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Does it hurt when you finger yourself for the first time?!!

The Problem: I am , a virgin and really want to finger myself. I tend to just rub down there at the moment through my underwear but that's getting boring and I want to go further, does it hurt though and how do I go about doing this....? please help me and be totally honest about any pain :)

Asked by: anonymous97 at 02:54:43 AM, Saturday, April 07, 2012 PDT FLAG



kitty -boo boo- Apr 07 2012 10:22am FLAG

Yeah, double NO

GemmaBirch Apr 07 2012 10:23am FLAG
Um, yes! You will break your hymen...

Kawaii Neko Apr 07 2012 10:26am FLAG
If you need help email me at

Anonymous Apr 07 2012 10:48am FLAG
Don't email him, he's probably a creep.

Kawaii Neko Apr 07 2012 11:04am FLAG
jus put spit on ur finger and rub it in to make it super wet and rub down till u feel the hole then go in and it wont hurt unless u have lng nails and does anyone wann jw

thatoneguy Apr 07 2012 11:09am FLAG
it doesnt hurt much for most when the 'pop their cherry' or basically break their hymen. Besides if u do a lot of sports it could already be broken

kitty -boo boo- Apr 07 2012 11:47am FLAG
put water down there and wet ur finger and go for it

randomgirl Apr 07 2012 3:18pm FLAG
Psssh, I break hymens for a living

Vagina Vampire Apr 07 2012 6:13pm FLAG
Eh? wierd

kitty - boo boo - Apr 07 2012 6:14pm FLAG if you need advice

jenny k. Apr 07 2012 9:12pm FLAG
it may hurt it may not, it depends on ur pain tolerance, but i suggest fingering ur self before a penis goes up there!!!!! :)))

Erica mon Aug 19 2012 3:58am FLAG
Just ask a boy to fck u

Sex fean Aug 19 2012 4:01am FLAG
I'm and a virgin. Last night I used the end of a toothbrush to finger myself. I Went to far at moments but I casually took it out and didn't go to far, Because it hurts when your not use to all that pressure on your 'cherry'. But it dosent hurt if ypu don't go that far. And once you get tired of fingering use household items. Like a hotdog, Or a vibrating toothbrush. Anything that'll make you feel good. Make sure you don't go to far, and make sure your alone! Don't want your parents or siblings walking in!!!xD Oh and make sure the items are cleaned! AND HAVE FUN!!!!!;D

MysteryGirl Sep 16 2012 5:48am FLAG
Ahaha hotdog:S?^ Anyway, yeah it feels weird but doesnt hurt.. And another thing, dont email them people 'for advice' they could be creeps:/

Moi Oct 25 2012 5:53am FLAG
It may feel a bit awkward. But it doesn't hurt. Eventually you will get used to it, depending on you. Every girl is different. Household items may work, although I prefer just a finger. Simulation to the cl*t, to me, is the best way to go.

Rynx Dec 16 2012 8:03pm FLAG
No it doesn't hurt, Maybe a little bit when you first start but it will go away

Britt Dec 19 2012 1:59pm FLAG
Actually it doesn't hurt unless u go to deep I usually use gloves because their clean and smooth so ur finger will slip in better

U don't need 2 know Feb 16 2013 2:13pm FLAG

jessie Feb 18 2013 12:19pm FLAG
can u do your ass

lola Feb 18 2013 12:19pm FLAG
I'm also ..I have rubed my cl*t bevore..but I'm soooooo scared to finger myself for the first time..I'm too scared that it will hurt to much!!help??

someone Mar 17 2013 3:48am FLAG
I'm and still virgin (wow shocker this day in age) but what everyone else has said is true. Just take it slow and be gentle at first. If it hurts too much then stop. If you find that you start bleeding that is normal the first time. Just make sure you're ready, don't tense up, you have to just relax. It might feel uncomfortable at first but when you get used to it, the feeling is amazing.

Anon Mar 18 2013 3:35pm FLAG

Anonymous Mar 21 2013 3:48pm FLAG
My balls itch

Anonymous Mar 21 2013 3:48pm FLAG
Do you bleed when you "pop your cherry" my boyfriend wants to take my virginity but I don't want to bleed all over. Help?

Random Apr 06 2013 9:09pm FLAG
i am and i am scared of fingering my self but i really want to i do alot of sports does that mean my cherry please

shannonxx Apr 11 2013 2:03pm FLAG
I am , and have already rubbed on my cl*t, but I wanna try to finger myself but I'm too scared that it will hurt...(And I also have long nails so I probably should cut them before I finger myself.)

Anonymous May 09 2013 11:05am FLAG
I have tried it but I bleed it didn't hurt but I am wonderin what that meant help plez ???

nobody May 12 2013 11:04am FLAG
i tried afew times and it hurts and im tight how can i enjoy it without those things

Anonymous May 24 2013 1:18pm FLAG
I really wanna finger myself but not sure if it wil hurt

Anonymous Jun 02 2013 10:06am FLAG
Use a fake penis or water bottle

Anonymous Jun 02 2013 9:09pm FLAG
I just fingered myself for the first time not even mins ago. If you take a pencil and rub around a bit before then slip fingers in it works better!

Someone(; Jun 14 2013 9:01pm FLAG
I finger myself al the time, my is increbily loose now!

Lizzie Edge Jun 25 2013 10:07am FLAG
Is it wrong that I have tried double anal and I'm only ?

Suhad Basra Jun 25 2013 10:08am FLAG
i want to anally fist myself

Thomas Gvero Jun 25 2013 10:08am FLAG
is it wrong that i've had sex with my sister

James higgins Jun 26 2013 9:05am FLAG
i ing hard!

Mark Hutchings Jun 26 2013 9:06am FLAG
I really want to finger myself. I am and I rub myself hard down my knickers. I make my vagina go all tingly and I get soo hard. I want to finger myself but I'm scared. Help?

annonymus Jun 28 2013 7:26am FLAG
Im four**** n yesterday I tried to finger myself but I felt this mushy thing nd um afraid to go further

Bbe Jun 29 2013 6:58am FLAG
i guess its ok to duck your sister but i wouldn't let it happen again and if it does don't cum in her

Lilly lovell Jul 06 2013 1:11am FLAG
Should I finger myself or will it hurt??

Peeps cool Jul 19 2013 8:11pm FLAG

Anonymous Jul 21 2013 11:22pm FLAG
Oh god I am and I have never touched myself but don't finger yourself at this age! Maybe just rub yourself or something if you really have to but your too young and I would never to it plus it probably does hurt

Somebody Jul 22 2013 3:05pm FLAG
I'm eleven and I want to finger myself. But I'm afraid that it will hurt or start bleeding. What should I do?

girl you dont know Jul 25 2013 4:59pm FLAG
I just like fingered myself, and it does hurt cuz im not used to it. I do it evey once n a while. And i also just took it anal. But, make sure ladies that you use clean iteams when u finger yourself. I like that hotdog idea! I will try it. But, i would put a condom on the hotdog cuz the stuff it was made by so u dont get an infection. Just to be safe. I am a virgin, but ready to have sex, but im scared cuz the pain.

A person. Jul 27 2013 1:32am FLAG
How old are you

Anonymous Jul 27 2013 1:44am FLAG
I just turned a few days ago and fingered myself and To be honest, it doesn't hurt unless you stick it (whatever your using) up to far, but it does feel kinda uncomftorable. You have to loosen yourself, which may take awhile, then, it will feel good...(so I've heard.) but yea, just take it steady at first!

Meemee101 Jul 30 2013 5:41am FLAG
i'm and i want to finger myself but i don't know what to do :/ i haven't broken my hymen so will it hurt loads?!?!?

Anonymous Aug 01 2013 10:42am FLAG
Im and I never touched my self ᶥᵗˢ whores Ye should be ∕̴ɩshames of yerselfs !!!!! If yer mommys ever find out god forbid ye tramps

never mind yea whore Aug 02 2013 10:38am FLAG
This girl needs to get in both holes while you pull her hair and make her call you daddy and bust a nut on her tits

Anonymous Aug 04 2013 2:21am FLAG
I'm 19 years old and still a virgin Sacred to lose it :/

Anonymous Aug 04 2013 12:41pm FLAG
When will my cherry stop bleeding if I finger my self

mimi love Sep 01 2013 7:25am FLAG
I'm and turning 18 next month! i was going to had sex with a guy and he was going to finger me but i fell scared and stop it! I'm a virgin! but i want to have sex and finger my self!

Greekanonymous Sep 04 2013 4:29am FLAG
Spread your legs and just get it over with

Anonymous Sep 04 2013 6:58am FLAG
what d y re u guys sooo concern abt loosing ur virginity?

maryharm Sep 06 2013 11:27am FLAG
Do you orgasm better with rubbing your cl*t or going in with your fingers- plus do you always bleed?

Anon Sep 19 2013 6:27am FLAG
shove your finger in and go really fast

guest Sep 21 2013 10:42am FLAG
put a vibrating tooth brush on your . then lick your finger and put it back. try watching *** to get yourself in the mood. watch redtube

guest Sep 21 2013 10:50am FLAG
I think I fingered myself but I didn't even put all my finger in just like a tiny bit of the tip and it really hurt!! Is that normal :( ?

anonnn Sep 22 2013 6:36am FLAG
You must have a super tight pu$$y how old are you

Anonymous Sep 23 2013 3:53am FLAG
How come when I finger myself I don't feel good, like everyone says it should????????

Anonymous Bitch Sep 29 2013 8:05pm FLAG
I'm 20 and still virgin. I tried just a day ago for the first time because before this I didn't had the need to do it but let me tell you. It hurt like a hell. I mean not when you're just rubbing but rubbing didn't help me so I went far but as it started hurting and I was left hanging. Still am. Trying to find another way. And hopefully I will find it! if it hurts that much, I might stay virgin forever or I'm just a sensitive coward. But oh well let's see

Coward, desperate, still hanging CHICK Oct 02 2013 5:43pm FLAG
I'm finger all the time it feels really good I love licking my fingers after ......

Anonymous Oct 13 2013 3:46pm FLAG
I don't know if I actually fingered myself, but I put the tip of my finger in and it hurt really bad :c is that a bad thing??

Some Person With Problems c}; Oct 13 2013 5:48pm FLAG
Im,and i tried it just now and i dont know how far to go how many inches should i go?

kittylovemutt Oct 14 2013 5:19pm FLAG
Put your hole finger in slowly it shouldnt hurt to bad or if you have a boy friend have him lick and suck your p u ssy that will feel real good do it alone because you will moan pretty load and you don't wont your parents to hear you

Anonymous Oct 15 2013 3:58am FLAG
Im and iv tried fingering myself but im scared to stick sumthing up there.. what should i do???

cephora Oct 20 2013 8:34am FLAG
Just have sex

Anonymous Oct 26 2013 2:49am FLAG
I am , i have been rubbing myself down there for a long time now and wanted to try something else, i fingered myself for the first time a couple of days ago, it is so different to anything I have ever felt, i used only 1 finger because i was scared it would hurt but now i want to take another step forward and use more fingers

meeeeee:)) Nov 01 2013 2:52am FLAG
Im nd °̩ am really scared ... (Gettin d hibbie jibbies) nd °̩ jst wanted 2 knw how 2 finger myy self or am °̩ 2 small? Sum1 HELP mee pweez!!! :'(

Anonymous CHICK! :p Nov 09 2013 2:08pm FLAG
I'm and I've rubbed myself for a long time and I really wanna finger my self and I've tryed and it dosent Hirt it's just uncomfortable and I Ned's help .!!!

Random Nov 10 2013 7:20pm FLAG
I'm and my best friend wants to finger me but I have never even touched myself down there and I'm scared!

😃 Nov 25 2013 12:02am FLAG
Don't b scared it feels REALLY good ^^

Destiny Nov 30 2013 6:40pm FLAG
gosh guys dont be so like that i dont wanna try it no and isearched this because my friend dared me too and annoymous person- dont listen to him hes a pedo

me Dec 06 2013 2:09pm FLAG
I am and i thought about fingering myself...but I'm such a'm too young anyways so what's the point?

idkidkidklolll Dec 07 2013 10:36pm FLAG
Hey bitches! Y'all go on n finger yourselves,it feels so GREAT! U cud just get someone to suck ur puusy n then try it

anonnymous Dec 13 2013 4:03am FLAG

lol Dec 22 2013 10:38am FLAG
Dont do it you.dirty hoe

aidan Dec 22 2013 10:38am FLAG
I did it for the first time last night didn't hurt but it was weird :/

Anonymous Dec 25 2013 11:43am FLAG
I'm and I'm a lesbian and me and my girlfriend have sex and finger each other and it doesn't hurt when we can't find a fake penis we use he end if a razor and stick it in our Vagina but of corse we take off the roadie part all if should try lesbian sex once you'll like it

Girl lover Dec 29 2013 12:56am FLAG
try to avoid that kind of stuff

someone Jan 02 2014 9:29pm FLAG
Ok so I'm and I've been fingering myself for about a week now,I really want to pop my hymen because I'm scared that sex will hurt but I'm scared that if I finger my self to deep it will hburt when it pops,what should I do?advice?

anonymous Jan 08 2014 4:02pm FLAG
im 18,19 in a month.still a virgin..sorta scared to finger myself but really want to. and hey woah!-s fingering already?!

Anonymous Jan 09 2014 6:01am FLAG
-s? You children need to chill and just enjoy life instead of worrying how to finger yourself and if it is gonna hurt or not. Wait until your older to have sex or anything. Some of these comments are just oh my. Take it slow and enjoy being young while you are bc you do not want to have sex at such a young age and end up with a baby that you sure as hell aren't going to take care of. I know you're young and curious but just give it time instead of just forcing up there.

Anonymous Jan 21 2014 8:48pm FLAG
OMG your and .... Really?? Enjoy your life. Stop worrying about sex.

Directioner Feb 02 2014 11:24pm FLAG

Harry Styles Feb 02 2014 11:24pm FLAG

Liam payne Feb 02 2014 11:25pm FLAG
No Liam, the question is, why are u..

Louis Tomlinson Feb 02 2014 11:26pm FLAG
Does anyone find it funny that somehow 1D was looking this up? Looks like they won't be the one penetrating girls hahahahaha.

Jazzy hates 1D Feb 03 2014 5:02pm FLAG
It feels amazing! Like OMG i love it, but my boyfriend fingered me first I didn't finger myself first but it's amazing

Anon Feb 05 2014 5:42pm FLAG
It will hurt at first... You break your hymen...I do gymnastics so my was broken.... But you will get used to it and it will start to feel good!

Gymnasticsgurl101 Feb 11 2014 5:33pm FLAG
I fingered in bur of pritikomal and she cried and then bleeding start

Anonymous Feb 23 2014 9:18am FLAG
y'all wanna me ?

cyntel glade Mar 09 2014 10:19am FLAG
I'm fif****. I've been humping my bed since forever and wanted to try fingering me. I've taken all the steps and I've stopped at the hole, I'm just so afraid to go in. But I've done bjs already

nympho Mar 09 2014 10:38pm FLAG
I fingered my self with a marker..but I started to feel this mushy ...and itkinda hurted ....and how to finger yourself in the buthole..?

lulu.. Mar 12 2014 12:58pm FLAG
I'm a little scared to im and im wet and all the time and i use toothbrushes and water before and ive stuck a brush handle up my ass and if felt awesome but im afraid to finger myself

Sexybitch Mar 16 2014 6:07am FLAG
I always rub myself now i want to finger myself. But then i felt that squish thing nd moved along and found a hole!! Hurts when i touch it

kizza Mar 16 2014 2:26pm FLAG
i wanted to finger , I've been humping forever . I'm going on . i think I'm just going to let my boyfriend do it first or should i test it out ? idk . I'm confused .

me Mar 16 2014 10:28pm FLAG
How old are you?

nobody Mar 20 2014 9:30am FLAG
I am a girl that is obsessed with my vagina.

nobody Mar 20 2014 9:30am FLAG
Just push until your finger goes in and it will feel good after a while take your time though and also don't email those creeps up there and also if you have a bf and you haven't had sex yet just play around a bit with him get him to finger you it will feel better and won't hurt as much

sex goddess Mar 22 2014 11:25pm FLAG
It does kinda hurt. I tried and got a little far, but it really hurted me. I could barley take my finger out. I got my finger wet, but it still hurted. I'll just let my boyfriend do it. He had sex with a lot of virgins anyway.

Youdon'tknowmyname Mar 28 2014 3:13pm FLAG
Well I have fingrd myself before , just go slow and when havimg sex tell him to go slow because your walls are sesative and hold on to him xd ohn and sorry for errors I'm on my tablet

gurly Apr 08 2014 6:15am FLAG
I just fingered myself for the first time it's a little uncomfortable at first but work thro the pain and just keep pushing deeper because it feels amazing and there's hardly any pain at all It feels so good!!

Anonymous Apr 14 2014 7:35pm FLAG
I'm and was a virgin up to 8 hours ago. My boyfriend raped me. I bleeded a lot. Is it safe to finger myself or use a tampon the next time I get my period

Not_a_virgin_anymore Apr 19 2014 5:25am FLAG
I'm twelve and was a virgin up to 8 hours ago. My boyfriend raped me. I bleeded a lot. Is it safe to finger myself or use a tampon the next time I get my period

Not_a_virgin_anymore Apr 19 2014 5:26am FLAG
Not_a_virgib_anymore I really hope u told the police and your parents. This is a serious thing, people like him can't be free to rape others, they need to get help. He could be doing to more girls, I hope u mean ex boyfriend, and don't say tht like we're in love. If it were love u could leave that person and in years to come you WOULD meet again and could never stay away. Not some ass making u believe otherwise.

An angel Apr 25 2014 11:51pm FLAG
I'm and I really wna finger myself and I wana !!! Help mee.. but I awso wna Be a virgin hw do I finger myself without being hurt??

wna finger Apr 26 2014 1:39pm FLAG
It won't hurt trust me it feels and when your ready ask your boyfriend to finger you....JUST HAVE FUN!!!!!!!!!

experience girl Apr 27 2014 9:46pm FLAG
I have the same problem but I don't even know if I broke my hymen yet? dafuq

girl May 12 2014 8:19pm FLAG
It won't hurt as long as you're wet and ready. If not, there a chance that you can slightly tear, not break the hymen if you're not wet enough. The hymen doesn't break, it's a little circular thing around the vagina that can be stretched so that sex never hurts and if you don't use it, it tightens back up.

I'm just saying May 15 2014 9:16pm FLAG
what the is hymen

virgin May 22 2014 11:26pm FLAG
I wanna fingrr myself but m tooo scared dt I might put it in d wrong place...plzz help me!!!

suzan john May 23 2014 1:41pm FLAG
I really do want to finger my self and Iv been giving my self cl*toal orgasms for ever!! But I can't bring myself to finger my self, I'm always soaking wet so it won't be hard to get in but it just feels strange when I put the tip of my finger in! Eww help me!!

Virgin balls May 25 2014 5:00am FLAG
I'm .. And never fingered myself just always been running down their I wanna try fingering but I am to scared I might just have my bf do it

unexperienced Aug 22 2014 3:12am FLAG
I don't knw if I even fingered myself I jst put the tip of mi finger in and it really hurt is it hurting becoz mi finger wasn't wet? And which direction should i finger myself I dnt wanna damage anything...plz help

me Oct 04 2014 3:04am FLAG
You need to break your hymen, I would look up how to do that though but if it hurts still depending on your age have sex if u feel comfortable doing that but if it hurts bad talk to your doctor about it they get asked alot plus there are some disorders that can affect your vag if you keep doing and it hurts, otherwise use a carrot! Clean it and put it in a condom first find onevthat suits you size wise hope I helped! !!!

that-girl Nov 17 2014 7:51pm FLAG
You need to be dripping to finger yourself. When you're too or too in heat, sliding your finger inside becomes much easier.

Eren Feb 05 2015 11:56pm FLAG
I need help fingering myself I can never get wet enough usually I have someone tell me dirty things and then it works so someone please help me and that someone is my friend we are both bisexuals so will a girl please help me 😔

someone_make_me_soaking_wet_please Feb 15 2015 10:22pm FLAG
Maybe u should start with rubbing the cl*t. At first it feels realm weird and feels like u need to pee but keep doing that faster and harder. U r still a virgin if u finger yourself just don't let a guy finger u. That will have disastrous consequences.

virgin Jun 12 2015 7:38am FLAG
I try but it seems like there is something blocking it and it won't go in someone help

noyfb Jun 20 2015 10:17pm FLAG
I try to put my finger in it but its like something is blocking it it doesn't wanna go in someone help

scared virgen Jun 20 2015 10:18pm FLAG
Just relax and its normal that you want to discover parts of your body at any age just try slowly to find the area

a person Jun 23 2015 10:49pm FLAG
Just chill and enjoy childhood! You are ing eleven! My god!

the only person on this site with a brain Jun 25 2015 8:48pm FLAG
im twelve and ive already given my boyfriend a blow job and a hand job and i want to finger myself but whenever i try it hurts

Anonymous Jul 16 2015 11:34pm FLAG
JUST DO ITT!!!!!! ✔️

Make_me_soaking_wet, text me, my kik is meharder340

Anonymous Jan 11 2016 4:35pm FLAG

Anonymous Jan 11 2016 4:35pm FLAG
Idk man I tried fingering myself but I don't feel anything ew is that normal?

Asdfghjkl May 24 2016 10:15pm FLAG
Hey guys I'm and next year in January I'll be . I've been watching *** videos, giving my older cousin a blow job, hand job, dryhump him or even try to put he's d*ck in me. But I'm like SO afraid. I've been concerned to try to lose my viginity and I like, NEED TO! He insists I lose my virginity and I've searched and tried! Please help me and explain to me everything! Sep 03 2016 4:54am FLAG
If anyone if pressuring you to have sex with them they're not worth your time Do it when you're ready Jessie

Kate Nov 15 2016 4:54am FLAG
Omg bi just tried first time and it don't hurt and I have low pain tollerance

Ur ordinary me Mar 21 2017 10:20pm FLAG
Give advice: