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Question: say u had a friend that u liked , who was friends w/ another friend of yours . that friend told u to ask the friend u like to go to a dance w/ u . so that day u ask and s/he says \
Created by: miss mandi at 01:40:21 PM, Friday, October 24, 2003 EDT


avoid s/he until s/he talks to u
be friends , but dont do anything the day of that dance w/ s/he
dont show that it bugs u at all, and be fine w/ it
go home crushed , whenever u see s/he look away
go to the dance still s/he away from there date
go w/ some one else and throw it in s/he s face !
go w/ some one else u dont really like as much
never talk to s/he again
plan a fun fild day befor the dance w/ s/he
say ok sounds good

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