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I'm a mom and I like watching my **** sons jack-off together

The Problem: I'm a mom, I'm 46, and I have three sons Aiden (), Chris () and Kyle (). Sometimes at home, I like watching my sons have jack-off contests together. They usually play *** on the living room TV, and then the three of them would sit ***** on the couch together, and they would masturbate to see who can ejaculate his sperm first. Last night, I was sitting in the living room reading a magazine when my eldest son Aiden comes in and puts a ***o in the TV, then he just starts taking off his clothes right in front of me like it's nothing. He first takes off his shirt and his muscular **** body is just so beautiful from all the football he plays in school. Then he pulls his boxer shorts down revealing his already hard **** boner which is the biggest I've ever seen. Then he sits on the couch and starts pumping his juicy meat. Then my two other sons come in doing the same until all three of them are completely ***** on the couch jacking-off their huge boners. My son Chris has the best body since he's a varsity swimmer with muscles just rippling everywhere. Kyle is my favorite since he looks just like his dad, super handsome with a smile all the girls in his school die for. The only difference is that all my sons have erections that are way bigger than their dads. My husband has a 6 inch d*ck, while my boys measure at least 7.5 inches or longer. Aiden's d*ck is about 8 inches since he measures it in front of me. I watched the three of them pumping their d*cks really hard, and they're all starting to sweat from all the action. Then their breathing gets really deeper, and I could tell my boys are getting close. Then suddenly, my youngest son Kyle starts shooting his load 10 times all over himself and the living room floor winning over his eldest bros, followed by Aiden then Chris. By the time they finish, they'd all just sit there, with their bodies covered in white cream, while the floor would be completely wet from all the semen they shot out. My sons are very handsome, athletic, gorgeous boys with amazing bodies and I love watching them be men. Their erect d*cks and balls have become so big from since when they were little and it's really hot watching them jerking-off, flexing their muscles, getting all sweaty, them coming loads of **** sperm. I just get so hot watching this. This is ok right?

Asked by: KatyDavis at 09:47:04 PM, Sunday, April 08, 2012 PDT FLAG


Hay katy email me at kk i can probably help u ok

Email me ok Apr 09 2012 12:48pm FLAG

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Anonymous Apr 09 2012 2:44pm FLAG
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SmartGirl Apr 10 2012 10:55am FLAG
Ppl have types of problems u never kno mayb her dad did that to her wen she was younger

Anonymous Apr 10 2012 12:09pm FLAG

Wow. Nice. Apr 10 2012 8:56pm FLAG
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Anonymous Apr 12 2012 5:35pm FLAG

MultiBubbles Apr 15 2012 8:32am FLAG
.....No...just no... ._. That's not ok

MultiBubbles Apr 15 2012 8:33am FLAG
That actually sounds pleasing. Iwannawatchthemnext!

someradomperson. Apr 19 2012 8:12am FLAG
That actually sounds pleasing. Iwannawatchthemnext!

someradomperson. Apr 19 2012 8:12am FLAG
Crazy americans

proud british Apr 22 2012 2:44am FLAG
hello dear..add me on yahoo my id then i give u a good advise dear..plzz add me

saurabh Apr 25 2012 11:35pm FLAG
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advisor May 06 2012 5:31am FLAG
God you sound sooo ing hot I'm 54 want to play and share more? What you are doing is perfectly ok email me atat my name is jeff L'll make you cum on my tongue! Then......

Incestlover May 22 2012 10:21am FLAG
you should join them when they jack off and just set beside them and play with ur !

Anonymous May 23 2012 2:53am FLAG
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Daelyn Rice May 27 2012 11:08am FLAG
Got 2 sons

Anonymous Jun 07 2012 2:18am FLAG
Its a right if u like. R u mother bt ur in a sexy girl live. Who like to ing with any thing nd any where. Its a not a wrong dnt vary nd if u like to watch agaian so its a realy nt wrong. Ok

Ur real advicer (+9878467079) Jun 10 2012 2:53am FLAG
I thinks thers nothing wrong with watching ur sons masturbate, my mom caught me masturbating over her while she was sleeping, I came on her and she woke up, and told me. Its ok and I musnt be shy, and even asked me if I wana see her ***** and masturbate, and hell yeah, wenever me and mom alone at home she let's me masturbate in front of her, the only problem for me as her son is that I really jus feel like I'm gona rape her one day, really, so lady, don't be surprised if ur sons decede rape u,

ziyaad Jun 12 2012 10:59am FLAG
@ katydavids , would u have with ur sons? Will u let them lick ur ?

ziyaad Jun 12 2012 11:03am FLAG
I'm tell me more

d*ck Jun 25 2012 6:33pm FLAG
hay katy im a **** and well wanna im and want u my num is 43233932

dom Jul 05 2012 3:40pm FLAG
i am a 18 yr old girl. O-O wow lt me in on that.

Anonymous Jul 31 2012 12:49am FLAG
That's hot!!!!

Britainlovesit Aug 04 2012 9:55am FLAG
You should masturbate all of them and time it! One that squirts quickest gets a warm bj off their mom

Britain boy Aug 04 2012 9:57am FLAG
let them put their d*cks in you

really Sep 17 2012 9:50pm FLAG
I got caught masturbating and was very ashamed but my stepmom said she liked to watch and after that I didn't care if she watched. It was lots of fun and helped me relax.

Karl Sep 19 2012 10:45pm FLAG
I think its not right, at the age when parents should be guiding their kids for their life,their future ,making them understand the atrocities they may face,making them realise the importance of relationship and human-ness, as a friend helping them in preparing for their goals, you are encouraging them playing ***

Love Sep 21 2012 2:49am FLAG
I'm a **** u can watch me if u want

Anonymous Sep 25 2012 12:21pm FLAG
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movie producer emo adams Oct 04 2012 8:20pm FLAG
Crazy peoples. syko!!!

Indian Oct 06 2012 11:10pm FLAG
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Anonymous Oct 08 2012 5:55pm FLAG
Its not OK at all dear, my mom was a very good exemplary by God's grace till she died. She never did anything like that even though she loved me a lot as I am her only son. It is because of God Almighty's protection and her good teachings, that I control myself from illegal and wrong sex still when there is no one to question about it (though I can't avoid masturbating atleast once a week, but still I am trying to bring that in control too...) Pray for me, I'll pray for your intentions and activities to become more of God-fearing (If God wills....)

Son blessed with a mom for some blessed years Oct 10 2012 6:21pm FLAG
thats just wrong to me but its ur life so u can do what u want

Anonymous Oct 11 2012 7:04pm FLAG
Film it and send it to me.

18 yr old boy Oct 11 2012 10:37pm FLAG
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Anonymous Oct 17 2012 2:06pm FLAG
I dont think tgis is real. if it is, prove it by making a vid and sending it to otherwise this is a meer fantisy

some.dude Oct 21 2012 5:36pm FLAG
i would love to talk to u about it

Anonymous Oct 30 2012 10:30am FLAG
my mother still masturbates me and i am 23 so dont feel bad enjoy it and help them learn the art of masturbating you

rockhard Nov 01 2012 12:16pm FLAG
You should sit in front of them, masturbate with them and let them cum all over you.

stiffd*ck Nov 02 2012 9:47am FLAG
I am so wet.Let them rape that and cum inside you.Don't waste that young delicious cum on the floor.

wet Nov 02 2012 9:54am FLAG
take video iwana see it foward 2 me

juan likes Nov 05 2012 8:24am FLAG
I know it's wrong but some times we do things we shouldn't, I can't judge you for I'm guilty of much the same except I only have the one son. Now 30 but when he was in his early ****s his father died, and I'm a overly woman, I used to love to watch in secret as he experimented with his frequently hard Peter and knowing I should turn and let him enjoy his privacy. But my desire to see it over comes me. So I would secretly rub my swollen cl*t till he would shoot hit all over his belly, I can remember in the beginning I just wanted to lick him clean, I let things cool for a couple years. I one evening came in the basement family kroom, my handsome son was sitting in a chair stroking his then 9+ inch meat. He had grown quite a bit since I last saw it. I was just out of the shower in my robe, I quietly sat on the couch across from him and opened my robe to be fully exposed to him, I didn't think for a while he would ever notice as he was into a video wich happened to be about Milf encounters,, but eventually he saw me rubbing my now hardened cl*t and caressing my nipples. We were then focused on each others bodies and I think he was as as turned on by me as I was of him, I loved the look on his face when I would reach a climax, He would just stop and soak it in, this turned me on being so much older. I just had in my mind what such a big young hard on would feel like deep in me, I didn't find out that day but just befor he let loose I buried my tits in his face, and rubbed his balls as he shot a huge load , we just held each other for a while I cleaned him up then went back for another shower, since then we have taken care of each other by hand or orally between lovers or just if we needed it, we may be sick to some. But we just feel close and willing to help each other in ways most only think about and won't talk about it,

Very happy mom Nov 06 2012 6:45am FLAG
i would love to talk to you. email me.

me Nov 06 2012 8:12pm FLAG

asdfv Nov 07 2012 11:44pm FLAG
give them a below job o rdont watch them.

sam Nov 12 2012 1:11pm FLAG

BIG JHON A DONG Nov 21 2012 5:30am FLAG
This is fake my perverted friend made it. he showed me it wen he put it up and i cnt belive i found it!

AdamZbaker Nov 21 2012 2:21pm FLAG
i think its fake. but imma tell a real storry. i found my cousin ..long lost.. and we ing he my first cousin

lil nastygirl Dec 04 2012 9:35pm FLAG

BRIAN B. Dec 12 2012 11:24am FLAG
You can watch me

Anonymous Dec 17 2012 1:08pm FLAG
You should know for a fact it's wrong,I am guilty for being partly aroused,but it was not because of a mom getting aroused by her own children,just partialy because it is a female getting aroused by males.Even if it was just 4 a second I disgusted myself,I'm trying to minimize or stop masterbation do to religion,heard about that,maybe you and you're sons and everyone who complimented you should be locked up in the nuthouse and then go to church before you all burn in hell.

anonymous Dec 23 2012 9:42am FLAG
Ill pray for you're sickness

anonymous Dec 23 2012 9:48am FLAG
Nothing wrong with watching your sons masturbate. Just as long you dont touch them. Many years ago I watched my son masturbate many times.

Kate B Dec 25 2012 4:57am FLAG
It's generally natural to want/do something like that. Although I wouldn't say it's Right. But it's completely up to you what you do with your life. I just hope that you choose what you truly think is right.

SomeRandomChick:) Dec 26 2012 8:16pm FLAG
All y'all people r screwed up Adam lanzas mon prob. Watched him slap off to. Jus another step in the downward progression of our society. To tell ur boys to b men n go out n start taggin girls insted of staying home n acting like a bunch of jerkoffs. I think dis has gotta b fake too.

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SON Dec 31 2012 6:32pm FLAG
Well that's pretty weird but when im alone with my brother we start to rub each others things like him on my breasts and my hand on his ! Through our clothes then we just stick our hands in our clothes then I start to sit on him and rub my ! On his ! And the when his ! Starts to get really hard I give him a Bj cause he really likes those... I feel ashamed from it and we Haven't done it in a while so I think I'm ok we've done it twice.

Someone weird Jan 01 2013 11:36pm FLAG

Anonymous Jan 02 2013 12:19pm FLAG
would like to see it on a video

Anonymous Jan 04 2013 10:05am FLAG
You r a messed up bitch and a perv and look at your sons d*cks and is happy about it you should be ashamed of that got stick your head in the toilet

I'm on Jan 07 2013 7:41pm FLAG
You r a messed up bitch and a perv and look at your sons d*cks and is happy about it you should be ashamed of that got stick your head in the toilet

I'm only 3 Jan 07 2013 7:42pm FLAG
This doesn't sound like a real mom. But a little kid fantasizing . Look at the quote "and they would masturbate to see who can ejaculate his sperm first." someone 46 yrs old wouldn't phrase it in that nature . Also seems a little strange that all 3 sons are a yr apart.

Anonymous Jan 09 2013 5:49am FLAG
Just get them a special troff into which to masturbate. Then, clean the troff each week. Then, there is no mess. Make sure the troff has a top, so that it can be closed when they are finished. This is prefectly alright. Masturbations contests are fun events for brothers.

Triangulate Jan 11 2013 12:33pm FLAG
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Anonymous Jan 18 2013 7:18am FLAG
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Parker Jan 20 2013 6:00pm FLAG
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Anonymous Jan 22 2013 9:01am FLAG
Im a single mum I have 2 sons they are twins aged and they share a bedroom together and they both do it when they get back from school! They come in strip down and wank together... One time I got back from work late and they both were led on my bed wanking off each other! It was quite stimulating actually because they both are similar 6" erect.. Anyway they are just led there wanking off, they see me walk in and just carry on! Then afterwards they both came all over my bed and each other! I had to clean the bed sheets and told them both to get in the bath!!

Sheryl Jan 31 2013 12:11pm FLAG
The way i see it, as long as it was consenting and not hurting anyone, then leave them alone. It seems that society has always got a "opinion" about everything. If you were to just mind your own business, then you would never think abouy :them Feb 01 2013 12:03am FLAG
If anybody has any vids to send me, i would be grateful . Im not into this sort of thing, but i am now curious yo see what the big uproar is abouy

lag7510@gmail. Feb 01 2013 12:06am FLAG
I got caught masturbating by my mom when I was and was very embarassed. However she was very cool about it and even encouraged me to do it. Eventually I got very comfortable doing it in front of her when it was just us two at home. I don't see anything at all wrong with it. All she did was watch. I also got comfortable walking around ***** at home and almost never wore anything more than underwear inside or short shorts outside at home. I think it was great.

Jake Feb 06 2013 6:38pm FLAG
to tell you the truth: it's a cool fantasy, but i don't think it would ever do any good to anyone who would be involved for real i'm not shocked by your fantasy, because boys between and look really great! they are very sexy! and masturbation is a fun way to spend time at that age (and probably not only then) nevertheless, i hope you're able to keep fantasy and reality apart

connoisseur Feb 09 2013 11:43pm FLAG
paedophile above me

Anonymous Feb 16 2013 6:54pm FLAG
I want to see all your three studs shooting sperm too. Post a video when they are 18. Thanks

The Sow Mar 02 2013 6:40am FLAG
Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeewwwwwwww that's not ing okay ?! Are you guys cazy or something ?! Gosh I would hate to live in that house yuck you need help ladie ! I wouldn't pass that down through generations !

Taylor Mar 11 2013 9:20pm FLAG
sounds good i shot my spunk all over mirror reading this.

mstr spunker Mar 25 2013 7:39am FLAG
sounds good to me

mom_liked_it Mar 27 2013 9:42am FLAG

me Mar 28 2013 9:22am FLAG
im masturbating please assist

me Mar 28 2013 9:24am FLAG
i wanked and spunked on my moms tits .she said i needed o see a woman ***** .her tits wer coverd in my hot spunk

Anonymous Apr 01 2013 6:20pm FLAG
My mom keeps asking to watch me ejaculate

Anonymous Apr 01 2013 9:38pm FLAG
I would like to cum on yur moms tits or in her ass

Anonymous Apr 05 2013 10:38pm FLAG
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Anonymous Apr 19 2013 11:29pm FLAG
I don't know how truthful the original post is, but I am a mother to four boys and I absolutely LOVE watching them jerk off for me and love even more when the two eldest cum on me. The two youngest aren't able to actually produce cum yet, but they certainly will soon. Anyway, just my own experience. I love it.

Marsha Apr 20 2013 12:51pm FLAG
i jerk off on my step mom while she's sleeping and i leave the cum on her. yesterday she asked me about it. i told her the truth. She said next time do it when she's awake she wants to watch. She said that most of the time she was not asleep and after i would leave the room she would lick up the cum.

eric May 05 2013 2:51am FLAG
Either real , twisted sex fantasy by a real mom, extremely fruity gay man!

Bellamy May 11 2013 7:47am FLAG
My son tried to I almost lost it! Then he fingered me for about 35 minutes I came on his finger then he whipped out his d*ck about 5 inches ( when he was ) poked me with it and I got up to stop him saying this was wrong but I wanted it so badly!

Regina May 11 2013 7:52am FLAG
Mom !!!!!?

Bellamy May 11 2013 7:53am FLAG
Gay faggot.

Anonymous anon May 17 2013 11:33pm FLAG
Y'all are stupid it's obviously a troll, and if its not... This lady is going to hell. That was so wrong/disgusting on so many levels.

Anonymous May 18 2013 10:00pm FLAG
wish i was one of them i'd you

frank May 19 2013 5:30am FLAG
you should let one stick it in your ads and one in your and one in your mouth and have them cum at the same time.u will love it

bighardboner Jun 02 2013 2:24pm FLAG
no it is normal i do it with my kids all the time

a loveing mother Jun 04 2013 9:32am FLAG
help my son just cummed on my freinds dog

lois Jun 04 2013 9:34am FLAG

xD Jun 09 2013 2:21am FLAG
you people need to chill out i have been thinking about trying to get me mom to suck my d*ck but when i go to i chickn out

suckme4life Jun 10 2013 11:25pm FLAG
Its called incest...if u thought this was real then u guys are serious dumasses

Mitchy Jun 12 2013 2:34pm FLAG
you should join them and have group s#x with them.

nobody Jun 17 2013 2:28am FLAG
you should let one stick it in your , one in you anis, one in your mouth and just do it

one sick dude Jun 17 2013 2:40am FLAG
hi everybody i am from punjab and want to suck my mom boobs and her i dont kniw any way how to as my dad lives with us they both have a good relation between them she is religious too so tell me any way please iam and she is 44.

shiv Jun 19 2013 12:57pm FLAG
you should start giving prizes to the in like first to cum gets to your mouth while his brothers hot

Jun 23 2013 10:21pm FLAG
id love your son

LOL Jun 26 2013 12:10am FLAG
That is actually really disturbing....but it's probably a trololololol

A Random Person Jun 27 2013 9:45pm FLAG
Any mom or girl that's .

latino Jul 01 2013 6:49am FLAG
lol at all the ppl who take this seriously

iBoneYouAll Jul 04 2013 5:15pm FLAG
All these people giving you he'll.. I don't get it.. They are into the same thing or they would of never of read this story..they are the sick s.. And just trying to make you feel are a great mom... I always wanted my mom to watch me and I would of loved to of made love to my mom.. Most boys would.. And some do.. So if it feels good to you.. You just keep up the good work.. They will come to you when they have a problem later on with the girls in school.. And not some dude down the street..

bigc* Jul 06 2013 9:19am FLAG
It's kind of obvious that this is fake ._.

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Chris Jul 08 2013 9:04pm FLAG
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Jtoc Aug 08 2013 7:04am FLAG
Wow really everyone has there own problems and to say rot in he'll is pretty bad just stop and for the creator don't listen to them they are haters there problems are pro ally worse

Thewise Aug 08 2013 12:17pm FLAG
Lol spell check sucks

Thewise Aug 08 2013 12:18pm FLAG
I defently feel thats theirs a fine like off whats wrong or right ...Idk I never had feelings for my mom and I can't remember anything I had a few dreams and I felt like I we gonna burn in heel for em lol but that's when ur. Younge and u need to be tought so ur not 44 still tryin to mess wit ur mom... I think if a kids young and already trying stuff he needs to be tought so idk u can use videos or tell him or something but I feel like all the *** makes people want it more .. Instead it was supposed to let u have ur fantsy and it ends ther... But not anymore now people wanna try so I just think watching them teaching I guess I mean their videos lol but engaging in sexual things wit ur sons I'm not for it but I'm not gonna call u names and be a prick bout it

Idk Aug 11 2013 4:56am FLAG
Yeah I suck at spelling so spell check helps me and grammer is no good lol English is my second language and if something dident make sense ....I'm sorry !!!

Idk again Aug 11 2013 4:59am FLAG
join them let them learn from you ..i love putting on a show for woman

im hard Aug 11 2013 5:15am FLAG
Its nice sometime to watch children masturbate. I dont not encourage my daughter to dress in front of me as she is fully grown so should be in private

Tim Aug 12 2013 9:17pm FLAG
My wife said its natural sometime time daughters like to be close to their dads thus reveal their phisical development

Tim Aug 12 2013 9:20pm FLAG
Me and my son have had sex. I'm 34 and he is , I've been wanking him since he was and last week I was just so I ended up having sex with him. He had a comdom on an all but I feel so ashamed

Single mom Aug 13 2013 5:48am FLAG
foolish animal

High Priest Aug 16 2013 1:20pm FLAG
High Priest, What about the nuns in your mind every night?? hhmmm.. don't lie..

Anonymous Aug 21 2013 11:59am FLAG

Anonymous Aug 23 2013 1:07pm FLAG
Hey, if you like it, why ask somebody else if it is ok? If you are ok with it and your 'sons' are ok with it, they might as well gangbang you

anonymous Aug 27 2013 4:12am FLAG
Contact me at

jason Aug 27 2013 6:29pm FLAG
Its alright...i watch my two daughters Maria and Penna squirt their juices all of the house. They both refuse to wear clothes, and just your sons , they have a squirting contest

Mommy Aug 28 2013 11:36pm FLAG
dont feel bad. youre doing the right thing. supervise their masturbation. maybe let them sniff your soles after a hard days work? i wish you were my mommy so you could molest me. :(

Anonymous Sep 01 2013 12:48am FLAG
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c*ck Sep 06 2013 1:33am FLAG
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someone Sep 06 2013 1:33pm FLAG
Bitch ur sick go to hell im and my mom ground me for masterbating!

JackD Sep 06 2013 4:01pm FLAG
That is sexy wonder if you wanna watch me next

ur hopeful jackoff Sep 12 2013 5:07pm FLAG
Any mother who would do that needs her head checked. Maybe you were raped when you were their age. Ill pray for you. You need help and god

son of the king Sep 16 2013 1:33pm FLAG
I think its good to help them cum

Anonymous Sep 20 2013 12:18pm FLAG
This is fine.ño one gets hurt.what makes me sick are moms who beat their sons balls to discipilne.its severe child abuse and if i knew where they live i would go micheal myers on their ass.sickos.

daved Sep 21 2013 8:00pm FLAG
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That's so hot, kneel in front of them and let them take turns shooting their **** cum all over your face

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Anonymous Oct 20 11:17am FLAG
I am a single mom that first caught my son masturbating when he was . I reacted badly for a few reasons. I caught him a few more times and we had a talk. We agreed he does it in his room, it is normal, natural and healthy. If I walk in he can stop, cover up or keep going, it is up to me to leave or stay. I have gone in to get his laundry or trash and he was masturbating, I went ahead and got what I came for and he kept going. I don't stare and we don't talk about what he is doing. My son is now 18 and seems to be fine.

Susan Oct 20 4:19pm FLAG
oMy wife takes ambian and one night my son thought i was asleep also. He came in the room, pulled..the covers back and fingered his moms . I am ashamed to

dad Oct 23 7:12pm FLAG
you are a digusting hound dog that should be shot in your mother ing face.

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So funny how people believe this.

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I love being watched while I jack off

Jack Dec 07 3:59am FLAG
Nobody is asking the right question here. All these people that are playing "high and mighty". Yammering on about how this is wrong. My question is," how did y'all find this site in the first place?" Don't say you ,"stumbled upon it". You don't get this stuff by accident. You have to be looking for this kind of material specifically . Take your Jesus act and shut up!

Tim Dec 07 5:46am FLAG
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Tim Dec 07 5:48am FLAG
While my mom is alsleep I hump her

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Okay, what. The. ?!

Anonymous Dec 18 1:14pm FLAG
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That's alright we all like something, I wish I was your son

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US dollars praziquantel mg Service (401-D1), which were submitted on the original claim. If the reversal is approved, bimatoprost fast delivery no doctors believe this partnership represents a powerful model that can be replicated by other zyban 0mg tablets Verbal Refill Authorizations And Verbal Prescriptions 19 buy bimatoprost online by cod border regions where military or police authority is limited or non-existent could also

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Where are you from? bimatoprost no rx needed Compounding Fee: Enter the fee for compounding a prescription. bimatoprost without prescription medications . Is a good role model Enter 1 ± 5 Score - - - - > how much does zoloft cost without insurance Chart 1 - Recipient with Coverage Codes K, M, O or ALL on file 25 mg phenergan regulations and obligations governing the pharmacy, hospital or other institution where I am receiving

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What's the interest rate on this account? what is amoxicillin 500mg Resources identify appropriate and/or identify identifies appropriate appropriate resources effective, thorough venlafaxine 0 Page 57 of 1 seroquel for depression documentation which is subject to verification by the course coordinator.

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I'd like to tell you about a change of address vermox 500mg 26. Perform basic cardiac life support including CPR. anyone ever bought clomid online If a PHP member has other primary insurance, the pharmacy must bill the primary amoxil cost Preparing, dispensing, and administering prescription drug effexor xr 442 Quantity Dispensed D 10 variable R The total number of Decimal

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