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18 yo emo boy kik

The Problem: 18 yo emo lf girls with kik add me: blubblubblubblub

Asked by: marcyyy at 12:42:09 PM, Friday, September 14, 2012 PDT FLAG


hello I want friendship u

tp Sep 14 2012 12:46pm FLAG


Anonymous Sep 14 2012 12:48pm FLAG
yes no

tp Sep 14 2012 12:49pm FLAG
The heck? How did I get here >.>

Well... Oct 03 2012 1:45pm FLAG
No advise sry but add me on kik katt2509 pls....

Kattawesomegurl Dec 12 2012 5:22am FLAG
I'm a girl and I need some to talk to my username is funnyemo21

Rose Sutherland Dec 12 2012 5:11pm FLAG
Just girls and just emo's P.S I'm a emo text me on kik

Rose sutherland Dec 12 2012 5:13pm FLAG
Emo guys msg me on kik: niallsgurl267

Katy horan Dec 12 2012 9:59pm FLAG
Emo/scene guys or girls kik me? Sierra_loves_hannah

CC Dec 26 2012 6:26pm FLAG
Haiie c: im ..and looking for a emo/scene guy to talk to -...add me; brianne.martin26

Brii Dec 29 2012 5:25am FLAG
Hey (: i'm looking for emo guys to talk to on kik (- ) (: my kik username is xxMareeSpagzyxx thanks (:

Ree x Jan 05 2013 4:58pm FLAG
I'm looking for a emo/scene guy (-) if u have kik add me...... theahegarty

xxxtheaxxx Jan 06 2013 2:49am FLAG
hellloooo im kool :3

Anonymous Feb 15 2013 2:09am FLAG
I'm emo kik me beirsack19945

Nicole Feb 18 2013 7:49pm FLAG
emo guys kik me @livelife345 C:

savannah Feb 22 2013 11:25am FLAG
I don't have advice but emo boys kik me I'm my kik: darknessbeauty5

Lauren Feb 23 2013 6:39pm FLAG
My kik is chisouleater emo boys add me Please !!!!!

Anonymous Feb 26 2013 7:45pm FLAG
Forgot to put my name lol Remember chisouleater

Tangee !! Feb 26 2013 7:46pm FLAG
Please....and emo,skater,or ect guys plz add ty shy&timid on kik

Titiana Mar 01 2013 4:01pm FLAG
to 19

By titiana Mar 01 2013 4:02pm FLAG
Hey I'm in love with hot sexy emo and skater boys or u can be just regular with the emo style well anyways looking for a bf I'm and want boys (-) kik me at Haley_loves_dokota...(Me ex)...I'm female btw

Haley:D Mar 07 2013 8:16am FLAG
Emo boys on yahoo

Anonymous Mar 10 2013 9:02am FLAG
I'm anyone wanna kik me? @ WabbitsI'm really nice and ill talk about whatever...

Morgan Mar 13 2013 8:41pm FLAG
hey! girl :) looking for friends etc... EVERYONE TALK TO ME :)) kik me MaryBFMV

Master Fandom Mar 15 2013 12:43pm FLAG
Hey I'm Heather Kik me emo boys. ?? Jayyismybitch

broke_heart Mar 17 2013 5:13pm FLAG
Hello my kik is hime96 please emo boys oh I am a female

Anonymous Mar 18 2013 5:16pm FLAG
Hey my kik is awesome1031 and I just adore emo boys:)

awesomeness lol Mar 19 2013 6:21pm FLAG
HI! im very random,funny,and a a scene girl(yes i have to admit it) so emo/scene guys kik me @ pjo_fandom (yes me likey pjo :P)

thisgirlisheartbroken Mar 22 2013 5:36pm FLAG
Hi c: I'm not scene or emo but I find them very attractive... Well the guys! I'm straight :p but I'm looking for friends too so kik me @ dianasayshiespecially scene/emo boys.. I like your pretty hair!! Kik me please!! I'm btw and very Preppy I guess

Charizard is cute <3 c: Mar 27 2013 2:38pm FLAG
Mastiffs18 ..... Kik me! I'm a bit emo but very pretty, intelligent, and fun and I think emo boys are sexy and the best there are!

Mastiffs18 Mar 31 2013 3:33am FLAG
Im an emo (lol) so,any emo/scence guys kik me!! My username is emokat8 oh and there is an emo guy his kik username is killface96 and he Dayum sexy!!

Dark bunny Apr 04 2013 2:16pm FLAG
emo guys kik haley_loves_dokota she is so pretty i added her and shes the best thing ever my best friend well yea shes so add her haha this is her late birthday present from me so nadd her and enjoy!!!:)

jackson Apr 04 2013 4:29pm FLAG
emo guys add me I'mm a girl and I don't really label myself but I could go for emo or scene. add me! irespectyourlife =)

irespectyourlife Apr 14 2013 1:02am FLAG
If we actually kik you will you answer?

angelina Apr 17 2013 5:21pm FLAG
Yes... Meh .-.

Anonymous Apr 20 2013 6:11pm FLAG
My kik is hellokityy18550 kik me emo boys i perfer year olds

Amaya Apr 23 2013 4:15pm FLAG
Im an emo girl:) kik me at: FMLxx BOYS -18

Savannah Apr 25 2013 3:36pm FLAG
im a female, , kik me: emeraldgreene64 :)xx

Emerald Apr 28 2013 9:49am FLAG
Im a girl n im emo and wanna chat kik : xXRazorAppleXx

Blade May 05 2013 2:26pm FLAG
I am emo I am a girl don't care if you are a girl or a guy kik me. My username is lexithemarine

Lexithemarine May 10 2013 2:03pm FLAG
Well I'm not "emo" but I like heavy as music and i totally don't cut ^-^ add me on kik if you wanna talk, mine's Roflman I'm m

Roflman May 10 2013 2:04pm FLAG
Don't he isn't even scene

Lexithemarine May 10 2013 4:01pm FLAG
My friend is looking for someone to chat with she is new to kik her username is nessyawesomestormz please kik her thankyou

Lexithemarine May 10 2013 4:02pm FLAG
My friend is emo and she's pretty her kik: emoandhappy.....she is so hot emo skater guys add her thanks

su sexy May 10 2013 4:40pm FLAG
Kik me at Roflman if you're an emo/scene girl (I really don't mind if you have problems, trust me :') )

Roflman May 11 2013 4:47am FLAG
Don't have any but emo guys, kik me!! please. Girls can .message to. No dirty pics or messages please. I'm not into that. My username is mctadventureYes its lame I know. My lil brother made it. Anyways, kik mehhhhhh :)

kenzieeee May 17 2013 5:16pm FLAG
I wouldn't classify my self under any personality group but I love emo-pop and dye my hair all the time. m kik:fatcat246

Meh :/ May 21 2013 12:14am FLAG
Hey any emo/scene guys wanna kik me? I'm pretty funny, and I guess I'm a little scene... ^-^ I don't send dirty pics, so please don't ask.. (Pervs. t(-__-t) Lol, kik me PandaBear5

Anonymous May 25 2013 2:59pm FLAG
Emo /skater guys please kik me (: im looking for boys to chat. Im female and my kik iss Haunted

madddie May 26 2013 4:55pm FLAG
Im emo by the way :/

madddie May 26 2013 4:55pm FLAG
emo guys kik me BVBarmy203 im female

brittnei May 27 2013 2:38pm FLAG
herro ^.^ emo guys and gals? rawrrawrx

Anonymous Jun 04 2013 3:34pm FLAG
emo guys kik me at :vanessaemogirl !!! ^_^

Vanessa Jun 04 2013 8:19pm FLAG
Kik me steffie566 girl

Steffanie Jun 05 2013 5:42pm FLAG
Im not a guy but i think emo guys are cute. any emo boy or girl can kik me at anytime. Anyone look for a gf i might be her? Im girl. My kiks Jun 07 2013 6:37am FLAG
Y'all new to kik my best friend she's / Texas/ female/ scene and really nice!! SHE DOES NOT SEND ****S!! Kik her @ lilmisstexas18 or txt her @ 1-940-595-93

Nathen Jun 08 2013 5:49pm FLAG
Kik me at ilovepandas_69 I'm a girl emo/skater and just looking for someone to talk to. I don't care isle you've got problems, I can help^^ xx

Sexyy timee:3 Jun 09 2013 2:59am FLAG
If** not isle x

Sexyy timee:3 Jun 09 2013 3:00am FLAG
I'm a guy I'm I skateboard and in a band also super nice. My kik: Dani_Xsix_Nyx

Daniel Jun 09 2013 4:44am FLAG
Hi I'm funny and awesome like talking about whatever kik me green_eyed_hottie

Green_eyed_hottie Jun 11 2013 12:41am FLAG
im emo/goth im a female I LOVE emo/scene/goth boys kik me! its pipy5748

pipy5748 Jun 12 2013 6:52pm FLAG
RachelIsNotOnFire KIK ME pleas I'm so bored.

Anonymous Jun 13 2013 4:03am FLAG

Anonymous Jun 13 2013 4:03am FLAG
Lol me if u want xX3moskittlesXx emo no s plz doc if boy or girl lol and no racists peps or judgement peps or pefobears or I'll beat u :3 Have a nice day

deadly_farts XD Jun 16 2013 1:07am FLAG
Im a girl this into bands like ptv,sws,omam,bvb ect. And looking for scene/emo guys with same music tast....kik me at- ptv_lovermartha

Anonymous Jun 18 2013 5:16pm FLAG

Anonymous Jun 18 2013 5:17pm FLAG
Kik me at lalala7274 plzzzzz im a female i meed boys at ages -

Anonymous Jun 19 2013 6:16am FLAG
I'm a girl, who's scene (kinda) well, anyway kik me. minniethedog

Anonymous Jun 19 2013 3:55pm FLAG

Anonymous Jun 19 2013 5:38pm FLAG
Heeeeyy My name is Schalk (it's weird I know) I'm Male Bi And I really like to just talk and have a laugh :) I'm a open person with a honest personality :) ummmm? Yeah Kik: Schalk

Xbox360boii Jun 21 2013 1:15am FLAG
Hey I'm a emo boy I kinda just want to talk I skate also kik me at kiraisforever

Kiraisforever Jun 25 2013 3:16am FLAG
3haterzlikeme and lalala3

Anonymous Jun 26 2013 7:25pm FLAG
hey in jennifer im emo i love emo boys their just cute,i lve rock music i live in texas and im i'll give u my kik later. by cute EMO BOYS Luv Ya'll

haters love me Jun 29 2013 9:33pm FLAG
U should kik me @tbeautiful3 I'm a scene girl and have been called hot! Emo's boys mostly but as long as ur skinny and hot lol

Tbeautiful3 Jul 01 2013 8:50pm FLAG
Hey cute emo guys kik me angie_loon

umm idk Jul 03 2013 8:13pm FLAG
any emo guys kik me at loveitloseit am kinda emo am girl.

flower Jul 04 2013 8:05pm FLAG
Hello im a male i have a kik ^~^ im looking for emo girls and emo boys as frands c; so kik me vampires_everywhere1

vampires_everywhere1 Jul 05 2013 1:24am FLAG
Im not emo, but im cute and fun to talk to. Im Male and . My kik is: itsMrSanchezz (I'll be waiting for you;))

faggot Jul 08 2013 12:11pm FLAG
Male kik Lax4433 girls only

Lol Jul 08 2013 1:53pm FLAG
I think emo guys are gorgeous plz kik me f kik is imcallydoe

Cally Jul 09 2013 9:21pm FLAG
emo girls looking to trade kik me, I'm a got h metaler kid rizzlekick

Anonymous Jul 11 2013 2:50pm FLAG
My names chris(Emo), I'm , I love skating and PTV, Mexican , if you want add me if you don't owell idc. Kik: undead_chris

Chris Jul 12 2013 8:06am FLAG
Any boys or girls can kik me at Abby3377I like emo guys and I don't really label myself but no pervs or ill ignore you

Abby3377 Jul 12 2013 9:11pm FLAG
I am kin me Emo/scene boys only

Anonymous Jul 14 2013 7:38pm FLAG
Kim me emo or scene guys only

brookiecooike569 Jul 14 2013 7:38pm FLAG
Kik meh ^.^ deviimixx

Rawr Jul 15 2013 8:20am FLAG

Anonymous Jul 17 2013 5:19am FLAG
I'm bored and want a bf or at least a guy friend to talk to f you can be emo or scene guys only❤ kik is jellybear181

blahblahblah ❤ Jul 23 2013 8:58pm FLAG
Hai ^-^ I'm Silver, , and in fact a girl. I suppose I'm sceneish emo haha. I have half neon blue half blonde hair, but I'm a natural brunette. Kik me :) xXSilver_SilenceXx I'm fun to talk to I ssuppose but I don't send s or shiz like that so, um... yeah :)

Silver_Forever_Alone_Lmao Jul 24 2013 4:07pm FLAG
I'm emo i love sws,bvb,ptv, ect i love emo boys there boys kik me emo_chick_bitch

emo_chick Jul 25 2013 8:55pm FLAG
Hi! I'm a sexy girl, looking for a CLEAN CHAT. 10-boys kik me @ katetheprincess. IF ANYONE ASKS FOR ****S I WILL BLOCK U!!! pls, I'm just looking for a nice boy who would like to be my friend/boyfriend. I would prefer cute guys but i dont mind too much xxx! Pls kik me guys! :P

kate doyle, kik → katetheprincess Jul 29 2013 5:55am FLAG
girls looking to trade kik me :) 18m sceane, rizzlekick:)

Anonymous Jul 29 2013 10:45am FLAG
Looking for fun single emo guys!I'm a emo girl age kik me @HannahTheZombie

Hannie Jul 31 2013 11:59am FLAG
Hi I'm brenda I love emo boys ♥ kik me guys !! brenda_(:

brenda Jul 31 2013 5:19pm FLAG
Hey I'm and weird :3 I'm looking for emo/scene guys to talk to :3 kik me: cookiefreeze

Cookiefreeze Jul 31 2013 5:39pm FLAG
Fkik: celestecarlile <----- n.n

CelesteFronzak Aug 01 2013 1:06am FLAG
Kik my friend shes new to kik and is into cute emo /skater fuys vivian_guerrero

valencia Aug 05 2013 4:19am FLAG
Kik me guys big__eyes ,im into skater/emo guys. :)

Anonymous Aug 05 2013 4:24am FLAG
My name is Jewel... im scene... and im looking for a guy like me to kik !! Guys kik me babygurll7632 and ages please!!! Thanks :)

babygurll7632 Aug 05 2013 9:08am FLAG
Btw im :)

babygurll7632 Aug 05 2013 9:10am FLAG
Emo boys kik me at danizanerd I'm not emo. But I think emo boys are awesome. I like books called the chronicles of Vladimir tod and another called the slayer chronicles. If u read those u can kik me too. BOYS ONLY and NO CREEPY PERV GUYS!!!!

Danizanerd Aug 05 2013 6:30pm FLAG
Boy emo

Anonymous Aug 11 2013 5:49pm FLAG
Hey my name is natalie im and im not emo but im into emo guys tokik me at plzbeeasy im not emo but im into emo if i wasnt in my family id be emo so ya i skate im And a girl

Natalie Aug 11 2013 5:54pm FLAG
Kota_riley mine , add me

Kota Aug 11 2013 11:32pm FLAG
Hey, I'm a ten y/o girl (in Jan) and I'm a lesbian. I'm looking for someone who would like to have a chat, willing to send s to me around the age of but preferably younger. My kik name is lesbianlady. Please kik me girls xxx ;)

lesbianlady Aug 14 2013 12:24am FLAG
Woops, no my kik is lesbianlady_xx

lesbianlady_xx Aug 14 2013 12:26am FLAG
Emo guys or pplz who lik to rp plz kik me ages to 20's im sweetandshy00

titiana Aug 15 2013 7:01pm FLAG
kik me 18m rizzlekick, start off with your Asl say where you found my kik :) chat or trade :)

Anonymous Aug 16 2013 9:00am FLAG
Kik: purpley_monster

Destinie ^_^ Aug 17 2013 7:10pm FLAG
Heyyy ;) I love emo boys, kik me: ImAFangirl_xox

Sally Mae ;) Aug 17 2013 7:11pm FLAG
I'm girl I'm emo kick is zuriplants3

ashante:) Aug 18 2013 11:58pm FLAG
Hey I'm I'm a guy any girl age kik me AhFectzz

Anonymous Aug 19 2013 8:24am FLAG
any emo girls wanna trade? rizzlekick

Anonymous Aug 19 2013 1:18pm FLAG
Hey..! c: im Alexandria i'm emo i love bvb,ptv,etc. Im looking for an emo/skater guy kik me:EmOsHiNiGaMi c:

xxforgottenangelxx Aug 20 2013 8:58am FLAG
Hey c: I'm Maree & trying to find an emo or scene straight guy that loves pierce the veil , bring me the horizon , bless the fall , crown the empire , of mice & men etc so yeah c: my Kik name is _xdreamingofpeacex_

Anonymous Aug 21 2013 5:59am FLAG
hi, kik me at rizzlekick, iv long hair, peircing and tattoos, kik me and I'll show you and maybe more, up for trading ;) m 18 :)

Anonymous Aug 21 2013 10:55am FLAG
m looking for a emo/scene girl Kik me @ phimble

Anonymous Aug 23 2013 5:43am FLAG
Girl kik me I'm bored kik is AhFectzz

Anonymous Aug 23 2013 5:45pm FLAG
Any hot emo guys want to talk I only take the CUITE one put ur face as ur profile pik kik wings_and_fangs

Emo girl Aug 25 2013 12:35am FLAG
Hey guys kik me Lil_Swaggii

Layla Aug 27 2013 4:51pm FLAG
m small penis... Looking for an emo/ scene girl that wants a sexual slave kik me evsta

Anonymous Aug 28 2013 1:10am FLAG
I'll torture your soul, slice off your skin and scrape out your heart. You want to feel something? I can make you ing feel. ;3

HideousHuman. Aug 29 2013 4:53am FLAG
male, kik me at rizzlekickfor trading, I'm 18 long hair, tattoos and peircing.

Anonymous Aug 29 2013 12:22pm FLAG
Hey girls Kik me for pics and vids just ask for anything I will do if I can if I can't at the time I will make sure I do when I can my Kik is phimble add me, girls only no guys

Anonymous Aug 29 2013 8:27pm FLAG
Im kinda emo looking for a boyfriend kik me givemeloveI need people to talk to too

Lizzy Aug 30 2013 7:04pm FLAG
scene guy with big hair kik me liamounit

liam Aug 31 2013 2:39am FLAG
Any cute emo / scene straight guys I can talk to? that are -19. I don't mind if you're dirty or not , but if you're an BTF , BMTH , PTV , SWS , CTE lover , then Kik me! c; it's _xDreamingOfPeacex_ . NO ING PERVS!

Maree Sykes Fuentes Velasquez c; Sep 02 2013 6:06am FLAG
ing *

Maree Sykes Fuentes Velasquez c; Sep 02 2013 6:06am FLAG

Maree Sykes FuenteS Velasquez c; Sep 02 2013 6:07am FLAG
I'm an emo/scene skater boy. I'm gay. I'm cool & awesome. Kick me. JustKrielConnor

Connor Sep 03 2013 12:57am FLAG
Hey female, I wouldn't call myself emo or scene but I'm pretty cool and I love rock music, punk music, heavy metal, death metal anything like that really. I skate, play drums, bass, and guitar, I'm a boxer and a MMA fighter and I ride s and race BMX. im looking for a cool conversation maybe a relationship with a emo boy (-) boys only please. My kiks: Mikasa3 Bye ^.^

TheREV Sep 06 2013 1:05am FLAG
Oh and NO s please!

TheREV Sep 06 2013 1:08am FLAG
male looking to trade with emo chicks my kik tuppen

tuppen Sep 07 2013 4:12pm FLAG
18 long hair tattoos, kik for me for trading :) male or female :)

Anonymous Sep 08 2013 12:57pm FLAG
If there r any emo guys or in that range age or older in Philadelphia or close plz kik me at sweetandshy00, or funformoblie shyhanabi00 me at facebook titiana rocklobsta stevens Id love to be friends ^^

sweetandshy00 Sep 08 2013 11:22pm FLAG

T.B Sep 10 2013 3:40pm FLAG
Just looking for nice emo/scene guys to kik So kik me ^.^ I'm female cx i_love_sws__

The_monsterrr_ Sep 12 2013 10:08am FLAG
chicken Wang chicken Wang hot dog and baloney chicken and macaroni !

Anonymous Sep 14 2013 4:22am FLAG
Add me on kik it's crazybatwomen emo boys text me

Rose Sep 15 2013 12:27am FLAG

My kik is taylor_xx_ Sep 15 2013 5:35pm FLAG

Yo mom Sep 19 2013 6:26pm FLAG
Can a girl kik me ? (: mmisboss

Anonymous Sep 20 2013 8:26pm FLAG
Do not kik creeps like fizzle dude

ya momma Sep 22 2013 8:31pm FLAG
Can cute scene emo guys kik me cuz I am scene and emo.I'm not the prettiest thing out there but I'm funny!creep free zone plez!(I'll block u) kik mer at thtpiercetheveillove

thtrandomchick Sep 22 2013 8:34pm FLAG
Um, sup broz....PEWDIEPIE

slenderman Sep 22 2013 8:37pm FLAG
Hi im 19 looking for a emo girl any age to kik rayvenemo btw my names rayven xD

Rayven Sep 23 2013 9:15am FLAG
m .18, trade with emo rock girls, iv peircings, long hair tattoos. rizzlekick

Anonymous Sep 24 2013 9:19am FLAG
Hey i may not look like an emo or scene guy but i am it on th inside but everybody tries to stop me, please add me on kik Louis

Louis Sep 25 2013 1:59pm FLAG
I'm rose I'm emo I want to talk to emo boys on kik my user is bvbcc4 only boys im text me emo boys

Rose Oct 06 2013 5:26am FLAG
Hi im my kik name is momo_sweetcake im emo and bi add me on kik pls :)

momo Oct 07 2013 4:03am FLAG
I am an emo female to male transgender. Gothic a bit to. Add me. PandaZomB

Vampire Grim Oct 07 2013 10:50am FLAG
I'm a girl and I have Kik :loriannbyrd

Emogirl Oct 08 2013 12:00am FLAG
And if you have Skype add puppygirl53

Emogirl Oct 10 2013 6:59pm FLAG
Hi :3 Kik :stillnotsmiley Im bored Love them emos !! <3 Who cant love them

meee :3 Oct 13 2013 11:20am FLAG
Hey emo boys Kik me just wanna be friends Guru_killsalot

Harliqin Oct 15 2013 5:46pm FLAG
My Kik is guru_killsalot Love Emos <3

Harliqin Oct 16 2013 3:06pm FLAG
Like really Boyfriend every night and I'm.only and he's me. My family don't know I'm pregnant yet either nut I don't think ill tell them until like the thrifty romester I never mentioned for it to happen bit tjw.father is still with me today and he la.looking forward to bexomming. Dad and he said that he sad I WA the.mist beautiful qomabbin the world to him me and him are very happy together an NO ONE will ever be able to break us up EVER his names Chandler so bqxl off bitches yeah I said it he's mine so duck ogf

destiney Oct 16 2013 7:47pm FLAG
Kik me emos at droplets im a girl and my name on there is sexy bitch

laura Oct 19 2013 3:19pm FLAG
I'm /f and emo ^-^ so kik me pplz under 18 'monzter'

Anonymous Oct 19 2013 7:48pm FLAG
I'm and I'm scene. ^~^ I listen to sws ptv bvb asking Alexandria bring me the horizon oceans ate alaska...I think you get what music I like.. cx anywhoo..Anybody kik meh really ages no s or . Kik::: hannah97

Hannah97 Oct 20 2013 12:04am FLAG
I am female and emo. I need a very cute and lovely male

onei Oct 20 2013 9:35am FLAG
I find emo guys really attractive so kik me courtneyx imf uk

courtney Oct 22 2013 3:45am FLAG
hi im sara emo girl kik me saralovesyew3

sara Oct 22 2013 7:29pm FLAG
You should kik me: tea.cattttt :3

Anonymous Oct 24 2013 11:42am FLAG
All emos/scenes/goths please kik me at thereverend2. Im male and I like boys and Girls. BTW im .

the rev Oct 26 2013 8:54pm FLAG
Well to be like everyother girl on here id say emo female then my age a such and such. Yet im not them. So i shall say. I am a narwhal who wants her wuvins. Im not like cutter emo and im not scene. Im my own thing. Any guy between feel free to kik me. No creeps~! By the way i like roleplay and can get pretty... Sexy. So please. Do send me a picture of your face also. Emo guys make me crazy. So, emo guys shoot me up with some messages(: My Kik Issss: LizzBbon

LizzieHazzard(MeansImARoyalClutz) Oct 27 2013 10:19pm FLAG
Kik me .. I don't send dirty pictures.. But I could.

I love mitch lucker<3 Oct 29 2013 12:28pm FLAG
I'm , I'm Bi. I guess I look scene but anyways. I'm looks for cool people to talk to so hit me up @Mr.Pikachu99 on kik. Just guys plz tho >.>

Danny Oct 30 2013 12:20am FLAG
um i'm not really emo or scene but i just love emo/scene boys! so um i'm F and you should kik me kik: Captain_Dinosaur ( ) i'll talk to anyone :D <33 emo boys <33

Emily Oct 30 2013 3:13pm FLAG

ASDFFDSA Nov 06 2013 6:06am FLAG
Emo boys kik me @lololo

lolo Nov 08 2013 4:57am FLAG
I need a cute scene emo guy to Kik Kik is TereziPyrope4325

terezipyrope Nov 08 2013 4:37pm FLAG
Scene f talk to me guys lol Kik - marilynsage Thanks!!!

M Nov 09 2013 2:41pm FLAG
f. cute emo guys kik: darknessbeauty5

Anonymous Nov 09 2013 4:55pm FLAG
emo guys my kik: darknessbeauty5 IF YOUR OLDER THAN 19 DO NOT KIK ME!

Anonymous Nov 09 2013 4:58pm FLAG
kik me tben55

Anonymous Nov 15 2013 1:41am FLAG
I'm not scene/emo but I'm really into scene girls so kik me evsta;)

Anonymous Nov 16 2013 7:32pm FLAG
I guess I'm scene u can say f I love scene/emo/gothic guys or girls kik me Katzsexibutnotyou

Anonymous Nov 20 2013 5:04pm FLAG
I'm looking for cute emo /alternative guy (: my name is Lexie kik me myloveforyouisreal (:

lexie Nov 27 2013 4:10pm FLAG
Need a young slave... female and yo kik jacob88a saying hallo daddy

Anonymous Nov 28 2013 6:13am FLAG
Emo guys kik me: MyDemonsKnowICanSwim

Anonymous Nov 28 2013 1:37pm FLAG
Hey girls who like clean or dirty chats kik me ilovemyducks8 and any ages

ilovemyducks8 Nov 29 2013 12:19am FLAG
I'm not scene/emo I'm punk. I like emo guys nd girls tho I'm nice and funny and I just want a friend or bf or gf to talk to. plz kik me my user is: Punk~Tomboy~All~Alone c;

Anonymous Dec 15 2013 2:42pm FLAG
hey add me on kik im a male kik: steeevn43 im scene so go chat with me girls only and i dint care what age :)

steeevn43 Dec 16 2013 10:50am FLAG
I'm just a scene/emo boy.. I mean.. I'm not a creep I just kinda like meeting emo females because where I live.. I'm kinda like outcast surrounded by hateful rednecks so it's nice to kno I'm not alone. My names drake. Kik me if u want. Kik: wodahs509

Drako Dec 19 2013 9:24pm FLAG
People say I look emo/scene but I don't label myself. Kik me though (: Xxsassydorkxx

Anonymous Dec 22 2013 3:06pm FLAG
I'm emo kik me at samantha.cheyenne

me Dec 27 2013 10:37pm FLAG
Hey I'm a Emo/scene girl Looking for someone to talk to girl or Guy to talk to I don't really care so kik me Kik: Fluffyand (IT WAS THE ONLY THING OPEN TO DO WITH ANDY PLEASE DONT JUDGE ME)

Extrea Dec 29 2013 7:10pm FLAG
looking for male or female to chat with. Im F and my kik is vanillasnugglemonk

Vanilla Jan 01 2014 10:14pm FLAG
Looking for awesome scene/emo guys to talk to. My kik is ktjmout. I like evanescence and bvb.

Anonymous Jan 02 2014 2:46pm FLAG
Kik me im female my account name for kik is beautiful_scar

Beautiful_scar Jan 05 2014 3:59pm FLAG
I am emo and otaku and alittle scene My kik username is xxskellyreaperxx I am straight and I am single and I am a girl and I like hardcore rock music also I am p.s my nickname is skelly

Skelly Jan 08 2014 9:46pm FLAG
Idk but you can add me taya_reeder

Taya reeder Jan 09 2014 10:28am FLAG
I need new friends...Lol kick me people _oliskyeslover_

Anonymous Jan 16 2014 2:16pm FLAG

Anonymous Jan 19 2014 6:16am FLAG
I Know I'm somewhat goth but I wouldn't label myself as emo even though everybody does

Bvb girl Jan 19 2014 6:33pm FLAG
Hey guys my name is Lyndzie and I'm scemo (Scene/Emo) I smoke weed *OCCASIONALLY* and I'm single, looking for an emo boyfriend. kik me! (: **NO ****S OR ROLEPLAY** knivestomyskin

knivestomyskin Jan 23 2014 12:54pm FLAG
Scene kid, female looking for friends to talk to emo or scene guys perfered ages kik:CuteLittleFox message :) i love helping people and music is my life

CuteLittleFox Jan 25 2014 4:12pm FLAG
I'm rose I'm my kik is bvbcc4 text me emo boys I'm also emo

Bvbcc4 Jan 31 2014 3:42pm FLAG
Hey Cx Im Josh and people say i look emo or scene. I looovveee heavy metal and I'm . Kik me @ joshasuarus Byyeeee ^~^

Joshasaur Feb 03 2014 9:04pm FLAG
Hay kik me ate wolf_bitch0 if emo boy

torrie Feb 09 2014 12:23am FLAG
Kik me fluffyandy female

Alex Feb 26 2014 2:41pm FLAG
F kik me I like a clean chat boy or girl kik: fluffyandy

Alex Feb 27 2014 2:16pm FLAG
Hey girl here , kik me at bitterdreams1

Anonymous Mar 01 2014 12:00am FLAG
Hey girl , my kik is bitterdreams1,kik me up. Im always bored

Hailey:) Mar 01 2014 12:10am FLAG
Hey ^~^ I'm . Bands, Youtubers, and creepypastas are life♥ I'm bi so um boys and girls can kik me xD Kik-xjessicanovellix

★Total Faggot★ Mar 01 2014 7:30am FLAG
Add me m emo looking for people to chat too naughtyboi97

Jordan Mar 10 2014 12:52pm FLAG
Hi! I'm a yr old f about to be and I want to talk to new people around my age. If you aren't eh it's fine too! Please I need people who can hold a good conversation! I can talk about anything really. I am not looking for a dirty conversation so if you start I'm blocking you! Sorry but I will. Kik me @ BVBfanKira Hope to talk to you! ^_^

Vans! =^~^= Mar 11 2014 7:47am FLAG
Oh btw! I love emo/scene culture so if your emo/scene Kik me too!

Vans! =^~^= Mar 11 2014 8:02am FLAG
I am f looking for a cute emo guy to Kik. Kik me at leahlucy53

That emo girl Mar 12 2014 7:45am FLAG
Maybe I can be that cute emo boy I'm gay btw my kik username is smileyxD3 add me !! I would love to get to no ye!!:D

Skylar Mar 21 2014 9:28pm FLAG
Nightmarevixen1 I'm a 18 year old girl, looking for friends, any one

anonymous Mar 22 2014 4:54pm FLAG
Nightmarevixen1 I'm an 18 year old female looking for friends of either gender

anonymous Mar 22 2014 4:55pm FLAG
Nightmarevixen 1 No space between name and 1's, it keeps taking off the other two 1'

anonymous Mar 22 2014 4:56pm FLAG
This thing erased my age... -_- But I'm about to be ! XD Kik me @ BVBfanKira read the description about 7 comments up! ^_^

Vans! =^~^= Mar 22 2014 7:19pm FLAG
Anybody bored? Kik me : Dark3stNyte. I'm very much female btw ^-^

Anonymous Mar 26 2014 2:14pm FLAG
Looking for a nice, cute, sweet guy to talk to.. preferably Clean... idk about dating.. depends on who you are.. but definitely a best guy friend. -. Kik me: spookyghostilove

Hannah the cuddle panda c: Apr 01 2014 1:08pm FLAG
Not emo nor scene??? But need sum friends kik mhe at: daishaheart !!!! :) im quiet and random

Anonymous Apr 02 2014 4:30pm FLAG
Looking for nice people to. Talk to me if you need help too, I'm looking for a guy best friend. Kik me at: meremi

Emmy Apr 05 2014 5:57pm FLAG
Ohmygosh, I screwed up! Ignore that last message. Well, just the username of it. I had number lock on. Kik me at: meremi

Emmy. Apr 05 2014 6:00pm FLAG
Hey girls kik me at Steve_Alex_ Im eigh**** :) and male

Anonymous Apr 07 2014 12:36am FLAG
I wanna make friends with Emo boys because they r the bomb and I luv skaters to haha (I draw and skateboard lol) kik me :Chispa32

Echo Apr 08 2014 4:10pm FLAG
Emo guys are the coolest! Someone kik me c: im really nice and looking for a conversation. stephanie_groomz someone kik me

Stephanieee Apr 17 2014 3:24pm FLAG
any girl out there take care of her feet and keep them pretty and willing to show them off? send a pic of them on kik and I will say how nice they are :) jonnop21 on kik

jonnop21 Apr 26 2014 11:02am FLAG
I'm a female and scene kik me at gayyunic0rn c;

xdaniigayyx Apr 26 2014 12:31pm FLAG
I'm bi. I'm not emo or scene. But I'm really nice and looking for people to talk to. My kik is Shadow594 ^,^ Bye bye ^_^

Non emo/scene guy Apr 28 2014 10:20pm FLAG
Kik : Itxchel emo boys kik me I'm 22

Anonymous May 03 2014 9:09am FLAG
Cute emo\sene guys kik me i_hate_u_rawr I'm so bored Ima girl

ash May 04 2014 1:00pm FLAG
Hello :) emo/scene girl who wants to talk to guys who are the same. f btw. Into bands and stuff (like: BMTH, OM&M, ATL, PTV, BVB, AA, GT, Beartooth, Periphery......probably a few more that I can't think of atm lol) KIK: BringMeBarakarthVeil

BringMeBarakarthVeil (aka the most supercalifragilisticexpialido May 10 2014 10:30pm FLAG
It erased my age...... Thir**** and female just to clarify....

BringMeBarakarthVeil May 10 2014 10:32pm FLAG
I DID NOT ADD THOSE STARS......whatever =P

BringMeBarakarthVeil May 10 2014 10:33pm FLAG
want to see some d*ck on kik :) live pics only so i know it really urs :P xx kik: yournameonme

kat May 13 2014 11:26am FLAG

Meeeee May 19 2014 1:45pm FLAG
Haiii I'm a guyyy cx um people have told me I'm cute i guess c: and I'm gay ;D hahaa c: kik is below c:

Evan7979 May 19 2014 1:46pm FLAG
I'm an emo girl kik me at flashes of moonlight I'm looking for emo/scene guys to be best friends with or whatever interest's:-P but I'm thirt-**** and my profile pic makes me look a bit girly but for good reason!

flashes of moonlight May 21 2014 10:09pm FLAG
Lol I did not put those stars there:-D anyway I'll tell you my age if you text me just ask

flashes of moonlight May 21 2014 10:11pm FLAG
add me! chrisbrown26 im M 20 looking to meet people between -20

Anonymous May 23 2014 9:32am FLAG

Anonymous May 23 2014 9:32am FLAG
I'm f and I just love emo guys and girls. Feel free to kik me ^.^

TellTaleHeart666 Jun 02 2014 11:11am FLAG
Hey! I'm male and emo and I just want some friends to talk to. Idc if you're male or female, message me! I'm and lonely...

Bvb_Saeko Jun 02 2014 9:33pm FLAG
Supposed to say I'm four****. My bad :P

Bvb_Saeko Jun 02 2014 9:34pm FLAG
Hiii, my name is Jakey. I'm a scene guy and gay. Kik me at xjakeyisgayyx

Jakeybearr Jun 05 2014 6:48am FLAG
Oh, and i'm cx

Jakeybearr Jun 05 2014 6:50am FLAG

Jakeybearr Jun 05 2014 7:49am FLAG
hey girls kik me for a clean or dirty chat my kik is iamdio

Anonymous Jun 15 2014 5:46pm FLAG
Kik names of cute girls/guys:

TheHandyGuy Jun 19 2014 5:22pm FLAG
Any cute emo guys with a kik? DaysPiercedTheVeil

DaysPiercedTheVeil Jul 24 2014 2:06am FLAG

dawnlovetwd Jul 24 2014 4:03pm FLAG
Hi guys, please add me on kik! I love bvb! I'm a gurl and emo...

phoebeandandysixx Jul 27 2014 2:37pm FLAG
Hii I'm ashie,I'm bored -anyone want to talk kik name is ashly newsome.

Me Jul 27 2014 5:03pm FLAG
kik me its saurkababy

nautica Jul 28 2014 3:11pm FLAG
Kik me please- Coco.emerson

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z6zTrT Major thankies for the blog.Much thanks again. Much obliged.

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Hi, I'm a cute emo girl. I'm looking for emo/scene boys to talk to. I really love emo and scene boys I think that they are so freaking hot, so my kik is Emo_Queen_. Kik me.

Emelie Jun 26 2015 2:29pm FLAG

Emelie. Jun 26 2015 2:30pm FLAG

Emelie. Jun 26 2015 2:31pm FLAG
I really think emo/scene boys are so hot. If any emo or scene boys wants to chat my kik is Emo_Cutie_ I'm really funny and cute so yeah just kik me. Emo and scene girls can kik me too. Please kik me.

Hanna. Jun 26 2015 2:46pm FLAG
Im emo im cool sweet kind nice awesome fun loving girl im a dancer singer song write and guitar player I love emo boys I wish I can talk to one my kik is princessemorock

liz gonzalez Jun 27 2015 4:02pm FLAG
Hmmm..... u should kik me im bored and lonely will awnser anything.ima girl.pansexual.i dont label myself as anything but weird kik: Ratchetrainbow44 kik away

Annonomus Jul 14 2015 6:15am FLAG
Hey um I'm and a guy in also emo and single and bi and I love emo girls/guys and I was hoping if I can be in a relationship with ether one message me pwease my kik is emo_jason

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