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The Problem: hard as fuk for you

Asked by: Ace ventura at 12:05:01 AM, Tuesday, August 21, 2012 PDT FLAG


you can call me mary ;)

hot Aug 21 2012 7:08am FLAG

do u have a cell phone ;) *pulls down my shorts*

AV Aug 21 2012 7:11am FLAG
no i dont :/ *wraps my arms around your neck kissing you*

mary Aug 21 2012 7:12am FLAG
u wanna be on top or bottom? And why is ur with my hand and french kisses you*

AV Aug 21 2012 7:14am FLAG
bottom, im always wet ;) *pulls of your shirt*

mary Aug 21 2012 7:17am FLAG
can i join?

kyle Aug 21 2012 7:18am FLAG
im ok with kyle joining ;)

mary Aug 21 2012 7:19am FLAG

kyle Aug 21 2012 7:20am FLAG
ugh..fine @kyle *pulls off your shirt and takes out my huge thick c*ck* @mary

AV Aug 21 2012 7:21am FLAG
*spreads my legs out wide grabbing your ass to push you inside me* @AV kyle you wanna me in the ass?

mary Aug 21 2012 7:24am FLAG
thanks man ive got a hard on already * gets under mary shoving mu c*ck up her ass*

kyle Aug 21 2012 7:26am FLAG
are you fingering yourself ;) @mary *thrusts inside of you and grips your tits as i hard and fast*

AV Aug 21 2012 7:28am FLAG
yeah and im soaked now ;) * moans with pleasure and pain from both c*cks*

mary Aug 21 2012 7:30am FLAG
*thrusts marys ass up slaming her harder into AVs c*ck*

kyle Aug 21 2012 7:32am FLAG
awh dont worry mary :) we wont stop until you cant cum anymore *fuks your harder and rubs your cl*t while holding you down*

AV Aug 21 2012 7:32am FLAG
*screams digging my nails into AV back*

mary Aug 21 2012 7:35am FLAG
*pinches marys hard nipples and twists them a few times around*

kyle Aug 21 2012 7:36am FLAG
*fuks you faster and then cums a little in your * feels good? *puts my c*ck in your mouth and tells you to suck while i finger you with 3 fingers*

AV Aug 21 2012 7:38am FLAG
oh this feels so good *moans**sucks your d*ck hard* *wants you to cum in my mouth*

mary Aug 21 2012 7:44am FLAG
*moans a little in extreme pleasure* *pushes your head down further until you deepthroat me* if u keep going sucking my huge 8inch im gonna cum ;) tell me when ur about to orgasm

AV Aug 21 2012 7:46am FLAG
*grabs your ass pushing it farther down my throat* i feel like im about to my bodys shaking

mary Aug 21 2012 7:49am FLAG
*as ur deepthroating me i cum inside your mouth and on your face* cum if you have to ;)

AV Aug 21 2012 7:56am FLAG
*the pleasure i get from feeling your cum down my throat and on my face sends my body wild and i cum all over

mary Aug 21 2012 7:59am FLAG
*puts my thick boner between your tits and tit s you until i shoot another load all over your boobs*

AV Aug 21 2012 8:03am FLAG
*takes your cum and rubs it all over my body*

mary Aug 21 2012 8:05am FLAG
*runs my d*ck all over your body* did u have an orgasm ;)

AV Aug 21 2012 8:08am FLAG
yes even my ass is soaked now *cleans off your d*ck with my mouth*

mary Aug 21 2012 8:11am FLAG
*moans as you slip my d*ck in your mouth* are u still wet? *gets harder in ur mouth*

AV Aug 21 2012 8:16am FLAG
yes im still wet * starts deepthroating*

mary Aug 21 2012 8:22am FLAG
*fingers your and your ass* my c*ck is 8inches long and 6inches thick...can you take it all ;)

AV Aug 21 2012 8:24am FLAG
it would be difficult but i can take anything i love it when guys arnt afraid it make me cry and scream when were having sex

mary Aug 21 2012 8:28am FLAG
U all r big chutias.

Anonymous Aug 21 2012 10:00am FLAG
i wanna Mary

devin Aug 21 2012 10:03am FLAG
hey devin ;)

mary Aug 21 2012 10:36pm FLAG
Can I Join

Josh Aug 22 2012 1:09pm FLAG
wow AV is suck a ing lier ur d*ck only gets that thick with steroids bitch

Anonymous Aug 22 2012 2:07pm FLAG
AV means cirCUMfrence stupid ass, or also known as girth

look it up Aug 22 2012 4:39pm FLAG

look it up Aug 22 2012 4:40pm FLAG
I read this and i ibg busted and it hit me in the face

Anonymous Aug 22 2012 10:15pm FLAG
that marys a ing right now

Anonymous Aug 23 2012 3:24pm FLAG
hey im glad to hear you want my me ;)

mary Aug 23 2012 3:26pm FLAG
Bring it on Mary

Josh Aug 23 2012 8:37pm FLAG
oh, ill bring it josh ;)

mary Aug 24 2012 12:00am FLAG
Any pics

Anonymous Aug 27 2012 1:20pm FLAG
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