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how to convince my aunt for sex ?

The Problem: i am a pakistani and i live in hyderabad pakistan i have very hot and sexy aunt about 43 years old but as hot as 27 she has big tits and ass his husband is out from house for weeks she has a little daughter which is my cousin me and my family go to there house nearly everyday because my uncle is out for weeks as i told you she talks to me and discuss with her all things but not regarding sex plz help me i need urgent help my id plz help me and i am

Asked by: bilno123 at 02:18:02 AM, Friday, July 06, 2012 PDT FLAG



Anonymous Jul 08 2012 6:11pm FLAG

Please tell me the ways step by step

bilno3 Jul 09 2012 11:35am FLAG
i am pretty nervous cant say to her

bilno3 Jul 10 2012 2:06am FLAG
I have the same problem only that my aunt is 29 and shes really hot and sexy so can anyone give me advice too

Anonymous Jul 10 2012 8:35am FLAG
just put a mask on her from behind and be surpriseing with out her seeing u and just rape the ed her good she will lt u play with her titis

Anonymous Jul 11 2012 11:56pm FLAG
give me relevant advices

bilno3 Jul 14 2012 12:30pm FLAG
I have da same problem but I want to fk my cousin she's 21 n I'm

Anonymous Jul 21 2012 2:04am FLAG
i met here today we talked a lot i also helped her now should continue it or do something else or take a step forward?

bilno3 Jul 22 2012 1:57am FLAG
do i caught my uncle watching *** and watching *** here in Pakistan is a big sin so i can tell my aunt about this and take advantage

bilno3 Jul 23 2012 11:49am FLAG
today i caught my uncle watching *** and watching *** here in Pakistan is a big sin so i can tell my aunt about this and take advantage

bilno3 Jul 23 2012 11:50am FLAG

skd Jul 29 2012 5:12am FLAG
just sy to her i need you body, when she is . Blackmail karne ka nahi, sabhi chudai ke pyase hair

rajiv Jul 29 2012 5:13am FLAG
today i got to knew that my uncle is my step uncle and my aunt is my step aunt and i will try it out if she gets convinced

bilno3 Jul 29 2012 5:21am FLAG
i have the same problem but she is 28y old and very beautifl i wana her but cant... we discus abotu any thing but i cant offer her for sex

SAGAR Jul 31 2012 1:31am FLAG
just tell her to uncover her body to u and say that u want to suck her big ass tits and make love to her you pakistani bitches

hate pakistanis Jul 31 2012 11:29pm FLAG
rape her rape her rape her rape her rape her.. xoxo

Kaytee Aug 05 2012 7:47am FLAG me

Anonymous Aug 05 2012 9:18am FLAG
The best thing to do is mix some sleeling pills in her drink or something or wait till shes completely sleep at night. Sneak to her bed and slowly go for the main area like her vagina. Try to take her pijamas of but just a bit so you can see het vagina. So now juat enjoy her vagina however you want. But do everything gently and if she wakes than she will do either two things. One is get along with it and have sex with you or she will just tell you to go away and dont worry she wont tell anyone as she would be too embarrassed about it because as shes pakistani she cant tell anyone. So just enjoy mate.

a friend Dec 15 2012 8:09pm FLAG
wat a waste

Anonymous Apr 27 2013 11:05pm FLAG
if she stays in ur house make sure u n she is alone then go to shower by urning ur computer a *** video with max sound then when she comes to ur room just hide in the bathroom n come out with ur ericted penis n show her if she keeps on staring then go in front of he n kiss her then rub her with ur penis 4 more advice call 019428349 its only 4 girls

osama hyder Apr 28 2013 3:39am FLAG
let your aunt caught you jerking......

anonymus Sep 24 2013 6:31am FLAG
Just watch *** in front of her and don't b shy doing this she will do

matherchod Nov 03 2013 4:05am FLAG
I'm nd the next door neighbor is 21 she is very moody plz give me advice I want to f**k her

Reegan Nov 19 2013 3:29am FLAG
I'm and my couzin is we used to have lots of sex a year ago_but she doesn't want to have sex again how can I convince her again_plz I need her big ass again_plz give me advice_if u have advice invyt me on bbm plz 26d3b5ee

Chadwin Nov 19 2013 3:33am FLAG
Just put ur d*ck in her face

Moneybag May 11 2014 9:44am FLAG

Anonymous Oct 29 2016 11:09am FLAG
just....when you two are alone in the the time when she is sleeping....just go side by her and slowly touch her boobs and then slowly increase the speed and strength of your hand....and then she suddenly wakes up then pretend that you are afraid dont show that you are happy......and then for sure she will allow you to ride on her....this one will sure work 0%

anonymous Sep 20 11:31pm FLAG
but first get enough evidence that she is willing for it

anonymous Sep 20 11:33pm FLAG
I want to do a sex with my neighbor

prashanth Oct 20 11:10pm FLAG
Give advice: