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any -lesbians or bi girls wanna kik me

The Problem: my kik is british__beauty kik me please and no guys only girls

Asked by: lolidk at 05:17:53 AM, Wednesday, February 13, 2013 PST FLAG


Right here! Thatoneguy006

Gayandproud Feb 13 2013 5:26am FLAG

im lez but only got phone no kik

Anonymous Feb 13 2013 12:39pm FLAG
I'm a lesbian tht wants so sex or anything that will please me. I live in Connecticut and I want a gf tht lives here. So add me on kik xoxoswagg227 and my Skype is xoxoswagg ill be waiting btw I'm right now

Ashely jones Feb 13 2013 5:29pm FLAG
U wanna send pics

crazzy Mar 01 2013 7:44pm FLAG
Mine is dani7star girls only!

Gio Mar 02 2013 9:55pm FLAG
Mine is AbbyAracelyD kik me

Abby Apr 24 2013 5:50pm FLAG
f looking for younger girls ( - ) to trade pics Kik me - ****Boys will be blocked

**** May 08 2013 4:36am FLAG
My kik is Lexie_426 Girls only please

Lexie May 15 2013 8:07pm FLAG
My name is Monique and and bisexualwhoever wants to kik me. Kik me at permissionsilver c:

Anonymous May 16 2013 12:46pm FLAG
Girls only Kik me @marianarenee18

Mar May 17 2013 9:22am FLAG
GIRLS ONLY: Hi I'm Alexis and lesbian, 19 and I Reay wan t GIRLS to message me please. Im and want to . Girls and Under us fine. Kik is sexygurl03456789

Alexis May 24 2013 7:55pm FLAG
Kik me @kaylabug50 and I'm f don't care what age and lesbian

Lolnfh Jun 03 2013 5:37am FLAG
Hi I'm a lesbian. If ur like me kik me at vsangel32. Ages GIRLS ONLY. BOYS WILL BE BLOCKED!

Anonymous Jun 10 2013 7:02pm FLAG
Hey lesbians kik me, I'm and les, I'm Emily,my kik is echammertime no guys!

Emily Jun 10 2013 8:43pm FLAG
Hey girls Im M Scotland but Iv got lots of pics of girls, u name the age group. Kik me Im TheKomodo. :D

TheKomodo Jun 14 2013 2:55pm FLAG
Miss_lovin_lifee like me anyone it dont matter

lovin lifee Jun 17 2013 9:23pm FLAG
Miss_lovin_lifee kik me anyone it dont matter

lovin lifee Jun 17 2013 9:25pm FLAG
Kik me we can trade pics @carina_liz only girls I'm lesbian

Carina Jun 23 2013 8:18pm FLAG
kik me iam bored but no s please or youll get blocked.kik me@GeibyAlyssaaa_

sexy ninjaa Jun 28 2013 7:16pm FLAG
Bi girls kik me @ pink.with.sparkles

Anonymous Jun 29 2013 1:54pm FLAG
Kik me at TakinCare for some good times... I don't take s mostly because I cant but if u could send some that would be great or we can talk dirty to each other

TakinCare Jun 30 2013 1:09am FLAG
Hay kikme bi or lesbian girls kik me at maya 22344

Maya Jun 30 2013 9:57pm FLAG
Looking for a relationship

MayA22344 Jul 01 2013 2:50am FLAG
want girls from 9 onwards kik me kayleigh_uk

Anonymous Jul 01 2013 4:48am FLAG
kik me @ abbymillsy I am and a lesbian so no guys ;) I trade pics and dirty talk hehe, please start with a pic ;) MESSAGE ME PICS and I will trade 1 for 1 ;)

ABBY <3 Jul 03 2013 2:44pm FLAG
Destinycoco :)

Anonymous Jul 06 2013 2:52pm FLAG
casey_holt3 kik me girls any age ;)

Anonymous Jul 06 2013 3:30pm FLAG
Kik me Jillian.M.E Bi girls :P

Jillian Jul 09 2013 4:28pm FLAG
I'm yrs old and I need someone to play with my kik is maya22

Lily Jul 12 2013 9:23am FLAG
Mines Lowkeyy_naee

Anonymous Jul 12 2013 6:00pm FLAG
Iam bored all the time hmu on kik?(: ill or talk clean.I just wont send s so don't even try.kik me @GeibyAlyssaaa_

sexy ninja Jul 12 2013 10:30pm FLAG
any girl, any age, anytime kik me im super wet ;) I love girls younger than me ;) im KIK: lesbianlexiii

lesbianlexiii Jul 13 2013 2:38pm FLAG
hey im , im lesbian and my kik is blankets_are_so_warm and plzz kik me asap and ill kik back! okai byee <3

Anonymous Jul 14 2013 12:17pm FLAG
Kinkylilkirst :) 18

Anonymous Jul 14 2013 2:54pm FLAG
Girls with videos of younger girls message me at megan_luvs_u. Im lez

Megan Jul 14 2013 4:40pm FLAG
Hey I'm bi and wanna talk to a lez/bi girl my name is liam and my kik is shoshlover33

smoshlover33 Jul 15 2013 11:44am FLAG
Hey kik me at 2XxjennalxX. I am and will send s if you send one first. Okai byes

Anonymous Jul 16 2013 7:06am FLAG
I mean 2XxjennalxX2

Anonymous Jul 16 2013 7:07am FLAG
any one live in san antonio,if so kik me at kmarie4u i want a sexy white hoe with big boobs,and nice ,plz kik me i havent found

lover Jul 16 2013 12:45pm FLAG
I'm not white lover but I totally wanna see Ur sexy pussie lover! Pls I'm gonna Kik u and u up and suck ur****** and like it to :* I'm a thir**** bi

Tj Jul 16 2013 3:53pm FLAG
Kik Me Kay..Kay. Looking for a gf I'm

Anonymous Jul 16 2013 5:40pm FLAG
Any lesbians live in roundlake

shay Jul 17 2013 4:14pm FLAG
Im a guy but if Any bi girls wanna kik then kik me at McNeil23

McNeil23 Jul 18 2013 7:02pm FLAG
Hey I'm and female I'm looking for a sexual some one and a relation ship.i like to talk dirty but i don't do or dirty photos sorry but i want some one who will text me all the time and and i immediately text back so don't keep me waiting lol and i live in north Carolina and prefer ages no one younger our older than those ages please i date hotels and guys but really prefer girls only so my number is 336

angel 345 Jul 22 2013 6:31am FLAG
33654928 sorry that's my #

angel345 Jul 22 2013 6:31am FLAG
Special and sexual

angel345 Jul 22 2013 6:32am FLAG
Hi (:

BiGal<3 Jul 24 2013 7:39pm FLAG
Kik me, lez, love younger girls and older, prefer younger tho, I love seeing s but can't bring myself to send them, and I love talkin dirty, NO GUYS!! Kik me lezzieee96

Anonymous Jul 25 2013 8:40am FLAG
I love talking dirty to girls and makin them wet so if u are and wanna kik me at TakinCare… I DON'T send pics so don't ask

TakinCare Jul 27 2013 6:29pm FLAG
any girl 9-trade pics kik me johnsweden

john Jul 29 2013 12:55am FLAG
I'm and a lesbian any age Kik me I like younger and older girls I'm_just_si that's my kik

Anonymous Jul 29 2013 12:40pm FLAG
Add me damage95

Anonymous Jul 30 2013 8:51am FLAG
girl, bicurious, so just add? ;) KIK: TickleStrawbs_

ChloBo Jul 31 2013 1:07pm FLAG
Btw... i dont trade pics ^^ Ticklestrawbs_

Chlobo Jul 31 2013 1:15pm FLAG
Hi, im a guy who wants either a girl who is h*rny and willing to trade pics, or a girl whos just up for a friendly chat! Kik me at ryhyguy :)

ryhyguy Jul 31 2013 11:44pm FLAG
lesbian kik me andreyastylespri

Hazza Aug 02 2013 3:11pm FLAG
ok miriam f looking for taboo girls bi/ guys kik me : diemiriamneu

miriam Aug 02 2013 3:15pm FLAG
Kik me lez any age liathath is my kik

Anonymous Aug 03 2013 2:56pm FLAG
I am a mistress. I am looking for a young, submissive girl with no limits interested in being my sex slave. I'm looking for any willing age up to around , if you are interested kik me at sexxi_bunni

Jenni Aug 03 2013 6:52pm FLAG
f bi girl for real girls and real text and more of we have a good contact....kik liveagoodlife

Anonymous Aug 04 2013 10:39am FLAG
hello im josephine, f bi girls add me, please no boysok,my kik is: josephinethebest000

josie Aug 04 2013 11:58am FLAG
kik is adriannandrade kik me girls only if u want to talk dirty

Anonymous Aug 04 2013 12:47pm FLAG
Show me everything and I show you everything 18 les kik@ sOpHiE___Lesbo

Anonymous Aug 04 2013 1:09pm FLAG
Girls kik me @ WilsonBrittney will trade s I'd you do

Anonymous Aug 05 2013 3:46am FLAG
Hey kaylakillian565 < kik me lesbian -18 btw I'm

kaylakillian565 Aug 05 2013 8:51pm FLAG
f les looking for les of any age. My kik is dracoshir. The younger you are the better. NO GUYS

anonymous Aug 07 2013 2:45am FLAG
Hey I am a girl who lives in south carilona

niki Aug 07 2013 3:17pm FLAG
I am also any of u want hook up or text

niki Aug 07 2013 3:19pm FLAG
I have brown eyes and brown hair

niki Aug 07 2013 3:21pm FLAG
My # Is 6878197 I am looking for girls that r any of u know any

niki Aug 07 2013 4:44pm FLAG
dont trust sazjaz shes a fake DONT TRUST

Anonymous Aug 08 2013 1:43pm FLAG
Girls and guys who want pictures of girls trade with me, my Kik is ju4n_o

Anonymous Aug 08 2013 6:25pm FLAG
I'm lesbian looking for a girl to trade pics with my kik is reallydoe33

Anonymous Aug 08 2013 6:35pm FLAG
I'm a f just wanna chat and talk. Maybe talk dirty :) no pics or anything anyways hmu happygirll97

happygirll97 Aug 09 2013 12:11am FLAG
only girls kik me Valid_Lik_Mii

diamond Aug 09 2013 11:30am FLAG
I'm bi my Kik is christabelle_ramirez ages hmu

Anonymous Aug 09 2013 3:53pm FLAG
I am a twelve year inks looking for a sex I am always txt at 4045459405

Sexy babe Aug 10 2013 6:00am FLAG
I'm twelve year old. I'm a lesbian. Live in new york. Don't ask to trade pics.kik:fashionwalls

anonymous Aug 12 2013 8:58pm FLAG
sexy Kinzie ages I love u all kik me a kinziebhoo ASAP I respond to anyone anytime no matter how late or early it is I stay up late I love to have fun so hit me up ladies!!

