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How To Make Him Horny

The Problem: Okay I know this is a crazy question but How can u make a boy with out having sex or sucking d*ck ?

Asked by: Sassy at 12:58:48 PM, Tuesday, February 17, 2004 PST FLAG


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sweetie Feb 18 2004 10:34am FLAG

you can tell him some sexy things that u want to do with him.u can let him feel on you or u can feel on him ,u can kiss on him or let him kiss on u,or maybe u can try to talk very sexy to him ask him what dose he want to do with u beside haveing sex or sucking his d*ck

sweetie Feb 18 2004 10:35am FLAG
Girl rub between them legs ha

AdviceQueen Feb 18 2004 12:13pm FLAG
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calibitch86 Feb 18 2004 8:05pm FLAG
say something about other things and make them sound more interesting in some way bring up sex and not to do it but to make him think about it and then rub his leg

noone Feb 20 2004 4:09pm FLAG
casually graze your hand on his inner thigh while u guys are sitting down and whisper a sexy thing into his ear

who cares Feb 22 2004 2:09pm FLAG
Who cares is right it really works now I can't even get my guy to stop touching me. He speaks in french alot to me tomorrow he's gonna teach me alittle french Ah the romance Lanuage

Follow The White Rabbit (Trinity) Mar 16 2004 8:29pm FLAG
Start by laying in his lap kiss his stomach then go up to his lips by that time he should be the way you want him

*mami* Mar 21 2004 1:01am FLAG
i know this sounds weird but it always works for my guy...just sit on his lap and move ur ass around and he'll pop up then eventually he will cum :) and nibble the ear

Ballet Chik Apr 04 2004 10:19pm FLAG
if you gently touch him with your fingertips areound his neck and lower back and stomach, he'll be ready to go

_mE Apr 13 2004 7:51pm FLAG
what I do.... is i just take my pen or lollipop (my aunt owns a candy company so i always have some spare candy floating around) and then just lick it a few times and gently graxze it over your lips, then look at him with your head down, looking up inot his eyes and then do a little smile and look away! <3 <3 <3 Or hire a stripper!

All i want for christmas! Dec 20 2004 10:38pm FLAG
rub his caves....hehe

hehe Jun 01 2006 9:40pm FLAG
kiss on his collar bone and gradually work ur way down 2 his pube line moving slow dont 4get! dont go any futher than there go bk up his tummy and kiss on his neck.. this shud work

mememememe Jun 16 2006 2:20pm FLAG
stick your fingers in his pocket and make an excuse to get his money

Anonymous Jun 28 2006 1:06am FLAG
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white slut Aug 23 2006 2:26pm FLAG
tell him you want him to cum on your face and mouth.

irma Aug 23 2006 2:27pm FLAG

jkil'[p Oct 03 2007 7:08pm FLAG
suk his d*ck grab it lik it kiss it play with it be a bad girl

bitch Oct 03 2007 7:10pm FLAG
Ntah ko

Ntah Oct 04 2007 7:39pm FLAG
take and ice cube and suck on it a little bit and take the ice cube and run it down his d*ck and when there is a drop of water coming down his d*ck then start sucking it hard and slow and gradually go faster.

hicktown whores Nov 27 2007 4:10pm FLAG
suck on his neck...hickies:]

dirty slut Nov 27 2007 4:11pm FLAG
wear a short skirt and a tank top and pig tails and chew the end of something like a pen or a straw and let it go down your tounge and across your lips

barbie slut Nov 27 2007 4:12pm FLAG
well forget bout suking his dam dik! just sit in his lap or if not than talk ina sweet voice,tease him,make him want you.

Kat Mar 24 2008 8:12am FLAG
play with his stomach.

lib Apr 06 2008 7:36pm FLAG
dont be a slag about it! if you want to make him that randy. Ask him how he wants it =]

MsX May 15 2008 1:56pm FLAG
Google "Georgeann Cross", read the free book. Catch her attitude and secrets, don't stop reading just cause she does some stuff you might not want to. It's all about you making yourself into his number one fantasy, displacing all others. Another idea - your lounging watching TV - put your barefeet in his lap. If he can't help but rub them, and see how sexy they are, you will have a surefire method. If not, no harm done.

mike61 May 30 2008 6:33am FLAG
you know what dont do snything u dont want to.. hell probably understand. just tease him a little but also give him a lil action. u no? maybe a hj for a few sec but let him finger u and just make out and give him a hicky or 2. have fun with it. bite his lip and suck his stomach. leave him a hicky on his lower waist. thats my trade mark and its HOtttttt!!! it will make him go nuts.

juicy banana Jun 11 2008 12:30am FLAG
if you want to make him just kiss him on the neck and work your way down to his stomach then go bak up agenuntill he says tats nice and tease him bout it .......

randemer Jun 17 2008 8:50am FLAG
simple go nakd in frnt hm on move yur thng mAnnn busT a moVe nd go craxY tada nd itl POP

USchICCCCCCK Jun 21 2008 6:03am FLAG
sit on his lap and start kissing him on the neck to give him goose bumps start his d*ck with your hand and whisper a sexy word in his ear

dirty mind Jul 30 2008 9:36am FLAG
One idea I can give you is to kiss him while you're hugging or cuddling with him. Make sure you kiss him all over, especially on the neck, chest, and ears. Whisper a few dirty words between kisses, but don't go overboard with it. Once he's ***** and vulnerable, spread his legs. (If he doesn't have a boner by now, I'll be pretty damn impressed) While you're giving head, pay extra attention to the more sensitive parts of his penis, namely: the area where the glans meets the foreskin, the base of the penis, and the underside of the penis. Hope this helped!

Pyper the Cat Aug 29 2008 7:55pm FLAG
If he has a whipped cream fetish, like Jon, bring a can of whipped cream with you once in a while and put it anywhere on you, i bet he'll lick it off.

GossipGirl Sep 30 2008 9:32am FLAG
bla bla bla bla bla bla bla blablabla bla aw,and bla bla bla! cya!

bla bla :D Oct 11 2008 12:18pm FLAG
make huM cupcaykes and rub tehm on ur nipples and make him eta it of you then his dik will be so harf if he likes sweat things or else yous pretsals or smthing. Learn how to spell or write a sentence, whores.

Your Dad Nov 23 2008 12:28pm FLAG
Just kiss him slowly nd gently .after that go lower down his neck slowly nd come back to the lips. . . Cut the kiss making him want more and just tease him with ur fingers do it nice and slow

Ms UnIvErSe Dec 14 2008 1:40am FLAG
When kissing make sure ur bodeez ar close together nd that u cn actualy feel his stick standn up

Kay Dec 14 2008 1:45am FLAG
sit on his lap facing him, start to make out with him and put your hands under his shirt and play with his nipples

heyyyyy Dec 30 2008 11:53am FLAG
go urself and wait until ur old enough

dana Dec 30 2008 3:15pm FLAG
lol anyways dnt really care jus continue ur URSELF

DANIELLE Dec 30 2008 3:17pm FLAG
just rub his c*ck........its that simple

sarah Jan 02 2009 4:59am FLAG
start feelin his d*ck gently and kiss his neck, then run your hands through his hair and he'll want you in no time.

jesss Jan 02 2009 5:43pm FLAG
well i used 2 just sit on my boyfriend's lap or acidently let him pass his d*ck throught ur ass were no panties n a skirt... but at the same time act like u did not know it or shy dat turns boys on just be sluty but innocent but dnt 4get is not all about the physical the physical is only 2 have fun use short clothes let him touch u now:GO GET HIM GURL.....

Brenda Jan 03 2009 1:29am FLAG
slide your hands between his legs, brushing his bluge, and whisper somthing sexy like "i want you...right now" while playing with the nap of his neck..

maggie Jan 04 2009 3:06pm FLAG
When youre kissing ur man claw hs back a little. Nt 2 rough bt enough to let hm knw ur there. Hell be using hs imagination in no time. Also try getting hm to hug u frm behind so when ur butt is against hs package hs mind will start rly getting dirty. Have fun ;)

Innocent Jan 05 2009 9:46pm FLAG
d*cky d*cky can ya can ya licky licky (song )(sing it )

sahh Jan 27 2009 2:12pm FLAG
well i suck his c*ck then i rub his balls then he cums i rub it all over my face and then lick it off then he has a boner then i give him a tit wank.

megan Feb 02 2009 12:28pm FLAG
Push him on His back on tha bed or couch wateva yall layin on lettin hm kno ur in charge then sit on top of him where his penis is n move around a lil not enough for hm to kno wat yuh tryna do doe then kiss his neck then his lips then his chest he should be on rock by then! My man was last night hahaha

sexxxy! Feb 04 2009 2:12pm FLAG

fredwardo Feb 04 2009 3:48pm FLAG
hold his balls and rub his bell

slut queen Feb 09 2009 1:21pm FLAG
What i do budsy nite is just suck his c*ck and rub his ball sacks then i let him finger me with 1 fingers! And the i give him a big ing tit wank and the if gets a boner the we have hard core sex thats what i do and all the boys like it!

Sex gods! Feb 14 2009 4:09pm FLAG
yo bby. i have sex erry nightt.(: and mostly with a different guy! i'm a slutt. i gots two babies. and one on the way. my baby daddy for this one is a boy i didnt even no. but i dont een care. as long as he's grinding on my i'll have a milli babbies. i'm finna go lick on this boy now. holla babyy.

hot, wet c*nt. Feb 19 2009 10:37pm FLAG
giggle really sweetly. kiss his neck. run your fingers up his body pretend you've dropped something infront of him and pick it up.

cheese. Feb 21 2009 10:14am FLAG

. Feb 21 2009 10:40am FLAG
best trick ever is to stick your finger in his ear he will be screaming in no time ;)

laura.. SLUT BABYY! Feb 21 2009 10:43am FLAG
kiss him and let him know you really like him! kiss his neck.. ask to massage him? dont make it really dirty! be cute and sweet.. only do this if you like eachother, its better!

Anonymous Feb 27 2009 3:07pm FLAG
girl just do yu bend over in front him,deep toung kisses,!

lover girl<3 Feb 28 2009 2:27pm FLAG
french him while your hands are in his back pockets let him feel your butt then put your hands under his shirt he'll be in seconds be simple but seductive he'll love it play hard to get while doing it dont let him touch u too much he'll love the challenge let him know u have boudaries and hell understand.

airbear Mar 04 2009 6:47pm FLAG
sit on his lap, be inocentt but in chargee. kiss andd rub & teasee his c*ckk. touch your but dont let him...

kayllaaababyy(:<3 Mar 06 2009 12:05pm FLAG
Rub his inner leg the slowly put ur hand near and near his d*ck start slowly kissing his chest make you way to his lips and bang u shud be readi to go xxx

Beccazzz Mar 09 2009 12:21pm FLAG
Too Be Subtle: give him a hug and hold it for a lil longer than necessary then hold his hand and lightly rub the back of it, this should give him tingles. Then if all else fails rub his neck and whisper in his ear things like "Your Lookin' Good Today" That Should really get him going.

Briize Mar 19 2009 7:58pm FLAG

HORNY ASS V.D. :P Mar 21 2009 7:00pm FLAG
Slap yo tits like king kong and moan like a beast then bend ova and finger yo jerk haha

Your twin Mar 25 2009 6:07pm FLAG
no! jus wait till mariage then u can do wateva da hell u want didity!!!

u no who Apr 05 2009 7:50pm FLAG
S : STICK W| BITCHES ! - suck her tittes | finqer her | suck her cl*t!

mhm _ im horney Apr 06 2009 9:42pm FLAG
The way to go is through a game. If he has something you want or you something he wants just keep it away from each other. Wrestle around a little bit because sooner or later you'll end up on top of him. After that well he'll get to thinking and kissing and ...well I'm sure you can guess what next

toying around Apr 19 2009 3:13pm FLAG
Yo girl, get on dem knees and show em how it's donee

queen bitch~ Apr 21 2009 2:03pm FLAG
rub his knee and goup put ur hand under his shirt and feel his stomach then get ur hand lower and stop at his pube line. and then go up and back over to his knee kiss his neck and stroke his inner thigh lightly :)

BEBESLUT. Apr 23 2009 12:59pm FLAG
How i get my boyfriend is i rub his upper thigh near his d*ck slowly and go lower . While doing that kiss his neck and lick it a little bit . Then on the back of his neck lightly and gently carress and tickle his neck near his hair . Lick his ear and bite it a little . He will looooove all of that . Trust me my bf does =]

Girl who needs some advice too <33 Apr 25 2009 7:13pm FLAG
touch his belly go lower and lower almost near his c*ck n den tease him a lil bit n den go 2 his neck... or take sumthing dats his n start wrestling 4 it a lil n den u try 2 end up on top of him n den kiss him n move around alot around his c*ck while on top of him!!

da1dominicana Apr 26 2009 3:20pm FLAG
come into his room and talk dirty then rub is dik this will give him a bonar then he wrill cum and then you will....fuk hom

u want mee May 01 2009 2:12pm FLAG
gently massarge him, tickle his knee. tell him he is gorgeous,not cute. find every excuse to hug him an keep your arms around him for long time. lip lock. lick your lips. talk dirty while yuou have him in your arms. {: should get him wanting you. xo

rooo May 07 2009 9:13am FLAG
kiss his neck and rubb his chest. my boyfriend loves it when i rub the little bit between his ars and d*ck. he also gets really turned on giving me love bites (:

sexx-aholic x May 10 2009 12:52pm FLAG
pull out his d*ck from his trousers den make him take off oyour clothes then just lick his leg all the way untill u get to his d*ck then just suck it

slut May 17 2009 6:07am FLAG
Sit on his d*ck move your ass around then get his hands and make him rub on you trust me it works he will get a Boner

Unknown Bitch lol May 22 2009 4:26pm FLAG
poke his bumhole :L:L

jason Jun 10 2009 9:30am FLAG
pick his nose and lick his boggies then spit them in his mouth!

jason maxwell Jun 10 2009 9:34am FLAG
sit on his d*ck move your ass around snog him then start pullin his trosers down

sex god Jun 20 2009 1:31pm FLAG
sit on his d*ck move your ass around snog him then start pullin his trosers down

sex god Jun 20 2009 1:31pm FLAG
just make out with him and let him touch your butt and tease him alot

sexy Jul 01 2009 1:59pm FLAG
Itz easy juzz sit on hiz lap whisper sumthinq in his ear and just lick his ear & yea that should qet him turned on haha,hoped disz helped!

Why yuh wanna know Jul 19 2009 11:32pm FLAG
Hey its so easy 2 turn a guy on! Just play hard to qet if u kno wat i mean,but yea tease him kiss him on the ears & the neck etc, so chea hoped i helped=]

sExii cHeRrI bAbEzZ a.K.a yOuNq bEaSt Jul 20 2009 11:50pm FLAG
jusst say awww yeaah babyy go down on your nees and suck him off big time bitch x

babes Jul 21 2009 4:18pm FLAG
While you're making out, start kissing and lightly licking his neck. Pay attention to the adams apple. It works wonders.

ing Horny Bitch Aug 04 2009 4:53am FLAG
when i make out, i like to mess around with his button on his pants, and just slowly trace a line above his di*k, he really likes tht:) but they really, really like it when you kiss their neckk! when you sit on him, rub into him... this gets him really quick...

*the tease:) Aug 06 2009 11:28pm FLAG
you sad people !! stop asking how old is she or call her a slut! kiss his neck and let him feel your thongs :)

sweet girl Aug 11 2009 3:08pm FLAG
keep saying bahhhhh to him, he'll get (:

kate :) Aug 13 2009 2:10pm FLAG
Eat his penis :)

Kate XD Aug 13 2009 2:11pm FLAG
keep saying bahhhhh to him, he'll get (:

kate :) Aug 13 2009 2:12pm FLAG
just look in his eyes and say "i want u".

fcbyt* anonymous Aug 16 2009 12:06pm FLAG
Nikka just EFF him give him a lapdance & grind hard on his d*ck then FCK HIM!!! Yu Slow bitch

fck me good Aug 25 2009 10:43pm FLAG
just ing give him a blow job that works a treat ;)

come find out Aug 28 2009 6:40pm FLAG
What I find help full, if you are in a movie this really works. While you guys are sitting start by kissing him (making out) while making out you should be putting your hand on his knee then move your hand up his thigh then get closer to his d*ck.dont go to his d*ck yet let him get really . If he likes it which he probly will he well move your hand up to his d*ck and by that time he should be hard.

Trust me i have given head before!!!! Sep 04 2009 5:20pm FLAG
just tease him and wen he starts to play back stop. playing hard to get will make him want you and him wanting you = :)

hot chick Sep 07 2009 8:29pm FLAG
listen juss look at him in a sexual way, touch his c*ck, while his pants are still on then slowly un botton and un zip his pants and then his him while ur touching his c*ck, and then work on the c*ck faster and faster til his cums :D

Advice 1 Sep 10 2009 2:57pm FLAG
You guys are a bunch of damn freaks,get a life and find out how to make him yourself

why am i here Sep 15 2009 8:56am FLAG
just kiss him, get off with him, sit on him front ways, let him push your ass into him, tease him look him in the eyes and get realy close to his face and then after saying something sexy kiss him adn then get off with him, do it on a bed or a sofer and lye sideways with him but facing each other and kiss him and then lye on him. you dont need to do much after that,

hmmm, weird convo.. Sep 27 2009 9:20am FLAG
I had sew when i was , i was sat between his legs stroking upwards towards his d*ck when i got close i went bk down his leg again finaly he unbuttond his trousers and took my clothes of we shagged good, the next day he egnord me and flirted with my bestmate so turn a him on but only shag him if ur sure its worth it x

??? Oct 05 2009 2:14pm FLAG
ok well wen u guys r making out u shud go down to his neck then slowly take off his shirt....but dont let him take urz off atlest not yet play hard to get 4 a lil while then unbutton his pants and start pumping his d*ck wit ur hand....he will go crazy

sex hurts Oct 30 2009 9:22am FLAG
play wit him!!!!!!

d*ck sucker Oct 30 2009 9:25am FLAG
show him your boob.......DUH!!!!

DUM A$$ Nov 02 2009 6:47am FLAG
Send Him SOme Sexy PIcs like Be With a bikini On the beaCh or Tell Him Wat u wanna Do when ull See him ;) ! i Guess that will help

SexyBitch! Nov 28 2009 12:22pm FLAG
U bee Horny And Start Telling Some Stuff And he Will Get into it ;) ! xoxo Have Fun

TwtaHw Nov 28 2009 12:23pm FLAG
U bee Horny And Start Telling Some Stuff And he Will Get into it ;) ! xoxo Have Fun

TwtaHw Nov 28 2009 12:23pm FLAG
just take him somewhere when no one is watching suck d*CK AND LET HIM F* U DOOGY STYLE

good slut Dec 11 2009 5:37pm FLAG
just take him somewhere when no one is watching suck his d*CK AND LET HIM DOOGY STYLE

good slut Dec 11 2009 5:38pm FLAG
suck his d*ck hard

Anonymous Dec 11 2009 5:38pm FLAG
give him a hand job and get him to finger you

Anonymous Dec 20 2009 1:27pm FLAG
ly in bed start kissing him, then get on top of him and just keep kissin and move your body up and down like if u r actually having sex with him. rub ur against him. then pull him on top of you

Anonymous Dec 20 2009 1:42pm FLAG
i dnt no y pepz say ur to lil 4 this beause they dnt get it im a **** miself and i hav not had sex yet but i still think about it ... i still get hornie and wanna start watchin pron ... and i still thik im in love then put miself down wen he dumps me ... its just a part of life and no1 can stop tha

anonymous Dec 21 2009 12:33pm FLAG
Just talk abt it ... make him sit there ...ask him nt to touch at first touch his 'sensitive' parts ... talk abt wht U did in a spoiled way ...sit on his lap n ask him to speak then ask him to stop if u wana hear something then move Ur head n lik his ears n neck kiss him on his cheek ... He'll ask u to stop n he'll move ur clothes n his So then U go crazy !!

me ! Dec 22 2009 9:29pm FLAG
jst tuch his balls and lick his anus

girl Dec 27 2009 4:34pm FLAG
Just touch his penis

Hot girl Dec 28 2009 1:48pm FLAG
suck ez nipple tikkle ez earlobe then get on top of him denn start snogging him it shud work :)

xXxsaimaaaa...xXx Jan 10 2010 8:27am FLAG
Just sit on his lap, if he thinks your fit then he will get a boner and it will not go down until you get off!

SPUTNIK Feb 01 2010 10:00am FLAG
eww.. B0ys are assh0les!

Wife of joseph van bue Feb 16 2010 7:08pm FLAG
takee himm somewheree unexspectidly start to play fight but soon just kiss him get on his lap and start rubbin hard and slow work your way down onto his neck then work your hands a lil by opening and unzipping his trousers then go down his boxes he will be harddd byy thenn trustt i havee donee it andd the sex was amazingg

anonymus Feb 16 2010 9:33pm FLAG
Well u don't have to sick his d*ck to make him . Ok so get him to bed just lie next to him. Then talk a little but make it sweet not sexy. He will eventually start kissing u and he will hold u tighter. When he does that push him away and than go on top of him start kissing him and move ur body on him. But bight his lip and play with his hair in a seductive way and start biting and give him a hicki while u r doing that he would be probably touching ur ass or boobs dont let him touch u. If u dont have a boaner yet, lie next to him again and stop kissing. Than he wanna be on top of u than take his shirt off and start touching his d*ck. It is my technique good luck lol.

Anonymous Mar 06 2010 8:25am FLAG
Bite him

Me Mar 07 2010 2:28pm FLAG
Sit on his lap nd move your hips, then kiss him anyway you want (frenchie or peck) for no longer then 5 seconds, After that keep teasing him and he'll be all yours... ive used it on a few of my x-bfs nd even on my current bf... it hasnt failed me yet

The Bossy One Apr 01 2010 6:58pm FLAG
kiss him roughly make him want it.. grab his d*ck but dont let him grab you to muchh play hard to get. push yur aass against him let him push his hard d*ckk up against you through your trousers/nickers whatever.. show him a good timewith not to much dirty then let him rub you down below then yous will both end up wanting it.. believe me it worked last night for me ;) enjoy yourself.. use protection :) xox

Oliviaaaaa Apr 17 2010 7:45pm FLAG
well just go to the moveis, go all the way to the front n get on ur knees n give him the best head u can give!! i gave head to a boy in the school bathroom in trust me he loved it!!

lil miss freak nasty!! <3 Apr 21 2010 4:13pm FLAG
well ders alot u can do.......... u can go to da movies "acidetaly" spill ur drink on his pants unzip them and well u get it or u can kiss him nd wen he seems lik he wants u pull bakk denn push him on da bed nd start kissin him et on top of him nd move around on his d*ck(o nd were a skirt wit no undies) den he'll u thru his pants so u wont need a condum lol <3

Sexiibitch Apr 26 2010 3:56pm FLAG
bop bop bop baby PLEASE dont let me gooooo <3

westlife May 06 2010 11:09am FLAG
Nibble his neck a little. act cute. and slowly gently kiss him untill he wants to kiss you properly... then when he does. tease. pull away? x

MA MERE. May 06 2010 2:31pm FLAG
well personally, i like to tickle his nose an then later that night we pray together, religious sex what could be better.. MWAHA , have fun kiddy's ;)

religiously sexy May 07 2010 12:49pm FLAG
Just sit on his lap facing him, look him in de eye and then say "i want u" bite ur lip while lookin at his lips push ur tights 2 his penus & start kissin him on the neck

Unknown slut May 19 2010 9:25am FLAG

Pervs Jun 12 2010 6:04am FLAG
trust me this aint even my guy but seriously ly next to him rub his sides and neck while'observing his body' and play with his chst, try and stroke inside the ear aswell .xxx

tawnijade Jun 16 2010 10:34am FLAG
wear a short skirt, buh make sure you dont show all to him , he will have the thirst to see whats in there . wear a top showing off ur clevage. this alwayz turns my boy up . haha . kiss around his neck and whisper some sexy talks in his ears. some sexy sounds alwaz has a great influence ;).. go get your boy girl. xD

Ms X Jun 21 2010 11:23am FLAG
wear a short skirt, buh make sure you dont show all to him , he will have the thirst to see whats in there . wear a top showing off ur clevage. this alwayz turns my boy up . haha . kiss around his neck and whisper some sexy talks in his ears. some sexy sounds alwaz has a great influence ;).. go get your boy girl. xD

Ms X Jun 21 2010 11:26am FLAG
Put your hand down his pants and touch his d*ckk, then when you're all hot unbutton his pants and leave him a hickey onn his lower waist. ;D

k mehhh Jun 27 2010 6:39pm FLAG
I love both d*ckk and while eating a puss. ;9

mmmmmmm ;D Jun 27 2010 7:33pm FLAG
go behind a wall and kiss him then he should push u upa gainst the wall and start touching ur ass and boobs and then moove you hands down and touck his c*ck sigh and groan

it works Jul 17 2010 11:37pm FLAG
Give hm sum few bites on hs ears dwn hs neck,dwn hs chest..jst cut da kis nd gv hm a naughty smile,nd jst giggle a bit sexy..rub ur hand around hs d*ck gently very gently n start 2 kiss sm00thly nd me he wil b droling ol ova ur body within 5 seconds.

Diva diven em0 bitch Jul 27 2010 11:25pm FLAG
make him get hard den sit on his lap an start moving around

sexy 1 Jul 28 2010 4:17am FLAG
-Sit On His Lap &'dd Move Around Ah Lil .. Then Whisper Sumthinqq Dirty N His Ear ..! Worxz Fah Mhee(:

The BaddExt Jul 30 2010 1:30am FLAG
Poop on his d*ck

v Aug 04 2010 5:45am FLAG
while kissing him put your hands around around his pantline and unbutton them, and gently touchh around that area

ur mom Aug 04 2010 9:04pm FLAG
take your top off and tease him by taking ur bra off then rub ur boobs together

sexy gal Aug 05 2010 4:54pm FLAG

stop bein a in c*ck Aug 09 2010 1:46pm FLAG
I wannt my y im and i already want my cl*t licked yhu gottga be good thoo i want a 10 minute orgasm!!!!

puussyy licckk !!! Oct 04 2010 8:53pm FLAG
Just go shag the guy make sure he has a boner then start suckin u bas as* bitc*!

***star Oct 25 2010 4:52pm FLAG
go ahead

nanooon Jan 15 2011 8:12am FLAG
Do cute little giggles, and push him onto a bed and lay in top of him and start making out and take off his shirt and slowly move you hand down to his pubic line and then move up it'll make ohm ...

***staar Jan 16 2011 8:48am FLAG
take off ur clothes slowly infront of him..thn ask him 2finger boy lov dat..!!

Hot Chick Feb 06 2011 9:18am FLAG
suck his d*ck deyym

miming Feb 08 2011 11:58pm FLAG
rub ur handz around hiz thighz and start talkin sexy to hin

vannessa Mar 27 2011 9:47am FLAG
Strip for him while dancing

Anonymous Apr 17 2011 3:12pm FLAG
i want you to lik my

Anonymous Apr 30 2011 2:58pm FLAG
start talking horney

kesha May 01 2011 9:34am FLAG
french kiss then ush ur hand under hid shirt move ur hands slowly down to his c*ck rub it slowly thru his pants im nd it wrks for my bf then wen e is hard he pounds my azz thru his pants :P

wet b*tch May 11 2011 5:41pm FLAG

gurl2223 May 15 2011 12:42pm FLAG
touch his d*ck and suck it.

oten May 20 2011 6:43pm FLAG
gently kiss ur man's lips then slowly kiss him on da neck while playing wth his chests he'll get wet

anonymous May 21 2011 1:08pm FLAG
Bite his neck, pull his hair, run your nails down his chest or back, kiss him; like proper get it on then when he seems into it, get up and walk away slowly- make sure you walk towards a wall;) Also, roll on top of him. Sit on his lap and rub against his d*ck, at first make it seem like an accident but then when he gets a boner, go for it, sweetie ;)

Scene Whore Queen xxx May 24 2011 12:11pm FLAG
put whip cream on his d*ck and slowy suck it;)

sugargirl May 30 2011 7:29pm FLAG
To make him , u hav to wear a sexy dress. Sooo sexxxy that he shud notice n say something bout it..... Then say dirty n sexy stuffs..... Kiss him, make out wid him, kiss him in neck, lick beside his ears.... Dnt do anything embarrassing.... At d end hugg him tightly... I guess u can feel his d*** standing...!!! XD :P

NaughtyGirl Jun 01 2011 4:10am FLAG
Do a "HOT KISS". Lick his stomach up to his lips , then start rubbing his cheek & kiss him .

Ababbee. Jun 02 2011 3:44am FLAG
Go die

Kill urself Jun 05 2011 1:50am FLAG
My boyfriend and I ride the bus together and it's not as impossible as you'd think to do anything on the ride home. So what we do is grab a blanket and stay under it. I'll rub his thigh and we'll play the nervous game quietly. As soon n as I feel him getting hard, I'll let him put his hand on my thigh and run it to my nooki. He'll get really turned on and grab my waist with one hand, finger me with the other, and lean me back in the seat to kiss me. Maybe that's why the school calls our bus the schmex bus...Hmm. :)

Anastas!a Jun 06 2011 12:57pm FLAG
Jus gv hm a kic..only if u cn kiss gal ohw nd dnt forget 2 gv hm dat eye eye sucking ur pointing finger wit ur sexy bg eyez ow trust me it works duh and am only never had sex just like kissing 2much

Bictchhyy bitchoow Jun 14 2011 3:45pm FLAG
Jus gv hm a kic..only if u cn kiss gal ohw nd dnt forget 2 gv hm dat eye eye sucking ur pointing finger wit ur sexy bg eyez ow trust me it works duh and am only never had sex just like kissing 2much

Bictchhyy bitchoow Jun 14 2011 3:46pm FLAG
Jesus Christ, people need to learn to spell... But yeah, as everyone else said, kiss his neck, stomach, but stop at the pube line - and just keep going until he is begging for you:P

Madison Jun 14 2011 10:12pm FLAG
Eat a pan and eat a lamb!!! It will get him so .

Dr. Darfy! DUHH! Jun 14 2011 10:14pm FLAG
Look at him and den look da other way.then stRt to kiss him slow and passion with ur hands working him.

LAsmiley Jun 15 2011 5:23pm FLAG
Ask him Wut he lyks, then do itt and he will qett the hint that yhhu want him((:

B(ig)S(ukin)L(ips)xD Jun 26 2011 4:28am FLAG
Tie hime on the bed, put whipped cream on you boobs and a cherry on each nipple then mascurbate , groan alot , then start kissing him and feeling him up!!

Mary-am Jul 09 2011 10:07pm FLAG
Tie hime on the bed, put whipped cream on you boobs and a cherry on each nipple then mascurbate , groan alot , then start kissing him and feeling him up!!

Mary-am Jul 09 2011 10:07pm FLAG
Geez...people need to learn to spell...ANYWAYS!Dry humping is a good way to get him started! Or if you're really serious then do a little role-play.Don't let him actually have sex with you! Just tease a bit..

Sexy Toxic Vamp Jul 10 2011 10:06pm FLAG
Hahaha girll give himma blow Job!!!! Tease him a little. Suck whipped cream of his d*ck and make him lick something of ur boobs... Total turn on... Don't let him touch u dough... Make him begg... Den wth give it too him... Also try dry humpin... It's fun... N I'm only !!!

MoniqueAlexiaMarie Jul 12 2011 9:46pm FLAG
SUKK HIS DIKK he will repayy u later he mayy even finger u or suck a loliepop first or even send him a vid of u fingering urself he will probs wank over it wat me and my bf do it s and eveerything we are compleately ***** and once i gave him head in the cinemar he loved it and repayyed me later he fingerd me and cummed allove me and tonight we have the house to ourselfs sooo we gonna have all sorts of funn ;0

bitch Jul 16 2011 4:12am FLAG
Touch His Penis Tender And Den Touch It Rought

A Boy Jul 25 2011 5:51pm FLAG
Tease him, no need ta be a slut, just like accidentally rub your t*ts when you go to like brush a hair from your face and bite your lip, If he is your bf or whatever then you can like kiss him on the forehead then the nose, ears, cheeks, chin and neer the lips but then just get up, he'll be beggin for more :P

Me ? Jul 26 2011 5:45pm FLAG
sit on his lap and move ur butt around on his penis. take off ur shirt and let him feel ur boobs inside ur bra (tease him)kiss his neck then make ur way to his lips and tease him by slighty rubbing ur lips on his then make small noises in his ears. eventually he will want u to take ur bra off...and ur pants..... googd luck and have fun =)

boobie girlll Aug 17 2011 10:59am FLAG
sit on his lap, but backwards so you're facing him then lean in and trace his neck with your fingertips and whisper i'm a dirty slut for you in his ear makes em pop everytime!

`bitchhhiiinwwhore! Aug 26 2011 3:22am FLAG
Many girls/women want to know how to make their boyfriend or someone they like know that subtle and sweet gives the best pleasure. Dont just enter the room wearing leather and kinky accesories and short skirts aren't a decent option either. Studies show that the more a female masturbates the more they know about how to pleasure. If you have any idea's on how you want to make him , picture it in your head and ask yourself these questions: would he really like this? Do i want to do this? Put yourself in his position. The sly but subtle ways are: candy/sweets-lollipops or bubblegum, cute but rather sexy. Clothing-shorts and a vest top are always great and help flatter your figure. Speech- sometimes its best not to say anything at all. Just bite your lip and let the action do the talking. If you dont want to have sex, don't lead him on too much. REMEMBER: -neck action is the best action. -everybody is different. - dont do what you dont want to do.

Sex helpline Aug 26 2011 6:33am FLAG
This is just plain out wrong

Anonymous Sep 05 2011 10:42pm FLAG
This is just plain out wrong

Anonymous Sep 06 2011 2:38pm FLAG
kiss him on his neck , rub his d*ck a lil. but dont start nothin u cant finish

mary jane Sep 09 2011 6:52pm FLAG
well wherever you are bed,couch,schoolbus watever..first get him alone then lay on him u could be in charge or him but better if you are and when u r sit on him and give him that evil grin and whisper in his ear something sexy but naughty and rub around on him that works..alot

vampirechick Sep 12 2011 1:57pm FLAG
Hun iv been wondering the same thin I mean I don have a Boy yet but I will and I want him to want me I need advice but not involved with no cloths and kissing his stomach

Nikki Marie Sep 19 2011 2:23pm FLAG
look into his eyes and smile. have him hold you.tell him you want him. wear something cute but comfortable and simple.

just be sweet Oct 05 2011 3:21pm FLAG
Sit on his lap facing him and rub ur ass against his leg but nesr to his d*ck. Then get him to pull his trousers down or pull them down yourself and his pants. Then start sucking his d*ck slowly then gradually get faster. Then sit back on his lap and stick that amazing sexy d*ck up your vagina and hump him and feel the sperm. Im , never had sex but watch *** 24/7! Enjoy your sex and make him all the time that way youll be having sex everyday. X

Sex/vagina/d*ck/sperm Oct 06 2011 1:37pm FLAG
Stop asking dumm questions slut and go ers

Tamari chisolm Nov 21 2011 2:01pm FLAG
start making out then sorta hump him get undressed undress him and him hard

Anonymous Nov 23 2011 1:26am FLAG
Make sure yous are alone and make him sit down and you sit on his lap facing him and malke sure your ass is right on his d*ck and then give him slow long kisses ;D

Random Dec 03 2011 2:53am FLAG
well........just have fun!! lol the only thing u can do to make him is hold his d*ck or suck it thats the main idea

peachess Dec 21 2011 1:11pm FLAG
Kiss on his neck lightly, open your mouth a little, you should be on his lap facing him, nibble on his ear, run your hands and fingers down his back trace lines down his lower back, put one hand on the back of his head and the other on his d*ck gently rub, whisper in his ear 'I want you so bad' move down into the laying down position make sure your on top, make him grab your bum, then switch you can now take his top off and jeans down, switch again, kiss down his body, meanwhile keep your hands on his chest, now suck him, drives him wild, make a little noise, show him your enjoying it. Now ask him to do nasty things, ask him to finger you, make him rub your cl*t, its amazing.

SEXYMAMA Dec 22 2011 4:06pm FLAG
tell him you don't want his money

Andy Jan 01 2012 8:06pm FLAG
tell him you don't want his money

Andy Jan 01 2012 8:06pm FLAG
First what yuh wanna do is say something sexy then kiss him slowly then fast. Nibble his ear guys really really really love it then take his pants out then start sucking his sexy d*ck then get in him get it in and him so so hard that he would get a boner!

