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I always see my **** sons ***** at home with erections

The Problem: I'm a 48 year old dad, and I have five sons who are , , , 18 and 20 years old. We all live together at home. My sons always walk around the house ***** and I always get to see them *****. Sometimes they even walk around the hallways fully ***** even if their penis is fully erect and pointing up, and let me see it. I've also seen them masturbating in their room, and when they see me they don't stop masturbating and just let me watch. One time my son was ***** and he had an erection and I told him, "Wow! Your penis has really grown!" Then he told me, "Yeah dad, it's 7 inches long. Wanna touch it." And then he let me put my hand around his thick erection and feel how long and hard it was. Are you guys the same at home with your dads? If you are a dad, do your sons let you see them ***** too?

Asked by: JackGrey at 04:31:41 AM, Thursday, July 05, 2012 PDT FLAG


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Anonymous Jul 05 2012 9:12pm FLAG

I really want to have gay sex with my dad and I want to suck his sexy penis

Anonymous Jul 07 2012 1:25pm FLAG
Hey jack grey how old are you?

;) Jul 07 2012 10:24pm FLAG
Jack grey u r chutia.

Anonymous Jul 08 2012 9:18pm FLAG
Can yhu hook mii up with your son

Anonymous Jul 16 2012 12:12am FLAG

Wtf Oct 23 2012 11:38pm FLAG

dad Mar 14 2013 6:26pm FLAG
Im 19 and im the same with my mom. My penis is still allmost the same size as when i was two or three so it never bothered me if she saw it. When its hard its barley 2 inches and less than 1 inch soft i like to pu bk into my abdomen so its like its not even there. Usualy i wear breifs around the house or just be if im mainly in my room. My mom has caught me doing every gay thing u can think of so it doesnt bother me or her anymore if she opens the door and sees me using a big dildo or something i usually dont even stop unless she needs to ask a question or something. Were both used to it so she usualy just lets me finish. Or she will come in and dowhatever she needs to do in my room while i go about my bisness. If she dnt mind then it doesnt bother me either. My weiner looks the same as it did when i was a babby that is if its even sticking out at all lol so its never bothered either of us if she sees me

Anonoymous Apr 12 2013 5:52pm FLAG
I am a single mom age 40 with a **** son age 19. A few days ago I went in to wake him up. I found him sleeping ***** and uncovered. I said eeekk due to the shock and he woke up. I said my god am sorry but you need to at least use a sheet over you. He said OK mom its no big thing, you seen me before. Ever since he stays in a towel after his shower and sits around exposing himself. I am so embarrassed I don't say anything. I cant help seei9ng he is aroused most o0f the time. It seems to me he likes me seeing his penis and balls.

Debbie R Sep 11 2013 2:09pm FLAG
Ur totz gay

Anonymous Nov 19 2013 7:56pm FLAG
My has been exposing himself a lot lately. He's always hard and seems to be wanting me to see it. My GF told me he's only going thru raging sex hormones and I'm his female ideal right now. He seems to e wanting to be very close to me. If I wear short short's je is staring at my legs a lot. Its very strange having a son lusting on you.

Becca Oct 15 2014 9:55am FLAG
My husband told me he had been finding my missing pantyhose, panties, used condoms, bras, and even his underwear in both our sons rooms. He collected it all and left it at that.. They seem to have moved on to Internet *** which is fine with us. Just a boys will be boys thing.

Alexandra Oct 22 2014 9:55pm FLAG
I was always pretty shy around the house and I didn't even like going around in shorts or without my shirt on. But then one day my Mom caught me jerking off in my room. I was completely ***** and she came in just after I had shot a big cum load all over myself. After that there was nothing to hide so I started walking around in briefs or even *****. I felt a lot freer and sometimes when it was just Mom or my older sister around or one of my friends I would jerk off if I felt like it. The best thing was when my friend introduced me to mutual jack off and gay sex. After that I never needed to jack off alone!

Sten Oct 26 2014 10:46pm FLAG
I always stay ***** at home in front of sister and mom

Indra Oct 28 2014 7:36am FLAG

bib Jun 29 2015 1:03am FLAG
My 21 year old son was driven home after drinking. He was very drunk. He said goodnight & went to his room. Later on I saw his light still on so I went to see how he was. He had stripped out of his clothes & passed out across his bed *****. With his legs over the side everything he owns was hanging totally out there. I had not seen my son ***** since he was bout 10. It was a very strange feeling seeing my son ***** as an adult. I can't say it wasn't a sexy sight. OMG!

Melissa Jul 27 2015 6:59am FLAG
I came down stairs last night & My 23 year old son was napping on the sofa in just his robe. His robe had slipped open & his lower half was totally exposed *****. He also had a erection. I should not have kept looking but it was like impossible not to look. When he woke up I was in the kitchen so he knew I had seen everything. He apologized for not wearing shorts. I was like, it's OK accidents happen. I cant stop picturing him in ***** my mind now.

Susan 46 Oct 19 2015 5:16am FLAG
My son's were raised to nudists. They see me ***** and hard and I see them the same. Unless one party doesn't feel comfortable, there is no reason to hide. Males get and nothing takes care of that except the beauty of sex. Waking up in the morning ***** with a ***** son or two beside me is a wonderful thing.

Brent Boren Feb 22 2017 12:19am FLAG
What's wrong with this? There is nothing wrong.

Anonymous Oct 21 6:22am FLAG
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