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How should I seduce my grandmother?

The Problem: I need advice and suggestions on how to get my grandmother to have sex with me.

Asked by: grandmalover at 08:53:42 PM, Saturday, October 08, 2011 PDT FLAG


Eww. You're sick!

Anonymous Oct 09 2011 11:24am FLAG

Try what I did with my aunt: I was at the time and I was staying in my aunt's house. Her husband (my uncle) just left to go to work, and we were alone in the house. My aunt and I were talking in the kitchen then I took off my shirt for know reason. I've been going to the gym a lot, and my body is really buff so I knew she'd fall for it. She stood there staring, and I removed my pants while walking closer to her. She asked me what I was doing, but I didn't answer. I walked even closer to her, while pulling my boxers down, until I was right in front of her. I stared at her eyes for a while, when she suddenly pulled my boxers down, and started sucking my d*ck. She started licking and sucking my manhood, and she said that she always wanted to do it. I lifted her up to my uncle's room, and we had sex. I got her pregnant that day, and until now my uncle thinks the baby is his.

Awesome Nephew Oct 09 2011 11:30am FLAG
@Awesome Nephew - you make no sence you said you pulled your boxers down as you walked towards her , then you say that she suddenly pulled your boxers down, your obviously lying so just stop.

InYourDreamsBabe Jan 18 2012 4:33pm FLAG
ya sometimes just tell the truth

gman9 Jul 10 2012 7:22pm FLAG
Grab her ass and spank her and tell her your gonna punsher for be a bad girl

yeah Sep 03 2012 12:51pm FLAG

Anonymous Dec 30 2012 8:48am FLAG
Eww! Your sick!

Anonymous Dec 30 2012 8:49am FLAG
i want to tastes good

mikel sarver Jan 13 2013 2:22pm FLAG
Yaaaas lol

Anonymous Jan 21 2013 6:02am FLAG
Sicko o.o

YaMama Feb 02 2013 8:17pm FLAG
Kos Omak Yabnel Sharmoota .. ana ba7awel a3mel keda ma3 khalty mesh 3aref yabnel marra el a7ba el wes5a el ma3arasa خخخخخخخخخ

zeb kbeeer fash55 Feb 05 2013 12:14pm FLAG
s ya

anyone Feb 18 2013 6:51pm FLAG

Anonymous Feb 18 2013 6:51pm FLAG

Anonymous Feb 18 2013 6:52pm FLAG
I thinkbits hot

Anonymous Feb 28 2013 8:13pm FLAG
I want my grandma so bad

Anonymous Feb 28 2013 8:14pm FLAG
do what i am going to do with my grandma. I will start spending more time with her for one. my family drinks together on ocation so she has already reacted positivily toward my boner when i have hugged her. so i was thinking about just telling her that i have always wanted to do this i hope it is ok. then just kiss her for a time and see where it goes from there :D

anonymous Mar 05 2013 12:11pm FLAG
I'm a girl and I want sex with my grandmaw what do I do

clueless Mar 23 2013 7:58am FLAG
I licked my grandmas butthole. And it ws tasty.

Anonymous Mar 31 2013 4:01am FLAG
Tell her you need her .... Then bend her over and tap that ass while she screams your name in pure pleasure!

Your grandmother Apr 28 2013 11:14pm FLAG
When shes asleep just go het in bed with her and rub her tits and ass till she wakes up then put jer hand on ur d*ck and start rubbing her the rest sould fall into place

james May 06 2013 5:19pm FLAG
Between the ages of (-) with a inch d*ck I've ed both my grandmas, my 4 sisters (,,,) my mom my 5 aunts (25,27,29,35,45) my ten girl cousins (,,,18,20,21,21,22,25,25) and I've gotten them all pregnant

Jake a Jun 02 2013 10:14am FLAG
Lets here ur stories

Jake a Jun 02 2013 10:07pm FLAG
you can do me instead if you like

iwantitbadngl Jun 09 2013 6:55am FLAG
wooow and i have a boner

Anonymous Jun 10 2013 12:51am FLAG
Tell her to suck you.d*ck

Maddieb Jun 11 2013 7:14am FLAG
Anybody want to

Anonymous Jun 14 2013 10:37pm FLAG

Anonymous Jun 14 2013 10:37pm FLAG

Tj Jun 19 2013 8:40am FLAG
My grandma small and has nice books I'm going to dry hump he

Anonymous Jun 20 2013 10:15am FLAG

Anonymous Jun 20 2013 10:37am FLAG
Start jacking off next to her.

Anonymous Jun 21 2013 6:26pm FLAG
get her alone whip out your d*ck if she blows you your in if not your screwed

HL Jul 03 2013 4:22am FLAG
Yeah I ed her~lying obiusly~

my d*ck is wet i just took a shower Jul 21 2013 6:27pm FLAG
I've had sex with my aunt last year when I was , what you do is get a boner before you got to see her and then tap her ass if u want that should work

Sexmaster Jul 23 2013 7:50am FLAG
I really want to seduce my grandmother I'm ten and she hasn't fallen for anything what do I do?

janiv10 Jul 24 2013 5:28pm FLAG
I want to duck her bad!

janiv10 Jul 24 2013 5:40pm FLAG

Anonymous Jul 24 2013 5:40pm FLAG
I mean

janiv10 Jul 24 2013 5:41pm FLAG
Every single person on here is gross..wht the hell is wrong with you guys!! She is your grandmother not your s

anonymous Jul 27 2013 6:01pm FLAG
She is not ur like that......ewwwwwwwwekkkkkkk this up

anonymous Jul 27 2013 6:05pm FLAG
Just fck her while she is aslep...

Gu Sep 26 2013 4:49am FLAG
Hump lick I want all

rocky Sep 30 2013 2:16pm FLAG
Well , I ed my grandma before , and she was pretty good . She has the biggest tits 32 double J's . What u have to do is just talk to her sexually and before that u should wear a lot of boxer briefs and lop ur penis to the side and get a boner and hug her from behind then bend down a little bit untill ur meeting her ass then shove ur penis as far as if can go then rub her hips and she should fall for u . It happened to me . Try it no lie it might work for your grandmother to . Goodluck guys btw : add my skype for masturbation shows for free gamerheadxx

Giovanni Oct 02 2013 7:31pm FLAG
ill your all disgusting , thats's incest

maria Oct 03 2013 6:42pm FLAG
move in with her, break both your arms. Then she has to help you go pee, and she has to help you take baths.

been there done that Oct 24 2013 4:16am FLAG
When she is sleeping take her underwear off and lick her .

Anonymous Oct 30 2013 3:21pm FLAG
What I did was have a family orgy with my family, and my bestfriends, it's was all really hot and steamy. All the girls did "2 girls one cup" as the men watched. It was s fun, and I've asked to do it again but noone wants to because they were all drinking and I wasn't. It's so unfair, how do I get all 20 of us in bed together?

Anonymous Nov 09 2013 10:19am FLAG
My brother was dating my best friend and I live with them. Last year I had a badly injured ass and was in a lot of pain so took sleeping pills one morning I woke and he was in my bed next to me. He said he'd just got the wrong room and nothing had happened but now I'm pregnant and I was a virgin and this is the only time a boy has been in my bed, or even that near to me. What do I do now? Because I think I love him, and he loves me. My bestfriend will be devastated.

Anonymous Nov 09 2013 10:25am FLAG
can i handle ur grandmother.?

goodboy Nov 11 2013 7:27am FLAG
Start kissing her

Anonymous Nov 13 2013 5:13am FLAG
For many years I have been hugging and kissing my hot grandmother, I kiss, feel her bum and hug her all the time, have twice touched her breasts for a short time How can I get it to nxt level?

anonymous Nov 13 2013 7:22am FLAG
you ar mad

Anonymous Nov 13 2013 2:58pm FLAG
I am not mad, We have a very special love for each other and it is More than physical

Anonymous Nov 14 2013 4:13am FLAG
It was a hot summer day. One time I was with my grandmother, and my grandpa was working in the garage. She was in the kitchen washing dishes when I suddenly hugged her from behind. She exclaimed "what are you doing?!" I said "nothing, I just love you and wanted a hug". She said "okay haha, want to cuddle on the couch?", I promptly said yes. We went on the couch, and hugged for a while. I said it was hot and removed my shorts wearing only boxers. She did the same. There we were sweaty and passionately cuddling with our thighs gently touching each other. My bulging penis was pressing against the crack between her thights. She gave me a strange look and asked if she could remove her underwear. I said I didn't mind, and I'll do the same. I slid my erect penis into her moist vagina and we cuddle-ed for about an hour until my grandfather came in from the garage. We have been doing this cuddly/sex relationship for a while now.

Anonymous Nov 18 2013 3:35am FLAG
I was with a mate and I was with his 35 year old momand he left to go with his dad to the supermarket I stayed and shagged her hard spanked her until she was bruised and I slid my cok in the vag and we did anal so fun I cummed everywhere

Anonymous Nov 21 2013 12:51pm FLAG
What if she asks me..what am i doing wat must i say to her?help!

Anonymous Nov 22 2013 7:15am FLAG
In Miami beach, looking for a girl to hang out with and have fun with when ever we are both in the mood. Or we can keep it mysterious and just meet up at the beach and do it by the sand,

786-477-0079 Nov 27 2013 5:43pm FLAG
what do I do I do wanna my 50 year old grandmother but I don't know how to plus she is single and ive had my mom tell me I can go live with her plus im going over there tomorrow and should I since were in the house alone ask her to come to bed with me and watch a movie but be half ***** and lay next to her wrap my arms around her then slap her ass grab her boobs and stick my d*ck in her

sex crazy Nov 30 2013 2:19am FLAG
I want to her so bad

Taylor boy Dec 07 2013 7:15pm FLAG
I want to do sex with my grandmother how can

Anonymous Dec 19 2013 2:27am FLAG
I have fingered my grandma before, all that I did was stay up till really early in the morning and while she was asleep I just took her pants down and fingered her and licked her, its happened around 4 times now.

anonymous Dec 21 2013 9:17am FLAG
I want to have sex with my grandma but I don't really know if she wants to. I am scared she might go tell my dad if I pull a move on her ..? How do I get her extremely me??

Lg Dec 21 2013 2:45pm FLAG
F**k me

Lg Dec 21 2013 2:46pm FLAG
Just sleep beside her pull over her clothes rub her vagina to get wet and penetrate your erected penis in her vagina and start pumping for about a hour and at last shoot your load deep inside her vagina and stay until your penis slips out of vagina automatically if you get erection again after some time repeat the procedure again and again until morning.

sanuay Dec 31 2013 11:46am FLAG
Seduce her property to have sex

sauay Jan 03 2014 10:33am FLAG
Lick her between thighs until she wets enough and shove your d*ck and enjoy your grandma till morning

sanuay Jan 03 2014 10:38am FLAG
Take your grandma in missionary position that she will like it

sanuay Jan 03 2014 10:41am FLAG
i wanna her brains out what do i do

matue lover Jan 05 2014 11:50pm FLAG
i wanna her brains out what do i do

mature lover Jan 05 2014 11:53pm FLAG
how do i seduce my grandma to have sex with me even though she's married

Anonymous Jan 05 2014 11:55pm FLAG
Get yourself in your grandma's bed took her in your embrace and squeeze her both boobs one by one then suck her nipples and pull her clothes up and fondle her p#ssy when her until morning

sanuay zaa Jan 15 2014 11:43am FLAG
she is holy by the way

titer Jan 19 2014 6:51am FLAG
ayre bsatalkoun ...wla fuse fikoun ya wled l sharmouta...wle kif elkoun nafs ya wled l a7be kess ekhet akbar wahad fikoun rou7o niko serlankiye ahsan

arabic person if u can read arabic Jan 22 2014 7:11am FLAG
i wanna my grandma so hard in the ass so hard but i dont want to have her tell my parents

Freaky Kid Jan 22 2014 6:32pm FLAG
plz help me

Anonymous Jan 22 2014 6:34pm FLAG
Show your erect penis to your grandma and then took her in your arms and pull her clothes up and fondle her p*ssy when her p*ssy gets wet lead her in your bed room and lay her on her back and spread her thighs sit between her thighs hold your erect penis in your right hand and rub her cl*t with tip of your penis when she lifts her bottom up and down gently insert your throbbing penis in her p*ssy and her till morning.

sanuay zaa Jan 23 2014 4:01am FLAG
I want to fuk my mom very bad. Means kaisa boletho mai jamakar chodna chahta hu.very very hard maa ki chut me se khun nikalna aisa.chodna maako sahi chalne nahiana.

Maaka beta Jan 26 2014 7:15am FLAG
I want to fuk my grandma but I don't no how to tell her and worried abar her tellin my parents

I want my grandmas Jan 31 2014 4:37am FLAG
ive been thinkin bout this 4 a long time, i still try sumtimes but nobody on here gives gud answers i kno how to fuk her but i want her 2 make the first move wen she ask y am i looking at her like that, what should b my response?? how 2 make her make the first move?

annoyed Feb 01 2014 10:45am FLAG
I need to get my d*ck in her butt how

racermx24 Feb 02 2014 12:45am FLAG
Annoyed you say you get me hard and sofly touch her leg

racermx24 Feb 02 2014 1:03am FLAG
If your mother is ready to sleep with you for the sex?

sanuay zha Feb 03 2014 11:16am FLAG
You perverted .

yantoz Feb 04 2014 1:29pm FLAG
Go up to her grab her ass and say hey she will suck your d*ck make sure you buy a condom. Before though

Anonymous Feb 13 2014 12:50pm FLAG

BRATT Feb 15 2014 9:50am FLAG
if i say that then she will get mad, i need her to get wet and then grab my d*ck so i can lead the rest or atleast how do i make her kiss me first?

annoyed Feb 28 2014 5:54am FLAG
When she is sleeping, grab her ass and make her give you a blow job take it from there

master Feb 28 2014 8:14pm FLAG
Wait until midnight then rub her p*ssy and squeeze her tits

Grandma lover Feb 28 2014 9:28pm FLAG
Ok im a yearold ****s and live in texas city by Galveston and Houston and is a virgin but i want that to change if ther is a girl that will do any thing text me and after my sister died we sued the man that killed her and i now havd millions of dollars so text me and dont keep me waiting :-)

(409)750-3392 Mar 01 2014 10:01pm FLAG
wait till she is alseep suck her if she wakes up shell ether slap you or suck you to

mecha mockingjay Mar 02 2014 9:16pm FLAG
Give her a little spank in the living room or just claim shes insaine iff all goes wrong

mr.smarts Mar 06 2014 9:50pm FLAG
How do i f**k my nan in the butthole while she is asleep wot if she wakes up ill get in so much sh*t off mum and dad pleez help

rizstarz Mar 07 2014 10:55pm FLAG

grcka Mar 09 2014 11:40am FLAG
just icucicoicic

Anonymous Mar 09 2014 6:06pm FLAG
Wots that even mean???!!!

rizstarz Mar 11 2014 3:12am FLAG
just go in her room nd tll her dat u're scared 2 slp alone, touch her slowly nd tll her dat u wnt her so badly until she fall 4 sex

pam Mar 12 2014 2:23pm FLAG
im a girl AND I want to lick my grandma everywhere and her to lick me everywhere how do I seduce her

Anonymous Mar 13 2014 2:39pm FLAG
I understand the temptation to want your grandma that way but it's wrong so you should give up the idea especially if she's married.

Anonymous Mar 15 2014 11:15pm FLAG
What if her husband is at home and you still Want your grandma to suck your c*ck and have sex with you?

Anonymous Mar 16 2014 2:02am FLAG
i realy wanna my granny neighbour and shez white im black and we dnt even talk wat should i do?

big d*ck Mar 23 2014 2:50am FLAG
I wanna have sex with an old lady so bad now

Anonymous Mar 28 2014 12:02am FLAG
I wanna ing sexy what should I do

The King Mar 28 2014 11:30pm FLAG
I banged my grandma and aunt And wher both good

nephew Apr 01 2014 11:22am FLAG
just get a boner and tap her ass with your d*ck and if she looks at you go for it if she doesnt dont

Anonymous Apr 07 2014 9:57am FLAG
stay the summer at her house and walk around ***** if she reacts postie to your boner go for it bra

Anonymous Apr 07 2014 10:02am FLAG

Anonymous Apr 12 2014 3:27am FLAG
One day there were no one in my home me and my grandma only on that day she wored transparent sarree she is 50 years old but look like a 28 she won't ware bra we have done dinner and sleeping and in midnight 'o clock I have wake uped she was beside of me and was in deep sleep I have slowly taking her sarree from her and after that she looks so sexy!!! My grandma having huge navel i have started taking blouse and I have takened her to big sexy boobs and licked hot and given a lip kiss and licked all his body ! Enjoyed till morning when she woke up at morning she seen that her boobs were out of blouse and she went with her home works and i was seeing her and I acted that pain in stomach!!! She came to me and worrying about me I told sit beside mee she sat beside me and I thrown her on bed and I am on her I took her sarree and opening blouse she said what r u doing I said nothing I love u so much in that time my servant came to home so I have stopped after that my parents were back to home

Anonymous Apr 14 2014 7:55pm FLAG
I want to my grandma wat do I do

Big Apr 16 2014 12:41pm FLAG

Anonymous Apr 22 2014 12:33am FLAG

Anonymous Apr 25 2014 5:55pm FLAG
I need help, I want to her and she 67. I need help. please but cant give her drugs, sleeping pills, or alcohol

Anonymous Apr 25 2014 5:56pm FLAG
I need help, I want to f her. shes 67 and I can give her drugs, alcohol or sleeping pills

Anonymous Apr 25 2014 5:57pm FLAG
Tap ass with c*ck

Anonymous May 02 2014 8:30pm FLAG
What I did was wear a thong and then when I got there I took on my clothes and waited for her in her bed then when she came up I pulled the covers to the side revealing my thong and said you're getting oral anal and vaginal she then took of her clothes revealing her big boobs and big round bum and got in AND it was fantastic we did everything oral anal vaginal she even swallowed my sperm

Anonymous May 05 2014 6:39am FLAG
Am I wrong for having sex with my step-mother? She's 63 and I just turned 50..but see, my father is 79. She came into my room while staying at their house in helping settle a financial sale of some land. Then after getting ready for bed, I heard a knock and went to open the door in my sleep shorts. When I opened the door, she must have heard me walking to the door and was moaning before I even got to the door. Go Figure!!

Alex VanDen Kellar May 07 2014 4:03pm FLAG
I ed you uncle in his dirty stinking jerk.

Jack Me Off May 13 2014 2:43pm FLAG
I want to do my grandmother and i need tips help!

Awesome May 18 2014 1:29am FLAG
How do I seduce my grandmother? I am afraid that she will tell my parents if I try!!?? Help???

8inch c*ck May 18 2014 8:23am FLAG
Ok I'm only and I really want my grandma. What I'm going to try is that when she lays down in bed i will go with her but I need to get a boner first so she will notice. Maybe she will ask me or I will try to touch her and if she's in the mood for sex maybe she will start touching me or you could have a boner and when she is in her bed you can show it to her obviously with clothes and she will notice and maybe it could happen

Crazy person May 19 2014 6:54am FLAG
I'm going to try I will let you know

Crazy person May 19 2014 6:56am FLAG
I hope it works and if does I let you know the steps

Crazy person May 19 2014 6:58am FLAG
I want to her so bad

Crazy person May 19 2014 7:14am FLAG
Ok I tried and I failed but when she was in bed I got close to her with my boner and started tapping her butt then I kept doing it and I think she felt it and kinda smiled but I'm going to try again you should try if it works on your grandma

Crazy person May 19 2014 12:26pm FLAG
I'm going to try again today I hope it works

Crazy person May 20 2014 4:40am FLAG
Well I have to be honest I really don't want sex with my grandma because it would kind of awkward but all I want to do is kiss her and grab her awsome boobs but if she asks me for sex I will but I need protection

Crazy person May 20 2014 4:50am FLAG
Ok she kinda started touching mi d*ck and it felt good and she didn't say nothing but I did the same steps that I wrote before try it!

Crazy person May 20 2014 1:37pm FLAG
You are crazy

Matrix May 20 2014 1:40pm FLAG
No I'm not you are

Crazy person May 20 2014 1:40pm FLAG
You tried to have sex with your grandmother. Crazy

Matrix May 20 2014 1:41pm FLAG
First why are you in this site I imagine you want to have something with your grandma and second everybody here wants sex with their grandma or kiss her

Crazy person May 20 2014 1:43pm FLAG
Good point I'm sorry

Matrix May 20 2014 1:44pm FLAG
You better be

Crazy person May 20 2014 1:44pm FLAG
Are you a girl or a boy

Crazy person May 20 2014 1:45pm FLAG

Matrix May 20 2014 1:45pm FLAG

Crazy person May 20 2014 1:46pm FLAG
Can you give me your number so I can some pics of you

Crazy person May 20 2014 1:47pm FLAG
It was a summer day me and my grandma were lying and hugging in da couch watching tv,i started to rub her in yoga pants she kinda enjoyed it but i think she don't want to do anything

MrGlowingPenis May 22 2014 11:59am FLAG

Anonymous May 25 2014 2:04pm FLAG
I wanna s my grandad wat do I do

Anonymous May 25 2014 2:06pm FLAG
I really want to have sex with my grandma

Crazy person May 27 2014 8:32am FLAG
anyone hu want sex jus cme to me ......i got 10 inch hard d*ck

swzzboy Jun 01 2014 3:26pm FLAG
I think my grandmother wnts to have sex with me but I don't know how to put her in my bed while we are alone.

me Jun 03 2014 2:07pm FLAG
I wnt her so badly

me Jun 03 2014 2:11pm FLAG
For no reason my grandma asked me if I have masturbated before

Crazy person Jun 04 2014 11:04am FLAG
Dude just say that you want to take a nap with her because you are tired

Crazy person Jun 04 2014 11:08am FLAG
I need a way to confuse her and make her kiss me or want to grab my d*ck she needs to even just say a sign or if I give her a sign that confuse her to ask me to eat her

annoyed Jun 09 2014 9:49pm FLAG
Your wrong a disgusting

Bob marley Jun 11 2014 5:34am FLAG
Pull down her pant and panties and just go to town but don't sqy word

Anonomas Jun 11 2014 4:42pm FLAG
Creampie her she will love that

Anonymous Jun 11 2014 4:43pm FLAG
If she uses a computer out Facebook make a fake account and lead her on from there... I'm sure everybody here is creative enough to get out the answere if she wants to her grandson or not.... and Bob Marley nobody cares about your opinion

annoyed Jun 14 2014 3:40am FLAG
Why don't you get a boner and it "accidentally" slipped out your pants and see if she stares at it.

A person Jun 15 2014 11:09pm FLAG
You must buy her presents smooth talk her she Will come arround

Shakes Jun 16 2014 12:19pm FLAG
I've tried your advice A Person but she'll just tell me she can see it....mind control suggestions?? I've got done ideas but if you tube your fingers gently I'n the back of her neck out well seduce her that well let her know

annoyed Jun 19 2014 11:16am FLAG

ee Aug 15 2014 10:43am FLAG
play sexy games with her

ls Aug 15 2014 10:46am FLAG
I think it nice. Go ahead carefully

Abc Sep 29 2014 2:20am FLAG
I'm from Australia an want to my grandma story's

AussieC*ck Oct 02 2014 6:45am FLAG
Need advice??? The info here does not help! I just wanna f**k my nan

AussieC*ck Oct 02 2014 6:47am FLAG
Sleep with your grandma at night and take off her clothes making her ***** then fondle her boobs and rub her vulva. when her vagina get wet penetrate your erect penis in her vagina and her for at least one hour and ejaculate your semen in her vagina repeat this until morning

sanuay zaa Oct 03 2014 9:44am FLAG

nana Oct 21 2014 9:03pm FLAG
* me!!!

nana Oct 21 2014 9:04pm FLAG

Anonymous Oct 23 2014 9:01pm FLAG
Try this Go over to her house alone try to sleep over if you see your grandmother going to shower wait until she is in the shower and the water is on after a while take off your clothes and get in the shower with her after humping in the shower you grandmother would want you to come over all the time (this worked with me and my grandmother now I hump her every friday at 8 '0 clock at night

granny-humper Oct 24 2014 3:19pm FLAG

iWANToHerNow! Oct 27 2014 12:06pm FLAG

Anonymous Oct 27 2014 12:06pm FLAG

Anonymous Oct 27 2014 12:07pm FLAG
last year i and i shoved my d*ck in her until she squirted and screamed my name with pleasure.

jakie j Nov 18 2014 6:43pm FLAG
Just bang her i did it was nice

somebody Nov 23 2014 6:12am FLAG
How should i tell my aunt i want sex

matty Nov 23 2014 9:31am FLAG
You should probably start being kind and take off all you're clothes insert for your boxers then tell her how you feel if she starts smiling then it is a good sign but if her face turns red then so that you were joking

Jarell Nov 24 2014 11:43am FLAG
I her while sleeping

Noni Nov 24 2014 8:53pm FLAG
Well I'm in the middle of trying, I'm laying down making moaning noises to get gee attention, when she comes out I'll leave a spot in my blanket open for her to see my boxer briefs with my hard. Hopefully she will grab it. And I did the same thing in the shower, she walked in asking what I was doing, I moaned gently at this point and said I'm in the shower..she said something then walked out

annoyed Dec 04 2014 4:56am FLAG
While eating tea with her deliberately spill something that will stain your clothes and take them off :) she will fall for it or she won't

Anonymous Dec 06 2014 10:54am FLAG
Just take pics of ur bits and send it to her and wait to see if she repiles

Sexy gurl Feb 17 2015 6:35am FLAG
I tried it It was so fun she woke up and I was sleeping next to her with my mouth on her nipples and then she told me wat r u doing I did not say nothing I just started sucking her boobs then she go honey she is not my nan she is a lady who lives next door so I there ever Saturday and we I suck it and then she sucks me it is so fun and today I am going over to hers for sex can't wait

Granny er Feb 17 2015 6:44am FLAG
Guys u have erase this memory from ur mind this is sick I was joking about what I said

Granny er Feb 18 2015 4:09am FLAG
Im going to try to say my d*ck hurts and then lets see how it goes from there because ive been sleeping w/ her for more than two years and im so what should i do, say my d*ck hurts or just go direct to ber . By the way shes 56

idk Mar 28 2015 8:20am FLAG
Any granny old there just add me on bbm 292ba2FC

Anonymous Apr 24 2015 12:45pm FLAG
Press her boobs for minutes, rub her buttocks for 10 minutes, rub her vagina for 10minutes, suck her clot for 5 minutes and then she will be all yours now you can f*Co her as you wish for whole night

sanjay zaa May 07 2015 10:36am FLAG
Her leave your sicks that is a sex addiction ... I am Muslim .-.. you can marriage for a good sex not with family members ,.... change you mind bros

muslim May 16 2015 2:30am FLAG
You all are in worst direction hey Muslim you are truth

james May 16 2015 2:31am FLAG
Okay thanks for an important advice ....thanks Muslim and james

morrisson May 16 2015 2:32am FLAG
Ya thanks to you two ..... today onward I will leave dirty mind... sorry

billhat May 16 2015 2:33am FLAG
Yaa me too .... thanks guysssss I miss you

jack May 16 2015 2:34am FLAG
What should i do when both my grandmas are at my house???????????

Boner in your vagina May 23 2015 7:53pm FLAG

Not a niger Jun 19 2015 8:16pm FLAG
I use this and it works every time. I lay on the couch in my boxers and unbuttoned them and get hard and see if she notices it.if she keeps staring go in or if she dosent look try to get her to look and then see what she does. Works for me every time

Anonymous Jun 21 2015 4:26pm FLAG
Just Have A Lil Party You Two And Drink Alot Of Alcohol And Just Her.....

StrzzY_MaH_NinG_JoE' Jun 22 2015 4:09pm FLAG
i wnt to my neibhour widow granny what can i do

Anonymous Jun 24 2015 10:37pm FLAG
she is widow hemce will have fanasy of sex takr her in room saw blue film to her your nex

Anonymous Jun 24 2015 10:42pm FLAG
I want to f my grandma so badly but idk how I can convince her I want to her and eat her out badly plz help

Anonymous Jun 25 2015 10:45pm FLAG
Ohhh I wanna my granny so bad!!! I think she wants to too!!!

Mr. er Aug 24 2015 10:27pm FLAG
Do what I did go to her house while hard and hug her tightly so she can feel ur di*k than kiss her on the lips and move ur hand to her butt and if she likes take her to her room and start removing ur clothes and hers than have sex

Anoymous Aug 25 2015 4:19am FLAG
1week ago when i visited my granny over weekend i went to her room both nights when she was sleeping and jerked off and cum on her face

Anonymous Sep 16 2015 2:02am FLAG
Lesbians love deep nuts

Anonymous Nov 10 2015 12:10pm FLAG

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When my grandma falls asleep I like to grab her ass and tits while I out my d*ck in her mouth. But she has never waken up while I did it

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