This cute bishh Aug 12 2013 11:10pm FLAG
i am bi looking for a chat and a bit of a flirt my k.i.k is Hey_Its_Georgie girls only please k.i.k me for more info ;)

ukchick Aug 13 2013 4:26am FLAG
I'm bi and ! (; kik: 3savannah

Savannah Aug 13 2013 6:40pm FLAG
hey im and will trade with girls. no one over plz kik : ausie_girl

Anonymous Aug 13 2013 9:58pm FLAG
Hey I'm yrs old I need a Gf follow me on vine my username is. Kimberly43

Guest57 Aug 13 2013 10:51pm FLAG
Kik me bi girls isaac2010 or isaac2019 try both and up only

Isaac2010 or isaac2019 Aug 14 2013 12:07am FLAG
Hi I'm yrs old I need a Gf kik me Kim43 -yr old only

Guest Aug 14 2013 12:37am FLAG
I change my username :kimmylol

Guest Aug 14 2013 12:43am FLAG
My kik is jenna_pena and will trade s with any age. Girls only!! I'm 21

Anonymous Aug 14 2013 11:30am FLAG
bi girl : looking for a girl aged thats hot . Guys will be blocked kik me if your interested : Hey_Its_Georgie1

Meee Aug 14 2013 2:02pm FLAG
I want a slave I'm x

Xxx Aug 16 2013 4:07am FLAG
Kik don't.judge.me5 I'm a girl les but my friend has a d*ck and he will also text yu just ask me and my # is 6504644675 text me

Aug 16 2013 10:40pm FLAG
Im im going to be next year i live in South,England my email→ my facebook account ChanelAllen my profile pic is black and white a girl with shorts

Anonymous Aug 17 2013 7:24am FLAG
oh yh im a lesbian

ChanelAllen Aug 17 2013 7:25am FLAG
Im & will be in 2 days kik me : Pretty_LilBree ONLY Girls

Anonymous Aug 19 2013 7:48am FLAG
im and bi i badly want a gf but i want to get to know you first no s soz! 10-s kik me at RainbowDashmlPony

TabiCat Aug 19 2013 1:09pm FLAG
lesbians and bi girls wanna trade live s and vides ;) im 18 lesbian and yy;) kik is ashmoore69 hurry im wett

ashmoore69 Aug 19 2013 4:01pm FLAG
Hey bi and just Kik me love talking to lez/bi :) Kik - swag_styles :) so yea <3 ages -

Anonymous Aug 21 2013 1:49am FLAG
hey I'm bisexual and female, I'll be thir**** in a three months, and to be honest I really want to have sex, someone who will talk dirty with me, or a boyfriend/ girlfriend kik me @angei_xo

Angelli Aug 21 2013 8:40pm FLAG
btw i live in New York ( @angei_xo )

Angelli Aug 21 2013 8:41pm FLAG
Theoneandonlychloe99 im bisexual almsot and live in sc*nthorpe,uk looking for a girl also in the uk

chloe Aug 22 2013 8:39am FLAG
kik me if u want girl pics

kik: max_lee24 Aug 22 2013 8:07pm FLAG
I'm and my Kik is x_racheel_x only girls!!!!

Rachel kisses xo Aug 23 2013 12:33am FLAG
Im Ashley I don't got a kik but text me 339-237-6305 I'm Ashley

Ashley Aug 23 2013 5:25am FLAG
Any lezzies want to kik me or just chat let me know :)))) kik assgodess

Anonymous Aug 23 2013 2:08pm FLAG
Sexychick98 is my kik

Anonymous Aug 23 2013 5:00pm FLAG
Hey im noah and im . Kik me at canadanoah. I need friends, abd oossibly a relationship:)

Anonymous Aug 23 2013 8:25pm FLAG
hay girls im a boy kik me at chasen_romo

Anonymous Aug 23 2013 9:07pm FLAG
Hey I'm looking for a girl --on Facebook

Sexy Aug 23 2013 11:40pm FLAG
I'm soooo right now ;)

anonymous Aug 24 2013 11:11am FLAG
Hey text me 3364606381

sexychick Aug 24 2013 1:33pm FLAG
any lesbian kik me(; im so wet and and i love girls that are younger than me(; KIK: lesbianlexiii

lesbianlexiii Aug 24 2013 7:49pm FLAG
im 18 kik me any lesbians ages ;) live pictures only please i trade pics and videos ;) kik is ashmoore69 (;

ashmoore69 Aug 24 2013 9:15pm FLAG
I am facebook pls lesbian up to

Anonymous Aug 25 2013 11:24pm FLAG
Girls kik me, I am a lesbian and i am really wet right now, I love to share pics, I love girls younger than me (-) NO guys!!! Jessybaby747

Jessybaby747 Aug 26 2013 4:13am FLAG
Sexigoth I'm ,

katie :-) Aug 26 2013 3:29pm FLAG
I'm looking for girls my kik is funnygirl2000 bye I'm bi

Anonymous Aug 26 2013 5:06pm FLAG
I'm looking for girls-. Ill do anything send pics, talk dirty, and just talk. Kik me at funnygirl2000

Anonymous Aug 26 2013 7:37pm FLAG
my kik is xroxyxx

me !!<3x Aug 26 2013 7:51pm FLAG
(Uk) Kik itsjusttasha

Anonymous Aug 27 2013 8:22am FLAG
im 18 kik me any lesbians ages ;)wanna have a buddy live pictures only please i trade pics and videos ;) kik is ashmoore69 (;

ashmoore69 Aug 28 2013 9:49am FLAG
Kik ivyys, younger the better

Anonymous Aug 28 2013 7:19pm FLAG
I don't send pics of me but I have pics of others kik me at TakinCare thanks girls lets have some fun ;)

TakinCare Aug 29 2013 6:58pm FLAG
need a slave or a girlfriend kik me sillygirl31

Girlygirl Aug 30 2013 8:07pm FLAG
Kik me at Zakirra really would love too have an girlfriend im new at this. Girls only (female)

Zakirra Aug 31 2013 6:23pm FLAG
BTW I'm an freshman about to be in February 4th.

Zakirra Aug 31 2013 6:24pm FLAG
My Kik is Mimi3456789

Mariah Aug 31 2013 11:33pm FLAG
Only lesbians

Mariah Aug 31 2013 11:58pm FLAG
Girly girl add me on kik ill be ur slave or ur gf xxx kik name is. Princessmeg28x

Princess Sep 01 2013 5:51pm FLAG
Add me lesbis need a girl I'm love to have older people xx kik : princessmeg28x

Princess meg Sep 01 2013 5:59pm FLAG
Kik me serenity_mckay

lesbianlover Sep 01 2013 6:00pm FLAG
Hey I'm female bi add me on kik Cherry_On_Top_1998, I just wanna talk and maybe talk dirty with some of you girls(; only no pics tho, guys are welcome.

Anonymous Sep 02 2013 7:39am FLAG
Any girls call me 305-8-6756

Nina Sep 02 2013 9:44am FLAG
young lesbians kik me for pics

max_lee24 Sep 02 2013 11:44am FLAG
Need more people add me xx princessmeg28x

Anonymous Sep 02 2013 2:20pm FLAG
Kik kay454 genuine lesbians only no

kik kay454 Sep 02 2013 3:58pm FLAG
19 f kik kay454

kayla Sep 02 2013 3:59pm FLAG
Girls only kik me I’m Danielle I’m female, be + - kik me at hello188869 Also upload pics to me for my blog:)

Anonymous Sep 02 2013 5:17pm FLAG
lesbian kik me @xjulia22x

Anonymous Sep 02 2013 6:39pm FLAG
Hey I'm and female looking for some one to love I'm bi but i love girls the most and I'm looking for that right girl for a long life time relationship and i promise to be Ann excellent lover my number is

my number is 33654928 i will be waiting Sep 02 2013 7:18pm FLAG
I don't wanna gf I just wanna a buddy trade pics kik me at badbabynique all boys will be BLOCKED

Nina Sep 02 2013 8:20pm FLAG
Hi im kelly im f kik me @ kr990

kelly Sep 03 2013 11:21am FLAG
Hi im a pedofile and i use lots of fake profiles to con little girls out of pics and its working great ...i use fake cam lol xxx

A PEDOPHILE Sep 03 2013 12:51pm FLAG
You little girls are so easy i wank over your pics love fake cam

A PEDOFILE Sep 03 2013 12:54pm FLAG
Just snared one now ..cute little tits yum yum ...oh well back to work ..could be you next. Im 54 btw

A PEDOFILE Sep 03 2013 1:05pm FLAG
Any lesbians wanna trade Must take a live face pic I am 18 and trade live pics only ;) hurry while im wet! ashmoore69

ashmoore69 Sep 03 2013 1:23pm FLAG
I could be ashmore69 ..ask me to put my hand on my head and take live pic ..yum yum little tiny girls

A PEDOFILE Sep 03 2013 1:57pm FLAG
Yum yum little girls keep being fooled by my fake cam pics ask for a live pic with hand on head .little bald lover

A PEDOFILE Sep 03 2013 2:04pm FLAG
Hey I'm f lez looking for a slave. I want a girl who will do as I ask. My kik is heyimlucylu

Heyimlucylu Sep 03 2013 2:31pm FLAG
I have profiles could be me above.hahahaha yes give me a little slave girl

A PEDOFILE Sep 03 2013 3:11pm FLAG
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A PEDOFILE Sep 03 2013 3:15pm FLAG
Give you a clue to one of my profiles .LUCY SMITH yummy litle girls

A PEDOFILE Sep 03 2013 3:30pm FLAG
Ok wow your just being a d*ck now font you have anything better to do

Heyimlucylu Sep 03 2013 7:37pm FLAG

Heyimlucylu Sep 03 2013 7:37pm FLAG
Hi im a pedo wth fake cam and lots of pics. Im coming to con you my little girls .BTW did you know %85 of us on here are guys pretending to be girl .you silly lovley s .fake cam on google play

A PEDOPHILE Sep 04 2013 6:49am FLAG

Krystal Sep 05 2013 3:11pm FLAG
Kik me im a young guy with girl pics u want mines or others kik roruiz

Anonymous Sep 06 2013 6:42pm FLAG
hey(; im a lesbian and i want to talk to girls ages 10 to (; i am really wet so come see hehe(; KIK: LesbianLexiii

LesbianLexiii Sep 07 2013 11:17am FLAG
Staring up a lesbain live trade group kik me to join must send a live face pic to join my kik is heyimlucylu I'm f

Heyimlucylu Sep 07 2013 11:42am FLAG
Kik me jen2423 girls only! Send pic first

Anonymous Sep 07 2013 2:49pm FLAG
*h o r n yjen2423

Anonymous Sep 07 2013 2:50pm FLAG
Kik destinycoco ;)

Anonymous Sep 07 2013 4:35pm FLAG
Girls kik me destinycoco

Anonymous Sep 07 2013 4:35pm FLAG
kik me for girl pics

simmons181 Sep 07 2013 5:05pm FLAG
I'm kik me at baby_slow_down

Anonymous Sep 07 2013 10:50pm FLAG
girls only, live and live face so i know your real hmu My_Fun

My_Fun Sep 08 2013 5:51am FLAG
I'm lesbian want girls 10 to kik me @xjulia22x

Anonymous Sep 08 2013 7:18pm FLAG
girls kik me @ Luke EpicNess if that doesnt work try Captiankinky

Anonymous Sep 09 2013 3:14am FLAG
female England bi ;) kik me Andiisbatman

andi Sep 09 2013 1:37pm FLAG
f looking to trade with girls to trade with me. Kik :eliseh69

elise Sep 09 2013 5:04pm FLAG
Hey i don't have a kik no more hut I'm welling to and talk dirty but I'm really just looking for love and a relationship I'm bi and my number is 33654928

cupids darling Sep 09 2013 7:10pm FLAG
Hiya. I am female and looking for girls around my age (to ). Girls only please. My kik is xheartshapedbox. :*

Cailie Sep 10 2013 10:27am FLAG
hi im a yr old lesbian looking for a slave to have fun with any age or size kik me at maya22

Saudia Russ (Lily) Sep 11 2013 12:43pm FLAG
I'm always kik me at only younger girls like and down. Btw I'm Sep 11 2013 6:15pm FLAG
hey im n bi girls only i like to talk dirty kik me(; at missbrowneyes_

tiara Sep 11 2013 9:57pm FLAG
I'm a lesbian, ive just split up with my girlfriend. Any lez girls aged in the UK? (Preferably in East Anglia)

Natasha Leigh Sep 12 2013 2:59pm FLAG
Hey I'm les kik is sexygurl3456789 younger girls from and up are accepted so kik me please.

Anonymous Sep 12 2013 6:21pm FLAG
f snapchat me @ savannah.doe (; I'm bi

Savannah.doe Sep 12 2013 6:39pm FLAG
needing a relationship. DONT DO ****S DONT ASK. Female

Zakirra Sep 12 2013 6:59pm FLAG
Hi im a yr old lesbian looking for Gf ages I might do s ...but im looking for a gf..kik me at jccallen

jccallen Sep 13 2013 11:54am FLAG
Hey girls ;) im a almost turning and i dont do s i just want a relationship kik me 5starA. N.G.E.L.

5starA.N.G.E.L. Sep 13 2013 6:56pm FLAG
hey im jccallen and i want a nice gf not doing s :) Kik me ladies:*

jccallen Sep 13 2013 8:00pm FLAG
Any girls wanna skype if you do add me @ LukeEpicLuke (btw iam a guy )

Anonymous Sep 14 2013 5:37am FLAG
kik me if ur lez and like to roleplay ;) ill be waiting kik is missbrowneyes_ but when u first text send a sexy pic

missbrowneyes_ Sep 14 2013 6:53pm FLAG
ME PLEASE? lez only no guys u will get cussed out n blocked! missbrowneyes_

missbrowneyes_ Sep 14 2013 6:55pm FLAG

tamana_786 Sep 14 2013 7:20pm FLAG
lesbians wanna trade live pics take a face pic first hurry im ! ashmoore69 if you want to be a slave or whatever tell me ;P

ashmoore69 Sep 14 2013 7:49pm FLAG
can someone send me pics?;) kik missbrowneyes_

Anonymous Sep 14 2013 10:32pm FLAG
lesbian. Kik for anything ;) xxAmy_Brooksxx

Anonymous Sep 15 2013 7:24am FLAG
female lesbian, i only trade live pics, also i wouldnt mind having a girl be my slave ;) kik me kellyg_xoxo

kellyg_xoxo Sep 15 2013 10:42am FLAG
kik me at boobs55 a ripped male =) any bi girls here? hope so =*

anonymous Sep 15 2013 12:47pm FLAG
f trade pics with girls only bi_4_you

Anonymous Sep 15 2013 6:20pm FLAG
f no pics but talk dirty/rp preferrably girls only kik: hayhayitsmaddy ;)

Anonymous Sep 15 2013 7:38pm FLAG
f bi I'm so right now ;) kik me @n_hernandez_

Anonymous Sep 15 2013 10:08pm FLAG
Supposed to say I'm , so talk dirty to me at n_hernandez_

Anonymous Sep 15 2013 10:09pm FLAG
nly for girls. kik me at indian*ussy6 add p instead the star. guys ll be blocked. i do lives and expect the same

Anonymous Sep 16 2013 5:13am FLAG
sweetkikname is a fake dont trust

Anonymous Sep 16 2013 2:08pm FLAG

Anonymous Sep 17 2013 9:39pm FLAG
f taytaybanks

Anonymous Sep 18 2013 10:47pm FLAG
im 18 f lesbian :) any lesbians wanna trade live pics need to take a face pic hurry im ! ashmoore69 if you want to be a slave or whatever tell me ;P

ashmoore69 Sep 19 2013 1:00pm FLAG
^faker don't add

Anonymous Sep 19 2013 4:06pm FLAG
Lesbian, just turned .msg for swapping: meggani3

Anonymous Sep 19 2013 6:29pm FLAG
lesbian kaitlin_long

Anonymous Sep 19 2013 9:07pm FLAG
I don't want s or to send s, I just want a girlfriend or to make a girl feel special(: , Canadian. kik; peircetheskies girls pls!

WantABeauty<3 Sep 20 2013 2:33pm FLAG
Piercetheskies I messages you x

Dani Sep 20 2013 3:54pm FLAG
Any -bi/leasbian girls kik me: Paytonlovesfun Im lesbian girl that loves the outdoors and racing :) Will talk dirty, possibly s kik me!

Anonymous Sep 20 2013 8:54pm FLAG
yr old lesbian looking for girls kik me kirstysmith76

Anonymous Sep 21 2013 5:52am FLAG
Kik me if you are lesbian. I live in michigan;) GIRLS ONLY AGES -. Im by the way;) kik me at alliishawt

Alliishawt Sep 21 2013 9:03am FLAG
Kik I'm like a relationship and s _isabellaxxx

Isabel Sep 21 2013 8:52pm FLAG
Anyone need a mistress? Slaves needed! Must send live pics and vids! Obedient girls kik me at h*ornylesgurl (without the *)

Anonymous Sep 21 2013 10:31pm FLAG
kik me girls! m kik is bryanadams345 ! up for nythng

Anonymous Sep 22 2013 11:19am FLAG
ivyys, send lives or trade you­ng

Anonymous Sep 22 2013 11:40am FLAG
Hey to the girl who used to have a kik fluffy dinosuars i lost ur number so can u text me or ur number to me thanx 33654928

Anonymous Sep 22 2013 12:00pm FLAG
bi girl up for trading live kik pics with other girls :) kik me at: anabelle_palmer

anabelle Sep 22 2013 12:19pm FLAG
Any lesbians up for a good time? I trade live pics or older ones. I prefer u to be from but I like really young girls to. Kik: project_vendetta

Anonymous Sep 22 2013 7:58pm FLAG
Kik me @ funbuddyI'm a girl im i prefer i send pics an vids ... send vids on anyvideo only an i only receive videos on anyvideo my phone doesn't support kik video kik me girls only ...

funbuddy Sep 22 2013 8:23pm FLAG
Hey, im a yr old lesbian im just looking for a relationship no s or anything like tht just want a realtionship :) txt me 83229635

Lezbian4Life Sep 23 2013 12:26am FLAG
Hey my kik is madiek0kik me im anyone older is fine just not over 18 thanks - MADIE HEHE

Madddiiiieee Sep 23 2013 12:11pm FLAG
Girls kik me watch_my_grind_bish

daijah Sep 23 2013 2:42pm FLAG
f Kik me Swag_styles

Anonymous Sep 23 2013 10:11pm FLAG
Hey I'm and bisexual and i prefer girls but i will date boys u have to be to . And i don't send dirty photos. And. I and talk dirty but I'm looking for a good long relationship with. Some one who will treat me right and i live in northcarolina usa my number is 33654928

angel Sep 24 2013 3:04pm FLAG
female lesbian, i only trade live pics, also i wouldnt mind having a girl be my slave ;) kik me kellyg_xoxo

Anonymous Sep 24 2013 6:37pm FLAG
live pic to start f My_Fun

my_Fun Sep 25 2013 12:06pm FLAG
Kik: project_vendetta Lesbian and like to trade live pics. Girls come make my wet.

Anonymous Sep 25 2013 2:36pm FLAG
Im a lesbian F 18 c: and I trade s . Kik Nicole_the_c*unt ( remove da star ) for my s .. I reply fast also , remember @Nicole_the_c*nt (:

nicole_the_c*nt Sep 26 2013 12:12am FLAG
i em 10 ears old want girls for good funn

Sep 26 2013 1:18pm FLAG
i em

Anonymous Sep 26 2013 1:20pm FLAG
^ kik me at "its_rachel"

rachel Sep 26 2013 8:12pm FLAG

katica97 Sep 26 2013 8:50pm FLAG
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bandage Sep 27 2013 4:43am FLAG
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Samantha Sep 28 2013 1:35am FLAG
Kik meh F jessybaby747 I'll be wsiting Hun ;)

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Kik me at ayeitme to have fun and live pictures ages only and I a lesbian

Lesbian babe Sep 28 2013 5:35am FLAG
Kik me: s5robinson<3

Sydney Sep 28 2013 11:49am FLAG
F Les message nicolerawrr noone older than 18 please. NO FAKES! NO GUYS!

nicole Sep 28 2013 2:06pm FLAG
I'm looking for lesbian or bi girls willing to talk dirty and send s if you want. (; kik: @lovesfrankocean

jenny Sep 28 2013 5:10pm FLAG
I'm big kik me Crazy_ahh_mofo23

robyn!! Sep 28 2013 8:18pm FLAG
Surferguy0I'm not a guy I use a guys name so they leave me alone I'm looking for someone who will send Someone younger than me so under

Anonymous Sep 29 2013 4:55am FLAG
email me heyimlucylu if you want a slave at and anybody esle i am

Anonymous Sep 29 2013 2:28pm FLAG
yr lez willing to trade pics and stuff. Girls under kik juniperlex

Juni Sep 29 2013 3:38pm FLAG
Kik sexychickex

sarah Sep 30 2013 10:12am FLAG
Female, and up for some picture trading! Kik: emmewatson

emmewatson Sep 30 2013 11:09am FLAG
Hey Im M Scotland Ive got over 2000 pics of girls, u name the age and willing to trade. Im tired of trawling through hundreds of replies so this offer is only open to girls. Kik = Scotz98

Scotz Sep 30 2013 11:45am FLAG
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go to you ***. com and look up masturbating then try it on yourself you will love it

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Shan)!:'a Sep 30 2013 11:52pm FLAG
Kik me lesbilena only girls Males will be blocked

Lesbilena Oct 01 2013 8:22am FLAG
Hey! I'm and bi, but looking for a gf! I'm a girl and kik me! Girls only. No s, just looking for a relationship. My kik is: miss_piercetheveil.

Miss_piercetheveil Oct 01 2013 10:17am FLAG
Hi les wanting to trade s with any girls I'm Asian and very wet right now. Kik:wetkitty

Vannie Oct 01 2013 10:33am FLAG
Kik me laney.west

Anonymous Oct 01 2013 5:58pm FLAG
f lesbian willing to trade pics ONLY Boys and girls my kik is xxxsarahbethxxx

Sarah Oct 02 2013 2:36pm FLAG
I'm trade with girl_I live in Salem oregon wanting girls from there or close kik me at:pandabear101haha.kk;)

maddie;) Oct 02 2013 4:12pm FLAG
umm.....can I be ur slave I am and will send anything no boys Skype me at tangled_9 or gmail me at

amelia Oct 02 2013 7:05pm FLAG
f bi....wanna trade girl s -. Kik: jessbear96

Anonymous Oct 03 2013 5:59am FLAG
Kik me! Girls only! @ faith696969

faith696969 Oct 03 2013 7:18pm FLAG
Any -girls on here?

someone Oct 03 2013 7:36pm FLAG
f wanna trade? kik me popsticleeatsunicorn no guys

Anonymous Oct 04 2013 7:16am FLAG
Hi umm im I will trade with girls younger than me but not older My kik is eli661 and im lesbian

paola Oct 04 2013 10:02pm FLAG
f lesbian kik me @ Samantha_Dalton

Samantha Oct 05 2013 9:38am FLAG
I'm a 10-girls kik me @popsticleeatsunicorn

Anonymous Oct 05 2013 1:15pm FLAG
girl kik me @popsticleeatsunicorn

Anonymous Oct 05 2013 2:40pm FLAG
Hey any lesbians around the range kik me:) I'm and les, my name is Emily Kik me at echammertime, trade pics and vids:)

Emily Oct 05 2013 7:58pm FLAG
f so !!! any girl kik me

Anonymous Oct 05 2013 9:08pm FLAG
masturbate for satisfaction

anonymous Oct 05 2013 9:21pm FLAG
Lesbians only I swap pics of younger girls kik me @iam_lezz

Anonymous Oct 05 2013 9:42pm FLAG
Hi my name is Isis I'm and I'm bi but I perfer girls more I will trade sometimes but I mostly like to talk dirty n make u wet I do want a realationship anyone text me please if interested thanks my # is (503)-899-2481 Oct 05 2013 10:26pm FLAG
Sorry I mean 503-899-2482 Oct 05 2013 10:27pm FLAG
I have tons of pictures of girls and I trade with anyone, Kik ju4n_o

Anonymous Oct 06 2013 8:57am FLAG
Im a mistress looking for slaves(girls) ages 10-. You have to be obedient and do what i say. Dont ask for pics because i will send them if youre good and i like you. Must send lives. You will be rewarded heavily. Kik:imsoh*rnyicouldcry (replace * with o) P.s. if you do want to be a slave send me "ILP"

Your Mistress Oct 06 2013 12:26pm FLAG
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girls kik me @ newmsauce i will trade pics of my ex, gettin back at her cause she sucks. ill show you her first if you want, got a lot of pics of her. only for a short time

Anonymous Oct 07 2013 12:02pm FLAG
lesbian ;) kik me girls please Ragexlove <3 <3

Alice Oct 07 2013 1:47pm FLAG

Anonymous Oct 07 2013 3:12pm FLAG
Hi im Miriam , i think im bi only Girls please ! Kik diemiriamneu

Anonymous Oct 08 2013 5:06am FLAG
Add me f lesbian:) No guys!!! Katie_sexy

Anonymous Oct 08 2013 2:22pm FLAG
20 year old les, I trade pics ;) NO GUYS! Guys will be blocked, no age range too ;) hmu if you're up for some fun kik: instagirlshoutout69

Ashley Oct 08 2013 3:57pm FLAG
Looking for a slave. I tried being a mistress and loved it. Send live first and "I am your slave" with your age. Girls only! I have too many male slaves. /f/bi. JenniSummers

JenniSummers Oct 08 2013 5:10pm FLAG
Kik me at funbuddyim /f/south Carolina. Send a live when you first kik me...(girls only) (follow directions or dnt kik). We cn trade videos or s send what you preffer as your first kik to me.

Anonymous Oct 08 2013 9:05pm FLAG

Anonymous Oct 08 2013 9:24pm FLAG
add me, girls only, live pics only hmu - My_Fun

Anonymous Oct 09 2013 7:53am FLAG
ivyys, send live. younger the better, no one above please! i trade young too

Anonymous Oct 09 2013 9:20am FLAG
My name is jasmine Kik me. girls from ages only

jasmine Oct 09 2013 3:25pm FLAG
Girls kik me ilovecats693

Anonymous Oct 09 2013 8:21pm FLAG
I'm and bi. and No s just looking to talk to someone. Kik me mariah2345

Mariahhh Oct 09 2013 8:54pm FLAG
I'm katie, 18 year old mistress looking for slaves girls of any age. Kik me at JBouseI will ask you to send live pics and maybe vids. I will send you lives when I think you have deserved it.

Katie Oct 10 2013 11:22pm FLAG
hey im ellie, im single and if you want to chat and get dirty im the one you want to talk to, message me and then i will ask you to send 1 live doing something as proof you are real, if you are ok with this kik: watkins20002 oh and p.s GIRLS ONLY GUYS WILL BE BLOCKED!!!

Anonymous Oct 11 2013 8:29am FLAG
any girls wanna kik me at bubblebutts4 im .girls -.GUYS WILL BE BLOCKED.and no pics

secy gurl Oct 11 2013 3:23pm FLAG
bubblebutts49 srry

secy gurl Oct 11 2013 3:24pm FLAG
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Anonymous Oct 12 2013 5:47am FLAG
Some1 add me at tangopango445 xxx I'm a girl any fake sickos like THT peido will be reported an blocked

Lol xx Oct 12 2013 8:17am FLAG
im 18 f lesbian :) any lesbians wanna trade live pics need to take a face pic hurry kik is ashmoore69 if you want to be a slave or whatever tell me ;P

ashmoore69 Oct 12 2013 9:36am FLAG
Looking for a female slave any age kik baller825

Anonymous Oct 12 2013 12:44pm FLAG
Kik ***horn99

Anonymous Oct 12 2013 12:56pm FLAG
kik me at kittykat242271 I like to talk dirty ;) ;) I'm any age is fine.. girls only!!!

hottiee Oct 12 2013 1:18pm FLAG
Wats up Girls I'm DayDay I'm I'm a junior I'm African American. And My Kik is DayDayLovesYou

daija edwards Oct 12 2013 10:28pm FLAG
Hi I'm Ashley ima looking for bi or lesbos trade pics or vids Kim me at QUEEN PEACE

Anonymous Oct 12 2013 11:00pm FLAG
Ashley do u have a number

Lol Oct 13 2013 12:20am FLAG
Txt me l8tr

Lol Oct 13 2013 12:43am FLAG
Kik me jw62009 im f bi send live pic first

Anonymous Oct 13 2013 1:58am FLAG
hi I'm f lesbian kik only LIVE pics, only girls allowed any age but I prefer younger girls :P kik: cherrylezbomb

Anonymous Oct 13 2013 9:36am FLAG
lesbiankik me lesbians only no guys(will be blocked) no pics but naughty messages ;)

;) love to know me:) Oct 13 2013 2:08pm FLAG
Any girls and under kik me. I'm my kik is cutelez

Anonymous Oct 13 2013 2:32pm FLAG
Send me sex

Lilly Oct 13 2013 3:03pm FLAG
Will someone kik me? I'm . I'm in size D's. Really . Love big tits! So, kik me. Madyf

Anonymous Oct 13 2013 8:50pm FLAG
Hi, I'm and I'm bi, looking for a good relationship. Please kik me! No s or you will be blocked. Just a good chat! Kik is: miss_piercetheveil

Miss_piercetheveil Oct 14 2013 8:26am FLAG
Email me

Lovely2019 Oct 14 2013 2:22pm FLAG
umm.....can I be your slave I am and obedient will send anything no boys Skype me at tangled_9 or gmail me at

Anonymous Oct 14 2013 4:57pm FLAG
kik me now maddie_maddie01 so blred boys will be blocked

maddie_maddie01 Oct 14 2013 5:32pm FLAG
Any sexy girls with big boobs wanna ? kinda bored over here -.-

secy gurl Oct 15 2013 4:43pm FLAG
kik me I'm year old lesbo dignan0

Anonymous Oct 16 2013 3:00pm FLAG
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Anonymous Oct 16 2013 8:15pm FLAG
Im a Leabian looking for a submissive/slave or may be .. .. so Girls kik me at indian6 .. Send live pics and i ll do the same .. If no live pics then dont bother to text :)

Anonymous Oct 17 2013 3:22am FLAG
Hiya. I am female and looking for girls around my age (to ). Girls only please. My kik is xheartshapedbox. :*

Cailie Oct 17 2013 9:05am FLAG
any lesbians wanna have fun;) 18, very wet right now;) I only trade live pics and videos;P ashmoore69 hurry im wett if you have any fetishes or want a mistress tell me;)

ashmoore69 Oct 17 2013 1:51pm FLAG
Young f lesbian, bored and feeling sexy. Any Young lesbian/bi girls out there wana chat,exchange live pics. No boys Kik me mrmuaythai20

megan r Oct 18 2013 4:51am FLAG
Any girls looking for a relationship -, I'm . Kik me jonnierae20

JR Oct 18 2013 7:07am FLAG
Female here looking for a sweet girl to talk to. Looks dont matter. Message me with a live pic. My username is emilyishappy7

Anonymous Oct 18 2013 12:52pm FLAG
I am and bisexual and looking for a girl friend at the moment. Looking for someone -. I am a good person and interested in a relationship :) Please kik me but NO s and don't ask, NO dirty chat and don't ask. If interested please kik me at: miss_piercetheveil

Miss_piercetheveil Oct 19 2013 9:31am FLAG
Im and leabian kik me at goodi2shoes I wont send pics cause my cam dont work u can If u want to no dudes they will be blocked

Ceara Oct 19 2013 9:42am FLAG
Kik me lizzy_steph I'm so

Anonymous Oct 19 2013 10:09am FLAG
Hey male here. Looking for mistress to tell me what to do. I will do mostly anything. Females only. Kik me at smart_mush I'll be waiting ;)

Anonymous Oct 19 2013 12:45pm FLAG
Any girls wanna kik. I'm M kik me pako0

pako0 Oct 19 2013 5:03pm FLAG
Justicesm. No pics just talk

Anonymous Oct 19 2013 9:09pm FLAG
Imm f I'm bi and I want to dirty talk!! Kik me @ I love emo hotties (;

Mitch Luckers babe Oct 20 2013 7:16am FLAG
Snapchat me @ kitttttycatt

Mitch Luckers babe Oct 20 2013 8:37am FLAG
Kik me I'm lizzy_steph I'm so h*rny xx

Anonymous Oct 20 2013 8:51am FLAG
Any girls live in Chicago

that girl sexy Oct 20 2013 9:11am FLAG
chrissy f looking for girls kik me at chrisbrown26

Anonymous Oct 20 2013 10:01am FLAG
Girls only 10 and up kik me iam_lezz

Anonymous Oct 20 2013 10:56am FLAG
chrissy f kik me at chrisbrown26

Anonymous Oct 20 2013 12:39pm FLAG
hey girl, will trade s and write stories if you do the same(; kik: macey44 make me wet please. I will be waiting. GIRLS ONLY. *my phone is messed up, so i have no profile pic but i can send pics.(;*

macee Oct 20 2013 1:23pm FLAG
kik me cayse.

Anonymous Oct 20 2013 1:36pm FLAG
F looking for a young slave on kik. girls only!! ;) kik h*ornypancake

h*ornypancake Oct 20 2013 2:32pm FLAG
I`m a female lesbian, , any age is fine, i wana so my email is or NO MALES!

P*ssigirl09 Oct 20 2013 2:59pm FLAG
im wet so plz email me GIRLS ONLY! NO MALES! or

P*ussylicker09 Oct 20 2013 4:46pm FLAG
im and bi kik me

lez09876 Oct 20 2013 5:49pm FLAG
Hey! I'm Alison, a 19 year old mistress looking for obedient slave GIRLS that are any age! My kik is ALLYO3. To start, say "Hello mistress I am (your age) years old." Then send a live pic of yourself!

Alison Owens Oct 20 2013 9:06pm FLAG
Any body want to share s and want to Facetime I'm My kik: xxlezxxONLY GIRLS GUYS WILL BE BLOCKED!

Keke Oct 21 2013 8:53am FLAG
Looking for sexy slaves, up for anything and everything. Kik- Lesbianbiatch69

Chloe Oct 21 2013 9:17am FLAG
Add me girls only tho :) jlevii21

Jadeyy Oct 21 2013 9:32am FLAG
chrissy f uk looking for girls kik me at chrisbrown26

Anonymous Oct 21 2013 12:20pm FLAG
Black yearolds that wanna trade kik funbuddy

Anonymous Oct 21 2013 2:26pm FLAG
email me @ plz, im female

sex7lova09 Oct 21 2013 5:45pm FLAG
^Katie email me, blouse^

yfsexy Oct 21 2013 5:48pm FLAG
im always kik me p0w3rpuffgiirl

Anonymous Oct 21 2013 11:00pm FLAG
My kik is bi.louise im plz kik me for fun all ages r welcome :)

louise Oct 22 2013 4:17pm FLAG
kik @ inuyashamoocow im trading videos for more videos of girls only please if youre a guy, dont add me trying to get with me instablock if you waste my time any age//im f

Anonymous Oct 22 2013 7:34pm FLAG
female lesbian, i only trade live pics, guys will be blocked ;) kik me kellyg_xoxo

kellyg_xoxo Oct 22 2013 7:56pm FLAG
lesbians wanna trade live pics kik me ashmoore69 18, , and wet! if you want a mistress tell me, or just trade live pics!

ashmoore69 Oct 23 2013 3:53pm FLAG
4mx0fT Thanks again for the blog post.Much thanks again. Awesome.

PrPaPxQZLkv Oct 24 2013 4:57am FLAG
I'm looking for a relationship with any girl I am and lesbian. I would like a girlfriend :) Please kik me: miss_piercetheveil

Miss_piercetheveil Oct 24 2013 5:42am FLAG
Hiya. I am female and looking for girls around my age (to ). Girls only please. My kik is xheartshapedbox. 

Cailie Oct 24 2013 9:49am FLAG
Hi im ashley, 18 and really ! kik is lezbeoashley i trade only live pics if youd like a mistress tell me:) or just trade!

lezbeoashley Oct 24 2013 1:30pm FLAG
Is therr anh guy just add me sara_

sara_ Oct 25 2013 2:26pm FLAG
I'm just looking for a friend like me at. uniqueluvs

uniqueluvs Oct 26 2013 9:56am FLAG
Like me @ uniqueluvsu

uniqueluvsu Oct 26 2013 9:57am FLAG
Kik. Me @uniqueluvs

Anonymous Oct 26 2013 9:58am FLAG
And add me as a friend on Facebook @uniqueluvsu Gilchrist

Anonymous Oct 26 2013 9:59am FLAG
Hi im ashley 18 and really ! kik is lezbeoashley i trade only live pics if youd like a mistress tell me:) or just trade!

lezbeoashley Oct 26 2013 11:41am FLAG
Hi I'm Tytiana and I'm bisexual kik me at BatMan4Ever3 girls only!

Tytiana Oct 26 2013 3:57pm FLAG

Tytiana Oct 26 2013 4:02pm FLAG
Hey im Megan im and im a lesbian so looking to chat to girls around my age or younger guys if u msg me u wil be blocked unless u gt good vids of girls my age so girls kik me sexymegan2000 xxx

Sexymean2000 Oct 27 2013 5:01am FLAG
f­xckingsexy, f trading young pics

Anonymous Oct 27 2013 6:54am FLAG
I'm and will trade pics kik: loveleylesbian__ any age group girls only<3

Anonymous Oct 27 2013 2:22pm FLAG
I'm lesbian and I love trading pics kik me- rominacann_

Sexiromina Oct 27 2013 4:09pm FLAG
Hello my name is Zakirra Yhurp

Kik is Zakirra Oct 27 2013 6:33pm FLAG
Cute Mexican boys ages kik me at funbuddyan send your c*ck so we cn have fun

Anonymous Oct 27 2013 11:49pm FLAG
Hey people add kwalker38 I'm new n would like to chat!

Kelly Oct 28 2013 7:49am FLAG
Hi im ashley 18 and really ! kik is lezbeoashley i trade only live pics and im kinda dominant, but only if you tell me to be:P

lezbeoashley Oct 28 2013 12:06pm FLAG
I love writing dirty stories to turn girls on or trading pics of girls if you would like either let me know at jonathan__21

Anonymous Oct 28 2013 10:45pm FLAG
lezbeoashley + lesbians live pics only im 18 and

ashley Oct 29 2013 3:38pm FLAG
Hey I'm looking for someone to talk to I'm on like all the time hmu @uniqueluvsu

Anonymous Oct 29 2013 6:34pm FLAG
i need a female slave she can also be bi 18 yo and down kik me at jacob88a

Anonymous Oct 30 2013 5:53am FLAG
I'm and allways so hot ;) send me pics and I'll send some back we can have lots of fun guys or girls kik me <3 name above :)

xx_shay_oo Oct 30 2013 1:35pm FLAG
lesbians wanna get dirty;) im 18 and trade live pics only ashmoore69 hurry im wet!;)

ashmoore69 Oct 30 2013 4:31pm FLAG
Hey I know I'm not a girl but bi girls who wanna trade pics or lesbians who wanna swap pics of other girl me up Bigd*ckand2

Anonymous Oct 30 2013 5:38pm FLAG
Kik me bigd ickand2

Anonymous Oct 30 2013 5:39pm FLAG
katica97 :)

Kat Oct 31 2013 2:01am FLAG
female lesbian, i only trade live pics, guys will be blocked ;) kik me kellyg_xoxo

Anonymous Oct 31 2013 3:44am FLAG
Kik amystuck only girls my age no guys

Anonymous Oct 31 2013 9:33am FLAG
lesbians wanna get dirty;) im 18 and trade live pics only ashmoore69 hurry im wet

ashmoore69 Oct 31 2013 2:50pm FLAG
Kik me lez or bi girls I'm looking for fun I like young girls and big girls kik me at sodamnfunny

Me Oct 31 2013 3:10pm FLAG
lesbians wanna trade;) im 18 live pics ashmoore69 hurry

ashmoore69 Nov 01 2013 2:47pm FLAG
f Looking for a girl to talk to, cant trade pics till later because im in the car madmartin2

Maddie Nov 01 2013 4:16pm FLAG
bi kik is kyzie_m I'm waiting xxx

Anonymous Nov 01 2013 9:24pm FLAG
bi kik biebersshawty_199419. My friend made it don't laugh -___-

Jessy Nov 01 2013 11:13pm FLAG

Calisweetheart Nov 02 2013 8:26am FLAG
F les! girls 9-wanna trade pics? ;)NO BOYS! and only live pics.. kik h*ornypancakewithout the star ;D

h*ornypancake Nov 02 2013 9:22am FLAG
And lez or bi girls girls kik me y.r

Me Nov 02 2013 2:55pm FLAG

Anonymous Nov 02 2013 7:33pm FLAG
kik mee i wannaa k so baf

anonyms Nov 02 2013 9:45pm FLAG
Guy looking for wet girl any age ;) kik me ( thisguy420247 )

Thisguy420247 Nov 03 2013 12:25am FLAG
Any submissive girls like being obidient? kik me cupcake_shake

jess Nov 03 2013 1:25am FLAG
Any submissive girls like being obedient? Kik me cupcake_shake

jess Nov 03 2013 2:03am FLAG
hey im chrissy flooking for girlsso kik me at chrisbrown26

Anonymous Nov 03 2013 4:13am FLAG
i need a female slave 18 yo and down can be bi too kik jacob88a saying hallo master (i am male)

Anonymous Nov 03 2013 9:04am FLAG
Hey I'm bi and and a girl and I'm looking for some one special and who also doesn't do dirty pictures and some one between ages my number us 33654928 and i will be waiting;):)

angel heart Nov 03 2013 1:56pm FLAG
I'm a female Bi .. Like mainly Girls.. will trade pics! And want to talk DIRTY or ! Please kik me @ kitty.kat.xx xxxxx

Sophie .x Nov 03 2013 2:25pm FLAG
lesbian will talk to guys but I don't wanna see your abs or disgusting d*cks -_- looking for girls to trade pics with :) ;)

xx_shay_oo Nov 03 2013 4:46pm FLAG
Any one wanna be obedint for me. Kik me at itsaweirdlifeforme

Anonymous Nov 03 2013 7:09pm FLAG
Hi im kassie. Im lesbian and Im :) kik me: lilmisskassie .. only girls. please dont think im fake

kassie Nov 03 2013 9:55pm FLAG

Anonymous Nov 03 2013 9:57pm FLAG
Kik me:madisonlanerocks f ages must send live before trading with me

madison Nov 03 2013 10:09pm FLAG
Any girl want to be my slave? Kik me @ cupcake_shake

jess Nov 03 2013 11:34pm FLAG
Hey girls :) I'm lesbian and and quite hot :P I will trade pics with girls if I trust them enough and I'm really into cute Asian girls. Age between :) kik name lucywilliams

Lucywilliams Nov 04 2013 2:05am FLAG
i need a female slave 18 and down can be bi too kik jacob88a saying hallo master

Anonymous Nov 04 2013 11:13am FLAG
f chrissy looking for girls - so kik me at chrisbrown26

Anonymous Nov 04 2013 2:38pm FLAG
I'm Cailie and I'm . Kik me! xheartshapedbox Please... girls only. I MAY, key word being MAY, trade, but only live pics. Again... girls only, any age, boys will be blocked instantly...

Cailie Nov 04 2013 2:46pm FLAG
Hey I'm looking for a really kinky girl that will drink her own pee for me and send it in a video I'm will to do anything if I get a video like that so kik me at sodamnfunny

Me Nov 05 2013 1:50pm FLAG
**girls only please** I am currently looking for an ongoing subservient. I am an 18 year old Mistress looking for a sub/slave for an ongoing relationship. If you want a mistress that is kind, fair, understanding, and above all understands the responsibilities of the role, then look no further. kik: cheshirekat

TheCheshireKat Nov 05 2013 2:28pm FLAG
sexybaby254 no boys! I love to have fun!!!

Anonymous Nov 05 2013 6:05pm FLAG
Sexyslut74 ;) I won't disappoint

Anonymous Nov 05 2013 6:06pm FLAG
any bi or lesbian girls up for pic exchange kik girltoy24 ps my camera is broken so I don't have a lot of pics but I can talk dirty ;)

girltoy24 Nov 05 2013 7:05pm FLAG
F bi girl looking to swap pics and have some fun kik me xx_shay_oo if u don't have pics we can swap old ones the younger the better ;)

xx_shay_oo Nov 05 2013 7:28pm FLAG
f dominant les looking for a les or younger. I will take good care of my submisive girls and give you pics in exchange for solitude. My kik is dracoshir (my brother picked it for me)

deanna Nov 06 2013 5:31pm FLAG
Servitude* I hate spell check

deanna Nov 06 2013 5:36pm FLAG
fchrissy looking for girls kik me at chrisbrown26

Anonymous Nov 08 2013 5:25pm FLAG
20 year old les, I trade pics ;) NO GUYS! Guys will be blocked, no age range too ;) hmu if you're up for some fun kik: instagirlshoutout69

Ashley Nov 09 2013 5:10am FLAG
Kik me now lesbian****like ladies only I so

Horny Lesbian Nov 09 2013 8:46am FLAG
Les looking for young athletic girls. C cups or lower I will trade. Hit me at jessicash1 :*

Anonymous Nov 09 2013 11:13am FLAG
inuyashamoocow is my kik id, only looking for girls doing stuff in shower, pm me to trade vids. only girls, only vids please.

Anonymous Nov 09 2013 3:52pm FLAG
Don't Kik me anymore I'm taken

Jessy Nov 09 2013 8:31pm FLAG
Hhay im yr old lesbiqn liv n dallas tx. Im so .me. n boys aloud ps send pics ill send some bak

Anonymous Nov 09 2013 9:08pm FLAG
Looking for young lesbians with c cups or smaller. I'm and willing to trade Jessicash1

Anonymous Nov 09 2013 10:09pm FLAG
ofmeandmen kik name is a guy dont trust, he has no vids, dont give anything first.

Anonymous Nov 09 2013 10:39pm FLAG
inuyashamoocow is my kik id, only looking for girls doing stuff in shower, pm me to trade vids. only girls, only vids please. im female btw, .

Anonymous Nov 09 2013 10:44pm FLAG
I'm and is that bad well girls or guys kik me at Marielovesya59

Angel Nov 10 2013 2:51pm FLAG
I'm and I want someone to pin me against the wall and squeeze, and grab my ass and rub their hard c*ck against me

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chrissy f looking for girls kik me at chrisbrown26

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Kik me girl -. Guys will be blocked. My kik is cougar chaser98.

Anonymous Nov 10 2013 9:21pm FLAG
i need a female slave 20 yo and down can be bi too kik jacob88a saying hallo daddy

Anonymous Nov 11 2013 6:14am FLAG
Hey girls f I'm lesbian my Kik is Jessy_Skinnmessage me ;)

Jess Nov 11 2013 8:48pm FLAG
f chrissy looking for girls kik me at chrisbrown26

Anonymous Nov 12 2013 4:38pm FLAG
Kik walton_ferguson any age I have girl pics

Walton_ferguson Nov 13 2013 3:57pm FLAG
Girls kik me I'm f bi and I'm really

Vanessa Nov 14 2013 2:12am FLAG
Im male 18 lookin for a girl bi or straight to trade some sexy pics :* kik me: deaking. Oh and id love to skype video sex chat with girls. I do masturbation and strip. My d*ck is ready gals skype: chimchangchao

Nick Nov 14 2013 1:09pm FLAG
Kick me, I'm 38 from the uk, kwalker38

Kelly Nov 15 2013 12:58am FLAG
**Girls Only* I am a female Mistress looking a sub/slave. If you want a mistress that is kind, firm, and know the responsibility of having a slave, message me. Your first message should be “Mistress, I am yours if you will have me.” Kik: cheshirekat

TheCheshireKat Nov 15 2013 11:38am FLAG
fchrissy looking for girlskik me at chrisbrown26

Anonymous Nov 15 2013 6:22pm FLAG
kik ju4n_o to trade girl pics

Anonymous Nov 16 2013 12:17pm FLAG
Im Amanda Lane im F bi add if you wanna trade pics SexiiLane

Amanda Lane Nov 17 2013 1:57am FLAG
watkins2*0*0*0*2 remove stars aged females only xx

Anonymous Nov 17 2013 8:17am FLAG
Any bi or les girl want to trade pic if girl kik me at redwhiteblue.And dot is with username

thanks Nov 17 2013 3:41pm FLAG
looking to trade vids and pics with girls my age (-) kik meee jessic_miller21

Jessieeee Nov 17 2013 4:32pm FLAG
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Anonymous Nov 17 2013 6:44pm FLAG
I'm and I'm les. I want girls that can get me I can't trade pics cuz of my fone it doesn't send pics on kik so if u send me some and talk dirty to me it will be great kik me @ respectlol

Anonymous Nov 17 2013 8:56pm FLAG
Kik me im looking to trade with girls _cashmaster_ hurry!!

Katelinn Nov 18 2013 3:39pm FLAG
Plz kik me at iceskatingisawesome will trade pics

Anonymous Nov 18 2013 8:40pm FLAG
I'm a kind mistress looking for girls 10-, I don't send many lives, also you must be able to send lives and videos. Kik Sexy_lesb0

Sexy_lesb0 Nov 19 2013 1:24pm FLAG
I girl kik me at ayeitme right now lesbian only

Horny****girl Nov 19 2013 4:56pm FLAG
nicole_sucks_clit you must be between 9-and must be hot

Anonymous Nov 19 2013 7:49pm FLAG
My kik is rednakcountry any bi or lez girls want to trade pic of girl message me

thanks Nov 19 2013 7:50pm FLAG
I'm a lesbian looking for girls I will share pics I dot have a lot of pics because my cameras broken but I'm open to anything really kik me at girltoy23

girltoy23 Nov 20 2013 8:40pm FLAG
Bi Girls kik me, got a 6.5 inch c*ck ready to show. kik is bigboydoe

Chris Nov 20 2013 9:35pm FLAG
Young girls please kik me :) I love jailbait <3 AshleyRJSmith

Ashley :) Nov 21 2013 11:49am FLAG
I'm looking for slaves or under, I am very nice to my slaves but they will need to be able to send lives and videos, kik sexy_lesb0 if you can

Sexy_lesb0 Nov 21 2013 1:24pm FLAG
i need a female slave... 20 yo and down... kik jacob88a saying hello daddy

Anonymous Nov 21 2013 3:30pm FLAG
Hey! f and bi from uk! What to have fun with girls and under, must be able to send live! Kik me wattsy_97

charlotte Nov 23 2013 2:41am FLAG
Kikme Ayeitme my kik Now kik me now I ONLY LESBIANS !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous Nov 23 2013 8:38am FLAG
Any bi girls kik me at jplag09... I'm and tall and muscular

Kik: jplag09 Nov 23 2013 8:46am FLAG
Mine is katekatelovesall (: female, only wanna trade with other lesbians and under!

Anonymous Nov 23 2013 9:25am FLAG
Hey 18 f lesbians or bi girls kik me: alypatricee

Ashh Nov 23 2013 9:33am FLAG
f looking for girls to trade anyone allowed but preferably 18 :) kik at catyjones

catyjones Nov 23 2013 2:59pm FLAG
My kik is Ashleyyygalero

Anonymous Nov 23 2013 4:43pm FLAG
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Alex.alex21 Nov 24 2013 3:24pm FLAG
hey im a lesbian looking for a gf im only girls as old as 18 welcome kik me at justsexy

girlwithloveforgirls Nov 24 2013 5:18pm FLAG
Hi I'm a bi but im up for it and that's all you need to know kik me at GxIxRxLxS xxx ;)

Anonymous Nov 25 2013 12:41pm FLAG
Les or bi girls between kik me, I'm and les, I'm Emily and I'm always down for some trading;). Must be able to trade lives. My kik is echammertime

Emily Nov 25 2013 1:12pm FLAG
lesbians trade live pics only and videos im 18 and ! ashmoore69

ashmoore69 Nov 25 2013 2:37pm FLAG
I'm bi and looking for a gf between no older! Add me on kik at wolfie49 an I will block of you are stupid

DaWolf:3 Nov 25 2013 2:49pm FLAG
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Anonymous Nov 25 2013 3:11pm FLAG
im a girl 20 never dated never kissed. i think i may be lesbian looking for girls 18 and older to skype. alexyformyself is skype name.

alexy Nov 26 2013 2:07am FLAG
Need a young slave... female, bi and yo kik jacob88a saying hallo daddy

Anonymous Nov 26 2013 10:57am FLAG
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Anonymous Nov 27 2013 3:16pm FLAG
hey im male, looking to talk, role play or trade pics with a female any age on kik, my kik name is gothictiger6, kik if you want to talk, dirty or clean :) see you there. you must be able 2 send a live pic of your face please.

Anonymous Nov 27 2013 3:17pm FLAG
f chrissy looking for girlskik me at chrisbrown26

Anonymous Nov 27 2013 6:14pm FLAG
Kik me and wanna talk dirty no guys kik is chasity_loves_u;)

chasity Nov 27 2013 11:14pm FLAG
kik: ohsnapitsshereen Kent...England! Add me if ur not a fckin douche pervert or creep. I'll find out in seconds if u are and ill make u pay for it. So...only girls yeah? Kthanksbai

Shereen Nov 28 2013 6:44am FLAG
Hey I'm F lesbiam :) Kik me :Its_jccallen Also 9-Only !!!!!When u kik mr send a pic and also tell my ur age

lHey I'm F lesbiam :) Kik callen Also 9-Only !!!!!When u k Nov 28 2013 3:42pm FLAG
Any lesbians wanna trade live pics kik me ashmoore69 18 and hurry I can be dominant if you want me to just say!;)

ashmoore69 Nov 28 2013 3:57pm FLAG
f, bi any girls age kik me @ twitchyburrito3

Anonymous Nov 28 2013 11:38pm FLAG
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ilovemyducks8 Nov 28 2013 11:41pm FLAG
f names kellymarie72 anyone message me

Anonymous Nov 29 2013 4:39pm FLAG
kik Lntensify to trade girl pics

Anonymous Nov 30 2013 8:18am FLAG
any girls wanna kik? 18 f here dboyd2... i cant send lives

dboyd2 Nov 30 2013 10:15am FLAG
Girls kik me @iam_lezz im f and no boys btw I loveindian love Indian girls

Anonymous Nov 30 2013 11:08am FLAG
Hii! Mmm kinda new here soooo givin these a try! Only girls, no boys! Send me a picture and if I like I will respond back! Kik is bogart286_ (girls only) !

Natasha Nov 30 2013 4:28pm FLAG
my kik is rimaskik looking for bi girls! guys banned! i wont send pics but i will accept

rimA Dec 01 2013 7:05am FLAG
Kik Me Daa_ninja_gurl I'm

abby Dec 02 2013 12:08am FLAG
I'm Kelly add me kwalker38 I'm 38 year old girls only!

Kelly Dec 02 2013 2:32am FLAG
Kik; hollybonnie must send live pics only I return with live pics if need reasurence ill send live face picture first

Hoboo Dec 02 2013 12:19pm FLAG
I'm f lesbian so no boys, girls message me on kik any age hehe, 10-100 hehe

Flamingtrail Dec 02 2013 3:07pm FLAG
Any girl want to be my slave? You must be completely submissive. Kik cupcake_shake

Jess Dec 02 2013 7:14pm FLAG
I'm 18 and new to kik, looking for a girl to be mine, send me live for live for proof, girls only, kik id jessicah2o

jessica Dec 02 2013 8:08pm FLAG
Any hot girls out there kik me Holaitshannahh I'm skinny and athletic! No fake people! So yeah kik me xx

Anonymous Dec 03 2013 2:02pm FLAG
Heyy girls I really want people to rate my d*ck if you wanna my kik is bigd I ckand take the space out ;)

Anonymous Dec 03 2013 3:12pm FLAG
Bigd*ckand Soz

Anonymous Dec 03 2013 3:13pm FLAG
f... bitches im girl i dont have to proove anybody

hellgirl Dec 03 2013 5:43pm FLAG
My kik is: iceskatingisawesome NO BOYS will trade pics if you want girls xoxo i'll be waiting for you

Anonymous Dec 03 2013 6:53pm FLAG
Lesbians wanna trade live pics kik me ashmoore69 18 and !:) And u if want a dominant girl just tell me so (;

ashmoore69 Dec 04 2013 2:23pm FLAG
nicole_sucks_clit must be hot

Anonymous Dec 04 2013 6:01pm FLAG
Lesbians kik me at _me_ Pictures must be live and videos as well (if you want) I'm 100% not fake so I'd hope the same in return . And if you live I'm New York that's a plus;) but it doesn't matter where you're from . You're in for a treat;)

_me_ Dec 04 2013 8:52pm FLAG
Btw my name is _f x c kme_ Take out the spaces ^^

_me_ is really _f x c kme_ Dec 04 2013 8:55pm FLAG
looking for a slave girl. you must be completely submissive. if you are then kik me at cupcake_shake

jess Dec 04 2013 9:18pm FLAG
Cupcake_shake is fake.

Anonymous Dec 05 2013 12:41am FLAG
Send your pics to picdumpster! I don't chat with this accounts girl pics only.

picdumpster Dec 05 2013 12:45am FLAG
Jessicash1. Kik me I'm and looking for young athletic white girls 😘 I'm USA

Anonymous Dec 06 2013 11:24am FLAG
Im bi Kik me ;) Icametobitchez Only girls

Anonymous Dec 07 2013 2:09pm FLAG
I trade vids of girls for LIVE pics and vids. If you're bi, I'm willing to trade too ;) maxbazil1

Anonymous Dec 07 2013 3:26pm FLAG

Anonymous Dec 07 2013 4:26pm FLAG
lesbians kik ashmoore69 live pics only im 18 and ! if you want a dominant girl just tell me so!;)

ashmoore69 Dec 07 2013 5:51pm FLAG
Hi I'm and kick me @ Naomi.NW and we can have a good time but lsbains or bisexuals only!!!!!! Any guys will get the cops called

naomi.NW Dec 07 2013 9:26pm FLAG
I am a mistress looking for girls to m be my sex slave. I'm looking for any willing age up to around , if you are interested kik me at sexxi_bunni

Jenni Dec 07 2013 10:13pm FLAG
Koolweirdo3 is nice

Ashmoore69 Dec 08 2013 4:17am FLAG
I am!!! But I never talked to you.....?

koolweirdo3 Dec 08 2013 8:12am FLAG
I'm Mollie I'm and I'm looking for a nice sweet relationship with a girl. Kik me molliev

Mollie Hall Dec 08 2013 2:38pm FLAG
my kik is inuyashacowgoesmoo and im trading vids for vids of girls in the shower. + only please and only girls please

Anonymous Dec 09 2013 4:05am FLAG
crazy_lilyy add me girls. no guys

Anonymous Dec 09 2013 10:31am FLAG
Any guys wanna kik me im m TheColeH

;) boys Dec 09 2013 3:03pm FLAG
f looking for girls only!! kik me jackietucker26

Anonymous Dec 09 2013 3:43pm FLAG
18F searching for girl slaves... + Kik falpich

Anonymous Dec 09 2013 9:08pm FLAG
girls any age add me casey_holt3

Anonymous Dec 10 2013 6:31am FLAG
Lets hav sex please send in ur hot pics in looking for ****age girls I'm

Lucreta Dec 10 2013 6:41am FLAG
biancastarjar just turned Bi courious

Anonymous Dec 10 2013 7:50am FLAG
Hey girls! I have a friend who has the best girl pics and some vids he is a boy please give him a chance he's great with the pics don't believe me kik :TECHNOFREAK32 or just ask me myself :wetc*nt5replace the * with u

The girl with pics and boy with pics Brooke and Steven Dec 11 2013 3:38pm FLAG
^^^^^ only girls^^^^^^

Anonymous Dec 11 2013 3:52pm FLAG
I'm f lesbian I DONT SEND ****S!!!!!!!!! Looking for girls only!!!!>*< we must get to know each other !!!!:) looking for a gf !!!!:> NO!!!!!>:( boys

kik:jccallen Dec 11 2013 6:09pm FLAG
hey babes. I'm looking for a slave and a girlfriend. ages kik me if you're interested. allisonclaire09

allisonclaire09 Dec 11 2013 10:32pm FLAG
Kik pennyfalls f10

pennyfalls Dec 12 2013 8:35am FLAG
trading young f­xckingsexy send to receive

Anonymous Dec 12 2013 10:47am FLAG
Add me on kik looking for fun chats and role players wetlesbian32

Anonymous Dec 12 2013 3:50pm FLAG
Add me wetlesbo32 got it wrong xx

Horry et Dec 13 2013 2:17pm FLAG
Kik me at wetkittyI'm f Asian willing to trade if you convince me ;)

Vanessa Dec 14 2013 3:31am FLAG
I want girls only! I'm lesbian. Guys well get blocked. If your a cute young girl and want to trade pics kik Jamie_thebi Live pics so I know your not a creepy guy!!!

Anonymous Dec 14 2013 12:12pm FLAG
Hey anyone wanna trade pics? I prefer big tits but anyone who wants to trade is fine by me;) my kik is dino_sam I'm f any guys with girl pics can trade too

Anonymous Dec 14 2013 1:37pm FLAG
girls kik me send live for respinse sara.coackly

sara lesbian Dec 14 2013 3:12pm FLAG
. bi girls kik me @dipped_in_culture

Rainbowkitty Dec 14 2013 4:57pm FLAG
Hi my name is amanda :) im f from germany im loocking for a girl slave;):* kik: AmandaCoxs

Anonymous Dec 15 2013 10:52am FLAG
Hi I just wanna chat with some girls any age at all I can trade if u wand but I'll asume u don't want to unless u ask I'm m and my kik is tritent if I don't respond I'm asleep ps no guys pls it's a little wierd

Tritent Dec 15 2013 1:18pm FLAG
male. girls around my age kik me for fun I send lives. my kik is, 1Mozart1 girls only

Anonymous Dec 15 2013 1:33pm FLAG
Hi im amanda:) F lesb from germany:) im loocking for a girl slave:* but we can swap normal too:)) kik: AmandaCoxs

Anonymous Dec 16 2013 5:52am FLAG
Hay girls if u wanna chat pls kik me I'm m my kik is tritent and I can trade if u ask even lesbians but pls no guys thanx and I'll ttyl

Anonymous Dec 16 2013 3:39pm FLAG
Hey girls I'm a f looking for a girl or guy Slave Kik me at evilangelxx please kik me

Anonymous Dec 16 2013 8:12pm FLAG
Hi, M19 with 5 years experience looking for long term F slave ages -30with kik. YOU MUST DO EVERY COMMAND, NO MATTER HOW DISGUSTING IT IS WITHOUT ANY QUESTION OR REBELION. GIRLS ONLY!!!! GUYS WILL BE BLOCKED!!!! ALL PICS WILL BE LIVE. Send "I am your slave master" and a LIVE FULL BODY INCLUDING FACE **** PIC. Username: thelaxgods BY MESSAGING ME YOU ARE AGREEING TO WHAT I SAID.

Anonymous Dec 17 2013 6:30am FLAG
I am a mistress looking for girls to my be my sex slave. I'm looking for any willing age up to around , if you are interested kik me at sexxi_bunni and say "hello mistress"

Jenni Dec 17 2013 8:57am FLAG
/F here. Looking for lesiban or bi girls ages -. Willing to trade pics. But I can't do live pics, I'm on an iPod. I have almost 90 pics of myself saved. So... Yeah NO guys, unless you have pics of those girls. Kik: Uhhhlexia

Uhhhlexia Dec 17 2013 11:34am FLAG
Hay girls if u wanna chat kik me I do clean and dirty just say wich u want and I trade so ya also lesbians I got girl pics or we can just talk my kik is tritent so I look forward to talking with u

Anonymous Dec 17 2013 12:54pm FLAG
Hey I'm 18 bi female. I'm extremely have big tits. No guys and girls and up please. HEY.LOL

Anonymous Dec 17 2013 1:19pm FLAG
kik me:_iLuvBubbles snap chat me : dejabeann

Anonymous Dec 17 2013 6:58pm FLAG
Young girls kik me. (I can't do live pictures though, I'm on an iPod) Kik: Uhhhlexia

Uhhhlexia Dec 17 2013 8:19pm FLAG
Lesbians kik me at sexy69chica I'm a girl and I'm bi. But please no guys tonight. I don't usually o pics but dirty talks great and maybe we can meet up if you live near by

Sexy69chica Dec 17 2013 8:23pm FLAG
f Looking for live slave girls only kik: chyndky42 start convo with mistress I am ready to please you

Yourmistress Dec 18 2013 8:06am FLAG
Hey 18 f bi. If your in MD or near by and wanna meet up or trade message me. HEY. LOL

Anonymous Dec 18 2013 8:26am FLAG
I am and bi and mostly looking for a gf, I take NO ****S. If you ask I block you and I don't talk dirty. I'm looking for a nice girlfriend, long distance or not. Im kind and helpful, please let me know if your interested! Kik me! My kik is: FxllenXngel

c: kik: FxllenXngel Dec 18 2013 8:46am FLAG
Im Bi Girl Looking For Lesbianss/Bi Girls Who Would Do What iLije NO BOYS !! Kik me at > prettycount hurry

Anonymous Dec 18 2013 2:56pm FLAG
Hey girls im lookin for some young girls to have fu.n with any age ill and talk dirty just kik me at littlecutie18

littlecutie18 Dec 18 2013 7:30pm FLAG
Im trading vids of girls on kik. My username is taytaybanks im f

Anonymous Dec 19 2013 11:48am FLAG
Kik me at babygirlxxx.2 text only very cute girls no boys they will be blocked

Princess Dec 19 2013 3:51pm FLAG
Looking for a slave age -30. I will send pics back if you're good. Theredheadedslut

Leilah Dec 19 2013 5:42pm FLAG
Add me only if you’re female and can prove it! I can prove I’m real so please…if you’re a faker…a guy…any other kind of degenerate creep…just don’t? Kik: LottieTots

Anonymous Dec 20 2013 4:22am FLAG
Kik me girls! I'm skinny and athletic I wanna talk to some hot and cute babes. So go for it kik me--> Holaitshannahh

Anonymous Dec 20 2013 1:39pm FLAG
Kik _ peace_love_ joy_ya talk dirty to me any age and I'll make u cum hurry I'm we

Kil Dec 20 2013 2:22pm FLAG
_peace_love_joy_ya hurry girl

I want Dec 20 2013 2:26pm FLAG
nicole_sucks_clit must be young and hot

Anonymous Dec 20 2013 9:05pm FLAG
Kik I'm girls and under only I trade and no guys!!! Little_sunshine

Anonymous Dec 20 2013 10:16pm FLAG
M looking for naughty girls to and trade pics & vids with. kik mattlovesyou88. I reply quick and you wont be disappointed ;)

mattlovesyou88 Dec 20 2013 10:30pm FLAG
nat_tib f so wet.

Anonymous Dec 21 2013 5:48am FLAG
Kik me girls I'll do anything! I'm wet!! So hot girls kik me Holaitshannahh! I'm blonde athletic and skinny go for it kik me like I said ill do anything! Xx

Anonymous Dec 21 2013 9:40am FLAG
Koolweirdo3 I like boobs

Anonymous Dec 21 2013 4:19pm FLAG
Kik me girls I'll do anything! I'm wet!! So hot girls kik me Holaitshannahh! I'm blonde athletic and skinny go for it kik me like I said ill do anything! Xx

Seriously hot girls add me on kik :* xx Dec 22 2013 4:33am FLAG
Bi or les girls kik me I talk dirty an roleplay I don't do pics so don't ask NO BOYS!!!!!!

Anonymous Dec 22 2013 8:53am FLAG
My kik is thisperson_3 I talk dirty. I'm les. I roleplay. No boys

Anonymous Dec 22 2013 8:55am FLAG
Kik me at kyndchy42 . I'm f mistress looking for submissive girls. Start out chat with mistress I'm ready to please you

Mistress Dec 22 2013 8:56am FLAG

Mistress Dec 22 2013 8:56am FLAG
my kik is.. abbygailsfun i only trade pic of girls only i send to girls and boys but i only want girls, if you dont send a pic i wont reply

Anonymous Dec 22 2013 1:17pm FLAG
Hay girls if u wanna chat of trade dirty or clean pls kik me I also chat or trade with lesbians so kik me my kik is tritent I'm m

Anonymous Dec 22 2013 3:47pm FLAG
Hi everyone my name is jasmine and I am a lesbian I will give you many number if you ask and no guys please thank you

Jasmine Dec 22 2013 4:27pm FLAG
I'm les . Girls only 10-. NO BOYS U WILL GET BLOCKED. I roleplay am talk dirty or I'll clean chat. Kik me at thisperson_3

Anonymous Dec 22 2013 4:40pm FLAG
And I like to talk dirty

Jasmine Dec 22 2013 4:50pm FLAG
Jasmine wats ur #

Anonymous Dec 22 2013 5:03pm FLAG
Lesbians trade live pics only Kik ashmoore69 18 and (; I can be dominating if you want me to;P

ashmoore69 Dec 22 2013 5:08pm FLAG
Hot f les kik @ graceorscheln

Anonymous Dec 22 2013 10:49pm FLAG
Hey;) I'm bi looking for dirty talk no guys kik me at chasity_loves_u

Chasity_loves_u Dec 22 2013 11:43pm FLAG
female looking for a or younger girl

lucia99 Dec 23 2013 6:46am FLAG
female looking for a or younger girl

lucia99 Dec 23 2013 6:51am FLAG
add me f lesbiianlover26 any age

Anonymous Dec 23 2013 8:46am FLAG
f. Wet and . Theredheadedslut

Leilah Dec 23 2013 7:12pm FLAG
I am a f looking for a female buddy kik me HotMelissa69 Plz no guys

Anonymous Dec 24 2013 12:51pm FLAG
Lesbians or Bi girl kik me, I'm les, my names Emily. Especially looking for girls ages -, since I'm . Must be able to send live pic. kik is echammertime

Emily Dec 24 2013 2:47pm FLAG
kik me at selena__xoxoo IF U LIVE IN CHICAGO

selena Dec 24 2013 3:02pm FLAG
Kik me: jessica_blaa only girls pls!! (: life pic!!!!! Age:

anonym Dec 24 2013 6:13pm FLAG
Heyyyyy <3 no pics but ill leave your kiks ;)

Miranda Dec 24 2013 8:22pm FLAG
Btw only plz

Miranda Dec 24 2013 8:23pm FLAG
Kik; oreothebunny

Miranda Dec 24 2013 8:25pm FLAG
hi... what i need is a christmas slut ;-) any age.. one who have some sexy christmas outfits... must send live pics.. maybe videos... kik jacob88a ohh.. maybe you want to be my slave to... then say hallo daddy

Anonymous Dec 25 2013 2:23am FLAG
Hii im paola im and lesbian. Girls no older than kik me at eli661 NO GUYS

paola Dec 25 2013 6:06pm FLAG
Girls pls Kik me: kcart_ (; I'd be appreciates

Anne Dec 25 2013 6:39pm FLAG
Kiara23ballislyfe - bi

Anonymous Dec 26 2013 5:58am FLAG
boy, kik name: edibas

Anonymous Dec 26 2013 9:40am FLAG
m uk anyone add me;) harryuk3

Anonymous Dec 26 2013 11:06am FLAG
Kik alaina4 f tennessee swap live for live no fakes or guys

lainypoo Dec 26 2013 12:00pm FLAG
Hay girls if u wanna chat clean or dirty pls kik me at tritent I\'m m and I also do chat or trade with lesbians or non lesbians so kik me looking forward to talking to u.

Anonymous Dec 26 2013 1:07pm FLAG
Kik me if you're bi and live in canada, ontario only ages xpandahugger

Anonymous Dec 26 2013 8:08pm FLAG
Girls TECHNOFREAK is a scam

Anonymous Dec 27 2013 9:04am FLAG

Anonymous Dec 27 2013 10:39am FLAG
Chyndky42 dracoshir parsaaghdasi are all fakes

fakespotter Dec 27 2013 1:18pm FLAG
Hi. I'm a male sex slave. You can call me isabelle because I'm a sissy boy. I'm and looking for a mistress at any age. Kik me and I promise I will serve you well. I do anything from anal, Cumming, cum eating, pain, bondage, and much more. Just ask and I'll be happy to do it. Kik me at baby_slave I'll be waiting eagerly.

Anonymous Dec 27 2013 2:59pm FLAG
I'm and lesbian. Looking for someone to talk to and possibly trade :P. Kik me lucywilliams

lucywilliams Dec 27 2013 3:41pm FLAG
Kik shay_kissesto trade pics an vids

Anonymous Dec 27 2013 4:19pm FLAG
I'm a **** girl, my kik name is: ajbuttons

Anonymous Dec 27 2013 5:33pm FLAG
Im f bi and ill chat dirty or clean but serously no boys or fakes that gets old fast No live pictures i dont like that Kik bubbles096

Bubbles096 Dec 28 2013 12:15am FLAG
Junebooger22 f Georgia lez. Girls only! Live for live pix. No gallery. Guys get blocked

joony Dec 28 2013 9:52am FLAG
trade videos of girls peeing&squirting only!! im bi and so no old women videos! i trade with boys and girls but wont reply if no vid is sent! my kik is - abbygailsfun

Abby Dec 28 2013 2:12pm FLAG
Add me on kik no boys I'm a lez and is very dirty and add up got lots of videos and pictures xx wetlesbo32

Wetlesbo32 Dec 28 2013 3:33pm FLAG
nicole_sucks_clit must be young and cute

Anonymous Dec 29 2013 7:54pm FLAG
I have pics and vids of girls if anyone wants to trade. Kik - b*I*g*w*I*l*l*y*9*0*0*1 (remove all *)

Anonymous Dec 29 2013 10:17pm FLAG
i have vids and pics of girls if anyone wants to trade. kik - b*i*g*w*i*l*l*y*9*0*0*1 (remove all *)

Anonymous Dec 29 2013 10:30pm FLAG
m i want hot or cute girls i want dirty talk or clean i want live pics and my kik is i_damian

amian Dec 29 2013 10:55pm FLAG
lookin for asian girl vids or girl shower vids, vids, incest vids, NO YOUNGER THAN inuyashacowgoesmoo is my kik, send a vid to get a vid. over 30 seconds good asian girl vids get my vids ONLY

Anonymous Dec 30 2013 11:56am FLAG
Kik me at VannessaPerez20 and im a lez NO BOYS! OR I WILL CONTACT THE POLICE.And i am looking for girls ages -26

Vanessa Dec 30 2013 12:10pm FLAG
lesbians trade live pics only kik ashmoore69 18 and wet! i can be dominant if you want me to ;)

ashmoore69 Dec 30 2013 4:03pm FLAG
Looking for a slave! Needs to be able to skype call and send live pics and veideos. Lesbians only. Perferably and under. Kik me at ch334 NOOW

Anonymous Dec 30 2013 4:52pm FLAG
im angeline lesbian ,i want a n ude live video or pic first to talk i send lives too kik me girls angelinecortez

Anonymous Dec 30 2013 8:05pm FLAG
Kik- nicole_forsex - any girls apply younger thr better im bi and want girld

slut Dec 30 2013 8:13pm FLAG
@jennettaphetta :) I'm

Gorl Dec 30 2013 8:43pm FLAG
Bilucy92 - girls only!

Anonymous Dec 31 2013 5:03am FLAG
19 F Les pic trade kik sexychelsd girls only

Chelsea Dec 31 2013 5:46pm FLAG
Send me a video of YOU stripping and I'll return the favor. Make it longer than 3 minutes. Won't reply to anything but the video. Only girls only please. Guys will be blocked. My kik is cougarchaser98 I'm a girl.

Cougarchaser98 Dec 31 2013 5:57pm FLAG
Hey Kik me I wanna try I'm **** only and females only thx my kik is Kira_white.

Kora whotr Dec 31 2013 8:26pm FLAG
This is awkward but can some girls please kick me xD I know everyone here are les but I just want 1 pic and then you can delete me xD Please don't say I'm a pea do cause I'm not any age is fine for me xD kik me at markjennings23

Anonymous Jan 01 2014 12:02am FLAG
kik me @ rya.mcfadden f (:

Anonymous Jan 01 2014 6:57am FLAG
female lesbian, live pics only, guys will be blocked, kik me at kellyg_xoxo

kellyg_xoxo Jan 01 2014 9:34am FLAG
I'm a f and I'm experimenting I'm big so guys and only and girls anyone else will be blocked my kik is Katie_keefer

Katie_keefer Jan 01 2014 2:34pm FLAG
I ment bi not big sorry

Katie_keefer Jan 01 2014 2:35pm FLAG
female lesbian, no guys please, kik me at April_tolbert

april_tolbert Jan 01 2014 5:31pm FLAG
I'm a yearl old lesbian. Send me a stripping video of you to get one back. Don't kik me if your older than . The video has to be more than 3 minutes long. My kik is cougarchaser98

Jasmine canes Jan 01 2014 6:07pm FLAG
les mistress looking for a servant. I'll treat you well. My kik is dracoshir

april Jan 01 2014 6:53pm FLAG
Guys will be blocked only girls!!!!

Jasmine canes Jan 01 2014 7:04pm FLAG
Girls to kik me @lesbo__bitch I'm

Anonymous Jan 01 2014 7:47pm FLAG
Kik funbuddyill trade vids for live girl pics doesn't have to be of you

Anonymous Jan 02 2014 1:01am FLAG
Beckii_J, 21 and new to kik add me :)

Bekki Jan 02 2014 1:39am FLAG
lesbians kik ashmoore69 im 18 and dripping wet;) trade live pics only. i can be dominant if you want me to just say hurry!

ashmoore69 Jan 02 2014 8:31am FLAG
im and straight but i know guys use this site haha add my snapchat liamharper. i use my bros old snapchat and i dont know how to change it. send me a d*ck pic and i might send one back of me ;)

liamharper Jan 02 2014 3:31pm FLAG
Kik: MP_Diddy /f

fun ;) Jan 02 2014 6:13pm FLAG
20f looking for girls only A_Blauvelt

Anonymous Jan 02 2014 8:52pm FLAG
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Anonymous Jan 03 2014 5:45am FLAG
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aimee Jan 04 2014 8:16am FLAG
trondheims_kid97 is a fake. i tried this and found out he was lieing and sent me pics off the internet! DONT KIK HIM

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f uk kik girls only, boys will be blocked, name below

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Please kik me I'm a lesbian who hasn't cone out yet. I'm from Ireland and I seem to have a schoolgirl fetish Guys must send 5 pictures of girls before I even consider sending anything to you I'd like to be a mistress or a slave (makes me all wet) My kik is Sexytikka

Jenni Jan 09 2014 9:41am FLAG
hey message me girls only, im lesbian, and want to find a secret girlfriend, kik is jessicah2o send a live and your asl, if you cant prove ur real dont bother, love you see you soon

jessica your so cool! ;P Jan 09 2014 6:46pm FLAG
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natalia is gay Jan 14 2014 12:39pm FLAG
Catktskittens didnt work

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Jasmine Mar 09 2014 7:48pm FLAG
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ashmoore69 Mar 10 2014 2:00pm FLAG
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sty Mar 10 2014 5:38pm FLAG
SO MY KIK IS styforever... I will be on till :30 or to 1:00

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xo_realest Mar 21 2014 12:50pm FLAG
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18 f/lesbo . Kik me if you wanna trade pics and videos also. Im Mar 22 2014 3:49am FLAG
ywKtO6 I loved your post.Thanks Again. Fantastic.

yqXTapehVXAYPkyS Mar 22 2014 9:45am FLAG
Kik me at HollywoodUndeadRocks. I have tons of vids and pics. I do not trade of myself though. GIRLS ONLY.

HollywoodUndeadRocks Mar 22 2014 10:35am FLAG
P.S. I love older women.

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Kik me ashelyssxy I'm bi and I'm bored and and I need someone who will trade pic and will stay on the fone with me all night and FaceTime me and stuff I need a slave

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Nina Mar 22 2014 2:58pm FLAG
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Claudeee Mar 23 2014 1:41pm FLAG
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Claudeee Mar 23 2014 1:42pm FLAG
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Soph Apr 06 2014 12:33pm FLAG
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Anonymous Apr 06 2014 12:34pm FLAG
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Jemma Apr 07 2014 7:00am FLAG
Get adding please, shannonTp, ;)

shannon Apr 07 2014 10:43am FLAG

Weeeeeet Apr 07 2014 4:16pm FLAG
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Lexiibisexual Apr 08 2014 7:39am FLAG
Oh and I only want to trade

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dektirok Apr 14 2014 1:08am FLAG
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Anonymous Apr 16 2014 9:16am FLAG
Cutelez 1 2

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kik: livvyluvsyew age twelve, England If ur a guy or a faker and u add me i will tell my school tht ur a pedo

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Anonymous Apr 18 2014 8:46pm FLAG
Male/Leeds/UK. Any Girls. Any Age. C2C Skype Fun. My Skype Is radders32 NO MALES

Steve Apr 18 2014 10:09pm FLAG
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Anonymous Apr 22 2014 11:46am FLAG
sbocm Girls only send me a couple of lives first.

sbocm Apr 22 2014 1:38pm FLAG

sbocm Apr 22 2014 1:39pm FLAG

Anonymous Apr 22 2014 1:39pm FLAG
sbo(seven**** in numbers)cm

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Hayga10 Apr 22 2014 3:03pm FLAG

Hayga10 Apr 22 2014 3:03pm FLAG
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Mare532 Apr 22 2014 3:49pm FLAG
KIK: twiggytree, Looking for People (Brother, Mothers/Fathers), with Pics to trade of there Sisters, Daughters or Nieces any age. Dont just say hi! looking for real Mom's or Dad's, who have incest with there Son's or Daughter's of any age. To talk about incest and trade pictures. Just add twiggytree.

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Hey kik me at HollywoodUndeadRocks. I do not trade of my self though. I have tons of vids and pics. Milfs and older women are highly recommended. But all girls are welcome. NO GUYS. I enjoy roleplaying aswell.

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Anonymous May 01 2014 2:41pm FLAG
Haii, someone kik me, please; @// rainbowkittytasha69 (Girls only. No fakes/guys allowed) We should have fun♡

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f here to trade girl on girl vids. No vid older than kik me mykikfunone

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Looking for girls who are willing to do one thing for me. If you do it I'll do one thing for you. Girls only. Guys will be blocked. My kik is cougarchaser98. Don't just say hi or expect to trade right away. Say what do I do and I'll tell you. Then we switch roles.

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Erica hernandez May 30 2014 8:59am FLAG
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Anonymous Jul 22 2014 4:06pm FLAG

Anonymous Jul 22 2014 4:07pm FLAG
3 at the end. This things acting up sorry :/

Anonymous Jul 22 2014 4:08pm FLAG
AGAIN OMG... 1 4 3 at the end...but all together.... -_-

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I'm F22 looking for obedient slaves on Kik. You will only get pictures off of me if you deserve them, otherwise, don't bother asking. Be warned, I'm very strict with a very low tolerance. If you feel that you're up to my standards Kik me @Strict_and_bi

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I'm and lesbian. i want a girl to talk dirty with and maybe roleplay. we don't have to trade pics. kik: lilmisskassie (:

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Give advice: