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how can i my sister ???????????

The Problem: plz i need your help if any one had an experience help me im waiting ur ideas and ty so much

Asked by: abdo1979 at 08:15:46 AM, Tuesday, January 17, 2012 PST FLAG


how old are you and your sister ?

InYourDreamsBabe Jan 18 2012 4:10pm FLAG

Get a girlfriend, that simple

ZAK Jan 18 2012 4:50pm FLAG
Lol Zak, you've commented on every single incest post. What's up with that?

Anon Jan 18 2012 11:21pm FLAG
y do u need to heck ur sister???????????

the smart kid Jan 23 2012 11:49am FLAG

abdo1979 Jan 25 2012 12:40pm FLAG
Yeah, why whe he'll would you want/need to f*** your sister? And why the hell would you ask how on an advice site!?!?

A confused Minnesotan. Jan 25 2012 8:12pm FLAG
Damn apostraphe add in to the word hell... Damn spellcheck...

A confusedminnesotan that is now pissed off at spellcheck Jan 25 2012 8:14pm FLAG
hey just go to her while she is asleep and try to remove her panties without her knowledge and start ing her she will like it.

Anonymous Jan 26 2012 10:43am FLAG
and if she refuse?

abdo1979 Jan 26 2012 3:16pm FLAG
last sunday when perents were not here i went to her room while she was asleep and i passed my hand carefully on her i was afraid and i left

abdo1979 Jan 26 2012 3:19pm FLAG
Eat her out while she sleeps..!!! It works....

monster Jan 26 2012 3:29pm FLAG
i dont know if she want or not right now monster

abdo1979 Jan 26 2012 3:35pm FLAG
Bro while she sleeps pull her pants down slowy.... How old is she??.. just slowy lick the cl*ttt...

monster Jan 27 2012 4:15pm FLAG
last saturday we were just her and me in the house i asked he to massage my back she didn't refuse and when he finished i was so hot and i aked her if she want that i massage he and she lied down and when i begain she asked me to stop and leave to her room

abdo1979 Jan 30 2012 3:19am FLAG
hey add me hahaha42040@hot mail . com or yahoo . com..i will give u advise .

chotu Jan 31 2012 4:47am FLAG
ok i added you

abdo1979 Feb 01 2012 9:08am FLAG
she have 22 and me 32

abdo1979 Feb 01 2012 9:10am FLAG
Go for it. The best feeling ever is pushing into your sister's tight and feeling her cherry pop.

Horny Bro Feb 03 2012 10:50am FLAG
mai b apni sweet baji ko chodna aur apnibiwi bna k rakhna chahta hon plz help me 03235109836

haider Mar 23 2012 7:58am FLAG
mai b apni sweet baji ko chodna aur apnibiwi bna k rakhna chahta hon plz help me 03235109836

haider Mar 23 2012 8:00am FLAG
ask her to have sex with you. if she says yes then fo her and have fun i she says no act like it was a joke.

sexybeast Apr 28 2012 12:59pm FLAG
ask her to have sex with you. if she says yes then go and her and have some fun. if she says no act like it was a joke... (the other one had some typos in it)

sexybeast Apr 28 2012 1:02pm FLAG
show her *** or catch her while watching *** that's it

spring Jul 05 2012 4:52am FLAG
show her *** or catch her while watching *** that's it

spring Jul 05 2012 4:52am FLAG
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wo wo wo Junk Aug 16 2012 4:15am FLAG
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noman jatoi Nov 04 2012 9:37am FLAG
Catch your sister start hecking fastly she will like

Pankaj Nov 04 2012 10:35am FLAG
i want my sister we close each other help me...7508779782

sb Mar 24 2013 11:32am FLAG
3 to 4 days stay always close to her ,,talk romatic words with her ...and ,,u just touch her hairs,,,,,,,then from next day she will b u rs....this is the simple way,, i always use this way....coz she will never forget...

Rahul Apr 05 2013 3:31am FLAG
dude, First rub her cl*t slowly while she sleeps, If she reacts positively, slowly remove her panties and eat her her.

orator Apr 06 2013 8:12am FLAG
Give her sleeping pills n her hard..

Tyer Apr 10 2013 5:09am FLAG
dont you shy that she is your sister. it is a very sacred relation dont think to her forever

humza Apr 15 2013 12:41pm FLAG
i have no sis

pakistani Apr 15 2013 12:42pm FLAG
my sister's name is prithi she is , has huge boobs and huge ass. she is slim and sexy. write down how DO her. If you do i will send you pics of her. just leave your age and your email address so i can send you it. write it as detailed as possible, max 9 paragraphs. I want you to write how you u want to DO my sister

brother Apr 26 2013 12:41pm FLAG
dont do it

nnnnnn May 02 2013 5:02am FLAG
Dude, its so simple, trying to show ur body or C*ck to her. Take bath and come out of bathroon with just wearing a towel, dont wear underwear inside. Now try to catch her alone and drop ur towel mistekly (as she should be thought that it was mistake) and show ur body and C*ck. Now see her reaction, if she ok with that then repeat it 2-3 time and go forward. This is my Experiance and i was succeessfuly took my sis on bed. Hope it will help you.

pitslicker May 10 2013 2:55am FLAG
kiss her boobs and take her virginity

Anonymous May 29 2013 3:57am FLAG
Go in her bed room n start feeling her if she does not react badly than vats your chance very hard.

MC=1 Jun 01 2013 4:46pm FLAG
I also want to my sis

Sexxxxx Jun 30 2013 12:17pm FLAG
When we were. Younger ....I usually slept with her nod I put her skirt up nd rubbed my penis until I left my cum.and one day we both were were lying her left was on my penis and mine was on her clot...she was behaving very's 5 years back but now she have bf ...but I want her..sometimes when I tries she doesn't response positively....what I should do...

Sexxxxx Jun 30 2013 12:22pm FLAG
I rubbed my d*ck between sister's tits when she falls asleep and i pull down her pants so i can then pull it out and cum on her tits :P

Weirdo Man Jul 08 2013 4:31pm FLAG
i have an experience

Anonymous Jul 17 2013 10:43pm FLAG
My sister agree to it and we had a great time

Anonymous Jul 25 2013 10:29pm FLAG
Any advice please ...reply must.any girl here who can help

sexxxx Jul 26 2013 11:11am FLAG
you are all id!otz.,..!

c*ck69 Jul 29 2013 4:21pm FLAG
Mene bhi apni bahen ko choda tha kya maza aya the aur usko mene apna loda muh me diya tha... Aur mene use sex ki goli milk me mila ke di thi...

R v k Aug 14 2013 2:33am FLAG
Mene uski chut dekhi thi ek dam laal thi aur jab uski chutt me apna lund dala tab khun bhi nikla the.......

R v k Aug 14 2013 2:34am FLAG
my sister used to ask me to do with my fingurs

Anonymous Aug 20 2013 4:48am FLAG
could u people give me pilss name that i can use for her slep

Anonymous Aug 20 2013 4:53am FLAG
my sis is 30

Anonymous Aug 20 2013 4:55am FLAG
I need urgent advice. I wanna my sister tonight as we live in same room. Any tips?

Robin Aug 20 2013 10:02am FLAG
My advice for all pf you tht need to and yu guys will find free poussy and big boobs ,big ass so now stop acting like stupid people

zoebagay Aug 27 2013 10:38pm FLAG
My advice for all you tht need to and yu guys will find free poussy and big boobs ,big ass so now stop acting like stupid people

zoebagay Aug 27 2013 10:40pm FLAG
i & my sister live in diff. cities.. our family meets with each other once a month.. me & my sister arent looking for a serious relation.. we kiss each other a lot(10-) mins when we go to other room..she presses my penis but shes not ready for sex.. plz help me..i think of her all day & ni8.. plz help still a 20yr old virgin reply me & i'll send u my mail id and give me solution..

KP Aug 31 2013 2:01am FLAG
u jst rub her cl*t when she press ur penis....she will beg u to her

sexmaster Sep 10 2013 8:00am FLAG
when she hold ur penis u touch her vag then if she was happy kiss her then if she stop then uhave to stop if she countnue then open her pans or skirt then suck her vag then stop and show her ur penis then she will suck it then u now if u want any thing als add me in facebook sory for my bad english hope u like it my facebooke mohamed sufyan pic is my name

mohamed sufyan Sep 14 2013 11:48am FLAG
anybody want my sister ??she is 19 years now with big boobs n hot ...u can reach me on

Anonymous Sep 20 2013 7:07pm FLAG
ymyo52 I loved your article post.Really thank you! Really Great.

fvOojyuZq Oct 23 2013 11:58pm FLAG
Ive been wanting to my 18 year old sister But idk how I use to be really close to her. I use have to press her big ass up on my c*ck I knew she like it an could feel my c*ck. I even use to see her butt ***** in the shower... (I made a lil hole in the wall) I can never stop thinking of her... I even use to go in her room when she was sleeping an feel her fatt ass one time she woke up an seen my d*'k in my hand... idk if she piked it

bdb Oct 26 2013 9:03pm FLAG
pt25QI Awesome article post.

uUxjyZlHepfnqog Dec 15 2013 2:21am FLAG
hide in the bathroom ***** while she is taking a bath when she is done and gets out bend her over the sink cover her mouth and stick your d*ck into her

no one Dec 15 2013 5:54pm FLAG
when she slept go to her room then slowly touch her nipples and then kiss her ears and neck then slowly touch her boobs play with her boobs gently if she doesn't refuse with that u can do all ur wish this is ur sister hard..... :-)

chester Sex guru Dec 17 2013 3:29am FLAG
None of this actually helps I need real advice I'm 18 my sister is 24 I've seen ***** pics of her and snooped through her phone and seen some videos of her getting her ?

anonymous Dec 28 2013 5:15pm FLAG
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AKVneNtUhZmRHUyjx Jan 08 2014 8:09am FLAG
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fdJqLAoMDyNavjkH Jan 15 2014 8:32pm FLAG
shok her with electroshock and f..k her till she die

shkicofren Feb 02 2014 3:47pm FLAG
My sister I very hot big boobs I have seen her ***** many times I want to her hard me apni behen ki chut ko chodna chahata hu

Hh Feb 03 2014 11:28am FLAG
vnBwCh Appreciate you sharing, great article post.Thanks Again. Much obliged.

hTiqhXtObWbIxIxPK Feb 28 2014 6:38am FLAG
Just ask her directly about sex,

Sexguru Mar 14 2014 4:32pm FLAG
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XCFsnNoOYcBpeVjvk Apr 17 2014 1:43pm FLAG
cum in her face while slep

Anonymous Apr 18 2014 9:21am FLAG
I had sister she is very much interesting about sex we both saw numbers of films together but she is not ready to what to do

tommy Apr 18 2014 1:04pm FLAG
Tbh i ed my sis, so i was in the car and i had a Boner so i pretended to sleep and i felt my sis take quick glances,i was scared at first but then she started to rub it so i don't feel it but i did feel it and pretended to wake up and she got i waited and we didn't talk too each other for like 5 minutes until i had the balls to go to her and start rubbing her cl*t and she looked wry me in shock and we hit home and licked her room door and went under the sheets and started to geek rather then we hit the climax! Hope this helps you

yours truly Apr 25 2014 2:18pm FLAG
When your behind her squeeze her butt and then pull down her pants and shove your d*ck in her tight little but hole slowly. Slowly pu in and out and moan as you reach your hands around to grab her tits.

Anonymous Apr 28 2014 3:36pm FLAG
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YGjdCaoqRdmI May 11 2014 5:17pm FLAG
Will my d*** fit into my sisters ?

Jon douge May 16 2014 2:43pm FLAG

juckeer May 16 2014 3:22pm FLAG
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FzFJlUupMEOFrQA Jun 04 2014 9:05am FLAG
I'm and I want to do my sister she is what can I do to get her to have sex with me

Anonymous Jun 05 2014 11:38am FLAG
I've got nothing

Anonymous Jun 09 2014 8:38pm FLAG
i really want to her. what should i do?

WHEELZ Jun 15 2014 7:33pm FLAG
Set up a spy cam in ur bathroom and wack off to the footage

ur sister Aug 27 2014 7:37pm FLAG
Hahaa funny comments here:)

boniface Oct 25 2014 1:13am FLAG
Help. I put a hide camera in my sisters bedroom and she caught me. She saw the camera and she turns off the lights. She changed and after turn on the lights again. She didnt tell me anything but i know that she was saw the camera. What i should do now?

honey Nov 30 2014 3:38am FLAG

hezdu Jul 14 2015 11:10am FLAG
her hard on the wall kiss her tits and give her an orgasm

girl Jul 14 2015 11:27am FLAG

Jul 14 2015 11:29am FLAG
Rape her man..tear her as I did

Anonymous Aug 12 2015 10:45am FLAG
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djer Oct 03 2015 8:52am FLAG
I love my sisters !

djer Oct 03 2015 8:55am FLAG
My sister gives me the best sex, no lie, it feels amazing n i love to eat her out, i love her n been thanking her for the past 10yrs of sex, she is the best sister!

djer Oct 03 2015 8:57am FLAG
Sex is just sex it makes to individuals feel amazing n who cares if it s with ur sister u love each other anyway why not hv fun by having sex, nothing is wrong whn 2 ppl like eachother to hv sex, im in love with my sister n so be it, she is amazing to me n i love having sex with her everyday, its fun n i cant believe my love is my sister but happens n now we cant leave eachother, we r like velcro n always in bed just having so much sex!

djer Oct 03 2015 9:03am FLAG
Im grateful for my sister n im a lucky man, she gave me the best gift any sister shouldnt give u n thats sex, I love her so much!

djer Oct 03 2015 9:05am FLAG
no ing way dont do it bro

sis Oct 22 2015 11:07am FLAG

JueEEGajYJfvIbDBWs Dec 31 2015 7:36am FLAG
PCu1SC Wow, this article is good, my sister is analyzing such things, so I am going to inform her.

XIpFWjHxWhjHMCOwLmK Jul 05 2016 8:17pm FLAG
It is very easy at night let her sleep before u after one hour act like are in sleep and sleep beside her keeping one hand on her stomach slowly take it hand to her boobs and start kissing her on lips she will 100% not refuse and will kiss u too and then don't wake her up if she wouldn't if she wakes up try to pull her on u and start to kiss her and remove it and her cloths and have fun

Rahil Aug 13 2016 4:03am FLAG
I am girl. When I was I started watching my mom dad having was an awesome felling whenever I saw them doing it I get all wet. So I finally decided to do it with my year brother. It was not difficult to seduce him I lost my virginity to my lil brother. Now I am 21 nd he is 19 we still do lot of sex. Now I am tottly addicted

girlofurdream May 25 2017 11:06pm FLAG
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