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What should America do to punish the people who did this to us?

Question: After what happen on September 11th what do you think we should do to punish the people who attacked us?
Created by: Logan2 at 05:49:23 AM, Saturday, September 22, 2001 EDT


all of the above
blow their ass up with nukes
Blow up Afganistan
Blow up the White House
calm down and think a little bit, this is a human problem.
dance with pandas and have sex
Do nothing.
Do the same thing to them that they did to us
Follow the President 100 percent all the way
Go to war, but let God judge them
Haha, no idea.
Invade Saudi Arabia since it was Saudis on the plane
Investigate and find out exactly who was responsible
Invite them over for drinks and casual sex
Just stand behind the choice our president makes
Kill Bin Landan
Make them suffer like we did
Not do anything (right now) because our country is heading into another depression
Not sure
pull your heads out of your asses, think, and realize, it was our own government
rape all afgan women and girls
see if we can understand why they did it and only use large-scale violence as a last resort . . violence begets more violence
Stop and think about what America did to so many nations (Central America, Vietnam...) America did even worse than they did to America.
stop being american satan piiiiigs
Suck their dicks
We should blow up the world because we all suck
We should do nothing God will judge them not us
We should go to war
We should punish the ones who did this but not go to war

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