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New groupchat to trade - everyone invited

The Problem: kik: trdcp05

Asked by: trdcp05 at 09:20:23 AM, Sunday, June 19, 2022 EDT FLAG


Kik whitetiger445

Anonymous Jun 21 2022 4:24pm FLAG

I'm creating a groupchat for people who want to trade, add me on wickr: ro01

Anonymous Jun 22 2022 6:48am FLAG
Send to receive decent links! Kik: likelike30

Anonymous Jun 29 2022 9:34am FLAG
I have a huge collection yng mega links, really rare never seen before. I'm willing to trade only with others that have rare links to (big links). Dont Bother if you dont have links or with small one. You send first and you recieve one from me. I Will block you if you send bull links, or trying to get links for free, or Just here for conversation. Kik Messenger: michaelsnap1 Note: dont talk or ask to send first i wont. Just s2r.

V Jul 10 2022 1:01am FLAG
STR For all new hard-core forced / rape mega links . Str me on kik - steveieone

Anonymous Jul 27 2022 1:52am FLAG
Active Wickr grp for large links. Send first. Wickr: nsfwwolf

Anonymous Aug 24 2022 9:17pm FLAG
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