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How to get your boyfriend to hold your hand.

The Problem: WEll i want to hold my boyfriends hand but im not sure if he wnts to so i want him to grab my hand first the closest i got to holdhing his hand is when i fell outside and hell help me up then hell wait like seconds and let me go after im already up can you tell me whats wrong?

Asked by: Dukesbabe at 09:00:47 AM, Wednesday, September 20, 2006 PDT FLAG


lol um its just hand holding its not like in marraige. just grab his hand 1 day

Anonymous Sep 20 2006 5:02pm FLAG

i agree mann when i had a boyfriend i just grabbed his hand then he was happy

trippie_hippie Sep 20 2006 7:23pm FLAG
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mouth Sep 20 2006 8:45pm FLAG
your mouth :| llser

Anonymous Sep 21 2006 1:38pm FLAG
juss garb his first!

gabi Sep 21 2006 2:20pm FLAG
those peaple are ing mean

gvvvvbhb Sep 21 2006 6:53pm FLAG

nbcvb Sep 21 2006 6:54pm FLAG
just slowllyy grabb his handd he secretly wants you to!!

x0 SeXxY 0x Sep 21 2006 8:17pm FLAG
ill would wate for him to do it firs he proble think you dont whant do hold his hand at my school everybody whats for there b-fiend to put there hands around them and hug them all-day

anonymous Sep 21 2006 9:41pm FLAG
just ask him nicely if he wants to hold hands. DUAH!!!!

Anonymous Sep 22 2006 11:48am FLAG
grab his had he'll be happy... trust me!

Britty-booh Sep 22 2006 3:31pm FLAG
grab it then kiss him

boyproblems Sep 25 2006 2:58pm FLAG
Seriously...Take a walk with him and while on the walk grab his hand.If he doesnt want you to, he will tell you and then just say okay.But, garentee, he wants you too.

Miley Oct 10 2006 7:42pm FLAG
Walk close to him and brush your hand against his... Hopefully he'll get the hint.

o.0 Oct 19 2006 6:35pm FLAG
walk with him a while and then just reach out he's gonna want to hold your hand trust me

trust Oct 23 2006 2:24pm FLAG
Just go on a bench with a bunch of people and when you're talking make him out his hand on a bench and put yours on the bencha and thenjust grab his hand but never have your hand swetty.

DANCE DANCE ANGEL 66 Jul 18 2007 10:23am FLAG
I know how you felt for awhile, i had the same exact problem. I always wanted him to make the first move for eveything. but he wasnt doing anything! so one day i thought, what the hell, just grabbed his hand, and he said "thank you" i said "what for?" he said "i was nervouse YOU didn't want to hold my hand, now i know you do" its STILL going good with us, too!

?neverknow? Oct 10 2007 2:14pm FLAG
just do it your self cuz if you dont he will continue to think you dont want to hold his.

Anonymous Apr 11 2008 7:02am FLAG
i think it would be pretty akward if you asked him to hold ur hand... just go for the grab. i think he wants u to, but hes to nervous, and doesnt think that u want to , because u havent done so already.

anonymous Sep 30 2008 3:13pm FLAG
hmm yeah he might be a little surprized or he might be really happy that you held his hand first but i think that you should deff go for it. me and my boyfriend are having the same problem. i was watchin a movie at his house and we were sitting so close to each other but he wouldnt hold my hand! and then the next day i was like "hmmm, as close as we were sitting, im surprized you didnt hold my hand". and he was like "i didnt know you wanted me to". gosh, guys are so stupid. lol so yeah you should just go for it. and im also guessing that you want to know how to. umm, i guess if you guys are sitting down and he has his hand on his lap you should put your hand on top of his and then look at him and smile. he should get the point. or when your walking you could inch your fingers into his hand. it would probably be cute that way too. :D cause if you grab it right away you might startle him. anyways.....i hoped this helped!

nicky Dec 11 2008 7:33pm FLAG
One day i just grabed his hand and he said thanks and he was happy so i was happy and just go for it

Tegan Mar 04 2009 3:06am FLAG

jds Nov 01 2009 1:20pm FLAG
Go... 4 It! He Will Never Get Mad!

A Gurl Wit A Dream Feb 10 2010 11:24am FLAG
ok i think u should go get his hand softly u dont want to freak him out so just get it and squezze it he wont get mad my bf was scared to hold my hand idk why so i just got it and i was like hi babe and kept on holding it for the whole p.e period the next day he said your hand was soft and we just started to luagh it worked i was happy hope it works

julliet babe Mar 26 2010 11:25pm FLAG
I had the same problem to just hold it he isn't gonna get mad. What i did was i had my hand on my boyfriends arm and slowly ran my hand down then i grabbed his. Then his next step could be kissing you sense then he no u not afraid to by holding his hand

Gymnastics chick 99 Nov 18 2010 3:18pm FLAG
jus hold his hand if he loves you hell hold your hand and wont feel awkward about it period. be a go getter jus go for it

shedevil Apr 28 2011 7:07am FLAG
i used to have the same bf was sporty though so i challenged him to a race and when we got done i high fived him and put my fingers through his.hope it helped.

Anonymous Jul 21 2011 8:13pm FLAG
You should just walk next to him and slowly put your hand in his it will work trust me

Beonka Aug 11 2011 7:24pm FLAG
You should just go for it when i was at lunch with my bf we were surrounded by his friends i was in the middle nd he was on my write so i just put my hand on his knee nd he just put his hand on mine nd there we linked fingers hope this workd :)

Anggeelll Sep 11 2011 8:24am FLAG
Oh my gosh I was totally looking for advice like this!!! But I'm way to scared I will freak out my single friends who have never had a bf!! Plz help!

Thanks I will go for it Mar 27 2012 5:31pm FLAG
Just hold it he will love you for it:)

Me Apr 17 2012 3:35pm FLAG
just grab his hand he'll love it he's probably nervous or afraid you wont like it

Anonymous Jul 01 2012 10:16pm FLAG
Tap his hand or hold your hand out and look down at your hand. It'll make him look down. He'll probably hold your hard :D

That One Girl Jul 03 2012 8:42pm FLAG
I have the same problem but people r like just hold it! Im like well it's not that easy omg!! Maybe I'll try it tomorrow ;) idk:) haha

Me Sep 10 2012 1:45pm FLAG
You should move the back of his hand with your and if he dosen't get the hint just go for it and take his me he wants you to

awesome 1 Sep 13 2012 7:33pm FLAG
just take his hand he really wants you to.

Me Sep 13 2012 7:34pm FLAG

people Sep 13 2012 7:34pm FLAG
I think i want to try it i have been waitin the whole time since we were datin man i hope he pool away i was just sayin to my friend u just walk up to h an say u got soethin to show him an grab his hand an then just start to walk and u guyz r holdin hands lol i was thinkin this but i never had the guts to do itnow i do

Kya (skittlez) Oct 12 2012 9:18am FLAG
It is not that easy. I am having the same problem. One day he went to go grab my hand in the hallway way but some guy tripped him and he fell. :(. He keeps asking me if we can hold hands and kiss but he haven't done anything yet!!!!!!😡 I asked him why he didn't and he said that there were to many people and he was nervous. Some time s I have no clue how he got the guts to ask me out if he can't even hold my hand?!?!?

CONFUSED😡😤 Oct 17 2012 8:36pm FLAG

😮 Oct 17 2012 8:38pm FLAG
My bf did the same thing but when we got to school HE WOULDN'T DO ANYTHING!!!! He would just act like we never talked about it. I got so mad. But I don't know what to do.

Same Oct 17 2012 8:44pm FLAG
GO 4 IT! I'm still like that w/ my bf Austin but he always puts his pinky finger in my hand right before he holds my hand and when we hold hands we both smile a huge smile!!!! :) it's gonna b ok!

AAM <3 U Austin!!! Oct 18 2012 12:34pm FLAG
This is what I did, I invited him to FCA and we both sat together. His leg was touching my leg and we both only had 1 hand in our laps ( the hand closest to each other) then I slightly moved my hand towards his then he put his fingers in the palm of my hand then he put his on top of mine to see if I was ok with it then I was too impatient and wrapped my fingers in his like we were praying. We both smiled and of course at homecoming we held hands I love him 4ever!!

I WUV AUSTIN Oct 18 2012 12:43pm FLAG
Yea! Im from iowq park and at my school if ur single the ue laim and im a cheer leader and im daring a football play (travis wiens) and i love him and trust me if he truley loves u then he well loce it wen u just grab his and and act like itz no big deal. K guys??

dani <3 i love travis! ;-) Nov 23 2012 12:10pm FLAG
I know how it feels I've been there done that all u have to do is grab it gently then look into his eyes and smile. He will be fine with it. Trust me

1D (one derection) love!!!! Dec 13 2012 2:54pm FLAG
He wants to hold ur hand but he is to afraid some people r to scared if u r look into his eyes and touch his hand then he will get the idea and hold ur hand

Lovebirds!!!:) Dec 13 2012 2:57pm FLAG
Ok here are two answers: short and long Long: Drop some things for a few days in a week and brush his hand when you bend down to pick it up Short: Just grab his hand, but not tightly like a weird person, softly, and when he looks at you like "why'd you grab my hand?!" give him aOk here are two answers: short and long Long: Drop some things for a few days in a week and brush his hand when you bend down to pick it up Short: Just grab his hand, but not tightly like a weird person, softly, and when he looks at you like "why'd you grab my hand?!" give him a flirty smile Source(s): i'm in middle school and have a boyfriend too

Make it work girls!!!!!!!!!!:) Dec 13 2012 3:02pm FLAG
Love Love Love make it happen and you will be fine

Love Dec 13 2012 3:04pm FLAG
OMG today I just asked him to hold my hands and then he kissed my hand and told me that we will be together but, there is only one problem I am moving to a different state! Hetold me that he wants a long distance relationship but what do I do!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!??????????????????????????

Help Me !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Dec 14 2012 7:01pm FLAG
I feel the same aha!

I know the feeling! Dec 17 2012 11:04am FLAG
just go for it as if he wont even hold your hand then theres no point u goin out. dont worry i know its harder than it sounds but he will be grateful.

noneof yourbuisness Dec 22 2012 2:59am FLAG
Well I'm having the same problem I just got a boyfriend and I want to hold his hand but idk if he wants to though :-| I don't want to tell him anything but idk sooooooooooo. Just grab his hand:-) hope this helps

beyflx Dec 25 2012 8:13pm FLAG
Well the thing is I want to hold his and and I have touched it cos we hugged and when we went out the hug I basically went down his arms and sort of held his hand abit except we both had to go so it Diddnt work and I Duno what to do next

The script lover Jan 09 2013 2:48pm FLAG
nt bf is to scarred to hold my hand omg today he sat next to me and i wanted to hold his hand but i was nervous

cookies Jan 15 2013 2:48pm FLAG
what should i do

cookies Jan 15 2013 2:49pm FLAG
It was a cold day he asked me if my hands were cold I said yes he grabbed it and said not anymore but I don't no if he will hold it again it was only for 10 mins :(

The script lover Jan 21 2013 3:29pm FLAG
I think I will try to jus grab his and In class tomorrowim so excited but I've never did it before so I'm kinda scared a lil but I'm goin to go for it thanks for all the good advice everyone ill get on here tomorrow and tell y'all if it worked!!!!

I Luv Braden Jan 23 2013 3:14pm FLAG
Every one has been saying r u really dating and saying u have been together a week I want him to hold my hand but what if everyone is looking at us?

anonmous Feb 01 2013 5:30pm FLAG
Any advice?

anonmous Feb 01 2013 6:13pm FLAG
just go for it....

v Feb 26 2013 2:11pm FLAG
Wall past him say hey sexy put your arm around him then as your pulling away kinda touch his hand and just start holding it. Be confident he will like it

Sexybeast Feb 28 2013 4:22pm FLAG
HeYy people, I have the same problem and I really don't know what to do. The one minute I think I can do it and the next I think "what if he doesn't like the idea" please

zeEe Mar 01 2013 10:47pm FLAG
will yhea i will do that.

by sexy love Apr 09 2013 4:50pm FLAG
hey i am a guy, and i would`ve held her hand if she grabbed it, i just don't know when to..

0 May 20 2013 5:23am FLAG
just slowly put your hand t words his hand and start to hold his hand and if he pulls away it is okay he is just nervous so just lock pin-keys with him good luck

nicole it always works out Jun 19 2013 10:32am FLAG
Its cos hes nervous

Mmm mmm Jul 07 2013 1:54am FLAG
don't make a big deal its scary at first then it feels great!

luv my bf Sep 02 2013 11:27am FLAG
just go for it i had the same problem i was scared to and on day we were walking and he said will u hold my hand and i just said sure soo.. yay!! good luck

gurly gurl Sep 04 2013 6:49pm FLAG
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OXXyNqDLW Oct 23 2013 8:40am FLAG
my bf wont hold my hand at school even though when were alone, he does....sometimes. its almost as if hes not my bf at school and hes just a friend...guys are stupid...

yo mama Nov 13 2013 5:37pm FLAG
My bf hasn't held my hand yet,but that's because we have been dating for one day. Like everyone else is saying,Just go for it. Don't wait on him,you make the first move. Also maybe he is just nervous,everyone is at one point in time.Trust me i'm nervous when i'm next to him but not anymore. :) hoped this helped!! Oh and p.s. some boys don't know the signal that girls want to hold hands. :)

Miranda wuvs Erron Nov 19 2013 5:30pm FLAG
Just do it I have the same problem with my bf but I just did it yesterday actually and he was like thank you and then I kissed him lol

Anonymous Dec 02 2013 8:58pm FLAG
I think you should go for it.....if he takes iy away dont be mad just say "okay." But if he didn't take ot away cotos for you!

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Just kiss him

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TRcXWmEQN Apr 01 2014 9:22am FLAG
I know the feeling. Me and my bf have been together for almost 4 months.(2 more days and it'll be 4months). I want to hold his hand and cuddle and hug him or something but I'm scared that he won't want to. He is shy but I am too so that's a little problem. I don't want to jus make a move because I'll feel awkward and I'll fell like I made him feel awkward. I think I am gonna try to cuddle this weekend an hold his hand though...what have I got to lose anyways?

Taylor Apr 16 2014 3:59pm FLAG
Yeah so me and my bf have never hugged or held each other's hand I don't know what to do. Anyone have advice for mehh

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LshecwjsUBwNrli May 11 2014 12:01pm FLAG
You can have a friend force him to or to have them perpusely make you do it

Anonymous May 18 2014 7:18pm FLAG
what I did was at the movies I put my hand on the middle and he didn't get the hint so I put my hand down and then he got it after about 5 minutes and then I put my hand close to his but not on it then he just grabbed it

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Me and my boyfriend have been together for 6 months now and tomorrow is the first day of school 🏫 he said he will do it at lunch 😋 but of he doesn't idk what should I fo

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cPzFFitytFZEFIgOKC Dec 31 2015 10:25pm FLAG
Try saying your best friend who he don't know knows you and him are going out and has dared you too hold hands you could do that for anything if u wanted to kiss him say that hugg him say that and remain calm or you could get swetty hands

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ArIRjjOFvJHXCwa Nov 26 2016 5:23pm FLAG
I think you should ask or just do because of you are already dating him what do you have to loose

Lucy jones Jan 13 2017 9:00pm FLAG
Just grab his hand. Worst case scenario he won't want to hold hands with you but at least you tried to. Hope it works.

Pineapple Jan 31 2017 7:00pm FLAG
im and my boyfriend is he comes to sit with me and my family during church on Sunday mornings and while the pastor is preaching i hold out my hand wanting him to hold mine but he never does....i don't think he knows that i want to hold his hand so what do I do ??!! please help!!!!!

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