S3xii pu$$ii Jan 02 2012 7:34pm FLAG
Suck His d*ck will naver work becuz dey always expose girls sit on his lap put your hand on his zipper n the other around him wisper "IT'S ON BABY" tongue kiss deeply n give him lots of hickies n u can gt some 2 den let him finger u instead on sex ((no sperm)) n u can jack him off he will <3 stuff like dhatt......... den if u r a freaky slut let him dnt gt pregant!!!! if u r in skool do it on the stairs very easy n quite n sexy ;) n if u wnt 2 show off U CAN ALWAYS DO IT N FRONT OF A CROWRD IT IS UP 2 U ............ N IF U dnt have no bf/gf well gt bytch cuz i do!!!! ((N DAH SEX IS GREAT))

SEX d*ck PU$$Y GT SME :) Jan 08 2012 10:08am FLAG
Stroke his d*ck and go down to give him a blow job. Pause and tell him how u would like him to come into your mouth and face.

ZAINAB Jan 24 2012 5:19am FLAG
push him against a wall (and he have to be hugging you from behind) start breathing a little heavy and whisper dirty things in his ear (Like im a little slut for you). then start sucking his neck. Then grab his hands and guide them to your paintie line [his hands will be in your pants]. Then guide him to your azz [still in your pants]. After that turn around so you would be facing him. Slowly guide his hands under your shirt and then wen his hand!!!!!

S|?&#306;Y_B?&#306;CH Feb 20 2012 10:38pm FLAG
sit on his lap and start kissing him then eventually put your hand in his pants and squeeze those boys right away he be begging for more

sexaddict (DDD) Feb 23 2012 6:11pm FLAG
Make dirty noises

love Feb 26 2012 12:16am FLAG
Don't listen to any of these.. You should be finding out for yourself what turns him on, experiment and you'll soon know. Trust.

it works. Mar 03 2012 2:02am FLAG
make a noise like a drying moose. like errrongggmauuag!! science says guys really like animal noises. cat purring works for me too. my guy says he really likes goose honking.

zookeeper3000 Mar 18 2012 7:46am FLAG
Make him dry hump u doggy style

lip7 Apr 20 2012 2:36pm FLAG
Just sit on top of his d*ck,start jumpping up and down something like that and then kiss him on the neck and keep your hands by his d*ck!

I've done it all Apr 23 2012 2:43pm FLAG
Just sit on his lap with your legs open and kiss him from his d*ck and upwardss..oo get a black one or a mixed raced one because there always the best& BIGGEST;)

SHIRLEY Apr 26 2012 10:25am FLAG
Tell him you're going to dress him up as a schoolgirl, tie his hands behind his back and finger his ass till he cums in his knickers. Works every time!

Jean Apr 30 2012 5:39am FLAG
Da faq? Be a brony :O

The Epic Pegasister May 01 2012 7:29pm FLAG
These ppl r crazy there r som creepy ass ppl on here

Anonymous May 06 2012 10:05am FLAG
My first time giving a bj was at skool under a desk I loved sucking his d*ck:)...and still do;D

naughty girl May 06 2012 10:07am FLAG
My first time giving a bj was at skool under a desk I loved sucking his d*ck:)...and still do;D

naughty girl May 06 2012 10:07am FLAG
Rub your hand up and down his inner thigh while your sitting besides each other and then you can start to wrestle him and when your on top of him just start makeing out with him and touch him on his back and stomach and kiss his neck and ear.

Meme meme May 18 2012 4:58pm FLAG
Ok let me tell u how things happened between my man and I well my first time I was just fooling around....I know this guy so we just friends nothing else then 1day he got me I guess the boobs him touching u and moan 2 let him knw u enjoying it but take things slowly not 2 fast or u won't enjoy it or watch a *** movie with him and try doing so of the things

HornyBitch May 19 2012 2:12pm FLAG
so no sex ok 1st make sure your not ing say

damn im May 20 2012 11:05am FLAG
listen to damn im

May 20 2012 11:07am FLAG
kiss him and make sure his d*ck gets big then get ***** and let him finger your ass

rack city a$$ May 20 2012 11:08am FLAG
Play wth hs body parts a lil....nd kiss hm al ovr

Sweet thang Jun 01 2012 7:19am FLAG
Move your hand in his pances and moves up and down

Sex Jun 03 2012 2:37am FLAG
I like how people say that this girl is a slut for asking this and that she should find out her self but yet your also asking the same question Mhhhm don't make sense but anyways just sit on his lap and kiss him on his lips and the his neck to his collar bone don't to the lining of his pants or boxers and go back up and the grind on him soon he will turned on .... Good luck

HadSoManyLovers Jun 04 2012 8:40pm FLAG
Me and this boy are like onit and everything and we have been like talking about what turns him on and he says that sitting on his lap and kissing him and sucking his neck...also if you talk about him wanking over and tbh all you have to do is ask hin what you like and play along with being flirty that's what maes him that will give him a boner straight x

a duck x Jun 06 2012 5:40am FLAG
Kiss him and let him know that u want him while giving him a hand job

anonomyous Jun 14 2012 6:14pm FLAG
Hold his ass tight

Me myself and i Jun 19 2012 1:04pm FLAG
open ua bra n rub ur tits n nipples...let him suck thm..

bigbreastbaby Jun 24 2012 2:15am FLAG
A n blow job does it for my guy.

Horny slut Jul 01 2012 2:14am FLAG

***STAR Jul 06 2012 2:43pm FLAG

loveall Jul 12 2012 12:38am FLAG
let him very slowly .... eat some pie THEN you have to bark out the window .

Can Someone Lick My Jul 18 2012 7:31am FLAG

Girl Who Gets Turned on really Quick(.)(.)Luv Sex Jul 18 2012 2:48pm FLAG
Take a sock of girl hes a dude hahahaha

Funny guy Aug 01 2012 4:33pm FLAG
Bab..listen turning a guy on is easy all u need to do is get the right get my boy horney all I need to do is stroke is side and then I kiss him and I look him in the eyes give him a little smile and the he turns over and he's on top of me and when he is I stroke the bottom of his back and BAM!!...he's hard just find the right tecneke and there u go...sorry about the selling though haha xxxx hope everything works out for yaa xxx

model Aug 06 2012 6:30pm FLAG
him hardddd! ;)

Anonymous Aug 08 2012 7:50pm FLAG
Dry humping can be really fun and a huge turn on. You want him hard? Sit on his lap and grind on him hard ;) after a few minutes of that slowly graze your fingertips down his stomach to his d*ck. If your innocent enough he will be really surprised and turned on at the same time. I'm fif**** and it works wonders for me. My boyfriend wants me so bad everyday I can give him a boner just by saying something sexy to him.

The secret whore ;) Aug 16 2012 9:05pm FLAG
look hot, sound hot, feel hot, BE HOT!

stupid hoe Aug 17 2012 9:48pm FLAG
sit on his lap, lick his neck & stick your tongue in his left ear. he will start moaning.... make sexy sounds like a man is ing u

baree Aug 31 2012 2:07pm FLAG
ok so ive like looked everywhere on how to turn a guy on and wat most guys like uve just got to bite his neck and whisper in his ear ive tried different things with my bf like we were at a park at this music fest thing and i started kissing him and bit his neck meanwhile i was rubing his chest then his sides then right by his d*ck whispering how bad do u want me he got so we mad out rough and he pushed me up against a wall and made out oh my god he went nuts it was amazing!!!

sex lover <3 Sep 10 2012 12:57am FLAG
Stroke it underneath

Dhebe Sep 20 2012 5:15am FLAG

TOM Sep 20 2012 9:33am FLAG

EL PLAYER Sep 28 2012 4:25pm FLAG
Just suck his d*ck pull it rub ittie him to the bed put whipped cream on the tip of his d*ck show him your boobs slap his face then start ing him of his d*ck

im now Oct 08 2012 3:15am FLAG
Just lick his d*ck suck his d*ck rub his d*ck play around with his d*ck it'll make him soooool in hoarny

im hoarny Oct 08 2012 3:18am FLAG
My bf likes it when I kiss his neck and touch his c*ck. Do that then whisper something sexy in his ear like "You look so hot today" He'll go heckin' insane!

WetSnatchedBitch Oct 09 2012 1:28pm FLAG
/).(\ (\^.^/) Play Peek A Boo! Hah Jk. Just Suck His C*ck. YOLO Right??? ^.^

PiiiikaChuuuLuvsssYuuuu!<3 Oct 09 2012 1:32pm FLAG
/)-º Facepalm

(\^*^/) LovedoveyHOTT Oct 09 2012 1:34pm FLAG
Talk sexy to him, lay him on the bed, take control kiss him on his neck, and play with his c*ck

Bitch pleaze! -_- Oct 12 2012 4:33pm FLAG
make out with him and play with the button on his pants!

person you dont know Oct 13 2012 7:00pm FLAG
make out with him and gently rub his d*ck through his pants! that should do it!

iloveconal<3 Oct 13 2012 7:03pm FLAG
Babe... All I can say to you is give him what he wants.. Try this its really cute when you fake wrestle right??? Well while u are fake fighting grab him and pull him on to you,your legs must be open and he must be lying on u,you start making out with him,that always gets things hot,this works better if your a ****ager =)

*BabeXxx* Oct 14 2012 7:22am FLAG
Im so

Six**** year old Oct 14 2012 1:50pm FLAG
ask him if hes honey thing pull on his shorts then say r u horney yet

me baby Oct 24 2012 4:55pm FLAG
i wanna do someone right now

do me hard Oct 24 2012 4:56pm FLAG

kylie Nov 02 2012 2:19pm FLAG
There is so many people on here that are freaking retarded. If you don't want to actually have sex with him, him daily, and pretty soon he'll be wanting you so bad. I this guy I met at a school football game, and now everyday he is staring me down and wishing to me. Hopefully we can sometime.. Hopefully we can dry hump in the meantime, or I can sit on his lap in a dark corner and rub my ass on his d*ck(; <3 xx Wish me luck and good luck to you!! ;DD (:

Oshe Baby Gurll Nov 06 2012 7:53pm FLAG
Mmm baby I would want to kk I'm so turned on by you;) I want you here laying with me;). Now I'm all hard and wishing you^^ were here to help me;). These are only some of the s he sent me^^(Oshe Baby Gurll.) c;

Marcus and Oceana<3 Nov 06 2012 8:09pm FLAG
This is some kak en wrong asvice let me give you some you make him made and then you just ingnore him and you take is hand and start talking sad you take his hand and put in on you wast and you you stand afront of him and take you closs off and you sit ontop off him and jol him with a lot off tong and you make him Hard ... That's all I'm gne say you nw what to do next good luck have fun....!!!

PRODLY sponsert by : Sammy D Nov 07 2012 12:18pm FLAG
just look him in da eyes and spit in his face.....ask mee been there done that got a T-shirt

sponser by SAMMy .D aigen Nov 07 2012 12:30pm FLAG
okay so last night me and my best friend (guy) were playing soccer and it was completely dark outside. we are very touchy and even at school. then we went on the trampoline in my backyard and he was lying on the trampoline, i came over and i sat right on top of him and we started making out. this was the first time we had every actually made out so it was fun and new. after a few minutes i began to hump him and he got sooo hard. after like 10 minutes i had unbottoned his jeans and he was now just wearing boxers. i kept rubbing his d*ck and he was going crazzzzyy so i took out his d*ck and i started to blow him. at this time we were on the trampoline still and we were basically bouncing while i was sucking his d*ck. i was so ed on the trampoline for sooo long. that was honestly the best night of my life and im so sore but it was completely worth it.

SEXYMOTHAA Nov 10 2012 12:29pm FLAG
heyyyy, my best freind is a boy too! And we had ''secret sex.'' The next day we acted like nothing happened. Even though he has a girl freind. HAHA in ur face CINDY! YEA I BLEW UR BOYFREIND RATTY A SS BITCH.

not virgin Nov 11 2012 9:12pm FLAG
this question is from 2004 DAAAMMMNNNN we so late

FUKmeMAYBE Nov 12 2012 7:32pm FLAG

hoe/slut/hoe Nov 12 2012 7:45pm FLAG
While making out, rub your hand over his schist run some of your hair across him. Kiss him on the neck. Circle his lips with the tip of your tongue (:

SlutForChris<3 Nov 18 2012 6:17pm FLAG

SlutForChris<3 Nov 18 2012 6:18pm FLAG
I sucked off my dad once and tossed his jerk

(=========3 Dec 02 2012 2:38pm FLAG
Hey I just raped you and this is crazy so me mabe

anus-rapist Dec 02 2012 2:40pm FLAG
HERES SOME REAL ADVICE. BASICALLY just keep touching him wid yur body parts or 'accidently' brush yur tits aenst him ahaa -TRUST it will work...then u keep doin it n he'll get and start doin it back or start talkin dirty n u just do the same...let him no that hes free to do wat he wants wd'chu.

aNORMALperson Dec 04 2012 12:30pm FLAG

wierdo Dec 04 2012 12:31pm FLAG
hey i just met you and this is crazy heres my adress so fuk me maybe ok so act normal and sexy at the same damn time! like rub your tits on him and sit on his lap and bend over in front of him to get something you acidently dropped. DUN!

READ ME!!!!!! Dec 06 2012 7:57pm FLAG

∞infinte∞chainz Dec 06 2012 8:01pm FLAG
get on top of him and make out with him...put his hands on ur boobs..rub ur knee in the croch of his pants and tell him u want him.....get off... go to bathroom... look back.. if hes looking u got him

GOOD LUCK!!!!!! Dec 09 2012 11:42am FLAG

i^o^ Dec 12 2012 4:48am FLAG
try lying down next to him on your bed andbask him if he is in know time. ^_^

condoms are delish Dec 14 2012 3:53am FLAG
fart in his mouth!sounds cray cray but beleive meeeee there are scientific test being help at this very second stating that woman smells such as fart and foot odor are beloved by men. SIKE

urMOMisFAT Dec 16 2012 11:06pm FLAG
ur oviously a desperate kid whom masterbates, watches too much tv, and is stupid enough that want to make a 9 year old . 9 Year olds dont have balls to suck or c*cks to stroke so get a life.

(O.o) Dec 16 2012 11:15pm FLAG
him real hard.

d*ckfacehoe Dec 17 2012 7:22pm FLAG
ohmygaa i cant believe i read all that D:

sexsexsexsexsex69 Dec 19 2012 1:47pm FLAG

1 Dec 26 2012 9:34am FLAG

-1' Dec 26 2012 9:34am FLAG
Just grab that d*ck and stick it up Ur vagina and then take it out and bite it real hard make him scream and let him slap Ur ass .

Professional Dec 26 2012 11:31am FLAG
Just take his hand and put it up you shirt or pants GOOD LUCK

excperrianst boy Dec 31 2012 9:27am FLAG
Add her she is real horney 27081C3F

er Dec 31 2012 11:57am FLAG
Squeeze his thigh a bit then move on to sucking on his earlobe, and brushing by his hand or leg or skin. Later you can grab his c*ck and he'll know you want him.

Girlfriend Jan 01 2013 7:34pm FLAG
tongue him deeeply, then kiss him from his neck and bite his boxers or tease him into thinking your going to go down his boxers or sit on his lap and whine on him or rub his thigh then grab his d*ck sexually and rub and play with it abit

sex freak Jan 02 2013 7:44pm FLAG
My boyfriend likes it when hes cuddling me hard or dry humping me hard when i dig mynails in or bite him it makes himm completlyy hard

Bubba doll Jan 18 2013 12:39am FLAG

your mum Jan 20 2013 6:55pm FLAG
You people need to worry less about turning your man on and more about learning how tp spell, and use grammer!! Kay thanks!

a damn dictionary Feb 08 2013 10:01pm FLAG
What you really need to do it sit on his lap and tthen he will lean over for a kiss and he usually will get on top of then you slap his ass

ADVICE Mar 19 2013 4:57am FLAG
Suck a anyways ha or at least for me

naetoine Mar 25 2013 3:02pm FLAG

Anish May 03 2013 12:19pm FLAG

raju bhajar May 03 2013 12:21pm FLAG
Turn some music on and dance not a lap dance just dance don't be to slutty about it. Now sit him down somewhere and sit down on top of him. Now put you forehead on his forehead take it off and slowly go in for a kiss when your lips touch and you kiss once then back your head up look into his eyes then at his lips go in for some hardcore make out put your hands in his shirt starting at his pant line and slowly move them up now run his back now start to move down slowly with your fingertips going on the front go on the top of his legs and stop right by his package now rub and he should be good to go

off May 26 2013 7:46pm FLAG
I was just going through everything yal said,i think imma take dis advice too thanks :-)

Sarita Jun 04 2013 2:01pm FLAG
I just needed to know other ways to turn my man on,you know try something different

Sarita Jun 04 2013 2:03pm FLAG

d*ck lover Jun 16 2013 1:26pm FLAG
To make him horney u gonna lap dance him n his d*ck gets hard

maria Jun 23 2013 11:39am FLAG
just trust yourself all you have to to is just go with the flow

jessica Jul 08 2013 9:33pm FLAG
just straddle dat biotch moan in his ear lick his neck and kiss his hipbones and whisper "i want ur boy" it makes my boy go crayyyyyyy.

baby Jul 14 2013 7:25am FLAG
sit on his lap and letvhim touch you hell gey tovthe pount

gufbkggj Aug 01 2013 3:05pm FLAG
flirt let him touch you ex,breast,bum

hv ooooohhh Aug 01 2013 3:06pm FLAG
U can both lay on the park or something and u get on top of him and lean to kiss him then slowly with one hand go downwards to his d*ck and slowly get it back up then kiss his neck and make a hicky....<3

~bonnyG~ Aug 05 2013 11:30pm FLAG
Ok something u actualy want I'm ur same age Or atleast was Lol but for other people Or this is wht u wanna do okif u want to make him because of The other day ......good luck kids

young relationships Aug 13 2013 9:38pm FLAG
Rong advice All of u find me on kik my username is ovaova3 nd I'll tell u good advice That will work perfectly for All ages under but tell me wht advice u want

good relationship advice Aug 13 2013 9:43pm FLAG
Just have sex wit him let his penis go in your vigina and first go in and out slow then fast let him cum All in your mouth anth inside of u and start fingering your self wene u kiss have a condome The Or just don't So it feels wonderful I've already done it and I'm just nine and he was just ten

wonderful sex Aug 13 2013 9:48pm FLAG
I've just had sex and it felt So good to get ***** infront of a guy I sucked his penis and he sucked my you know wht and it felt So good wene he put his penis in me it was The best day of my life I swere

sexgirl plzzzzz sex wit me it feels awsome Aug 13 2013 9:52pm FLAG
- Sit On Top Of His Lap & Wrap Your Legs Around Him, Then French Kiss Him && Let Him Feel On Your Breasts While You Move Your Hips Up & Down On Him ....Slowly And Then Faster, ;;; Watch What Happens ((: works For me.

BabyDoll(: Aug 16 2013 7:14pm FLAG
Sit next to each other and rub up and down his leg slowly or play "the nervous game" and then after doing that for a min, sit on top of his d*ck and move up and down, start slow then get faster... As you do this let him feel your tits and undo your bra. Then put your hand on his d*ck and start rubbing, if you really want to go further let him finger you

bitch.number.1 Aug 22 2013 9:25am FLAG
Jst kiss him on hiz neck n den hiz lips n slowly unbutton hiz pantz n den move ur hand around hiz d*ck make him feel naughty ;)

crazy bitch Sep 05 2013 12:42pm FLAG
Stroke his body slowly and lie on top of him you should be moving up and down

Christy Sep 07 2013 4:02pm FLAG
Make out. Take his top off kiss him starting by his neck all the way down to his d*ck. Suck his head slowly, rub his d*ck against ur tounge. Tease him with his own d*ck while staring in his eyes. Tell him u want him to make u cum 10 times. Then u r ready for action

dee Sep 24 2013 7:35am FLAG
LiWKjF wow, awesome post.Really thank you! Fantastic.

FHidKRoXPDUGcqYBom Oct 23 2013 4:50pm FLAG
Tell him you want his cum all over you

Cum lover Nov 10 2013 10:46pm FLAG
This is so nasty!!

This is so nasty!! Dec 14 2013 5:23pm FLAG

Sexy sam Dec 23 2013 12:30pm FLAG
Hey becky

Sexy sam Dec 23 2013 12:31pm FLAG
Hey sam

Sexy Becky Dec 23 2013 12:31pm FLAG
Give him a hug with your arms wrapped around his neck then slowly move one hand down just towards the middle of his torso, keep your face close to his then put your lips against his (feels so much better if you smile) then start to make out

Lovetosmooch Dec 24 2013 6:10am FLAG

Anonymous Dec 30 2013 4:51pm FLAG
Give him a good back rub then lay him down on the bed and start kissing after than work your way down and give him hand job. should take you from there

SEXY MEH Feb 19 2014 12:03am FLAG
While y'all are just hanging out, sit on his lap, facing him tho. Tease him a little bit, lightly kiss him a few times, and just flirt with him. Then when y'all start gettin more into it. Whisper something sexy in his ear, kiss his neck, and massage his inner thigh right by his c*ck. Then slide your hand up to his chest, but don't let him feel you up just yet. Play hard to get. Then when you have your hand on his chest, start grinding on his lap. If you want, put your hand on his back, and scratch it. Not too harshly, but make it kinda aggressive, and sexy. But not painfull. Then when your done playing hard to get. And are ready for him to touch you, grab his had, wherever it is, and put it in your tit. He will get the point. Have fun;) And add whatever your heart desires!!;)

Trashy Trish Bitch Feb 22 2014 9:15pm FLAG

Mujse chudwana hai 80909681pooja Feb 24 2014 2:10am FLAG
RzskpL Thanks-a-mundo for the blog article.Much thanks again. Great.

HlgBrNIiR Apr 18 2014 3:11pm FLAG
he gets realy crazy jst by sitin nxt to hm and he gt a big lovin.suck hs d***k

paula May 11 2014 5:16am FLAG
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BXbOrFYKduUXM Feb 05 2015 11:03pm FLAG
Just be sweet! First, lay your head on his neck, then go in for a kiss. If it gets romantic, get on top of him. You don't have to be in sexy wear, just make sure the underpants are smoking hot! Take his hand, and guide it to your pantyline. Take off that bra and let him take off your under wear. (He should have a party in his pants!) Take off his shirt and pants... You should take it from there...!!! Be Sweet!

MissKnowItAll!!! Apr 24 2015 4:09pm FLAG

VTDsePzotSZaHXAAu Jan 01 2016 6:05am FLAG
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