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Why are people so mean to gay people

Question: Why are people so flippy around gay people. get over it.
Created by: kasey at 07:16:39 AM, Tuesday, November 18, 2003 EST


b/c gay people will rot in hell
b/c they usually have issues and gay folks scare them
because people are mean and dont concider others feelings !
everyone can be what he/she is not my bussunes at all.....let them live their lives....:)
How about putting a reasonable choice up here, huh?!
I dunno but i would like to know the answer to that myself
i think they should just really mind there own business...its none of there business and its that persons choice if he wants to be or not
idk. its always something diffirent
their weird
there gay
there gay and they don't want anyone to know (we'll know sillies)
there parents are gay
there siblings are gay
there spouse or partner left them because the partner was gay
there spouse or partner lied to them abut being fay as a means to break up with them
there stupid
they have their own rights JUST like everyone else
they need to get a clue
they shlould not exist
they suck dick
they think it makes them cool ( it doesn't)
they were taught to be this way by their parents

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