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The X's Heart-shaped Diamond Pendant (for girls to answer)

Question: If your fiance/boyfriend was bothered by a heart-shaped diamond pendant that an X of yours gave you would you...
Created by: Mo2 at 08:03:14 PM, Saturday, April 21, 2001 EDT


Carrie (Sarah Jessica Parker) Sex in the City
Charlotte (Kristin Davis) Sex and the City
Cleo (Michael Michell) ER
Forget I ever knew him.
Not wear it, but I don't understand the big deal.
Not wear it, I understand why he's bothered.
Sell it or something.
Tell him to hit the road if he can't deal with it.
Tell him when he replaces it with one just as nice then I'll stop wearing it.
Wear it anyway and I don't understand the big deal.
Wear it anyway despite his feelings.
Wear it anyway it's just nice jewelry.
Wear it only when he's not around.

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