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The Problem: Kik me with some s bluevoid64

Asked by: wesleygerard at 07:58:30 AM, Saturday, October 27, 2012 PDT FLAG



gia Oct 27 2012 11:22am FLAG

Gia Kik dtayy241 for. A chat

Anonymous Oct 29 2012 3:25am FLAG
Add Facebook Darnell Taylor Kik is messing up The dp Is me in a green hat

Anonymous Oct 29 2012 3:57am FLAG
Horny f looking for a good time. Trust me, I'm worth it lOl. I trade lots of pics. Kik me!! beckyboo993300

Anonymous Oct 30 2012 7:25pm FLAG
Hay 209 27 87

Anonymous Nov 01 2012 8:17pm FLAG
any girls any age ? kik me @ jmm7 or txt me @ 60737997. m . must be into anal stuff. lets have some fun ;)

jmm7 Nov 04 2012 6:03pm FLAG
Girls only, , s, convo's, whatever you want skatekamloops kik me

Anonymous Dec 28 2012 7:59pm FLAG
Girls kik me, I have a tattoo on my d*ck. It's something you won't find anywhere else ;) Kik- thisguy0880

Thisguy0880 Jan 02 2013 2:22pm FLAG
This response was flagged for inappropriate or offensive content.

Lawman Jan 02 2013 11:58pm FLAG
go to "h o r n y k i k . n e t" there you'll find whatever you want

hoktar Jan 03 2013 11:24am FLAG
m/girls kik me! i wanna sent s if u sent first i wanna girls any age! pascalr050

Anonymous Jan 04 2013 12:02am FLAG
Any girls and up add me on kik da name is youngb330

youngb330 Jan 04 2013 3:11pm FLAG
Girls willing to send s kik ;) jrd

Anonymous Jan 04 2013 6:05pm FLAG
f USA itsmeanniem ;) hurry!

Annie Jan 09 2013 8:59pm FLAG
male kik me girls jtmills

Anonymous Jan 13 2013 3:24pm FLAG
**** girls any age kik robraman or text 5640 43

Anonymous Jan 13 2013 8:50pm FLAG
**** girls text 5-4-2710 or kik jason kerts

Anonymous Jan 22 2013 1:35pm FLAG
Girls kik me PuppetMaster2929

Anonymous Jan 30 2013 1:55pm FLAG

Blake Feb 02 2013 9:38am FLAG
Girls kik me @ Evan1

Evan Feb 07 2013 8:02am FLAG
Girls only I've been told I'm pretty hot but there's only one way to find out Cookiehunter

Anonymous Feb 10 2013 11:22pm FLAG
m kik me s at franciscoallen32 Girls only

Francisco Feb 19 2013 8:13pm FLAG
Girls kik me at Frilledshark im really fun and i talk very well

Frilledshark Feb 20 2013 4:38pm FLAG
Kik. Me. Moneybag3

Nice 4 u Mar 08 2013 12:39pm FLAG
girls kik me. im male. want to , dirty talk, or send pics. kik: ATLSK8R

ATLSK8R Mar 09 2013 8:55pm FLAG
male kik me at STAZ.CRACK

Anonymous Mar 09 2013 10:52pm FLAG
girls of any age. kik me im male. ill trade pics, dirty talk, . Kik: ATLSK8R

ATLSK8R Mar 11 2013 11:05am FLAG
Lol random ass lawman. But anyways Imma guy hot blonde big d*ck. Skinny Kik: zecatdestroyer

MacMatty Mar 11 2013 10:03pm FLAG
You people are all disgusting. If any of you have a shred of self respect and just wanna talk to a regular guy. Go ahead and drop me a simple "hi"on kik. My user is obl1vion

pepper Mar 11 2013 10:57pm FLAG
Girls ---) AliGtm

ali Mar 15 2013 3:44pm FLAG
This response was flagged for inappropriate or offensive content.

