Fantasy Hoops



any guys want to ?

The Problem: I need some fantasy sweet tang needs it!!

Asked by: sweet;) at 05:31:33 AM, Monday, May 28, 2012 PDT FLAG


Come on don't be shy. ;* I have a sexy mouth and I wanna put something in it.

sweet;) May 28 2012 12:33pm FLAG

Ill you baby not on here tho ;) kik or cell hehe i promise I'll make you cum hard ;)

BBC May 28 2012 12:34pm FLAG
Hi babe ;)

BigC*ck May 28 2012 12:34pm FLAG
Hey. Got an email. Im

Anonymous May 28 2012 12:43pm FLAG

sweet;) May 28 2012 12:44pm FLAG
You got an aol baby? ;)

BBC May 28 2012 12:45pm FLAG
I only do it here.

sweet<3 May 28 2012 12:45pm FLAG
No I only do it on likelike.

sweet<3 May 28 2012 12:47pm FLAG
No I only do it on likelike.

sweet<3 May 28 2012 12:47pm FLAG
Me 2 ;)

Dude4 May 28 2012 12:48pm FLAG

sweet;) May 28 2012 12:49pm FLAG

Anonymous May 28 2012 12:50pm FLAG
BBC ill txt u if u give me ur # I promise I will

sweet stuff May 28 2012 12:50pm FLAG

Dude4 May 28 2012 12:50pm FLAG

sweet;) May 28 2012 12:50pm FLAG
me 2 sweet ;)

Dude4 May 28 2012 12:52pm FLAG
Well I didn't exactly me as in give a phone wanna do it or not

sweet;) May 28 2012 12:53pm FLAG

sweet;) May 28 2012 12:54pm FLAG

BBC May 28 2012 12:54pm FLAG

Dude4 May 28 2012 12:54pm FLAG
*bites lips in a sexy way*

Anonymous May 28 2012 12:55pm FLAG
*bites lips in a sexy way*

sweet;) May 28 2012 12:56pm FLAG
-gets a boner-

Dude4 May 28 2012 12:56pm FLAG
Come over here and lick my sweet tight

sweet;) May 28 2012 12:57pm FLAG
Dude4- I suck hard baby ...can you handle it;*

sweet;) May 28 2012 12:59pm FLAG
-stick my tounge in ur sweet -im ur sex toy ;)

Dude4 May 28 2012 1:00pm FLAG
I'm still want this or not. Give me an orgasm;*

sweet;) May 28 2012 1:02pm FLAG
yes babe!

Dude4 May 28 2012 1:02pm FLAG
Hey. Can i join

Horny May 28 2012 1:03pm FLAG
Moans oj yeah I want more

sweet;) May 28 2012 1:03pm FLAG
Ooooo that feels so ing good. Make me cumm

sweet;) May 28 2012 1:06pm FLAG
-shoves my c*ck in ur ass-

Dude4 May 28 2012 1:06pm FLAG
Hey sweet. Wanna . Text me (757)986-32

Horny May 28 2012 1:07pm FLAG
Takes your c*ck and suck hard....very hard

sweet;) May 28 2012 1:08pm FLAG
Ohh kkk yeah

sweet;) May 28 2012 1:10pm FLAG
Ohhhhh yeah sweet more babe

Dude4 May 28 2012 1:11pm FLAG
Starts giving you a bl*wj*b

sweet;) May 28 2012 1:13pm FLAG
You like that? ? *Gives a sexy peircing stare*

sweet;) May 28 2012 1:14pm FLAG

Dude4 May 28 2012 1:15pm FLAG
Come and suck my tits I know you want to.;|)

sweet;) May 28 2012 1:17pm FLAG
-sucks ur tits-mmmm their good ;) can u show a pic of ur

Dude4 May 28 2012 1:19pm FLAG
*bites softly*

Anonymous May 28 2012 1:20pm FLAG
I can't but you can get another bl*wj*b...

sweet;) May 28 2012 1:22pm FLAG
ohhhhh baby!

Dude4 May 28 2012 1:22pm FLAG
Make me cummmm ;))

sweet;) May 28 2012 1:24pm FLAG
ok babe s ur ass

Dude4 May 28 2012 1:26pm FLAG
* Finishes suck*spread Legs wide open

sweet;) May 28 2012 1:28pm FLAG
- hard-

Dude4 May 28 2012 1:30pm FLAG
I'm sooooooo wet lick me more!!

sweet;) May 28 2012 1:31pm FLAG
*moans and screams*

sweet;) May 28 2012 1:32pm FLAG
gtg bye babe ;)

Dude4 May 28 2012 1:33pm FLAG

sweet;) May 28 2012 1:34pm FLAG
Byeee baby

sweet;) May 28 2012 1:35pm FLAG

John May 28 2012 1:45pm FLAG
Hey sweet. Wanna

Horny May 28 2012 1:48pm FLAG
gimme ur number

TheKingLamont May 30 2012 7:01pm FLAG

Anonymous Jun 10 2012 8:39am FLAG
Text me 85920037

?? Jun 10 2012 8:41am FLAG
Atta baby! Nice one John! Good job sweet :) stayin on here and not giving ur number to pedophiles cuz ppl can screw ur life up with just ur #.

Attababy Aug 01 2012 11:28pm FLAG
Kik me ;) "kikcodynow" we will have a fuun time ;)

Thatguy Aug 03 2012 2:10pm FLAG
Kik me anti-zombie I can b anybody/thing u want me 2 b Anybody wanna I can do real good if anyone wants to I might even do it on here ^_^

anti-zombie Aug 09 2012 12:16pm FLAG
hay me on skype names tomtomdoom

bigK Aug 10 2012 4:06pm FLAG
boy kik me @ JBsmoove3

Anonymous Aug 21 2012 12:14am FLAG
Hey girls! ;) me on kik .... Hardie22 .... I exchange photos. Any me up ;))

Hardie22 Aug 26 2012 9:41pm FLAG
Kim me pleaseboy

Ruben Sep 30 2012 7:18pm FLAG
Girl only pls ryanbroman kik

Ryan Sep 30 2012 10:13pm FLAG
Kik me alex7t4

Anonymous Oct 09 2012 3:33pm FLAG
Kik tspoon97 I'm black and I can't wait ;)

Big black man Oct 11 2012 9:18am FLAG
I will lick and suck your scrotch

longc*ck Oct 26 2012 1:22am FLAG
Any girls kik me at vaparkour26 I'm and would like to trade pics

vaparkour26 Nov 01 2012 5:12pm FLAG
Hey imma sexy who wants to ... Hmu @ 786646

Cody Nov 03 2012 5:45am FLAG
Hey sweet why don't you suck on this c*ck?

Warren Nov 05 2012 1:51pm FLAG
Any girls wanna or chat kik me at SkylerFTW. I'm and a guy.

SkylerFTW Nov 20 2012 9:14pm FLAG
kik me, girls only m.johnston420 i trade pics you wont be disappoint m

Anonymous Nov 21 2012 9:49am FLAG
Kik me at callandavies24 Girls , pic trading, or just normal talk

bossman Nov 26 2012 2:17pm FLAG
Sxt me sweet. 910-703-6391 im and ready for ya : D Or kik me Devin_97

Suck me hard sweet Nov 26 2012 8:05pm FLAG
girls me TheFranticAtlantic

Anonymous Nov 28 2012 2:24pm FLAG
Guys, kik me :) gwenluvs

Gwen Nov 29 2012 4:54am FLAG
Kik me XxXswaggz

Anynomous Nov 29 2012 5:43pm FLAG
Girls only -^

Anynomous Nov 29 2012 5:43pm FLAG
I wil wit u sweet 6-531-2288 or any other girl im got a big d*ck

Anonymous Dec 07 2012 10:01am FLAG
Kik me:SubsidedCape66 Hot guy cummin ur way(;

SubsidedCape66 Dec 10 2012 5:46pm FLAG
girls that wanna trade pictures... add me on kik: MyLil

Anonymous Dec 14 2012 3:10pm FLAG
Tbone10 i wanna send some s.and 8 in d*ck

Anonymous Dec 18 2012 2:57pm FLAG
Ill lest do this girls

Mike Dec 26 2012 8:11pm FLAG
I want to kik me jeremiahmoore girls only

Jeremiah Dec 28 2012 2:09pm FLAG
With a space between jeremiah and moore

Jeremiah Dec 28 2012 2:11pm FLAG
Girl me up if you wanna on kik!!! Girls only!!! Any age!!! Kik: alex.brewer

Meeee Jan 11 2013 10:03pm FLAG
KikKik mee : tfdarkwolf

classified Jan 15 2013 1:48pm FLAG
What's the username ?

Anonymous Jan 15 2013 2:37pm FLAG
sweet kik me robert_all_gud

anonymous Jan 16 2013 7:42pm FLAG
sexy girl wanna ? 4233229549

anonymous Feb 03 2013 12:52pm FLAG
Kik me. Im . Martinrose98

Martin Rose Feb 05 2013 9:01am FLAG

Anonymous Feb 10 2013 2:33pm FLAG
Hey sweet wanna with me on here ;)

Anonymous Feb 17 2013 9:05am FLAG
I'll do it

Me Feb 17 2013 9:34am FLAG
Kik me gage2318

Anonymous Feb 18 2013 7:34pm FLAG
Kik andrewrdz1996

Andrew rdz Feb 21 2013 8:22pm FLAG
want to girls only (785-262-7078

this guy Feb 24 2013 8:18pm FLAG
Add me on kik buzzsaw43 Or text me at 206-553-9290. I have made multiple girls orgasm so I think I can sexy talk pretty well ;) text me soon babe!

Airman Yoo Feb 25 2013 7:07pm FLAG
Kik me hammerhead007007

Hammerhead007007 Mar 10 2013 5:37pm FLAG
Kik me sebastianbarlow

Anonymous Mar 10 2013 8:29pm FLAG
Girls kik me at cdogism I'm a M

Anonymous Mar 22 2013 1:59pm FLAG
Hey. My name is Noah, and I'm a 10 year old boy. I'm lookin 4 someone to date, and maybe even with. IF YOU ARE UNDER , and are interested, kik me at maiernoah. If you look older than , you are getting blocked. I am bi I think, so boyz and girlz text!

Noah Mar 26 2013 5:35pm FLAG
hey guys, this is a sort of prank: here's my friends number: 24299373 he doesn't know it's posted only girls text him age doesnt matter enjoy ;)

Anonymous Apr 24 2013 1:11pm FLAG
I'm Stella. I'm an I am an italian girl. Just Looking for cute guys to chat with. Kik: martsia

Martsia May 19 2013 8:56pm FLAG
I'm Stella Kik:martsia

Martsia Jun 19 2013 9:05pm FLAG
Hey im noah and im . Kik me at canadanoah. I need friends, abd oossibly a relationship:)

Anonymous Aug 23 2013 8:21pm FLAG
Kik me I am and lean my kik is guyiam

Guyiam Oct 23 2013 6:28pm FLAG
be nice to the kids. do it to them and please their tastey bodies

sexed Nov 16 2013 7:30pm FLAG
I am a guy and my kik is Majors_Mask just come talk to me if you want guys or girls

Anonymous Feb 14 2014 11:17am FLAG
Any guys want me down on my knees begging u to push ur pants down and let me see ur undies.

Nastymnd Dec 06 12:33am FLAG
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