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Which Series 1 episodes do you want me to sum up first?

Created by: darkmagiciangirl at 12:01:08 PM, Thursday, May 08, 2003 EDT


10)A Beautiful Teacher w/ a Concealed Face- Pretty teacher hates kids. Yami *in a cape!* VS Teacher
11)The Opening of Game Capsole- New game,Egg Capsole Monsters, Miho has a stalker.
12)A Great Lucky Man Unbeatable Legend- Kaiba's 2nd game eliminator
13)Aim is a Girl a Danger of Prediction-Psyhic plays a hoax on Anzu
14) The Worst Date a Bomb Game- Yugi & Anzu go on their first date it becomes a death game
15)Evil Women Yugi can't Transform- A girl has a crush on Yugi and wants his's Puzzle
16)A Peak from the White Cloth- Shizuka's first apprearence, Evil Dr, Jou's crush on Shizuka's nurse
8) The Movement of the 4 Game Masters-Kaiba's 1st game eliminator
9)C'mon the Great yo-yo style- Jou. joins a yo-yo gang & forgets his best friends
Eps- 17,18; 20-23, 24-27

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