Annonimous Mar 16 2013 4:05pm FLAG
I'm any girls kik me some s at bcaylor I might trade

Anonymous Mar 16 2013 10:29pm FLAG
Kik: jetsetdon. I'm 25 M. Girls any age can kik me

Anonymous Mar 19 2013 12:53pm FLAG
Kik me s m girls only name is gunnerh

Anonymous Mar 19 2013 8:01pm FLAG
m and will trade pics johnkjoseph

Anonymous Mar 21 2013 4:10pm FLAG
m with 6-pack kik me girls, tommy5797

Tommy5797 Mar 22 2013 8:50pm FLAG
Girls kik me I'm a guy lookin for s , can exchange aswell , MattStephens99

Anonymous Mar 23 2013 9:57am FLAG
Kik me titanhoss10

Anonymous Mar 23 2013 2:43pm FLAG
ONLY GIRLS kik me at iAmRebelGuy

Jerry Mar 24 2013 12:11am FLAG
girls of any age. kik me im male. ill trade pics, dirty talk, . Kik: ATLSK8R

ATLSK8R Mar 24 2013 4:03pm FLAG
Dakota.younggirls only s pleae

Dakota.young Mar 24 2013 5:56pm FLAG
girls kik me at hispanicballer ill trade pics

Anonymous Mar 29 2013 8:20am FLAG
girls kik me at baseballru im and bored

Anonymous Mar 29 2013 8:21am FLAG
hey girls kik me at thatoneguy305 ill do dirty or clean chat it doesnt matter im really up for anything (looking for a slave btw) age doesnt matter im btw for lesbian girls if you want to trade girl pics im down

thatoneguy305 Mar 29 2013 7:59pm FLAG
Kik me girls. I'm male Kik: pictureswelcome

Horny Dude Mar 29 2013 8:59pm FLAG
I prefer **** girls.

Horny Dude Mar 29 2013 9:00pm FLAG
I'm a girl looking for some s. A_Davenport. Mainly -boys.

Alyssa Davenport Apr 06 2013 9:28am FLAG
Girls let me be your cowboy;) m really hung like a bull;) my kik : 1redneckv

A good lookin cowboy;) Apr 08 2013 3:53am FLAG
Girls kik me Timmeh2198

Anonymous Apr 09 2013 5:40am FLAG
Girls wanna trade pics or chat dirty kik me at Mark.Ross72

Mark Apr 10 2013 4:19pm FLAG
Girls that wanna trade pics, kik me at raw03 I'm male

Anonymous Apr 13 2013 4:29am FLAG
Texas boy here! I'll do anything. i'll be a master or a slave(; Huge c*ck head! HORNY GIRLS ONLY kik me! I send s but you have to send some too(; and you know what they say.. everything's bigger in texas(; my kik it mitchluk

Mitchluk Apr 14 2013 12:35pm FLAG
aj18 Come on girls! ;) <3 u all

AJ Apr 15 2013 12:09pm FLAG
girls kik me :) basrball6767 im well hung ;) yes its basr not base.

lets go babe Apr 15 2013 4:40pm FLAG
Kik me @millertime57 for s

Mitchelmiller Apr 17 2013 9:44pm FLAG
ill kik u alright is yall stupid putin mess like this on the internet wtf yall is tooo young to be thinkin bout sex at at M.F.

janet Apr 18 2013 2:53pm FLAG
girls kik me : erniukas imyrs ONLY ****

Ern Lee Apr 19 2013 1:30pm FLAG
Girls add russ22

Anonymous Apr 20 2013 5:39am FLAG
Michael_farhart add me on kik ill trade s all ages!

Anonymous Apr 21 2013 12:18am FLAG
Text me s at poleman3 and I will leave you dripping

Poleman Apr 21 2013 3:58pm FLAG
Girls Kik me s" imatt1994 "

imatt1994 Apr 21 2013 4:58pm FLAG
I also do shoutouts

imatt1994 Apr 21 2013 4:58pm FLAG
Girls add me: bever3

jon Apr 22 2013 3:19pm FLAG
Girls only, lets exchange s(; @jolnee2

Josh Apr 23 2013 2:14pm FLAG
male kik: jtmills

Anonymous Apr 23 2013 3:03pm FLAG
Yall guys are pedos

Policeman Apr 23 2013 3:51pm FLAG
21 f bi trading pics but girls only add kilarity101

Anonymous Apr 24 2013 2:53pm FLAG
M. Girls only. swapping s. kik:Thspurs

Anonymous Apr 24 2013 4:22pm FLAG
I'm . If any girls my age would trade s with me I'd appreciate it. CATS_Explorer01

CATS_Explorer01 Apr 26 2013 12:13am FLAG
any age girl kik me at lilchris0227 we can talk clean or dirty or we can trade pics, im

lilchris0227 Apr 26 2013 2:16pm FLAG
Kik: Willtr3 Girls kik me :) more than willing to give u pics :)

william Apr 27 2013 2:11am FLAG
Girls any age: kik me to trade pics or talk dirty. name: Skagenmacka

Skagenmacka Apr 27 2013 8:58am FLAG
kik: jwebb370

anon Apr 27 2013 3:26pm FLAG
Kik me: jetsetdon. I'm 25 M. Girls any age can add

Anonymous Apr 27 2013 3:35pm FLAG
Girls send me s! J.Ramirez719

J.Ramirez719 Apr 27 2013 9:24pm FLAG
Girls, im male with a 9 incch c*ck kik me at davidapodaca

Anonymous Apr 27 2013 11:04pm FLAG
Uk male good lookin with good body and a nice di@k kik me a pic of you and ill kik u back kik carldb05

Anonymous Apr 28 2013 1:12pm FLAG
Ya. Ok

Jacod Apr 28 2013 8:26pm FLAG
Any girls willin to send some s? Kik: Vyvan29

Anonymous Apr 29 2013 9:49am FLAG
Girls kik s: jman4450

Anonymous Apr 29 2013 12:02pm FLAG
Hey I'm a guy any girl age kik me:Arch_23 I Will trade!!

Arch Apr 29 2013 5:17pm FLAG
Hey I'm a guy any girl age kik me:Arch_23 I Will trade!!

Anonymous Apr 29 2013 5:18pm FLAG
Looking for a beatiful girl to have fun with I will reply with s!! Kik:justin_mooreor snapchat:justinm00re

Anonymous Apr 29 2013 10:15pm FLAG
Hey girls add me it's jonasanuchiha. Nobody under 18 please

Anonymous Apr 30 2013 8:59pm FLAG
Girls kik me please feddybest ;)

Anonymous May 01 2013 6:23am FLAG
Hey im a m looking to trade s with some girls, kik me @ bluebox21

Anonymous May 01 2013 2:52pm FLAG
Ohai Girls c; kik canomeat 19m

Anonymous May 01 2013 6:12pm FLAG
M 20 girls only kik dirty chat or clean girls kik travis.e

t May 02 2013 6:32am FLAG
m kik me Busy1... only F !!!

Anonymous May 02 2013 7:59am FLAG
m USA (: just to trade and get (: kik: mikeywtf

Anonymous May 02 2013 11:10pm FLAG
male!Hot girls from -kik me and send me s kik: vdbergh.craig

Anonymous May 03 2013 12:16pm FLAG
Kik me jax_bauer for sm

Anonymous May 03 2013 8:41pm FLAG
M Blauer34 girls send me s

Anonymous May 04 2013 11:42am FLAG
M girls add me ;) I trade pics aswell. Hit me up on: Burma1. Preferably girls -

Burma1 May 04 2013 5:38pm FLAG
Girls kik me pics at paff2k

Anonymous May 04 2013 10:35pm FLAG
Send me girl s at joesmoe69r kik

Anonymous May 04 2013 11:28pm FLAG
Send me s

Anonymous May 05 2013 2:44am FLAG
At jetman34

Anonymous May 05 2013 2:44am FLAG

Anonymous May 05 2013 9:44am FLAG
m girls kik me badassbassists

Anonymous May 06 2013 3:05pm FLAG
Girls, lets just talk dirty, trade pics and keep it simple. Sound good? Great!(; Kik: Tyacan

Anonymous May 06 2013 7:19pm FLAG
DemonKing500 made me so wet. He's a m and has a big black c*ck

Sillysweet198 May 06 2013 8:33pm FLAG
Ladies kik me at jboy2025

Anonymous May 07 2013 6:32am FLAG
M kik Sora___ (thats three space underscore things)

Anonymous May 07 2013 1:39pm FLAG
Girls, kik me s and i promise you love it;) MaxieA

MaxieA May 07 2013 4:25pm FLAG
Girls kik me flickcody -

Me May 08 2013 2:20pm FLAG
Kik me! 21 m straight.. Rasper

Mike May 08 2013 3:22pm FLAG
wanna kik? I'm and I'm a really nice guy I'm cute.. Well that's what the girls say. But if you're or anything then you and I should trade some pics or just chat. Anyways that's up to you so let me know! 😉

Kik; Christian_G May 08 2013 4:16pm FLAG
Kik me at jamesboy_69

Anonymous May 08 2013 4:50pm FLAG
Kik jareth42069 I swap pics or chat. I have shoulder length brown hair. Blue eyes. Four pack working on getting six. Easy going an fun to talk to.

Jareth May 08 2013 7:30pm FLAG
Any girls feel like talking or tradeing pics on Kik hit me up;)

Chase5582 May 08 2013 9:28pm FLAG
Aliiirrght girlsss u kik me if yo all is sexy ;) ain't no ratchets tho!!! Hmu at Ri_DawgI've got a fair bod, and a hugeeee c*ck waitin to get beatt ;). Send me some sexy pics girls Ri_Dawg(.)(.) \/ ( )( ) ;) uu send me sompyhing I WILL send back, just telltells watchu wanna c I gotchu. But u gatta send tha firsst pic ;) hmu NOWwww!!

guy!! May 08 2013 10:06pm FLAG
Hey I'm hot and a d*ck that'll blow you away Ill take girls fishystick

Anonymous May 08 2013 10:11pm FLAG
m holding a pic competition so girls send me ya best s

Anonymous May 09 2013 12:49pm FLAG
^^^^^^^^^ Henryevsend me ya s

Anonymous May 09 2013 12:51pm FLAG
m @maxout47 girls only, s

Maxout47 May 09 2013 7:54pm FLAG
m trollinski, girls who give s only

??? May 10 2013 11:44am FLAG
Kik me girls and under at thesoccerbeast

Anonymous May 10 2013 2:36pm FLAG
Looking for girls to talk to or anything else, kik: robilard

Anonymous May 10 2013 7:51pm FLAG
hunter_fd08 23/m/single. Girls kik pics :)

Me May 11 2013 1:05am FLAG
girls kik s to reeced101 and you'll get a big surprise ;)

anonymous May 11 2013 10:32am FLAG
im male. i trade s. girls kik me. kik: griefergaminghd

g May 11 2013 5:45pm FLAG
male kik MATTHEW_FIG s all they way, girls only , an age

Anonymous May 11 2013 11:18pm FLAG
male girls kik me s girls Yamega1

Anonymous May 12 2013 1:25am FLAG
m , kik me girls: nick.robertss

Anonymous May 12 2013 9:07am FLAG
m kik me for a chat or for nides supersand3

uknowwho May 12 2013 2:02pm FLAG
Girls kik s any age @steverizm 19, m

Anonymous May 13 2013 7:29pm FLAG
NFAAChamp20if anyone girl wants to talk. Or maybe sexy and trade pics you can kik me. Every other says I look good.

Anonymous May 13 2013 8:55pm FLAG
hey girls kik me at thatoneguy305 ill do dirty or clean chat it doesnt matter im really up for anything (looking for a slave btw) girls must be 10 and up im btw for lesbian girls if you want to trade girl pics im down

thatoneguy305 May 13 2013 9:00pm FLAG

Anonymous May 14 2013 8:35am FLAG
Girls only kik me s....muwarrior20

Anon May 14 2013 12:11pm FLAG
Kik me girls, ill , send video, swap pics of each other *****. (Girls -) no lesbians or guys. Kik: griefergaminghd

HORNY May 14 2013 12:57pm FLAG
Girls kik me. We can swap s. bluebox21

Anonymous May 14 2013 3:12pm FLAG
GIRLS ONLY! Kik: griefergaminghd im male ! im looking for girls who are willing to trade s and/or . (NO GUYS OR LESBIANS) KIK: griefergaminghd

E May 14 2013 4:33pm FLAG
Girls only. kik me psmithonly if you send s

Anonymous May 14 2013 4:57pm FLAG

Anonymous May 15 2013 2:15pm FLAG
wanna kik? I'm and I'm a really nice guy I'm cute.. Well that's what the girls say. But if you're or anything then you and I should trade some pics or just chat. Anyways that's up to you so let me know! 😉

Kik: ChristianG_ May 15 2013 5:45pm FLAG
Kik x6Reflex6x Hot girls and lesbians send pics

Anonymous May 15 2013 10:37pm FLAG
Nvm, m Kik x6Reflex6x hot girls And lesbians send pics

Anonymous May 15 2013 10:38pm FLAG
Young girls send me pics, lesbians only looking for ages kik: babyskyliiine

Anonymous May 16 2013 4:24pm FLAG
Kik me: jetsetdon I'm 25 M. Girls any age can add

Anonymous May 18 2013 9:57am FLAG
If you are a girl from age 8-, kik titsboobies

Anonymous May 18 2013 4:40pm FLAG
^^ wtf? 8-that's so ed up!! Girls kik me at joshkelley4 I'm

Anonymous May 18 2013 6:59pm FLAG
Girls kik me s. Girls only. I'm m kik me @ilikeurmother

ilikeurmother May 19 2013 1:47am FLAG
Girls please kik me, I'm and have a 9 inch c*ck. Kik:Hornetgame

Anonymous May 19 2013 10:34am FLAG
Girls send your s and ill rate them. Kik: girlss

Anonymous May 19 2013 11:02am FLAG

Anonymous May 19 2013 11:03am FLAG
Cute girls lets trade s I'm m Girls only and full body shots @ilikeurmother

lets trade pics all night May 19 2013 9:01pm FLAG
male straight, huge c*ck and I will send u a pick of it if u send me s ;) kik:zack54304

zack54304 May 19 2013 11:22pm FLAG
i show d*ck . im m kik me paddy97

Anonymous May 20 2013 4:34am FLAG
Girls kik me @ gabrielc26 (;

Anonymous May 20 2013 6:50am FLAG
Good looking kid with a Swimmers Body(; Kik: JustinBaez

Justin May 20 2013 5:34pm FLAG
m Funny and in the Gym Everyday!:) Kik me girls YourBoyJoshPeace.

josh May 20 2013 7:09pm FLAG
m, lookin for some lovely ladies to trade s with kik: calebdanglez

Caleb May 20 2013 7:54pm FLAG
m looking for girls 9-tk share pics whith my name is jo hallind

Anonymous May 20 2013 11:54pm FLAG
Or on kik goodman7

Anonymous May 20 2013 11:56pm FLAG
Kik me girls I'm m GIRLS ONLY! Perfer 19 and up but if ur around my age it's k. My kik is: us1

Anonymous May 21 2013 12:15am FLAG
m lookin to trade at loveboobies20

loveboobies20 May 21 2013 6:44am FLAG
Girls only

loveboobies20 May 21 2013 6:45am FLAG
M Girls I am as hell and want to see you . kik me @ Gorlahmie

Anonymous May 21 2013 1:21pm FLAG
More girls

Anonymous May 21 2013 2:18pm FLAG
Girls kik crosscheckyou70 m

Anonymous May 21 2013 2:19pm FLAG
Girls kik me s I'm almost m any age will be fine kik: dimitri_anatoli

Anonymous May 21 2013 8:18pm FLAG
/m will trade s girls 8-kik:joserivera20

Anonymous May 22 2013 12:06am FLAG
Kik me girls for swaping pics. I'm male I like girls ages Kik me dimitri_anatoli

Anonymous May 22 2013 7:43pm FLAG
Girls kik me yacobI trade s.

Yacob May 22 2013 8:19pm FLAG
girls kik me paddyIbra my d*ck is 7.4 inches and im and i do sports

paddy May 23 2013 12:00pm FLAG
I'm lez(: so girls hmu (631) 699-5920 trade s!

Anonymous May 23 2013 1:06pm FLAG
Girls add me dabomb243 on kik -:) I won't give pics but u can give me pics male

:))) May 23 2013 2:10pm FLAG

:))) May 23 2013 2:14pm FLAG
I trade s with guys and girls M kik: oscarandrade

oscarandrade May 23 2013 3:23pm FLAG
Anybody willing to trade. Kik me at baseballru

Anonymous May 23 2013 7:00pm FLAG
You all are dumb asses get a life

WAKE UP LOSERS May 24 2013 11:46am FLAG
Girls lets trade pics I'm m Girls only , have proof. @MrWafflezXp Kik me soon I'm ;)

josh May 24 2013 4:07pm FLAG
Kik me girls only I'm guy Kik me to swap pics KIK: dimitri_anatoli

Anonymous May 24 2013 6:16pm FLAG
I'm a male kik me girls @djaran hurry

Anonymous May 25 2013 12:10am FLAG
Kik me girls trade s I gotta huge c*ck u can see if u send pics bobsthename777 girls only

bobsthename777 May 25 2013 6:25am FLAG
21 yo male covered in tattoos and piercings Girls kik me for some fun chasemee2

Anonymous May 25 2013 2:29pm FLAG
Girls kik me Michael_Gawel -

Mikey May 25 2013 3:52pm FLAG
/m will trade s. Girls only kik: joserivera20

Anonymous May 25 2013 4:33pm FLAG
Kik me I'm male and my kik clay.elias

Anonymous May 25 2013 11:49pm FLAG
Kik: jetsetdon and I'm 25 M. Girls any age can add

Anonymous May 26 2013 10:56am FLAG
Kik: SamT27 girl only

Sam May 26 2013 4:23pm FLAG
Message me with s! ;) sexy 18 YO Canadian girl. ;) Kik: EmmyF94

EmmyF94 May 26 2013 8:24pm FLAG
If ur a girl kik: johnathan_28(you wont regretit

Anonymous May 26 2013 11:44pm FLAG
Kik johnathan_28 if u a girl

Anonymous May 26 2013 11:46pm FLAG
Girls Kik me. M s johncuckoo

Anonymous May 27 2013 2:31am FLAG
any girls kik me nadroj2 m athletic

Anonymous May 27 2013 2:06pm FLAG
Kik: timkolly m athletic. I have abs and a v line. Girls only. Any age ;)

Anonymous May 27 2013 2:49pm FLAG
Any girls arc_1 ;)

me May 27 2013 5:37pm FLAG

Anonymous May 27 2013 5:38pm FLAG
male kik is jtmills

Anonymous May 27 2013 7:40pm FLAG
Girls kik me for s @kyle_smith24 ;)

kyle_smith24 May 28 2013 3:35pm FLAG
m kik me clay.elias

Anonymous May 28 2013 6:52pm FLAG
Kik me, yr old boy. Girls only. Kik: sexyboy2799

Ayoungbutfella May 29 2013 2:53pm FLAG
Girls message me on kik any age! Kik: Wagglefoot You wont regret it

Wagglefoot May 29 2013 2:57pm FLAG
Kik me girls.. Arch_23 girls age between -18

Arch May 29 2013 7:14pm FLAG
m jonaswiebel girllls !! ****s

Anonymous May 31 2013 10:25am FLAG
Kik Thouzer 90737892 girls ;) m

Thouzer May 31 2013 11:39am FLAG
male, love trading s! Girls -18, Kik me: TheConspiracy

TheConspiracy May 31 2013 6:10pm FLAG
18 year old want and tits and want a girl that knows how to have fun kik me and I'm a guy aaron_reiser

Aaron_reiser Jun 01 2013 1:36pm FLAG
girls kik ne TheBionicPotato or guys with pics of xes to trade for oics of my xes +

Anonymous Jun 01 2013 4:50pm FLAG
Rmysteriodude m/

Rmysteriodude Jun 02 2013 1:43am FLAG
18 m. User is aberea96. Ladies send me ur s or just chat :)

alexxx01 Jun 02 2013 5:37am FLAG
Kik s to me. Always return and u wont regret it;) kik: ilovevaginaa69 GIRLS ONLY -18

Anon Jun 02 2013 2:18pm FLAG
Kik me anyone robby7441

Anonymous Jun 02 2013 9:02pm FLAG
18 m 18+girls preferred kik snowx1

Anonymous Jun 03 2013 10:52am FLAG
kik me girls ill swap s im a male age doesnt matter kik: weedsm0ker420

Anonymous Jun 03 2013 10:59am FLAG
Kik me kid_dank420 I want some nice titties and ;)

Anonymous Jun 03 2013 5:14pm FLAG
Hey kik zweinstein he's male and looking for hot girls. Send a pic for a reply!

Anonymous Jun 03 2013 5:58pm FLAG
Girls kik s to jjcat33 I will trade and exchange.

Anonymous Jun 03 2013 7:49pm FLAG
I'm m cute girls only kik clay.elias

Anonymous Jun 04 2013 12:19am FLAG
Straight guy here for kik buddies and chat, maybe a little bit of romance with the girls . Kik me at liammurphy201

Anonymous Jun 04 2013 2:20pm FLAG
m kik dpaatt1997 kik me girls ages

Anonymous Jun 04 2013 3:53pm FLAG
I'm a guy kik me s @kikgt32 GIRLS ONLY

Anony Jun 04 2013 3:57pm FLAG
Straight guy here for kik buddies and chat, maybe a little bit of romance with the girls ;) Kik me at liammurphy201

Anonymous Jun 04 2013 5:04pm FLAG
i am a guy kik me s: animebadass girls only

anonymous Jun 05 2013 1:42pm FLAG
male. Will swap s with any girl of any age. Kik me @ alexdavis64

Anonymous Jun 05 2013 3:06pm FLAG
Kik me s, anyone, any sex, any age! Matmartino

Matmartino Jun 06 2013 3:12pm FLAG
Kik me I'm straight almost guy. I swap pics so Kik me. dimitri_anatoli GIRLS ONLY

Anonymous Jun 06 2013 3:48pm FLAG
Girls change s kik username JM23

Anonymous Jun 06 2013 7:25pm FLAG
Girls exchange s girls between and kik username ihaved*ck

Anonymous Jun 08 2013 12:48pm FLAG
I'm a guy I'm trade s or talk kik me @kikgt32 girls only

@kikgt32 Jun 08 2013 4:22pm FLAG
Girls only kik me TheOG0202 ! :)

Anonymous Jun 08 2013 10:04pm FLAG

Anonymous Jun 09 2013 10:01am FLAG
Girls! kik me ! imma a boy! il do anything you want! i luv tradibg pics! so kik me fast girls! kik- bryanadams345!

Anonymous Jun 09 2013 10:06am FLAG
add me girls, i am ErikHuse

Anonymous Jun 09 2013 12:03pm FLAG
18, guy, taking girls of all ages, willing to send s. kik me at superswmr and you can win a special prize!

Anonymous Jun 09 2013 12:41pm FLAG
18, guy, taking girls of all ages. Will send s back of my muscles and of myself *****. superswmr

Anonymous Jun 09 2013 4:28pm FLAG
m girls add me gavanfitzy

Anonymous Jun 09 2013 5:12pm FLAG
Any girls who are looking for a good time kik me stupac_back I send s all ages welcome

Anonymous Jun 09 2013 6:07pm FLAG
Kik me at CrazyCainMan for 7.5 inches girls. yrs old looking for girls but if you're a guy and hmu. I'll send back ;)

CrazyCainMan Jun 09 2013 6:30pm FLAG
trade s _coleman_franklin

Anonymous Jun 09 2013 9:20pm FLAG
yr old m with nice bod and will swap pics and do anything you want. girls only of any age kik brainmax to exchange pics

Anonymous Jun 09 2013 11:42pm FLAG
Anybody cute girls willing to trade any age. Kik me at baseballru

Anonymous Jun 10 2013 4:33pm FLAG
Wanna trade pics? Girls only Kik: isaiah_hb

Anonymous Jun 10 2013 4:48pm FLAG
Dirty chat? Maybe some photos? I'm down with it. And I've got a hard body and hard c*ck That won't disappoint. Haris1007 (kik) Haris107 (snapchat)

Anon Jun 10 2013 11:25pm FLAG
Hi! Looking for someone to please me! I am bi and will trade s! yrs only! Kik: WetSexyGirl98

Ilona S. Jun 11 2013 4:45am FLAG
Imma hot n sexy girl lookin for sum fun Kik me at amblerr. Imma F.

Amber Zettle Jun 11 2013 12:39pm FLAG
Kik johnathan_28 to see my d*ck

Anonymous Jun 11 2013 8:34pm FLAG
Kik me at lnei for d*cks, if you want to trade some s than say "s please" I'm , male, straight, and always

lnei Jun 12 2013 1:36pm FLAG
Kik bluebox21, I will trade s. Girls only

Anonymous Jun 12 2013 3:23pm FLAG
Hey girls kik me at "Mazono" I got abbs, want to do s

Anonymous Jun 13 2013 12:53pm FLAG
m kik just_doin_it1 girls only

anon Jun 13 2013 1:59pm FLAG
add me irpbath girls only for chat and fun

anon Jun 13 2013 3:46pm FLAG
Looking for fun kik me at baseballru

Anonymous Jun 13 2013 4:08pm FLAG
****s, chat kik me @king_cupid

king_cupid Jun 13 2013 6:28pm FLAG
****s.... Girls kik me- mike4o

Hey Jun 13 2013 7:41pm FLAG
m looking for girls who are bored. im down to anytime to trade kik:likeasir323

;) Jun 13 2013 8:14pm FLAG
m Kik:xConfidentialx

xCx Jun 13 2013 8:37pm FLAG
Im a athletic skinny guy. Im willing to trade s kik me @trippykubabubba

MEEEE Jun 14 2013 2:57pm FLAG
Any girls Up for some fun if you are ;) I'm m Kik me at GingerJordan

GingerJordan Jun 15 2013 2:30pm FLAG
Kik me girls Phinny_1. Love trading s

Phinny_1 Jun 16 2013 4:43am FLAG
Kik: jetsetdon and I'm 25 M. Girls any age can add..

Anonymous Jun 16 2013 10:12am FLAG
kik me s at ccaplegirls only. Might send my reaction in return!

Anonymous Jun 16 2013 6:15pm FLAG
Kik tdrew696969 s girls only

Anonymous Jun 16 2013 6:42pm FLAG
9 inch d*ck 1redneckv

1redneckv Jun 16 2013 7:13pm FLAG
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F! Might send s if you persuade me;) kik _kendall_

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Sry I messed up my username it's actually j.statham99

Jordan Sep 24 2013 9:18pm FLAG
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Anonymous Oct 10 2013 6:54pm FLAG
Any girls just wanna talk? I'm not like any of those other douchebags...I'm M Looking for girls only...

NinjaiPod Oct 10 2013 11:51pm FLAG
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spadger101 Oct 11 2013 12:25am FLAG
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girls plz kik me s at bigh9999 :)

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Females Only! I am 18 and don't care of age. Weather you want to talk dirty or clean kik gazz_37 if you want to trade pics just ask.

Gazz Oct 14 2013 4:56pm FLAG
Hi im bisexual and looking for guys and girls - 19 to kik me I like all shapes and sizes also kik me if u want to trade s my kik is johnmastiff3

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guy looking to trade s with girls who are or older (I may or may not trade with a , it depends) Kik- flipinwing Snapchat- evan-brock

Evan B Oct 17 2013 5:07pm FLAG
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- Kik: jetsetdon and I'm 25, Male, from Northern Ireland. Girls any age can add.

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And if you're lesbian I will gladly trade pictures of other girls with you. @LuisNattramn

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yY3wIy Thanks for the article.Thanks Again. Keep writing.

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guy7072 Nov 08 2013 2:26am FLAG
never mind

guy7072 Nov 08 2013 2:30am FLAG
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m bi, will trade with anyone, kinda a slave ;) kik moabm

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I trade pics and vids.btw ^^^

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I'm a 21 year old black girl looking for some sexy white girls or guys to Kik trade pic, get to know each other and have a good time. Here's my Kik emims5 ;)

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m.interested in boys and girls till years. Contact me and i'll send pic so we can trade. Rayment100 / Dirty Nick

Anonymous Nov 15 2013 3:37pm FLAG
Or just chat. Don't care :D

Anonymous Nov 15 2013 3:39pm FLAG
/Male I will share pictures, lives or videos. Whatever you want. I will share pictures with girls as long as youre not fake! KIK: Zacharymartin

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Hey girls!! male here. Looking for any age and start with hey for dirty and hi for clean. I wanna have some awesome friends on Kik. Don_da_bomb

Awesomeness Nov 17 2013 9:57am FLAG
Hey girls!! male here. Looking for any age and start with hey for dirty and hi for clean. I wanna have some awesome friends on Kik. Don_da_bomb STRAIGHT BTW

Awesomeness Nov 17 2013 10:00am FLAG
Young couple /f./m, looking for Mothers & Fathers with photos of there daughters. Any age, Add twiggytree

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Send snaps don't matter who. Ima guy thatfunsnaper.

Anonymous Nov 17 2013 3:41pm FLAG
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f bi anyone want to talk? :) Teejaye96

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Anonymous Nov 20 2013 10:11pm FLAG
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