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master ts

The Problem: Need a master

Asked by: kendrarules at 09:51:34 PM, Friday, July 01, 2016 PDT FLAG


Nobody has given this poor retarded fuck any advice yet.

Jul 04 2016 9:55pm FLAG

Hello Kendra

MasterTS Jul 05 2016 2:40pm FLAG

kendrarules Jul 07 2016 6:01am FLAG
Haven't found a suitable master yet?

MasterTS Jul 07 2016 3:39pm FLAG
hi everyone

lala_is_here Jul 07 2016 5:23pm FLAG
Hello Lala

MasterTS Jul 07 2016 7:56pm FLAG
how are you master ts

lala_is_here Jul 08 2016 4:45am FLAG
Good how about yourself?

MasterTS Jul 08 2016 4:22pm FLAG
im fine

lala_is_here Jul 09 2016 4:46am FLAG
Seems like you found some of the worst LL has to offer over in love, sorry about that

MasterTS Jul 09 2016 3:52pm FLAG
Now tell me, Lala. Have you started menstruating yet?

MasterTS Jul 09 2016 6:39pm FLAG
master ts what do you mean i dont think i know what that is sorry im slow lol

#1diva (still lala) Jul 10 2016 7:08pm FLAG
master ts yes i have started ive been started im 1-5 i started at 1-3 why do you want to know

#1diva Jul 10 2016 7:10pm FLAG
men·stru·a·tion [ˌmenstro͞oˈāSH(ə)n, menˈstrāSH(ə)n] NOUN the process in a woman of discharging blood and other materials from the lining of the uterus at intervals of about one lunar month from puberty until menopause, except during pregnancy

Human-Dictionary Jul 10 2016 8:34pm FLAG
lol thank you andi i have

#1diva Jul 10 2016 9:53pm FLAG
Sorry lala that was a fake, you'll occasionally see a very strange or out of place comment, that would be a fake.

MasterTS Jul 11 2016 3:31am FLAG

#1diva Jul 11 2016 4:36am FLAG
but why you ask

#1diva Jul 11 2016 5:16am FLAG
But just so you know, you're too old for my taste.

MasterTS Jul 11 2016 6:32am FLAG
MasterTS isn't a pedophile, faker.

Anonymous Jul 11 2016 6:47am FLAG
master ts what are you talking about

#1diva Jul 11 2016 8:10am FLAG
I am saying that I prefer 5 to 10 year olds.

MasterTS Jul 11 2016 9:42am FLAG
oh woah damn too young well i just wanted to be friends

#1diva Jul 11 2016 9:50am FLAG
Yes, sadly you will not do. I like them so young, the duck butter in their vaginal walls haven't been tampered with yet.

MasterTS Jul 11 2016 10:38am FLAG
oh lol ok i feel sorry for them young girls they dont need to be with older men they need to enjoy theirselves. the rest of their life needs to be cool and peaceful but its your choice you could get arrested

#1diva Jul 11 2016 10:54am FLAG
*sigh* sorry lala fakes again, the last thing the real me said was that I was being faked. Like I said, any message that seems out of place or seems to make make me look really bad is probably just deen or ff again

MasterTS Jul 11 2016 12:12pm FLAG
oh ok well um i guess so you dont like young girls

#1diva Jul 11 2016 12:16pm FLAG
The fact is most of my personal information is hidden. No I don't like 5 year olds or any of that other crap

MasterTS Jul 11 2016 12:24pm FLAG
oh ok

#1diva Jul 11 2016 12:37pm FLAG
Sorry about that but you could say I'm the most faked person on LL, that happens when you're as well known as I am everyone either want me or wants to take me down.

MasterTS Jul 11 2016 12:40pm FLAG
oh well ok well i dont like people who jokes with me not saying you are just talking in general

#1diva Jul 11 2016 12:42pm FLAG
Hi masterTS

SamBerry Jul 11 2016 12:48pm FLAG
and Hi #1diva

SamBerry Jul 11 2016 12:48pm FLAG
Yes well, these trolls could at least get their facts right before attempting to destroy my reputation. I am a Hebephilia, which is nothing like a pedophile.

MasterTS Jul 11 2016 12:50pm FLAG
Neither do I, and poor attempt at a fake, really a Hebephilia? You've done better before

MasterTS Jul 11 2016 12:52pm FLAG
Hello Berry

MasterTS Jul 11 2016 12:53pm FLAG
Not sure what I am doing on this site, stumbled across it and it looked interesting lol, I also see that these categories are well out of place, considering the fact that the "Family" thread is more trash than family... But I'm Samantha! I go by SamBerry a lot so yeah lol.. & You are? :)

SamBerry Jul 11 2016 1:06pm FLAG
Hi Samantha. It's a pleasure to meet you! Tell me your age before we proceed any further in this engagement.

MasterTS Jul 11 2016 1:10pm FLAG
I'm turning 19 in September :)

SamBerry Jul 11 2016 1:12pm FLAG
1 7 turning 1..8

SamBerry Jul 11 2016 1:13pm FLAG
Sorry Sam another fake, rule 1 for me, I never ask ages or personal information. I like to know people not numbers,

MasterTS Jul 11 2016 1:23pm FLAG
Sorry, Sam. Even though I didn't ask, it is clear now that you're too old for what I am interested in.

MasterTS Jul 11 2016 1:28pm FLAG
Oh no worries! I don't really feel comfortable giving/receiving personal information here anyways lol. Anywho, how are you today?

SamBerry Jul 11 2016 1:28pm FLAG
Faker please stop lol

SamBerry Jul 11 2016 1:28pm FLAG
I am just peachy! Thank you for asking. I however am having a hard time sitting, my previous purchased acquaintance was a bit rough with her strap-on.

MasterTS Jul 11 2016 1:31pm FLAG
Haha They really are funny once you know it's them, I could watch him make an idiot of himself all day haha

MasterTS Jul 11 2016 1:35pm FLAG
It's kind of crazy really lol how long have they been doing this?

SamBerry Jul 11 2016 1:37pm FLAG
For bout as long as I've been here targeting youthful girls into my sick little pedophile fantasies.

MasterTS Jul 11 2016 1:39pm FLAG
Well the first part is right at least, basically ever since I came here. I call them my fan club because they devote so much of their life to me like this haha

MasterTS Jul 11 2016 1:56pm FLAG
hey sam

#1diva Jul 11 2016 1:56pm FLAG
TS is like a jew, always playing the victim but never acknowledging why.

Anonymous Jul 11 2016 1:57pm FLAG
Well, now that you mentioned it. I am a Jew. Anti-semite.

(((MasterTS))) Jul 11 2016 1:58pm FLAG
TS sucks bloody baby c*ck, calls it religion lolol

Anonymous Jul 11 2016 2:01pm FLAG
I'm confused now lol

SamBerry Jul 11 2016 2:22pm FLAG

#1diva Jul 11 2016 2:27pm FLAG

SamBerry Jul 11 2016 2:28pm FLAG
Who plays the victim? Pointing out when someone is acting like an idiot is playing the victim? I think you need a dictiomary.

MasterTS Jul 11 2016 2:30pm FLAG
yep he's a jew. the whining is unbearable

Anonymous Jul 11 2016 2:37pm FLAG
samberry nice too meet you im lala

#1diva Jul 11 2016 2:56pm FLAG
Makes sense jews are pro-pedophilia in the Talmud

Anonymous Jul 16 2016 8:01am FLAG
So not only are you idiots and trolls but also jew haters, good to know that you basically have no redeeming qualities.

MasterTS Jul 16 2016 11:09am FLAG
what makes jews anymore immune to being criticized than any other group? kike.

Anonymous Jul 16 2016 12:26pm FLAG
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