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how do i look strong in front of my ex

The Problem: i went out with this guy and we went out for a while and he dumped me and said its over i hang up on him and cryed i go back to school tommorow how do i make myself look like i am so over it because i really loved him if some one can help it whould be nice

Asked by: melissathebabe18 at 05:42:43 PM, Sunday, April 25, 2004 PDT FLAG


towelhead Apr 26 2004 1:12am FLAG

thanks for that but i am not a slut so can i please get some nice advice

melissathebabe18 Apr 26 2004 5:48am FLAG
melissathebabe18, dont kid yourself, we're all sluts on the inside. until you realise and embrace this, you will never truly have lived. whats the the nickname.. are you really a babe? or just a fat ugly mole hiding behind a 'cool' nickname? Apr 26 2004 6:01am FLAG
ahhh melissathebabe... Dr Smeg thinks if that really were the case there would be no cause for all the tears.. if you truly were a babe, there would be an endless supply of c ock beating on your door, you could just open it and there waiting would be fresh c ock for you to frolic with. You could set up a system of conveyor belts that delivers the fresh c ock to your bedroom where you could just be bag whore who's only resemblance to a 'babe' is that grotty little pig who's voice is Magda Zubanski. Hope this helps.

Dr Smeg Apr 26 2004 6:11am FLAG
melissathebabe18 i agree with towelhead... act like the big fat ugly slut that you have deep inside of you... make sure all the boys can see a bit of nipple peeking through your school shirt... if you wear a skirt pretend you accidently broke the zip... wear no panties and when you go up the front for "show and tell" show them all your pink bits... hope i helped fatty flaps... cheers

Asstroboy - Apr 26 2004 6:11am FLAG
talk about good advice aye!!!

hades bitch... no, im not serious Apr 26 2004 7:33am FLAG
well..Just stay wiv your female friends...And dont look at him..or go near him...try have fun with ya girls...if you feel like your gonna get upset just go to the toilet..then come back out when ya feel bit better....

x_kezzy_x Apr 26 2004 7:47am FLAG
well you just act like you usuly do around him it worked for me

k@$EY Apr 26 2004 10:08am FLAG
just dont look at him, stare at him or even talk to him unless he makes the effort. have a laf with ur mates and make it look like ur gettin on with things not even thinkin bout him... even if u feel like crap inside.

towel head needs a smack Apr 26 2004 10:33am FLAG
dont give him dirty looks or avoid him act like hes just neone else n that u dont even kno him n that u r totally fine n could care less about what he does. treat him like ne other average guy in ur school. act like he did nothing to u and give him no special attention which is what guys want

hope i can help Apr 26 2004 4:15pm FLAG
go to the toilets and pleasure yourself with an anus pump... just like x_kezzy_x suggested... it worked for her so it may work for you melissathebabe18... Oh EAT SH*T AND DIE

Asstroboy Apr 26 2004 6:03pm FLAG
its always hard to get over da man that you love, it will take time, and its not important to look strong when you go bak to skool, the important thing is to try and get over him, but if its that important that you look strong, try to totally 4get about him, don't even go near him, pretend like he's not even there, and enjoy the time with your friends and have fun with what you have instead of moarning over the love you don't....

angel_wit_wings101 Apr 26 2004 6:21pm FLAG
DONT LISTEM TO THEM!!! You shouldnt have to hide your true feelings. Just remember that if you love someone, but break up, they dont Just stop loving you anymore. If he is a true and nice person, then he should still care about your feelings and understand. Dont hide what you feel on the inside it only makes it worse. CRY, it doesnt matter, its just an who a guy and i cry all the time. Good luck

BIG SEXY GOOD ADVICE Apr 26 2004 10:49pm FLAG
BIG SEXY u r so ing gut the guy, slice him and dice him, so you dont have to be around him again.

king richard the 184th Apr 27 2004 12:00am FLAG
ok some advice was nice but the his friend no because they are my friends and the one about am i a babe well many guys at my school think i am which includes my exs friends which are my friends and saying im a slut well get to know me first because you are so wrong thanks to the people that wrote something nice when i really needed it and BIG SEXY GOOD ADVICE thas great that you cry just because the guys are paying you out dont worry about it you seem like a nice guy thanks to the people that wrote the appropriate stuff

melissathebabe18 Apr 27 2004 2:46am FLAG
Yo sl ut, there are no nice girls, or nice guys. Girls are malicious sl uts. You sound pretty strong and independent what the fest.

king richard the 184th Apr 27 2004 3:42am FLAG
wog on wog f e s t

woggo Apr 27 2004 4:21am FLAG
BIG SEXY GOOD ADVICE, i here you loud and clear when you talk about crying being an emotion and to let it out. i can see she has taught you well grasshopper. keep on crying, and if your ass ever gets ripped open like your mums, talk to her and then you'll have a sympathetic shoulder to cry on. (also ask the doctor to make the stitches small) Apr 27 2004 4:30am FLAG
All you gotta do is treat him like and be a total and complete B I T C H in front of him

Jugalo Homie Apr 27 2004 2:14pm FLAG
ignore him! and be with your friends (including guy friends!)

tawni2luvalex Apr 27 2004 4:48pm FLAG
eww towelhead your pathetic and sad and im sure gay and you just say that stuff cuz you cant get it sorry bub ha ha not

deadinlove Apr 28 2004 10:10am FLAG
Jst tell him that he is nt the ryt person for u

Anonymous Jul 17 2013 7:19am FLAG
Jst tell him go to meditataion nd do excercise

Anonymous Jul 17 2013 7:20am FLAG
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