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How much would it take to wake up a girl while she is asleep?

The Problem: Im a ****ager, and I've been really interested in girls lately - but I've felt the need to touch them sexually in their sleep.... I've done this a few times before, but only a little like touching their butt and putting my penis to their mouth. I'm scared that I might wake them up, so I don't do anything more.... how much do you think I could get away with without waking the girl up? I need a legit answer guys

Asked by: heydaniel95 at 01:06:27 PM, Wednesday, July 27, 2011 PDT FLAG


It depends on the girl. . . Have a conversation with her and bring up if she is a deep sleeper or not. . . Ive drawn marks on my friends face once( when he was sleeping) and he didn't wake. . . But you could never even move around me without me waking up.

ZAK Jul 27 2011 9:23pm FLAG

I like boys

Sebastion Jul 28 2011 11:01pm FLAG
I have felt sister friends when they sleep over. In the early morning they are sleeping so hard I can touch them all over and they don't wake up. One girl sleep with no panty I can feel her cl*t and put fingers in her vagina and she didnt wake up but after maybe 10 minutes she moan and roll over.

Derek Jul 29 2011 6:39am FLAG
Think I could my sister without waking her?

Horny Bro Jul 29 2011 10:55am FLAG
Are you Necrophiliac or something?

Unknown Person Jul 29 2011 2:37pm FLAG
HB it would depend on where she was sleeping. If you had to climb on her bed to get her it would likely wake her up. If she was asleep on the floor or maybe the couch with her legs down you probably could. If she is a virgin you will likely wake her up when you pop her cherry

Saytr Jul 30 2011 6:39am FLAG
CUm on her tities and and d*ck fuace

Thunderc*nt Aug 01 2011 10:38pm FLAG
My sister still virgin but she sleep hard so I can feel her tits n and jerk off then when I gonna cum I push the tip of my d*ck in her and squirt so I got no mess to clean. Feels great too.

Marty Aug 03 2011 9:04am FLAG
Hey Dumbsh*t! Why don't you just pop her cherry and have at it? She's gonna get pregnant from what you are doing now so why not enjoy the real thing?

Some are dumb Aug 03 2011 12:51pm FLAG
whats a girls cherry

jack951 Sep 01 2011 11:15pm FLAG
Jack951 it mean the breakage of a girls hymen but it realy dosnt break break

drumline101 Oct 22 2011 9:23pm FLAG
Try not to go too far in.

Anonymous Mar 25 2012 3:10pm FLAG
you could also wait until they are sleepin and her up

Anonymous May 24 2012 1:19pm FLAG
Slowly touch, don't get hyper. Slowly squeeze her tits and depending on how deep a sleeper she is, slowly take off her panties and slide your thing in.

Your Mom May 27 2012 3:45pm FLAG
Theres this girl that stays at my house. One time wen she was sleeping I came all over her face she rolled over but didn't wake up

yo momma May 30 2012 11:40pm FLAG
i did this once the key is to make sure shes asleep and i like the idea of drawing on the face and stuff test her see if you can wake her up and nyquil always helps

my d*ck is huge Jun 19 2012 5:12am FLAG
I touched my cousin's cl*t and she was dead cold. It was amazing.

that thing Jun 27 2012 10:38pm FLAG
My friends sister came over and after about a half hour I started feelin her up but slowly and after like 1 minute of it I stopped and waited a min or 2 if your feelin her up and she makes a noise or loud breathe back up immidiatly for 5 or so minutes then go again and if you put your d*ck in their hand they'll close their hand you have to know if they r really asleep before doing it to her

big ass mofo Jul 02 2012 2:54am FLAG
Just male sire sheas asleep

Shelby Jul 11 2012 8:17pm FLAG
is there any certain way you can finger a girl without her waking up?

cody Jul 16 2012 3:41pm FLAG
all i know is tht if she wakes up then just fake it and say tht u wanted to see if u wanted to watch TV or something with her

Jorge Aug 06 2012 12:17pm FLAG
I touched my moms boobs while she was sleeping and didnt wake her up at all. I tried goin for her vag but i think she started waking up abit, and tried to slap my hand away. Shortly after she woke up abit more and asked what i was doing. lmao PS, i was legally adopted by what is my dad, and then my mom came along and they got marred; so technically not even my mom. Im gonna keep goin to her for boob.

tehmasta Aug 11 2012 3:08pm FLAG
What is heck ???

Anonymous Aug 11 2012 10:58pm FLAG
tehmasta you sick !!!

Anonymous Aug 14 2012 5:51am FLAG
I like when you stroke me

Your penis Aug 14 2012 8:40pm FLAG
i was fishinng with my mom and i felt her vagina and cl*t and boobs when she was sleeping, love sleeping pills

Anonymous Aug 15 2012 3:24am FLAG
my sis had a sleepover and her friends are only 2 years younger than me and our AC broke so it was like super hot so one girl slept with only a T and panties on so i got a feel of vag and tit ever 2 mins until she woke so i came up with a quick excuse that i was looking for a blanket

tttttt Aug 26 2012 10:53pm FLAG
Try just lightly stroking her cl*t every 2 min and see if she wakes up

Anonymous Sep 02 2012 8:35pm FLAG
You should try to get her to take sleeping pills if she thinks its another pill

Anoniem Sep 12 2012 9:07am FLAG
i o u

1…………………………∞ Sep 20 2012 7:30pm FLAG
im a girl on bf com…!♪

1………………………∞ Sep 20 2012 7:33pm FLAG
don`t do it at all

Anonymous Sep 25 2012 5:41am FLAG
The trick here is to take it slowly. Make sure the girl's properly sleeping, and not just napping. Then you do things slowly. Gently poke her cheek. If she stirs, wait a minute or two and try again. If she doesn't stir or only reacts a little, then get to work. The first thing to do is head for her breasts. Gently take the bottom of her t-shirt and pull it up over her breasts. If she stirs, immediatly pull her t-shirt back down and leg it, but if she doesn't, keep going and unhook her bra. Make sure not to just roughly rip it off, as that will jiggle her breasts and cause her to react. If you manage to do that successfully, then her bare breasts will be open to you. She'll already be used to her body being moved a bit by the previous steps, so she'll probably be okay if you start gently, merely rubbing her breasts. Then, slowly but surely, rub quicker and harder. If you have succeeded up until now, then you can head for her nipple. This is the danger zone. Make one wrong move, and you're dead. Gently run a finger over her nipple, and repeat, getting more vigorous each time. Eventually, her nipples will get used to your rubbing, and will probably be erect. Now, you can gently suck. Be slow and gentle at first, but if you are patient, you can get to full boob-squeezing, and if you suck her nipples for long enough, her hormones will eventually force her to leak milk, so consider that as a reward.

BOB-SAGET Oct 03 2012 11:10am FLAG
hey bob u dumb*hit the horrmones that cause milk production are only produced after chiled birth you dume bass

Bobs a idiot Oct 03 2012 10:23pm FLAG

bobs a idot is an idiot Oct 08 2012 10:30pm FLAG
just go for it dont be a

you Oct 17 2012 11:52am FLAG
Just slowly climb into bed with her and take her clothed off slowly and calmly then go for the kill

Randy Oct 17 2012 2:14pm FLAG
Just go in at night (when she's deeply sleeping,) make sure that your parents are asleep to. Then go into her room, carefully, and look at her position she's sleeping in and see if you can touch her in any way. If she's laying on her back try to slowly pull up her shirt and slowly massage and fell up her tits. Next step if you u want to go farther go in for the ass and feel that up and slowly take her panties off. U are at the the hardest step feeling her vagina, this will probable be difficult because most girls, ****agers are virgins and are very sensitive down there. I hope these steps will help u and ur little mind get all the pleasure u need to succed

The shagger Oct 20 2012 9:51pm FLAG
Just test her breathe nd then pull her bra a lil bit.insert ur one or two finger at first slowly nd insert ur whole this way, she wont wake up nd u will b able to press her boob.this is how i do it. My sisters are bomb nd hav the most beautiful boobs.go om

Sick bro Oct 26 2012 12:27am FLAG
I like it when you wipe me.

Your butt Oct 27 2012 2:56am FLAG
Just quit it it goes under rape if they wake up my girlfriend is in deepsleep right now but im not a ing idiot that disrespect girls rights and her parts. It feels wrong. Think about it boys. Dont do it only if if you have permission to do it then its best and you get more hapiness and you dont get jailed!!

Anonymous Oct 28 2012 6:38pm FLAG
Dont do it or you guys get jailed

the police Oct 28 2012 6:40pm FLAG
my sisters friend came over, she came so hard; i drank from her vag

lucky as F**** Oct 30 2012 8:44pm FLAG
just kill her

BOB-SAGET Nov 01 2012 5:41pm FLAG

Go Yourself Nov 01 2012 5:42pm FLAG
My Friends Sister always come in my bed when i sleepover and complains she has nightmares. One day i felt her jerking me off so i kept quiet and enjoyed. the next time i stayed. She has another what i think 'fake' nightmare. So this night as she went to jerk my c*ck i told her to wait for me in her room. I went in there and ed her senseless. We do this everytime . God, i love sleeping at my friends house.

The Luckiest Sleepover'er Ever Nov 04 2012 2:54pm FLAG
i came over to my sister and she humped the c*ck out of me

mystery Nov 04 2012 4:58pm FLAG
slip her some pills and fist her and just herrr

Nov 07 2012 10:20pm FLAG

o Nov 11 2012 3:40pm FLAG
I find that you need to go slow like someone else posted do a couple o little tests to see in how deeP of a sleep she is poke her nose lips check or run yOur finger along her neck I she wakes up or she rolls over wait longer you must wait until they do ont react at all. Kissing is easy be light and gental, same with touching the breast If you go slow she will not react at all and the you can gradually dO it faster or grip harder but be carful. Now the harder part is the vagina girls are very sensitive in ther vaginas and you must go super slow during this step if she is weary esalic wast band sweat pants that are loose tha is prime. The looser they are the Bette you can lif the wast up with out discerning her be gentle with he butt and be super careful getting through the panties to the vagina

Anonymous Nov 12 2012 7:16pm FLAG
O ya thinking and looking easy touching Hard

Cop 89 Nov 25 2012 9:45pm FLAG
It is sinful dont do it.

Ur good mind Nov 27 2012 11:24am FLAG
-------Step Sisters House------- OK, so i am and my step sister is only . My step brother is a year younger than me and sometimes i go stay at his house for 4 days. recently this passed weekend i wanted to feel her up in her sleep too. (don't worry, shes a step sister... it is not incest). Hours before she went to bed. she and i watched a movie together. And at the very start of the movie, there is a scene of a girl and a guy having sex. it was not awkward because me and her just laughed it off. i got A LITTLE HORNY FROM IT. But she was looking so hot in her tight yoga pants. Blonde babe in yoga pants.Big tits. yuuuum. Anyways, when she went to bed, i waited 2 hours before i came into her room. I was planning to feel her up in her booty, you know all blondes have nice booties. (Even though Anal sex sounds gross, its better than not using a condom, and getting her pregnant). Anyways, first time i went in there, she was laying on her back. i said to myself "well, you're not getting any ass feeling like that." only two taps she awoke. (one on the butt, then on the shoulder. "i said, damn this is going to be hard if she can wake up this damn easily." but i said i needed a pillow. she said okay. then i left. Then i went to the front room thinking of a new plan. Is there any way i can get her on her stomach? i asked myself. So about a whole hour later i went back in. she was still on her freikin back so i said.. "i need a blanket now." then when she game me a blanket she finally turned to her stomach. So i waited another hour so she can get back to sleep. Then when i came back in... there was a problem. She was on her stomach side but, the blanket was raped sort of around her body. So i slowly start to move the blanket. i look at her eyes and they open, i say "holly up. anyways, my next goal, all i wanted to do was get a penis grind on her booty. so i can get a rock hard boner and start jacking of in front of her. but when she started to get awoken by me tapping on her ass, she thought i was tapping on her for a question. so she took 3 seconds too stretch and she said "JERRY, WHAT DO YOU WANT!" I said "ohh, i just want some of your hot coco, is that alright?" (she's picky sometimes) Then she said "fine what ever, just leave, stop coming in my room." Surprisingly, i got scared cuz if she woke up again she would get 2X PISSED Off! so i left and never came back. So now you know she is not a deep sleeper, 2 taps can wake her up, and finally, she gets really really grumpy in her sleep, cut, but can get loud and wake everybody else up. BTW, she made coolaid earlier that night, so what do i do... put sleeping pills into her drink? can people be alergic to sleeping pills? IDK, i don't want her to get sick or anything, i just want to grind her ass pants on/pants off and cum on her face/tits. That's it, ANY TIPS GUYS!? Thanks, please reply as: "er Nighter" so i know ur talking to me, thanks. #ER LIFE!!!

er Nighter Dec 10 2012 7:22pm FLAG
you all perverts! Get a life!

hells angels Dec 12 2012 1:31pm FLAG
I want to do this to my sisters friend she is soo fit :) but she moves around a lot in her sleep :/ how am I ment to do this???

Hummm Dec 13 2012 5:19pm FLAG
Put sleep pill in her drink

ganct Dec 13 2012 6:33pm FLAG
I once just started fingering my cousin we were both and she woke up and she said go ahead and wanted to have sex we had sex for about two hours best time ever

mhmm.... Dec 16 2012 12:11am FLAG
I need help. My sisters friend is sleeping over and she is a light sleeper. I want to touch her but she is a light sleeper. I can barely get her blanket off if her. I need help with that. How to get a blanket off of her and then strip her. Please help

Acat Dec 22 2012 10:57pm FLAG
My sisters friend is and I'm and shes so ing night ever)!!!

Oh !!! Dec 23 2012 12:16am FLAG
I always stay round my cousins house, she is and I'm . When she sleeps I get close to her and pretend to be asleep incase she wakes. Then I wait about minutes and slip my hand in her knickers. I've fingered her a lot from doing this

BigJ Dec 23 2012 4:33pm FLAG
When I was over my friends house I snuck into his moms room when everyone fell asleep at 3am, she was divorced so it was just her in bed as I creeped to her bedside in silence. As I started rubbing her breast her nipples got hard, I knew then to reach up her dress and moved her panties over as I played with her cl*t. As she got wet I increased the intensity, soon enough she woke up and told me to eat her out or she'll tell Brandon (her son, my best friend) that she caught me touching her boobs while she was sleeping! Soon enough I was licking her ing ever since.

A person who got you Dec 30 2012 2:01am FLAG
My sisters and she keeps on waking up no matter what I do

l/ Jan 01 2013 10:05pm FLAG
I also have a sister that's she use to make up all the time but I some times have to pay her to let me rub her nipples n she falls alseep while I'm doing it so I get to rub her cl*t

Joker Jan 05 2013 5:12am FLAG
To get to the cl*t I have to just move da panties cuz my sister sleeps in her panties so is easier for me but I lick that all the time but I lick it slow n gentle but be carful she might wake up n slap you in da face or punch you or something for da boobs also got to be care full just lift up da shirt slowly n da bra just pull it down slowly n da nipples will be all urs

:-< Jan 05 2013 5:22am FLAG
If there on there sides while sleeping n have a blanket over them gently pull the blanket away if they start waking up quickly put ur hand over there mouth n pinch there nose they be struggling but when they stop it will put them to a deep sleep n then u can take of there clothes with out them waking up or even moving so then you can put ur Han in there ed her

The rapist Jan 05 2013 5:35am FLAG
If by any chance she wakes up just say I had a nightmare can I sleep with you n If she says ya or sure wait 5 or 10 minutes n check if she's asleep n check if she's breathing hard or soft if she's I'd she's asleep if she ain't wait another five minutes or no then go for da kill

Anonymous Jan 05 2013 6:08am FLAG
Um the rapist are you ing insanasylim

... Jan 06 2013 2:12am FLAG

The rapist Jan 07 2013 2:03am FLAG
What the did I just read.....?! o_O;

ofwgkta Jan 07 2013 4:58am FLAG
you can grab her d*ck and carefully grab her hand and put it in your pants and when shes on her back get on her carefully and hump hard

somone Jan 07 2013 3:13pm FLAG
i am sleepin wit my cousin

Anonymous Jan 07 2013 3:16pm FLAG
Last night she just started jerkin my c*ck I tried to her in the ass but she woke up because my dog started snoring.

l/ Jan 07 2013 6:54pm FLAG
Niquil won't even work on this birch

l/ Jan 07 2013 6:55pm FLAG
My Cousin is and I'm . Recently I have been thinking about girls body parts A LOT. I've even tried to rub a girls cl*t before. i.e. what you can do is go to your cousin or friend and tickle her, if she bends up laughing then tell her it is more effective bending down. Then next time you tickle her and she leans down quickly move your hand in-between their legs and rub their cl*t. That was just a side story and that girl is and didn't resist after the first time. Any ways my cousin is a deep sleeper, a blonde, ing nice ass, hot ass boobs, and the best body I've ever seen. But the only problem is she shares a room with her two younger sisters. Any body got an idea? And say @pottley so i know its me

Pottley ~~~~~ Jan 10 2013 7:23pm FLAG
This probably has no relevence for most situations, but one time when I was , I was staying at my hot cousin's house and she came in super-tired after returning from overseas on a RED EYE flight. She went straight to bed in the next room whilst I couldn't sleep after finding her sexy underwear all over her bedroom floor during a routine privacy invasion. I crept across the hall and slowly pushed her door open. It creaked like a mothering tired" and not just pretending or saying she is. You gotta read the signs right. I was very lucky.

The Moose Jan 13 2013 2:40am FLAG
when i was i came into my step sisters room and started feeling her up she started to wake so i just lied and said i need an extra pillow then when she went back to sleep i shoved my d*ck up her vag and f***** her all night

best night ever Jan 14 2013 5:42pm FLAG
My cousin is virgin last night i was sleeping with her, around midnight i touched her boobs and cheek want to touch , she is wake up or sleeping i doubt can any one give any idea

Roni Jan 16 2013 12:05am FLAG
One day i was with my cousin in car there are three members were in rare, my elbow was touching her big boobs i felt after min her boobs getting hot her heartbeat fast was she intersed in me and our thighs also rubbing to each other,then she covers her boobs with hand was she getting wet she is ,many times i touch her boobs what she feeling any advice

Tony Jan 16 2013 12:14am FLAG
i gave anal to my sleeping babysitter.

Anonymous Jan 20 2013 1:38am FLAG
This is not advice but, can someone please make a video step by step on how to to touch a sleeping girl without her waking up. It would be a lot easier... Thanks :)

Anal Geyser Jan 21 2013 10:05pm FLAG
I want to touch my sister too but i don't know how she would react if she wakes up. I wouldn't like to tell my mother about this..

some guu Jan 30 2013 3:36pm FLAG
I just came on my sisters tits!

Anonymous Jan 31 2013 5:43am FLAG
i like boobs

lesbian #1 Feb 02 2013 2:43pm FLAG
my cousin is and she fell asleep on the couch and i had a look down her top and rubbed her tits for a min then i wanted to go for her and got to her lips and i ran my finger through them, she was a little bit wet, it was amazing :O

Anonymous Feb 03 2013 12:44pm FLAG

lol Feb 09 2013 3:12pm FLAG
Some girls dont wake up l. Doesnt matter if you anal them hard. My gf has sexsomnia and if i out her hard near my d*ck it starts getting jacked off, she rubs her ass against mine. But she doesnt wake up at all. Its great and cumming inside of her feels so good. She has this think called sexsomnia.

Sexsomnia Feb 09 2013 8:00pm FLAG
This is rape & its even nastier that your doing it to family did you know that thats illegal

Anonymous Feb 10 2013 11:14pm FLAG
Time to man up and start having a relationship based on giving and not on taking

der brain Feb 11 2013 6:05am FLAG
i lick my 10 years old sister

lesbian Feb 12 2013 7:24pm FLAG
Give them some sleeping pills you'll be good to go

Someone Feb 15 2013 3:29pm FLAG
When I was about and my cousin was about I touched her boobs and kissed her while she slept, when she was I slept next to her and I touched her boobs and put her hand on my co*k, I try to go for the vag but she keeps moving when I do but she doesn't react when I put her hand on my bare c*ck, can I have advice on getting further (she is a deep sleeper)

Rex Feb 17 2013 5:26pm FLAG
Slowly go to ur sisters room and sleep in the bed saying her i hav a nightmare. Then wait for 1 hour. Then slowly open her shirt. Open her bra. Then u open ur pant. Take ur sisters hand and put it in ur c*ck. Then suck her boobs all night.

Saru Rai From purano gaighat. I also ed my brother. Feb 17 2013 6:02pm FLAG
First suck boobs slowly then began to suck hardly. If she didn't react then its time to touch her vagina. Slowly open her panties an pull it out. Then remove ur sis. hand 4rm ur c*ck and put ur c*ck on her vagina then slowly put ur c*ck.Do slow and hard

After sometime. She will wake up and say i want to u and im Feb 17 2013 6:09pm FLAG
Once my cousin was sleepin and I gave it to her Anal and she woke and told me not to stop then I pulled it out and stuck it down her throat and came

Dude Feb 17 2013 8:07pm FLAG
Wheres a good place to get sleeping pills?

UberHaxorNova Feb 19 2013 10:49pm FLAG
I'm and I wanna touch my sister but sher dog growls when the blanket moves. What can I do to touch my sister?

Tatum46z Feb 20 2013 2:23pm FLAG
Suck d*ck

meek mill Feb 20 2013 10:15pm FLAG
Should i my cousin she is very sexy how can she give response to me wat shud i do

Anonymous Feb 22 2013 11:38am FLAG
I love it when you wipe the outta me

Your Ass Feb 23 2013 10:38pm FLAG
so i wanna see some and my sister is and im i cant toch her cause she sleep with her dog and i cant get pass it without it growling help plz

saygiire Feb 24 2013 3:45am FLAG
just slowly poke her ass cheeks then her face then her thigh then the prize the vagina if you succeed pull her panties slowly down then massage it if she stirs pull em up and run if she does not lick it then take a pic or two of it then stick your penis in her mouth and lick her you get a 69.

titty Feb 24 2013 6:12pm FLAG
how do you get a sister to suck your penis

boobs Feb 24 2013 6:16pm FLAG
dear your ass get your sister to let the dog sleep with you and if she says yes lock the dog some where and go for the prize.

titty Feb 24 2013 6:20pm FLAG
how long should you give a girl to fall asleep in a deep sleep

boobs Feb 24 2013 6:22pm FLAG
just slowly poke her ass cheeks then her face then her thigh then the prize the vagina if you succeed pull her panties slowly down then massage it if she stirs pull em up and run if she does not lick it then take a pic or two of it then stick your penis in her mouth and lick her you get a 69. if she wakes up tell her how you really feel if she does not like it ask if she wants you to leave if she says no go back to work. if she says yes ask what she thought then leave.

titty 2 Feb 24 2013 6:25pm FLAG
ate my first

boobs Feb 24 2013 7:24pm FLAG

boobs Feb 24 2013 7:25pm FLAG
Lick butthole.... they never wake up

master Feb 24 2013 10:50pm FLAG
I my sister

Ofwgkta Feb 25 2013 12:54am FLAG
other than that

boobs Feb 25 2013 3:58pm FLAG
I'm reporting this to the police. You people are sick

Anonymous Feb 26 2013 11:44pm FLAG
my sister goes to bed with a 100 watt bulb, shes a light sleeper !

havehue Feb 27 2013 6:36am FLAG
kom on yew peepl.lets av sum edukashun erer. lirn ow to spel ! its knot ard to doo, jus koncertate a litl bit and you will find it very rewarding in the long will be able to read and write to all your friends (if you have any)and to your sisters telling them how sorry you are for thinking of them as sex objects.

dunnit Feb 27 2013 6:43am FLAG
Just go to the store and buy this thing called me melatonin liquid then pour it on her drink then after a half hour she will go to sleep then you make ur move they sell these product at gnc it works really good when she goes to sleep do anything you she won't feel anything

Random Mar 01 2013 8:21pm FLAG
me and my friend have this agreement were one of us will sleep for 7mins and the other feels them and stuff ecsept I don't sleep and man is it ever good we started this when we were both were booth grls

random chick Mar 05 2013 12:05am FLAG
me and my friend have this agreement were one of us will sleep for 7mins and the other feels them and stuff ecsept I don't sleep and man is it ever good we started this when we were both were booth grls

random h0rrny chick Mar 05 2013 12:17am FLAG
Am and my sisters 19 fine sets of tits c cup n her ass is huge and sleeps fully ***** she drinks tea before going to bed and I mix one sleeping pill n gives me about 1 hour of play I stick a condom on and s me

holla Mar 07 2013 4:02pm FLAG
I am and my sister is how do I get into her room when her door and floor are loud

Anonymous Mar 10 2013 9:56pm FLAG
Ok so what you need to do is find a reason to sleep next to them or sneak in there roomand make sure there asleep if they are light sleepers then slip them a sleeping pill they will NE out then make sure they are totally asleep then start with the tits touch and squeeze if they do t stir go down to the inner thigh my mom sleeps with panties on so I start with rubbing her cl*t if they don't have a change in breathing move her panties and spread her now if she's not wet get your finger wet and slip one or 2 fingers in and if she still don't Stir keep fingering her now get up and spread her legs and stick you c*ck in and duck her slowly I've done this many times and now we do it when she's awake we have sex very often and she does anything I love her right cont

big c*ck Mar 13 2013 10:14pm FLAG
My moms friend was passed out drunk on our couch ine night and her kids were their too. They were fairly young and i was (older then them) so i suggested we play a game where we move their mom, taking turns pushing slightly harder eaxch time-this way, i found out how easy it would be to feel her. Later i went out and lifted her shirt, sucked her nipples, felt her vagina, stuck my d*ck in her mouth then jacked off.

great night Mar 14 2013 8:33pm FLAG

Anonymous Mar 15 2013 8:00pm FLAG
I have a lil cuzin who iz she seems to be a light sleeper how do i get in dere now and touch her

Anonymous Mar 15 2013 8:02pm FLAG
I really want to my friend sister how do I in her sleep

bitch Mar 17 2013 2:36pm FLAG
Jusy go in there for the kill you jerk

Big T Mar 25 2013 10:16am FLAG
Guys.. See basically my cousin sleeps nextdoor, and i sleep in the same room with my lil bro, so i can't use the nightmare excuse, she looks like a light sleeper nowadays, i used to play with her body last year, i'm n she's a year yunger than i am. N i wana feel her so i need some help.

Tsu-miester Mar 25 2013 10:19am FLAG

JJ Flip Mar 27 2013 12:32am FLAG
A few weeks ago I was sleeping and at about 2am I wake up to someone giving me head so I look down and it was my sister she nowticed I saw her and said u want me to stop I told her no and thn I told her I wanted her to take all her cloths off she said ok so she climes above me with her boobs in my face and said suck so I did thn after about five mins she went lower (ps both of us have no cloths on and she is a step sister) and she tells me to go all the way and then I said yes so she said be right back and slowly walked into her room and got a condom and came back she told me to stand up so I did and she sucked for like minutes then put the condom on me and then she laid on her back on my bed and I f**ked her for a hour then she said tommarrow in her room and left the next day I went in her room at about 7pm because our parents left for 5 days earlyer that day so we are home alone ps both so we just had sex for a half hour then we both ate then after we both finished she grabbed another condom and dragged me in the shower and we both took out cloths of and got in and I grabbed sucked and licked her d cup boobs then she put the condom on me and I put her on the wall and f**ked her till the hot water was gone thn we dryed off and just had sex like crazy and then she layed me on my back and she layed on me with her vag in my face and my c*ck in hers and we 69 for a while then after that we had normal sex then we fell asleep on her bed with my c*ck I'm her vag. And I woke up first and woke her up and we ate brushed our teeth and then had sex almost all day in so many different position so that Happend all 5 day our parents where gone and now we usually do it wen ever we have the chance

Luck step bro Mar 30 2013 9:21pm FLAG
Well, u see i did a little research and found that its not easy to catch a person in deep sleep, what u can do is wait till she'e asleep, test by drawing on her hand or touching her ass or smth. but it's easy to wake her just like that. i recorded my sister in the shower and showed it to her and threatened to post it online if she didnt do what i say. then i touched her all over HOT TIP!!!! Don't ever,ever be ashamed of playing dirty!

Hoorah!!! Apr 01 2013 8:03pm FLAG

bro Apr 01 2013 8:45pm FLAG

Hoorah!!! Apr 02 2013 12:17am FLAG
you could also do it by sliding your hand up her during swimming

HELLYEAH Apr 02 2013 12:20am FLAG
u have this Extremely Beautiful tutor with nice round boobs and a pair of pink nips, she sometime's shows a bit cleavage through her button down shirt, no bra. so one day in the class wit a few other hot girls i stroked her thigh and when she didn't complain but smile, i stroked the inside and slid my have round her and rubbed her breasts, then after the lesson, (last of the day) she led my into the pantry, locked the door and stroked my c+ck and sucked it, tit and right in her vag best ever. we did it a few times see, sometimes, u gotta take the risk u know, to hit the jackpot

LOL Apr 03 2013 8:13pm FLAG
Nice advices, might try em myself

I want some of dat Apr 05 2013 3:35am FLAG
Last night my step sister's friend stayed the night we are allwe were all watching a movie and my sister friend fell asleep on the couch in booty shorts and a loose tank top with out a bra and after my sister nowticed her friend sleep she went in her room to sleep and me and Sara were the only ones in there now after the movie ended I turned every thing off and slowly walked over to Sara and the straps of her tank top were on the side of her arms showing most of her boob so I decided to slowly pull it down more and she didn't even move or wake up and now I could see her big boobs I slowly rubed around her nipple and she didn't wake up then I heard foot steps down the hall and I jumped on the other couch and acted asleep and it was my step Sis I heard her wakeing up her friend then I heard her say he is sleeping come on then Sara woke up after a few more try's I heard foot steps walking torwds me and I was in loose basket ball shorts wen all the sudden I felt my pants slowly going down then my boxers I still pretended sleeping then I felt someone lick the tip wen then I get a huge boner and after that someone started giving me head I sqwinted one eye to see who it was sara after a few minutes she stopped and someone started stocking my c*ck and I sqwinted again it was my sister that also had big boobs and nice ass then I figured I wanted some and acted like I woke up and got them both to take their shirts off now I could see both their boobs and thy turned and whisperd for a moment and turned and looked at me and took off their pants and they picked all their cloths up and told me to grab mine and also said to follow them and we went to my sisters room and sare put me on the bed on my back and she then said never mind stand up so I did and she bent over on the bed and said ok so I figured she wanted my to give anal so I did and as I did that my sister came over and took my hand and put it on her boobs so I grabbed and played with her boobs for a lil then took it off and put both hands on Sara's ass and after I finished my sister came over and did the same as I gave her anal Sara just watched then I stopped after a little and sara looked at me smiled and layed on her back and said ed her like crazy and later I went to my room and slept and this morning I woke up both parents at work and I nowticed Sara laying in my bed and I woke her up and when I did she got up and later at her mom said she was picking sara up and As her mom pulled in the drive way Sara came to me and made out with me and said call me later too hook up and left

Lucky er Apr 06 2013 11:54pm FLAG
A few weeks ago I was sleeping and I get a call at 3am and I'm 18 and I got a call it was my sister I ignored it and slept thn she kept calling I finaly answer and she asks me to pick her and 3 friends up at the bar because all them were drunk and needed a drive home so I said fine and put in my white t-shirt and left I got there and her and her friends got in and her friend Brittany sat next to me and she was fine and my sister kayle sat in the back with Jessica and makenna so I asked where I was taking them kayle said her house so I said ok and after a minute britany put her hand on my leg and slowly slid it over on my c*ck and rubbed till I got a hard on then she pulled my pants down just below my c*ck and sucked on it then I started thinking and remembered my Sis in the back and said britany stop my sister is here she said she told her to I looked in the mirror and Jessica and makenna were looking and my Sis was looking out the window and I was almost to the house wen I looked back again and my sister was looking at my c*ck when we got to the house they got me to get out car and come in too and wen we got in Brittany pulled my pants down put me on the couch and sucked like crazy as my sisters other friends made out and Brittany stopped and said who want to go first and I asked for what and they said I will see and Jessica said me and took all her cloths off and then my sister says no if it wasn't for me he wouldn't be here and took her cloths of and got on her hand and knees and said come on devin and I was about to say no then thought about how good she looked and I was gonna go anal but she said find her vagina so I did and I started all night

Big bro Apr 07 2013 12:13am FLAG
I don't believe any of the stuff above. But anyway, i've never creeped anybody in my life. But I could if I wanted to. There's a trick to doing this, and here is the formula if you want to perv somebody it ha worked before with people. 1. you must be staying at the house overnight. 2. You have to put 2 sleeping tablets in her last before she goes to bed and make sure that they're dissolved (2 will clock you out for hours) 3. After she drank the drink with the pills in dissolved in it, make sure she goes to bed. 4. once in bed, wait an hour and a half before going into her room. 5. pinch her toes as hard as you can to make sure that she's asleep. 6.Always bring a marker in case she wakes up (which is really unlikely after two sleeping tablets) so you can just make it look like you were going to draw on her face as a prank. 7. If she's a virgin (you can tell if she has a hymen) do not put anything in her vagina(you can feel it with your d*ck and suck it though.) 8.Always record what you do to her. 9. Always bring a condom in case you want to put it in her ass hole.(it is recommended you do it softly as you do not want to make her sore) 10.Only move her in different positions twice. .Do it for about an hour. . Always finish in her mouth and make sure she swallows the cum. . Take a bra and a pair of panties from her drawer as a reward. .If she's very wet after you're done clean her up and put her back the way you found her. . you can also go twice if you want, after you cum the first time wait 20 - 30 minutes and do stuff to her again. *if you have any improvements to this plan (im not going to do this btw)post them here.

anonymous Apr 07 2013 9:38am FLAG
I tryed this a few times and last night was the best it was hot in the house and she went to bed topless and in spandex booty shorts she told no one to go in her room while she was sleeping because what she was wearing so she feel asleep and I snook into her room at 2:30ish and she was on her back and I saw her d sized boobs and I quietly walked to her bed and rubed her arm to see if she was sleeping and she didn't even move so I put my hand on her nice boobs then my other hand and slowly rubbed then her tits got hard and Healy sucked on them btw she is a year older and as I was playing with her boobs she started rolling over so I got out quickly and quitly I came back a half hour later and she was on her stomach so I rubbed her arm again and she didn't move so I saw her nice big ass and I started rubing it and sqeezing it then I saw her face on the side of the bed and her mouth was open so i slowly put my c*ck in her mouth and cumed So it's easy if she's a deep sleeper

Sister lover Apr 07 2013 9:41am FLAG
I agree with the guy anonymous. i think u guys are just posting fantasies. The only plan that would work is from the guy anonymous.

titmouse Apr 07 2013 9:43am FLAG
@Titmouse true true, guys if you're reading this don't be posting fantasies just take anonymous's plan and do it.

fantasies aren't real Apr 07 2013 9:47am FLAG
All you have to do is make sure she's breathing loudish or snoreing if so she is probably in deep sleep then you have to call her name quitly then shake her a lil if she doesn't move or her breath doesn't Change u have to start at her ass rub it a little a soft squeeze ect. then u have to see the kind of cloths she wearing if it loose you can touch her boobs but don't be to ruff it will wake her so if she doesn't wake up you can do a lot but If she's a virgin don't do a thing with her vagina depending on what she is wearing and the way she is sleeping you can touch lick qentaly suck or rub her boobs and touch her butt and if she has her mouth open you can prob put your d*ck in her mouth it's realy easy I do this to my sister all the time she never woke up during it my sister usually sleeps with our a bra and a realy loose tank top and tight booty shorts she also has big boobs and a realy nice ass so I do all the things I just told u to do and she has to be a deep sleeper

Secret Apr 07 2013 9:57am FLAG
@secret whether thats true or not doing it to ur cousin is acceptable but even comtemplating on doing it to ur sister is just plain sick.

facepalm Apr 07 2013 11:27am FLAG

tvrce Apr 07 2013 12:18pm FLAG
Im thinking about doing it, i just need an excuse to stay at my cousins house, thanks anonymous :)

punypiesmmm Apr 07 2013 12:25pm FLAG
i Done it to my 20 year old sister before. i put sleeping pills in her drink which belonged to my mother and she was absolutely out of it. You couldnt wake her up at all, its like shes unconcious or in a coma or something. and no im not sick puniepies, ok big deal my sister is female, im male, males are attracted to females. incest should be scrapped as a word. i didn't hurt anybody, i didn't even hurt my sister by doing this cause she dosen't even know it happened. unless she goes onto this computer and sees this through my history so im going to delete my history now.

imnotsickitsnatural Apr 07 2013 12:31pm FLAG
@facepalm she is my step sister but our parents arnt married

Secret Apr 07 2013 6:24pm FLAG
Sick people

. Apr 09 2013 3:20am FLAG
lol i tracked down the guy who asked this question to his youtube account, after type /user/heydaniel95

anon Apr 09 2013 2:27pm FLAG
no wonder he touches girls hes so ugly

anon Apr 09 2013 2:28pm FLAG
@Anonymous thank you so much! youre advice really helped! i finally perved my cousin! thank u so much! ur plan worked perfectly! here's what I done:my mom is prescribed on sleeping -tablets and I robbed two of them. Sometimes I go to my cousin Billies House and I play video games with him. Last week I stayed there for the very first time over night. But anyway, I have an 18 year old cousin Andrea. She's sexy, now i don't mean she's an absolute milf but she’s sexy ok, she's good looking too. Last week I stayed there and it was late. She was having a milk drink before going to bed and I was playing video games, she was preparing the drink and when she left for a second I put the two sleeping tablets in her drink. Some time later she went to bed after drinking the drink. Then an hour and a half later at approximately 1 am. I went into her room and to make sure she was out of it, I squeezed her toes (which is a good trick to see if someone’s asleep or not) To my delight there was no response, she was in a very deep sleep thanks to the sleeping pills. She was absolutely out of it and I knew I wouldn’t be caught. I then took off her night blouse and her pyjama pants and her black knickers (she wasn’t wearing a bra) I then began to do sexual acts to her (I DID NOT PUT MY PENIS INSIDE HER VAGINA AS THAT WOULD OF BROKEN HER HYMEN AS SHE'S A VIRGIN AND CLAIMS TO BE A VIRGIN. BY THE WAY SHE HAS SOME ASS, ITS NICE AND TIGHT, MAN THAT ASS) I then turned her on her front and put her in a doggy style position. She only ways about nine stone so she wasn’t hard to move. I then felt her ass and smelled her ass ,put a finger in her ass, then sucked my finger, licked out her ass, felt my d*ck off her ass and so forth. Then I put on a condom which I had obtained earlier and shoved my d*ck softly and slowly in her ass. It was hard to get my d*ck in her ass as I had to expand the hole, but I managed to do it. I ing her in the mouth and I cummed in her mouth and made sure she swallowed it. It felt so good, and what was better was I recorded it all with a video recorder. I then cleaned her up and put her back the way she was. I then went to her drawer and helped myself to a bra and a pair of knickers as a reminder. I felt kind of guilty first but then the guilt wore off. The whole thing lasted for about an hour. I then went off and had a shower. The next day she got up at about 2 pm which was expected from the sleeping pills. And she didn’t know a thing of what I done to her, she was in a happy mood. I might do it again sometime. Hopefully she’ll lose her virginity by then so I can put my d*ck in her vagina. What made me happy is she dosen't even know it happened. "What you dont know can't hurt you".

youjustgotownedbitch Apr 09 2013 2:35pm FLAG
By the way, I don't believe any of the stuff above, but anyway I'm and my mom is prescribed on sleeping -tablets and I robbed two of them. Sometimes I go to my cousin Billies House and I play video games with him. Last week I stayed there for the very first time over night. But anyway, I have an 18 year old cousin Andrea. She's sexy, now i don't mean she's an absolute milf but she’s sexy ok, she's good looking too. I had a plan on how I wanted to you know perv her. I was always afraid of the plan because the house is "haunted" cause there's weird things coming out on photographs and all things like that. But anyway, Last week I stayed there and it was late. She was having a milk drink before going to bed and I was playing video games, she was preparing the drink and when she left for a second I put the two sleeping tablets in her drink. Some time later she went to bed after drinking the drink. Then an hour and a half later at approximately 1 am. I went into her room and to make sure she was out of it, I squeezed her toes (which is a good trick to see if someone’s asleep or not) To my delight there was no response, she was in a very deep sleep thanks to the sleeping pills. She was absolutely out of it and I knew I wouldn’t be caught. I then took off her night blouse and her pyjama pants and her black knickers (she wasn’t wearing a bra) I then began to do sexual acts to her (I DID NOT PUT MY PENIS INSIDE HER VAGINA AS THAT WOULD OF BROKEN HER HYMEN AS SHE'S A VIRGIN AND CLAIMS TO BE A VIRGIN. BY THE WAY SHE HAS SOME ASS, ITS NICE AND TIGHT, MAN THAT ASS) I then turned her on her front and put her in a doggy style position. She only ways about nine stone so she wasn’t hard to move. I then felt her ass and smelled her ass ,put a finger in her ass, then sucked my finger, licked out her ass, felt my d*ck off her ass and so forth. Then I put on a condom which I had obtained earlier and shoved my d*ck softly and slowly in her ass. It was hard to get my d*ck in her ass as I had to expand the hole, but I managed to do it. I ing her in the mouth and I cummed in her mouth and made sure she swallowed it. It felt so good, and what was better was I recorded it all with a video recorder. I then cleaned her up and put her back the way she was. I then went to her drawer and helped myself to a bra and a pair of knickers as a reminder. I felt kind of guilty first but then the guilt wore off. The whole thing lasted for about an hour. I then went off and had a shower. The next day she got up at about 2 pm which was expected from the sleeping pills. And she didn’t know a thing of what I done to her, she was in a happy mood. I might do it again sometime. Hopefully she’ll lose her virginity by then so I can put my d*ck in her vagina. What made me happy is she dosen't even know it happened. "What you dont know can't hurt you".

titmouse Apr 09 2013 2:37pm FLAG
Rubbing my sister right now...

Oh yeah Apr 11 2013 6:55pm FLAG

Bbvhgfgv Apr 11 2013 6:55pm FLAG
Lick it gently

JackHasASack Apr 11 2013 6:55pm FLAG
Just finished feeling mine on her sleep

A guy Apr 11 2013 7:09pm FLAG
gay gay gya gay gay gay gay gay gay gay gay gay gay gay gay

gay gay gay Apr 12 2013 1:29pm FLAG
God dammit my sisters friends over and I'm trying to figure out how to do it!! It's intense!! Lol

The guy with a penis Apr 13 2013 2:01am FLAG
Did it with 4 different girls. One was my sisters friend who slept over a like twice in 2 months and i was abt and she was till abt when i was . I saw her boobs grow bigger to where they are now i licked it and her vag too. It was opposite she used to shave when she was she grew older she stopped shaving.anyway u have to see if she sleeps fine.i suggest start pokingbherbleg softly then caressingbit.if she dsnt move. Look at her breathing patern. Then try touching her vaj or boobs.outside the shrt. And u can move on from there to the boobs or pubic area first then if all is clear move to lip then cl*t. If all is ok and u feel more comfortable u can lick and sux boobs.lightly. there were a couple of times she moved my hand when i was touching her vaj butbi waited 5mins and i can guessing its a reflex and smetimes she oilled down her shrt when i was touchingbboobs. Butbi guess its normal like whn smethjng itches in ur sleep.u still scratch it. Just remember to wait. Never kiss her on the lips. Its sensitive and when i did that she opened her eyes a lil but. And i backed away quick pretendingbi was sleeping.this happend 3 tjmes.all3 times sge opened her eyes butbi dunno if she was y awake. Second was my older cousin. She was light sleeper and was hard never got to her skin just above her clothes and just once. Third was another cousin. Pretended to be afraid coz of horror movie. She was ok with me hugging and kissing her.not on lips when or before we sleep. So i held her and when it was time i slipped my hands everywhere. Im not sure if she knew and just didnt wanna make a scene but i touched her everwhere to the point where she was alk wet on vajajay and sucked nipples down to stomach and just fingered her. Didnt knowbif she was a virgin that time so i didnt put my finger in. I was just playing with her cl*t and sucking her nipples. I tried fk her her teeth was closed . That kne i dunno if she knows coz shes wet and never moves or does anything. Do women still get wet while they sleep when u finger her? Thats my questikn.or does she know and just likes it too. Coz im confused i asked her if she wants to make out with me but she said we were cuzins and she couldnt but why wud she let me do alk that if she knows thatbi do that to her. So do women get wet when u finger them while they sleep?not counting the wetness from dreams. Third was my vousing again. I was touching her shorts outside on the vajajay part. She moved and i stopped for a while and then proeced with the rubbing of legs then found out that she slipped both hands in shorts and left room in the middle and i proceded to caress oubic hair and touched the cl*t for just 1 second and pulled back out ryt away. Was scared. Dunno why. Secind days she slept in a duster and saw her legs wide open. Took photos and touched her vajajay outside panties. But it was tight and had hard time goin in for more.but she slept like that that night so i just took photos. I try to make moves in her when shes awake as ajoke but dsnt seem intobit and calls me a maniac. Butbyah just sharing so i guess it really depends on the girl and ur guts.

cousin lover Apr 13 2013 3:42am FLAG
just stop now this is all lies dont read anything off this page!

Th truth has set me free Apr 13 2013 1:33pm FLAG
I tried it one it was successful but was still a learner and didn't know what I was doing the next time I tried she woke up then I made the excuse that I wanted her phone

no homo Apr 13 2013 4:52pm FLAG
need some advice im on one sofa and my step sister is on the other she is sleeping i want to touch her up but i dont want to wake her how do i do it

i love step sister Apr 13 2013 7:07pm FLAG
You guys are all ing pervs like wtf is wrong with you

Not a perv Apr 14 2013 12:50pm FLAG
I was over at my bros house and he has a super hot sister so while I was over there his sister said she was goin to bed so wen my friend fell asleep I snuck into her room and touched her face and stomach to see if she was asleep she's a heavy sleeper apparently so I took the blanket off her and took her clothes off I put my d*ck in her mouth and came in there I also took some pictures on my phone for rememberence of that night

Captain C*ck Apr 14 2013 2:54pm FLAG
@captain coc ur a sausage it never happened get over it. -_-

everything on this page never happened Apr 14 2013 4:36pm FLAG
my friends mum said i can stay over so at about 3am i went in to her room i carefully took the blanket of her started to rub her nipples i put my c*ck in her mouth started to lick her she then woke up she said if you keep on licking me ill tell your friendd what you have done so we have be having sex every time i gi around there

friends mum Apr 14 2013 4:48pm FLAG
i had to stay with my step mum so late at night i went into her into her bed she had thoungs on i took the off i kiss her on the lips shs did not wake up then i put my tough into t her mouth atfer that i rubed her nipples then suck the yummy then i put my c*ck im her mouth cum over her then made her like it.she woke up i started kissing and snogging her and she liked i lick her then we had sex 22 weeks later i done the same with her daughter

step lover Apr 14 2013 6:24pm FLAG
Be a normal **** boy and date some one

Anonymous Apr 14 2013 7:20pm FLAG
I only did it once and as I was touching her butt she woke up and said wtf where u doing I told her I was looking for my sock your dog took it and went on your bed she says thn why was your hand on my butt I told her I didn't know it was her I couldn't see and she just said oh ok and went to sleep

Anonymous Apr 16 2013 3:48pm FLAG
So I had it all planned out I made u stay up real late one night knowing my parents would wake my step sis up early so the next night I did the same and after she slept a hour I snook in her room and she was wearing some pink spandex under where things then I touched her ass a lil to see if she would stay asleep and she also had just a the tank top so that is wen I went for her boobs The tank top was realy loose so her boobs wher almost out but to get more I pulled it a lil more to see all it then gently rubbed it and after a lil I got the nerve to lick her nipple so I did and then stop to see if her breathing was the same thn I sucked her boobs a little

Lucky step bro Apr 16 2013 4:42pm FLAG
trying to sleep withmy best friend tonight without pills what do i do, shes 18 massive tits, im . ive touched her licked her vag and fingered her but she wakes up during the licking, how do i keep her asleep?`?

themidnight er Apr 19 2013 10:14am FLAG
step sisters mate sleeping around i wont to play with her tit how dont i wake her up

ilovemarystitxx Apr 20 2013 4:05pm FLAG
This is all horrible. Stop this before you're all arrested. This is illegal, immoral, and unethical. Please consider the potential consequences of your actions before you act! This is wrong and don't do any of it!

ByGodstopthis Apr 21 2013 8:01am FLAG
loL none of this is true, its fiction -_-

. Apr 26 2013 4:23pm FLAG
yeah so?! who cares as long as there's smth to read?!

yo bro!! Apr 28 2013 12:00am FLAG
just wait for time intervals for about 1-2 minutes before touching her again. .. :D

:D May 02 2013 8:32am FLAG
Is it safe to have sex with year virgin cousin after giving her sleeping pills.., for how many hours it works .,, or any other idea

Yamee May 05 2013 10:47am FLAG
I want to touch my cousin's vagina dahm shes ing already came 3 times in a row ready in ma dreams

tickler May 06 2013 3:15pm FLAG
my cousin was sleeping with my sister..i wanted to touch my cousin so bad ..i picked up my sister...throwed her out the window....and went hardcore on my cousin

Anonymous May 06 2013 8:45pm FLAG
lol ty for the etertainment you guys are a bunch of nasty s this is soo grose

Anonymous May 09 2013 5:01pm FLAG
wow this thread makes me feel like such a good person

disgusted May 10 2013 5:32pm FLAG
my Sisters friend is over right now - im going for the kill - thanks 4 advice

#WINNING May 10 2013 9:35pm FLAG
My step sister just fell asleep and she has a nice ass and big tits I just walked in there to ask her something and she was topless and had booty shorts on sleeping cause she was up all night so wen every one else falls asleep im gonna go in there and suck on her boobs and sqeez her ass thn if she is breathing the same I'm gonna try putting my d*ck in her mouth ill comment what Happend later and I might even boob f**k her if i feel lucky

Anonymous May 11 2013 5:18pm FLAG
Btw I for got to put my name in its me

Me May 11 2013 5:19pm FLAG
So wen me and my sis were little she gave me a bj and so I have a iPod so I got a text app and messages her saying if you don't do what I say I'm gonna tell the school about you sucking your brothers d*ck so she replied please don't and I said then go in your brothers room show him this then leave and then she did and I acted shocked then she left and said ok I did and I said ok so go and buy some condoms then message me back so then I heard her ask the parents to go walk around and then I heard the door close and she came back 30ish minutes later then she replied back and said I did and I said ok now later tonight go in your brothers room take your shirt off then tell him to be quite and read this text and then tell him to suck on your boobs and later that night that is exactly what Happend then the next day I texted her at about 10 saying Is your parents asleep she said yes y and I replied ok now go to your brothers room again with a condom and show him this text and then you guys will start making out on the bed then take your cloths off and put the condom on him and make out more and then start having sex while kissing and making out and then that is what Happend and I still do this and it's already been a year almost

A guy May 11 2013 5:33pm FLAG
You people shouldnt do this I did 2 times the second time as I was licking my step sis boobs she woke up and it was to dark for her to see me so I ran out closed the door layed in my bed and acted asleep then a few weeks later I got a new gf and after we dated 3weeks we started having sex just trust me it's risky and drugging people gets you sent to jail if cought

None yo dam* business May 11 2013 5:44pm FLAG
All you people calling people sick then saying its all fake y r u reading it then

Thinker May 11 2013 5:45pm FLAG
I give my sister a sleeping pill in her drink, next thing spark out, i shaked her hard to see if she wakes up n she didnt budge so irubbed my d*ck all over her, getting her tits out n parting her knickers, touching her jerk, knowing i molested my yearold sister makes me smile cus she mega fit

jason May 12 2013 1:52am FLAG
All I do is make sure she is in deep sleep and she is a deep sleeper so yea but I walk in her room late at night close her door the rub my d*ck on her and touch her boobs and ass and once I put my d*ck in her mouth and she closed it and i wanted to be safe so waited for her to open it and I don't care cause I felt her jerking me off and giving me bj in my sleep many times

Billy May 13 2013 5:53pm FLAG
I have been reading this page for months and it has help me a lot I have used all the tricks to see if she was in deep sleep and it worked and I just don't go for her vajina because she Is a virgin but I have made out with my step sisters friends and her and licked sucked grabbed her and her friends boobs and most have big boobs and I have touched their ass and chummed on them and rubbed my di*k on them and put it in their mouth it's is very easy for me now cause I have done it many times and her and her friends are mostly deep sleepers so thank you guys a lot oh btw I once got cought touching her friends boobs and she told me if I don't do her in her butt she would tell my sister and my parents

Devin k May 13 2013 6:05pm FLAG
Im not against it but not for it but just make sure not to get caught or get a gf and you get the rest

Hi May 13 2013 6:41pm FLAG
yeah... got caught a few times... didn't end well

yo bro!! May 14 2013 7:01am FLAG
^me to but you know it but my sister never told and never got caught bye her friends

The bro May 14 2013 1:14pm FLAG
I have read this page for a long time and tryed most the things and put some things to getter and have done so much just not for her vagina but she is a deep sleeper and I do anything almost I usually just put my c*ck in her mouth or put her hand on it and she usually sleeps in underware and a loose a$$ bra so I rub her ass and boobs make out with her in her sleep and lick her boobs and sometimes suck cause I don't want her to wake up and once in a while she closes her hand and moves it a little so she might be up but I don't know but I have videos of it and I also have a video of her licking and massaging her boobs cause she had some on her phone and pictures so I'm a luck bro and I cumm in her mouth and she just stays sleeping

A luck **** May 14 2013 5:51pm FLAG
I don't believe some of these but I do to that one^

Dgk May 14 2013 7:34pm FLAG
So over summer my sister friend stayed the night we all stayed up till 10am but I couldn't sleep and after a few hours I went in the basement where they were sleeping (btw my parents are at work) I saw that her friend didn't have a bra on and I could easily get her shirt up it was super loose so I slowly lifted it and I now could see all her boob and I slowly rubbed it and sucked and did what ever I wanted with them them took a few pics so then I left her shirt up went up stairs ate then went back down her shirt was still up so I woke her up and said umm your shirt is off and she started saying plz don't say anything to any one I'll do any thing I said ok let me motor boat you and make out with you while grabbing your a$s and a couple other things and we went up stairs and I took my phone out clicked record stood it up to we're we we're gonna be and told her to come in my room and she had her shirt on and I started by making out with her and took her shirt off and did some stuff and got her to have sex with me it was a amazing night

Best night ever May 14 2013 8:04pm FLAG
Any 1 else have any successful storIes?

Sosababeey May 15 2013 1:23pm FLAG
Me and my sister talk about our sex lives alot and she said her boy friends never let her blow them and I said I'll let u jokingly and she said ok and I said r u joking and she said yea and it became a habbit and she now sucks all the time

Anonymous May 15 2013 4:46pm FLAG
once went campin with some friends and there was this girl who was soooooo hot and she chose to be in a tent with me so that night when everybody was asleep she woke me up sayin she can't sleep and told me to tell her a story. i'm she's . then i didn't know what story to tell her so i talked about a sex tale. she started biting her lower lip and pulling at her shirt. i asked if she was ok,leaning in close. then she pulled me to her so that her boobs were pressing against my chest and she kissed me and rubbed the bottom of my hard c+ck. i gently rubbed her nips as we kissed an she suck me soooo hard i came all over her. have wild sex all night, and almost coundn't wake up next morn. then i thought it was a dream until she dropped by when i was alone and watched a hot DVD with me while having sex. best ever. now sh'e my GF :)

random guy May 16 2013 2:15am FLAG
I am i went to my cousins party and i stayed after for a sleep over my cousins friends are bomb they have a big ass and tits so i went into the room and started to feel them up and the two girls i was feeling woke at the same time i got s so scared but they grabbed me and started to jurk me off so i let them do it and just right after us three started to have vaginal anal oral sex i was really lucky and my cousin woke up and was supriesd so she her two friends were doing that so she told me why they were doing that and i said i just got lucky it was the best en chicks i came all over them and they licked it all off they siad my d*ck was good 8==✊👊D💦😅😅

Some guy May 18 2013 12:16am FLAG
I need some help, my cousins a light sleeper and wakes up whenever I go for the kill, advice?

who gives a May 19 2013 1:15pm FLAG
How do i get the girl to take a pill

Anonymous May 19 2013 3:52pm FLAG
put it in a drink

who gives a May 20 2013 2:53pm FLAG
Yall r fukd up go out pull some bitchs n get sum u jus gotta b slick n ask for wht u want u would b surprised how often bitchs wanna fuk

Realtalk May 21 2013 11:23pm FLAG
i ed my mom

Anonymous May 22 2013 11:02pm FLAG
when i was i spent the night at my auntys house for christmas break,my younger sexy cousins sara and i were up drinking liquor after her mom went to sleep. Sara started kissing me we ed Sara I bust the hugest load on her!

Anonymous May 22 2013 11:12pm FLAG
One day my younger cousin started flirting and making out with me. That night I clapd her virgin pumpum all night,and he said she loves me and would do anything for me .next week i told her i wanted to clapup her ass she said no it will hurt. so i expained that i would love to cum on her face everyday sleeping or awake,she said okay.Then i started asking more crazy things to do shes still agreed to most.finally i said im going to replace some of your final proactive cream with my own cum and agreed. i honesly still cant believe it myself ! my cousin is way more freaky than me. eversince last year everyday shes been cleaning her face with proactive and appling the special cream afterwards. i wonder if her real friends can smell the pissactive on her. ps much love cuzz

Raymond May 23 2013 12:24am FLAG
hey raymond! where do u live? can u plz give me ur no. or some info about u. bcause i was thinking to meet u.

prachi May 23 2013 9:23am FLAG
How do u touch a girls vaginu at school while walking with out her noticing

Random May 23 2013 4:01pm FLAG
How to have sex with a teacher that is not a slutty teacher

GJ May 23 2013 8:19pm FLAG
It's actually rather simple, my tutor was no slut but in the end, a woman would always have some time that they need a man to be there for them, you have to have a plan beforehand. First, you'll need to be good friends with her, make her feel nice when she's with you and that you care for her a lot, then, you move in closer till she t and you talks about your personal lives even after school on Facebook or chats. After a while like this, it's going to get easier of you are in Brit or the states, people are more open here. Try to look for signs that she's lonely or not cared for and then you move in for the kill. Of maybe she's gonna come to you, who knows

Hey guys May 24 2013 8:51pm FLAG
Dude my sister is out and I just left her room from the second time today she had a t shirt on with out a bra and some shorts so she was sleeping and our parents are gone still cause there anniversary so I walk in her room carefully pull her shirt up and I tapped her face to double check she was out and then I put my d*ck on her face a lil then went strait to her boobs and sucked them till they got hard then I made out with her a little then I left and a hour later she woke up complaining it was too hot and not to go in her room or open the door cause she was gonna be sleeping with out cloths cause it's too hot then I went in there after two hours and sure enough she was ***** on her side with her butt torwds me so I tryed to put my d*ck in her butt I got my tip in but then she stopped breathing loud and sounded like she was gonna waked up so I left it in completely still and a few mins later her breath got loud again so I pulled out and then was abt to leave then she turned on her back and I went back poked her face a little and she stayed sleeping so I rubbed her vagina a little by the was she's not a virgin and It was shaved so I went down and licked it and a few minutes later I stopped and went and did stuff with her boobs and then she turned her head towards my and opened her mouth I took my d*ck back out went to put it in but I don't know why but I stopped and left ok so I'll keep you guys updated cause in a few weeks or less im gonna try to get her to actually have sex with me cause she always puts her hands on my leg but I pu off and she tells me a lot abt her sex life so I'll try and keep you updated

Andrew May 27 2013 7:37pm FLAG
I am 25 yrs old virgin boy and never had sex with any girl. Now its gonna be very uncontrollable. Any advice to have yr old girl.

Paki May 28 2013 12:14pm FLAG

the licker May 28 2013 12:43pm FLAG
im my sisters 25 how can i touch her boobs when shes sleeping shes not a virgin so if i rub her will she wake up

jeremy202 May 29 2013 3:30am FLAG
Theirs this girl on my bus when I get on it she go's to sleep she points her ass towards my direction so I take pics of it but she has a fine as$ to but she is in 5th grade and I'm in 6th I'm and she is but she has a boyfreind and we sit in the back of our bus and their is a boy and a girl side what should I do there's people around us what should I do!!

Sexy May 29 2013 4:36am FLAG
Her bus does not ride our bus

Sexy May 29 2013 4:37am FLAG
Her boyfriend does not ride our bus

Sexy May 29 2013 4:38am FLAG
She's a vigirn

Sexy May 29 2013 4:40am FLAG
Dude I got my sister super drunk one night and were both and she started outing her hand on my leg and kept putting it closer till it was on my penis and she rubbed it til I got hard then she pulled my pants down and started sucking it and I cummned in her mouth then I took her shirt off her and sucked her titts and now I hold that night against her to have her do what ever I say

Joey May 29 2013 6:16pm FLAG

Anonymous May 29 2013 6:18pm FLAG
After reading all the above looooooool!!! but anyway i'm here because i'm a normal and i'm staying at my aunts house for the weekend and I have a cousin whos 19 shes not a milf but shes hot enough, i'm just looking for a way to get a sexual release from her when shes asleep, i have the pills and 2 condoms so i'm ready to go thanks for the advice.

Anonymous person from USA Jun 01 2013 10:55am FLAG
My cousin was In the shower and she asked me to help her shave her ef jrtj

Anonymous Jun 01 2013 12:30pm FLAG
I'm 19 and I want my ed

Come get a taste;) Jun 01 2013 12:32pm FLAG
im 9 my cousini was awake pretending be asleep i put my hands on her leg she grabbed my hand put it on her so i took it off and got on her and humped her

Anonymous Jun 02 2013 1:45pm FLAG
me and my cousins were watching drumline sarahme 8 megan7 samantha 9 i was beside sarah i felt her touch me so we told sam and meg we were playing hide and seek we said they could count so we hide under a bed and hump then we went on vacation she loced the door and asked me to suck her but i didnt

Anonymous Jun 02 2013 2:13pm FLAG
What i your sister is gay but shes really hot would you still do her

For anonymous Jun 02 2013 9:51pm FLAG
My sisters friend is sleeping on tge couch but she has a blanket wrapped around her how do I get it off of her so I can get a feel and smell of her ass ?

carlos spcy weiner Jun 03 2013 2:52am FLAG
Don't be a nasty, if your gonna do it go for the prize. Don't beat around the bush! Get her knocked out and get some!

I'm the only smart one here... Jun 03 2013 9:10am FLAG
How can I smell my sisters friend butt while she's awake?

carlos spcy weiner Jun 03 2013 3:08pm FLAG
Alchohol and a zanax bar would go so much farther then anything on this page. haha

the war on drugs Jun 05 2013 1:37pm FLAG
All you have too soo is get her realy high then if she falls asleep there you go I once did it amazing I got get shirt and bra off and pants but I could get her underwar off cause I thought it would wake her so then I slowly got on the bed and then got my d*ck in her mouth and cummed in it then I went for her boobs and licked sucked then I just kept going then when I was abt to leave I wanted too see how asleep she was so I pushed her nipple kinda hard and dropped real quick and she stayed sleeping so then I got up and got on her my knees both sides and boob ed her then i layed next too her and then put her cloths on her except her bra and shirt and I layed on the bed a min then passed outbut luckily woke up b4 every one and went in my room

A bro Jun 05 2013 7:35pm FLAG
i was sleeping with my cousin and i woke up at like 2 in the morning and my arm was around her cuz we are kinda close. so i put my hand in her bra some and felt her tits until i got to her nipples and she rolled over. about a month later she woke up and left to another room after catching me rubbing her through her booty shorts and her hips were moving and i could feel the wetness. its a year later and she hasnt slept with me or trusted me since... so be careful... PS. people who unhook bras and stuff. how do you put it back? especially if they roll over. they dont get suspicious waking up with there clothes half off?? lol

mrJMAN Jun 07 2013 2:10am FLAG
just tell them, if they ask, that they roll over too much in their sleep causing the bra or stuff to unhook or come loose or smth just make smth up!

LOL Jun 07 2013 7:40am FLAG
I walked in on my sister watching *** and used it as black mail cause she was like don't tell any one I'll do anything so I said umm have sex with me when ever I say she first was trying to say no thn I said ok then I'll tell every one and then we do always

Anonymous Jun 08 2013 1:29pm FLAG
Do what I did, Im 28 and was asked to baby sit. The girl was only 7. She was so hot with a nice ass. I wanted to see her vagina so I deliberately Walked in on her while she was on the toilet. By about 7pm I really really wanted to have sex with her. She put on her pjs (pink with Disney characters) so hot. This 7 year old was tall enough to give me a blow job while standing, before bed time she wanted some Lemonaide. I have her a big glass but didn't tell her it had vodka in it. After finishing the drink the 7 year old was passed out, I knew she wouldn't wake up or feel a thing til the morning. I carried her to her room and laid her in bed. Because she was passed out I slid her top and panties off. Omg the hottest little 7 year old was lying ***** in front of me. I got my video camera and stand still and started taking photos exscpecially her hot pink 7 year old vagina. I then took my clothes off set up the video camera then put my d*ck in her mouth and started rubbing and fingering her vagina. After a while I slowly spread her legs and slowly slid my d*ck in her. I'm telling you this 7 year old had the best vagina I have ever put my d*ck in, it was so tigh but wet, warm and I could feel the lips of her pre**** vagina wrapped around my d*ck. It felt so amazingly good. Eventually I had to let loose so I pumped hard and squired my cum as far up her vagina as possible. Abit of cum leaked out. After I finished about every hour Id come back in and mastibateing til I have to blow, I wanted to cover this pre****. Next morning I herd this WHAT THE aaawwwwwaaaaahhhhhhh. When she came out she was still ***** but covered. During the night I blew serveral times. She had my cum all over her feet, legs, bum, stomach, exscpecially her face in her mouth and my come was still leaking from her vagina. I admitted to her that I had felt her up, had sex and kept cuming on her. She cryed for abit. I went back to visit her about two weeks later hoping for another good hard root. But when I got there they had moved. I looked in the window and it was just an empty house. Oh well. I still say and think to myself, at least I had blew my cum and had sex with a 7 year old pre**** :)

Mr Mystrie Jun 08 2013 4:32pm FLAG
What kind of sleeping pills are best? Non prescription preferably

Some guy Jun 08 2013 10:02pm FLAG
Mr mystic is a sick @ss bi*ch pedifile like that's disgusting af

Not a pedofile Jun 09 2013 7:31pm FLAG
My sister lost her verginity too me because she wanted practice for her boyfriend so I showed her were both and she asked me if I could help her so I did I told her too lay on her back and put it in slowly cause she's a virgin and then after a lil sped up and then she also wanted to see how it was to give a bj so I let her

Nicest bro ever Jun 09 2013 7:36pm FLAG
my friend's sister and her friend were sleeping in the front room when i stayed the night one time. id feel her ass and thighs until she stirred a bit and i would move over to her friend while waiting for her to go back into a deep sleep. her friend was a really deep sleeper and she was wearing booty shorts so i was able to unbutton them and feel her soft vag but i wasnt able to finger her, or the sister. but i was able to feel their tits and soft asses, and i rubbed the friend until she got wet and i grinded my d*ck on her leg and she didnt even wake up

lucky dude Jun 11 2013 2:49pm FLAG
whenever my sister ()and i() have to share a bed i wait until shes really deep in and then i put my hands on her waist and start grinding my d*ck on her ass and reaching around to rub her vag (she sleeps on her side) and i usually cum but it all stays in my boxers which is good

2 Jun 11 2013 2:54pm FLAG
u people r the most disgusting pervs in the world ever!!!

da guy who hates Jun 11 2013 4:43pm FLAG
Me and my sister had to share a bed cause she wouldn't sleep on the floor so she fell asleep and she was in booty short and a tank top and nice as$ and boobs and as she was sleeping she put her butt towards my d*ck and it was touching then I got hard so I then slowly got up a lil and roled her on her back slowly and pulled her shirt up and sucked them and then jacked off to her and cummed on her face mainly in mouth then layed down and did more but not mentioning

Not you Jun 11 2013 6:27pm FLAG
ing gross

Seriously Jun 11 2013 10:09pm FLAG
Hi im Annabelle im and im female and one time when i was sleeping i felt some ones hand on my tits it woke me up and i saw my boyfriends sister Kelly whos she was ***** and was over me she had her hands under my nightgown squeezing my breasts then she moved her hands down and rubd my and started licking it and then she put her tits in my face then she slowlee moved my nightgown over my breasts and put her ***** body on me and slowlee kissing me but not to wake me up but i was wake and she dident know after some time she put my underwear back up and pulld my nightgown back then she left my room. What must i do?

Annabelle Jun 12 2013 8:54am FLAG
I managed to do this once I was staying round my friends house and her sister had friends staying over, her house wasn't that big so we all slept on the floor, I looked over and I could see that her sisters friends top had fallen down in her sleep and that her tits were showing, I was a virgin and I has never even seen a pair of boobs before so I decided to reach over and feel them. Later I started to finger her in her sleep, at this point she woke up... She simply looked at me for a while then jumped on me and started kissing me, we went on to have sex in that same room and three of my mates and two of hers, I came all over her tits and we went to sleep.... Best night of my life

Dave Jun 12 2013 11:33am FLAG
Is ok if you your sister in her sleep?

? Jun 12 2013 10:31pm FLAG
annabelle, is it? my name's hei and i'm a boy. first question is do you like her? and second question is what was on your mind. if you would like to continue this on a more private matter here's my facebook:

hei Jun 13 2013 6:05am FLAG
i'm almost of same age and i'm not a perv. just want to help. and pages or blogs like this aren't too good to share stuff like that

hei Jun 13 2013 6:07am FLAG
I dont like her im not lesbian but the s e x so good i jest let her do it and when she was f**king me up my mind was....... well i dont know but must i tell my boyfriend that his sister came in my room and sexual intercourse with me?

Annabelle Jun 13 2013 11:01am FLAG
suck my c*cky

some one Jun 13 2013 4:00pm FLAG
i put the back of pens in my ass

shelby Jun 13 2013 4:03pm FLAG
annabelle. that's a tough situation... if i were you i'd just keep quiet. if that's not ok with you then confront your sister. and tell her what you think. well if you don't want it to continue then tell her not to i'm sure she'll understand

same guy as 4 posts above Jun 14 2013 5:38am FLAG
Lol same guy as 4 posts above thats a good one. I think ill talk to her to stop it How can you sick pervs f up your sisters!? Its gross on so meny levels!

Annabelle Jun 14 2013 6:49am FLAG
Shelby das hawt

2 Jun 14 2013 3:38pm FLAG
u all are sick

sick Jun 14 2013 7:27pm FLAG

marian Jun 15 2013 12:48am FLAG
me.. put your d*ck inside me

marian Jun 15 2013 12:49am FLAG
no prob annabelle :) glad to help

same guy as 4 posts above Jun 15 2013 2:33am FLAG
was at a party before. about 5 am everyone passed out but there was one girl in the living room by herself. i went in, poked her. she didnt move. waited about 10 minutes and then i braved it. because she was lying down there was little i could do. i put my hand down the back of her skirt (revealing her lace thong) and then fingered her ass hole. it smelt so good

46083609 Jun 15 2013 5:14pm FLAG
Don't do it

Dissapointed Jun 15 2013 11:33pm FLAG
You all are gay pervs

Ur mom Jun 15 2013 11:35pm FLAG
slow push down the bottom layer a push up the top layer slowly turn her around take of her bra and but your d*ck in her mouth for 5 mins if she donest wake up slowly put it in her vag

someone whos done it Jun 16 2013 8:03pm FLAG
Well this is sad

Ur mom Jun 17 2013 12:21am FLAG
If they keep holding your penis or let you put it into their mouths, they're not asleep.

Done it. Jun 17 2013 1:14pm FLAG
My sister is a very light sleeper and when i did it and i was putting my hand in her pants she woke up .. PLEASE GIVE ME BETTER TIPS

anon Jun 17 2013 3:02pm FLAG
Am wet and and have no one to help me

helpppp Jun 20 2013 12:21pm FLAG
My cousin is a heavy sleeper but she keeps moving every time I move the blanket or try to take her panties off I can't seem to find a way to get anal someone help

Thatbigc*ckkid Jun 20 2013 8:20pm FLAG
shelby r u a redhead

duew Jun 21 2013 9:00am FLAG
now i'm trying to touch my sister's and she is 22...pls give me tips.and how can i tell if she is in deep or light sleep?thanks

zak Jun 21 2013 7:51pm FLAG
My sis had a hot friend over one night. I waited till everyone was asleep and went into they're room, she was sleeping on her stomach so i pulled down her panties and analed her until she woke up. When she woke up she told me not to stop so i didnt so we F***ed all night long then I shoved my penis in her vagina and came. :DD

Anal Andrew Jun 21 2013 8:27pm FLAG
can anyone answer my question? ......i wanna feel her

zak Jun 23 2013 12:34pm FLAG
i need help. okay imma guy and on night i slept at me cousins house and he has a hot sister. well we were all watching a movie in the livingroom and my guy cousin fell asleep and my girl cousin fell asleep later. and then i noticed her big juicy ass so i gave it a lil touch and i started squeezing it. then started touching her boobs. it felt so good cuz i am a virgin. but she keeps moving around and i am not sure if she awake or not. please help.

justwannaknow Jun 23 2013 10:47pm FLAG
Last night my friend had a sleep over and they came in at 2 am and asked if i wanted to play truth or dare, i said ok. so The girl who was sleeping over went first and she dared me to anal her, so i did then i dared her to jump up and down on my d*ck Best night EVA

boobman!! Jun 24 2013 3:18am FLAG
I have a old sister she sometimes sleep on the sofa but i don't know what excuse to find when she wakes up. P.S I'm scared that she tells my parents.

guy Jun 24 2013 9:05am FLAG
Suck the tits

Tits Jun 24 2013 11:00pm FLAG
Okay, so I had this super wired expirnice.I have this cousin who's thirty and is really . So any ways, I was sharing a hotel suit with her for a family around 2am, I went to her room and started pinching her toes to see if she is awake . I think she pretended to be asleep , but any ways , I started rubbing her tits then I took off her shirt which was when she woke up. She said to me to take off my pants, then she began sucking really hard, then she took off her pants and I started kissing her vagina

Tits Jun 24 2013 11:08pm FLAG
I squeezed my sisters arm to test to see if she would wake up because I wanted to squeeze her tits shes 18 and there big and she jumped rite up luckily I'm quick on my feet and said she should stop mubblimg in her sleep

some guy Jun 24 2013 11:28pm FLAG
I tried doing It last to my sister I can guarantee she's a virgin. But problem is she hugs a pillow and a bolster . It took me about 30 mins to remove these two things. She had moved a few times but after that I slowly pulled off her shirt but soon as I wanted to touch her bra she moved around and woke up. I wonder why as she is a deep sleeper. Can anyone please give me advice on how to remove her pillow and bolster easily?

guy Jun 25 2013 1:32am FLAG
Trying to get in my sisters pants help

Boobs Jun 25 2013 2:38am FLAG
Need help on touching my girl cousin when she is asleep. Need advice.

justwannaknow Jun 25 2013 1:11pm FLAG
My cousins a deep sleeper gonna grab her tits and ass tonite maybe get some bag if I'm lucky.... Wish me luck!!!!!!

Luck be with me Jun 27 2013 1:32am FLAG
2nd try last night I managed to take off my sisters top but when I almost took off her bra she stirred and she turned around to the other side of the sofa and I couldn't touch her anymore. 3rd try tonite. Wish me luck.

guy Jun 27 2013 2:25am FLAG
Omg 3rd night was the best I got to finger my sis without making her stir. She was so wet inside. After half an hour of fingering I decided to start licking it. Tasted so good. After a while she woke up and I was shocked and she said i feel so sexy now having u licking my . Then she told me to not stop. Licking her till now

giy Jun 27 2013 12:55pm FLAG
I need some help, I have a sort of girlfriend and we are both going tro turn during the summer and I tried to do some of the stuff on here but she is a really light sleeper and all I have managed to do is cope a feel of her breasts with her shirt on and kiss her lightly on the lips and also I can climb on her bed without waking her up that much and I currently do not have any access to sleep inducing items yet. Help! also if you reply to me reply as ''To Kinda BF''

Kinda BF Jun 27 2013 10:02pm FLAG
if i touch her toe and it moves, does it mean tgat she is awake? or izzit that she stir?

cousin sleeping till 30 june night alone Jun 29 2013 1:05pm FLAG
he is in a little first saw his will even spoken to her wet cinematography smell and lick her feet sorry your way up the leg if she's wearing shorts then slowly but surely take your shorties off

wttfisdis wifi Jul 01 2013 5:11pm FLAG
Needs tips on how to touch my cousin in her sleep. to reply back use "foward321".

foward321 Jul 03 2013 5:43pm FLAG
i ave

g Jul 03 2013 11:26pm FLAG
i have a sister and shhe is very sexy. i want to get her for sex but it is impossible. so i want to toch her boobs when se is asleep. i tried 1 or 2 times. and i was sccesfull.

anonymus Jul 03 2013 11:31pm FLAG
It was 2:00 and I got out of bed and saw that my siter was only wearing a bra and underwear with no covers. So I took advantage by taking off her bra, I rubbed it for a while, then I sucked. Once I thought I was done, I felt outside of her underwear, she was having major organisims. So I pulled down her underwear and started to suck her pu$$y, by then she was having major organisims. To my surprise she got up, hugged my head and said faster! I then kept on doing it till she fell flat on her bed. I took my 8==========D out and started going in and out till I cumed. Now we have sex everyday at 2:30 AM

Wayne Jul 05 2013 10:45pm FLAG

Wayne Jul 05 2013 10:46pm FLAG
I'm so hot and bothered

@wesome chic Jul 06 2013 1:22am FLAG

Dawson is awesome Jul 06 2013 10:16pm FLAG
Whats a bolster?

me Jul 06 2013 11:48pm FLAG
A couple of nights ago, me and my friend and her other friend that I had never met before went to Hershey Park to ride roller coasters all day. It was like 90 degrees all day long and by the time we got back at like 10:30pm both of them were out cold. I took this opportunity (since we all slept in the same room that night) to reach under the second girl's covers and feel her butt. It was really soft and I ended up pulling her shorts down and squeezing her butt and eventually putting my rod between her butt cheeks, but not penetrating, because this was the first time I had done this and I was worried she would wake up. After about half an hour I came all over her lower back and butt and didn't even clean up. Just pulled her shorts back over the cum. When she woke up she thought the cum was sweat, and I was so relieved.

Ananymous Jul 08 2013 3:37am FLAG
oh my this is great last night i went berserk and asked my sis about sex. she answered me that she actually wanted sex since she was but she scared she would she caught. now she's and then i told her i actually felt the same way. then she asked me if i wanna have sex with her and i accepted her request. we had sex for about 4 hours. this was during midnight. luckily our parents didnt know but i was happy to be the one breaking my sister's hymen

**** Jul 08 2013 4:46am FLAG
I use to slip my girlfriends panties off and she would let me So I put my d*ck in her ass

Dd Jul 08 2013 11:51pm FLAG
Sorry 2 tel u peeple but umm if sum of these peeple u guys r talk'n bout but if tha peeple u say r virgins then how r they virgins if u guys r stoking ur **** in them then how r they virgins thts kinda wrong if they don't evn no they aren't virgins cus u peeple r doing this imm not tryn 2 judge cus imm not perfect just sayin

Anonymous Jul 09 2013 6:26am FLAG
Put a finger gently inside her vagina. Then another finger. Continue this untill your whole hand is in. Climb inside her and make yourselfes pregnant.

Peter Jul 09 2013 1:52pm FLAG
anybody help me. i want to touch my cousins fat ass while she is asleep. to reply back us foward321.

foward321 Jul 09 2013 6:18pm FLAG
Any guys who want to exchange pics post numer

Stephanie Jul 09 2013 9:27pm FLAG
I messed around with a cousin while she slept for almost 5 months got away with some much crazy stuff. Was able too cum on and in her mouth quite a bit, lots of touching kissing, licking used her hand too jerk me off on her face a few times. What finally woke her up was anal, she was asleep face down and I pulled down her shorts and panties and she woke up right away when I started pounding her I was pretty rough so that didn't help either. Jul 10 2013 7:38pm FLAG
Please put Phone numbers (guys) for pics

Stephanie Jul 10 2013 10:30pm FLAG
Once my brothers girlfriend slept over and she slept in his room and he slept downstairs and since our rooms are on the same floor i snuck in there and started to rub her and she didnt react so i started to kiss her and then she raised her hand and rubbed her mouth and a bit later i started rubbing her tits and since she was barefoot and sockless i started to sucks her toes and gave myself a footjob with her feet and a couple of weeks later all three of us were in the same room and she passed out on my bed and he was sitting on the floor right next to her but since he was playing video games i started rubbing her ass and then i started to stick ky hqnd down her shorts and felt that she was wearing a thong but she started squirming so i stopped and it never happened again

joey Jul 10 2013 11:21pm FLAG
@stephanie 401-287-2530

joey Jul 10 2013 11:29pm FLAG
When ever i have such ideas, i only masturbate and then can easily get rid of them.

Knight Rider Jul 12 2013 3:20am FLAG
You guys are sick pervert s at least don't do it to sisters, ask the other people first! You pedophiles find yourself a girlfriend you losers

sex machine Jul 12 2013 1:11pm FLAG

Anonymous Jul 13 2013 10:18pm FLAG
Bhonsra chaiye, tum mai sai koi dyga ? ? ?

Bhonsra Jul 15 2013 3:39am FLAG
Myry lulla choso gay ? ? ?

Suck my d*ck Jul 15 2013 3:41am FLAG
My sister is a deep sleeper but I don't wanna drug her pls help ill send pics

Anonymous Jul 15 2013 4:20am FLAG
I mean she's not a deep sleeper*

Anonymous Jul 15 2013 4:21am FLAG
@Anonymous You'll either have to risk it or find an excuse to sleep in her room like maybe you found a spider or something. Then when she starts breathing deeply slowly ease yourself onto her bed if you weren't already on it. Then you'll have to slowly start to lift her shirt up. MAKE SURE SHES WARM SO THAT IF YOUR HANDS ARE COLD IT WONT WAKE HER UP!!! Then start to rub her breasts gently without touching the nipple then slowly rub the nipple so that it becomes erect, Then you can have some sucking. Then if you wanna go furthur down to her vagina you have to be careful. because virgins are quite sensitive down there. youll have to take her pants off then ease her panties off to her thighs then you put one finger in her then another, the nyou ease yourself in and start F***ing her. or you can start eating her out

Help For Anonymous Jul 15 2013 6:59am FLAG
@Anonymous send pics to

Help For Anonymous Jul 15 2013 7:00am FLAG
Would Jesus still meet righteous people on the planet when he comes back?

I doubt it Jul 15 2013 11:38am FLAG
I tried taking off my cousins pants off before when she was sleeping, It was hard, I kept pulling from side to side down. I wanted to put my penis on her @ss and start rubbing

Anonymous Jul 15 2013 11:53am FLAG
You ppl r so sick it doesn't matter how good it feels u will regret it later and all of y'all could go to jail if u get caught

Tryin ta help Jul 15 2013 10:30pm FLAG
@anonymous send pics to 5106888370

Someone Jul 15 2013 11:52pm FLAG
What do I do my brothers friend was spending the night and snuck into my room he thought that I was asleep so he crawled in bed with me and started to do things and every time I see him he's always flirting, hugging, and staying close to me what do I do!??

Kelly Jul 16 2013 3:50pm FLAG
I am Priya Arora. This is a true story which happened to me when i was in 1st year college Let me tell you about myself I am fair , height 5'6 , i am neither fat nor thin, Guys always look the second time when i walk past them and stare at my asset while i really don't like so much i am a girl that wants to save my love and body for my future hubby. My family consists of me, my younger brother Jai, my dad who works as a commercial pilot , my mom who takes home tuitions. Now lets get to the story. I was getting very tired daily because of my volleyball practices for the school and tuitions later.One day dad had to go out of station and mom went to her daily tuitions. It was late at night around 9 when my mom returned she was very tired and went straight to sleep and told me to have dinner with Jai. After having the meal- Jai told me lets watch a movie its too earlier to sleep , i got this new hollywood movie from my friend lets watch that. I told him to put it on in his room as mom is sleeping next door to the living room. I hopped on the bed with Jai already in the blanket we started to watch the movie. It was quite cramped as it was a single bed on which we both were lying down. The movie started playing it was about a girl who finds her love after dating for so many years. While watching the movie i had to adjust quite a bit Jai helped me in moving a lil but still i would barely squeeze. I finally laid down sideways but in the procedure my right breast slightly touched Jai's elbow. But seeing him he didnt care much as i kept it that way. Later a sexual scene had come in the movie where the girl gets intimate with her boyfriend. I was watching normally then i started to feel jai move closer telling me " I am about to fall di, please move" there was no space at all Jai moved closer to me and now my right breast was fully on his elbow. I did't mind as i was ok with it as he is my brother i walk around the house in loose tops and skirts around him. After watching for some more time i dosed off being tired from the routine school activities and practice. I turned towards the wall which was on the other side and told Jai im gona sleep you can sleep in the other room if you want. Jai "i'll go after the movie is over". After some time i felt something touching my back , because of the space being so cramped i ignored it and went back to sleep. I turned to the other side after sometime, in the middle of the night i felt something touching my stomach, i thought to myself the movie is still not over i guess. It was Jai's hand but within a min it was moving upwards and came near my shirt button and touched the lower part of my breast which are 34C, i was ignoring this as i didnt think Jai really would really do something like that , which later i thought was a mistake letting him continue. Jai was getting closer and closer to my left breast then all of a sudden he brought his other hand and kept it near my thighs and slightly touching it, Jai was now touching my breast over the shirt and his hands were moving in circular motion, after jai was on the buttons when he opened the top one is slowly inserted a finger and kept it there , maybe to make sure i was in deep sleep. He then opened the second button which gave him a bet more access , i didnt wear a bra as i don't while sleeping at night i find it could uncomfortable, This is what made it more easier for Jai,, he was now touching top of the breasts trying to find the nipple , he moved his hands slightly to adjust his position and touched my nipple , this touch sent a cold shiver down my spine i was shocked to do anything , slap him right away and scold him, but I froze. Jai moved his right hand towards my inner thighs later touching my lower lips , Now his left hand was on my left breasts pressing and and his right hand moving towards upwards under my short skirt. I was now feeling something inside my body and i moved a lil which almost killed Jai of the shock, i laid on the back , facing upwards towards the cieling and pretended i was in deep sleep, Jai kept his hands on side of my thigh and started pulling it backward slowly after that , he started opening all the buttons of the top exposing my breasts , He started touching my pink nipples with his fingers and was pressing my fair white breasts. His right hand moved towards my panty line he was trying to locate the top the the panty to find the elastic, which he found within few secs, With his left hands he was feeling under the elastic and slightly pulling it down slowly so i don't wake up. I could feel my panty slide down to my knees. Jai opened my legs a little and went down and smelt the juices flowing inside my body, and touch my ***** with his fingers , his touch made me freeze and i was on the 9th cloud none has ever touched me in my special places, I was excited now and the thought that he is my brother started to fade in my mind. Jai grew more in confidence seeing no reaction from me. He started to finger my virgin ***** and rubbing his left hand over my **** , i was getting hotter and hotter, Suddenly it all stopped , i was confused as to what was happening, then i felt a hand opening my mouth slightly ,then something entering my mouth i opened my eyes a little to see , it was Jai's penis in my mouth and he was moving upwards and downwards , putting it in and out of my mouth , i didnt believe what was happening. Then i felt something wet touching the opening of my ***** and then touching my slit, i was like OMG Jai is licking my *****, it felt amazing,i continued to lick jai's penis. It got bigger and bigger it continued. Jai moved from on top of me and positioned himself side ways , i was thinking in my mind " What now" , then i felt something entering my ***** it was Jai's penis, it was moving up and down but it could hardly enter, i moved my legs a little pretending to be still sleeping , this gave Jai the access he wanted, he started enter my virgin *****, i was in a lot of pain , i could feel only the top part was in and rest was still outside , he gave 2-3 jerks then started moving in and out again , finally he entered my ***** and bloody started coming out which he wiped, and continued to **** me , i was enjoying all this now. I had never felt like this before in my life. It was an amazing experience. Jai took out this throbbing penis and cummed allover my thighs and wiped it with this shorts. and dressed me back after touching and licking my milky breasts.After that night i was ok with my brother staring at my asset , he touched me once in a while while pretending to walk pass or pick up something. Later at nights when we used to sleep together sometimes he would continue to touch me in my private places , as he knew now that im a very deep sleeper and i wouldnt get up. More stories from me later on, Hope you liked this one.

Priya Arora Jul 16 2013 4:15pm FLAG
@Someone| Yesterday :52pm | hell no

Anonymous Jul 16 2013 10:06pm FLAG
S i legitly tried this stuff on my cousin () i went to touching boobs, ass, and vag. When i was about to grind, she woke up and told but my parents didnt care. Now, shes very sensitive when sleeping. I cant get a hold of her. Frustrating, but try not to do it. If you have to, dont go too far

Anonymous Jul 18 2013 2:15am FLAG
send pics to a e-mail :

Anonymous Jul 18 2013 6:13pm FLAG
Can someone please send pics off ***** girls to please I'll give you some of my photos

Please send photos Jul 19 2013 10:12am FLAG
You guys are sick as ...sister? cousins? ? really? what the hell is wrong, can't you guys not get girls so you decide to do your own blood and kids?

DAMNNNN!!! Jul 19 2013 11:29am FLAG
The world is full of sick bastards...

Anonymous Jul 19 2013 11:31am FLAG
When whom ever is asleep that u like, turn them on to their frount and them. then is they wake up tell them its a dream untill they go to sleep again. contiu untill u r happy. i am a girl of and want to go out with this HOT boy called keiren. he has no interest in me wat so ever but i saw hum STARE st me today....

Milliya Jul 19 2013 12:11pm FLAG
So last night I was feeling up my hot as me right now or else ill tell your dad I'm she's

ssoo ing lucky Jul 20 2013 4:13am FLAG

Q Jul 21 2013 7:39pm FLAG
I want to touch my cousins boobs while. Shes sleeping how do i do it and not wake her up

Johnc Jul 22 2013 5:49am FLAG
For everyone thinking this is sick up.

XxxThatGuyxxX97 Jul 23 2013 1:21am FLAG

elohssa Jul 23 2013 1:21am FLAG
So I have been touching people for a while in their sleep and I know what you need to do. First DO NOT under ANY circumstances go for the vagina first is is very sensative like your feet. Now I would take your finger and trace their feet if they are awake then they will usually laugh if they are asleep then they may shift don't flip it happens a lot. I would make or find a place to hide quick if they wake up. Now depending on where the person is laying start with that I usually like the ass it is awesome but don't stick it directly in the hole as that will wake someone up relatively quickly. Now start rubbing the ass through pants and panties if you start bare they are more likely to wake up. GO SLOW! She is sleeping she does it every night and if its a sleepover most people sleep for 8 hours at minimum. Now pull down the pants ( or shorts ) and rub again after a little while of that you may pull down the panties. Tap the ass if she moves get to your hiding place don't worry about pulling up the panties if she wakes up and no one is there she will suspect it happened in her sleep. Be quiet and if you know she is awake stay put. If she isn't continue and tap again. If there is no reaction then rub squeezing almost always wakes them up. But if you stick your finger in her hole just a little she might squeeze her ass together and that is awesome. Now be EXTREMELY careful for the next part you are going to roll your night whore over. Slowly reach for the side farthest from the edge of th bed and pull slowly. If she turns on her own you are still going to pull her towards you if you want to stick your c*ck in her mouth if not then go to the t*ts. Slowly fold up the shirt and if nessacarry the bra as well. Don't bother rubbing through the shirt as the t*ts are not as sensative. After doing what you want there it is time for the best part of the night her vagina. You must do what you did with the ass rub pull the pants off rub pull the panties off. Rub her vagina slowly and not fast right away. I know this works for me and I haven't woke someone up since 20

D Jul 23 2013 1:32pm FLAG
I love this

Yout Jul 23 2013 9:09pm FLAG
@D I don't believe you if your for reals send a few pics to I doubt it though

@D Jul 24 2013 5:42am FLAG
@D I'm stuck what do you do if she sleeps on her back so you can't get to the ass. And can I finger her or just rub

Help I'm stuck Jul 24 2013 5:45am FLAG
Guys, im . My sister had 3friends for a sleepover lastnight. 2 of em ugly, 1 NOT. Lastnight i grabbed her tits and ass, rubbed her a lil bit, but not too far. Its like 8:30 in the morning, and im bout to do it again! Wish me luck!

@bigd*ckgut Jul 24 2013 6:31am FLAG
Guys, im . My sister had 3friends for a sleepover lastnight. 2 of em ugly, 1 NOT. Lastnight i grabbed her tits and ass, rubbed her a lil bit, but not too far. Its like 8:30 in the morning, and im bout to do it again! Wish me luck!

Bigd*ckguy Jul 24 2013 6:33am FLAG
I want to touch my cousins boobs

Henry Jul 24 2013 6:51am FLAG
Me to henry

Ronnybenaro Jul 24 2013 6:52am FLAG
Sleepin in my holiday caravan with my cousin she is such a deep sleeper i just pinched her she is still asleep wish me look

sexy fred Jul 24 2013 6:18pm FLAG
@helpimstuck just go for the t*ts as I said not the VJ if you finger her be super careful as she wakes up faster

D Jul 24 2013 11:32pm FLAG
Hey @D who don't believe me I am about to do my cousin enjoy

D Jul 24 2013 11:40pm FLAG
Don't try to stick your d*ck up them immediatley, first start with fingering, then maybe touch their tits, then lightly rub your d*ck across their vagina, then proceed to them :)

#aduck20 Jul 25 2013 12:14am FLAG
Gonna go try this on my friends girlfriend :) wish me luck

#wish me luck Jul 25 2013 12:16am FLAG
Good luck I just finished her vagina was amazing I will do her again tomorrow night

D Jul 25 2013 1:03am FLAG
If any one else don't believe D I will send a pic of my cousins ass it is smooth and tonight I fingered her it was epic !! ()()

D Jul 25 2013 1:07am FLAG
I still doubt it the pic was fake, or if not turn the ing flash on so I can see that it's not a drawing!

D your full of Jul 25 2013 5:44am FLAG
ok i have a 18 year old cousin she is a girl. well one time i slept over at her house i was watchin tv in the livingroom with her and her brother. so her brother wanted to go to bed he went to his room. and he fell asleep. while me and my girl cousin fell asleep in the livingroom. when i woke up to take piss i saw her fat ass so i barely touched it. then i started to rub it but she started to wake up so i layed back down. 2 hours later i tried again but i but my hand in her pants but she keeps waking up. can anybody help get in her pants. please help me. to reply back to me use "curious"

curious Jul 26 2013 11:00am FLAG
Go for it

catceeper Jul 26 2013 2:35pm FLAG
send me pics 20409209

catceeper Jul 26 2013 3:28pm FLAG
can a girl get aids, if the cum goes on her butt

curious Jul 26 2013 9:20pm FLAG
If you guys want to share the pics you take my email is:

cnb Jul 26 2013 11:18pm FLAG
Alright one time while my cousin had her frends over i went into their room and saw that one of her frends were topples and had on booty shorts so i took advantage and slowly felt her fine ass titties for about 30min and eventually worked my way to her juicy ass i grabbed it and got myself hard then started grinding my d*ck between her ass cheeks.she started squirming so i jumped up and got out as quickly as possibe i waited for about half an hour and snuck back in to their room and the girl still had her shirt off so i continued to play with her tits and went back for more ass. Soon as i got a hard on i seen tht her mouth was open so i put my d*ck in her mouth and went n and out for five mins. I started pulling down her panties and she moaned a little so i paused then contined i started fingering her wet ing the watermellon out of the fridge

\\TD/ Jul 27 2013 1:37am FLAG
I was at my bros house and he was having a party we were all drunk as and very high so when they all started to go to sleep i wapked into the laundry room and there was a girl sleeping so i crawled in bed wit her i started to play wit her tits and she woke up and grabbed my d and said lets go all the way pps she rape me hardcore tell 6 in the morning my d was so sore she had my come all over looked like 20guys came on her best sex i had ever had

party party Jul 27 2013 1:46am FLAG
Thts not my full story alot of it got deleted if u want the full story reply @\\TD/

\\TD/ Jul 27 2013 1:50am FLAG
I was baby sitting a very hot **** year old she had big ass and nice lips so i told her it was bed time she said okay but i brang her a glass of night qwill she past out and then i made shere she was sleeping i took off her close and played wit her tits ate her pink vagina and fingerd her ass so i ran out of the went in to. Her parents room and got a vibrater so i came back in the room and i shoved it up her ass and put my d in side her pink s came on her and i held her down and mad her eat my cum

party party Jul 27 2013 2:04am FLAG

Badboy Jul 27 2013 11:48pm FLAG
//TD/ more of the story and everybody who has a story can you share it

Anonymous Jul 28 2013 1:48am FLAG
@//TD/ pls share the full story

guy Jul 28 2013 2:53am FLAG
im waiting for my sis friend to go asleep then we will touch her up and her

Anonymous Jul 28 2013 5:09pm FLAG
My mum is a nurse, and she said that if i ever had any questons about human-bio that she would answer them. So on the first day she told us that the subject for the next few weeks would be the male and female reproductive systems. So I went home and asked her what is the female reproductive system was ( I Knew Excatly What It Was So Im Not Thick) so she said "Its my boobs and vagina" and i said what do they look like so she took off her clothes and went "they look like this" and i took off my clothes and went "so this is the male reproductive system.....why are they called the reproductive systems?" and she answered "because when you put a penis in a vagina without a condom you create babies" so i said "can i feel you boobs so that i know what they feel like for the test?" and she said yesso i went over and started squeezing them then she went thats enough but then i started sucking them really hard and she started soflty moaning. Then i went down lower and and started tounging her cl*t. and she grabbed my head and shoved my head in moaning faster and louder each time i shoved my tongue in her sweet juicy slit then she went "Oh....My......God, Put it in me please i need your c*ck, so she grabbed my d*ck and started sucking me so hard I started to cum in her mouth and she swallowed so i pulled my d*ck out of her mouth and turned her around bent her over and shoved my d*ck in her vagina....slowly at first then i increased speed, and went faster and faster and she began to scream "Oh ME WITH YOUR C*ck. Then i came in her and she came so then we just laid down with my d*ck in her vagina and went to sleep but before then i just played with her boobs and she smiled at me!

Mother er Jul 29 2013 2:25am FLAG
what do i do? i almost got caught by my girl cousin when she was sleeping, i took off her shorts and started humping her, then she just all got up, and said ''are you touching my butt'' but i put my penis away and she is all moving around then pulls up her shorts and she goes back to sleep im worried she might figure out, what do i do!?

zz Jul 29 2013 4:08am FLAG
do any of you guys, have a story of you almost getting caught trying to hump someone

zz Jul 29 2013 4:10am FLAG
Send picz to 366-287-9899

Anonymous Jul 29 2013 5:09pm FLAG
I am at my cousins house because her parents are out of state and I need to know how to do this. She is laying on the couch and it is 2:00 so I think she is as asleep as she gets.

Emperor Kano "not" Jul 29 2013 10:57pm FLAG
Your a sick person and deserve to have your are you

Anonymous Jul 30 2013 1:22am FLAG
I got a step sister she's and I'm yesterday I tryed to touch her in the boob I just taped it a couple of times but thats it I tryed to lift her shirt up so I can see her nipple but I was EXTREAMLY!!! Nervous all I did was touch her boob someone help for next time (PLZ)

J Jul 30 2013 3:00am FLAG
P.S Shes Black

J Jul 30 2013 3:09am FLAG
I'm 22 and always do it while my girlfriend is sleeping. Funnily enough I've actually found that she starts stirring and comes very close to waking up so I generally avoid it. We do smoke a lot of weed every night before bed so that probably accounts to why she sleeps so deeply too, but I've never had to use sleeping pills. Anyway I find the trick for sleep anal is heaps of lubrication (saliva works brilliantly), going in slowly with your fingers first to stretch it out, then working up to enough fingers to compensate for your c*ck. I can't however guareentee it will work for you ****s, since the girls in your demographic will more than likely be anal virgins..meaning if you stick your c*ck in they will probably wake up screaming. So maybe just stick with fingers for now. Also, ive found for some reason the vagina becomes a hell of a lot tighter when sleeping. The few times I've been lucky enough to do it was when my girlfriend was ridiculously drunk and stoned to the point that she passed out. It was pretty good but all in all im into anal over normal sex so I'm pretty happy that I can her ass regularly without her waking up. That being said, she actually did wake up once while i was ed. And could possibly go to jail. Happy creeping though!

Sleepassualt Jul 30 2013 11:52am FLAG
I'm 22 and always do it while my girlfriend is sleeping. Funnily enough I've actually found that she starts stirring and comes very close to waking up so I generally avoid it. We do smoke a lot of weed every night before bed so that probably accounts to why she sleeps so deeply too, but I've never had to use sleeping pills.

Sleepassualt Jul 30 2013 11:56am FLAG
Im Kik me @drew_skees and well exchange s (girls -)

Anonymous Jul 31 2013 9:07pm FLAG
my friends and my friends sis sleeping here so when everyone sleep i touch her breast suck it keep doing it until she saw me so i pointed at the wall she looked and i leaf she dont remeber because her eyes were sleepy

YOUR FRIEND Aug 01 2013 2:32am FLAG
Anonymous u have a ps3 just askin and how to keep her sleep

YOUR FRIEND Aug 01 2013 2:36am FLAG

YOUR FRIEND Aug 01 2013 2:45am FLAG

YOUR FRIEND Aug 01 2013 2:47am FLAG
k think about it

YOUR FRIEND Aug 01 2013 2:48am FLAG
J go by the collor part of the shirt

YOUR FRIEND Aug 01 2013 2:51am FLAG
I touch my sisters for 2 days now :) only one has every woken up...I tried pulling her pants off

I love taylor(my sister)boobs Aug 01 2013 3:30am FLAG
GUYS WAT IF U JUST STOP IN IN YOUR FAMILY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

YOUR FRIEND Aug 01 2013 7:00pm FLAG

I'm and my friend and his sister usually sleep over. We all sleep on the floor and she has nice tits. I started rubbing them then went for the cl*t. She woke up and started complaining so I put my hand over her mouth. I then tied her up, dragged her to my room and ed her hard. She's pregnant now.

Possible Rapist Aug 01 2013 9:50pm FLAG

YOUR FRIEND Aug 01 2013 9:59pm FLAG
My sister is . I think its wrong to do things like that to your family, but she has a hot friend that sleeps over often. She is also and has C cup tits and a nice ass. When she comes over next time im going to sneak into her room i grab her ass. If she wakes up, i will cover her mouth and f her HARD. She sleeps by herself in the basement, and its sound proof so it doesnt matter.

Getting Lucky. Aug 01 2013 11:02pm FLAG
cool glad not your family getting lucky

YOUR FRIEND Aug 02 2013 8:29pm FLAG
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YOUR FRIEND i want it im herpylederpy

Getting Lucky Aug 03 2013 11:51am FLAG
k but better hope noone see it its h6uo-yw2s-kpo9

YOUR FRIEND Aug 03 2013 8:25pm FLAG
Didnt work.

Getting Lucky Aug 03 2013 10:18pm FLAG
I will give legitimate advice to this page. For some background info, i am and my cousin is . When she sleeps i touched her several times. Believe it or not, this is how it went. First, i was scared and only tapped her boobs, ass, and vagina. But one day, she was in such a deep sleep and was dreaming that i could finger her soft vagina. Then a few days later i got caught. Sshe woke up and told but couldnt explain clearly so my parents just shrugged it off. For a week, i didnt touch her but then my sexual frustration kicked in. Even so, i was sstill scared to wake her. I only cum on her ass pants on. She always stirs when si try to take off her pants or shirt(no bra). Anyways, thats my situation and now for the advice. 1. You will need a good place to hide in a split second. This is risky without a hiding place, and it sometimes saved me. 2. Wave your hand in front of her face and confirm she is asleep. If she is breathing deeply, thats a good sign. 3. Tap or rub her leg, shoulder, and gently put your hand on her breast. Go to your hiding place for 30 secs to a minute. 4. Now for the fun. Start off by getting something soft to cover her eyes. This will always buy you half a second if she wakes up. Next, start gently touching her all over her body with her clothes on. Retreat to your hiding place if she stirs even a little and try again in a few minutes. If ur not confident, cum on her mouth or hand and on top of her clothes. 5. Slowly reach for her pants. Keep your hands on her pants for a few seconds so she can get acustomed to the feeling. Then slowly start sliding her pants down. SLOW ok? Then go back to ur hiding place for a few minutes. If ur still alive, lift up her shirt and cover he face with it. Hiding place for 30 seconds then you are ready. 6. Get your boner and start jerking off. Dont stick it rite in, just grind softly and slowly and always be alert. Be ready to teleport to you hiding place. Feel herr up and have fun, but go slow. Enjoy. The hardest part is getting her clothes off. If you have trouble and want more specific directions, reply with @anonsex

anonsex Aug 04 2013 12:49am FLAG
@anonsex I was only able to touch my sis nipples one time and she woke up I told her there was a c*ckcroach so she said just go back to sleep. I have a good hiding place. We sleep on a bunk bed and my sis sleeps on the top. Whenever she stirs I quickly go back down to my bed. I need help on how to undress her without difficulty. Pls reply ASAP. Thanks

guy Aug 04 2013 3:02am FLAG
sry getting lucky when i get another one ill add u

YOUR FRIEND Aug 04 2013 2:16pm FLAG
@guy ::: your sister must be a very light sleeper. Make sure you touch her a lot when she is sleeping so she can get used to it. Follow my directions, but always be cautious. You want to go slow when undressing. Carefully lift up her shirt inch by inch. If she stirs just go to your hiding place, wait, and try again. Ill give more advice once you can comfotably go for the nipples. :) good luck

anonsex Aug 05 2013 1:11am FLAG
Im a girl and i give bl*wj*bs and handjobs to my older cousins. I let them, finger me and grind on me. Lolol. You guys jealus ;)

d Aug 05 2013 1:14am FLAG
You guys are all so sick. Find something better to do. d, stop doing what you are doing its only gonna hurt you. Okay?

Stop this Aug 05 2013 1:18am FLAG
@anonsex Where do I touch her to make sure that she gets used to it?

guy Aug 05 2013 4:43am FLAG
LOL so i got to almost touch her like right before that spot when i was in her underwear then she woke up and i had to abort

shane Aug 05 2013 9:03am FLAG
@guy just wave ur hand over her eyes, lay ur hand on her boob, srroke her leg

Anonsex Aug 06 2013 2:18am FLAG
Kik me to exchange s Rob_grade

The man Aug 06 2013 2:39am FLAG
@anonsex How long do I touch it to make sure that she is used to the movement?

guy Aug 06 2013 6:40am FLAG
My sisters friend is ove but she keeps stiring when I try to touch her

Fuuuuuuu-! Aug 06 2013 11:13pm FLAG
Fvnjhjherbjsgrberjgngtbgnskjngtorhrnrehwrgerwgkjwhirbghgejheuheihshjgtjtuihtgrhtrvgrtbjfghbsfhnskhngjhbrrhbgrhgresygryiegraihegrehesrsrrgtgrgbhthfhtrhhhrththrnhdtndthhhdtrtghtrgdthtndhtndtndhhn vfvfdgrgrbgrbsdbdbgdbgrgtgtdgdgd jcjfbfbfggrngthddthhjhdtthndtdhntdhhnttjdhhjthtmfmfthyjmfhtthdhdtthndnhtddthmhtndtndhndtthndhndtndrggndrtndgrsgnshgrgsrdnrgrdgnryndhrtddhmtmhdthdthtndhdtnhtntndhghrdtgnnrgdngdrrgngndrndthdntghnfdgnrdghgrdhdgrgndrnghgdrndrgrnnrgdnrgdnrgdgrndrdngdrndgnrngdrgngdrdrgdrgnnrgdrdgngdrnrdrngrdgnnfdfgnbgrfyutfytcfyfcghfchfcffgcfrhdgryhdtyfytudgyjfgfhfgjfjchhjcghfgdeakjggfsebeufudeesvtayfuvgdvehgvsvcsvfgfevehhgvvgchecdgvhgchfhgddcygsgggssgdffgdhesfefshfvdfehefvhegffefshegufefggfgfyesefgfeffgsersgfgrtdrgdttgrrgsefsdvsgrfrbsffrbssbdfbrgsrfwegerwfqwregaeargwergevsfsbefbfrsfvsefbsrfbssbrfebsrsfggrbrgbsrsgbrgstgshndsgefbrgsßgrbgfbsnbxrsgnrndgu,utrhstrhyhyrdhèfbgrsngdnfhddnfdhnbëfnxggfngnxfgfnxfhsgxfgxnxnvcvxdbngfgfsbddbzhavdgesfwefbkreefwfwerwehehfhgfuvghvhfehbugbvhfbhvhdgvsvskdvbfdhhfdbhjbdhheuafgrvuvfwhesjksjchjrfcurtyhvgsjrsfkhrhvekjhvskvhefyuvfyufcyeggvugsbrjghdvghvjgebhfjf gjg hgje g jgvegvgfuefhfvbdfsfdvugyfdusygedguvdfugdfuggvsdjdhishghihidfgdhfhegshuseshjesfgeufgufihseefgsuysuygusgedeeydggdhbgesdhfdgfsdgsegyeyihesffsgdeufguiywedfgfvgwrvsufgefbgsfgnfngeûufgefgeefsfgdsesfngrncfcfscgcsfgigyhifchggvdfgugfdhchvgdgcfcfcgfdfsgfegchgudcvuscgcfgfeecgcfgfcebegcfugygugufgdfcegefsecffbsceesfhsfhbsfuseueecgfwerewfgfwefgwefwgefegcdfegccyegguygdffgeegfeyefguufgeuegruefcgcgcegyeggccdgvdbyvdfgscfyefcycgsgegsdugcffggcuesgrsfrfwbwfebecwewfgefwgcewewcgcwegwererrvgrevfreggrwfewggrygrguufghwwfbgueuuuhgfesgrugfefhgfueffushfdfrhghususgbhsugfdughdbgfgyhugughugrfhbhbfdgfvrebfegyuuygggugvgfrfgygerutgurryyurgetgsgffersthrghrthdhgdffdghgthdtghdhthdhdrgrhdgdrhgdrrdgnfhndnhdfrdhgfdnfhngfdnggfnfdgngdfnndfggndfhrgdbrgsgrgssfbsggfsgbfdgbsfgbfbsgtrgsrsgfhgsrgfbdgbddghdhfhgfgrtrtgrhgsrghrrhhfgfdgnfndhgdfgdfhfdgngndfgfndgshgrshsrghsrrsthhgsrghsrggsbgsfbgsfrgbsgrhddhrgrghdgrdhdhgrshrgdnfgngfbgsnfgddhdgdgdfbdgbvbfbfgbdfbvdgfbdfdfbdsfxbfvdvxeegrgwesfggetetweggehrtertgertrgdgbffdgbfdbgdbggdfbfdgnfdgbfdgbgdgfbggdfgrhdfdgbfgbfgdfnsgfnsgsfnsnfgsnfgfngsfnfsggnsfghsdsbfgfbsbfsgbsgbfbsdgbdggxfbgdfhdnfgndfggndhfndnhxfbfxbfggxfbfxgbgxfxbfggxfbfbxgsghfbxgfxfxgnngxfngxfgrnxbf xbxf bnxfxfbnfxbnfnxbgedgtdgbgddbbdgdggdbbgdxgxdbbfggggfsh.

YOUR FRIEND IN SSJ3 Aug 07 2013 3:25am FLAG
Ok So last night at 3:00 a.m i actually went and did it. my sister went to bed at since it was summer and i didnt want to mess up and have her see me. So i go in and you can she was sleeping by her deep breath. first thing i did when i got to her bedside was poke her side "see if she was asleep" so it didnt do anything, so i went and poked her butt, same no response. so i look at her to see where to start. her shirt was halfway up her stomach and she was wearing no bra. also she had short shorts on. sadly both her shorts and shirt were pretty tight so it looked impossible to do. my heart was pounding by then, so i go and follow some advice i read here. and i put my finger on her breast, OMG it was so soft, now i left it there so she could get "used to it" but she noticed it immediatly and turned over "still sleeping" i quickly ducked down and waited for her breathing to go back to normal. then i tried taking her pants off, slowly but surely. she smacked her butt, luckily i slipped my hand off before she got there. i was really scared, so i gave up on trying to get her pants down but now just wanted to feel her breasts again. now i touch her a few times but i got careless since i was so excited and scared that i didnt notice her loud sleep breathing stopped, she was awake. so she got up, i tried to make myself as small as i could but it was too late, her room is completely white so its impossible to hide, she sees me and turns on the light. I had made an excuse beforehand just incase she did wake up, i told her that i was trying to get my cat out of her room, she believed me and we both went to sleep. before i left she said, "did you touch my face?" i got really scared, maybe she was implying that she felt me touching her but i didnt want to make up any fast lies since my face gets red when i do so i said bluntly without hesitation, "no, why would i!?" again she believed me. the next morning she told my mom that she found me in her room at 3 in the morning, again luckily she didnt really care that i was in her room but that i was up till 3.

Brother Aug 07 2013 7:31pm FLAG
So i managed to touch her boobs, grab a bit of that ass but couldnt make any direct contact, WAAAAAAY to scared to ever try this again. finding me 1 time is a coincidence but if she catches me again im screwed.

Brother Aug 07 2013 7:33pm FLAG
Tips: After my experience i have some tips if anyone will try this -Take minutes to adjust your eyes to the dark so you aren't scrambling around -look at her room before in the daytime to see a good route to take, my sister has a messy room so it was hard to navigate. -if her room is white, white walls, carpet etc dont do it! your shadow is easily spotted in that room. - make up an excuse beforehand so that it will seem more likely

Brother Aug 07 2013 7:36pm FLAG
Anyone have some good help, i might try this if she falls asleep in front of the tv because it would be easier to touch her, anyone have any ideas? im really scared that this is a stupid idea, im not in love with my sister i just want to see her *****, should i just ask?

Brother Aug 07 2013 7:37pm FLAG
Dont ask, what you have to do is wait until she is sleeping. One she is, poke her lightly. Than a little harder, than a little harder. If she doesnt change her breathing tone or stir call her name, gradually getting louder until your completley confident when you are, tap her leg, and keep moving your hand up her leg taping it. If she doesnt stir, lightly keep your han on her ass. Wait a minitue and than rest your hand and move it around on her ass. You shold be able to take her pants off by grabbing both sides of her pants and lightly pulling down. Hope i helped.

Getting lucky Aug 07 2013 9:03pm FLAG
I wanna do it to my step sister but she is a freaking light sleeper! And her door is really squeaky! Plz help.

Trio Aug 07 2013 10:40pm FLAG
By do it I mean touch her boobies and finger her

Trio Aug 07 2013 10:49pm FLAG
My sisters friend is over right now ams god damn she is sexy! Need advice for how I can get some. She is and still a virgin and a light sleeper!

Need that Aug 09 2013 12:26am FLAG
I need help my cousin is at my house for a month and she SMOKING HOT! She sleeps in the room right next to mine. Every time I try to touch her hes immeduatly wakes up. I wanna give her sleeping pills but I dont have any in my house and im only so I cant buy any. Is there a way to trick mt dad into buying them for me?

I wanna touch my cousin Aug 09 2013 6:29pm FLAG
How do touch a light sleeper if they always roll when u touch them

Love grabbing ass Aug 10 2013 2:02am FLAG
Getting my sisters friend tonight. Gonna grab her ass and tits, and cum on her.

Getting lucky. Aug 10 2013 11:09am FLAG
so touch her

FKER Aug 10 2013 8:24pm FLAG
Hey how can i get sleeping pils if i buy them im still yrs and my sister is she has big boobs

sisters boobs Aug 10 2013 8:25pm FLAG
I want to hump a girl in her ass but can't get the underwear down. I tried the hand c*ck thing but she didn't grab do I get the underwear down so I can a deep sleeper

Anonymous Aug 10 2013 9:34pm FLAG
Please address to the message above as bob

Anonymous Aug 10 2013 9:35pm FLAG
I'm she's 9

Anonymous Aug 10 2013 9:37pm FLAG
Is anyone on

Anonymous Aug 10 2013 9:45pm FLAG
You sick kids

Sic Aug 10 2013 11:46pm FLAG
Im and i let my cousins touch me. I give them handjobs and once i gave one cousin a nice bl*wj*b. Then my other cousin sawand atthe sametime gave me anal. Then they had a fight and i just went to take a shower and wash off their cum. But the cousin that i was giving a bj to camein and gave me vaginal and i let him rape me. Felt weird but my cousins were reported and sent away somewhere. ........................... . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . ///////// s e. s deddsss... . . . . . . ......f...f..c..s...... just kidding :) in my dreamss

girl Aug 10 2013 11:51pm FLAG
I really want to ave sex with my younger cousin (). Shes sleeping on the edge of her bed and i want to do her soooo bad. This frustration :/. Ijust touch e and cum on her and leave.

Frustrated guy Aug 10 2013 11:53pm FLAG This is the girl i did it to. It was a total success.

Getting lucky Aug 11 2013 6:59pm FLAG
Everyone here except bob saget is a dumbass. You need to slowly pull off her pants, then pull offher underwear very slowly. Rub her cl*t first, then wait till she starts to drip, then rub that on her cl*t. Wait 5 minutes, then slowly start sucking her cl*t, then run the tip of your penis on her cl*t, then slowly push in to her vagina, a little more each time. If you break her hymen, pull out and stop. Wait five minutes, then push in slowly, increasing each time in distance and speed. AND DON'T CUM INSIDE HER. She'll feel it.

The only one here who isn't a dumbass except bob saget(I didn't Aug 11 2013 8:26pm FLAG
her hard

Badboy Aug 12 2013 12:33am FLAG
@D PLEASE HELP ME OK SO MY SIS IS DEFINETLY DEEP SLEEPR I DONT KNOW BUT I KNOW SHE WONT WAKE EASY BUT when that night i go home at 9:00 she was sleeping and shes mouth is open and i really want to touch her so healp me im scared to touch her >.< she is hot and big breast and virgin and she is 18 or and im please reply @j reply this

J Aug 12 2013 2:27am FLAG
How do you know if she is a deep sleeper and how do you know if she is really asleep

J Aug 12 2013 2:59am FLAG
@getting lucky you should have put pics of her *****

Love boobs Aug 12 2013 11:57am FLAG
Hello My moms boobs and tits are big how do i feel them im im american

wierdo Aug 13 2013 9:10am FLAG
holy guys im thir**** and i got freinds with big tits read all tips goin for the kill and oh wierdow no mom boobs try some one elsse

DEADLYWAFFEL34 Aug 13 2013 11:54am FLAG
one time, when my cousin was sleeping over at my house and I checked out her vagi*a and is rubbing my hand on her and then I flipped her over and pulled down her pants and started rubbing my penis on her butt

wzlz Aug 13 2013 5:33pm FLAG
My cousin was stayin the week , on the second night i went to her room and checked if she was asleep . She was so i touched her boobs for a while then i grabbed her a** then put my hand in her panties and felt her *****

Awsome Aug 14 2013 11:10am FLAG
You guys need a life

Your cautious Aug 14 2013 11:12am FLAG
Get a girlfriend

morgan freeman Aug 14 2013 10:18pm FLAG
I was and my sister was 10 she was asleep and I started to rub her ass and squeeze it then I took her hand and put it around my dik and then I fingered her in the vag she was wet and I stook my dik in her ass and she woke up. I think she likes my dik bc one time we played hide and seek in dark and hide with me and she keeped grabbing my dik and I said stop and took it off and she kept grabbing it it made me mad I wanted to fk her so hard

Pervy sage Aug 14 2013 11:44pm FLAG
Okay I also need help my cousin is and im but we are on vacation and sleeping in the same bed every night. She doesn't wake up if I touch her ass, but as soon as i barely touched her vag with her panties still on, she awoke. I lied and said she was sitting on my phone, so i got away with it that time. Does anybody know how i might be able to get at her vag?

help! ive fallen and i cant get up! Aug 18 2013 5:48am FLAG
What the ed up stuff on google if search for anything it pops up. Ps stop touching your cousin virgins are extremely sensitive down there. Listen this will save you from prison

The jock Aug 18 2013 8:15am FLAG
ok,im feeling you boy,i too going the same thing,i touch my niece(so sexy,i cant resist her) after she went to bed 30 mins ago...if u dnt wanna wake her up,touch her slowly n if she makes a slight move,get yo handz off her n wait maybe secs.dont touch her fast n aggressively.If u wanna find out if shes asleep,give her a slight touch on her lips.....ive tried that only a million times.

Danza Kuduro Aug 18 2013 3:26pm FLAG
If you want to see her tits how do you move her bra and how do you get her mouth open just to smear cum in her mouth snd put you finger in there?

Anonymous Aug 18 2013 5:15pm FLAG
How can I touch my sister need advice plz ... She's a deep sleeper and she is a virgin she is and I am

need advice Aug 18 2013 6:24pm FLAG
I am going to my friends house for a sleep over on Friday and my friend has a smokin hot sis and the last time I went over for a sleepover I went in his sisters room at 3 am hen everyone was asleep and squeezed her butt put my dik in her mouth put my tounge in her mouth and put my dik in her vag (slowly) and she didnt even wake up I can't wait to cum on her

Jake Aug 18 2013 8:21pm FLAG
Get this my step-sister is , not a virgin, 34DDD tits sometimes sleeps fully clothed, sometimes a swearter and a thong, Ive cupped and spueezed her tits twice, she seems to be a heavy sleeper.

A Aug 19 2013 8:04am FLAG
I want to asked my step.sister.if she could jerk me off. How can i give her a hint for her to want my c*ck

step sister lover Aug 19 2013 7:44pm FLAG
Did she do it?

Kinda weird but if that's what u like... Aug 19 2013 9:28pm FLAG
Sick people

Anonymous Aug 20 2013 4:22pm FLAG
I don't believe any of the stuff above. But anyway, i've never creeped anybody in my life. But I could if I wanted to. There's a trick to doing this, and here is the formula if you want to perv somebody it ha worked before with people. 1. you must be staying at the house overnight. 2. You have to put 2 sleeping tablets in her last drink before she goes to bed and make sure that they're dissolved (2 will clock you out for hours) 3. After she drank the drink with the pills in dissolved in it, make sure she goes to bed. 4. once in bed, wait an hour and a half before going into her room. 5. pinch her toes as hard as you can to make sure that she's asleep. 6.Always bring a marker in case she wakes up (which is really unlikely after two sleeping tablets) so you can just make it look like you were going to draw on her face as a prank. 7. If she's a virgin (you can tell if she has a hymen) do not put anything in her vagina(you can feel it with your d*ck and suck it though.) 8.Always record what you do to her. 9. Always bring a condom in case you want to put it in her ass hole.(it is recommended you do it softly as you do not want to make her sore) 10.Only move her in different positions twice. .Do it for about an hour. . Always finish in her mouth and make sure she swallows the cum. . Take a bra and a pair of panties from her drawer as a reward. .If she's very wet after you're done, clean her up and put her back the way you found her. . you can also go twice if you want, after you cum the first time wait 20 - 30 minutes and do stuff to her again. *if you have any improvements to this plan (im not going to do this btw)post them here.

Anony mouse Aug 20 2013 5:20pm FLAG
Im not even kidding about the stuff I said/

A Aug 21 2013 4:56am FLAG
My sister is normal but with huge ass mothering tits. She's a heavy sleeper.

Pedobear McRapist Aug 21 2013 4:52pm FLAG
Anyone got some pics as proof. Send them too

Lucky Guy DD Aug 21 2013 9:29pm FLAG
This is how you really do this. First you flirt with this girl and play around by teasing her but be sweet. Then before bed lay next to her and see if she let's you. Don't touch tho. Then if you think she's sleeping slowly put your arm around her. If she is in petal position spoon with her. If she wakes she will think you are asleep and it was natural. She may or may not push you off. If she do then try again later. If not stay in that position and slowly start touching her where you want.

pro Aug 22 2013 4:12pm FLAG
I havent squeezed tits that hard.

A Aug 22 2013 4:16pm FLAG
I'm a boy and I am and my bros friend is 9 (boy) and I'm desperate to him

Last day Aug 22 2013 8:10pm FLAG

StraightandWhite Aug 22 2013 9:13pm FLAG
No I just need sex

Anonymous Aug 23 2013 5:37am FLAG
With a little boy. You gaylord.

StraightandWhite Aug 23 2013 3:39pm FLAG
Post pics of the girls.

akagrod Aug 23 2013 4:35pm FLAG
Achuly we did it twice with his permission and did oral with my cous

Last day Aug 24 2013 7:59pm FLAG
Thats nasty dude

Anonymous Aug 25 2013 7:56am FLAG
Dude???you sound like your five

Last day Aug 25 2013 10:02am FLAG
Forgot to say its my bro I did it with twice.if you know any girls I can do instead without my parents knowing great if not i go for my mom

Last day Aug 25 2013 10:09am FLAG
Need advice my mom is semi deep sleeper can wake up and sleeps with my dad not cuddling . She can wake up and not go back to sleep for hours. She goes to sleep late and I believe has only had sex having me and my bro

Last day Aug 25 2013 10:43am FLAG
Also what's a cl*l

Last day Aug 25 2013 10:45am FLAG
A part of the .

A Aug 25 2013 10:53am FLAG
A part of the what

Last day Aug 25 2013 1:19pm FLAG
I am and have an aunt that is 18 she is super hot no a virgin nice ass and tits shows that shes hornny some times is the only girl that i can do this too but she has a problem when ppl stare at her to long she wakesup what do i do i got to touch her

3guy Aug 25 2013 11:20pm FLAG
I never had sex ive dry humped only what do i do with my aunt

3 guy Aug 25 2013 11:22pm FLAG
btw what are you 2?

A Aug 25 2013 11:40pm FLAG
You how how do I get my mom not to wake up FYI read above on how she sleeps

Last day Aug 26 2013 4:38pm FLAG
Last day you want to have sex with a boy.

A Aug 26 2013 4:47pm FLAG
A 9 year old BOY!

A Aug 26 2013 4:47pm FLAG
Once you respond, please wait until I chat.

A Aug 26 2013 4:47pm FLAG
My bro is out cold i took off blanket and is on his stomach

Last day Aug 26 2013 7:18pm FLAG
Ass is open

Last day Aug 26 2013 7:21pm FLAG
Can't find hole in the dark

Last day Aug 26 2013 7:28pm FLAG
Last day.

A Aug 26 2013 7:39pm FLAG
Dont your 9 year old brother, thats messed up.

A Aug 26 2013 7:39pm FLAG

A Aug 26 2013 7:40pm FLAG
Missed window he's awake

Last day Aug 26 2013 7:40pm FLAG
Dont eff him

A Aug 26 2013 7:41pm FLAG
You there a

Last day Aug 26 2013 7:41pm FLAG
And no I don't but my parents aren't asleep and I can't get at my mom

Last day Aug 26 2013 7:43pm FLAG

A Aug 26 2013 8:38pm FLAG
Give me your moms FB or a pic of her.

A Aug 26 2013 8:42pm FLAG
How and *****

Last day Aug 27 2013 4:47am FLAG
Are you a boy or a girl

Last day to a Aug 27 2013 4:50am FLAG
I don't know her face book and do you have I message

Last day Aug 27 2013 4:54am FLAG
Also in return send pic of a girl, mom or younger not granny .or pic of your self

Last day Aug 27 2013 4:57am FLAG
Im a boy, btw, got skype?

A Aug 27 2013 2:19pm FLAG
Got a kik orsomething (skype preffered)

A Aug 27 2013 2:20pm FLAG
Not on touch and don't have kik I message?also do you want the pics

Last day Aug 27 2013 5:43pm FLAG
I would love pics of the girls

A Aug 27 2013 6:15pm FLAG
yo Go to tinypic and upload the images. its free, you dont need an account.

A Aug 27 2013 6:18pm FLAG
K and in return

Last day Aug 27 2013 6:28pm FLAG
Also how can I send it

Last day Aug 27 2013 6:31pm FLAG

A Aug 27 2013 6:37pm FLAG
Just post the link up here.

A Aug 27 2013 6:37pm FLAG
ONce you post dont leave the page for 5 minutes Keep refreshing

A Aug 27 2013 6:38pm FLAG
Huh and what link and u p where

Last day Aug 27 2013 6:43pm FLAG

A Aug 27 2013 6:45pm FLAG
Okay do you have the pics? And are they on the computer?

A Aug 27 2013 6:46pm FLAG
Also u may have to wait a little while you should read my moms sleep ways

Last day Aug 27 2013 6:46pm FLAG
Again how's do I get to see

Last day Aug 27 2013 6:47pm FLAG
Do you have any pics?

A Aug 27 2013 6:48pm FLAG
Do you want to chat?

A Aug 27 2013 6:49pm FLAG
GO on Type in the interest Garfoogle and click chat.

A Aug 27 2013 6:49pm FLAG
You there?

A Aug 27 2013 6:50pm FLAG
Ok I chat can't get pics till twelve but battiries are during I need pics first

Last day Aug 27 2013 6:58pm FLAG
GO on omegle

A Aug 27 2013 6:58pm FLAG
Tell me when you are on the interest Garfoogle in chat.

A Aug 27 2013 6:59pm FLAG
Wtf get back on

A Aug 27 2013 7:10pm FLAG
I'm on

Last day Aug 27 2013 7:13pm FLAG
A I can't find you set a time slo

Last day Aug 27 2013 7:26pm FLAG

A Aug 27 2013 7:45pm FLAG
when i was on vacation my moms bed was right next to mine, within inches apart.. I would wait until she fell asleep, and i would touch her on the arm to see if she was in a deep sleep, and she wouldnt move or anything.. then i would just poke her breast at first to see if she would react.. she didnt do anything so i would grab her boob and i would squeeze it and rub it.. it was sooo good.. i think she started to have some kind of sexual dream because of it, because she started to lift her shirt to show her stomach.. i got a lil hyped up and started rubbing her stomach and she didnt do anything, so i slowly slipped my hand under her waistband and into her pants.. she only shifted a little and i got to rub the outside of her and i could feel her starting to get wet so i put a finger in and i slowly fingered her while she was sleeping.. it was the best vacation ever.

Anon Aug 28 2013 12:09am FLAG
I sometimes pull my sisters panties down and put my fingers in her or ass depending on her position but she has only ever rolled over she's never woke up even when I jerk off and cum on her lips sometimes I even lick it off

Anonymous Aug 28 2013 4:26pm FLAG
Anonymus u lick ur own cum off ur sister lip

3guy Aug 28 2013 9:40pm FLAG
Just nail the bitch.

Anonymous Aug 29 2013 10:22pm FLAG
how would i press the boobs of my sister

ajosh Aug 30 2013 3:22am FLAG
how can I my hot cousin she has nice big tits and ass and she a deep sleeper nut her room is so creaky can you give me advice how to touch her without getting caught?

titlover Aug 30 2013 8:33pm FLAG

Anonymous Aug 31 2013 10:14pm FLAG
at a party, a girl was sleeping on me, hands up the top and took the top of and was on her tits

i love tits Sep 01 2013 2:04pm FLAG
I squeezed my sisters 36DDD tits.

A Sep 02 2013 1:58pm FLAG
I was at my friends house sleeping over and we went to bed late and there was like me and 5 other people sleeping in one room and his little sister like a year younger like yrs old who was really not "developed" but still attractive so in the middle of the night I tried touching her ass and vag with her pants on but I didn't get any further next time I sleep over there will be less people and ill go for the kill then

Anonymous Sep 02 2013 4:57pm FLAG
Guys I wanna a girl whilst she is sleeping what do I have to,do

Q Sep 04 2013 2:19am FLAG
Hey I want to know how I can touch my older sister boobs and not wake her up while she is asleep In bed

Random user Sep 04 2013 10:37am FLAG
i just went into my sisters room and felt her up. You want to go for the ass first and slowly squeeze and kneed it up. After that you can go for the breasts and lastly rub your d*ck on her mouth or ass.

brother Sep 04 2013 10:25pm FLAG
Once I did it to my cousinS FRIENDS house I was scared to do it

Anonymous Sep 05 2013 5:41am FLAG
My sister Is a light sleeper and the door I creaky

I need help Sep 05 2013 11:34am FLAG
anyone who wants advice or waants to talk about this stuff, ki k me parkbenchescapades :)

^_^ Sep 06 2013 5:32pm FLAG
just cum in her as quickly as possible i jizzed in my cousins ass and she was sleeping

Anonymous Sep 08 2013 5:18am FLAG
AWESOME!!!!...reply @stiffmeister to see my huge c*ck!...

stiffmeister Sep 10 2013 5:28am FLAG
Sexy time

Days wa Sep 15 2013 1:29am FLAG
So dude you want advice First make sure she is not fake sleeping by shaking her or pulling her hair. You always have to make sure that u have an excuse such as do you want to watch a movie Then you watch the movie but ALWAYS keep an eye on her. After when she sleeps wait about thirty minutes then she will enter deep sleep mode Then start pinching her and pulling her hair if she doesn't wake up BINGO This is when you start to male her move First do the breast Pull her shirt gently up and when I say gently I mean gently Then unclipp her bra very slowly Then you get her breast You might say " what if she wakes up" if you feel uneasy quickly pull down her shirt. With the bra don't clip it off just fold it over NOW YOU MAY SUCK Now her . This is where everyone gets caught. Virgins are very sensitive about this part unless they have had sex before Gently pull her pants down but if it is tight loosen it first otherwise the tightness around her leg will wake her up And you're dead Then her underwear If she is wearing bonds cut it and then replace it If it is those loose ones you've hit jackpot Pull it down and suck GUYS LISTEN TO THIS WARNING IF YOU ARE GOING TO PUT YOUR STICK IN HER ALWAYS WEAR A CONDOM OTHERWISE SHE WILL GET PREGNANT

Anonymous Sep 15 2013 5:05am FLAG
Dude I've had sex at school in the bathroom with my girlfriend and guess what she got pregnant But I still her

Sep 15 2013 5:07am FLAG
I gang banged my girlfriend her hymn broke and she was crying like crazy

Anonymous Sep 15 2013 5:08am FLAG
Yesterday Night I Was At My Dads House With My Step Sister And We Were Both Sleeping On The Foor . I Waited About An Hour After She Fell A Sleep And Then I Picke up Her Shirt And Bra And Started Rubbing Her Nipple (This Was My First Time Ever Doing This) After That I Noticed Her Hands Were In Here Sweats And I Lifted Up Her Sweats In Between Where Her Hand Were And Then Picked Up Her Panties And I Now Know She Doesnt Shave (x So After That I Reached In And Started To Rub Her Tight All Night Long

Sebs Sep 15 2013 8:20pm FLAG
turn the light on if her eyes flintch she is a light sleeper if she dont stick your finguure in

yuppp Sep 17 2013 2:22am FLAG
When my wife falls asleep I either play with her 32g breasts or with her vagina. She sleeps ***** and falls into a deep sleep straight away. The easiest way to get inbetween her legs is when she sleeps on her front, I start by putting a hand on her bum if she doesn't move or sigh I then begin by slowly moving my hand further down her bum inch by inch until your fingers are over her lips. I gently rub and slowly pull her lips apart and sliding my fingers inside whilst rubbing my own c*ck until I cum which I rub all over her arse. I'm waiting until she gets really drunk and then I'm gonna stick my throbbing c*ck inside her.

Dave Sep 17 2013 5:00am FLAG
should i this girl while she aslee[

young drizzy Sep 19 2013 10:28pm FLAG
should i this girl while she asleep

young drizzy Sep 19 2013 10:32pm FLAG
need help!! just tried touching my sisters butt, and she almost woke up. whatdo I do to keep her asleep

I Need Help Sep 20 2013 12:40am FLAG
Send pictures to my phone ;) 8-375-4250

No one important Sep 21 2013 3:22pm FLAG
What the best way to put a 9yo girl out cold to cum on her

sexygrl Sep 22 2013 8:37pm FLAG
So I got a little sister, and I've tried to do stuff to her before, I've gotten as far as exposing her nipple before she started to stir.. she sleeps in a tank top and yoga shorts most of the time, tonight, I've managed to sneak into her room and I tried some of the above ideas and I squeezed her feet, nothing happened, then I went to poke her cheek lightly, I managed to do it 3 times before she woke up.. I made a excuse of me not feeling good and if she knew something that could help.. PLEASE HELP ME!! Reply @HELPso I know its at me PLEASE!

HELP! Sep 22 2013 10:24pm FLAG
If you break u break up two sleeping pill caps and mic in there chock milk hr before the go to can do anything to them . Any pic trade plz put me on thr list.

midnight finger Sep 23 2013 4:20am FLAG
I sometimes grope my sisters tits in her sleep. I'm doing it tonight, She is laying on her back with her tits covered by blanket, I tried to move it but she moved it back so I'm turning on the heat so hopefully she takes it off or at least when I try again it isn't cold. When we were little she told me to finger her ed. I now just sometimes grope her tits while she's sleeping and rub my d*ck on them and her. I don't know if she wants it now so I'm being super careful. I'm now and she is 20.

Anonymous Sep 25 2013 1:24am FLAG
Oh and her tits are huge, like D at least or double D, its a shame she has no ass though :(

Anonymous Sep 25 2013 1:24am FLAG
If you have facebook guys, search the group "LikeLikeAdvice by Kizuna". It is a closed group, 2 members (both are mine) the picture is sakurasou (anime), the background color is green. Pls join so we could share advices and pics for proof.

Kizuna Sep 25 2013 6:04am FLAG
advice for those whose target has creaky door. at daylight, try to go to that door then sway it at different speed, my door's creak when opened slowly but silent when fast.

Kizuna Sep 25 2013 6:06am FLAG
advice for those who want to know if she's a deep sleeper or not. At 2:00-3:00, try to go in her room (those who have creaky doors, read above) then try to wake her up, you must prepare an excuse before doing so. To wake her up, talk to her softly saying "hey! wake up" like times then when she didn't respond, she's probably a deepsleeper.

Kizuna Sep 25 2013 6:12am FLAG
Im probably not a chinese or japanese, just like the name. I barely visit this site so its better if you join my group at facebook and search "LikeLikeAdvice by Kizuna" im waiting for someone to join to talk with you live

Kizuna Sep 25 2013 6:32am FLAG
This is sick your all sick.. real life or fictional its wrong so so wrong... And deserve to be locked up

Anonymous Sep 27 2013 4:43pm FLAG
i want to have sex soooo bad

Anonymous Sep 28 2013 2:14pm FLAG
I want to have sex woth my cousihow howto n but i dont know how to get her shes and im what should i do while she is sleeping

luis Sep 28 2013 6:17pm FLAG
Any advice how to

luis Sep 28 2013 6:23pm FLAG
How long does it take for a sleeping pill to dissolve? I had a chance to knock my Auntie out with my very own prescribed pills, but I was cautious because I didn't want to raise any suspicion. Advice anybody?

KP8 Sep 29 2013 1:33am FLAG
@Kizuna I can't search it. There were no results

giy Sep 29 2013 6:49am FLAG
I was and bored on night so I asked my friend to bang his sister he said yes and.she agreed

horneymann Oct 08 2013 8:18pm FLAG
I love it when you jerk me off

your dogs penis Oct 08 2013 8:20pm FLAG
Send s to my phone. Ill send some back. 83754250

The one with the phone Oct 11 2013 7:56pm FLAG
Holy it is intense trying to do stuff like this im trying to do it right now...

Anonymous Oct 20 2013 12:16am FLAG
Just go for it

Anonymous Oct 22 2013 12:04am FLAG
EvzScJ A big thank you for your article post.Really thank you! Fantastic.

EKIWIUdChdfG Oct 24 2013 7:11pm FLAG
I've tried before.... My sexy cuz doesn't wear a bra. She sleeps at my place with her mom on same mattress. I know how to get her (my cuz) Very light sleeper. Put my fingers in her breast (middle of them) but never got the chance to touch her nipple of vag. Any help?

Sexbomb3000 Oct 26 2013 10:01am FLAG
Kik message me tony.comedy

tc Oct 26 2013 7:00pm FLAG
Ive touched my sxy dad kik me

FAGSRUS Oct 27 2013 12:17pm FLAG
Were can i get sleeping pills

Someone that wants help Oct 30 2013 10:11pm FLAG
If u know reply @wants help

Someone that wants help Oct 30 2013 10:15pm FLAG
@wants help u need to get them from a doctor

guy Oct 31 2013 3:01am FLAG

Someone that wants help Oct 31 2013 7:43pm FLAG
My friend sister I really want to get in to her pants but I don't want her like parents to see or something bad to happen

C*ck Nov 02 2013 12:41am FLAG
I am and my sister is 18 but it is impossible to touch anything on her body without waking her up, I could probably never put something in her drink to make her a deep sleeper. The only thing I can put on her is a blind fold. Help please?

The night watcher Nov 02 2013 10:35pm FLAG
I touched my friend when she was staying at our home i touched her nipples and i tried to touch her it was hairy but she kinda woke up.I ran into the kitchen and hid about half an hour then went there again.She was sleeping.She didn't remember anything and just didn't change he behaviour to me.It was great touching her nipples

TurkishCypriot Nov 03 2013 12:57am FLAG
how do I do it to my cousin, she's a sensitive sleeper

wzlz Nov 03 2013 7:17pm FLAG
I have been testing on my sister lately, it is so much easier to touch her then my other sister. I can feel her hairy, touch her nipples suck on them but I can't put the D into her, it's to hard when her legs are tightly together.

The night watcher. Ps: blind fold her so invade she wakes up s Nov 03 2013 10:21pm FLAG
i let my big brother feel me up in my sleep. then i "woke up" and said i was ok with what he was doing. I bent down and let him shove himself in me.

slutty girl Nov 04 2013 1:41am FLAG
My sexy cousin is staying with me and all I can get is touch from out side the shirt

Anonymous Nov 05 2013 12:22am FLAG
don't take off their shorts/pants, because when I did it, my cousin woke up and said ''are you touching my butt?'' and I got up quickly and went away and she went back to sleep and now shes a sensitive sleeper

wzlz Nov 05 2013 3:37pm FLAG
Lol I read all of the above

Me Nov 06 2013 10:15pm FLAG
My sister is in college, and every time her roommate leaves and she's the only one in there apartment, she invites me over to stay with her for the weekend. Ever time I go we some how end up getting drunk as and since her roommate locks her door we both sleep in my sisters bed. Sometimes if we r still drunk we would start having sex (I'm 19 she's 20) she has dd and a nice ass (all she wears to sleep is yoga pants nothing else)

Not a virgin Nov 10 2013 1:41pm FLAG
My cousin is and one day i caught her masturbating, what should i do?

Anonymous Nov 11 2013 6:15pm FLAG
i sleep with my sis (deep sleeper) and i tried to finger her cl*t but instead, i decided to make her squirt, and after squirting like a hose, she did not even woke up, i continued this every day

Anonymous Nov 11 2013 6:22pm FLAG
visine eye drops in a drink will do the trick. they thin her blood and it makes her real tired. i tried this on my sisters freind and it works.

some girls brother Nov 11 2013 10:23pm FLAG
i heard they mite cause side effects...

Anonymous Nov 13 2013 4:15am FLAG
How do i touch a boob without getting caught?w

smaaflttaab Nov 13 2013 4:47am FLAG
just tourch it dude around one in the morn thats when the are in deep sleep..most girls.

akeilthe master Nov 16 2013 10:27am FLAG
i had lot's of fun with my neighbor girl 9 y/o when i babysat her,i gave her 2 blue valiums ,in an our she was mine all nite!! i.m .so i undressed us both and did anything and everything to her ,,even ,,next morning she was groggy and didnt remember a thing

hard rick Nov 16 2013 2:45pm FLAG

Anomyous Nov 25 2013 4:19am FLAG
the best advice is to get a girl thats willing or slutty someone you know wouldnt say no and ask them to get you something or get them to bend over some how and just do as that other guy said before and just put your hand between their thighd and start messaging their cl*t its best to do it at night whenn you two are alone watch a movie with them and make sure they are wearing tight thin pants my boyfriend did this to me the first time we hung out alone i was reaching over the side of the bed to get the remote i was wearing black yoga pants and he just fast but calmly reached between my legs and started rubbing me i couldnt say no even if i had wanted to it felt so good after i started twitching he layed me back on the bed and put his hands down my panties and started fingering me

anon Nov 27 2013 1:58pm FLAG
this stuff turns me on you guys are having to drug these girls when i get mad wet just thinking about someone doing this to me

girl Nov 27 2013 2:01pm FLAG
How do I figure out if they are a deep sleeper or not without asking them?

guy with questions Dec 01 2013 5:42pm FLAG
My cousin is a deep sleeper but when ever I try to touch her giant titles or feel up her vagina or butt she moves I need help

Hornycousin Dec 02 2013 12:24pm FLAG
Me and my girlfriend was lying in bed and Se fall asleep so I touched her boobs and Se moved closer to me so I stopped and a minute later a did it again and she didn't move so I moved down to her butt and to her frond and I played with her till she came and the I laid her on her back and spread her legs and put my d*ck in her and She woke up when Se had a nother orgasm and she hold me and scratch me and when we where done she thanked me and she fall asleep in my armes again ... I love you my boo

best night ever Dec 10 2013 8:22am FLAG
guys i want to my sis but she stirs when i lick her ass.what should i do?

anonymous Dec 25 2013 1:05pm FLAG
Just the other night, my sister had a friend over. My sister is her friend is and I\'m . Anyways both my sister and her friend were tired from their vollyball game and both wenr straight to bed when we got home. The first thing I did around 30ish was make sure they were sleeping, I could tell that my sister was already in deep sleep but not her friend. I left back to my room to think up a plan. I revisited their room about 4 times at about every half hour or so. I did that to make sure both were in deep sleep. At about 1 30 or so both were finally in deep sleep. I first tapped my sister several times on the arm to make sure I she was sleeping. I did this to her friend as well. Neither of them stirred or flinched. I then slowly pulled the sheets off her friend and lifted the shirt. Revealing her big breasts (she wasn\'t wearing a bra) I moved my finger around her nips a couple times. She didnt stir nor wake at this. I was then able to grab her breasts with both hands. Next I went for her shorts I pulled them down to her knees and she rolled around. I decided not to take the risk sonic pulled up her pants and pulled down her shirt. I had a very enjoyable night. :)

anonymous Dec 26 2013 1:19am FLAG
look, afta looking out hundred of sites, i came up wit the perfect plan: go to her room at :00, to test her level of sleep, touch her ass slightly, continue for 10 mins then start rubbing, slowly and gently, drag her skirt down start using your d*ck to rub her ass. to get more pleasure, kneel on top of her and start jerking. for her boobs, place ur hand on it slightly, then start rubbing. her boobs should be used to ur hands, so drag her shirt up, nice and easy. be careful not to touch the nips. good luck!

ass busta Dec 26 2013 9:45am FLAG
i had a lil girl 7 yearold ask me to lick her next thing i new we were sleeping together every night it friends kid and she was ok with it i use the eat her out all the time n she. sucked my ditck any young girl me up

fearless918 Dec 27 2013 2:44am FLAG
any girls under interested in an older guy hit me up .fearless918

fearless918 Dec 27 2013 2:46am FLAG
Just the other night, my sister had a friend over. My sister is her friend is and I'm . Anyways both my sister and her friend were tired from their vollyball game and both wenr straight to bed when we got home. The first thing I did around 30ish was make sure they were sleeping, I could tell that my sister was already in deep sleep but not her friend. I left back to my room to think up a plan. I revisited their room about 4 times at about every half hour or so. I did that to make sure both were in deep sleep. At about 1 30 or so both were finally in deep sleep. I first tapped my sister several times on the arm to make sure I she was sleeping. I did this to her friend as well. Neither of them stirred or flinched. I then slowly pulled the sheets off her friend and lifted the shirt. Revealing her big breasts (she wasn't wearing a bra) I moved my finger around her nips a couple times. She didnt stir nor wake at this. I was then able to grab her breasts with both hands. Next I went for her shorts I pulled them down to her knees and she rolled around. I decided not to take the risk sonic pulled up her pants and pulled down her shirt. I had a very enjoyable night. :)

anonymous Jan 02 2014 11:53pm FLAG
Last night my older sister had her friend over for the night. I had to wait all day before I could get busy. Finally night came. I waited until about midnight until I snuck into my sisters room. Both were snoring loudly and appeared to be in deep sleep. Just to be sure I silently approached her bed. My sister was sleeping on the bed and her friend was on the floor next to the bed. First I poked at my sister. She didn't respond in any way. I leaned next to her ear and whispered her name a couple of times. She still didn't respond. I took this as a positive sign and repeated this to her friend. She didn't respond either. I was finally able to get to work. I first lightly touched her friends boobs. She didn't move. I then touched her whole breasted with my entire hand. No response. I kept pressing and grabbing her breast for what seemed like forever. I got so worked up that I started kissing her affectionately all over her face and neck. I could tell that her horemones were reacting cuz her nipples began to harden and she would give the occasional moan. I got even more worked up and quickly slipped off her shirt and bra which was not easy. Her nipples were still hard so I sucked her huge breasts. I sucked for a long time. I fingered her a couple times too. After like 30 min. She began to stir so I put everything back in its place and kissed her one more time before I left. I eagerly await her next visit. One cool thing I learner was that breathing can tell u how the person reacts. An example could b snoring obviously this shows she is in deep sleep. If her breathing changes on contact or just suddenly then she is waking.

anonymous Jan 03 2014 12:16am FLAG
Ok so last night my now sister had 5 friends over for her bday party. They r all so hot it drives me crazy! So I tried to sneak in several times but each time someone was awake. I gave up and went to bed. I woke up at about 3 in the morning cuz I heard whispering and giggling. I squinted out to see only my sisters friends all stand ***** in my room. At first I was confused until one of the girls slowly slid off my pants and underwear exposing my c*ck. Everything went silent until I felt something weird on my c*ck. I squinted to see one of the girls giving me a blo*job. She sucked so hard and it felt so good. They all rotated around each doing their thing eventually one of them got on top of me. I felt myself being ed them all. It was great.

hi im me Jan 03 2014 12:42am FLAG
my sister sleeps in a robe with a bra on so sometimes I reach down the robe to her tits and play with them a little, I do this everynight just so I can get enough sexual vibe from her to keep me going, it feels amazing.

and single Jan 04 2014 5:30pm FLAG
and "hi im me" you are the luckiest person on the planet

and single Jan 04 2014 5:33pm FLAG
Just curious, to those that say this is sick and twisted, how did you end up on this site and reading it?

Common Sense Jan 05 2014 10:11am FLAG
Thank u "and single" and I wish u luck on ur adventures. :)

hi im me Jan 07 2014 11:20pm FLAG
"Hi I'm me" had a similar case to mine. For me my older sister was having a graduation party and all the girls stayed the night. Like u they snick in my room and did all that stuff to me too. But what I did was sit up and helped them all out by banging them all.

lol wassup Jan 07 2014 11:24pm FLAG
Yeah right "lol wassup" I doubt that happened. I bet ur just jealous it actually happened to me.

hi im me Jan 07 2014 11:26pm FLAG
Oh shut up ya d*ck u probably lied too

That man Jan 13 2014 1:56pm FLAG
I touched my step sister then I grabbed her and she gave me a hand job in her sleep. Then like 10 min later she woke and started to give me a blow now every night she always wake me up around 2 in the morrning suck my d*ck

DeBo Jan 18 2014 12:50am FLAG
Anyone wanna text. girls only

TheCoolGuy Jan 18 2014 8:21pm FLAG
My cousin was staying the night at our house and I snick into my cousins room at night and started fingering her. Like 2 min into it she just stood right up and said "I cant keep quiet" and she tore off her cloths and ed me hard.

lol Feb 02 2014 8:56pm FLAG
Last night my parents left for a vacation and hired a female babysitter for me. I'm and she was 19. The first day was normal but at night I woke up around 1:00 and my babysitter was doing me. I sat up and said "what r u doing?" And she asked "did it feel good?" And I was like "uh yeah" and she asked "should I keep going?" And I said ok. She got on top of me and humped. I got to massage her boobs and suck her. We went until we couldn't go anymore. I came like 3 time on her boons and she came once on me. I look forward to the same thing tonight.

ur best friend Feb 02 2014 9:08pm FLAG
Omb it happened again! Just as I finished brushing my teeth she walked in the bathroom and grabbed my d*ck from behind. She asked "should we start early tonight?" I said "hell yeah" We took it over to my room and we both undressed. As soon as I sat down she just marched right up to me and started sucking my d*ck. She sucked really hard really fast and I came right in her mouth. She quickly gulped it down and got right on top of me. She told me it was my turn. I did her as long as I could and came 2 more times. Both times on her boobs. When I toppled over exhausted she tron over. She kept on going hard. I came another 2 times before passing out.

ur best friend Feb 02 2014 9:15pm FLAG
I just did her again. This time she was getting ready for bed and I just came right up to her and said should we get it on? She said yes. I tore off her pants and underwear and licked her vag. I went for like 20 min when she said that's enough. She stood up and sucked my d. She was really being aggressive. I came like 3 times in her mouth. Next I laid her. I just ed her hard and long. I came on her another 2 times. When either of us got tired we would just suck or lick the other. We went on until like 2 in the morning. Unfortunately this was her last night.

ur best friend Feb 02 2014 9:23pm FLAG
When my parents got back I told them that she was a really good babysitter and had lots of fun. Like a week later they went out and invited her over. When she first arrived and my parents left we both just immediately stripped and started making out. We ed the entire time.

ur best friend Feb 02 2014 9:27pm FLAG

Anonymous Feb 03 2014 10:01pm FLAG
At first I thought to myself how can I possibly get my hands on a sleeping pill. I had to b tortured as my sister brought over her yr old sexy friends who were all light sleepers. There was nothing I could do. Then one super awesome and lucky day I was walking around in my parents room when I stepped on a sleeping pill. I remembered that my mom is now on these pills cuz she has been having trouble sleeping. PERFECT!!! it just so happened that my sister was having a sleepover with probably one of her sexiest friends that night. I was so excited! At the dinner table I offered to grab everybody a drink. I slipped the pill into my sisters friends glass. I stalled until the pill dissolved then passed out the drinks. At like 9:00 she said she was already really tired. I took this as a good sign. Later I came in their room to check if they were sleeping. Luckily my sister is a deep sleeper. I checked my sister first. I tapped and nudged her a couple of times. She didn't wake. Next I moved over to my sisters friend. At first I was a little cautious. She is a light sleeper so I did a soft nudge on her. She didn't stir or flinch. I nudged a little harder. Same results. I started shaking her. She still didn't wake! Nothing I did even made her stir. So I did what I have been waiting so long to do. I slipped off her shirt and bra not even slowly. She had huge awesome boobs right in front of me. I didn't wait. I started sucking her huge breasts man they were awesome. I sucked and massaged for like 30 min. I got a huge boner. I then pulled off her shorts and underwear making her completely *****. I pulled off my shorts and went straight for the vag. I was bumping the daylight's out of her. I came 2 times on her not in her. When I felt so I flopped her over on her front side exposing her nice curved ass. I gave her an anal. I came in there 2 more times. When I felt satisfied I flopped her back over and did the vag again. This time I made out with her while humping and massaged her tots. I came on her another two more times. I was exhausted so I called it a night. I went into my parents room and swiped two more sleeping pills for next time. In the morning I thought it was funny when she got up and said God I feel great!

yea buddy Feb 06 2014 5:35pm FLAG
I'm in my step sisters room right now. I already made up an excuse for staying in her room. I am wondering if I could tell her what I want or just wait till she is asleep so I can give it to her. What do you guys think?

I need advice too Feb 08 2014 12:23am FLAG
All good things to those who wait @I need advice too

yea buddy Feb 08 2014 5:15pm FLAG
I know alot of these are fantasies, but I did something real. I slept at my grandparents with my step-sis, she is a sort of deep sleeper. I grabbed her breasts slowly. And then I spider climbed up to her breasts. She was wearin a bra. Her breasts were so hot

the guy Feb 08 2014 9:11pm FLAG
Advice: Spider climb like I said and do this really slowly, if you like, you may slowly grope her. If her breathing go's up(not as deep), stop and com back later, repeat

the guy Feb 08 2014 9:15pm FLAG
Thx it's a different day now and I went into my step sisters room but only this time she is wearing a bra and a thong! I tried to do that spider climbing that you were talking about but she woke up. I panicked and said, " there were spiders in my bed and you know how much aractniphobia I have in me so can I sleep with you?" She said whatever so now I'm next to her trying to think of a plan. What do I do?!

I need more advice too Feb 09 2014 10:18pm FLAG
I am not quite sure yet, sorry

the guy Feb 10 2014 6:12pm FLAG
Help me there is an older ladie who lives in my basement and I tried touching her once but she woke up so I said that I was just seeing if u were awake. How do I get the boobies and that ass

man Feb 17 2014 9:34pm FLAG
So my gf and I have this really hot roommate who is my gfs best friend. Im always around her when she is sleeping because I stay up late gaming and she always passes out on the couch. Anyways the other day I was a little buzzed but not too drunk and I pulled her bra down and felt up her tits (do this very gently and slowly watching her eyes and heavy breathing. Fingers or toes twitching are a warning too.) I was really nervous but eventually started rubbing my c*ck on her lips but could only get the head halfway in before she turned over. I waited another hour or so until she was in a deep sleep again then grabbed an ass cheek gently. I swear she doesnt feel it at all because I started jiggling it and squeezing a little harder. I let her be for a few minutes then pulled the back of her pants down to see her full ass. I licked her puss through her panties really carefully then rubbed my c*ck between her theighs and cheeks until I came. Just when I pulled her pants back up she rolled over and I grabbed the remote that I laid beside her so she didn't think anything of it. I was worried she would feel the cum through her panties but she didnt. The next day she said she knew what I was doing the night before and liked it! I never thought I would actually fully cheat on my gf but now I have 2 girls I live with and get it all the time! I could have gone to jail though so dont do it I was just a little buzzed on whisky and was frisky.

canttellyou Mar 03 2014 2:46am FLAG
Anyone wanna text Girls Only HMU

HornyGuy Mar 05 2014 8:32am FLAG
I got to play w my aunts giant tits after she passed out a reunion. She only yrs older & built to impress. Big DD tits on small frame. Anyway at my sisters wedding aunt got loaded & fell asleep in limo. I tried 5 ways to wake her. She was in dress from wedding. I pulled her tits out and kissed and squeezed. Titty ed. Even got a hand on her ass crack & rubbed her puss w fingers. I rubbed c*ck on her mouth but couldnt get it in. I wrapped her hand over my c*ck & jacked until i came. Kissed her on lips she had beautiful lips..

Joe Mar 06 2014 1:00am FLAG
So my roommate Michelle has been having some financial problems lately. One night it was about 1:00 am and I couldn't sleep and Michelle just got back from work. I got out of bed to help her. When I saw her I noticed her curvy ass and nice tits. She fell right on the couch and immediately fell asleep. I waited like 20 min in my room before coming back out. She was snoring loudly and was face up. I lightly tapped her shoulder to see if she was awake. She didn't move or anything. I got to pull up her shirt and remove her bra and feel her awesome breasts. I rubbed for like 20 min. When I was done I pulled down her pants to see her vag. I could get my d in so I just stuck with boobs. The next morning she said she woke up when I was feeling her and she wanted to have sex with me. We had some hard sex that morning. I'm excited for tonight.

hello lol Mar 08 2014 9:24pm FLAG
I only got caught once by my aunt putting my hands in her crotch while she was sleeping in the couch. I was sleeping on the couch too since it has two parts. Basically her reaction was like this, "Why are you putting your hands in my crotch?". I tried to take my hand out before she woke. After saying that she told me to cut it out. The next day I was scared less thinking she would tell my mom. She didn't though. She never talked about it with me either. Im not really perverted I was just curious what it felt like. I also touched her chest before she ever woke up to catch me. Im and my aunt is 37. She is blood related.

Truth Mar 11 2014 9:15pm FLAG
I was scared less*

Truth Mar 11 2014 9:18pm FLAG
shetless* .-.

Truth Mar 11 2014 9:20pm FLAG
Also some of you guys that arent posting real stories get the fawk out. We want to read true shet not no damn fawking made up sex stories and stop this faggotism some of you are posting gai shet that I don't need to be reading.

Truth Mar 11 2014 9:28pm FLAG
Its sunday4:36 and my friend has a hot ass sis.I'm about to go into her room! What should I do first? This is my first time.

ryan mccarthy Mar 15 2014 3:39am FLAG
Also you threw your sister out the window so funny

ryan mccarthy Mar 15 2014 3:43am FLAG
And I am not liing

ryan mccarthy Mar 15 2014 3:45am FLAG
Once a few weeks ago this one girl slept over at my house. I was thir**** and she was twelve and three quarters. So I was sitting on couch and she was laying perpendicular to me with her feet on my crotch. So then I put my arm in the middle of her legs so my elbow was touching her pu*sy under her right gym shorts. Then I would start moving my arm around and she would start to twitch her legs from pleasure. I then tried to slowly stick my hand up her pants because I knew she wanted it, but then her other friend next to her woke up and asked me to turn off the TV. ing co*kblock.

Giovanni Mar 22 2014 2:03am FLAG
My cousin's parents left on vacation and my cousins came to stay at my house. My cousin abby came she is 19 and I'm . She has always had a nice ass and boobs. I tried once like 2 yrs ago to touch her in her sleep but she woke up fast so I gave up. I decided to try again. That night I snuck into the guest bedroom where she and her two younger brothers were sleeping. I noticed she was only wearing a bra and shorts. I crept up next to her bed. She was breathing heavily. I tapped on her shoulder a couple times and she didn't move. I placed my hand gently on her C cup boob. She still didn't move. I started to rub her boobs. After a while I slowly removed the bra. I then sucked her tits. Then she sat up. I ducked underneath the bed. She said "oh what the hell. Where is my bra? Ugh. She put back on her bra and went back to sleep. I got out of there.

this is true! Mar 22 2014 10:45pm FLAG
hey.. dude.. why dont u just get a hanky and tie it on her eyes.. make sure you cover them. so she wont notice she is awake.. ive done this before.. i kindof ed her its fun try it

er Mar 23 2014 12:51am FLAG
the other night my younger sister who is had a friend stay over. im and she was super hot and had great tits. so i went in at about 2:30am and pinched her toes to make sure she wasnt awake. she was only wearing a singlet over her bra and some shorts i managed to get under the bra but she started to wake up so i left. i went back to my room thinking of how close i was and about ten mins later she came in my room and told me that she saw me leave and knew that i was touching her. i was going to say i left my phone charger in there. but she put her hand over my mouth and put her hand in my pants and started jerking me off. she sucked me off and we . i know that heaps of people will think im lying but im not. the girls name is sarah my sisters name is ashley and im aaron

aaron Mar 23 2014 2:37am FLAG
I was handling my friends sister at a sleepover after squezzin and massagin her ass she woke up and I did that im sorry ploy and got away with it.

A fellow fetish Mar 24 2014 5:24am FLAG

Butt Mar 30 2014 7:56pm FLAG
last night me and my friend that was a girl went out and came home really late around 1:30 and she was stuffed and soon as we got inside she went straight to be. The thing was i was really ed for like 3 hours!!

your mom Apr 15 2014 8:32pm FLAG
So my stepsister is sleeping and I go to grab her ass and she rolls over. Scared the out of me because I didn't want to get caught so i quietly got outta there and now am here.

xXSoulEater10Xx Apr 19 2014 12:37am FLAG
Tried another time, this time I got to touch her but and put my finger in her mouth but she kinda moved so i stopped and next time I'm gonna go fer her cl*t C;

xXSoulEater10Xx Apr 19 2014 12:58am FLAG
I freaking went to massage her cl*t and she farted and moved XD. Disgusting, but she should deep sleep in a matter of minutes now.

xXSoulEater10Xx Apr 19 2014 1:07am FLAG
You are all f*** mad jeez guys. What if someone did that to you and no not a hot blonde a big fat hairy man f***ing you in the a** how would you feel about that.

STOP!!!!! Apr 29 2014 1:02pm FLAG
And you could all go to jail some of you will.

STOP!!!!! Apr 29 2014 1:04pm FLAG
If you think that we are "f*** mad" then how are you not, after all you are on this site too.

Some guy Apr 29 2014 6:35pm FLAG

SERIOUSNIGGUH May 02 2014 10:58pm FLAG
ugh ur all possessed!! who cn u do such to yo mum,sister and cousin? shame on u..

shamir May 06 2014 5:43am FLAG
my aunt is not my mom shes half mom half your sister to me lolz

DILDO May 08 2014 8:35pm FLAG
JUST DO IT she wont tell anyone... she'll just say get the fck off... whats worst that could happen?

NIKE May 08 2014 8:46pm FLAG
One time my sister's friend slept over, at like two AM I woke up and went over to her, I tapped her a few times to see if she would wake up, she didn't so I started touching her boobs, she wasn't wearing a bra so I could feel them really well, after that I slowly slid my hand into her pants, I could feel her pubes but right as I was about to reach her , she woke up, the room was dark so I instantly hit the deck and hid at the base of the bed, she seemed confused but eventually went back to sleep, after that I went back to touching her boobs

Swag May 09 2014 1:11pm FLAG
Once I walked in on my sister and her friend(who is a girl) and they were doing the naughty naughty and I freaked out until her friend said join us, I think u know what happened.

Mike_Hunt And Ben_Dover May 13 2014 5:54am FLAG
Define "naughty naughty" ;)

Anonymous May 19 2014 7:07am FLAG
So I was thinking of getting up at night and going into my sisters room and fingering her while she sleeps or just like rubbing her Pus*y. I need some help or tips on how I can not wake her up Like can I be gentle or give her something before she goes to sleep? Because I know for sure she is a light sleeper. OR should i wake up at like 3am or something cuz thats like the heaviest sleep time. I need some tips from experienced people ;) Also my sister is and still obviously didn't loose her virginity If i start fingering her will she start bleeding? Please give me tips or kik me at Funguy0 kiking me is better please.

Funguy0 May 20 2014 2:52pm FLAG
3 am is best and NO virgins do not bleed when fingered :/

Anonymous May 20 2014 11:54pm FLAG

Mr. Edward May 21 2014 12:13am FLAG
I betchu guys the person who made tis post got arrested long time ago

AFROMANIAC May 21 2014 12:17am FLAG
I agree with the guy who said let your eyes adapt to the darkness I also suggest turning on a movie before she sleeps that way she is used to any noise. You should also wear dark clothes for camouflage in the darkness. And where can you get good sleeping pills. Thank you for your time. ;)

Bad to da Bomb May 25 2014 12:44am FLAG
My sister's friend came over last night and it was one to remember. Her friend has a nice big ass and nice tits. When it was like midnight my sister let me watch a movie with them. I was sure to stay awake the whole time. Luckily my sister and her friend are both really hard sleepers. I came up beside the couch that the friend was sleeping on and I lightly tapped her shoulder. I observed her breathing an noticed no change. I tapped her again harder and I got the same results. Next I just reached out and lightly brushed her ass. She still didn't change so I started to squeeze and rub her. I was basically massaging her. When she finally turned over, I squeezed her nice tits. It was a good night.

Yoloswag May 27 2014 11:43pm FLAG
Ok yesterday night my cousin was asleep and I woke up at about 4 or 5 and I stayed and I looked at her and then I felt her but and then I moved up to her boobs and I only touched them so next I'm at her Private so I start by rubbing the outside of it and try to get in but I don't so I give up and she was fake sleeping and she reached over grabbed my hand and did it for me I kept going and she was saying harder harder and once I quit she did it to me

Anonymous May 31 2014 6:20am FLAG
I'm going to try my neighbor with nice booty and good tits we r both virgins so I'm only going to feel

Anonymous May 31 2014 10:01pm FLAG
ok my cousin is asleep how can i touch her

Anonymous Jun 02 2014 7:27am FLAG
KoOQ8o Major thankies for the blog post.Really thank you! Great.

exDmQVJt Jun 04 2014 12:12pm FLAG
funguy0 what is the naughty?

me Jun 05 2014 1:29am FLAG
but mine is flat-chested

Frank Jun 05 2014 8:11pm FLAG
My sisters friend always comes to our house she usually sleeps in my sisters room but she is in the living room on the couch I'm not sure if she is a deep or light sleeper can u tell me how to find out PS * that person

that person Jun 07 2014 4:32am FLAG
You guys should really stop. You might think that it is the awesomest and most amazing experience to have sex with a little girl but you can really mess up their lives by doing so. And if you dont care about that then at least think that you are taking away their virginity and depriving their future boyfriend of taking away their virginity. And if you don't care about them or their future boyfriend then know that if you get caught then you will be charged with a FELONY.If you are going to take away a young girl's (younger then ~18) virginity at least make shure that she knows what it means and make shure that she agrees to let you do it. And DON'T touch them in their sleep. They DON'T deserve it.

someone who knows Jun 14 2014 11:01pm FLAG
s taste delicious. :D

Your mouth Jun 27 2014 1:08pm FLAG
I licked my brother's friend's V*****

Some lucky kid Jun 29 2014 10:55pm FLAG
Thank you guys for the info .....i will use it later

345 Jul 20 2014 9:44pm FLAG
Once a bunch of my sisters friends came over they sleep at one o clock one hour later i put my hand down her pants touch her vag***a i love it she never woke up the came d***ck time

Lucky fellow Jul 20 2014 9:49pm FLAG
Could someone give me some advice via kik? I slept over my friend (who is a girl)s house with another girl. We all got really high and then went to sleep in the same bed. I'll go more into detail over kik.

timtompson3 Jul 22 2014 6:54pm FLAG
The kik is timtompson3

timtompson3 Jul 23 2014 4:29pm FLAG
3 at the end

timtompson3 Jul 23 2014 4:29pm FLAG
Omg 1 then 2 then 3 its leaving out numbers

Anonymous Jul 23 2014 4:30pm FLAG
How do you gets sleeping pills

Anonymous Jul 24 2014 7:02pm FLAG
GiN8H3 I really enjoy the article. Great.

rgMJPrSDnCtBIVrlMU Aug 05 2014 7:31am FLAG
^^^I agree ^^^

Anonymous Aug 31 2014 8:49pm FLAG
i do this on my sister's friend, she is and im

Anonymous Sep 25 2014 3:18pm FLAG
i am thir**** and the girl is ten, i took her virginity and now she is pregnant...

Anonymous Oct 15 2014 1:48pm FLAG

Anonymous Oct 18 2014 10:53pm FLAG
I'd just go for the boobs. They're enough for meh

Anonymous Oct 18 2014 10:54pm FLAG
thers this girl that lives with me and shes a d cup how do i touch her boobs when she sleeps[her boobs are sesative]

mickey Oct 22 2014 11:36pm FLAG
also she keeps the light on and the door closed on the bright side i made a plan using everyone skills

mickey Oct 22 2014 11:43pm FLAG
any girls wanting to send photos?

Human Nov 23 2014 11:52pm FLAG
One time i was sleeping over with my cousin who has a nice ass and big boobs, we had a sleep over and after she fell asleep, I waited for about an hour or so and then I felt her nice tits and big ass, I put my fingers in her p*ssy and she woke up and said " did I tell you stop?" So I kept o. Going for about 2 more hours, best time of my life

The Lucky One Dec 06 2014 9:36am FLAG
How do you pull the panties off? always gets stuck.

Anonymous Dec 23 2014 11:25pm FLAG
bring scissors to cut panties and bras off.

Anonymous Jan 12 2015 10:02pm FLAG
I need some advice.

PoolPeople Feb 16 2015 12:31am FLAG
I'm and my step sister and I think for some reason we all ways had something between us like randomly we would stare at each other and just smile. So one night I asked her if we wanted to watch a movie with me she said yes the movie we watch is American pie so as we watched it we suddenly got closer together after that movie finshed she said I want a horror so we watch a scary clown one,she kept on doing is little screams so I went and moved Nexted to her under the blanket while watching our hands kinda combined and we held hands then as we looked and eachother and smiled we had a gently kiss then we started kissing like loads so I reach for a c*nt and she let me finger her ever scince that day we when ever we can I love my sexy step sister 💖💖💖🔐

3237babe Apr 20 2015 7:00pm FLAG
So my step mum ask for a towel while she was in the shower so I got her one about 10 mins later I hear her crying in her bedroom so I goo and see after having a deep convo for like 5mins she just kissed Me on the cheek I got a boner she saw it and suddenly started sucking her tounge down my throt ever since that day we snog all the time

Love steam Apr 20 2015 7:04pm FLAG
I just look over at my hot step sis so went to the other side of her and kissed her leg then put my hand on her ass she was wearing little panties with a to on I kept my hand on moving it up her body then I gunna my my hand down the back of her pants and she roll over so one help me how do I do it

need help Apr 20 2015 7:27pm FLAG
post pics

Horny pervert May 04 2015 10:33pm FLAG
My cousin is asleep,any idea how to get her to suck me

Anonymous May 17 2015 1:52pm FLAG
Just ask

the burger king Jun 16 2015 11:23pm FLAG
How much time before you give her the sleeping pills until she falls asleep

To of dis d*ck Nov 14 2015 10:46pm FLAG
i slowly creep into my sisters room make sure its :00 or later and go for the boobs slowly pull the shirt up then lighly kiss them and if u suceed slow VERY SLOWLY pull her pants down and kiss her i wouldnt suck it

I LOVE VAGINA Nov 22 2015 8:07pm FLAG
Well. Here's my story. It is real, not a fantasy... But it's not much. So I was at my cousins' on her th bday and spend the night at their house and one of her friends stay too and we sleep in her room on the floor and my cousin on her bed. My cousin fell asleep and we were both just on our phones then my phone dies so I try sleeping and she goes to sleep too. For some reason I couldn't sleep and I got really . After about 30 min she was asleep and so I whisper asking if anyone's up and get no reply so I try poking her slightly then rougher and she doesn't wake up. I run my hands lower, slowly until I get to her ass. Its huge and I start off just poking slightly and then putting my full hand on and then start squeezing. Then I try getting to her big tits but she started waking up kinda so I wait about 5 min and then maybe keep trying or go back to the ass. Basically I was only able to touch her ass. A couple times I put my finger between her cheeks and tried slowly poking thru her clothes till I reach her hole and try getting deeper but she started breathing loudly so that was as far as I got. Here's a tip btw: if they are a little lighter than heavy sleeper (like this girl) and not on the side u want (like if u want her to turn to touch her ass or tits) make noises near her ears so they wake a little (not enough to wake up) and do that every few secs (in between her waking up so that she doesn't totally wake up). Do that until she turns.

Anon Jan 01 2016 2:57am FLAG
My cousin sleeps without a heet and only wears sleeping shorts no shirt so it is easy to touch her ass cl*t and nipples

Big penis Jan 03 2016 4:49am FLAG
for all those ppl who dont like wut other ppl are saying then just leave k

for the anonymous's Jan 25 2016 3:57pm FLAG
Any advice on making sure they're asleep? My cousins so hot and I try touching her but like just lightly taping her nipple with my finger tip makes her stir. Is there anyway to make sure that's doesn't happen... Without drugging

Horn Jan 25 2016 7:32pm FLAG
What I always do is first: 1. Decide what you are going for : Ass, vag, or Boobs 2. See what sleeping position she is in: Fetus position with butt out , laying down flat face up, or laying with the butt away from you. 3 . If your going for ass slowly shimmy down pants until there is underwear. Remember to stop and take a break ever shimmy . (At least 30 seconds). Pull down underwear and have fun ;) 3B. Vag is probably the hardest but if you are going for it spread the legs and shimmy down pants to the knee area. Then go to underwear and pull down. 3C. Boobs are just pull up shirt put make sure it is not covering breathing areas because this could cause discomfort . Tips: Any stirring after shimming pants or shirt is natural, just take a little break and go back at it. Loud breathing and rash movements are a sign of awakening. Abort mission for at least 5 minutes. Good luck!

Theonedark Mar 26 2016 8:32pm FLAG
Me and my eldr sis always sex at night when we r alone at home it start from when she is 19 and im we r fighting qnd suddenly my dik is rub with his ass and my dik erect and get out through my under wear then she take off my pant and i take off her clothes firstly im wating his body for 2min then she starting kissing me and then after some time I suck boobs i take some condom out and start doing sex after 4hrs we r stop and sleep its best day when we start I'll enjoy it very much

Anonymous May 27 2016 10:56pm FLAG
Me and my eldr sis always sex at night when we r alone at home it start from when she is 19 and im we r fighting qnd suddenly my dik is rub with his ass and my dik erect and get out through my under wear then she take off my pant and i take off her clothes firstly im wating his body for 2min then she starting kissing me and then after some time I suck boobs i take some condom out and start doing sex after 4hrs we r stop and sleep its best day when we start I'll enjoy it very much

Jake May 27 2016 10:58pm FLAG
I have also a sexy sister and she is and I am . So one day we both was doing fighting so between of fight my hand touch her ovary and her hand touch my penis. My penis become straight like wood. On that day we were drinking a milk so what I do that day she was in pantie and I took Sleeping pills and mixed in her milk, Now what she was in deep asleep Now I don't take any tantion and gone her bedroom I tear her panty and top and I wear out my pants and my underwear After that I took her her both legs on my shoulder and start her..

Arindam Sharma May 29 2016 7:22am FLAG
This is some sick , you guys are rapists!!

FBI Jun 19 2016 12:25am FLAG
one day my sister is sit at sofa i jump to sofa and standing to staright view on her boobs ohh my god my d*ck gets very hard than i start doing these things with my sister tobtiuch her boobs when she is sleeping watching her when she ie bathing but one day i jerking off in bedroom and sleep when i woke my sister is sucking my corkk wht the guyz

deadpool Jul 07 2016 7:24am FLAG
How do I touch my sisters ass without her waking up She is a light sleeper HELP ME!!!!!

Anonymous Jul 19 2016 8:26pm FLAG
Plz Help me my sister wakes up every couple time's I try to touch and grab her ass!!!!!!

Dave Jul 19 2016 8:55pm FLAG
I was in my friends room and his sister was sleeping next to me and I groped and licked her tit through her shirt (no bra) and I wanted to go further but her matters was too creaky and I've been masturbating to the thought of it since

Ecchi Aug 09 2016 3:19am FLAG

Anonymous Oct 01 2016 5:15am FLAG

Anonymous Oct 01 2016 5:17am FLAG
Can I please kill myself already?

Code name: cucc next dood Oct 09 2016 12:27am FLAG
start off holding small peices of panties bring to top of panties and lower them down sucseed u do anything

im a jew Oct 13 2016 8:46pm FLAG
My cousin is a light sleeper, can't take her she is up

Anonymous Nov 22 2016 12:20am FLAG
Hey I touch my sister deep in her vag

TY G Dec 03 2016 12:08am FLAG

TY G Dec 03 2016 12:08am FLAG
Give advice: