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any gay boys wanna chat on skype?

The Problem: really want someone to play with my boner :P

Asked by: freddie13 at 08:26:55 AM, Thursday, November 29, 2012 PST FLAG


I want to but I don't have Skype

Anonymous Nov 29 2012 8:28am FLAG

I'm a girl...

Storm Nov 29 2012 8:29am FLAG
how about Yahoo or msn?

freddie Nov 29 2012 8:29am FLAG
@storm i'm bi, how old r u?

damien Nov 29 2012 8:29am FLAG

Anonymous Nov 29 2012 8:32am FLAG
i'm @damien

Storm Nov 29 2012 8:34am FLAG
Storm, do you have an email, or kik?

Sporty Nov 29 2012 8:36am FLAG
@Storm du fancy a chat? add me if u like, x

damien Nov 29 2012 8:36am FLAG
@Damien are you a guy?

Sporty Nov 29 2012 8:39am FLAG
No I don't have a kik @Sporty Just a chat @damien

Storm Nov 29 2012 8:39am FLAG
What is your email @Storm

Sporty Nov 29 2012 8:40am FLAG
I don't trust you @Sporty

Storm Nov 29 2012 8:41am FLAG
This response was flagged for inappropriate or offensive content.

damien Nov 29 2012 8:41am FLAG
Why don't you trust me? @Storm

Sporty Nov 29 2012 8:42am FLAG
I've never seen a pic of you @Sporty

Storm Nov 29 2012 8:42am FLAG
I can email you one. I swear. If you don't like me after you see my picture, you can say you don't like me, and I'll stop bothering you. @Storm

Sporty Nov 29 2012 8:45am FLAG

Storm Nov 29 2012 8:49am FLAG
I'll email you. @Storm

Anonymous Nov 29 2012 8:51am FLAG
K @Sporty

Storm Nov 29 2012 8:53am FLAG
I emailed you. @Storm

Sporty Nov 29 2012 8:55am FLAG
add me jaydiamond45 I'm and

Jay diamond Nov 29 2012 1:48pm FLAG
message me @ either of my facebook pages OR OR email me at email me: put my name Graham Woodruffe boys wanna skype in the subject line

Graham Woodruffe Mullaloo Nov 29 2012 7:00pm FLAG
skype name

jack Dec 12 2012 6:02pm FLAG

Khan Mar 14 2013 12:14am FLAG
Hi im my skype is jordanwilliams

Anonymous Apr 26 2013 7:34am FLAG
Im and i would love to play with your boner hahaha my skype is: jordy8

HornyBoy ;) May 07 2013 6:41am FLAG
Heey add me .Ross.smith2on Skype gay young boy

Anonymous May 17 2013 3:19pm FLAG
I'm bi and , Skype name C*ckyman01 Aged please

:-P Jun 22 2013 5:17pm FLAG
I will

Anonymous Jul 01 2013 10:58pm FLAG
skype name_ Lollipop4771

Anonymous Jul 01 2013 10:58pm FLAG
Cmoneykc971 hmu looking for yung hung boys

Anonymous Jul 18 2013 6:56pm FLAG
Add me on skype if you want a boy with a 7" c*ck. My skype is alfieperryward1 add me if you are and want to jerk together xxxxx

AP1 Jul 21 2013 1:40pm FLAG
I like boys aged from to about 60. So if you fit any of them and you have a reasonable sized c*ck then video call me xxx im waiting

AP1 Jul 21 2013 1:41pm FLAG
I wanna jerk off with someone, uk Brandon.Coyle93 skype me xx

Abc Jul 29 2013 2:57am FLAG
Bisexuel jvieira25

Anonymous Jul 29 2013 4:00am FLAG
Looking for boys aged x

Abc Jul 29 2013 4:43am FLAG
bisexual boys looking for a relationship and fun :) skype me: bailey384

Me. Jul 29 2013 5:29am FLAG
Bisexual boys keen for long conversations and some fun. Maybe a relationship <3 skype me. Bailey384

Babexoxo Jul 29 2013 5:32am FLAG
Please someone reply who is

Bdawg Jul 30 2013 3:57am FLAG
Still taking yearolds who wanna skype x

Abc Jul 30 2013 1:41pm FLAG
Looking for boys xx

Abc Jul 31 2013 3:30am FLAG
I'm looking for boys -old my skype is angelino.tsa

AngeT Jul 31 2013 5:17pm FLAG
Im xx

Abc Aug 01 2013 2:43pm FLAG
hey im gay yr old and i want to gay webcam chat with someone ... really bored add me on skype davor.slayerbj

SomeDude Aug 03 2013 3:15pm FLAG
I'm and looking for -. filmmaker9Skype

That Guy Aug 04 2013 8:25pm FLAG
I'm and looking 4 someone in new addington

ashash Aug 05 2013 2:16pm FLAG
My skpe is Antisocial ashley h

ashash Aug 05 2013 11:22pm FLAG
skype bensaos1 I'm

Anonymous Aug 06 2013 8:12am FLAG
Send me a request to Brandon.Coyle93

Abc Aug 08 2013 6:12am FLAG
Anyone on now skype me if My skype name is Ashley . Hornby <like that

ashash Aug 10 2013 12:46pm FLAG
kik me at totalan0n for my skype

NOW Aug 10 2013 1:11pm FLAG
I'm and my skype is sir-t-baggs-a-lot call me

ill play with your boner Aug 12 2013 11:08am FLAG
any aged lads upto 20yo add me on skype edh3456

Anonymous Aug 12 2013 4:02pm FLAG
Its mee looking for anyome in south east england new addington, or crydon gay want fun give me your skype names :-)

ashash Aug 13 2013 7:36am FLAG
m bi uk kik at totalan0n for skype name

totalan0n Aug 13 2013 3:05pm FLAG
Skype me Dan.dan549

dan Aug 15 2013 12:19am FLAG
m bi usa, looking for slim boys to jerk off with on skype. Skype: guitarguy231 Or if you live in Massachusetts (South Shore) kik me@ Guitarguy33

Anonymous Aug 16 2013 4:23am FLAG
m uk skype me Brandon.Coyle93

Abc Aug 16 2013 5:40am FLAG
22 m looking to play with boys with small c*ck

guy Aug 17 2013 3:27am FLAG
add echo6tech

guy Aug 17 2013 3:31am FLAG
Add me matt_day3 ,;)

me Aug 17 2013 6:46pm FLAG
, m, looking for a fit guy to play with :) (skype: Joshuatetlys) boys only

That Guy Aug 18 2013 3:25am FLAG
Looking for guys my age -18

Abc Aug 18 2013 4:57am FLAG
Also looking for people who are online a lot

Abc Aug 18 2013 5:02am FLAG
m uk bi kik @ totalan0n skype @ arron parks looking for gus/girls from

Anonymous Aug 20 2013 1:44pm FLAG
im always online im kinky and hot

arron parks Aug 20 2013 1:45pm FLAG
any guys (chubby okay) email me

gayguy00 Aug 20 2013 7:12pm FLAG
Aaron name ???

abc Aug 21 2013 12:53am FLAG
waiting for someone now on skype: y7iaali

qwet Aug 22 2013 6:30pm FLAG
looking for -ung guys my Skype @hunteressex

always_ Aug 22 2013 10:34pm FLAG

Anonymous Aug 24 2013 9:03am FLAG
Looking for young boys to Skype add me James.oliveira93 !!

Anonymous Aug 24 2013 9:32am FLAG
anyone Croydon or new addington im ...

ashash Aug 24 2013 11:27pm FLAG
looking for skype: qwney10

Anonymous Aug 25 2013 3:10pm FLAG
Add me ryanlee1996

Anonymous Aug 26 2013 3:08am FLAG
My is skype is g4ypants255 sex cam me

g4ypants255 Aug 27 2013 12:31pm FLAG
Its ashash anyone in new addington wanna have fun let me noe asap will be looking anyone o let me noe will cam

ashash Aug 27 2013 2:20pm FLAG
ASHASH I am from Croydon add me on Skype James.oliveira93 !!!

Anonymous Aug 29 2013 2:37am FLAG
Looking for c2c im add me skype mike.ada4

Mike Aug 31 2013 6:56am FLAG
22 m NC for boys with small hairless c0ck k!k psdavid skype echo6tech oovoo psdavid901 I love phone sex, must have mic n cam

guy Aug 31 2013 1:13pm FLAG
Cool anonymous wanna meet up tomorro swimming baths

Ashash Aug 31 2013 2:28pm FLAG
sexy abs, friendly, looking for to Cam 2 cam. Skype keke2507 add me anytime

Yeah Aug 31 2013 5:58pm FLAG
Go on Skype ashash

Croydon boi Sep 01 2013 11:10am FLAG
I'm gay and wanting to chat and wank add me on Skype lookin for Conor Macd.

Anonymous Sep 01 2013 1:42pm FLAG
Skype: kizah94 -20yr olds

Me Sep 02 2013 7:18am FLAG
Croydon boi what's skype name

ashash Sep 03 2013 12:44pm FLAG
James.oliveira93 you have added me but haven't come online lol have you got kik or something ?

Croydon boi Sep 04 2013 12:21am FLAG
gay.boy6989 any young boys feel free to add me.

yum Sep 04 2013 11:33pm FLAG
Alex.smith89 Add me anyone im a lot off fun

Alex that is Sep 08 2013 12:18am FLAG
I'm m uk, bi. Want a slave on Skype, I don't show face, looking for ages -, UK, US or AU ONLY! No blacks or chubs, my Skype is thomas.blake1001

thomas.blake1001 Sep 08 2013 10:36am FLAG
my skype id shamoil.sweet****3 need a gay boy friend i am hot plz send request to me for c2c

shamoil sweet **** Sep 10 2013 11:23am FLAG
skype edh3456 add me

Anonymous Sep 10 2013 4:21pm FLAG
Anyone with muscles like a young white **** boy to skyoe with add me iiownii3

iiownii3 Sep 11 2013 11:24pm FLAG
Hey iiownii3 I'm white white boy add me on Skype I sent u a message and request

Trevor Sep 12 2013 10:14pm FLAG
GOz3p1 I truly appreciate this blog article.Thanks Again. Cool.

kIQBSMzz Sep 13 2013 3:09pm FLAG
love fingering myself on cam I looove older guys

asslicker Sep 14 2013 1:14am FLAG
My skype is sir-t-baggs-a-lot

asslicker Sep 14 2013 1:15am FLAG
My skype is youngboy246 im and will be anyones bitch on cam

Anon Sep 14 2013 2:50pm FLAG me!

Anon Sep 14 2013 4:20pm FLAG
My skype is malebiand iam looking for young ****agers to 25 year olds to skype with

malebi Sep 15 2013 10:06am FLAG
must add only gay...***** skype kimberly sanches

bitchyy Sep 18 2013 9:55am FLAG
Add me...skyp:davidhenry1992

Anonymous Sep 19 2013 1:44pm FLAG
Anyone or give skype najes have fun that's it maybe more

ashash Sep 22 2013 11:55am FLAG
add me fish.food2 for some fun

fish.food2 Sep 23 2013 10:02am FLAG
I'm boy bi add me mattia.righi2

Mattia Sep 23 2013 12:59pm FLAG
LwJL5J Really informative article post.Much thanks again. Keep writing.

uYEMaKTlkBI Sep 24 2013 7:06am FLAG
xxandrewzxx i'm and i wanna jerk off

Anonymous Sep 24 2013 10:56am FLAG
Im m wanting to skype with or younger my skype is mitchh7654321

mitch Sep 25 2013 7:21am FLAG
Fish.food2 I've sent a request I'm gay boy..../

ashash Sep 25 2013 12:22pm FLAG
skype: ***nropred, and under plz

***nropred Sep 25 2013 8:05pm FLAG
im year gay my skype is facebook:nicholas.duenas.1

Anonymous Sep 26 2013 12:24pm FLAG
Add Me And We Trade Pictures Skype: InDaBowl

InDaBowl Sep 27 2013 11:31am FLAG
I'm fish face look at the messages plzz Btw I'm in croydon/new addington so yh skype names if he don't reply

ashash Sep 27 2013 1:11pm FLAG
Xxandrewzxx what's skype name I wanna jerk too

gay boy Sep 27 2013 1:27pm FLAG
I am gay and I am skype name harry.murray881

Anonymous Sep 27 2013 8:24pm FLAG
I'm a looking for a gay friend to jerk off with me and talk about men's abs with me... come to me, I take anyone I guess... davisclassroom is my skype.

davisjerksalot Sep 28 2013 1:33pm FLAG
Im looking for gay skype jerking. @ john.findley68

john Sep 28 2013 2:56pm FLAG
ashinka226 is my skype, looking for to jerk off with soon

ashinka Sep 29 2013 3:24am FLAG
Im boy with abs my skype @asdertal.asdertal add me old or less pls

asdertal.asdertal Sep 29 2013 6:33am FLAG
Xxandrewxx me its ashley hornby my slype name but only thing is imc/ croydon / new addington

gay boy Sep 29 2013 6:37am FLAG
Hey im ilikeyourd*ck1 add me im our jounger plz

me Sep 29 2013 10:54am FLAG
The * above is a i

me Sep 29 2013 10:56am FLAG
P.p.s im online a lot

me Sep 29 2013 10:57am FLAG
Andrewxx come on I'm ashley hornby that's myskype add plzz

gay boy Sep 29 2013 11:20am FLAG
I am a gay chub and would love anyone to have virtual sex... skype is davisclassroom

davislovesmen Sep 29 2013 2:15pm FLAG
Ashley hornby come online I live in Croydon your never online and always change your Skype name !!

Croydon boi Sep 29 2013 2:40pm FLAG
Add me to Skype 19 m worldsbest60

Anonymous Sep 29 2013 8:39pm FLAG
My Skype is shortman23 Anyone can Skype me looking for anyone under 18 Online a lot

Shortman Sep 30 2013 9:09am FLAG
Still looking for the perfect person to cum, and do ALL sorts of things. I'm chin looking for abs or flat stomach. ;)

davislovesmen Sep 30 2013 10:02pm FLAG
Not chin, chub.... stupid auto correct...

davislovesmen Sep 30 2013 10:10pm FLAG
This response was flagged for inappropriate or offensive content.

Joseph.johnson602 Oct 01 2013 12:48am FLAG

Joseph.johnson602 Oct 01 2013 12:50am FLAG
Looking for nice smooth young boys to cam add me on Skype James.oliveira93

Youngboy Oct 01 2013 2:47am FLAG
any guys wanna skype add me michaelkevinshankland

mikey Oct 02 2013 1:24am FLAG
Croydon boi what's skype I'm ashley hornby , davisclassroom add me

ash ash Oct 02 2013 10:48am FLAG
Only people in croydon or new addington

ashash Oct 02 2013 10:50am FLAG
Looking for boys from -, add me on skype: d.palmer

dan Oct 02 2013 12:00pm FLAG
cute boys add me on skype x :)

dan Oct 02 2013 1:22pm FLAG
Bunniesrverycute thats my skype add me if u like. im a master if you want be to be or just a d*ck to wank with ;) anyway only guys under pls

randomgay**** Oct 03 2013 8:22pm FLAG
Give me skype names if new add or croydon

ash ash Oct 04 2013 11:42am FLAG
Changed my mind have deleted skype and sm not gay I'm strait byyy

ash ash Oct 04 2013 12:27pm FLAG
You can Chat with me at any time boys ;) 😘 Skype name: ryal.luke9

Bored and horney Oct 05 2013 5:22pm FLAG
Any boys wanna chat? Skype me any time😋 Skype name: ryan.luke9

Bored and Oct 05 2013 5:25pm FLAG
Hey im a gay boy, add me on skype: danatron3

danatron3 Oct 06 2013 2:25am FLAG
im my skype is 3 kik: yumm59 snapchat: heyyyyohhhh4

heyyyy Oct 06 2013 5:31am FLAG
m uk callum.c5 or older will be blocked

callum.c5 Oct 06 2013 10:42am FLAG
add me? jamie.simps xx

Anonymous Oct 06 2013 11:33am FLAG
Yeh back let me know if ur in new add or croydon coz yh thanks

ash ash Oct 06 2013 11:35am FLAG
I'm looking for anyone Skype me live:tabletdog

Anonymous Oct 06 2013 3:35pm FLAG
Im looking for pervs to watch my.things on skypeadd me kamric

kamric Oct 07 2013 11:38am FLAG
Im in Invercargill if any one wants to hook up Skype live:tabletdog

Anonymous Oct 07 2013 4:43pm FLAG
It's me again, looking for a pretty shaped guy that likes Chubs... I'm and looking for fit men, add me: davisclassroom

Anonymous Oct 07 2013 7:43pm FLAG
I'm :)) and gay, add me on Skype boys. any age is fine: jonny.carry x

youngcamboy Oct 08 2013 2:21am FLAG
oh and add my snapchat: jonnycarry

Anonymous Oct 08 2013 2:24am FLAG
hi, im looking for boys under between 10 and add me on skype: spackie90

D! Oct 08 2013 3:05pm FLAG
boys under who wanna cam with a 21 years old boy, whats ur addy?

... Oct 08 2013 3:09pm FLAG
^.^ skype name: cheesyglory555 I'm on right now if you wanna chat. Or anything else >.>

Cheesyglory Oct 08 2013 3:53pm FLAG
m looking for hot guys around my age. I don't do mic or face. Add me at calv33

Calv Oct 08 2013 9:11pm FLAG
im 21, looking for young gays between years, add me skype: pawel.balta

Anonymous Oct 09 2013 10:43am FLAG
Hey boys add me I'm fit abs I like white boys not being racist I'm Skype me kiwiboy2

Anon Oct 09 2013 6:00pm FLAG
skype: matthew.s1992 Fit, sporty 21 m uk. looking for chat and maybe more! :P Add me up if you're in the UK.

Matt Oct 10 2013 9:39am FLAG
I will text anyone pics as long as they send some to 508-864-0950. or skype me at takenbyklm***

Zach Oct 10 2013 8:23pm FLAG
hey, im , i wanna skype with boys under skype: spackie90

D! Oct 11 2013 5:57am FLAG
i am hot and **** and new and boy ! add me ahsan.aijaz8

cool Oct 11 2013 7:30am FLAG
im , have good abs and a decent d*ck. yohann.bach1 lf fit yr old boys.

yohann.bach1 Oct 12 2013 12:34pm FLAG
male white uk looking for and younger for fun ;) add me on Skype. connor-elliott19

Connor Elliott Oct 12 2013 1:36pm FLAG
19 m blk Skype me at worldsbest60

Wanker Oct 12 2013 7:02pm FLAG
yr old gay and my Skype is slenderandsexy

sam Oct 12 2013 10:39pm FLAG
Add me if u want to

sam Oct 12 2013 10:40pm FLAG
m uk callum.c5 and over will be blocked

callum.c5 Oct 13 2013 3:20am FLAG
Nice string... anyone want to perform for a bi daddy, hmu - Skype: djprojil State your ASL when requestiong... pics are always welcome... :) Enjoy and be careful.

By Daddy Oct 13 2013 4:17am FLAG
piercey210 no sound right now

Anonymous Oct 13 2013 3:23pm FLAG
Kik me at connor_oo im looking for somebody and im

Austin Oct 13 2013 6:26pm FLAG
boys under who want to wank with an older boy add me on skype: spackie90

... Oct 14 2013 7:56am FLAG
any boys under for older here? whats ur skype every age welcome

biboy Oct 14 2013 7:57am FLAG
Young boys and under Skype me James.oliveira93

Uk Oct 14 2013 7:57am FLAG
skype with me . meowyeah

meow Oct 14 2013 8:31am FLAG
someone add me right now at yohann.bach1 i'm m and super .

Anonymous Oct 14 2013 3:30pm FLAG
my skype is ddn922 add me if you are 10-25

ddn922 Oct 14 2013 5:54pm FLAG
my skype is ddn922 add me if you are i'm always ;)

ddn922 Oct 14 2013 5:55pm FLAG
skype any one? jimdoging

Anonymous Oct 14 2013 9:45pm FLAG
Add me kiwiboy2up for anything I'm and under only will do what yu want me to do

Anon Oct 14 2013 11:15pm FLAG
1qToEW A round of applause for your post.Much thanks again. Really Great.

vhFHqaqWuoGT Oct 15 2013 6:06am FLAG
boy looking for boys at the same age! only boys between year! my Skype is alwin7 and I life in the netherlands

alwin7 Oct 15 2013 8:15am FLAG
26 M looking for younger boys who like to play on cam, Skype: ejcarrier87

SkypeMe Oct 15 2013 11:48am FLAG

tengo años :P Oct 15 2013 9:42pm FLAG
M USA here add me on skype: zach.stephens371 I'm looking for guys

Zach Oct 16 2013 5:58am FLAG
Hey guys I'm from Ireland :) add my skype if you want :) darrr

Small Irish Boy Oct 16 2013 6:08am FLAG
d.bowden1 :) looking for people over

D.Bowden Oct 16 2013 1:20pm FLAG
Hi add me I'm , fit... Looking for someone hot and fit add me on skype at alexc*ckstar

Anonymous Oct 16 2013 4:22pm FLAG
* is an o

Anonymous Oct 16 2013 4:23pm FLAG
add me if your or younger im josephmills98

Joseph Mills Oct 17 2013 10:21am FLAG
add skype jamal_sheriff

jamal Oct 17 2013 3:39pm FLAG
chubby dad 4 you : joey.norden @ skype

joey Oct 18 2013 12:52pm FLAG
Im and chubby and blonde. Im REALLY and looking for a chub around maybe? My skype is jake_696969 and my kik is player_696969. Add me!

chub Oct 18 2013 9:38pm FLAG
im and chubby add me if your or younger josepjmills98

Anonymous Oct 19 2013 6:12am FLAG
oops my skype is josephmills98

Anonymous Oct 19 2013 6:26am FLAG
also add me if you got vids to s josephmills98

Anonymous Oct 19 2013 6:27am FLAG
20yo male looking for lil young boys to chat with and swap pics(; between ages - 6 (; I have a huge throbbing c*ck((((;

Anonymous Oct 19 2013 1:32pm FLAG
Skype is shortman23. Skype me! On all the time

Anonymous Oct 19 2013 7:02pm FLAG
searching for boys under for boy skype; spackie90

d Oct 20 2013 3:43am FLAG
Looking for buddy -22y skype name is piercey210 Prefer black but any kind is welcome.hurry I'm super horney I'm am it that age range 2

Anonymous Oct 20 2013 4:23pm FLAG
21yo Slim Lad here looking for younger guys Add Marcusjones1992

Marcusjones1992 Oct 21 2013 2:48am FLAG
im m uk skype anyone?

Anonymous Oct 21 2013 1:41pm FLAG
i m hot **** boy looking for **** boy for fun, chat and webcam show and more . add me on skype ahsan.aijaz8

coolboy Oct 22 2013 4:03am FLAG
Im skype bale19982

Anonymous Oct 22 2013 6:56am FLAG
d.bowden1 ;)

d.bowden1 Oct 22 2013 7:25am FLAG
add me if you are or younger james.paly

Anonymous Oct 22 2013 11:02am FLAG
Add me skype:john.27677

john aa Oct 23 2013 10:25am FLAG
add me if you got vids or pics of young ****s/kids im joseph.mills8

Anonymous Oct 23 2013 11:50am FLAG
m bi.. i like chubbies especially and shaved kik: your_father_zuel skype:i_kinda_try

Anonymous Oct 23 2013 6:02pm FLAG
I want gay or bi ....ALWAYS to watch and to be watched *****....any age...

Anonymous Oct 23 2013 10:10pm FLAG
chubby boy add skype hkl0045 only boys

Anonymouss Oct 24 3:27am FLAG
20 bored.. Add me kris.d69

kriis Oct 24 1:23pm FLAG
add me if you got vids of young ****s im joseph.mills8

Anonymous Oct 24 2:49pm FLAG
XzLqFM A big thank you for your article post.Really thank you! Keep writing.

sciLtrIQGciAeTpao Oct 24 3:46pm FLAG
Who wants to add me on facebook perferably asian male. I am male and white. i am .

Cole Oct 24 10:39pm FLAG
Old daddy for young **** to chat add me on Skype nawin1001

Anonymous Oct 24 11:26pm FLAG
age only younger add on skype bale19982

Anonymous Oct 25 4:17am FLAG
for cam at skype add me and if any one have video of **** boys of age 10 to 18 then sen me i like **** boys sex. ahsan.aijaz8

Cool**** Oct 25 6:32am FLAG
Im looking for a or younger plz add me joseph.mills8

Anonymous Oct 25 10:09am FLAG
hi. im . kik me boys: ookkj

Anonymous Oct 25 3:58pm FLAG
males blonde or asian. males. facebook?

Cole Oct 25 9:31pm FLAG
any chubby kids or younger add me im and chubby joseph.mills8

Anonymous Oct 26 7:57am FLAG
add me if you wanna trade vids im joseph.mills8

Anonymous Oct 26 2:46pm FLAG
Add me

Anonymous Oct 27 1:32am FLAG
add me : john.jonny24 im boy bi

john Oct 27 1:56am FLAG
Add me : jakoboyy

Anonymous Oct 27 1:05pm FLAG

Cole Oct 27 9:06pm FLAG
add me if you have vids to trade I have one and im got proof joseph.mills8

Anonymous Oct 28 4:49am FLAG
I want to watch. Those who want to get watched add me rrecol249

rrecol249 :p Oct 28 7:56am FLAG
niceboy0010 m ita 20 add me for c2c

Anonymous Oct 28 2:25pm FLAG
Hey im looking for any age and my skype is connor_190421

Austin Oct 28 5:27pm FLAG
My skype is connor_190421 and looking for any age guy

Anonymous Oct 28 5:30pm FLAG
Skype is uk only add me if you are or under

Anonymous Oct 28 6:09pm FLAG
Hi im and i want a guy to put on a show for me and i dont have to do any thing MY SKYPE IS connor_190421

Anonymous Oct 28 6:35pm FLAG
I want guys who want to show some action. I J-U-S-T want to watch. JUST! Skype : rrecol249 I can also show action sometimes

me Oct 29 12:38am FLAG
19 m blk skype me at worldsbest60 EVERYONE

Wanker Oct 29 4:52am FLAG
19 m searching for young boys under for skype, add me: spackie90

DD Oct 29 1:53pm FLAG
only add me if your or younger otherwise ile block you im joseph.mills8

Anonymous Oct 29 2:07pm FLAG
im super and im im looking for a chubby bottom who wants to cam add me joseph.mills8

Anonymous Oct 29 5:08pm FLAG
im and skinny looking for a mature dildo guy for regular skype sex or whatever??? my skype is: chris.jackson584

chris Oct 29 5:26pm FLAG
Kik or skype me at jakemiller00;) I'm and bi

Jake Oct 30 7:37pm FLAG
I/m looking for any age who wants to who off their body and jerk off with me! Skype is vincent.rozerro

Vincent Rozerro Oct 31 7:34am FLAG
anyone, im super and want a friend to jerk with me or maybe a little more. the older the better 40+ preferable :) skype: chris.jackson584

that guy Oct 31 10:12am FLAG
Im yrs old,add me on skype: punheteiro.****

punheteiro.**** Oct 31 10:26am FLAG
add me if your and chubby i am joseph.mills8

Anonymous Oct 31 5:14pm FLAG
EAGoqf Great article post.Much thanks again. Cool.

cSkWORilUShSAKvB Nov 01 3:40am FLAG
boys under add me for cam on skype: spackie90 im 19

...D... Nov 01 3:38pm FLAG
Who would come on skype now?

Me Nov 01 7:33pm FLAG
Im , looking for c2c wanking with other boys ;) add me rob.alexander3

Rob Nov 02 11:37am FLAG
callum.c5 im no older than add

aa Nov 03 3:06am FLAG
Young boys add me James.oliveira93

London Nov 03 9:44am FLAG
Anyone wanna trade pics

sexy Nov 03 2:21pm FLAG
Im wanting someone to trade pics

hey Nov 03 2:44pm FLAG
can I suck someones boner plsss Skype me <3

<3 Nov 03 2:47pm FLAG
can I play with someones d*ck

??? Nov 03 3:10pm FLAG
anyone on ?

BB Nov 03 3:21pm FLAG
Aron_69384 - I'm and looking for anyone to skype with , old black Asian , wanna skype sex

Aron_69384 Nov 03 4:00pm FLAG
anyone wanna trade pics?

<3 Nov 03 4:53pm FLAG
gay looking for boys add me im black Skype: ahmad.nour47

Anonymous Nov 03 5:44pm FLAG
bi looking for other guys to Skype sexx user - kyle.smithy1998

Kyle Nov 04 5:26am FLAG
The one above change to kyle.smithy1998

Kyle Nov 04 5:30am FLAG
anyone wanna trade pics or talk ????? Call my Skype : troy.johnson187

troy Nov 04 11:59am FLAG
add me first and send a msg Thx see u soon <3

troy Nov 04 12:00pm FLAG
Anyone wanna trade pics? Skype me troy.johnson187

troy Nov 04 1:01pm FLAG
I wanna see a boner im

troy Nov 04 1:04pm FLAG
looking for boys Skype:ahmad.nour47

Big Daddy Nov 04 1:25pm FLAG
how do you skpe some one

Anonymous Nov 04 1:29pm FLAG
get a skyp and add the,

troy Nov 04 1:36pm FLAG
Anyone wanna trade pics?

troy <3 Nov 04 1:43pm FLAG
are you gay

Anonymous Nov 04 1:54pm FLAG
anyone gay skype me john.frank245

Anonymous Nov 04 2:00pm FLAG
Add me James.oliveira93 and hard want young boys ass ;)

Butt er !! Nov 04 2:18pm FLAG
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skinny, long hair that just wants to jerk off with another cute boy. I will cam up and show face only if you do. No bull until I know you are acceptable. Other than that, Lets jerk off together. ;)

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Random Dec 30 1:43am FLAG
You went from to 19 to and now you're saying you're 18. How f***ing damn old are you? ***

Random Dec 30 1:44am FLAG
carlouro1 - I'm 18, from Brazil, online all the time, Add me!

Anonymous Dec 30 8:01am FLAG
michael.burdiak online now

hi Dec 30 8:19am FLAG
20, big c*ck and balls add me. 1ChilledBro

1ChilledBro Dec 30 9:20am FLAG
old guy giving help just ask

bluerc22 Dec 30 12:10pm FLAG
I'm and chubby add me only if you are and chubby or younger joseph.mills8

Anonymous Dec 30 12:23pm FLAG
blerc22 ID ?

Fox Dec 30 1:04pm FLAG
Hi guys n.n I'm a 18 yo chubby I wanna c2c with chubbys for all the places and ages xD but I love Asians lol add me on Skype k ? Skype Id: mexboyhot

Alex Dec 30 7:12pm FLAG
Skype me at worldsbest60 19 m blk want younger bro ;))

Anonymous Dec 30 11:44pm FLAG
Looking for a boy 8-m .

Anonymous Dec 31 3:42am FLAG
Looking for a boy 6-m .

Anonymous Dec 31 3:43am FLAG
looking for and under, add me on skype jonttu.96

Dec 31 9:37am FLAG
add me at skype CHUBBY BOYS we can have some fun :3 SKYPE: isaac.sanchez72

isaac Dec 31 2:25pm FLAG
I'm living in Newcastle, would love to meet up with a boy my age, reply and give skype names ages -

Anon Jan 01 8:08am FLAG
Hy Anon im from Brazil, add me ;) Jan 01 10:31am FLAG
Jack off with me. I'm . Boyy3. I'm looking for or under

Anonymous Jan 01 1:30pm FLAG
add my skype young chubby boys only small d*ck is a plus we can have a lot of fun :3

Naughty_Lobo Jan 01 3:29pm FLAG
raj319 Skype

raj Jan 01 3:48pm FLAG
wate u like to do for fun u leate me no ok

by billy white im onley Jan 01 10:57pm FLAG
Billy white whats your skype

3 Jan 01 11:05pm FLAG
boys add my skype: jamiejohnson9, im

Anon Jan 02 4:36am FLAG
im looking for boys 8-add me: dann.luu

biboy Jan 02 7:13am FLAG
who is the youngest of us? and whats ur skype addys?

interessted Jan 02 7:24am FLAG
chubby boys SKYPE: isaac.sanchez72

isaac Jan 02 1:14pm FLAG
Skype boyy3. I'm tell me what to do

Anonymous Jan 02 3:12pm FLAG
I want very young one skype Matthew.gonzales19 older one its ok to add me

Matt Jan 02 5:21pm FLAG
m bi boy big balls and long c*ck. I love to cum for boys on cam. Also love to jerkoff on my iPhone while in school. **** boy me up at jasonschiler on Skype.

Jason Schiler Jan 02 9:39pm FLAG
I'm bi my Skype is kiwiboy2must be 18 and under no men hit me up

Kiwiboy2 Jan 03 1:41am FLAG
crypticlies is my skype. im 21 male from Singapore.Eurasian(Indian Portuguese) Bi curious. male and female are welcome. or older. I dont show face. ever. so just add me cant wait;D

crypticlies Jan 03 2:21am FLAG
Older guy WANNA SKYPE WITH BOY ;wankgoryou74

Jan 03 9:52am FLAG
wankforyou74 wanna watch 10-boys play

wank for you Jan 03 9:58am FLAG
Looking for hot guys to jerk with. male. Please have a great body (I do), and if you're asian that's even better. Skype me suzuki.alexI don't show face

Anonymous Jan 04 12:49am FLAG
skype any1 ,bored , mike.d510

Arab dude Jan 04 1:50am FLAG
Add m seanieboi691

Anonymous Jan 04 2:59am FLAG
23 m usa for boys with small hairless c0ck and girls with big t1ts Skype echo6tech, oovoo psdavid901, ki...k psdavid i have dropbox links, link4link only

guy Jan 05 5:49am FLAG
looking for girl/boy for skype cam call max.gladiatorI am shy sometimes :)

Aniceboy Jan 05 7:37am FLAG
i am cross dresser who is looking for boys or girls my skype is quinn.baker3

Anonymous Jan 05 10:09am FLAG
Im looking to have some fun add me if your or younger if your not then don't bother adding me otherwise ile block you. joseph.mills8

Anonymous Jan 05 2:13pm FLAG
m chubby with a small d*ck, im into alot of things, like dares and stuff. add me if ur into those things, and give me a dare, dirty or whatever, when u add me if u want. josh.zerban skype

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EaeOsE Thank you for your article.Really looking forward to read more. Really Cool.

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8WcvzA I really liked your blog post.Really thank you! Fantastic.

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Fancy a chat or maybe cam. 19 years old 7" c*ck Skype paulie3p321 under 25 only

Anonymous Jan 07 3:35pm FLAG
Skype m_mathiasI am 19

Mathias Jan 08 5:35am FLAG
skype: tommihull i'm young slim and want a master ;)

boy Jan 08 3:47pm FLAG
hi,iam boy looking 4 younger boys c2c only with pic. skype: webcamboy_3

webcamboy_3 Jan 09 4:49am FLAG
hi im and want really young guys to cam with if u have a pet tp play with its a bonus add skype live:max.johansson

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Anonymous Jan 09 10:44pm FLAG
Im m athletic with 7 inch thick c*ck. Need a **** boy to jerkoff with. Please be **** and not fat. My skype is jasonschiler and I never, and I mean never show face on the net, so don't respond if this bothers you.

Jason Schiler Jan 10 1:57pm FLAG
Any gay boys

Anonymous Jan 10 6:48pm FLAG
hi,iam boy looking 4 younger boys c2c only with pic. skype: webcamboy_3

webcamboy_3 Jan 11 9:39am FLAG
Hey, slim and built boy looking for younger lads ;). add me my skype is Hardenough4you ,see ya....

Hardenough4you Jan 11 3:29pm FLAG
I am . Skype: TimB4fun

TimB4fun Jan 12 7:19am FLAG
im a bi boy skype me Stalaran and i will cam and trade

Stalaran Jan 12 4:20pm FLAG
Add me m slippersanpins

slippersanpins Jan 12 4:21pm FLAG
I'm 18/M. Looking for anyone - to chat with atm...maybe more. Skype: DobuleDown_V

Anonymous Jan 12 7:31pm FLAG
i'm 36 looking for younger boys skype klaus.lohmann

klaus Jan 13 5:04am FLAG
m uk add callum.c5 no older than

Anonymous Jan 13 10:13am FLAG
callum.c5 add me Stalaran

Stalaran Jan 13 12:39pm FLAG
im add me quinn.baker3 must be under

Anonymous Jan 14 11:19am FLAG
hi i'm fatty ****(years) lookin for younger boys my skype faculorenzo3

Anonymous Jan 16 3:59pm FLAG
boyy35 add me on skype

Anonymous Jan 17 11:33am FLAG

Anonymous Jan 17 11:49am FLAG
I want younger ones skype matthew.gonzales19

Matt Jan 17 1:54pm FLAG

Anonymous Jan 17 4:11pm FLAG
looking for 10-

Anonymous Jan 17 4:11pm FLAG
I'm Looking for a or younger bottom, im a tops, add me joseph.mills8 ps im chubby and ide love it if you were to

Joseph Mills Jan 18 12:46am FLAG
I am a gay boy, , looking for friends. please add me: timb4fun

timb4fun Jan 18 1:49pm FLAG
im looking for a chubby boy or younger skype isaac.sanchez72

Anonymous Jan 18 5:46pm FLAG
SKYPE audiophile81 looking for YOUNG chubby boys to chat with

master of disaster Jan 18 9:43pm FLAG
18m looking for jounger no older years. webcamboy_3

Jens Jan 19 5:17am FLAG
36m looking for younger boy,no older skype klaus.lohman

klaus Jan 19 5:20am FLAG
chub jacking off now. Name- calebtcorley

Anonymous Jan 19 5:34am FLAG
here looking for boys ! max.gladiatorAdd me on skype ! Pleaseeeeeeee :)

Anonymous Jan 19 6:35am FLAG
m for younger Boys. Skype is sweetboy_0

Anonymous Jan 19 6:43am FLAG
Young boys plz matthew.gonzales19 my Skype name I want young boys 10-

Matt Jan 19 1:32pm FLAG
Im - Theoverlordoftheunderworld....20 and younger plz add me

anon Jan 19 3:35pm FLAG
im .. add me rferr777

Anonymous Jan 19 7:29pm FLAG
im m looking for younger boys skype webcamboy_3

jens Jan 20 3:18am FLAG
Im m looking foryoung boys my skype is caleb_uga22

anonymous Jan 20 6:04am FLAG
19 m blk Skype me at worldsbest60

Anonymous Jan 20 8:38pm FLAG
36m looking for younger no over skype klaus.lohman

klaus Jan 21 3:23am FLAG

Anonymous Jan 21 1:38pm FLAG
Skype: olianb blonde blue eyes i Accept until 18

Anonymous Jan 21 1:45pm FLAG
i'm yrs old looking for young boys 10-7 skype: noke_avdic

Anonymous Jan 21 7:18pm FLAG
Hey ready for fun. Skype: dwills2live Kik: same

Flee crew Jan 22 6:53am FLAG
61m looking for younger. skype: jackjfun

jackjfun Jan 22 12:05pm FLAG
I'm and chubbyy add me if your (It's a big plus if your chubby and a bottoms that means you wuld prefer getting ed) if your not or younger don't add me joseph.mills8

Joseph Mills Jan 22 1:33pm FLAG
add me i'm noke_avdic

Anonymous Jan 22 2:47pm FLAG
if your or younger add me im joseph.mills8

Joseph Mills Jan 22 2:58pm FLAG
22 m Charlotte NC with uncut c0ck for boys with small hairless c0ck k!k psdavid oovoo psdavid901 skype echo6tech must have mic n cam

guy Jan 22 3:41pm FLAG
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Hey, I'm , skype me at conncaf

C Jan 22 6:47pm FLAG
m chubby boy with small d*ck, into almost everything, add me josh.zerban

m Jan 22 8:36pm FLAG
send me invitation with age: miguece26

miguece26 Jan 22 9:51pm FLAG
Older looking to have fun on Skype any boys down with that

Anonymous Jan 23 1:49am FLAG
I am . I am white, blonde with blue eyes... My skype: olianb Accept until

John Jan 23 6:36am FLAG
i am , white and slim, add me on skype matheus.wilian

Anonymous Jan 23 9:40am FLAG
I'm 21 would any of want to chat

Anonymous Jan 23 5:46pm FLAG
im 36m 7 inch looking for younger to jerking. skype klaus.lohmann

klaus Jan 24 3:11am FLAG
Gay white male, 40, masculine. Always looking to play with new friends of all ages. Skype: jackjfun

Jack Jan 24 8:15am FLAG
hi im slim with anal beads looking for someone young to play with. my c*ck is uncut 7 inch my skype is quinn.baker3

Anonymous Jan 24 8:18am FLAG
Add me on skype gayluke99 i am and have a dildo a fleshlight and will do everything

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I like younger one Skype matthew.gonzales 10-

Matt Jan 25 2:24pm FLAG
i'm with a 7 inch c*ck looking for young boys add me noke_avdic

Anonymous Jan 25 2:32pm FLAG
Hi I'm add me on skype not older than skype:hardasfk3, skinny with some muscle with a c*ck you will love

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Hi, m illinois looking for wank buddies. I never show face On the net so don't reply if that bothers u. I'm 6' 0 with 6 inch cut white bi boy. Add Me if interested at: jasonschiler . No fat Or hairy please.

Jason Jan 26 11:35pm FLAG
Hi :) 51 m here and always hor_y skype: joey.norden

gentleman Jan 27 12:03pm FLAG
If you have Xbox my gamertag is Morningstar4to be gay with me so Skype matthew.gonzales19 10-19

Matt Jan 27 6:58pm FLAG
im 18 looking for boys tomdoc.95

tomdoc.95 Jan 28 5:24am FLAG
im looking for boys 8-add me: dann.luu Jan 28 7:56am FLAG
18 skype blackbatman5!

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42y gay for c2c with under . i trade young boys vids. mekain1

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im a boy with a sexy thong on add quinn.baker3

Anonymous Jan 29 2:42am FLAG
with 7,5" uncut vers ready to anything, for 10-, skype me jonttu.96

jonttu.96 Jan 29 6:11am FLAG
Add me I'm will cam trade pics and vids and show face my skype is gayluke99

Luke Jan 29 8:28am FLAG
, looking for guys (or girls) around my age or younger to be my master/tell me what to do. Skype me at conncaf

C Jan 29 4:41pm FLAG
m love sports. Compression shorts or tight boxers plus. Skype: theluvdocter kik: mtgrizz

TJ Jan 29 8:58pm FLAG
im looking for boys 8-add me: dann.luu

....dd..... Jan 30 7:41am FLAG
I'm and reaaly horn,yy! Chubby but not fat, UK! Chubbychubby52 add me on skype

chubbychubby52 Jan 30 9:23am FLAG
I'm and reaaly horn,yy!im 😜Chubby, will do anything and any age, UK! Chubbychubby52 add me on skype

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im 36m with 7 inch shaved and cut.looking for boys to jerking on skype. klaus.lohmann

klaus Jan 31 3:26am FLAG
m looking for wanking buddy on Skype will be your slave if you want... Don't mind what age really username: mitchtaylor4

Anonymous Jan 31 9:09am FLAG
I looking for chubby plz skpe : dodger477

dodger Jan 31 7:11pm FLAG
kik theguywhotrades I'm m and I'm fit guys and younger. whites only. no chubs, sorry just not into those

Anonymous Jan 31 7:36pm FLAG
Any chubby me on skype : dodger477

dodger Feb 01 4:07am FLAG
Hey guys I'm Emily and I'm add me if your around my age and looking for fun Skype Emily98smith1

Emily Feb 01 4:10am FLAG
Hey guys. Searching for some fun. I am from the US and I am 18. Hope some young gay guys will add me at skype My skype name: str8litteboy

str8littleboy Feb 01 8:00am FLAG
add me on Skype, bobsagete. i'm down to c2c for anyone. I'm a ****, either looking for girls, younger submissive guys, or dominant daddies

andHorny Feb 01 8:39am FLAG
hi i'm and , looking for boys or girls add me skype: bolite.kurac2

Anonymous Feb 01 9:41am FLAG
m skinny white and always add me on Skype or kik Crazysecretlife101

Anonymous Feb 01 12:39pm FLAG
m bi, white, skinny and always add me on Skype or kik Crazysecretlife101

Anonymous Feb 01 12:41pm FLAG
m bi, white, skinny and always h*rny add me on Skype or kik Crazysecretlife101

Anonymous Feb 01 12:42pm FLAG
18m from USA searching for some young gay guys. Skype: str8littleboy

str8littleboy Feb 01 12:56pm FLAG
Chubby guy here i need a chubby partner to play with and i like to show ppl me licking n playing with my nipple. Add .nipplelicker on skype

nipple Feb 01 7:19pm FLAG

nipple Feb 01 7:21pm FLAG
Mason_1 ← add me loves jacking on cam with guys gay and always on!

Mason S Feb 01 7:33pm FLAG
Bi looking to skype any one as long as ur skinny I am avaible a night top here skype zombiekingmgp

Anonymous Feb 01 10:04pm FLAG
any over 's in UK? skype older.gaymale

Anonymous Feb 02 1:31am FLAG
boys and younger only give skypes on this thread only and younger

freddy Feb 02 7:17am FLAG
chubby boys skype: isaac.sanchez72 under

Anonymous Feb 02 10:07am FLAG
trade young boys vids on skype: mekain1

Anonymous Feb 02 11:52am FLAG
i won't Skype: matthew.gonzales19 plz if u got Xbox 360 my gamertag is Morningstar4add me and say I read ur post in like like web

Matt Feb 02 12:52pm FLAG
unger leave your skypes here white boys only must be able to cam

Freddy Feb 02 8:53pm FLAG
i'm with a fat c*ck add me: bolite.kurac2

Anonymous Feb 03 1:56am FLAG
Add me if your and chubby or younger, im and chubby im also tops so add me joseph.mills8

Joseph Mills Feb 03 7:43am FLAG
can any young boys leave their names here thanks

freddy Feb 03 8:28am FLAG
freeddy im add me joseph.mills8

Anonymous Feb 03 8:46am FLAG
Boys add me please! max.gladiator (Skype) I have a nice ass,a big c*ck,i'm ,really hard all the time,i want a nice boy to share pictures with,and videos

Gladiator Feb 03 2:10pm FLAG

Gladiator Feb 03 2:10pm FLAG
I'm a gay boy kik me at samtiger238 I'm using my sister old account. Skype me at getlaid420. Gay boys only

Anonymous Feb 03 5:16pm FLAG
I'm a Bi want wouldn't mind trading pics/vids only.

mrke Feb 03 7:53pm FLAG
mason_1 add me stalaran

stalaran Feb 03 8:08pm FLAG
add me im , i love chubby s add me if you are one, joseph.mills8

Anonymous Feb 04 7:47am FLAG
I'm Add me for cam2cam search + My Skype is alexoxi96

YgaylOVEtWink Feb 04 8:07am FLAG
m white skinny Prefer younger Crazysecretlife101

Crazysecretlife101 Feb 04 5:12pm FLAG
and on Skype add me thoomiliss

Jaeden Feb 04 8:42pm FLAG
i'm for trading pics/vids or c2c on skype add me at ... and under only please for c2c and pics

mark Feb 04 9:05pm FLAG
Wanna be a cute slave /m Have a big c*ck and Im bottom ! KIK: HofiSays

HofiSays Feb 05 6:32am FLAG
Young boys leave names here

M Feb 05 7:55am FLAG
add me im and chubby tops looking for a or younger bottom if your not or younger don't add me joseph.mills8

Anonymous Feb 05 9:58am FLAG
hi im , im a tops and i love chubby bottoms add me if your one

adam.williams499 Feb 05 10:33am FLAG
my skype is adam.williams499

adam williams Feb 05 10:33am FLAG
young white boys must be slave or dom leave skypes

Anonymous Feb 05 10:39am FLAG
im looking for boys 8-add me: dann.luu

fg Feb 05 1:03pm FLAG
Anyone Wanna Skype me im cumming So Much And wanna chat ! add me : troy.johnson187

troy Feb 05 1:09pm FLAG
Older m here looking for boys with small hairless c0ck add me echo6tech YOUNG BOYS ONLY

guy Feb 05 4:19pm FLAG
here , add me on skype only!! Trade pics and cam Skype: supperjustin

Hayyy Feb 05 5:26pm FLAG
Come hit me up, I'm . Hit me up to trade and chat Please only -! Kik jtecho

Heyy Feb 05 5:33pm FLAG
Skype: matthew.gonzales19 Xbox 360 my gamertag: Morningstar4only plz

Matt Feb 05 7:25pm FLAG
Love younger boys 8-preferably, also wanting to make new friends... Please add me Elijah_Johnson205

Elijah Feb 05 10:21pm FLAG
Any young submissive ****s want a verbal master? Skype me at bobsagete to receive the full slave treatment :D

Master Feb 06 3:54pm FLAG
46 yo hot man looking for sweet young boy

agathon Feb 07 5:39am FLAG
46 yo hot man looking for sweet young boy skype: agathon007

agathon Feb 07 5:39am FLAG
m UK looking for old dominating verbal daddies that go wild for a young slim smooth gay boy Skype at talking.bollox

ta Feb 07 11:42am FLAG
18m from USA searching for some young gay guys. Skype: str8littleboy

Anonymous Feb 07 1:47pm FLAG
Im and VERY HORNY!! Add me if you are under ... My skype olianb

Olianb Feb 07 2:14pm FLAG
i'm ! add me on skype: bolite.kurac2

Anonymous Feb 07 3:08pm FLAG
Add me on skYpe bi-boy97

Dusan Feb 07 3:50pm FLAG
hey im 22 and as chubbyred90 add me on skype

Anonymous Feb 07 9:02pm FLAG
22 looking to Skype with young.... i can show you some ways to play with your self that will make you cum in 10 secs chubbyred90

Anonymous Feb 07 9:07pm FLAG
Hey all, Im , add me on skype bi-boy97. boys 8-18 for cam and video trade aw

bi-boy97. Feb 07 11:52pm FLAG
Add me on my skype im , guillermo.gonzales46

Boyy Feb 08 6:01am FLAG
Add me chubbychubby52 I'm and love chub's but anything would do. Skype🙌

Anonymous Feb 08 7:16am FLAG
18m here, looking for someone -. ;) Smaller c*cks are better~ doubledown_v

Anonymous Feb 08 8:17am FLAG
I am a slave, or a master xxxx Whatever you want me to be. If you are or younger add me on skype: JamesTheSlutBoy

James the wet hole Feb 08 10:19am FLAG
Biyrs is my skype user, I've got a 7" c*ck or under please ;)

Biyrs Feb 08 12:13pm FLAG
Any white boys leave your skypes for a hot **** daddy to dominate you over cam

**** daddy Feb 08 12:29pm FLAG
Only add me if you've got Skype and a mic : mitchtaylor4

Anon Feb 08 12:31pm FLAG
**** daddy yeah please : mitchtaylor4

Nnn Feb 08 12:40pm FLAG
i added you mitchtaylor4

**** daddy Feb 08 5:37pm FLAG
I'm a boy slut who is always boy8

Hornyboy8 Feb 08 7:32pm FLAG
Add me on skype - boy8

Hornyboy8 Feb 08 7:33pm FLAG
Skype - Hor*yboy8(The * is an n it keeps getting censored.

Skype - boy8 Feb 08 7:34pm FLAG
I'm so add me on skype

Hornyboy8is skype Feb 08 7:34pm FLAG
Hornyboy8is my skype so add me because I'm SUPER and I need c*ck

Skype is boy8 Feb 08 7:35pm FLAG
Hornyboy8is my skype.

Hornyboy8is skype Feb 08 7:37pm FLAG
im 22 and want a slave boy to boss over skype.. i can teach u... chubbyred90 add me

chubbyred90 Feb 08 11:01pm FLAG
Add me on skype , well have some fun , m USA

Skype is supperjustin Feb 08 11:25pm FLAG
Add me on skype boys 8-18, Im

bi-boy97 Feb 09 1:12am FLAG
im 36m boys. skype: klaus.lohmann

klaus.lohmann Feb 09 3:16am FLAG
Any one want to be dominated by **** daddy leave Skype names

**** daddy Feb 09 5:02am FLAG
Add me on skype boys 10 - 18. Im . Skype name: bi-boy97.

bi-boy97. Feb 09 8:20am FLAG
I'm so !!! Add me. Skype joe.hanson78

Anonymous Feb 09 8:43am FLAG
I'm so !!! Add me. Skype joe.hanson78

Joe.hanson78 Feb 09 8:46am FLAG
Don't add mitchtaylor4 he's not gay his mates set him up

Anon Feb 09 9:03am FLAG
Im and Very ... You wont regret.... Blonde... Accept until ! My skype olianb

Olianb Feb 09 12:16pm FLAG
I'm , looking for guys (or girls) or younger to be my master/tell me what to do. Skype me at conncaf

C Feb 09 6:27pm FLAG
I'm gay and I'm 19m Skype: Evvv19 :) add me! Will videochat with anyone!

Evan Feb 09 9:31pm FLAG
i'm and really add me on skype bolite.kurac2

Anonymous Feb 10 6:05am FLAG
i m 42y gay. look for c2c with under trade youg boys vids. my skype is mekain1

Anonymous Feb 10 8:54am FLAG
hi m loves really young boys and guys my skype is cakewilliams.

cakewilliams. Feb 10 2:34pm FLAG
Have a nice c*ck, I usually get on skype while showering. 18 male so if your interested at calhester96

Anonymous Feb 10 3:33pm FLAG
No more adding me on Skype right now but il let u know add me on xbox 360 my gamer tag is Morningstar4boys only

Matt Feb 10 5:07pm FLAG
Dont add me on Skype right now I want u to add me on Xbox 360 Morningstar4that's my gamertag only

Matt Feb 11 7:00pm FLAG
I'm I have a nice c*ck my Skype is: oskarstine

Anonymous Feb 11 7:28pm FLAG
im from australia and bi add me on skype if u are username is jackallwood1

anonymous Feb 11 10:56pm FLAG
add me im looking for another guy or younger adam.williams499

Anonymous Feb 12 2:36am FLAG
Im m and Very ... You wont regret.... Blonde... Accept until ! My skype olianb

Olianb Feb 12 7:01am FLAG
Hello I am 31 age Full Active looking young passive or shemale .hunter3

Anonymous Feb 12 7:02am FLAG
girl looking for some fun with guys of the same age or around there, Skype emily98smith1

Emily Feb 12 11:18am FLAG
Add me on Skype greenalloy

Josh Feb 12 1:39pm FLAG
Hey 21 male looking for sexy young boys from to 10 on skype fa-08razor is mine

21 male Feb 12 1:49pm FLAG
Hey 21 male also looking for girls to skype with. fa-08razor

21m Feb 12 4:16pm FLAG
My xbox 360 my gamertag is Morningstar4and dont add me on skype ok If you don't answer me back I'm removing you

Matt Feb 12 4:39pm FLAG
boys only on Xbox 360

Matt Feb 12 4:40pm FLAG
male Skype greenalloy

Josh Feb 12 6:41pm FLAG
46 yo hot man looking for sweet young boy. skype: agathon007

agathon Feb 13 2:22am FLAG
male up for any age aslong as you have a nice D. Skype calhester96 super right now

Anonymous Feb 13 2:09pm FLAG
I'm but in a month, and 6 inches. Skype me at DirtyHarryMagnum98

DirtyHarryMagnum98 Feb 13 6:47pm FLAG
Im m and Very ... You wont regret.... Blonde with blue eyes, white... Accept until ! My skype olianb

Olianb Feb 14 12:05pm FLAG
i want to be a slave for young boys.. tell me what to do and ill do it over skype... add me chubbyred90

chubbyred90 Feb 15 3:26am FLAG
Add me guys 18 and younger!!;) I'm and looking for some cam to cam action. Skype me at connorlowe

Connor Feb 15 9:57am FLAG
Hey I'm looking for hot boys to have fun with only below please Skype name is michaellovesgaga

Michael Feb 15 1:01pm FLAG

00d Feb 15 10:02pm FLAG
I usually shower when I get on skype and love to show off ;) but if you add me and never respond I will delete you. I am 18 prefer older guys or younger guys with hot big Ds. Add me @ calhester96 of you want a show

calhester96 Feb 15 11:20pm FLAG
, farely big d*ck, thin, Skype: oskarstine (so sorry but no chubs)

Anonymous Feb 16 3:36pm FLAG
Hot.slim.guy @ skype if u want a hung c*ck for your ass :)_

Anonymous Feb 16 11:14pm FLAG
hot guy 36 with 6,7 inch cut c**k looking for younger boy not over years. skype: klaus.lohmann

klaus Feb 18 3:31am FLAG
want to be a slave for boys. add me on skype Chubbyred90

Anonymous Feb 18 3:00pm FLAG
Skype me at worldsbest60 I'm 19 m blk!

Anonymous Feb 18 8:11pm FLAG
19 years do looking for guys or gals of similar age. Slim and big c*ck. Add on Skype paulie3p321

Paul Feb 22 3:17pm FLAG
any young boys under i wanna dominate or be dominated over skype leave names here

**** daddy Feb 22 6:24pm FLAG
hi i am from Bangladesh(a country besides India) and i am ..i like to make fndship with American add me on skype or skype id is:- dm_monjur and my facebook link is:-

monjur Feb 23 6:43am FLAG
i am bi my name of skype is kostas.gkizariotis10 and my name of facebook is Kostas Gkizariotis

anonymous Feb 23 7:12am FLAG
add me on Skype: bobsagete, i'm willing to dominate younger ****s :D, or be dominated by old daddies

and eager Feb 23 8:31am FLAG
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