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How can I get my sister to have sex with me? Like, what should I say?

The Problem: I am and my sister is . I really want to have sex with her, but I don't know what to say. We fight sometimes, so I don't know if she will tell on me. Please help me.

Asked by: Sister f***er at 10:30:30 AM, Friday, August 05, 2011 PDT FLAG


I have the same prob bro. I tried once but she woke up and hurled a nasty threat at me. If she is a heavy sleeper, then skrew her at night.( mornings tend to make people get up easier.)you then trick her into it.

Mike Aug 05 2011 9:16pm FLAG


HELP ME PLEASE Aug 06 2011 2:23am FLAG
WTF you lil faggs. find a girlfriend.

These NUTTSSSS Aug 06 2011 6:36am FLAG
This is to These NUTTSSSS; My parents would kill me if I had sex with my girlfriend!!!

Sister f***er Aug 06 2011 8:53am FLAG
And help me please, when u had sec with her when you were 9 was she asleep?

Sister f***er Aug 06 2011 8:54am FLAG
Just bring up in a conversation if she is a heavy sleeper if so go 4 it if not put slping meds in her food and have at it

uckstiitchb Aug 06 2011 10:13am FLAG
Just bring up in a conversation if she is a heavy sleeper if so go 4 it if not put slping meds in her food and have at it

uckstiitchb Aug 06 2011 10:13am FLAG
I'm just worried shell tell on me then I'd be busted.

Sister f***er Aug 06 2011 11:23am FLAG
If you get her in her sleep use your fingers or mouth after you cum in her to make sure she gets off. If she has an orgasm then she won't tell and will want more.

Horny bro Aug 07 2011 8:28am FLAG
But I don't no if I'll be able to catch her in her sleep without being caught by my parents?

Sister f***er Aug 07 2011 3:01pm FLAG
Wait an hour or so after parents go to bed so they will be soundly sleeping. Put a towel under your sister so you dont get sperm (and blood if she is a virgin) on the sheets. Then climb on, shove in and enjoy.

Horny bro Aug 07 2011 5:22pm FLAG
How will i put a blanket under her without waking her up?

Sister f***er Aug 08 2011 12:49pm FLAG
by pushing on the bed and slide it forword

Anonymous Aug 14 2011 11:32pm FLAG
Just go and talk to her, try to get her to do something that will get you on top of her and then start ducking!

Quaht Aug 16 2011 5:40pm FLAG
@sister f***er..if u find any ideo plzz tell me

chotu Aug 18 2011 3:33am FLAG
just tall her u want to play docter and just move it firther and fither till u can git to the point shes ***** then rub her cl*t and make her cum then she will want more and more

Anonymous Aug 19 2011 2:50am FLAG
^^ nyce idea but it cant work for my sis is 20 and m .. so how can i ask her to play doc doc...

chotu Aug 20 2011 2:42am FLAG
my brother had tha same prob with me we just talked and had alot of sex after that

me Aug 20 2011 11:51pm FLAG
blackmail her for something

noah labbate Aug 23 2011 4:15pm FLAG
i tried the same try to kiss her by vagina and if she likes it, then start ing

a er Oct 17 2011 8:44pm FLAG
How to get my sister to sex with me?she is I am how to?

unknown Oct 29 2011 2:39am FLAG
You can play game with her. U become a doctor and she become a patient. And try to press her boobs. If she dont angry on u. U can understand she ready to with u.

Anonymous Dec 10 2011 3:22am FLAG
I ur sister everyone. If she sexy.

Rahul Dec 10 2011 3:25am FLAG
my sister is n i m 18 we dnt stay in same house help me plz i really want my sis badly hre boobs r soo big that i really go mad when i see them

love to Dec 14 2011 12:19am FLAG
drug her or make her druk

Anonymous Jan 22 2012 7:27pm FLAG
Yeah, I'm and my sister is , one day she slept ***** and I couldn't see, so I checked if she was by trying to lift up her blanket and she was, but she woke up, then I made up a corny excuse like I was trying to get my headphones underneath her.... I really want her body though, It's tempting me badly, I'm going through that stage just as you are. So I have no idea if she slept like that on purpose or whats the deal, but I think she knows I tried to take a peek at her. We don't sleep in the same room either, so can someone please actually give good advice to try to convince her to sleep with me? I live in a house with 7 people and we are rarely home alone (my sister and I) because of my oldest brother who is 21 and not looking for a job... Honestly I just want to have her body really bad, but If my mother finds out from my sister, I'd probably want to kill myself from the embarrassment. My sister and I talk a lot to each other but I think I'm a lot more of an annoyance to her than a sex buddy. I'd love if someone can help my situation here and everyone else who is craving to have their sister. And I also can't go for that option of, "Oh just give her some pills!" or anything like that, I also don't want her to be asleep while I have my way. I want her to know so we may be able to do it again. it might sound weird, but she is much to light of a sleeper to "fill her hole" while she is sleeping. Thanks everyone.

A person like you. Feb 28 2012 9:25pm FLAG
i night i slept with my sister in her bed and i eas so hard and show moved in her sleep and put her bum up aganst my hard c*ck then show woke up and even duh she was awake she rub my c*ck off her ass and she look at me then and got on top off me and stuck my c*ck up her ans she said are u ok abd i said yes fine we had sex after tat it was strange but she is so hot

anm Apr 11 2012 6:49pm FLAG
im and my sister is 20 and i just moved to florida so i cant get sleep pills im thinking of asking her if she wants my headphones cuz she asks me alot 4 them and when she says yes ill slowly take my hands and undress her top and when she says wat r u doin i say go with it if you want the headphones and take of or ill ask her in the shower and if answer yes i jump in shower with hard on maX and say same thing slide it in and take off but i also need advice for seducing her to want 2 do it with me i soooo regret myself cuz 1 time i caught her rubbing herself and i wanted to go under Da blanket

BALListic1 Apr 13 2012 4:52pm FLAG
and i wanted to go under and go for it but at the time i was and she was 18 so plzz leave advice once again i cant get pills or anything that will keep her asleep p.s i have mah moms condoms and mah dads sex lube so if she says yes ill be ready and cum faster so i wont get caught remember leave advice please

BALListic1 Apr 13 2012 7:21pm FLAG
Maybe u could pretend u can't go to sleep and ask ur mom for pills and then when there asleep go in her room and tell her it's candy and open her mouth and when she falls asleep start having sex with her and put ur co** against her vagina and if she likes it the start to make her cum.

Hdjisnsbdjjjd Apr 21 2012 11:06am FLAG
look i am ** and my sis is 18 i touch her boobs at night but i wana have sex with her how plz tell me and we r not freak's this is not good and not bad see so the punk's that say insults better watch it :@ i'll atdmit its wird but who cares right ?

dont insult help me Apr 30 2012 4:36am FLAG
I'm and my sister is and I want to have sex with her but she is a light sleeper and I'm afraid if I ask she will tell my parents can someone help me

Jjf May 12 2012 7:34am FLAG
I'm and my sister is and I want to have sex with her but she is a light sleeper and I'm afraid if I ask she will tell my parents can someone help me

Jjf May 12 2012 7:36am FLAG

yomama Jun 09 2012 10:03pm FLAG
hey i am and my sister is i asked if she would me but she said no who do i make her have sex with me

ant Jun 11 2012 3:21pm FLAG
just go up to her and ask her if she wants to have sex with you

Colin Jun 13 2012 12:42pm FLAG
ok so no answer yet i mean what should i say to her so she would at least strip for me or show me her boobs plz tell me !!! am she 18 so me too i am sacred to sak her she would tell my parents that the BIG PROPLEM but if she dosen't that would be grat so plz tell me what do i do ?????

dont insult help me Jun 17 2012 3:20pm FLAG
hey colin firstly touch her ass gentely if she does not matters about this then slowly touch her boobs and make sure it happened accidentally and look for the reaction then the jobs done man

hacker Jun 19 2012 12:41pm FLAG
Im 19 and my sis is 23, I want to , and ass but she has no clue ive seen her. I want her really bad and I need edvise.

iwantmysisters Jun 28 2012 8:37pm FLAG
ok................ u guys sick

Anonymous Jun 29 2012 10:31pm FLAG
what you should do is tell her you had a nightmare and ask if you can sleep in her bed and you can touch her ass or boobs and if she has a good reaction then you can just do her

blank Jul 05 2012 11:25pm FLAG
Just fuk her and when you r fighting start to rub her or show her your body

Fuker Jul 08 2012 1:20pm FLAG
hi i have a sistre she 19year old nd am ,she hs a big boobs nd ass i wnt to her bt hoy can i make her to hve sex wth me plz giv me a gud solution plz plz

sis er Jul 12 2012 10:28am FLAG
I like it

jj Jul 13 2012 6:44am FLAG
My bro is and i am 20 he was caught one day evening when we both slept on the same bed.I had a great craze on him as i spied many times through cam changing clothes i just rubbed his pennis and tried to make him a french kiss he woke up and said i am ur bro then i pleaded him not to say to mom or dad and he agreed.Another day asusuall we were sleeping together our parents went out.i was not sleepbut acting as if.He slowly came near me and said i wanna u sweety.i didnt stop acting.He came near me and took off my hooks in my nightdress and left his finger(index) into my bra .ifelt it was touching my nipples.then he tried to leave his hands into my underwear.i just close my thighs and said to him do u reaally want me bro.he said s and we had a really great time.then i removed off my dress he requested to take my inners i took my bra and panty but no condom but a balloon he too removed his clothes but was shy .i cummed on his pennis he did not get sperm for a long time then i told him to wear the baloon on his pennis and je jerked into my vagina .now we both do it for 3 times a week.often i will ask for sex.SO BROS DONT FEEL SHY TO ASK YOUR SISTERS FOR SEX .WE REALLY LOVE TO HAVE SEX WITH OUR BROS ESPECIALLLY YOUNGER BROS.THIS WILL BE POSSIBLE ONLY TILL UR SIS MARRIAGE SO DO IT AS FAST AS U CAN BEST OF LUCK

ananya sweta Jul 21 2012 2:49am FLAG
This response was flagged for inappropriate or offensive content.

ananya sweta Jul 21 2012 2:50am FLAG

ananya sweta Jul 21 2012 2:53am FLAG
Ask her what sex is if she tries to explain ask her to show you to and then just have at it

Anonymous Jul 23 2012 8:58pm FLAG
im and my sister is 9 i just wanna heck her so bad while she's asleep but how should i do it?

young but Jul 27 2012 1:39am FLAG
you guys are ed find a gf this is so gross

nasty ppl Jul 29 2012 10:43am FLAG
you guys are ed find a gf this is so gross

nasty ppl Jul 29 2012 10:44am FLAG
hey guys i will give u some good advice ok so when your parents are asleep or gone go into her room and ask her if u can sleep with her because u just watched chuckie or sceam the movie and she will say yes, now you get close to her back hold her boobs take your pants off and she will crave for ur d*ck oh and aa good way too masterbate is too put soap on your d*ck and rub it hard.

nipple craver Jul 31 2012 6:03am FLAG
i wish i had a sister :( i would ck her so much and massage her

nipple craver Jul 31 2012 6:06am FLAG
im want to try to make my sis walk in on me masturbating but im scared she will be like ew what are u doing and tell my parents so i found her dild and i was wondering if i say u do it to and explain how i found her dildo this and that she wont tell and maby we can idk advide

ilovemysistersass Jul 31 2012 10:47am FLAG

I Jul 31 2012 2:16pm FLAG
My sister asked for a massage so of course I said yes I said I couldnt do it properly with her shorts and top on she took them off and was just wearing a bra and knickers she went on her back and I rubbed her legs and ass I was so erect she then said to do her back so I undid her bra strap and did so she then rolled over and asked if I could do her chest so I was rubbing her massive boobs I then put my mouth down and she told me to suck on them I pulled down her knickers and fingered and ate her ed for hours now we do this all the tine

Na Aug 03 2012 9:55am FLAG
I am my sis is prude and she is I want to have sex with her really bad

Horny Wang Aug 05 2012 12:16am FLAG
im my cousin is . when my cousin comes over and spends the night(sleeps in living room futon, next to computer) she sticks her hand out. one day i was playing skyrim(FTW) on my computer really late(about 4am) and she was sleeping. i saw her hand sticking out and i kneel down and pulled my shorts halfway down. the i put my penis on her palm so my penis would be wrapped around her fingers, then i started to move in a motion. when i was done, alot cum was on her hand. i continued this for 8 months now. last week i think she woke up, because she started to stroke her self. i took my penis out of her hands with fright. she opened her eyes and said "i'll suck it for you". i took her panties off(that day she wore a large shirt and panties, put her legs on both of my shoulders and i pushed it in. she hasn't had her first period yet so in the end i cummed in her.

By one lucky guy Aug 10 2012 2:57am FLAG
I really have sympathy for you guys, for a long time i wanted to have sex with my 21 year old cousin, im a boy, . i remembered she is special Ed, so she might tell her mom if i ever try, i still want to, i have cummed so much masturbating to her. One day i went to my Male cousin's house, he is . when everyone went to bed, we sat on the couch and told our secrets to each other and showed our d*cks to eachother. anyway, back then i was to shy to do much more. but recently he came over to my house, late at night he was in my bedroom on my top bunk, my other male cousin slept on the floor. my cousin and i sat on the top bunk watching TV. i started masturbating to a girl on that show, he reached for my d*ck and i was ok with it ( because i hadd masturbated to him so many times. ) Then i felt his, when i felt how much bigger and harder it was than mine, i backed out, feeling like a compared to him. hopefully next time we can do more. Now for my 21 year old cousin is a very, very deep sleeper and i am to afraid to have sex with her, or at least see and feel her boobs. So what should i do? (she always shows a lot of cleavage.)

MasturbatingWishBoy Aug 14 2012 11:48pm FLAG
I will really dislike negative comments.

MasturbatingWishBoy Aug 14 2012 11:51pm FLAG
Uhh ,!?? Drop ur balls first kids! &NO u dont wanna do it wit ur sister,u just cant get it thats why u think u want it

grow up! Aug 24 2012 1:24am FLAG
my cousin is 10 year older to me ,married and mom of two..recently I got an interest to make her attracted to me.this idea came to my mind as she was showing her boo booes to me thru her skirt.then,i have shown her my erection and she always sits by my side to see those.and I hope that she has never told about it to anyone.but she shows no reaction to it.but she comes and sit at the same place to see me.ithink she is interested.i know she is watching those abd we usually taalk very well..she often ask he about the dress she wear ,whether its matching or not.i used to tell her to be sexy in her wears.when we ride on bikes she often presses her bbbb to my back in a way it acidently happend.woulkd someone help me o on how to carry this to sex.any cousin girl can help with the answers..

Anonymous Sep 01 2012 11:53pm FLAG
Its bad ....

***** Sep 10 2012 12:56am FLAG
i want to sex with my sis i watched her bathing

sdd Sep 17 2012 3:13am FLAG
I am and i want to touch my 18 year old sister`s breast. Any advice?

Jasen Sep 21 2012 11:04pm FLAG
She is part blind but can see without her glasses. please help

jasen Sep 21 2012 11:08pm FLAG
dont do that

Anonymous Sep 24 2012 1:24am FLAG
I want to have sex with my niece? She said she likes to materbate but i asked her on a friends cell but she doesn't know it's her uncle? Im 19 and i have also done it with my other niece when she was 9. I ate her out and tried putting my c*ock inside her but she wuz too tight?! How do i get my otyher niece to have sex wityh me??

INCEST NYMPHO Sep 29 2012 9:14am FLAG
For one thats sick! Thats your family!! Find a ing girlfriend you faggs!

Anonymous Oct 06 2012 12:53am FLAG
I really wanna have sex with my sis what should I do ask her if she wanna have sex or massage her and slowly strip off her clothes what should I do I wanna feel her vag against my d*ck

tight4me Oct 13 2012 11:08pm FLAG
Yo, Just shove your c*ck in her mouth while she's sleepoing and then when she wakes up....

NEGRO Oct 20 2012 9:13pm FLAG

meokay Oct 21 2012 5:13pm FLAG
Bro go u r sis rom nd remove under slep it on u r sis bad.she didnot any think gos fr 2 weeks afer tha u remove her bra n panty insid u penic some she prengnat afer u do give pills...u hav sex ever ni8t..n injy u sex

Dr Oct 23 2012 10:53pm FLAG
i am and my cousins daughter is 22 i want to fu** him i realy wont.guys can you tell me an advise..plz

sexy boy Oct 26 2012 4:35am FLAG
My sIster is and I'm I really have this craving to **ck her but she's really shy and I dont know what to do cans someone help(I also need to worie about not getting her pregnant).

The dominater Oct 27 2012 10:28pm FLAG
I had sex at with my twin and now we do it almost everyday. She gets so horney. Try bumping into her in the bath or when she is dressing

The MAN Nov 02 2012 12:45am FLAG
U guys are all ed in the ass.

Your mom Nov 10 2012 9:04am FLAG
Tell her you know her biggest dirtiest secret. Then tell her you want tell if she has sex with you. The slide your d*ck in her ass and pump. Enjoy your sex!

the dude Nov 11 2012 4:45pm FLAG
I tried that we ed for 5 hours. I then humped her and she sucked my d*ck. Thanks.

Jo momma Nov 11 2012 4:48pm FLAG
I need help. I am 10 my sister is . I want to her so bad. Give me advise please :(

jj Nov 11 2012 4:50pm FLAG
If u want to ing a family member. Don't u think I bet u will think it after u cum?

Friendly advisor Nov 11 2012 7:59pm FLAG
with a condom ps:be careful

Friendly advisor Nov 11 2012 8:01pm FLAG
I told my sister I loved her firsted we kissed witch led to touching the finaly fuking

Sister ass lover Nov 12 2012 10:00pm FLAG
aik din mene apni sis ko msg kia mbl pr mene usko kaha k mjy tm sy aik bt krni h usne kaha k kya bt krni h mene kaha kuch nae choro .. usny mjy kafi convince kiya or promise b kiya k wo kisi ko b nae btay ge mene usko kaha k mjy tmsy rat ko milna h to usny kafi gussa kiya kehti h me tmri sis hn tm mere bare m aisa kaise soch skty ho ?? mene usko kuch nae kaha chup kr gya . aik din wo so rahe thi to mene uski breast pr hath rakha . phr uski pr apni finger lagai uski jab ankh khulny lagti thi to me side pr ho jata tha to plz mjy advise chahye plz tell me me apni sis k sath sez krna chahta hn koi advise do plz ?? ye koi pills bta do i req u all

A.D Nov 13 2012 3:18am FLAG
I'm and my sister is 22. How can I her plzz help

queef button Nov 15 2012 5:40pm FLAG
I'm and my sister is 22. Her massive tits drive me crazy everytime I look at them. She has her own apartment. And once a week she comes to my house to does her laundry. Plz help.

queef button Nov 15 2012 5:44pm FLAG
give me advice how to prepare my wife to do sex with other so i can do with other

Anonymous Nov 19 2012 4:11am FLAG
What the is this, redneck central? You guys are all extremely sick individuals and God forbid you ever have kids, you inbred little perverts.

Anon Nov 19 2012 12:51pm FLAG
You all are pothetic s im and i have banged my gf at least times

Anonamous Nov 21 2012 12:30am FLAG

sisiter Nov 21 2012 1:55pm FLAG
I am and my sister is and I want to feel her tits and dont know how to ask her and when I do will she tell our parents if she does I will be doomed but I am craving her tits, so someone plzzzzzzz someone help this is serious so no " Give her pills." Or " her while she is sleeping

YOLO Nov 26 2012 1:45pm FLAG
U sick pervs u go to hell when u ur family

Anonymous Nov 26 2012 5:25pm FLAG
I am a boy and i have a friend thats a girl she is really hot and i want to mf her but we only see each other at school and stores i need advice PLEASE!!!!!

White boy swag Nov 28 2012 1:30am FLAG
This advice goes toanaya sweta give your phone number so we could te you our pictures because some of us dont have computers.

Im awsome Nov 28 2012 1:38am FLAG
This is for you negative people if you thank its so sick then dont get on this site

Im better than her Nov 28 2012 2:08am FLAG
My sister is 10 and I am , I asked her and she said she's not old enough what do I do. Plz help

f*** Nov 29 2012 4:32pm FLAG
To have sex

f*** Nov 29 2012 4:33pm FLAG
Im and my siter is , i wanna her so bad! , what should i do if she is sleeping?, Home alone with her ? Or any tips to exite her b4 bang her brainz out? Im frighten that she would tell my parents.. :L

SISTERFUKAAAA Nov 30 2012 11:17pm FLAG
To sisterfukaaaa: dude that's ed up your and she's not Evan a ****ager

Anon Dec 02 2012 11:42am FLAG
Get a life pervs

Realitys Dec 03 2012 1:33am FLAG
Get a life you pervs and stop it with youf sisters u pedos

Sincerly,reality! Dec 03 2012 1:34am FLAG

Gcsthb Dec 05 2012 12:42pm FLAG
Rape her

Love Dec 07 2012 7:41am FLAG
You are all lucky you have hot sisters and mine is just an ugly bitch

Who else Dec 09 2012 9:39am FLAG
Convince her to see ur **ck tell her that ur **ck is painful nd tel her that she is the only that can fix or wen ur parents r gone out go to her room convince her to have sex with u then go for it thats if she says yes

Lover boy Dec 09 2012 9:36pm FLAG
Urdu zuban me likne wale k liye: thum agar harami na hothe tho kabhi aisa mahi sochte.

z.s Dec 10 2012 9:13am FLAG
Get a life

Anonymous Dec 10 2012 12:00pm FLAG
I am a female and i wanted my brother soo badly!! In the end he asked me! Guys!! Just ask!! All my friends have had sex with their brothers!

Lovemybrother Dec 11 2012 5:42am FLAG
okk so no advice on how to squirt ?

anonymous Dec 11 2012 9:30am FLAG
Hi I am and my sister is 18 and I wanted to sneak into her room to suck her p***y but her door and her floor squeak and worst of all she is a light sleeper. Any advice. Please. I'm begging you.

John C. Dec 12 2012 9:37pm FLAG
Loli have touched my sis breast a lot and she touched my d*ck

Trololol Dec 13 2012 4:28am FLAG
gross people!

Anonymous Dec 15 2012 6:45pm FLAG
same prob here, i was ang i want to have sex with my sister who is yrs old. When she was sleeping, i always trying to undress her but she always notice that im removing her dress. Problem is, how can i ask her to have sex with me without getting any rejection??? she also a virgin. need help please...

Glenrick Dec 17 2012 7:13pm FLAG
try drugging or something

best sex ever Dec 23 2012 5:29am FLAG
im my sister is 38 how do i get her to f me

3456 Dec 26 2012 5:53am FLAG
Im 19 and my sister is 21. I have had sex wit previous girlfriends, but none are as hot as my sis. She has 34B breasts, not huge, but nice, and a nice ass. Also, her feet are perfect (i have a foot fetish). I want to sleep with her so bad, but we fight all the time, and she has a childish attitude of always ratting on me to our mom. How do I seduce her without her telling our mom? Or at the very least, feel her up in her sleep without waking her? She is a light sleeper. I want to just take off her clothes while she sleeps and take photos of her to blackmail her, but I dont know how to do it without waking her. any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Skoal Packer Dec 26 2012 9:03pm FLAG
screw all of you... i don't have a sister! just 2 Brothers!

Anonymous Dec 28 2012 11:10pm FLAG
hi, im 22 and my sister is . i want to teach her all about sex and its wonders. She is still a virgin, we are not close and she knows i love to jerk it...she kinda caught me once. How do i close the gap and hook up with her?

Blaze4Daze20 Dec 30 2012 3:13pm FLAG
My 10 yr old sister told me that brothers and sister can have sex and we talk a lot about it, we dryhump a lot in her bed until the end of summer

/(' ')> TT Jan 01 2013 4:23pm FLAG
just show your c*ck to her if it is big enough she will come begging for it

bad ass Jan 01 2013 9:30pm FLAG
Really guys sleeping with your sister/cousin that's just gross just get a girlfriend it will feel much less weird and won't get you in trouble.

Advicegiver3 Jan 03 2013 12:15pm FLAG
Go get a girlfriend you knob!!!

Mr Donthavesexwithyour Sister Jan 03 2013 12:18pm FLAG

Police Jan 03 2013 12:27pm FLAG
Btw, why would you want to have sex with your brothers and sisters, go get a ing girlfriend or boyfriend you dirty rotten scumbags!!!

George Agdgdgdgdwengo Jan 03 2013 12:30pm FLAG
i have a 23 year old sister and im i wanna fuk her but she has a boyfriend we did it once but it was dry sex she was pretending to sleep buy really she wasnt as she was laying on her side i started to move near he ass i pants off to about above my knees i was so harf and started to rub my d*ck on her ass and started to put my hand pants so good i waanna do it again butast time i tryed she eoke up and said somthing was moving up he leg my hand / i needcadvive

Anonymous Jan 05 2013 7:36am FLAG
You are all homos!

faggots Jan 09 2013 4:02pm FLAG
Hi. If anyone has any pics of their hot girlfriends or sisters, send them at I don't have any pics to swap, so please forgive me for that. :)

Some Horny Dude Jan 10 2013 12:31am FLAG
im whant to have sex with my sister but i dont know how to tell her she asked for a picture of me around am i dont know why or if she wants me

someone Jan 15 2013 10:59pm FLAG
How do I have sex with my 22 year old sister when I'm and she smoks and I think amahe is sexy but I dtk she is that dirty she smokes and she usto get drunk plz I need advice and I need it fast

Colbywat sex Jan 19 2013 2:01pm FLAG
Ok just say you lost a bet and say that you have to have sex with her or you have to pay 500$ or something that means a lot to

Awsome person Jan 28 2013 9:12pm FLAG
Say you had sex with some one els she get gel then u bang hear simpual !!!

Anonymous Feb 08 2013 12:13pm FLAG
Just here YLO

Anonymous Feb 08 2013 12:14pm FLAG
if anyone has any hot s of their sisters send them to this Email

afge Feb 09 2013 12:42am FLAG
a trash bag (school hoe) is betta than trying to screw your sister

dc00 Feb 11 2013 5:04pm FLAG
Any advice for me? I got a sis, but she would never think of ing me, and I have a military dad so if he found out I would die. PLEASE HELP!!!! She is insanely hot

a Feb 16 2013 7:13am FLAG
Please just get a girlfriend.

ImNotAPreacherJustSayingItasItIs Feb 16 2013 5:37pm FLAG
Just walk out of the shower ***** when you know she is on the other side of the door and the she will be surprised and hopefully she will want you. If not try walking into her room at night and suck her boobs, i'm a girl and i can't resist my boyfriend sucking my nipples. After that you guys can do it hopefully, and I have siblings that have each others back and won't tell the parents if I do something like that so just give it a try.

#YOLO#SWAG Feb 24 2013 12:49am FLAG
Well I took my sister to the bathroom and locked the door and I made her promise never to tell anyone ever. So then i just asked if I could see her boobs and she said yes. Then when our parents left we went to her room and we had the best sex ever. And the best thing about it is that it works every time.

Anonomus Feb 24 2013 3:36am FLAG
1:bring up a conversation. 2:get her relaxed. 3:be nice. 4:discuss problems in your life. 5:ask her about her life. 6:ask her how she feels about you. 7.tell her how you feel about her. 8:ask her if you can touch her boobs but be gentle and nice . 9:make sure you grab boobs good. 10:get her and have sex 10 easy steps good luck!

the***pro Feb 24 2013 1:08pm FLAG
Truth or dare try it

jggjhgy Feb 24 2013 6:24pm FLAG
I was once ing idea what I was doing so after I was don talking to her I realized I was scratching my balls da whole entire time we were talking but she was staring at my d*ck so I was like what

Weird one Feb 25 2013 1:03am FLAG
I was once ing idea what I was doing so after I was don talking to her I realized I was scratching my balls da whole entire time we were talking but she was staring at my d*ck so I was like what

Weird one Feb 25 2013 1:04am FLAG
Jesus you guys are some slut if your that desperate. Your mum and dad would be disgusted if they found out you two were incesting.

a normal non rapey person Feb 26 2013 8:28am FLAG
I am and my step sister is 20, when I was about we were laying in the same bed watching a movie and I just put my head on her chest, then eventually climbed on top of her acting like I was a baby. I then randomly started humping her slowly while we had our clothes on. She started breathing softly and making little moaning sounds, so I slid my hand up her shirt and starting squeezing one her boobs. It lasted about 30 minutes until her friend came over. Since that day we have never come close to doing anything like that. We havnt even talked about it. We completely just forgot about it, like it never happened. She is now 20 and I'm . I want to have sex with her really bad but I Dont know how to bring the Question up to her ? I'm afraid she will tell her mom and then she will tell my dad. She also has a boyfriend but I still want to have sex with her. How should I ask her to have sex with me ? How should I bring up the conversation to her ? PLEASE HELP, I REALLY WANT THIS TO HAPPEN, THANKS

DANNY BOY Feb 26 2013 10:00pm FLAG
Mann am and ma couzin is 22 I have always slept by her but I was afraid of tuching her she is so hot I wanted to tell her 2 years ago I told her that I wish she was young and she was ma gf and she started laughin I waw going to tell her that I want her so bad but then I got nervous and now its en too late and she is married but I think she wanted to have sex with me and used to kiss me like 10 times every sec on the cheeks Iyhink she wanted me to make a move but I was stupid so she gave up and last also before she got married when she gave up I wanted to sleep by her but she kicked me out I was so stupid yhT I didnt tell her

maven Feb 27 2013 3:28am FLAG
Girls just send me a pic I will u hard with me 10inc d*ck

Anonymous Feb 27 2013 8:58am FLAG
U people are sick get a gf u freaks!

Anonymous Feb 28 2013 12:37am FLAG
im and my sis is 22 and i dont think she'd understand but im desperate for a from her help me out!

sister licker Mar 03 2013 10:06pm FLAG
GO into her room late at night and say u had a bad dream and cry. She'll feel bad then BAM sweet sex

SMart GAL Mar 04 2013 3:37pm FLAG
amar apur sathe amar kothopokokthon..........apu ajke tomar sathe sex korbo ki beadob chele,thaprie galer dat fele dibo....... am kare thaprabe dekha jabe......tomar ajke sob shude dibo.........tumi tension nio na...tomar shorirer 1konao bad dibo na..... bon beadob parle...dekhi ki korte paros koto tor sahosh? ami bollam.dekh.bolei jhapie pore or chul tene dhorlam....oke uprie sualam..o anek tana hechra amar sathe parbe kemne..oke oke ami upur kore dhore rekhe amar pant khullam.tarpor amar nunu die or pasay ghosha dite thaklam..bollam.ore khanki tor sob ekhn amar.dekhi to mahgi tor dudh..tore to ami u like a whore.dosto tora dekh amar magi apur ki darun forsha toshtoshe pasa.dekhle mone hoy dhon soja oi futa dia dhukai.oi dostora ki kos?amon forsha pasa dekhsos..amar apur pasa ta 1jon tipe dudu te ektu jhaka mar..or bota 2ta chuse de

kjk Mar 06 2013 1:25pm FLAG
im and my sis is four**** she is really hot... how would i get her 2 hav sex with me???

anonymous Mar 06 2013 7:32pm FLAG
p.s. send me emails of advice at plzzz

anonymous Mar 06 2013 7:34pm FLAG
you're all a bunch of ing your sister??? i hope you all get cancer and die

only'one that has sense Mar 09 2013 6:10am FLAG
you're all a bunch of !ng your sister??? i hope you all get cancer and die

only'one that has sense Mar 09 2013 6:11am FLAG
I am and my sister is how can I sneak into her room when her floor is really loud

Anonymous Mar 10 2013 12:26am FLAG
idk just ask her and if she says no, find something u can hold against her, like something she did ur parents dont know about

SexyAss( o )( o ) Mar 10 2013 12:24pm FLAG
Wat up ananya sweta txt me gurl wat is yo number my face book is tim turner I n belleville illinois

T Mar 11 2013 4:55am FLAG
main sai ka ho aur mari sister ki ha hamare ghar main 4 log hai papa to job per chle jate hai mami bhi jati hai magar 9 am se .30 pm tak mujhe aur mari bhen 10.30 se tak ka time milta hai aur vo sex ke bare main kuch nahi janti hai aur mujhe usko choodna hai magar main darta ho ki vo papa ya mami ko kuch na bata de to batao ke main kya karo ki main usko chood bhi do aur vo mami ya papa ko bhi na batae aur ha hum chro eak hi kamre main rahte hai pls tell me

tigther Mar 11 2013 6:54am FLAG
Wtf...You want to **** your sister?

wtf Mar 11 2013 2:22pm FLAG
ha main karna chata ho

tigther Mar 11 2013 10:06pm FLAG
how do i make ma cuzin and niece have good sex wth me my couzin felix tried puttin his small pnis in my hole but it was to small also my hole how do i do good sex ps i dont know how take away the hairs from ma vajayjay

plz help Mar 12 2013 5:27pm FLAG
i need guys plz contact me if u want some

sex Mar 12 2013 5:33pm FLAG
well im a 10 year old girl and guys gust shut the up then knok ur sis out or just say i want to fell wat sex feels like to her then say plz intill she said yes and also i like gitls WTF yes im les. !!!!

YO MA MA Mar 15 2013 2:31pm FLAG
How do i feel this girl in the other room in her sleep

Anonymous Mar 15 2013 8:06pm FLAG
my sister is so am i and she is like one of thoes goody two-shoes but she is very sex one nite i cupped her boob and it wuz amazing......but i want to take it farther pls help.....

teehee Mar 19 2013 9:09pm FLAG
I wanna have sex with my sister I am I don't Know what to do can any on help me PLEASE

Jacob lister Mar 22 2013 10:41am FLAG
I wanna have sex with my sister I am I don't Know what to do can any one help me PLEASE Please help !!!!!

Love Mar 22 2013 10:43am FLAG
guys tht is nt good to hv sex wth ur brother or sister tyr to found a gf or bf man

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i am a boy and since my sisters are very light sleepers i had sex with my girl cousin who is . i got the chance too her because when i slept over her house i had a boner and pretended too be a sleep and when i looked she was looking into my boxers and touching it i said i wont say anything and its fine so she sat next too me and i asked her whats wrong she said that every guy she meets they never want too have sex with her so i put my hand on her hip and said even though were cousins we are just 2 cousins helping eachother out so when i kissed her she pushed me down so i was lying down on the bed and she started sucking my 6 inch c*ck than she got ***** and jumped on my thighs and inserted my penis up her ass. than we did doggy style and i got cum all in her ass and every day secretly whenever we get the chance we have great longlasting hard sex

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My sister has a big ass and I won't to have sex with her really bad we did it one time and I put my d*ck up her ass it felt so good put I won't to do it again

You Mar 28 2013 2:40am FLAG
I'm just kidding that never happen that's really gross to have sex with your sister

You Mar 28 2013 9:40pm FLAG
I want to ask my sis for sex but I don't know how but last time I tried to ask her I could not say any thing so I gave her a corny excuse for entering her room at night so can someone help me plz.

bro Mar 29 2013 8:34pm FLAG
By the way I'm and she's

bro Mar 29 2013 8:39pm FLAG
That's disgusting who would have sex with your own sis . If you get her preggers You guys are ed in the assssss

Swagg Mar 30 2013 2:06pm FLAG
Guys, I'm a girl and really, just ask. It probably would be better to have a girlfriend, but what ever. Chances are they want to have sex with you too. And to those who are negative... SCREW OFF!

Youwishyouknewme :) Mar 30 2013 3:44pm FLAG
I am a boy and my niece is 10 y.o. I always try to have sex with her while she is asleep bt she is a light sleeper. Last night I trieds again and she noticed it. I put my d*ck between her legs while she had her panties on and she started pumping on me. She doesn't knw anythng about cum so whn she felt it on her thighs she told mee 2 first go and pee thn I can come back again bt I am afraid she will tell my parents and I wil get into trouble. Plase help. My number is 0710539720

Joylicious boy Apr 01 2013 7:31pm FLAG
I was having the same problem and me and my sis are both wen we were 8 we were curiouse and she gave me head and I always touched her boobs so a month ago I got my iPod and texted her with a number she didn't have and said I knew about it and if she didn't have sex with me I would tell the whole school (ps:she didn't know it was me) then she came in my room at 1am and said pull your pants down and I acted like I didn't want to for a lil then she sucked for like 30 mins after that she took all her cloths off except her thong and thn I took all me cloths of and I sqeezed and sucked her big d sized boobs then she went to her pants that she took off and pulled out a condom then she put it on me and took her thong off and luckily our parents were gone that night so it was me and her and she loudly demanded me to her so I layed her on my bed and shoved it in her she loudly moaned and kept repeating OHHH DON'T STOP DONT STOP so I didn't then she said stop and I did but wen I was pulling out she pulled me in and said leav it in and I was a lil confused me a lil but I listend and it was like that a few mins then wen she stopped breathing hard I started again after 20 mins we stopped and I pulled out and she stood up then told me to stand up and she got on her knees again and sucked after that she laid me on my back and put her boobs in my face and I sucked and licked and motorboated her we did stuff like that till about 10am then we both Passed out and later that day I woke up all exoghsted and I knowticed my sister (oh yea btw she is step sister) was laying ***** on me and now we still have sex all the time for about a lil less then a year

Stepsiser Apr 01 2013 10:52pm FLAG
And our parents arnt married

Stepsiser Apr 01 2013 10:54pm FLAG
Tf my name is showing how I put it but yea so here is my name now

Sisterucker Apr 01 2013 10:55pm FLAG
I told my sister about my fantasies and told her not to tell but she did, so what can I do now as I might get killed if I do anything like this again

Anonymous Apr 02 2013 12:28pm FLAG
Hey, i have a gf, but theres this girl thats realllyyyy her. What do i do? I dont wana lose my gf either:( btw im and they both

imabadass Apr 02 2013 9:12pm FLAG
Guys i have a problem i have a sister who is and im 19 we always tok about sex and she get and she lov it and our parents alwys around us we nevr get a chance to slep wth her cous she slep wth my yngr sis (9) so help wat cn i do to find away to have perfct sex

Black eyes Apr 03 2013 8:44am FLAG
You people are nastay go get a girlfriend!!

Anonymous Apr 03 2013 9:23pm FLAG
Wait till bed time then sneek n. B ***** bfore u slip n bed with so its a surprise

shorty Apr 05 2013 11:14pm FLAG
How do I get my sister to get ***** she has a nice ass

Anonymous Apr 05 2013 11:43pm FLAG
I'm and my sisters I always wanted to have sex with her sometimes I catch her ***** without her finding out. She has huge boobs and a nice ass. I never heard her masturbathe so I'm not sure what to do we talk a lot but never about sex I want to her so bad but I don't know how

zero Apr 06 2013 10:21am FLAG
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cjonas97 Apr 08 2013 7:53am FLAG
idiot just feel her in her seep. or pop her some sleeping tablets in her drink and have sex with her in her sleep, u dont ask her u dumbass.

lols Apr 09 2013 2:49pm FLAG
One night I woke up to my step did sucking my d*ck then when she was finished I said something and she got all scared and I convinced her to do anything I say and we all the time and I was touching her boobs and stuff in her sleep and she woke up and I could keep doing it cuZ I had stuff against her

Luck mofo Apr 09 2013 6:33pm FLAG
this is not cool

blackk kids Apr 13 2013 10:47am FLAG
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blackk kids Apr 13 2013 12:50pm FLAG
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Hy if any of you girls want some big d*ck please feel free to reply to this I really do want to get rid of some thick cum.

Horny guy Apr 14 2013 4:18pm FLAG
this is discusting , i mean im all for girls but your sister thats just sick

jobothif Apr 15 2013 11:24am FLAG
I got caught wanking on the bus, i was sitting at the back on my own, a few ppl infront of me thats all, next thing a woman came on with pushchair and her daughter about 5 or 6, the girl said mommy im sitting at the back, the mom said ok, the girl sat by the side of me just looking at me, little bare legs swinging, she kept standing on the seat opening her legs and bending over, i was looking, everytime she wasnt looking id slowly undo my zip untill i got my hardon out, i put my coat over it to start with still looking at her knickers and bum cheeks as she is climbing, the mom is paying no attention, i thought id be brave and everytime she looked away or out the window id get my c*ck on show and wank it, pulling the balls out my zip aswell, knowing she could look at any minute made me wanna cum quick, she turned away id wank hard untill i braved it and thought im just gonna wank my cum everywhere now if she looks or not, i felt the build up still looking at her bum n knickers, then lent my c*ck forward and the second i shot my first shoot of spunk she turned and looked straight at it, that point it made my frill more intense, the power of me shooting hit the seat infront of me, knowing she was watching every move i pointed it at her and the last few blasts went half a ft from her, i got straight up with it still out my zip and as i passed her i touched her with it, shaking it at her then got straight off the bus to get out of there

phil Apr 16 2013 8:42am FLAG
I used to bath my 3 yr old step daughter and loved washing her fanny being bold as ing her being so small, used to make her watch the cum shooting out my c*ck

dave3 Apr 16 2013 8:59am FLAG
Tell your cousin or sister to play a game and if you win they would do anything for you without them telling your parents and they have to do it one time my cousin made me play a racking game and every time he beaT me he would show me his c*ck and when he was about to put it in me we were almost caught and he moved to Ohio so when he comes back I am going to try it again with hi

Anonymous Apr 16 2013 5:48pm FLAG

Anonymous Apr 16 2013 5:48pm FLAG
you guys are just dumb.just go near her ask her to play strip games like strip poker or multiplayer games on computer tell her if she looses she would have to be ***** in front of u when she does show her your peni she will fall for it.besto

sex god Apr 18 2013 3:00am FLAG
u guys r sick get a girlfriend u faggets

normal dude Apr 22 2013 8:52pm FLAG
pls the bible condem it ooooooooo.......pls run frm it. Tell her no. And if any of u try it again, frm this he or she shall b cut......i thinck i will report this site.

LYRICAL KING Apr 23 2013 11:57pm FLAG
Guys, you shouldent be on the computer looking at this junk I dont mean to be meen but you shouldent want to have sex with your sister cause 1. Its deseving your parents 2. Its Sick 3. Its bad especially if your I mean come on having sex thats just... WRONG.

**** Titans Apr 24 2013 12:27am FLAG
I bet none of you is a christiania:(

Im a christiania Apr 24 2013 12:36am FLAG
One Night walked in my sisters room tied her up(Im shes 20)taped her mouth and rapped her all night and in the morning I left tied up and rapped her again yes she was in lots of pain I could tell( p.s my Mom & Dad were on a trip ) I loved that moment but after I gave 500$ if she will promise not to tell son now every now or then I walk to her room and have some fun!

SistersJerkbro Apr 24 2013 12:48am FLAG
One time I was in a airplane and this 8 or 10 year old girl sat next to me her Mom was behind me and the Mom went to the bathroom as soon as the Mom left the asked me to bring her when her Mom gets back so I did I asked her if she wanted me to wait out here she wanted me to go in with he so I looked at the Mom to see if she wasn't looking and sneaked in withe the girl then she locked the door pulled down her pants and started peeing and she asked me if I can wipe her I knew I shouldn't but I said sure took the toilet paper and started socking it she was mouning as I wiped so I started fingering her p***y then she got up and kissed me on the lips and wisperd in my ear my bottom holle so I told OK but you have to be quite and I stuffed my peemole up her a** I had to shuv it in cause it was kinda tight she mound in pain and pleasure as soon as we were done we got back to are seats and fingerd her the whole trip while she rubbed my Peemole sigh I never knew her name Im 19

Fun in plane Apr 24 2013 1:12am FLAG
Im 9 and my sister is 23 \ One time we were watching Titanic together (it was our first time watching it) cause our parents went on a date it was kinda awkward when it showd the ***** woman drawings and I got hard and my sister noticed and I asked her do you look like that she was blushing madly and said NO dont talk during the movie the movie was over and my sister told she was gonna take a shower so I ran upstairs got my camera and hid it under the toilet and statted it walked awa and told my sister not to rush 20 min later she got out and got desert ready so I got my camera and watched her bathe it made so !

Sister rapper Apr 24 2013 1:35am FLAG
I once fingerd my 6 year old coisin while babby sitting her and I told her to suck my c*ck & she did I put her in her bed cause she fell asleep and when herMom got home she asked if I could spend the night so I did and I got to her too but thats another story.

Aunt er Apr 24 2013 1:41am FLAG

$0n 0f @ β¡t©h Apr 26 2013 7:38pm FLAG
u can sex with ur cousin by u make any juice and put some sleeping pills .. After some time she is in unconcious and u can press her boobs and suck no one know even she..

by aparijidan May 01 2013 10:49pm FLAG
how to get her pants down befor she wakes up

i love May 02 2013 7:10am FLAG
My sister said no so embarrassing

Anonymous May 05 2013 9:45pm FLAG
im my cousen is 10 and SO HOT i want to her?

should i my cuz? May 05 2013 10:59pm FLAG
Dude no and im a girl

'-' May 05 2013 11:11pm FLAG
when shes in the bathroom oh don't forget to lock the door seek up on her and touch her tits if she does not like it rape her if she likes it carry on touching then touch her in if she like it carry on for 5 or 10 minutes then stick your d*ck in her

sexmaster May 06 2013 11:15am FLAG
watch a movie together and do it im not gonna say the f word because i dont want to get banned from like like i got banned from one forum today

sexmaster May 06 2013 12:38pm FLAG
I'm and my sis is 19 she's really hot and I wanna me?

I want sis sex May 06 2013 6:55pm FLAG
I ment I want her to fuk me so how do I ask or get her to fuk?

I want sis sex May 06 2013 6:56pm FLAG
just say ur scared of the dark and tell her to sleep with u for some days

i had sis sex May 07 2013 9:02pm FLAG

DMDG May 07 2013 9:04pm FLAG
hi im a girl just ask us and well say yes 90% of the time

GGG May 07 2013 9:06pm FLAG
my cus is hot but im shy and im scared to ask her for sex we live in seperate houses PLZ HELP

DMDG May 07 2013 9:09pm FLAG
I'm afraid that if I just ask she will tell my parents so how do I fix that?

I want sis sex May 08 2013 3:01am FLAG
blackmail her

DMDG May 08 2013 3:17pm FLAG
You guys should really get a gf instead of fu**ing family members

Anonymous May 09 2013 4:32am FLAG
I got no dirt on her though

I want sis sex May 09 2013 8:41pm FLAG
I m and my sister is 22 One day i was sleeping sudently i sow my sister she was changing cloths in my bed room i tak her video and blackmail her sex with me one night or i will show to my friends she said me i will say to parent but she did not say and she say k i will sex with u but do not show to friend now every day at night i have sex with her

Bro May 12 2013 7:01am FLAG
Dude I am and she is but when I was 5 we play doc at the time she know about sex I did not know but she was 7 she found out we sleep in the same bed she pull down my pants when she was with her friends they told her what to do and she and her friends suck my I was asleep but when I woke up they where butt ***** my sister was sucking my they ask me if they want to do it I said yes I all three of them but it stop went we hit a 9 so I what Her now can someone help me

Jai May 12 2013 3:34pm FLAG
Well ive done this, my sister is and im 18, and i want her, lover her body. Just recently we had to sleep together in the same bed, i know she is a crazy sleeper, she moves a lot, and id get at night and my penis would come out of my pajama pants. Im not asleep, and notice she moves and feels my penis with her feet, moves her feet around but still touching my penis. I know for a fact she isnt asleep because she would all of a sudden move and say that the room is hot. But i think she liked touching my penis, she would put her foot ontop of it and stuff. I think you should try that, maybe its get her interested, make sure she sees your penis hard by mistake or however you want. What do you guys think about my sister Does she want it or is it just me?

Big d*ck May 14 2013 5:10pm FLAG
Well ive done this, my sister is and im 18, and i want her, lover her body. Just recently we had to sleep together in the same bed, i know she is a crazy sleeper, she moves a lot, and id get hard at night and my penis would come out of my pajama pants. Im not asleep, and notice she moves and feels my penis with her feet, moves her feet around but still touching my penis. I know for a fact she isnt asleep because she would all of a sudden move and say that the room is hot. But i think she liked touching my penis, she would put her foot ontop of it and stuff. I think you should try that, maybe its get her interested, make sure she sees your penis hard by mistake or however you want. What do you guys think about my sister Does she want it or is it just me?

Big d*ck May 14 2013 6:00pm FLAG
I think it's disgusting doing it with family but that aside mane ask her if she's interested in it

Anonymous May 17 2013 7:16am FLAG
hi guy im 18 and my sister 20 every night or lets say sometimes about 10 or i say to my sister love you and good night soo i went to sleep first then my sister last soo i say to myself sleep about 5 hours or 4 which lives me about soo i slowly get out my bed and slowly go to my sister room when i go next to her door i get the nerves and i do get a boner all i just want to do is go in there get my two fingers and feel my sister fanny and then her nice tits and then give her a kiss on the lips and go in to my room and start wanking over my sister and + i have got a dog as well he always sleeps in my sister room soo reply back to me plzz thanks

theaj1 May 19 2013 3:24am FLAG
and + i go to my mums facebook and type in my sister name in and look at her pictures and choose the best one and start wanking over my sister and i just want to off and plus i try to do feet to feet with her and she say stop it or pulled her feet away or give me a evil look or i say to my self keep doing it and say to her i love you soo yh

theaj1 May 19 2013 3:50am FLAG
sorry about the 2nd 1 did not came out probably

theaj1 May 19 2013 6:35am FLAG
i tell the story about me and my sister tomorrow p.s might do it tonight or this week

theaj1 May 19 2013 6:39am FLAG
i want my sister badlyxxx

theaj1 May 19 2013 10:11am FLAG
I'm and my sis is 25. I want her in the anal but I think she will tell. what do I do?

jojo1 May 19 2013 1:51pm FLAG
You guys are sick if you your sisters get a girl friend or something

????????? May 19 2013 8:48pm FLAG
Yea wtf is wrong with you.

XXjohnXX33 May 19 2013 8:50pm FLAG
Just heck her

boner boy23 May 20 2013 12:40pm FLAG
if u want to have sex with me kik me write ur kik user and well talk

girl May 20 2013 8:33pm FLAG
i nealy done it with my sister last night at 3am not sex but with my two fingers p.s who are you girl you just if you want sex with me i put it on my wall talk i go and say i dont mined ing you babexxx

theaj1 May 21 2013 12:38am FLAG
im but ill have sex with anyone

girl May 21 2013 2:32pm FLAG
oh i nearly touch my sister ass at 1.50 and put my c*ck in side but i say no to my self because she might feel it going in :(

theaj1 May 22 2013 2:15am FLAG
girl what you just said i have sex with anyone would you do it with me then babe??xx

theaj1 May 22 2013 2:18am FLAG

girl May 22 2013 2:24pm FLAG
how old r u

girl May 22 2013 2:44pm FLAG
to girl 18 babe x

theaj1 May 23 2013 1:23am FLAG
oh yh i gave my sister a love letter saying i love you soo much and reply back p.s dont know what she going to act found out later???:)

theaj1 May 23 2013 1:27am FLAG
i had a cousin she was and i was .on day she came home there was no one in my house sh e was putting a tight top and a small skirt i invited her to my room we played some video games then she accidently put a cd down she bended to take that i looked at her boobs which was sqeesed i then slowly put my arms around her she didnt respond then i slowly touched her boobs and she refused i still wanted to do sex with her i went and took some juice i pretended to fall and poured the juice on her as it was sticky she told she want to take bath i showed my bathroom which the lock was ruend she thought she locked but i could open it she entered opend the tap i went in she was shocked to see me in the bathroom i undressed and i oned the hot tap i sqesed all her body she then didnt refuse then we did sex

jay May 23 2013 5:47am FLAG
first be calm then slowly talk to her then look her in a romantic mood then slowly kiss her the be patient and undress her slowly then her enjoy ur sex

tom May 23 2013 5:51am FLAG
my sister coming home in a bit and read the love letter can not wait p.s if she like it or why you say love me for i slowly go up to her and kiss her on the lips can not wait???????:) - :(

theaj1 May 23 2013 6:36am FLAG
video tape it an then u can send it to my kik acount

girl May 23 2013 2:58pm FLAG
If your within a three year diff in age ya got a chance and y'all need to stop robbing the cradle. And God get a Girlfriend!

A Girl May 23 2013 8:34pm FLAG
to girl whats the kik account ??? babexxx

theaj1 May 24 2013 12:36am FLAG
oh yh my sister read my love letter saying i love you soo much and reply back and she juck it in the bin soooo:(

theaj1 May 24 2013 12:39am FLAG
Lol this his funny and sick but advice, Ho to here and say I want you but be romantic, or for her birthday pick out a romantic movie/ scary and then move closer then ask if u have a pool pool sex is good too....... Lol

Another girl May 26 2013 8:15pm FLAG
my sister flerts with me yesterday and day before 1. she nearly touch my hand on her feet and 2. i was drinking outside but my sister said to me you not alound to drink outside and she got closer to me and my hand touch on her belly and when she got inside i said to my self i should go up to her kiss her on the lips and said sorry to her and give her a hug as well and + i did had a boner as well soo

theaj1 May 27 2013 1:16am FLAG
my sis has bib b****bs

crzy boy May 27 2013 1:37am FLAG
Kik me corbinlloyd

im a guy May 27 2013 7:48am FLAG
im watching fast and furious 6 tonight at the cinema and im going to try to sit next to my sister and then i can touch her then like feet and handsxxx p.s can not wait :)

theaj1 May 28 2013 12:56am FLAG
I am and my sis has seen my junk and she says it big but I want to do her me and her are home alone a lot and always sleep together and never wears underwear and she has big boobs and butt she did show me her boobs and I dry humped her but I want more

Your Loveing brother May 28 2013 9:06pm FLAG
You are all sick heads you wanna have sex with your sister WTF IS WRONG WITH YOU GUYS Get a freaking girlfriend

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I TAKE IT BACK you can be whoever you want to be im just being a d*ck

annaya i am ready for u .id is

maha May 29 2013 7:02am FLAG
i like my black friend i raped her in school and a teacher found us she joined in and ps im me and my teacher and i and my gf now do threesomes ps my teacher is a girl

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Hi ,, i had my own experience ,, If u need advice ,, plz ask ,, im yr boy my kik : Majed02

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awww i can see my sister's bra pink and black dots p.s ummmm sexy

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I'm and my sister is I want to do her at night but she wakes up off and on what do I do? PS.if your awnsering this qustion say my name in it.

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I am maybe you should be happy to her.

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awww i can see my sister's black and blue bra p.s ummmm sexy

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im my hot sister is and i really want to have sex with her. How do i get her to not tell anyone after i havesex with her?i could easily sneak into her room at night but she shares a room with my other sis whos boobs arent nearly as sexy so how do i get her to come out and have sex with me? im pretty sure she might want me because about 2 years ago i was layying down on my couch and she was aat the opposite end and,i couldnt see her, but i think she was taking her clothes off to have sex with me but my mom came in and almost caught her(thankfully she didnt because then i probably would have been accused of forcing her to even though i didnt) a few weeks after that we were laying down on the ground watching a movie when she took her shirt off and started kissing me. i know i soound stupid asking if she likes me but i feel like she would tell on me if we hadd sex.

Ardenshadowman Jun 03 2013 12:04pm FLAG
Does any one live in san antonio so I can have sex with them btw I am a yr old girl

Lesbian or bi Jun 03 2013 7:25pm FLAG
girl- i will have sex with you

monster fuker Jun 03 2013 11:09pm FLAG
i am and i whant to have sex with the person sleeping in my room right now but im scard thay will tell because thay are a light sleeper please help me i will apreseatet

monster er Jun 03 2013 11:14pm FLAG
my sister was sleeping at 2.30 am in the morning today i about to touch her bum and her and tits and kiss her on the lips as well but my dad about to get up because he had work sooo p.s try again and i will do it

theaj1 Jun 04 2013 12:37am FLAG
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Today i walked into my hot sister's room while everyone else was gone,grabbed her and almost kissed her but i stopped and told her i was giving her a hug,she believed me. I really want to have sex with her but i dont know if she would tell anyone or not. i start shaking whenever i look at her but im afraid she wont want me as bad as i want her

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just now she was in the shower so i snuck in to the bathroom,took my clothes off, and walked right in front of the shower door but i bumped it when i was reaching to open it and go in and have sex with her so she heard me and held the door closed and because of my shaking i couldn't open it but thankfully she promised not to tell anyone, besides, i dont think she knew i had no clothes on and had taken a picture of her boobs when she pressed them against the shower door. i then put my clothes on and stood outside the door. I almost grabbed her when she came out of the bathroom but she looked like she was going to tell my parents if i did. so i am going to try again tomorrow morning when it is just me and her awake.

Arden shadowman Jun 04 2013 8:07pm FLAG
nearly done it at but this time i was not sure about the floor but tonight im doing it :)

theaj1 Jun 05 2013 3:22am FLAG
tonight im going to touch my sister up and this morning i was walking to my sister room about the floor and i said i can do it now im going to do it :)

theaj1 Jun 05 2013 10:43am FLAG
Hey monster er r u a girl or boy?

Lesbian or bi Jun 05 2013 6:36pm FLAG
First had sex when i was 10 with my yr old bro. My mum and dad were on a date. I was sitting there and my bro moved closer to me and started to kiss me. He asked me if i knew what sex was. I said no he told me and asked if me i wanted to sleep with him that night. I said ok he took my top pants and panties off and started jerking me. It felt awesome we woke up in the morning *****. Now we do it every night so much fun

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i love to have sex with my sister and ask her will she do it with me can not wait :)

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oh at 2.30am i touch my sister bum oh it was nice try to go for her down below but she was laying on her frount soo:(

theaj1 Jun 10 2013 12:17am FLAG
Im and my sister is 19 and I want to have sex with her next time she comes over what should I do to make her want to have sex with me?

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do you wanna rape me or just have sex.

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The s wrong with this site?

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really just ask if she wanna play or go out to see a movie take her to a movie then if she gotta go toilet go with her and her in there or when you play with here get her to takle u or lie on u then say lets start bouncing then stop that get her hyped up then do what you wanna do and say its a game

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i wanna have sex with a twelve year old i also <3 :-D

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hai i am 23 and my sis is 19 i tryed to her what should i do

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Hi iam my sister also 18 she sleep and i press the boobs then isee did not sleeb and i d same anthoer day but did not accpet i am press the boobs iwath my sister ly hes know how can iask to have sex

Logan Jun 17 2013 10:52pm FLAG
to peeperz its diamond recon

girl Jun 18 2013 7:52pm FLAG
get a girlfriend moron not your sister.

Jar Jun 19 2013 6:29am FLAG
I 34 years old I am maride I still like to my elder sister

Love for sister Jun 19 2013 11:33am FLAG
When I was 7 me and my sister had sex how can I get her to do it agen

10 boy Jun 19 2013 11:19pm FLAG
how can sneak in my sisters room and heck her while shes AWAKE

Bymer Jun 21 2013 2:15pm FLAG
u cn try dis method : say to her to close her eyes. Then u open your penis. Then say to her that give you her hand. Then you put your penis in her hand. I hv tried and my sis. Has done sex with me. My mom has seen dis. And i ed my mom also.

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i tried to ask my sis and said no what can i do

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i tied up my sis put her in my room (p.s were alone) i ed her again she screamed in pain i paid her 100 dollars so she kept quite

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theaj1 Jun 23 2013 2:02am FLAG
i wanna have sex with ma sister s frand hot with big boobs sometimes wen she visits she finds me alone she 25 and im how do i get 2 her

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i sleep with my sis in the same room not bed she had a sleep over with 4 of her friends when i woke up her friend had her mouth on my d*ck she was sucking when she woke up and my d*ck felt sore all of them had cum on there face still now all of us have sex each time ps were both

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iam 18. My sis 23. i have soo much intrest on my sis, one day i ask my sis, i have intrest on you, she refushed me. After soo many she asking me to suck her boobs, i felt surpraise and say ok. Finally i got sister, thanks to all.

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anonymous Jun 25 2013 10:55pm FLAG
What about me my sis is 23 I'm

Anonymous Jun 26 2013 2:48pm FLAG
Please help

Anonymous Jun 26 2013 3:08pm FLAG
me is want to sex with my sister 18.i have a idea but i havn`t practise.the idea is when u at home whith ur sister u shoud look on ur sister cheas along time and when she see u do like this she talk to u what do u see?it show that she want sex with u.but when she do nomal i think she don`t want sex with u.this my idea when sucees please tell.the end:)

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im edind my sis as i speak

maliki Jun 28 2013 6:22pm FLAG
I'm gonna try to get my sister tonight! She has been begging for money and I have a lot so im gonna say want the money then you have to let me see your tits or we have to or somehting. I will probbaly pay her extra so we can do it every night.

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You all are ing her is even worse.

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sense no 1 ing listens so dont even try u just want attention

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Anonymous Jun 30 2013 8:40pm FLAG
im 18 and my sister 20 how can i have it with her p.s can someone give me idea please thanks

theaj1 Jul 01 2013 2:27am FLAG
okay im and my sister is now what i did to have sex with her was wait till late at night when she was getting dressed for bed snuck into her room then when she saw me i took her to her bed and kissed he then rubbed her her and after that we never spoke of it again

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diamond Jul 01 2013 8:28pm FLAG
Im and my sis and a christian iv felt her parts but she wont feel mine and i want sex

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i sometimes go for her feet and stroke it with my feet but she says move it but sometimes if shes in a good mood she stroke my feet and i let her do it but i do get a b o n e r over her soo yh can anyone help please and then i can do it with my sis thanks

theaj1 Jul 02 2013 5:46am FLAG
I try to understand now that the devil's using the ladies against men, asking them to go about half-***** or to sleep stark-*****, all in the guise of catching fresh air, just as he had used Eve against Adam. Yet, who among men is going to be so wise as to understand this their destructive plan to ruin our destinies? So, you ask: "Who'd use my own sister against me, against my destiny?" And the reply which must also be a question to you goes: "Who did the devil use against Abel, in snuffing out his destiny and life?

Omokpo Celestine ( Jul 04 2013 5:58am FLAG
Who's saying that indiscriminate sex, plus sex with relatives, doesn't steal from us?

Omokpo Celestine Jul 04 2013 6:35am FLAG
When you read the advice which I have posted above, you'd know that whether we like to believe it or not, incest is a potent and destructive instrument of the devil that he uses against us and our great destinies, which came from God, in order that he is able to reduce or make the population of us, who happen to be the great men of the future, into a mere enrolment number. If someone is saying that indiscriminate sex, plus sex with relatives, doesn't steal from us who perpetrate it, let that someone go and rethink it over again. I rest my case here!

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Just ask to shower with her because you have trouble working with the shower taps then start the fun

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I have sex with my sister by getting her things she wants I am she is she likes this one boy band so whenever I have money I get her stuff from that band and then I make her pay for it. Although if its your first time maybe when you are alone start kind of flirting with her like throwing pillows at her or 6ourself at her and then "accidentally" touch her In her vagina or her boobs if she doesn't get mad do it again and start from there. She might not have sex that time but she will let you touch and later maybe you can suck on the fits and from there keep moving bases. Have fun guys.

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I need help I want to have sex whit my sister am 9 my sister 7 help me plz shi is a lite sleeper I want to do it at naigt plz help

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the fker Jul 17 2013 4:27pm FLAG
How can I get my sister to have sex with my and not tell

Anonymous Jul 18 2013 9:32pm FLAG
Am 18 and had a sis of we play and talk all the time we go out together,one day we were playin and sudd fell on each other and i touch her ass and she smil i did it again and did the same tin sand we had sex .ever since dat day we do nt have sex again and i need her badly plz help

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oh last night i touch my sister t i t s and it feel nice it bit like touching spogie ball but after that she woked up and said to me what u doing i said watching tv and then she just went to bed and i did had a nice b o n e r over her but i woked up now about 8.45 am friday morning and i still got a b o n e r now but now its 1 down and 2 to go :) but she had big t i t s as well

theaj1 Jul 19 2013 12:56am FLAG
Hey everybody my situation is me and my sis never got along until a couple days ago, she asks me to hang out now and we onl smoke together. What should i do ? Do it while we smoke together or drink together? I just need some advice thanks guys

one time only Jul 19 2013 6:07am FLAG
Your ur sister

Not a ing weirdo Jul 22 2013 10:22pm FLAG
Here's my advice, this is coming straight from a country boy. When nobody is home go get a gun and blow your you up any day of the week!

Country boy who s his hot girlfriend not his sister Jul 23 2013 12:40am FLAG
It didn't put half my post. Go kill yourself. And if you want to screw with me is my email. I'll drive across the country to stomp your guts out of your nostrils.

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I need help I need my sister to have sex with me one time we was swimming and I falt her boob help me

Assassin Jul 23 2013 9:06pm FLAG
TheaJ1 how do you do it???

pro troller Jul 23 2013 11:08pm FLAG
do what mate??? :)

theaj1 Jul 24 2013 1:41am FLAG
to monster im a boy mate where do u live???:)

theaj1 Jul 24 2013 1:45am FLAG
I'm and my sister is I want her soooo badly she is extremely hot I NEED HER

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I have a house full of family and there is no way to freak her!!

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Guys, I sleep in the attic and my sis sleeps on the middle floor I always go into her room at midnight or early hours of the morning at about 3 or 4, because its summer right now she dresses with just a top and panties, when she is snoring and taking long breaths in her sleeping knew that she is in a very deep sleep, so I slowly pull her panties down her sexy legs suck her

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Guys help im and my sisters 10 she hasnt had period yet so pregnancy isnt problem also were adopted from different families i wanna her so bad

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ok so hears the deal im my sister is i really REALLY want to at least touch her ***** prefer sex but i dont know how plz help

That One Guy that stalks u Jul 30 2013 9:45pm FLAG
o and by the way it is my step sis

That One Guy that stalks u Jul 30 2013 9:46pm FLAG
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Normal person with a big booty hoe Jul 30 2013 10:54pm FLAG
dude if u have that much of a problem with this stop reading it and judging people u dont even no go get a life and stop caring so much about s***t that duznt even concern u

That One Guy that stalks u Jul 30 2013 11:23pm FLAG
I want to have sex with my young niece how I can do it please hep now.

Deriscar Jul 31 2013 11:27am FLAG
before i help u how old r u and ur niece

Undresser Jul 31 2013 4:09pm FLAG
help me i am and my cushions iswe had sex wen i was 9 and she was 8 how do i get hear to have sex with me

michael Jul 31 2013 10:04pm FLAG
Micheal heres wat u do u wait till u see her on new years and only new years then u stand next to her and at midnight kiss her on the lips if she slaps u then ur screwed if she likes it wait till next time and say remember newyears when we kissed we should do that again if she agrees take her to a bedroom or private place and have at her enjoy friend

Anonymous Aug 01 2013 11:57am FLAG
Guys help ive seen my sis ***** and i need to know how to get her in bed she hasnt had period yet so pregnancy is not an issue also webwere adopted from different families help

Iwantmysistersobad Aug 01 2013 12:00pm FLAG
Guys im and my cousins 23 i was adopted and she is the sexiest goddess ever dont give me moral or legal sh*t just tell me how to get her to have s*x with me

DaF*uker Aug 01 2013 9:13pm FLAG
I need help one time my sister wantid to me but I don't know how can I get her to tell me whith out telling on me if I'm no rigt

Need helP Aug 01 2013 9:54pm FLAG
Find a Girlfriend, Sicko s!!! don't you know that the family tree is suppose to fork??

psycho killer Aug 02 2013 9:33pm FLAG
for all the peeps who keep saying this is sick, if its so sick what the are you doing here in the first place?

All the hate in the world Aug 03 2013 9:35am FLAG
Guys i really need help here i am really aroused when im alone with my sister and want to do her. She is 10 im she hasnt had period yet and we were adopted HOW CAN I GET HER TO HAVE S*X WITH ME PS ive seen her ***** and please no haters

Iwantmysistersobad Aug 03 2013 2:08pm FLAG
Ok guys hers a tip if your younger ask your sister if she knows anything about sex ed if she says no then say ok lets find out see were it goes and if she says yes ask her to inform you about the female body good luck

SexMaster Aug 04 2013 3:54pm FLAG
ok my sister is i am how do i do her without her telling my parents p.s. she is my step sis

MasterDebator Aug 04 2013 10:16pm FLAG
If it so bad why are you looking at it in the first place?

O.o Aug 05 2013 3:44am FLAG
guys I was having the same problem. my sis is 21 and Im 18. we have not see each other much in a day but we are close enough to share our secrets for example my mother(only got mother) still dont know she is smoking. last year I was having issues with getting a gf. I had no gf since this year. so i asked her an advice but it didnt work after all. so I asked her about why dont we you know be together?? she said no. I said why not? she sad u r my bro. I said does it matter I cant get a gf and still dont know how to sex. we havea little history bout that guys I have a foot fetish I was thinking that its bad until my sis caught me looking her feet badly. I told her and she said thats cool I have ff too. I surprised i wasnt know till that day. she refused my fetish offer and said the same. wht im try to say is that wsnt the first time. So I shouted my sis that we both have ff and you wont let me I wanna be with you and you refuse. after a little fighting I concinced her and but a little condition. she told me if you cant get a gf within a week okay I'll let you whatever you want. I told her finally. she said but you ll do your best to get one. I accepted. As you can guess I have failed. so I told her that there are something that I cant tell a girl but you know everything of me and as Im bro you have noway to change it why dont you just teach me until I get my gf. after these words she convinced and she had sex before she wwasnt virgin. that made everything easier. you should have listen my heartbeats when my sis take off her clothes Ive barely snap out of it. she told me she needs kissing thing before she can orgazm so I did like 30mins. sucked her feet and ed her in the end. first time was amazing and I have no shying about being with my sis because as I told before there are something that everbody cant say to the other people. 8 months we had sex together and when got first gf she said you need to take a break. Im still with this girl... In my opinion if you have a good reletionship with your sis. you should just convince her that you have no sex experience and shying about the other girls for being virgin etc.. find something to prove ur sis that you are hopeless and when she had no chance do your move gently or let her lead the way.

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I'm a girl and my best friend is a guy. We are both and craving sex. It started off with me asking him to give me a massage. I knew he couldn't resist it. He was wearing loose shorts, he started by working on my shoulders and down my back. He unhooked my bra and massaged my muscles feeling the side of my tits. then he got between my legs and when he leant forward to massage me his d*ck rubbed my butt and down between my legs. His d*ck felt huge and hard. He got me to lift up my butt then he can pulled my panties to one side and slipped into me. He Let me get used to havin it in her before he pop my cherry. Then he sat on the edge of my bed and I sucked his c*ck for about 30 mins before he lifted me up onto his shoulders and he licked and fingered my p*ssy. It felt so good. In the end I slept over at his house while his parents were out. We and my brother is always wanking in his bathroom. My advice is do what my friend did to me. We fulfil each others sexual cravings and have fun. P.s if the Girl is a virgin and starts moaning, it's not coz she doesn't like it it's coz it hurts a bit but she wants to keep going. go fast and hard. Don't shove it in slowly, go FAST! It'll hurt her less and then you can start the more fun parts sooner. Hope this helps xx

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um hi does any hot girl wanna have sex with a guy

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whats up with everyone but lets all get some freinds that are girls and do to them what you whant todo to youre sis but not rape or druggin cause its illegall you get my idea

chris Aug 06 2013 1:49am FLAG
Just choose a slut from school and rape her in an alleyway.

Smartie Aug 06 2013 10:03pm FLAG
Guys my sister sleeps with clothes on and I wanna masterbate her and lick her pusy but she might tell my parents that I did that! What do I do? I'm and she's . I wanna her!

Horny Guy Aug 08 2013 3:23pm FLAG
iam and i dont know how to trick my girl cousin into having sex with me

sexybeast Aug 09 2013 8:47pm FLAG
The funny thing is that in the US it is illegal to have sex before the age of /18 depending on your state...

The Internet Police Aug 09 2013 11:05pm FLAG
Hey i want to do that too. Kik me at mauniful and we can share advice

Me Aug 10 2013 3:06pm FLAG
How do I fell my sis if she has a really loud door at night?

That guy Aug 12 2013 6:43pm FLAG
u sick pervs just do it

flag Aug 12 2013 7:13pm FLAG
you guys have become morally corrupt.if you are not then upload your individual faces.

tumhara baap Aug 13 2013 9:57am FLAG
Me an my sister sleep together one night I woke up to her masturbating then she saw me looking then she saiddont tell mom ill suck it d*ck then we duck all night when are mom leaves we she on the needle so i cum in her all the Tim

will Aug 13 2013 2:03pm FLAG
can 9 year olds have badies

flag Aug 13 2013 3:04pm FLAG
ok u wonna have sex with your sister i'll give u a spell your thanking spells are'nt real but the are ok heres the spell what u need red lipstick,paper,red candal take the lipstick draw a lip print on the paper then light the red candal burn the paper over the candal why chanting kiss me when we ment kiss(name of the person u wish to make out with don't just say sister say there entire name) greet me with your lips say u missed me but most of all kiss me the spell takes time but when it works your sis will just come up to you and make out with u k

Anonymous Aug 13 2013 7:36pm FLAG
This might sound really really weird. It all started when this winter when I was jerking off in the toilet, then my sister came in and saw me. She asked me if she could help me and I refused. The day after she came into my room during the night while I was sleeping and started to jerk me off, I woke up and because it felt good I did not say anything (I know that was a really bad Idea). Now she often jerks me off and what is strange is that she makes me come a couple of times in a glass until it's full, sits down on the couch watching tv and drinks it as if it's milk. Is this normal for women in general? P.S I'm

Anonymous Aug 16 2013 2:00am FLAG
I have the same problem I dont know what to do

jake Aug 16 2013 12:23pm FLAG
hey guys i know the problem i was when i first did my sister we were sleeping together after watching a horror movie and i was hard she started pushing against my co** i pushed back and we startd kissing and fu**ing we do this 3 times a week i am and she is i wish u all the best of luck trust me ur sis wants u xD

iedthosetits Aug 18 2013 1:07pm FLAG
I'm and my sister is 22 she has awesome boobs and a nice ass I want to her

Carzon Aug 18 2013 10:32pm FLAG

Liam Aug 20 2013 11:12am FLAG
One day my sister asked me if I could play doctor with her btw I'm 19 I said sure then she took e off her clothes rolled over with her big perfect butt facing me and she said to put my fingers on it next thing u know we're having deep anal

No one Aug 22 2013 10:25pm FLAG
hi im back oh yh when i was ill my sister hug me 2 time 1st my hand nealy touch her bum and 2nd my hand was 1meater away of touching her bum

theaj1 Aug 23 2013 1:24am FLAG
Me and my sister are not close and she might tell how to i get her to do it and not tell

Anonymous Aug 23 2013 2:04pm FLAG
Hey guys im and my sister is i was in my bed asleep and my sister was scared a bit so she asked me "Can i sleep with you for a bit" and i said sure then as she fell asleep i got hand touched her ass then i pulled her panties down then got my two fingers and fingered her vagina slowly as i was fingering her she woke up and said "What are you doing" i said i am going to teach something so she insisted then later on she undressed her self and i told her suck my c*ck so she did then eventually we worked upto me puting my d*ck in her and i cummed on an hour latr so if ur sis or brother is young make sure u seduce them first and it will work!

IBangedMySister Aug 25 2013 3:59am FLAG
i thank you this Dr,Ancient as you put smile on my face again. back,because it has been a lonely life for me since 3years ago because of my body no one want to marry me but when i contacted you i became every man desire and my Ex has come back again with many flowers and even begging me to come have a marriage with these is the happiest time of my life and i thank you papa,but if you also need help, you can contact him via

grace Aug 26 2013 4:35am FLAG
So rape is ok? Hope all of you who feel its ok to rape your sister while she sleeps go to prison for a very long time.

Deserve to be in jail Aug 26 2013 8:19pm FLAG
This is for a pearson like you. Next time when shes nacked snek in a carefuly and slowly put your hand in and barly stick your fingers in her thing and she mit like it or she might ask when she dose you should have something of yours and place it under the blankets and go on from there.

mystery man Aug 26 2013 8:56pm FLAG
Try asking your sis what does a vigina look like.

mystery man Aug 26 2013 9:04pm FLAG
I'm n my sis is REALLY HOT, small boobs and great skin and ass to feel. i caught her rubbing herself at night under her blanket like 5 times now and she caught me 3 times masturbating. she touches my feet and gives me looks and when we do something together, I always end up wanking about her and fantasizing her sucking my duck after the activities. when she dresses n doesn't want any1 to know, sometimes look secretly and get a heck of a b o n e r but sometimes she sees me looking n doesn't do anything crazy about it, she only says things like 'pls don't look' without an angry face. I also touched and felt her in 2nights in total and placed my hard c*ck between her ass cheeks and start rubbing it on her rough pajama pants and cum really good but a few months ago, she caught me touching her ass and just moanedandand groaned and just gone back to sleep as i tried to rub my c*ck against her again BUT I WANT A BL*WJ*B OR HANDY, not sex, that's weir. Any advice? Please KIK me @wolfeinu

yh buddy Aug 28 2013 3:47pm FLAG
How I force my cosan sis for I think she want sex but im not sore

ganja Aug 31 2013 12:36pm FLAG
How I force my cosan sis for sex I think she want sex but im not sore

ganja Aug 31 2013 12:40pm FLAG
My sister is asleep... should I go lick her ?

MrHornyBoy Sep 01 2013 7:53pm FLAG
Wait till you are alone with her

rwilson Sep 01 2013 10:24pm FLAG
This is so gross watch the hills have eyes ur kids will prob look like that and just saying my male cussin asked me to hav sec with him I said he'll no and told my dad remember this u sickos !!!!!!!

Anonymous Sep 02 2013 4:00am FLAG
Some of these advice is going to get these boys charged with rape!

OfficersDaughter Sep 02 2013 4:14am FLAG
im my sisters were close and ive accidently saw 1 of her nipples. so how to get her to have sex with me???? [ if we have sex i want it to be because she wants it to]

Anonymous Sep 06 2013 9:42pm FLAG
Say let's play a game, get her to fight with you in the game and roll around and keep humping her, try getting a finger down her panties pull them down then go all out, say something stupid like this is my special and finger, or her.. I love licking it.. Doing it with her since i was 8 (her being 7) now (her being ) we do it like bunnies and make it fun by playing games like fake rapist.. Have fun y'all, gonna screw her now :)

Incest from 8 Sep 07 2013 9:52pm FLAG
How do I have sex wit my sis when she don't even let me in her room I'm and mysis is

unknown Sep 08 2013 6:34pm FLAG
last night i about to put my c*ck and rub it up and down in my sister bum and about to put my hand and rub her boobs ( i done it before when i was rubbing her boobs and she was a sleep and i did cum in my pants and it feel like spogie ball but when she woke up she said what you doing i said nuffing but i said to myself awww that was nice) soo i did not done it last night :( p.s will do it soon :)

theaj1 Sep 09 2013 4:32am FLAG
and last night we was watching white house down and she put her feet up and slowly rubbing my arm and i did had a b o n e r

theaj1 Sep 09 2013 4:35am FLAG
dudes i wish i had a sister to BTW i know to much from my cousin im an only child.

little-big C0(K Sep 11 2013 10:09pm FLAG
hey if you have any ***** pictures of your sis send em to me ill send you some back

picforpic Sep 11 2013 11:32pm FLAG
How to seduce my sister to have sex with mE? .. I'm 25yrs old she 29yrs old and she divorced to her husband 9yrs b4? But now I interested my sister have sex with me , but how? , 2days back I ask to her , sis I want to you? she replied, what I'm your own sister and how you think like this? when I said I don't know why I ask you like this but one thing I want sleep with you now and 4ever and than she silent... She not say anything.. AnyONE can help me plz...

ChoColateC*ck Sep 13 2013 5:50am FLAG
Hey I'm and my sis is were both in high school we hangout together and smoke and drink together I have seen her ***** and want to screw her so bad I just don't know how? I have sleeping pills but don't want to use them and not get caught help...

enyahreallyhard Sep 13 2013 1:23pm FLAG
my advise to u all is what i did. i ended up screwing my mom and sisters. i am and i always told my mom and sister they were very gorgous and i wished i were their boyfriends. i would always tell them that when i was alone with each of them.i think it was a thought i put in their minds that being their boyfriends that i could have sex with them. after like 5 months i just got each of them alone and asked if i could have sex with them and they would say i don't know but after like a couple of weeks of asking them they always said mom was first them my sisters who were ages ,. and oh yea my youngest sister nancy she is . they all ended up saying youngest sister i screwed after i did my mom, them my sister then the . then after a while i planned to have sex with my sister so my mom would catch us. i want to have a orgy with my family of course my dad has been dead for a while.well it went as planned. my mom caught me and the younest in my moms room going at it. she told me the she thought i was screwing them and she was going to get us all together to find out how they all felt about what was going on. ha! it went better than i planned. now am getting as much sex as i will ever want.i wonder if i can pimp out my mom and sisters?i wounder if they will do it?

anonomous Sep 14 2013 7:34am FLAG
How to seduce my sister to have sex with me? I'm 25yrs old and she 29yrs old ..and she divorced to her husband 9yrs B4! Now I interested her to have sleep with me? But how? 2days back I ask to her .. Sis I want to have sex with you? She replied what? how you think like! I'm your own sister.. I replied , sis I don't know why I ask you like this! but I want to you now and 4ever .. and then she silent.. She not say anything! So I need some dirty tricks plz ... AnyONE can help me?

ChoColateC*ck Sep 14 2013 8:52am FLAG
When my sis was 9 and I was eleven we used to ****, all the time we she turned , i told her last year if she wanted to ****, she said no c uz it was wrong, when a month b4 that she was on top of me withclose on, she turned religious now and she got her self a dude who looks like me, what do i do? You yhik

InLovewithmysiss Sep 15 2013 2:52am FLAG
You always showed her to ur c*ck ..when she flirted you..

IceC*ck Sep 15 2013 6:48am FLAG

Lol Sep 15 2013 10:12pm FLAG
im going to do this today im going to say to my sister that can you do my mastosh today and say you dont know how much i love you if she say how much do you love me i going to say come here and i show you and kiss her on the lips p.s fingers cross if dose work or not good luck to me :)

theaj1 Sep 16 2013 1:01am FLAG
i did not done it because i said to my self i cant be botherd

theaj1 Sep 18 2013 4:11am FLAG
i want sex badly

theaj1 Sep 19 2013 3:55am FLAG
Heeyy any hot gal add me...

dig bick Sep 19 2013 5:46am FLAG
kill her and her

yo yo good advice Sep 19 2013 2:09pm FLAG
kill her and her sorry about above

yo yo good advice Sep 19 2013 2:10pm FLAG
I once had sex with my sister I used to give fee a massage and slowly put my hands down her pants and then finger her then I would pull down her pants and her

Me not you Sep 19 2013 4:18pm FLAG
I am and my cousin is about 25-29. She isn't married, but she has 3 kids. I really want to her. She doesn't have big tit's or anything. But she is really sexy.

Anonymous Sep 20 2013 9:28am FLAG
I want her to come to my place by herself when no one is going to be home for the whole day. I want to either convince her to have sex with me or just force her to have sex then convince her afterwards not to tell anyone. I really want to eat her out, finger her, for her to suck my d*ck, to have vaginal and anal sex and to cum inside of her and all over her body.

Anonymous Sep 20 2013 9:36am FLAG
Someone please help. There is this girl at school that I am pretty sure is a slut and I want to . She is fairly dumb though. Someone Please Help!

A guy who wants to a slut at his school Sep 20 2013 9:50am FLAG
Im and i really want to have sex with my cousin. Shes and she is way hot. Please, i need help. If ur a girl, ill send u a pic of my d*ck if you send me a pic of your boobs r vag to

cousinluster Sep 21 2013 12:10am FLAG
I am and i am having sex with my elder sister 21 almost daily except she had period,And she pretends that she is not aware of and i also the same next morning.Sometimes she pass comments that"you had not slept last night when i wake late"It was starte one day when she was wearing long frock and while sleep it gots lifted above kness then i started toching her slowly and after some time i realize that she is not wearing panty i licked her and she was on orgasm and started moving up and down that increased my confidence i taken my d*ck and start toching to her ass and vagina but some current gots generated in her body the moment i touch my penis to her ass and vagina region and i slowly puts inside only 1inch of my penis to her ass she starts moving more fastly and my sperms releses within few seconds i kept all those in my hand and run to bathroom and this was my first sex after that i even uses condoms and have sex on vaginas

Johny Sep 22 2013 1:44pm FLAG
U knw i had sex with my sister when i was in the age of my sister was then one day mom & dad went to delhi & me nd my sweet sister were alone at home & in the afternoon my sister got sleep .suddenly i got a idea to her and i started to put off my cloths & she had wear salwar ,kurta & i started to loose her salwar down & her kurta than i surprised to see her boobs and i sucked her boobs after that i hold my c*ck to my hend then i got inside my c*ck in her vagina & started sex suddenly she stemulated and woke up than i afraid to see her .but i din't stop my shot to her panis .she said wht ru doing ,its nt gd ur my brother but i din't here it and i bigun to kiss on her lips and after a while she also takes enjoy sex ..than i said to her ur my wife & today its a suhagraat time. u knw mom always go from this room to father room why? Because father do sex with mom in the nite & one day i was sleeping & suddenly i woke up and went to toilet in the next room then i saw both in that stage.. but i ignored all the u knw in the nite no problem we can enjoy sex & she agreed &said u knw i always wanted to sex with u nd we ll do every nite that thing thats fantestic .and till now i also have started to sex with my mom

Pawan Sep 27 2013 5:02am FLAG
U alll ers.. Go find a girlfriend .. I mean eeeewww Нσω shaaaaame .. U motherers Howw can u do that with ur sistersss.. jerkees

Anonymus Oct 06 2013 9:45pm FLAG
Howw u guys can do that with ur sisters. I mean oh my gosh .. Sistersss U guys bein called a bro Do u knw what's the meaning of bro even To take care of ur sisters U. Aree a brother i mean c'mon guys u both r from same parents Thiss is soo shame if u urself takes ur sister's virginity Eeew U have to take care n watch them .. N hell them not to lose virginity In such small age Omg!! ed their sister u

Unknown Oct 06 2013 9:49pm FLAG
Fu** u all who already had sex with your sisters Fu** u fu** u aaaaall

Fu** u sister fu**ckers Oct 06 2013 9:51pm FLAG
How can you have. Sex with. Your sister

Anonymous Oct 09 2013 1:23pm FLAG
I hope u pervs go 2 H#LL

Ur Uncle Vinny Oct 10 2013 7:05pm FLAG
Its ok i understand everything you guys are going through i too went through it it is not sick it is just life. Every one gets curious every once in a while and there is nothing wrong with that at all. I hope you all find and get what you wanted just try not to get her pregers and if you do i wish you the bust of luck telling your parents. By the way to all you fags out there that are making mean comments shut the fu** up you just don't understand just like people bieng mean to gays and lesbians it is fine and if you have a problem with it go to the police.... Oh wait they can't do anything about it can they it's not there freakig buisness so just get off the site pls or shut your yappin holes before i report sexual harrasment witch by the way cops will get pissed about

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Mary Oct 16 2013 7:03am FLAG
Im and my sister is 20. I asked her one day what a vagina look like for "health homework" so she opened up a pic of it on youtube but as she did i pulled her head so it would face me and kissed her. Next thing you know im doing threesomes with my other sister

SisterCummer Oct 17 2013 4:33pm FLAG
One day i was at a game store and asked for more tokens (i was wish my HOTT aunt) so she said kiss her cheeck and she will buy more tokens. So i did. But at the same time she turned her head and i ended up kissin her lips. Now we sneak off sometimes and have sex.

Aunter Oct 17 2013 4:38pm FLAG
CrCUKK Thanks so much for the blog post.Much thanks again. Will read on...

nREJFOiNxayoK Oct 24 2013 8:33pm FLAG
Jst sit and watch *** wid ur sistr nd she will automatically be .....dn open up nd stick it in

f**ckd Nov 03 2013 2:01pm FLAG
Or u can eat a jello

. Nov 04 2013 7:41pm FLAG
Den u can make her go to sleep in an instant, trust me, I dun it be4

Anonymous Nov 04 2013 7:42pm FLAG
Then put it in da hole

Anonymous Nov 04 2013 7:43pm FLAG
me and my sister always mess around and one time we were messing around and i got a boner and she felt it slide against her big but and she said she was ganna tell on me so i said no sister ill give you anything if you dont tell and she said dont worry i want you to do something for me later then she just grab my boner and messed around with it and she went in her room and she called me in there and she was ***** and she pulled me in and lovk the door so i just keep slideing it in and out and she had the sexyest moan ever and laying on the bed with her legs wide open so i just keep going in that little tiny tight hole she started sucking it and dude my sister was really tight like really tight i could barlly put my D in there until i started to rip open my sister is so amazining so i just begend hole

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i really want to my sister she has amazing tits but what if she tells my parents

i want it Nov 06 2013 10:02pm FLAG
dont worry bros..... sure ur sis also wil wish to have a sex with u.... i am 21 my sis is 18 she has sexy tits. my suggestion is first touch her legs with ur legs at night if she responds positively put ur hands on her waist at this point if she resited u have to go another way but if she didnt resisted ur sis is ready to have a sex with u bcoz no girl can accept to touch at her waist....... then u can taste ur sis when ever u wish upto her marriage

bro_sister Nov 07 2013 11:07am FLAG
I'm and my bro is he wants to have sex with me but I'm playing hard to get that's what sisters will do so just go and get them

Sexy sis Nov 08 2013 7:47pm FLAG
I really need help my sister is and has a boyfriend and this is the only one that I actually like but I really want me sis so bad and I am she is sort of mean most of the time but some days she is in a good mood my mom is an army nurse so she is very rude and strict and my dad is also very strict but not has bad as my mom when I was 9 me and my sis would sleep in the same bed sometimes but back then I didn't really see her all that pretty but know whenever I can i imagine my sister in front of me ***** and I jerk off like crazy and I really wanna have her awake so any ideas?

Jeff the sister lover Nov 10 2013 9:11am FLAG
Oh yea I forgot to say that my parents leave us home during the day sometimes but like almost never leave us home during the night and never for the entire night but my mom did win a 2 day trip to a resort spa for 2 people(mom and dad)

Jeff the sister lover Nov 10 2013 9:19am FLAG
so im and my sister is 18 i just wanna f*** her so bad my d*** gets really hard aroun her sometimes an inch and a half longer than my usual erection how can i get her to f*** my parents are only gone for a shortwhile like mins and when they are at work and i get home from school shes gone how can i f*** her shes realy hot advice?

forever alone Nov 10 2013 10:52pm FLAG
Go to her room at night and and ask her about sex and convince her.If you do it all do it.

doom Nov 10 2013 11:35pm FLAG
U sick er at lest get a pro statute

Anonymous Nov 17 2013 6:42am FLAG
Hello, I'm and my sister is and I am thinking about joining her in the shower. Anybody have an idea on what to say and what to do? Is this a bad idea? If not, should I ask her if I can see he body?

Theonewhomustnotbenamed Nov 18 2013 2:37pm FLAG
i am and my cousin is but she is short we live in Darjeeling once she showed a full view of her ass and once i saw her boobs any advice to have sex with her

ezio Nov 19 2013 6:24am FLAG
and once i gave a nice shot on my cousin's ass but she just rubbed it what does it mean????????? answer me fast anybody

ezio Nov 19 2013 6:27am FLAG

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If you ever go to her house over night go to her room and ask her about the glimpse of ass and if she did it on purpose and if she starts to blush or says yes then screw her right then and there but if she says no and tells you to get out of her room then put a sleeping pill in her drink and do while she is asleep or you could seduce and start rubbing her inner thigh while u guys are alone and then slowly take it up a notch and if she asks you to stop in a bit of light voice continue but go up the notches faster but if she says stop in a firm voice and tries to get up leave her alone and try something else or just fansize about her and jerk off(you could also make sure she catches you jerking off and good luck man P.S. trying to get my sister)

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Wtfwtfwtf I already had sex with sis and mom and cousin and other cousin and my gf and my sis friends and all the girls in my class I am 21 WTF WTF WTF WTF WTF WTF WTF WTF no trolling thus is 100 percent true execept for this one girl in my class but she is ugly as hell

Wtf Nov 24 2013 5:13pm FLAG
I am and me and my cousin went to a movie (btw she is and you could use this with you sister) a 8:00 and it was over a 10:00 and it was hot so she only a one blanket and when she fell asleep i gently took the blankets off and saw her under wear and i tryed to pull it down but she pull it up in her sleep so i moved the bottom part aside with my finger. she moaned but still asleep. i try putting my d**k inside and even with a boner her ass was too far away so i fingered her and then i rubbed my hand on her bra and she didnt do anythin so i touched her and licked her nipple and still asleep and she had her hand dangling off the bed so i put my di** on it and rubbed it on her palm as if she were doing it and it gave me a boner so i tryed kissing her gently but she woke up half asleep and i did it again and she woke up and said what are you doing and i said (i brought up the coversation on if you are a heavy sleeper and she said a little) im majeing sure you are a heavy sleeper and went back to sleep. i was going to try to rub my c**k on her pu**y but i didnt i was afraid she would wake up.

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im my sis is iwanna her but she dont seem like she gonna say yes plz help me

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i too want to have sex with my sister she is an asian and has a god like body with 34 size boob and her hip size is 38..i have once touched and pressed her boobs by slipping my hand into her shirt and then to slip that she wears ....her boobs are soo soft like a cotton candy...i need to suck it any one give me some advice .....please....

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I'm yr old, my sis is 8 yr old she has a rak like u would not believe and she asked me to have sex her a week ago I said no at the time but I now want to her what should I do

sister er Dec 16 2013 12:41am FLAG
Dont U do that she is toooo smalll to do that 4her :-)

m.y Dec 18 2013 3:17pm FLAG
Yes wait until she is atleast

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I'm and my sister is 23 I would really enjoy to her but I'm too shy to ask. She always says these sexual things but I'm not sure she wants it. Today we were really close and she grabbed my chest then squeezed by head into her boobs. Do you think she wants to have sex?

KINGKONG Dec 29 2013 10:52pm FLAG
Oh and she also always takes me shopping for bras and panties and asks me what I think about them.

KINGKONG Dec 29 2013 10:54pm FLAG
i am and want to my cuzin. any advys ?

lolman Jan 05 2014 4:10am FLAG

lolman Jan 05 2014 4:11am FLAG
I want to my sister and I'm . Any advice will be helpful.

Anonymous Jan 05 2014 11:16am FLAG
ANy advice for a sister and im I wanna have sez but she wont let me what do I do

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Hey guys could you please help me how to ask my sister to have sex with me I am and she is 32 but she is hot and has a big ass plz help me

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Plz will u guys help me have sex with her cuz she's really hot and I don't want her to tell my parents and she's 32 and I'm plz help

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If she's 32 u don't stand a chance

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Help!! I showed my c*ck to my sister so many time and she also sees it when its erected..and whenever i just touch my d*ck to her body she dont don't do anything...shes 24 and i m .... Am scared to ask her..please help

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I'm and my sister is . I really want to have sex with her, but I've never seen her ***** or done any sex related things to her. She is definitely the kind to tell if I were to ask her or try while she's asleep. I don't have acess to any sleep drugs. Please help me.

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I'm my sister is and I want to have sex with her but I don't know how because I'm afraid she'll tell and I'll be in trouble so how do I have sex with her?

I like big boobs Feb 05 2014 11:01am FLAG
Im in the same boat

random guy Feb 07 2014 3:20pm FLAG
whats a good way to her in the shower

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im my sis is 18 how and she hates me how do I get her to have sex with me and she has a boyfriend

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just shove your hand down her pants and finger her

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You guys are ing your sister is illegal

Anonymous Feb 23 2014 11:50pm FLAG
u can do it at night.... out of her all the best

Anonymous Feb 25 2014 11:17pm FLAG
really why if you are really going to do that at least be as safe as possible but reallly f***ing your sister thats just wrong if you are religious then just wait untilll your married as god said multiply but I am sure he made that statement in a more controlled fashion. I to have had these desires but have gotten over them and true get a freaking girl freind and if you parents let you ok but again why go behind their backs when they dont let you and alot of you are making extremely poor desicions in losing your verinity at this age. and girls dont just say yes or do it with your brothers or brother because god has saved a special someone for your future. and guy same thing but I know that you guys are probably desparate but that is not a good thing and can lead to poor desikcion making. any ways what im sying is that god made you for a reason and this is not the reason. and even though you gus are making bad choices I still love you all of coursenot in a crush kind of way .

awesome:ezra saenger/ BOY/ years/truth teller Feb 27 2014 3:27pm FLAG
This one time I was up late using my phone but then my sister walks in and says do you mind if I sleep here tonight I say why she says I keep hearing a noise in my room (her room is above our garage) I say sure, minutes after I move to my top bunk (I have a bunk bed) she says what is this and I peek over the rail and of course I see nothing because its dark, so I climb down the to a closer look but my sister then kisses me and then we start getting down to business (sex). But my advice is that if she is a heavy sleeper do it to her in her sleep, by the way I'm and my sister is . The sex was amazing =^_^=

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Iwish all. Of u good luck im 21 my sis is22 it's her birthday today how do I get her on her own away from every body im telling her I wanna fuk her tonight thinking bout walking straight up to her kiss her happy birthday. Get inn my knees n lick her lovely wish me luck

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I am and my sis is we both sleep in the living room. We really don't get along well but sometimes we are nice. I really want to have sex with her so bad. If my parents found out they would ground me for life and may even kill me. LITERALY! But I stay up really late because it is spring break right now. She is a deep sleeper but I am afraid I will get in trouble. She is still a virgin (obviously) and I have never seen her boobs. I am just dying to at least touch and suck her boobs. WHAT DO I DO?

BitterGuitar3 Mar 31 2014 1:49pm FLAG
Me:and sis:

BitterGuitar3 Mar 31 2014 5:34pm FLAG

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BitterGuitar3 Mar 31 2014 5:36pm FLAG
OH MY GOSH LAST TIME my sis is one five years old if this dosent work at least u know she is 3 years older

BitterGuitar3 Mar 31 2014 5:38pm FLAG
She is also the type that most likly tell on me

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i want to my sister, she sleep with me in the same bad, im and she is 21 , she is very sexy, & have a big boobs and hot ass, how to she ?

mysister Apr 03 2014 7:56am FLAG
I have the same problem bro- I really need pointers on how I can my sister and not get in trouble :(

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Help i want to lick my sis please assist me!

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I'm and my sis is and I want to have sex with her without getting in trouble and her finding out. If there is no way can u just tell me how I can lick her without getting in trouble. WHAT DO I DO? If it didn't say our ages I will say them here me her

BitterGuitar3 Apr 29 2014 2:50pm FLAG
I'm twelve she is three years older. And the is the type that most likly would tell

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I had sex and watersports ( peeing, squirting ) with my sister when I "accidentally" walked into her in the shower *****, told her there was something on her cl*t and I had to use my hands to get it for her, she was feeling embarrassed at first and shrunk back when I touched her red cl*t but I told her the only way to get it out was to spread her legs and pee while I finger her, not only did she pee but as I rubbed her g spot I noticed white clear fluid that was running out in a stream, her face turned red and I could see she was having an orgasm so I hugged her and told her it was alright as long as I didn't tell, I then proceeded to the taboo act of surprising her with a kiss which we tasted each other for 30 mins and I pressed my shlong against her vulva, after that she sucked me off and we had sex, which ended in me giving her a creampie, we make passionate love on a regular basis and go out as a couple with no strings attached, will try and get her to make love and squirt in public next week with me, I'm proposing to her soon as she's the only hole for me to fit into, and that she doesn't mind a threesome with my current bi girlfriend who loves squirters

Married May 04 2014 12:19pm FLAG
aww how cute if i where you i would just make it seem really cute and normal just remember that lots of girls have this fantasy too. why dont you make a thread writing how much you want her then 'unintentionally' leave it open and fish for reactions. btw this comes from a girl

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I need advice my sister is coming down this week and I want her so bad

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u just ask ur siss one boyfrnd to say that he loves her then blackmail her telllg that u gonna tell 2 ur parents thn sure she will cum up 2 u askg what she should do.then just say this nd have fun

loly May 16 2014 5:56am FLAG
Scroll up a little and read mine

BitterGuitar3 May 16 2014 4:17pm FLAG
Try knocking her unconscious than have sex with her

hunter May 18 2014 12:50pm FLAG
That stupid and I could kill her

BitterGuitar3 May 19 2014 2:21pm FLAG
Im and for my 19 yeah old sis am I messed up or normal?? Help

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a friend May 20 2014 8:12pm FLAG
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lol I ate my sisters from the toilet XDDDD

hahaa May 30 2014 2:55am FLAG
My sister is 21 and I'm 18 I woke up one night to find her trying to pull my pants off what do I do?!?

anan May 31 2014 9:21am FLAG
Tell her that having a samll is bad

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I want to have sex with my sister as well, we are two years apart in age. I would prefer a way that will make her want to do it again. Does anyone have advice? I'm her younger brother, and am extremely attracted to her. I am worried about asking her because of her reaction, but I really want to have sex with her. Thanks for reading, and please give advice!

A guy Sep 22 2014 4:14pm FLAG
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A guy Sep 22 2014 4:38pm FLAG
If I were u I would wait till she's asleep then go in her room if she is a heavy sleeper then go in her room turn off her fan or something and wait till she takes her blanket off and then get on top if her rub her t*ts or p*ssy and then stick ur d*ck in her if she wakes up just say the truth and if she doesn't it's free game it worked for me for years

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She showed me her then I walked out

Penguins Oct 05 2014 2:06pm FLAG
I used to have lots of great sex with my sister. She now has a boy friend when I try to fool around with her shes not interested some one tell me how i can her guys

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Please guys I need some advice asap im ready to blow

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my sister has a rocking buble but body i want to have sex with her but i cant one night she fell asleep with her nice ass facing me i got my c*ck out pulled her pant down a little bit and ed her a littl it didnt fit though so how do i pull her pants down futher without her waking up ps i pissed in her ass

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I want to my sister but I don't want to give her pills and he is a light sleeper what do I do

Sister er Nov 23 2014 5:49pm FLAG
How do I duck my sis if she keeps saying no

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my sister said no all the time then i started eating her when she was sleeping. she woke up from the orgasim she had while sleeping. that was the first time. ever since then we have sex all the time. we had a daughter together and she wanted our daughter to have the same experince. so she let me screw our daughter and she got pregnant. i also got her pregnant. she had a girl. slept with her and she had a boy. my sister we when we did it and got pregnant. i got the others pregnant between and .

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Hey I'm in the same room with my sister right now and we have bunk beds im on the top we are bothand twins and she is a blonde with huge tits I try to touch her every but I eventually give up can you help me?😩😩

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Me and my sister used to sneak in the living room after every one went to bed and watch our father's *** videos. We would both be lips sticking out. She knows I still have to go jerk off after looking at her.

Jimmy l Feb 09 2015 9:52pm FLAG
My sister and I used to masturbate together. She was older by 2 years and showed me a lot about sex. While on vacation we had to share a hotel room. We found the dirty channel and started playing with each other. She was wearing her skimpiest bikini. She used her lotion on me. We finally had sex. It is still the best sex I have ever had.

Anonymous Feb 09 2015 10:01pm FLAG
Is there any one who will pay good money to video me and my sister having sex???????

Anonymous Feb 09 2015 10:04pm FLAG
You are all Sick HEADS!

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How do i join my sister in the shower?? Plzzzzz help

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Ni,I enjoyed reading it but girls n women should also comment more.

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I need help I"m she"sI want it so bad but I do not want to be caught

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plz help these will never work she is married and 22 plz i want to have sex woith her

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2 dude ive got close to the same prob.ive tried to have sex with my sis she 10 is ive tried to get it on with her but every time she dosen't relax so i cant get mi c*ck in any advise thx

cheesypizza May 26 2015 12:41am FLAG
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well ledmysisterwiththismeathod she wont ever try to have sex with me any more cause she to damn scared

cheesypizza May 27 2015 2:42am FLAG
not to be to harsh but still...

cheesypizza May 27 2015 2:44am FLAG
How do I my sister in the day time or at least touch her boobs

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How do I fck my sister in the day time or at least touch her boobs

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Will my sister finds out when i her with sleeping pill? pls reply

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Can i give my sister sleeping pills and have sex with her without her knowing i did something with her?

kweku zakari May 27 2015 7:55pm FLAG
I was spying on my sister we share a room I told her that I want to use the shower first so she let me use it then after me when she went to the shower I plugged my phone into the charger and kept my phone in a good place so she thinks that I kept my phone for charging I turned on the camera and started recording a video when she finished taking shower she told me to leave the room so she wears her clothes then I left she closed the door and wore her clothes I was waiting for her 25 mins so when she came out I toke my phone and saw the video she changed her clothes in front of the camera she toke her towel of then she sat on the couch she was rubbing her her and show her the video most of the time she tries to push me with her boobs so I can fell them and she sleeps in a bra and panties only I am and she is also we are twins I talk to her most of the time our relationship is very good better than a boyfriend and a girlfriend I live in London

Charley Jun 02 2015 1:59pm FLAG
She was rubbing her pus*y and her boo*bs she was sitting in front of the camera i think so she came to know that I was recording I am and she is also

Charley Jun 02 2015 2:03pm FLAG

Charley Jun 02 2015 2:04pm FLAG
jst gv hr the silver bullet then I use to sleep with my ccter thn we ddnt use condoms and I would cum and she cum too

junior Jun 04 2015 2:08pm FLAG
I want to her looking at her

georgia atl Jun 09 2015 9:59pm FLAG

Anonymous Jun 09 2015 9:59pm FLAG
I want to have sex with but I be doing when she sleep is cutting her underwear putting my d*ck on her ass but I still want to her face to face

atlboy Jun 09 2015 10:04pm FLAG
Go go sex with him

Anonymous Jun 13 2015 3:21pm FLAG
sex best thing life has in stock for us

cheesypizza Jun 13 2015 5:52pm FLAG
First touch her boobs and work your way up and down then do nice things for her she will give you respect or just wear here out by playing or riding bikes she will sleep to good to wake up

cheesypizza Jun 15 2015 4:46am FLAG
I have my wife but I love her little sister so badn n I really want to have sex with her, many times I ask her but she always ignore me. Someone give me an advice how to get her.

david Jun 16 2015 3:14pm FLAG
What should I use to drug my sister so I can have sex with her in her sleep. She isn't a heavy sleepier.

by someone Jun 16 2015 3:46pm FLAG
please help me guys i want to have sex with my sister but she is not a heavy sleeper but the last time i piped when she was dressing she almost cauth me please i need to have sex with her and i dont know how to get sleeping tablets please help me!!!

nkweta Jun 16 2015 4:41pm FLAG
I'm a girl and we love it when the guys put there c**k in our *ss

girls*x Jun 16 2015 11:02pm FLAG
I love girls when they talk like that, hey girls do u love to have sex with ur brother?

lover boy Jun 18 2015 11:33am FLAG
I touch my sister boobs and everynight just check her breath if it is deep and slow then go for it. U can even lick te boobs.

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I like to have sex with my brother it feels good and I love it

girls*x Jun 22 2015 9:54pm FLAG
Thirsty biches

from youre dad Jun 25 2015 8:22pm FLAG
My sister is and I am . I just a dream about having sex with her , she does not have good boobs , but I still want to have sex just because I am very horey . And I have the biggest boner right now as I right this . I am gonna go home and .

Your sister Jun 27 2015 12:08pm FLAG
And and hope for the best

Your sister Jun 27 2015 12:29pm FLAG
What should i do i like my sister shes and im and last night i tried to touch her boob and he vagina and i was grabing her booty but when i tried touching her sh woke up and said what r u doing so i quickly pretended i was asleep and then i stopped and idk what to do know can i get some advice

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So yesterday i made a bet with my sister for a $100 and she lost. I said if we wrestled for a while that she doesn't owe me anything. We did (she has big boobs and a nice ass) We wrestled and i got behind her and humped her but she didn't know she thought i was trying to push her down. It felt so good my **** was so hard on her and she was moaning and laughing. While i humped her i also grabbed her boobs but she didn't care. It felt nice. She landed on me because i fell. She was sitting on my lap while i tried to push her off (not really) but i felt awesome. We wrestled again i just do it to hump her but she doesn't know she's older than my buy 7 years. She's so hot.

make a bet with your sister and if she doesn't pay you tell her Jul 14 2015 9:03pm FLAG
So yesterday i made a bet with my sister for a $100 and she lost. I said if we wrestled for a while that she doesn't owe me anything. We did (she has big boobs and a nice ass) We wrestled and i got behind her and humped her but she didn't know she thought i was trying to push her down. It felt so good my **** was so hard on her and she was moaning and laughing. While i humped her i also grabbed her boobs but she didn't care. It felt nice. She landed on me because i fell. She was sitting on my lap while i tried to push her off (not really) but i felt awesome. We wrestled again i just do it to hump her but she doesn't know she's older than my buy 7 years. She's so hot.

make a bet with your sister and if she doesn't pay you tell her Jul 14 2015 9:03pm FLAG
This is sin guys

Abcd Jul 16 2015 5:31am FLAG
How do I get a girl to like me

Anonymous Jul 18 2015 2:11pm FLAG
hello , i love my cousin and i wont tell her that she will tell her mom and she is a muslim thatswhy i dont tell her, please any one can help me ?? if so please

mister X Jul 19 2015 7:23am FLAG
Who live in st cloud who wants to btw I'm yr old boy

Anonymous Aug 17 2015 12:52am FLAG
Who live in st cloud who wants to btw I'm yr old boy

the real deal Aug 17 2015 12:53am FLAG
I'm f1fte3n and I used to just massage my 3lev3n Yr old sis and work my way down into her pant and eventually start fingering her. We hadn't done it for a while but on holiday I rubbed her for a while and she liked can I get further?

F1fte3n Yr old Sep 01 2015 9:56am FLAG
her no questions asked or anything needs to be said

Anonymous Sep 07 2015 6:09am FLAG
i want to have sec with my sister she sleeped with me to night but the time she was breathing Heavy i touched her hand she to my hand of from her later around past 2 to 3.i startwd to lift my leg on of his and she didnt remove it few minutes later i tryed to put my fingher thought his short to the vigina it to soft and to big for me but i just want to enjoy it and everynight she is having sex with her boyfriends .guy please help me i want to have sex with my sister she have very big ass legs and also viginah is to small i used to look her while she is bathing thought the whole of a key in a door i erunated the whole night and i love her ass to much guy please help me to have fun with her hhahah sexy voice screaming big vigihan big ass

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i want to have sex with my sister she sleeped with me to night but the time she was breathing Heavy i touched her hand she to my hand of from her later around past 2 to 3.i started to lift my leg on of his and she did not remove it few minutes later i tried to put my finger thought his short to the vigina it to soft and to big for me but i just want to enjoy it and every night she is having sex with her boyfriends .guy please help me i want to have sex with my sister she have very big ass legs and also viginah is to small i used to look her while she is bathing thought the whole of a key in a door i erunated the whole night and i love her ass to much guy please help me to have fun with her hhahah sexy voice screaming big vigihan big ass

daniel Sep 13 2015 7:51pm FLAG
Hi Daniel just try to make a bet with her for some money like $20 and if she loses tell her to wrestle you for a while. Amd if she does go behind her and hump her and make her fall on your lap. I did this to my sister she was laughing and moaning

make a bet with your sister and if she doesn't pay you tell her Sep 14 2015 2:17pm FLAG
im 19 and my sis is 18. whenever we can sleep in a bed together (like on vacations) we do and she's always the one one who wants me to sleep with her. she says things like "dibs on the bed" and "there's room for one more in here" when the only other option is the floor, and that. we spoon a lot and always get to feel each other up. i'd say if youre able to share a bed with her, just start with rubbing and touching, and hey its not sex but its still a lot better than nothing at all. and im ok with not actually having sex with her, we have a good thing going and im quite content with just doing what we do. we also dont mind changing and drying off (after showering) in front of each other. it's always a good morning after you get to cuddle/mess around with someone and get to see some tits and ass! she has 36 dd tits too, and is by no means fat or anything. im just happy we get to do this every so often, and if anything its given us a much better relationship with each other without anything getting wierd.

that dude steve Oct 29 2015 9:46am FLAG
I really want to have sex with my soster. At least play with her boobs. I tried last night and I touched them nut only for a second bc then she woke up. Someone help me to touch her bobs at least.

Man of stuff Nov 08 2015 1:33am FLAG
can someone tell me how do i lick my sister when she dosent know about it

jeff Nov 17 2015 11:12pm FLAG
Any1 want my sister. Just come over to my house and we'll both do my sister. She is very hot and likes it hard in her ass. She has good boobs and is a pretty heavy sleeper. I am practically offering my sis. Cmon it will be fun with her she has a very good body

abcdefg Nov 24 2015 3:21am FLAG
During one of my night stays I caught my best friend fcking my sister. He was like completely doing her hardcore,pressing her boobs, groping her ass squeezing her legs. He was like literally raping her I was like wtf r u doing. He was like sorry and went home then I started to my sister however u like its worked for me

Anonymous Nov 26 2015 10:05pm FLAG

how to get wet Dec 18 2015 6:46pm FLAG
and my sister f**** me in my sleep

how to get wet Dec 18 2015 7:11pm FLAG
the first time i had sex was when i was

how to get wet Dec 18 2015 7:13pm FLAG

how to get wet Dec 18 2015 7:17pm FLAG
oh any girl ready for sex text me ps if u r a boy me and you can gang bang my sister [not gay just offering to any guy looking for sex]

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Mai aur mera bhai pichele 6saal se sex kar rahe hai sex me bhut maza aata hai khas kar apne bhai k sath ek bar kar ke dhekho girls bhai wo maaza de sakkta he jo koi nahi de sakta apne bhai ko blacmail karo ur sex karo put her pennis on us vagina and rub slowly

shikhamalik Dec 24 2015 7:11am FLAG
is there any 1 out there that is a grl that wants 2 have sex

Anonymous Dec 26 2015 11:40pm FLAG
One time I was using my lube and my vibrator and my brother came up to . 4 days later i had a baby

MCDUDetteIN Dec 28 2015 12:28pm FLAG
What the hell she,s your sister god what the heck is ur problem get gf u faggs god if u gonna still her and ignore my advice just get her freaking pregnant u faggs

u guys are faggs Jan 03 2016 3:29pm FLAG
I ed my sister when she was dead asleep it felt good but she woke up ans said what are u doing and she stared suck my c*ck and the my sperm went in her and I'm only 10

I got my sis prevent Jan 03 2016 3:38pm FLAG
I want to have sex with my sister but I fear if she tells my parent. I dont know what to do I badly want to her

nehal j Jan 04 2016 8:38am FLAG
i really want 2 hav sex with a girl anyone want to have sex with me. i liv on fairfield McSween rd

Anonymous Jan 04 2016 8:54pm FLAG
i really want to fuk my sister and she smokes a hole bunch of stuff but she is 20 im and she dosnt live with me

justin Jan 04 2016 8:59pm FLAG
she haz big tits to(•)(•)∞ive seen her bare ass but she never sa me

justin(•)(•) l Jan 04 2016 9:06pm FLAG
(•)(•)(•)(•)(•)(•)(•)(•)(•)(•)(•)(•) | | | | | |

Anonymous Jan 04 2016 9:28pm FLAG
I am a girl, and my brother usually sits in my room watching TV with me. About... 10 years ago we were both sitting on holiday and he started kissing me and touching me. He told me to suck his c*ck but I was young and was like "Gross... No" so about 3 years later we are at home and he walks in saying if I remember what we did back then. We start laughing over it and stuff for a long time, and he asked me if I wanted to play again? I agreed so we kissed for a long time and he started to touch me, and I couldn't stop him, it felt so good... My parents were home so We had to find an excuse, I said I was studying and he said he was having a shower... So we both went to the shower and he every time we go to have a shower. Sisters will be like "Thats weird.." At first, but once you do it for the first time, they will never want to stop

Jessica Jan 07 2016 10:18am FLAG
my cuz and i f*** all the time and one day my sister found out and wanted to join it was great mmmm i still bang her today

how to get wet Jan 11 2016 8:00pm FLAG
I like to sex sister .because she is so sexy. One we play a game that time my parents are going out first I am a doctor she is a patient I press her boobs first she didn't angry with me then I try remove her dress and see boobs and fully remove her dress and she also accepted to sex with me

karthi.M Jan 12 2016 10:00am FLAG
Any girl want to have sex ??? Mail me your with details around delhi . Mail id :-

anonymus Jan 17 2016 4:44am FLAG
Just Tell Her And Don't Be Dumb We Love Boys And We Need Penis So Don't Feel You Can't Do Dat

Kurdish Girl Jan 18 2016 12:03pm FLAG
Well if she just had a shower...This might sound a little odd. Get undressed and then her.

FUZZY Jan 18 2016 2:02pm FLAG

SEX_@! Jan 18 2016 2:03pm FLAG
What the ed up u should just die now

INSEST IS WRONG Jan 21 2016 6:49pm FLAG
just go and her wait how old is she?

Anonymous Mar 20 2016 8:02pm FLAG
Why not just blackmail her or have her owe you a huge favor and say that you promise to use protection that's all then she either has to and not tell because she owes you big time or she won't want anybody to find out about whatever the blackmail is. P.S I am single for all you ladies and I go as quickly in a relationship as the other person wants.

Thecanadiannerd Mar 21 2016 4:59pm FLAG
is there a girl in wisprings AR who wants sex

lee Mar 21 2016 8:30pm FLAG
any girl who wants sex in wittsprings A.R im and im a boy

lee Mar 22 2016 5:14am FLAG
I thought my story was bad being rapped by another man who happens to be my cousin but, you folks really need lots of help! Your sick. I would castrate myself before I had sex with my family members especially kids! I think jail would be the right thing for all of you. Sex with family members? I bet most of you live down south and are republicans that hate everyone but, you need to hate your minds! Sickos! My cousin has ptsd from the war, I think that had something to do with him rapping me. Wow I guess his rapping me wasn't as bad even thou we are both guys. Wow what stories I hope the police can see this site.

pavingd Mar 27 2016 6:08am FLAG
I almost had sex with my sister and I was wondering if there's any tricks to make her

Anonymous Mar 28 2016 5:42pm FLAG

Anonymous Mar 28 2016 5:44pm FLAG
Any advice I also have a picture I can blackmail her with I also toke video of her in the shower and she winked at me

Anonymous Mar 28 2016 5:51pm FLAG
Man I really want two bang her hopefully one of these days I will get my wishe

supersister er Mar 28 2016 5:53pm FLAG
I wish my sisters would have sex with me

lee Mar 31 2016 7:31pm FLAG
Guys, you realize that you just want to have sex, and you are attracted to your sister because she is always around you. *** is flooding your brain with sexual images, you may be going through puberty, but really, you just want sex with a girl. The girls at your school would be easier to have sex with than your sister. Once you do have sex, you will stop thinking about your sister. You become what you think about, so stop thinking and obsessing over your sister. Love her, and respect her, and protect her from bad guys. Go find a girl who likes you for you.

Bro Apr 06 2016 9:33am FLAG
I want your

cainleal Apr 06 2016 11:49pm FLAG
Anyone wann help me? So my sister is married and she is 35 and she has a nice body and still young and she always fights with her man. I really just want to expirience a blow from her because she has nice breasts prease hwlp as in what do i say ir do?

Unknown Apr 13 2016 10:55pm FLAG
If u want to have sex with your sister do it when your parents asleep then start touching her legs until u get the then take it from there

Anonymous Apr 16 2016 10:21am FLAG
i have a video of my sister so i can blackmail her..but i dnt want to screw our relation for rest of lyf . how can i made her to show boobs without knowing that i wanted it

blackmailer Apr 18 2016 8:06am FLAG
Stephen Curry

THE POLICE Apr 19 2016 9:52pm FLAG
But my sister lives in hwr own house what can I do to get her to give me a bl*wj*b

Unknown Apr 20 2016 8:33am FLAG
I want to for her she has never had a boyfriend what do i do

Big d*ck Larry May 17 6:41pm FLAG
And it's my sister how do I get her to let me her

Big d*ck Larry May 17 6:42pm FLAG
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my sis is too hott. I daily sleep with him. I touch his boobs and nipples r too nice I want to such her. Its easy to touch him she sleep heavy. I also touch his ass. And when it go to bathroom i seen from the hole she rub his ass and boobs To amazing experince

Mmm May 21 11:33pm FLAG

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i am and i want to my 18 year old sister how can i

Anonymous May 22 3:54pm FLAG
Ok so look can anyone help me on how to make my sister have sex with me she is 30. That is still pretty young and she can get pregnant anymore cuz she had some injection and i want her to have sex with me and she is married and lives in her own house. How do i get her to have sex with me plz cuz ahe has a nice body tbh and i just want that plz someone answer!

FunTimeGrizzly May 24 5:02am FLAG
Also i dont want her to tell on my cuz she does snitch about the little things i do bad and oh im 18

FunTimeGrizzly May 24 5:09am FLAG
Take her to her bedroom and give her a whole body massage and have her take her clothing off and go from there

Anonymous May 25 11:49pm FLAG
Hey guys last night I tried to have sex with my sister when my parents were asleep.. Firstly I managed to sleep before her. After some time on am I just tried to touch her boobs so I did it but she threw it away and she showed me her back. I still wanted to have it so I tried to touch her body.. I entered my hand inside her top she knew that I'm doing something but she didn't say anything and acted like she's sleeping. There was my chance. I touched her belly, hand and legs but when u tried to touch her boobs, she didn't allow me to then I tried to touch her a*s so I entered my hand inside her panty. And guess what!! I fingered inside her hips so much.. But at that time she was having some trouble she was trying to take it off but she liked it and she didn't do anything.. However I couldn't had sex with her because she awoke and went to bathroom... Since this scene happened, she isn't talking with me.. I want her again at least fibgering inside her hips isn't that bad. But what should I do now she isn't even talking to me.... Please suggest me something

iwannamysis May 29 12:00pm FLAG
I want to have sex with a girl that's

Joshsexy Jun 15 9:09pm FLAG
Guys enjoy

Anonymous Jun 16 12:55am FLAG

Tim Jones Jun 21 8:52pm FLAG
how can i sex with my little sister?

Anonymous Jun 23 12:40am FLAG
How can sex with elder sister shi not inters in this think but i want her

765 Jun 23 7:55pm FLAG
Me and my cousin sis r in same age and friends.we talk more hrs in night i want to her plzz give some ideas

Anonymous Jun 24 4:08am FLAG
Me and my cousin sis r in same age and friends.we talk more hrs in night i want to her plzz give some ideas

Hornier guy Jun 24 4:12am FLAG
I touched my sisters outside her legging when we were watching tv, she didn't expect me to and she jerked a bit with shocked and didn't say anything but I was like sorry , we were watching a movie she's 20 and I'm , do u think she liked it ? Thanks :) so much

Need advice Jun 26 3:57pm FLAG
My sister is she is 20 and i am she sleeps with me even though she has here own room i just dont know how to ask her to have S*X with please give me advice i know this is wrong but still thank you.

need advice BADLY Jun 27 6:16am FLAG
Hey guys so i wanna do my sis shes im .obe day we were at cuz house and she was asleep.i went down stairs and started to grab her breast.i then put my hand up her shirt and started feeling her bra and boobs.also one day she was on couch and i was next to her and her butt was on my leg so i kept nudgeing my leg into her butt but she didnt seem to notice.what should i do should i bring her in bathroom and ask her to see boobs or just tell her i wanna feel her.

Isaiah Jun 27 11:19pm FLAG
I won't say our ages, but we are both young. She is my step sister. She is younger, but way taller, and stronger and smarter and extremely attractive. She is very dominant and aggressive and loves to show off her towering Amazon model like body. I'll go back to the beginning, but our relationship now is very complicated. We have sex all the time, but she has a lot of sex with other guys. I have pretty much become her sex slave and I'm very submissive to her. Due to her towering height and muscular body and sharp mind she is in charge of me even though she is younger. When we are in public I sometimes have to take on a child like role and she is my parent. Our parents reversed us after she kept growing and skipping grades ahead of me. It has gotten to the point in which she controls our parents as well and is in charge of all of us. She loves the control and all she wants to do is have more control and grow even taller and stronger.

Tall sister Jul 03 10:57am FLAG
The sex started when she got way taller than me and I was only standing at the bottom of her boobs. When she started working out and her boobs got bigger and firmer she got a lot stronger and she skipped 2 grades and then got ahead of me and then was able to skip again and got to skip another and I was held back due to being sick all the time and while I was in the hospital she skipped again with my parents permission. It was when I got out of the hospital they told me she was four grades ahead of me and if I was held back again she would be five grades! She never gloated but they told me that she would be my big sister from now on and they considered her an adult and me a small child. They told me she was the older one now and for me to obey her and she was completely in charge of me

Tall sister Jul 03 11:23am FLAG
It was so weird now that she was four grades ahead of me at that time and I was in jeopardy of repeating again. When my parents pretty much now saw her as an adult because she was so damn big and dominant and me as the child, it changed everything and not only did we role reverse but our ages, position, and intelligence widen by a lot. She was superior to me in every way. Every way. When we moved to a very small remote town is when she decided that I would be even younger to the rest of the town. She loved being my babysitter and she had rules for me that were like a child in many ways. I had early bed times. She made sure I got a bath. When she got even taller and hotter she would have guys over and would be $&@"^*+ their brains out. She always was the dominant one in bed and she was stronger than the majority of all who entered her room. She convinced our parents to let them sleep over and for her to be able to sleep or be intimate with them as much as she wanted. They agreed with her and so she was basically having $&@ every night or as much as she wanted. She loved wearing out the guys stamina wise and being physically and sexually stronger.

Tall sister Jul 03 7:50pm FLAG
I need help. My sister is 6-te3N and I am th1Rt33N. She has small sized boobs but a nice butt to feel. I have seen her but and boobs, but for a limited time. She is very sexy. But she is super gaurded. I can't drug her cause I cannot get them. She is a medium sleeper. She makes sexual comments a lot around me. But I don't know is she would want to have *** with me.

GT Jul 04 8:42pm FLAG
And Tall sister. You have it good

GT Jul 04 8:43pm FLAG
I am also scared because we get into fights occasionally and they don't end well and I'm afraid she might snitch.

GT Jul 04 8:44pm FLAG
I also want to sex with my sister she is 24 and her figure is 34dd 28 36 suggest me any tablet which I give her and she

behan chod Jul 07 7:21pm FLAG
Someone plz help me I want to have sex with my sister. The problem tho is that she is married and we fight like everytime she comes home to us and she might snitch on me if i make a wrong move so plz give me advice shes 34 and im 19 but dont let age matter she has a gorgeous body and she had big tits plz someone help by responding asap and her husband is goin away to mexico this week on Sunday July 10 and today is the 8th plz he'll be gone for 2 weeks so plz respond fast someone cuz i want her

Unknown Jul 08 6:30pm FLAG
i want to f*** my cousin sister and i did it

clorin macg Jul 10 12:08am FLAG
I want to sex with my sister plz give some ideas

Hornier guy Jul 11 11:33pm FLAG
I want to sex with my sister plz give some ideas

Anonymous Jul 11 11:34pm FLAG
I love my sister bt she is married nd her age is 31 Bt i wana sex with can ny1 tel me how can i force her. Even me nd ma cuzin hve plan for sex with her Bt how can i force my sister for a sex..she has nyx boobs nd ass

1ny Aug 25 4:11am FLAG
I thouch my sisters ass at night and it is so soft and big +round af. i have seen she been lookin at my pants when i walk. but we both scared to say it to each other. i dotn lov eher. just wanna have sex with that big round ass

I want it Aug 25 2:40pm FLAG
You wanna know what funny, too all of the negative people on this forum... is because we don't have gfs u numbnuts and if she says its ok and goes along with it that is her choice... And wtf are the negative people even doing on this site

Nervous Sep 30 10:14pm FLAG
Yeah anywayz... I have not ' af

Nervous Sep 30 10:16pm FLAG
my bro did it with me when i was 10 for 5 yrs and now to my younger sis she is and i dont like it

salley Oct 09 5:28pm FLAG
Give advice: