step mom almost *****...i seen her thigh and side of her ass cheek...she screamed and ran in the bathroom. She was talkin to me from the bathroom wit the door cracked so i walked past trying to get a peak she then slammed it so after that she came out with a towel on and she walked to her bedroom ...i dont kno if she knew i was in the house but the tv was on and after i frightened her she said she thought she seen someone in my little brothers room next to hers so i would assume she would had put on clothes! my d*ck got rock hard and i went into the bathroom when she left and wacked off...i need help tryin to bone her ASAP

bet u wanna kno Dec 30 2013 9:40am FLAG
Dude I really wanna my step mom to

We r on the same boat bro Dec 30 2013 5:13pm FLAG
I havw wanted to sleep with my stepmom eveer since i hit puberty, my room was down stairs were the laundry room was so thats were everrything started, I was doing some laundry when i heard somthing come down the laundry chute, it was my stepmoms panties, i ignored them at first but when i got done doing some laundry i couldnt resist i went over and looked at them, wasnt quite sure what to do, so like any other eleven year old i smelled them, i imediately got an errection and went to masterbate ever since then ive cummed on at least every single pair of underwere that she has, i have recenly been leaving little clues in her panty drawr like the first thing i did was cum in a pair and put it back in completely soaked then i would do drastic things like flip ever crotch out to were it looked like for sure someone was playing in it, I have also walked around the house with a full on boner and whenever we talk she wouldnt even look at me in the eye she would stare right at my boner, i have givin little hints and very big ones around her and my final thing i wanna talk about is the other day, i woke up around one o clock and was tired, my dad was upstairs with me watching a movie until i realized no one was down stairs but my stepm mom so i figured id try and go her in her sleep, well i went into the laundry room and found a pair of clean underwear, i then was about to go in but the light turned on and it was dead silence, i started to wank really fast and cummed a huge load on her panties, because i knew that she knew i was down there and the only one down there i just threw the panties in a bin with other clothes, i thought that she would never find it but i guess she went to investigate and found them, i didnt know this until several hours later and when i did i got a huge hard on and proceded to go and drasticaly change her panty drawr, i cummed in three panties that were colored so that she could actually see the cumm on them and know i then took one of her dildos (that i found many mounths ago) and put it into the panty drawr to, this was all done yesterday and its giving me a huge hard just thinking that she nows that i jerk it in her panties and that she know that i wanna sleep with her, im thinking about sitting her down and telling her that i know she knows what i do and that i want to actually sleep with her, ill keep you guys updated on what comes in to future

Intel Dec 31 2013 8:46am FLAG
Try jerking off on her knickers saying her name, while making a loud entrance to her bedroom. She will see what the noise is and will find where it's coming from. Also, you could leave your bedroom door open a inch or two and start working on your shaft and making some loud noises. Either your stepmom will barge in a be like what are you doing?! Or she will be like watching you until your down. Also I'm turning in 10 days. I have a 45 year old step mom married to my dad which is 42. I want to have my stepmom suck my shaft dry and ride my c*ck all night. I want to eat her out and doggy style ass bang her. Any advice or approaches please!!!!

zi Kid Nike zi on Xbox 360 Jan 01 2014 8:05pm FLAG
just slip it in

the man Jan 08 2014 6:15pm FLAG

Anonymous Jan 09 2014 12:06am FLAG
I want to heck my stepmom and she is 37 with a big ass. I need help ever since I saw her ***** in the shower.

Anonymous Jan 09 2014 12:09am FLAG
I'm and I want to girl wana kik my kik is Americancowboy

Anonymous Jan 11 2014 9:40pm FLAG
Yesterday I was cuddling my stepmom and rubbing her shoulder and back. Then I moved down her back and back up to her chest. We said goodnight twice and she would have kissed me both times on the lips both times but I moved out of the way.

ilovemyfamily Jan 12 2014 7:17am FLAG
Ok, I got a text from my stepmom today saying that she misses me, but I saw her only a few hours ago. When I left she kissed me on the lips.

Ilovemyfamily Jan 12 2014 7:29pm FLAG
My stepmom is so hot!!! She has nice tits and a big ass. I've wanked in a bunch of her panties. She hasn't noticed yet

Anonymous Jan 16 2014 7:29pm FLAG
EGmv8P I cannot thank you enough for the blog article.Really thank you! Fantastic.

NhfnnmGwKeSDs Jan 16 2014 7:32pm FLAG
Im and my stepmoms 43 shes sexy I just want her so bad someone help

kell Jan 17 2014 1:07pm FLAG

randy Jan 18 2014 1:43am FLAG
What's the blog article that EDmv8P has?

Ilovemyfamily Jan 18 2014 5:30am FLAG
My step mom keeps texting me first to see if im done studying yet. And it only happens when my dad's not around. Is this a sign?

ilovemyfamily Jan 22 2014 3:15pm FLAG
Yes its a sign. if she texts you when your dad isn't means she wants to have sex with you

sniper99pro Jan 29 2014 8:55pm FLAG
NxX5AH I really enjoy the article.Much thanks again. Really Great.

AXEimnEljgYfcmxoOp Jan 30 2014 6:38am FLAG
So last night my dad went out so me and my step mom were home alone she went upstairs to sleep i couldnt help but get a boner as she walked and watched her ass she has nice tits to i went up after 10 minutes and found her sleeping ***** i went in her room and started to touch her tits and she woke up he was surprised that i was there and had my c*ck out masterbating i was going to get up and leave but she pulled me back and started to suck me off i got into bed with her and started ing her and was sucking on her tits and kissing her and cummed inside her

Anonymous Jan 30 2014 8:21pm FLAG
I want to heck my step mom so bad she has a perfect tear drop tits and a nice ass but the problem is that she's married and her and dad fight a lot any advice to slip my c*ck in her??

HELPMYMOM Feb 05 2014 6:59pm FLAG
I need to my stepmom. Plz tel me the best way to get her attion so i can get it on write back plz

lover Feb 06 2014 4:39am FLAG
Try useing the tactic I'm us ring right now be nice to her and then when she seems down try to ask her what's wrong if she says nothing get closer to her and ask again softer then brush her hair back with your fingers then lean in closer to her and if she seems willing give her the best kiss you could let her be in control first then rub her legs (or what ever you want to) and if she seems willing rub somewhere els then before you know it you'll be having sex with your step mom btw I'm and am doing it right now

HELPER Feb 06 2014 12:24pm FLAG
Oh sorry I'm just had my b day like a week ago

HELPER Feb 06 2014 12:28pm FLAG
Ok, so after watching the Olympics my dad had to make sure the dogs Peed outside. So my step mom and I got some alone time. I got to squeeze her books when giving her a hug and when we cuddled I rubbed my hard on in between her as she cheeks. She just sighed as I did it. So far so good

ilovemyfamily Feb 15 2014 8:20pm FLAG
Should I wait till shes in the shower or in her room?

None Feb 16 2014 6:07pm FLAG
Because I really want to get it in with her

None Feb 16 2014 6:09pm FLAG
And eat her out

None Feb 16 2014 6:11pm FLAG
My dad is home all the time cause he don't have work and the only time for me to ?

SuggestionsPlease Feb 16 2014 6:15pm FLAG
My Step mom has a nice ass and a perky pair of tits, I want to

Next Feb 16 2014 6:16pm FLAG
* all the time but I don't know when the right time is

Next Feb 16 2014 6:17pm FLAG
Any ideas for me to her?

Next Feb 16 2014 6:18pm FLAG
Im btw

Next Feb 16 2014 6:18pm FLAG

Next Feb 16 2014 6:23pm FLAG
Kik me to give me advice halpmehplox

Next Feb 17 2014 6:53pm FLAG
It sounds like you really want your step mom

Qwerty Feb 21 2014 7:43am FLAG
I ed my stepmom yesterday i saw her cooking on the kitchen counter and i acted like i did not see her and rubbed ma my d*ck on her hot big tits I'm she's 30 my dad is always at work and now we touch eachother everyday

I'm not lieing Feb 23 2014 9:37am FLAG
make your dad and Step mom into a fight. run away and when you finally return they wont be mad they will be happy your alive one day when you are alone bring up the day be like you owe me and just stare her in the eye then glance up and down her buddy where she can delibratly see you checking out her sexy body then, be like i can think of a few ways you can make it up to me, if you get to this point and she is bside you make your move eye contact go for the kiss if you get that go for it and dont think twice her hard thats what i did and i've been busting in her face for the last month

Anonymous Feb 24 2014 2:55pm FLAG
We'll my step mom is she seen me Wanking but not my actual d*ck she's asked me what do I think about her and I said your cute she said aw okay that's good I'm almost she's like 37 and she sits on my lap bends over so I can see down her shirt no bra so her nips stick out my dad asked verified she woul do a 3 way and she got mad I need advice

Got Feb 26 2014 6:22pm FLAG
I'll post something about my step mom when I go up for the summer I'll just jack off in her bed till she walks in with clothes from the laundry

Anonymous Feb 26 2014 6:26pm FLAG
I ING DID IT!!!! I finally made out with my stepmom! We snuggled for a long time, snuggling got to grinding, grinding turned to making out. Of course she told me to stop and not to tell my dad. But she told me that I'm very attractive and sexy. Booya!!! I'm in the clear!!!

Ilovemyfamily Mar 09 2014 11:18am FLAG
Told you she wanted to, add some detail to it =)

Immatt Mar 11 2014 8:10pm FLAG
I'm and my step mom is 36 and I love her ass and vizulise ing her

Logan Mar 12 2014 5:00pm FLAG
OK so tonight while my dad was watching tv I went upstairs to brush my teeth. After that I was saying good night to my stepmom. It turned into us making out for 5 munutes. It is so hot when we make out. She keeps saying that it's hard for her. Especially since she saw me grow up and she's with my dad. I do if I should blackmail her into having sex with me or not. I really don't want to but I'm so thirsty for .

ilovemyfamily Mar 12 2014 7:31pm FLAG

Everyone Mar 12 2014 7:40pm FLAG
Do it, you dont have anything to lose

Immatt Mar 15 2014 7:51pm FLAG
OK so we have been talking a lot and we both learned a lot from each other. We both agreed that we want to have sex with each other but not yet. She asked if she could watch me jersey off so I told her yes but no touching. I don't see her till Wednesday and idk if my dad will be around so wells have to wait and see. I will let you guys know what happens

ilovemyfamily Mar 17 2014 4:51am FLAG
This sounds pretty much like my story

Immatt Mar 17 2014 3:30pm FLAG
Im and my stepmom is 46 I just wanked off right next to her under the cover need advice on how to heck her

Jackie Mar 18 2014 5:27pm FLAG
OK so today when she picked me up we made out real quick. When we past the local shop right she pulled into a parking lot that not a lot of people go to. So we started making out for the next 25 minutes. I grabbed her books and after at least 6 months of wanting to see her boobs I finally did. I started to such on her left one while groping her left. I'm in. I never actually thought it would happen.

ilovemyfamily Mar 19 2014 3:02pm FLAG
And now I just fingered her. Bonus!

ilovemyfamily Mar 19 2014 3:40pm FLAG
Omg! She gave me a bl*wj*b. It hurt a little cuz of her teeth. She says she has a tiny mouth but I can make it bigger. Lol.

ilovemyfamily Mar 19 2014 6:17pm FLAG
Best edive dont if it works but try saying i love and kiss her in the chicks and say i love u so much mom Then sleep with her over nite wait for 3 to 2 rs And start humping her leg or sumtinh

elcapo Mar 19 2014 7:52pm FLAG
Today we grinned on each other for an hour. If we didn't have clothes on we would be basically having sex. Lol. I asked her if we could shower together and she said maybe

Ilovemyfamily Mar 21 2014 8:28pm FLAG
mJdD3v Thanks for sharing, this is a fantastic article.Really looking forward to read more. Cool.

YPDtyggtka Mar 22 2014 8:09am FLAG
Hey, my step mom is a light sleeper and I want to her and my dad is away for the weekend what should I do??

Anonymous Mar 22 2014 5:34pm FLAG
My mom comes into my room with a tiny night shirt and its amazing she was trying to get the dog and she bent over with her ass right in my face it was amazing I just wanted to grab her ass and tuck it so hard but my step dad is always around and she's 46 and I'm why do I do

Anonymous Mar 24 2014 11:56am FLAG
ilovemyfamily, how old are you now? How old is your father? Did you manage to have full intercourse with her? Have you also tried to finger her ass?

Revil Mar 28 2014 11:38am FLAG
Any step moms or honry **** girl please add my kik RacingofBlood

Anonymous Mar 28 2014 7:36pm FLAG
Revil, I am my stepmom is 43 or 44. And my dad is 49. We haven't had actual sex just oral. And I will never do anal so no. Recently we were alone for a whole day. We grinded on each other, did 69, I fingered her a little, and she blew me. She also let me take a shower with her, which was amazing. She also put on some sexy lingerie. A pink and black torn shirt, a g string, and some hooker boots. That was honestly the best day ever!

Ilovemyfamily Mar 31 2014 7:47am FLAG
I am , my stepmom is 43 or 44**

Ilovemyfamily Mar 31 2014 7:48am FLAG
I am !!!**** Idk why it won't let me put my age

Ilovemyfamily Mar 31 2014 7:49am FLAG
I am six****

Ilovemyfamily Mar 31 2014 7:49am FLAG
I am two years younger than 18

Ilovemyfamily Mar 31 2014 7:50am FLAG
What about if a stepmother wanted her stepson How would she do it?

stepmom Mar 31 2014 10:40pm FLAG
Well then that depends. How old are you? How old is your stepson? And is he very ? And do you think you can seduce him?

Ilovemyfamily Apr 01 2014 4:04am FLAG
My kik is d a n z i l l a 0 9 8 7 No spaces

Ilovemyfamily Apr 01 2014 4:35am FLAG
DsZT2U Thanks a lot for the article post.Really looking forward to read more. Fantastic.

QmpKxffJh Apr 01 2014 8:07am FLAG
I'm 30 he is 18, year difference. I show my cleavage and catch him looking and he comes in while I shower and use the bathroom. I've been dating his dad a year. He listens when we have sex and tells me he hears me moaning.

stepmom Apr 01 2014 6:52pm FLAG
If you're only dating his dad then you're not his stepmom.

Anonymous Apr 02 2014 4:56pm FLAG
Well, whatever. You get the point.

sm Apr 02 2014 7:19pm FLAG
All you have to do is set up a trap. Tick him into seeing you ***** or walk in on him when you know he's *****.

ilovemyfamily Apr 05 2014 11:03am FLAG
If I do uck my step mom will any body be weirded out in her family because I don't know if she will tell anybody.

Pleasehelp Apr 05 2014 4:04pm FLAG
Never tell anyone. Yesterday, we did it together!

ilovemyfamily Apr 06 2014 6:47am FLAG
Can you tell us more details? Where did you do it, in her room? Did you have much time or had you to do it quickly? Did you 69 again? Did you cum in her? Do you have many occasions to be alone with her or your father and sister are always around? Did her mouth get used to your size? What did you do the previous time in the shower? Have had you the opportunity of using her dildo on her?

AdamXZAdamXZ Apr 06 2014 3:57pm FLAG
I was in my step moms room and I was going to rub the inside of her thigh but i couldn't because I was afraid that she would tell my d*ck stepfather. So I need advice to help me have sex with my step mom!!

HELP Apr 07 2014 3:47pm FLAG
Help me. I'm and my stepmom is 50 she has nice ass and tits. I know where her vibrators are and feel like deducing her before school one day. The only problem is her son he sleeps two or three rooms away. HELP ME.

Thomas G. Apr 08 2014 6:22pm FLAG
We were on her bed, it was simply amazing, she is really tight and her butt is so soft, we were doing it for like 2hours until my dad arrived home. Her mouth is still small but im getting used to her teeth, is the hottest tongue ive felt. I couldent cum in her because dad ( she was wearing the same knee-hight books but with a latex catsuit this time)

ilovemyfamily Apr 10 2014 3:40pm FLAG
My stepmom caught me wanking once, when she did she looked at it for 10'seconds then kept walking. How could i invite her to help me?

Jordan Apr 14 2014 3:46am FLAG
well .

wtf Apr 15 2014 10:43pm FLAG
The last post from ilovemyfamily was fake. The one with the latex catsuit. Over spring break we had sex about 5 more times. I've commedia inside her 3 or 4 times without a condom.

ilovemyfamily Apr 22 2014 9:13pm FLAG

ilovemyfamily Apr 22 2014 9:14pm FLAG
There is someone fakinh my acount, the last 2 posts arent mine

ilovemyfamily Apr 23 2014 11:16am FLAG
I want to also my stepmom she is smokin and i have seen her ***** once go for it

Unknown Apr 27 2014 9:09pm FLAG
i want to smash her

Anonymous Apr 28 2014 11:37am FLAG
My stepmom is super hot and she has huge tits and a big ass and I wanna bang her and I think she w ants to to because she all ways bends over in front of me alot and she always has her underwear showing when she does her dildo is in plain sight in her bathroom but she works and my dad dosent so how do I her imshes 28

Xkillahneedslhelp Apr 30 2014 7:11am FLAG
Im 1 2

Xkillahneedshelp Apr 30 2014 7:13am FLAG
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Xkillahneedshelp Apr 30 2014 7:15am FLAG

Xkillahneedslhelp Apr 30 2014 8:03am FLAG
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Xkillahneedshelp Apr 30 2014 8:06am FLAG
Idk why this person insists they are me, but the last post of Ilovemyfamily is fake. Xkillahneedshelp, if you are that young then it's not gonna happen

Ilovemyfamily May 04 2014 7:08am FLAG
My kik is Danzilla 0 9 8 7 No spaces

I love my family May 07 2014 4:47am FLAG

Anonymous May 09 2014 9:37pm FLAG
MnS56q Appreciate you sharing, great post.Really looking forward to read more. Will read on...

VTMWkIpSUHCgmOy May 12 2014 12:26am FLAG
This morning my step mom told me she was taking some medicine that affects her birth control pill. She took a pregnancy test and it was negative but still. I'm only 1 6 and I could have been a father

ilovemyfamily May 12 2014 4:46am FLAG
My kik is d a n z i l l a 0 9 8 7 No spaces. Message me if you want to talk to the real Ilovemyfamily and get advice

Ilovemyfamily May 13 2014 12:59pm FLAG

Anonymous May 17 2014 4:00pm FLAG
I need help some one but that happens once every 4 moths so I need help plz help me

Some one May 19 2014 1:58pm FLAG
Some one, I will help you. Btw guys. My stepmom tried to kill herself recently. She found out I might like some girl my own age and she got all offended and really depressed. She overdosed on her medication

Ilovemyfamily May 22 2014 4:07pm FLAG
I'm and my stepmom is 41. She has a nice ass and some big tits. I want to bang her SO much, but she has a good relationship with my dad, and my brother and stepsister are almost always home with us. She's touched my balls once, Idk if on accident or not, I really need some help. I want to bang her!

Charlie Jun 04 2014 12:52am FLAG

Anonymous Jun 04 2014 7:54pm FLAG
OK guys. My stepmom is officially done with the suicidal ing her and came inside her while she came on top of me. Ps: to charlie, dude I will help you out. Kik me

ilovemyfamily Jun 06 2014 7:25pm FLAG
My dad was at work and my step mom was home and I really wanted to when me dad goes to work we love each other

Cxx stepmom cxx Aug 23 2014 4:13pm FLAG
I say his to all stepmom's out there, let your stepson you good. Thats his dream when her see's you.

Joe Aug 24 2014 3:58pm FLAG
If you need to your stepmom get her drunk, Blackmail her or start touching her lightly so she know's your interested in her. Say you think she looks hot and gorgeous and if your more daring sexy. Like them heels look sexy on you, or your bum looks cute in them jeans or skirt. If your dad is out and she is wearing heels and a skirt sit with her on the couch and offer to sub her feet. Women find heels can be sore on their feet.Say you don't mind doing it. When she does let you rub her feet, put her legs across your's. Take here heels off if she has not already then start rubbing them. As your doing it talk to her about her day and after about 5 min's slowly start moving up her legs like her carf's but keep talking to her so she not notice as much. Even have the tv on. Then gently keep moving you hands over her legs then move up to her knee then up to her thigh's. You keep doing that until you start seeing her get uncomfortable with it then you stop. You keep doing that when you dad is out so she get's used to you touching her legs and tights. After a while it will get her so turned on she might go all the way with you. Good Luck!

Joe Aug 24 2014 4:27pm FLAG
Help I want her so bad it hurts but I can't say or do anything

hfufh Nov 24 2014 7:53pm FLAG
Any lucky guys make it happen??

bet u wanna kno Dec 05 2014 9:00am FLAG
I'm back guys! I started dating that girl that I likedoing and it ended horribly. She cheated on me with 4 people. Slut. My stepmom and I are better than ever. I really believe she's the one for me

ilovemyfamily Mar 25 2015 5:28pm FLAG
erm help? i dont no wot to do . my stepmom is 34 and my dad is 52 i dont no why dad wentfor that girl. im 30 my dad was 22 wen i was born. any way my dad was looking for a job so he was away 4 2weeks. basically my stepmom has been flirting with me. she stripped in the living room and i got a bona. she told me we will take it upstairs. i want her so bad!!!!!!! help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

icanmystepmomtomygirlfriend Apr 20 2015 12:55pm FLAG
i want to kkkkkkkkkkkkkk my step mom really bad and i don,t no wat to do and also she can,t make any children

justin Apr 22 2015 11:34am FLAG
My stepmom and my dad just separated she is like 34 i think and we never got along but now we do and for some reason i just cant stop thinking about all the nasty things i would do to her and im sixxxxxxx teeeeeeeeen in case you want to know how old we are she has double D's and i have come on her toothbrush a few times i just want her so bad and tonight has been the worst ever i just barely am able to stop myself from moaning about it i feel so attracted to her its like it hurts

New bradley May 12 2015 11:20pm FLAG
Another thing is im a virgin so i dont think i would last long

New bradley May 12 2015 11:22pm FLAG
Im bigger than her now and she is always laughing around me lately im taller than her and stronger and a little heavier but i think all that would add to her being more attracted to me now and i just really want to do this and before someone screams perv i know its weird but i want her so badly

New bradley May 12 2015 11:33pm FLAG
Help!im two years younger than 20.... I like my stepmum alot she very hot, she gives me signs like bending over infront of me ect and i grab her panties and do stuff to them, how do i got about coming onto her without messing up our family bond? Thanks in advance

stepmum wanted! May 19 2015 5:02am FLAG
if she is really hot then her ****s must be also so ask them to than you started with congrats I was in the same spot and this worked for me

julian May 20 2015 2:14pm FLAG
Help i want to my stepmom in a couple hours when my dad goes to work how should I approach this because she will be asleep and shes a heavy sleeper

Anonymous May 23 2015 12:27am FLAG
Hello this is the new Bradley again and lately iv been rubbing my stepmoms shoulders and for some reason it turns me on but she hasn't noticed but today while i was rubbing her shoulders she said it felt so good and that she was like putty in my hands and i still need help nobody has helped me yet Please somebody tell me something

New Bradley May 30 2015 1:16am FLAG
just tell her how you feel or give her money and then her hard core

sex master Jun 08 2015 8:08pm FLAG
I cant now shes leaving today :(

New Bradley Jun 10 2015 2:28am FLAG
My step moms ing hot she checks me out alot im going to fake sleep with a boner

Anonymous Jun 10 2015 6:26pm FLAG
I just very slowly picked the doors locked and walked in on her masterbating

nobody Jun 13 2015 10:31pm FLAG
My stepmom is a light sleeper how can I f*** her

Anonymous Jun 20 2015 9:08am FLAG
Duck her in the pu$$y

notevenlogic Jun 21 2015 11:24pm FLAG
When she take a shower open. it and touch her first

Anonymous Jun 21 2015 11:48pm FLAG
What if we are home alone and she's in the kitchen

Anonymous Jun 23 2015 5:09pm FLAG
I never got da opetunity 2 do my stepmom but i think. da rubing al of her feet is da easyjiest cosuu u toutchimg. her alrdy

Anonymous Jul 01 2015 3:59pm FLAG

Anonymous Jul 11 2015 2:04pm FLAG
What if we are home alone and in the house

Anonymous Jul 20 2015 2:09pm FLAG
Hey if you have a girlfriend ?? Go her

friend Sep 01 2015 3:39am FLAG
I want my stepmom @friend. She is so hot

Anonymous Sep 06 2015 2:01pm FLAG
I want her like now since we both home alone

Anonymous Sep 20 2015 7:32am FLAG
owFR76 MARC BY MARC JACOBS ????? Drop Protesting and complaining And Commence your own personal men Project Alternatively

cPDhHcjzFww Sep 28 2015 10:13am FLAG
Can someone actuall help?

Anonymous Oct 16 2015 5:08pm FLAG
Help I wanna my ex-step mom her and my sister stay in touch if you want more and/or have advice please kik me True_Spiderman1

Please asap Nov 15 2015 10:18am FLAG

kGZiGGCZmlYbvXGWx Jan 01 2016 3:51am FLAG
Is someone going to help me

Anonymous Jan 15 2016 4:38pm FLAG
you bastard if any one want advice first take your father cocl

anonymous Feb 23 2016 6:30am FLAG
I want to tap my stepmom she's a whore to be honest but she's gorgeous we don't have a close relationship and ice heard that if you feed her bait like "accidentally " showing her your package then if she responds and does her own thing to you you got it but what situation should I do to feed her She knows I like her I think cause one day it was akward out of nowhere

Thisguy Mar 13 2016 8:45pm FLAG
Anyone gonna help me

This guy Mar 13 2016 10:18pm FLAG
Oh yah and she is not divorced but separated with my dad so that's a plus

This guy Mar 13 2016 10:56pm FLAG
I have a whole album on my phone of her on like motorcycles and doggy style and I wanks to them like everyday

Anonymous Mar 15 2016 2:21pm FLAG
It's going well I spent the whole day with her just her we didn't bang but I am taking baby steps by getting at good term with her first

This guy Mar 16 2016 8:30pm FLAG
Bout to do this

This guy Apr 10 2016 7:18pm FLAG
Well I told her she said wait till I'm a little older then she'll give me the best time I've ever had and she let me take any party's for sniffing I could ever want

This guy Apr 13 2016 3:29pm FLAG
Idk guys this chicks just awesome

This guy Apr 13 2016 3:30pm FLAG
It's been over a year since my last update. I found myself a girlfriend who I've been dating for 10 month. Haven't had sex yet. My stepmom got surgery so she couldn't have sex.mand now she tells me that she can't and doesn't want to be with me anymore. So that concludes the affair with my stepmom. There was plenty of good and bad times. So be careful on how you handle the situations

Ilovemyfamily Apr 20 2016 9:02pm FLAG

LAVDA CASE May 16 2016 9:01am FLAG

LAVDA CASE May 16 2016 9:03am FLAG

LAVDA CASE May 16 2016 9:04am FLAG

LAVDA CASE May 16 2016 9:04am FLAG
Kik me @ whatautumnsays

aaaa May 17 2016 8:18pm FLAG
Dude I got caught up ing her in her sleep but she didn't wake up and say anything so I think she liked it honestly so did I

This guy May 20 2016 9:19pm FLAG
What was the whole process @this guy

Anonymous May 21 2016 10:17am FLAG
I just went up to her while she was asleep and got under the blanket and smelled that then she woke up and was pissed

This guy Jun 23 2016 11:53pm FLAG
Advice: Can any one help me so I can my step Daughter

jose Jun 27 2016 11:03am FLAG
jKvLMu Very good blog article.Really thank you!

sXZljmggEPKQtXShW Jul 05 2016 4:25pm FLAG
I never have done anything with my stepmom and she never gives clues but I really want to her. She is 42 and I am and I sniff her panties and they smell super great. I want to eat her out and her. Any advice?

Hornystepson Jul 06 2016 12:49pm FLAG
hi my step mom is fantastic we have two girls together

teddybare Jul 18 2016 8:06am FLAG
My stepmom is 20 something she is really hot she has a big ass she always wears shorts it makes me want to bang her so hard and cum all in her...

McAwesome Aug 05 2016 12:53pm FLAG
Somebody give me the right steps to do her

Anonymous Aug 16 2016 7:41am FLAG
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hdjdjfjfjjf Oct 23 2016 1:45pm FLAG
Type it on here

Anonymous Oct 30 2016 8:02am FLAG
My mom has really grt tits I just like when we go out she will be in the passenger seat and I will Ben in the back seat of it and simply try to sneak my hand from the corner and touch her bra and her boobs sometimes my dad never knows and she acts like nothing is happening she is soo hot she always show cleavage and I want to bang her up but when we get homeboy she acts normal like Nithin happened between us pllzzzz help me

Darth lvager Nov 01 2016 7:43am FLAG
so one time my dad joked about my s*x life and my step mom said that if i wanted to know anything she would love to help. one night my dad went out with friends and left me and her at home. we started chatting and then she asked if i wanted to know how to do it, i jokingly said sure (she was tipsy)so we started f***ing, and now we love 'hanging' out.

Herwin Romel Feb 07 2017 11:27pm FLAG
Give advice: