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Asked by: ayanna at 09:18:42 AM, Monday, December 19, 2011 PST FLAG


.. Let me ask you this .. DO YOUR FINGERS CUMM .. and that will be your answer

Wise Guy Dec 19 2011 5:21pm FLAG

im too! no you will not , only if a guys d*ck goes threw you then yes but finguring no. My name is claira

sexstory Dec 19 2011 5:24pm FLAG
Look im i know this is true. You can only get pregnant if a guy sticks his penis inside your vagina. But you have to think your and you masterbate. I don't masterbate. Be a kid while you can.And remember you will NOT get pregnant from fingering yourself.

cool girl #1 Dec 19 2011 5:24pm FLAG
Hey I am and I fingered my self when I was and still do there Nothig wrong with it!

Anonymous Dec 19 2011 6:21pm FLAG
right now pedos are looking at this and jacking off every kind of child rapist

Anonymous Dec 19 2011 6:25pm FLAG
no im a guy and i jack off alot is it ormal anybody want to explain it tell me ur email

Anonymous Dec 19 2011 6:55pm FLAG but come on... does ur finger have sperm

Anonymous Dec 19 2011 7:17pm FLAG
dont be mean she probably does not know what cum is lol

Anonymous Dec 19 2011 10:04pm FLAG
Im i fingered myself twice and now my stomach hurts and its getting a little bigger, am i pregnant?

Anonymous Jun 22 2012 8:39pm FLAG
no you can not get prengnant you will only get pregnant if u fingered yoursekf and there was semen on your finger or sperm and if there was then NO

Anonymous Oct 11 2012 5:24am FLAG
it still doesnt matter if you have semen on your finger cuz your finger CANNOT go far enough.soo cant get pregnant from fingering yourself

i took a health class Nov 04 2012 11:17pm FLAG
Wow, when yall have to choose your classes choose sex ed. lollol yall funny though :-)

Danielle Dec 19 2012 9:13pm FLAG
I finger myself all the time

you know Jan 02 2013 6:59pm FLAG
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penis Jan 02 2013 7:00pm FLAG

Ah funfunfun Jan 04 2013 2:57am FLAG
I've Cumed while fingering myself but I haven't had sex yet And after I Cumed I got a headache am I preagnant?

Anonymous Jan 27 2013 4:09pm FLAG
I am also I wanted to know if my brother can stick his thang in me but not get me pregnant

Yogirlfun Feb 05 2013 5:28pm FLAG

×××××× Feb 05 2013 10:37pm FLAG
Um I'm to but I wanted to know to and I'm not going to risk anyways and you shouldn't risk it

Annette Feb 10 2013 2:10pm FLAG
Y'all Are Slow U won't Get Prego !

dayja Feb 17 2013 12:48pm FLAG
dont worry about stuff like this and if you are ask your doctor or your mom even if you are scared to ask!it will reassure you your not pregnant

its classified Feb 21 2013 6:52pm FLAG
Well I'm and I finger my self but I have done it before and I haven't been pregnet but this time I'm days late on my period and I keep thinking I'm pregnet because of it? So it's not possible at all I don't even got in my vigina so am I just late? Help me I'm so scared!! No rude comments please

Love Mar 12 2013 7:27pm FLAG
I want to finger my self but I was to scared to but ow I am and I finger my self so much I love fingering my self I wonder if sex fells like this . I will try mwhahahahaha

absesed with sex Mar 16 2013 2:27pm FLAG
I'd finger myself and squirt nothin

Babyboo Mar 31 2013 8:53pm FLAG
I'm and I finger myself JUST FINGER ...and my stomach Hurt bad am I Pregant ? And I'd think I missed my period Cuz it don't come on every month

Shakeria Miller Apr 09 2013 8:30pm FLAG
Damn I just finished fingering myself I am. 9 I want too know what seman is please No rude comments. Please

nathaly lopez Apr 10 2013 8:31pm FLAG
I'm on my period now NeverMind You Guys

Shakeria Miller Apr 13 2013 4:39pm FLAG
No a penis or a male part can only get you pregnat

Alex Apr 13 2013 9:46pm FLAG
Juust doont loose yuur virginitytoo early cooz deen yuh cn geet preqo (:

- dollie menace Apr 20 2013 7:16am FLAG
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mrsprostertute4 Apr 25 2013 1:05pm FLAG
im fingering myself after i just gave birth oww so x boy im SINGLE XXX

mrsprostertute4 Apr 25 2013 1:07pm FLAG
Will I get peegnant if I finger my self its the second time I'm doing nd I got a running stomach

diva May 05 2013 6:41am FLAG
what the hell

truposh May 05 2013 4:10pm FLAG
Im and i finger myself i havent got my period yet is that a bad thing

Scared May 19 2013 1:07pm FLAG
I finger myself and I'm haven't started my period yet it didn't feel got just creamy stuff came out

Anonymous May 22 2013 2:04pm FLAG
İ fingered myself and my stomach hurt so bad! İ missed my period and i'm but i just missed it by 3 days. Can something happen? Please help!

A girl Jun 07 2013 1:14am FLAG
I'm 10 and I don't think nothing with happen so no

Perky kitty Jun 07 2013 10:44pm FLAG
Im 10 and I fingered myself will I get preganent ?

Sill me Jun 07 2013 10:45pm FLAG
hi so i was fingering myself on the couch and i was wondering if i could get prego? i was doing it and now ive gained some weight

lolthat9yearold Jun 07 2013 11:18pm FLAG
i havent started on my period and its been like a week or 2 since i fingered myself what do i do

lolthat9yearold Jun 08 2013 12:35pm FLAG
U will not get prego ! Does ur finger cum? I don't think so

Me Jun 10 2013 10:15pm FLAG
I'm on My period and I want to finger myself sooooo bad ! Will I get prego if I do this? Please help!

Anonymous Jun 10 2013 10:17pm FLAG
Your in big trouble miss i want you to come tell me about and tell me the truth now

Mrsprostertutes mom Jun 15 2013 9:03pm FLAG
Girls that are in there period and want to finger your self do it in the sower

Mrs.know it nothing Jun 15 2013 9:05pm FLAG
I ment shower

Mrs. Know it nothing Jun 15 2013 9:06pm FLAG
I've been fingering myself but done it before but I never been pregnant but this time I'm 2 months late on my period and I think that I'm pregnant

Love4321. Jun 22 2013 5:37pm FLAG

fingerd yourself Jun 25 2013 3:24am FLAG

Anonymous Jun 25 2013 4:08am FLAG
Iment 9

Anonymous Jun 25 2013 4:08am FLAG
Well iam 10 and i tried fingering myself and now my stomach hurts and i feel like puking am i pregnant??

Anonymous Jul 04 2013 4:03pm FLAG
Am i am a month late so help am i pregnant

Anonymous Jul 05 2013 12:18pm FLAG
No honey you won't! Haha I'm and I finger myself all the time, I've been doing it for a while now and I've been having late periods but that's normal in this suitiation! If you have fingered yourself before and you have a missed period maybe it's just because your monthly cycle is still getting settling! Do t worry babe you will be fine!

Disney star! Jul 09 2013 1:12am FLAG
umm I been fingering my self & am late in my period can it be posible that am pregnat cus I get this white stuff everytime I fo it

anonymos Jul 09 2013 1:53pm FLAG
I haven't been fingering myself but I've been putting my finger in my vigina n moving it really fast n now I feel pains in my stomach n get headaches everyday can I be preg? I'm really worried

Jul 13 2013 8:00pm FLAG
U might think u can get pregnant but u ain't gona be late period that's k because ur period has to come out wen ur but nothin happend yet then u should talk to your doctor

some1 Jul 16 2013 4:06am FLAG
And u need a d*ck a penis to go in ur vagina and ur finger isn't a sperm u need a sperm to get u pregnant I hope this helped all u girls

some1 Jul 16 2013 4:11am FLAG
And if ur tummy hurts its because u did a bit to much ok don't do a lot of fingering that's how u feel different so DNT DO A LOT OF FINGERING ok? Ok thanks

some1 Jul 16 2013 4:15am FLAG
And if u wana know if I finger I do ok I dnt do it a lot like so some of you gals so stop worrying go take sex ed

some1 Jul 16 2013 4:19am FLAG
How u been good oh ok I I'm and I know more than u gals about fingering so stop worrying plzzzzzz =) I hope this help all u gals out there

some1 Jul 16 2013 4:22am FLAG
you wount get prego ,,;)

u Jul 22 2013 11:08am FLAG
You Caint Get PREGNANT !

k Youu ! (; Jul 23 2013 12:32am FLAG
You Caint Get Pregooo So Dont Worrie Bout That !

- k Youu (; Jul 23 2013 12:33am FLAG
Your 9 and 10 year old pussies can't take your little fingers would love to put a nice hard one in you and watch your reactions

Anonymous Jul 27 2013 4:55am FLAG
can u get prego on your period if u rub your self

Anonymous Jul 31 2013 10:12pm FLAG
No enjoy

Anonymous Aug 01 2013 2:55am FLAG
I'm I finger myself and I've started my period could ingest pregnant x

Anonymous Aug 01 2013 1:52pm FLAG
Can you get pregnent if you just rub your cl*t ? I'm like scared I might be pregnent

Anonymous Aug 07 2013 6:01pm FLAG
Someone please answer.

Anonymous Aug 07 2013 6:04pm FLAG

Anonymous Aug 08 2013 1:47am FLAG
Are you sure ?

Anonymous Aug 08 2013 4:17am FLAG
Rub finger all you wont the only way you can get pregnate is if a d*ck Cums in you hell what state do you live in would love to lick your little

Anonymous Aug 08 2013 6:24am FLAG
Hi I'm iv been fingering my self can I get pregno

michelle Aug 14 2013 12:05am FLAG
Did you have a d*ck cum inside of your pu$$y

Anonymous Aug 15 2013 1:41am FLAG
Um I'm and I finger myself but I don't cum or anything but when I saw my period color was like a brownish color but does that mean that I'm prego?

Anonymous Aug 17 2013 4:40pm FLAG
I'm I've been fingering since I was 7 and I'm not pregnant so trust me u wont

kik: I'm_a_cat_lol Aug 25 2013 2:47pm FLAG
Hey my name is brittney you guys shouldn't be even doing that at btw it will not get you pregnant I'm btw and my friend fingers me all the time her name is jordyn and her email is so give her a text if your bi,lesbian, or straight I'm straight but I just like people fingering me :)

Brittney Aug 30 2013 2:58pm FLAG
Hey I'm and just started fingering myself I was scared at first that I was going to get pregnant but trust me you wont

Anonymous Aug 30 2013 9:23pm FLAG
You can't get pregnant by fingering yourself lol. Trust me you wont. If Only a d*ck goes inside your vagina then yes, you can get pregnant. Well, I'm a . Virgin. And a senior in high school. I been fingering wen I was about nd I still do. Well, my problem is that my period is always late like a couple of months. I was wondering if fingering is the reason why my period is late??? :/ :[ HELP!!! :[

Hopeless girl :[ Sep 07 2013 3:40pm FLAG
Can you get pregnant if the d*ck Wemy in but sperm didn't go in I'm scared I haven't had my period

kik me .monicasierra5 Sep 09 2013 4:31pm FLAG
I just fingered myself and my stomach hurts BAD can I be pregnate HELP PLEASE I'm really scared

Anonymous Sep 16 2013 6:20pm FLAG

Anonymous Sep 16 2013 6:20pm FLAG
Hey I'm some gurl and I rub myself will I get pregant?I mean I'm not sure if my cum went back inside I'm soooooo confused please help any one???

some gurl Oct 10 2013 5:14pm FLAG
Why do you want to finger tourself anyway?!

Person Oct 14 2013 1:17pm FLAG
Im .. And i do use my finger a lot.. But nothin serious happens.. U wont get preg if u use ur finger enjoy!!!! :)

Lucky Oct 17 2013 3:42am FLAG
HAHAHA I'm 20 and you little kids have sex with your boyfriends I had sex when I was only hahaha was soooO fun but you won't get pregnant when you stick your finger in your vagina stop asking !!

Nagem Oct 19 2013 7:46am FLAG
No! Lol

nobody Oct 20 2013 12:58pm FLAG
Wow ok fingering yourself is just to pleasure yourself your have to have intercourse with a man to become pregnant you can not get yourself pregnant y'all are way to young for this kinda stuff anyway

Me Nov 02 2013 11:47pm FLAG
I finger myself and i feel like having sex who wants to do it??

Love fingering my self Nov 20 2013 8:50pm FLAG
I'm and I fingered my self I am scared I will get prego but I don't think I will 😁 I'm soooo scared

Nov 22 2013 9:31pm FLAG
👉👌 hahah

38 year okd Nov 22 2013 9:32pm FLAG
Nope✔️💯Sure you won't get pregnet I finger myself nothing hapens.years nothing happened

The truth Nov 30 2013 11:48pm FLAG
me to im scared I wont tell you how old I am tho

Brittney Dec 01 2013 2:18am FLAG
Hey I'm 24 I finger myself a lot so I am on my period every month my email is I play with myself a lot

madelyn Dec 03 2013 8:55pm FLAG
I don't think u can get pregnant If u finger urself

Bob Dec 10 2013 2:38pm FLAG
u cant get prego by fingering or rubbing ur vigina trust me im and I have been doing it since I was and nothing happened the only way u can get prego is if a d*ck squirts inside u then yes ur screwed hope I helped

ashley Dec 30 2013 9:40pm FLAG
Hi my names Rebecca and I'm 21 and I've been fingering myself since I was 7 and I have never been prego and you won't get prego if u finger yourself so just go ahead and finger yourself it feels so good

Horny Jan 01 2014 5:41pm FLAG
Hi I'm Lucy and I'm 9 and I had sex with my teacher at school but he was using a condom and he had cut a hole in the top of it and now I'm prego what do I do? How do I tell me mum? Do I run away?

Sexlover Jan 01 2014 5:43pm FLAG
Im 19 going on 20 I'm preggers, kids, you seriously can't get pregnant without having a penis inside you and being came in, the only way u can get pregnant fingering yourself is If you have cum on your hands, in not going to lie Iv fingered myself it does feel good but, yea, don't ru, when your young half thetime your peroid is not going to be right on time, i first got mine when i was its always been off,

preggers100% Jan 16 2014 9:20pm FLAG
Dnt rush things,

preggers100% Jan 16 2014 9:21pm FLAG

Anonymous Feb 01 2014 1:33am FLAG
Guys you young dont worry about it dont do it if it hurts be young dont have sex

me Feb 01 2014 8:19pm FLAG
Yall little kids to little to be talking Bout sex but I do have to admit it fingering yourself feel good especially squirting a lot and hold.the squirt in to feel pain a lot of people say you wont get pregnant you wont

bossyassbitch Feb 05 2014 8:53pm FLAG
I'm too! I've always fingered my self! I wanna finger another girl;) jk I just wonder what sex feels like;)

Rileyyyyyyyyyyy6272 Feb 27 2014 8:11pm FLAG

b Mar 02 2014 3:10pm FLAG
im too and i fingerd myself 2 times

scared Mar 02 2014 3:31pm FLAG
Lol finger your self it feels good(;

Anonymous Mar 03 2014 8:54pm FLAG
I fingered myself often but this time im having pregnancy symptoms plz help

Thando Mar 08 2014 1:51pm FLAG

Princess Mar 10 2014 9:45am FLAG
what is cum and sperm please tell me

swaggergurl Mar 24 2014 9:26pm FLAG
Hi,my name is cxierah im and i would like to ask, i've fingerd myself like 5 or 6 times well i don't know and i'm afraid that i would get pregnant. Can you gouys gibe me some cheering or good advise?

cxierah Mar 29 2014 10:48pm FLAG
I finger my self all the time but I get worried if I might have a kid

Nun of ur beeswax Apr 03 2014 8:45am FLAG
Hey Guys My Name Is Jess And I'm 20 And I Really Need Someone To Have Sex With If You To Have Sex Witb Me Add Me On Kik becca_cubis

HornyBitch Apr 06 2014 9:30pm FLAG
Im hornny 😂😂💯

😩 Apr 23 2014 12:55pm FLAG
Guys you should finger yourself it feels amazing inside of you and just wiggle it around while its inside its makes it feel a hell a lot better and you won't get pregnant But one thing that is better than fingering yourself is having sex I do it all the time you guys should try it sometime

Horrrny Apr 26 2014 2:25am FLAG
I am 10 and I am wondering if I will get pregnant for fingering myself.

Cutie45) May 10 2014 2:22pm FLAG
No you wont get pregnant fro fingering your self, Unless you have sex . Meaning if you let a guys stuff go in you then there's a 70 percent of you getting pregnant , bt other thn tht , don't worry about it , Finger yourself all you want , as long as 'his' stuff DONT go in you , you'll be fine . Q; Could you get pregnant I you finger yourself and have your OWN cum on your fingers and still keep going ? . Need to help my friend on tht , Please reply . Seriously ??? , 6-9 LITTLE girls finger already , Lord , Ya need help , Ya too young for dat .

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . May 17 2014 12:54pm FLAG
....this is dumb -.-

Anonymous Jun 01 2014 9:44pm FLAG
U need sperm inside you for you to be pregnant so unless you put sperm on your finger u will not get pregnant...FACT👏. If your going to worry about being pregnant, dont do it then😂👋 but trust me u can get pregnant bu fingering yourself👌

💯 Jun 08 2014 3:00am FLAG
Thankyouuu 👆👆👆👆😩

💯 Jun 08 2014 3:02am FLAG
I rub my but don't finger myself and I have been pukig and missed my period am I pregnet?

help!!! Jun 08 2014 10:58am FLAG
I missed my pired too

Anonymous Jun 17 2014 11:45am FLAG
I'm so scared I might get prego

Christian Jun 18 2014 9:55pm FLAG
Can you get pregnant if you finger ur self then white stuff comes out?please I have been worried I was suppost to have my period this past Monday help plz

This girly 😍😍😍 Jun 19 2014 1:21pm FLAG
No u can't get prego only if the guys sperm went on ur finger... and went inside ur vagina but if it didn't then ur not gonna be prego...

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UAcLFbJVrxMlZRZpu Jan 15 2015 6:35pm FLAG
9 and 10 year olds fingering themselves? Lmao!!!!! By srsly fingering yourself really feels good. First go on one finger then two then three. Text me your reaction. Feels like heaven. You will NOT get pregnant trust me.

Girl May 22 2015 1:21pm FLAG
I'm hella scared to finger myself I'm scared I might get pregnant people say you can't get pregnant and some say you don't what should I do

kecia lormine May 28 2015 4:52pm FLAG
I've had hair on my since I was 8 years old and now I'm should I start shaving or Nah

idk May 28 2015 5:47pm FLAG
On my

idk May 28 2015 5:47pm FLAG

idk May 28 2015 5:48pm FLAG
Ok I'm and I fingered myself for 4 seconds and my belly hurts and I really don't want to get pregnant and I never had sex so am I pregnant I'm scared help😓

Me Jun 10 2015 7:11am FLAG
I'm so scared m i pregnant by fingering deeply

by youtube lolol Jun 13 2015 11:58am FLAG
You can't get pregnant if you finger yourself because sperm cells have to meet up with you cells and I don't think you finger predicts sperm so stop worring

Mildred Dec 30 2015 8:45pm FLAG

Mildred Dec 30 2015 8:46pm FLAG
👉👌 go finger yourself and easiest way watch parn on redtube

Mildred Dec 30 2015 8:47pm FLAG
Lyk gals that are 6 to 9 yrs fingering themself ???wow

Lady_best Jun 29 2016 3:46pm FLAG
Can u get pregnant from fingering yourself

Anonymous Jul 03 2016 6:32am FLAG
Yhu need a penis okay I'm 23 and a lesbian and feeling flutters in yhu stomach so trust me yhu not ❌ prego okay I finger. My self sometimes but not all the time in order to get pregnant is to have sperm on yhur finger or a penis in yhu

Lesbian that nobody knows Jul 27 2017 4:42pm FLAG
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