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What do males envy about Women?

Question: When examining the results of many of these polls, it quite clear that most people believe and understand that Women are the superior gender. As a young girl this truth was very obvious to me as I played rough and tumble with the boys. I could do everything they could do and most often did it better. At the same time I understood that being female I would soon have the ability to create life and give birth, something that boys could never do. I have always wanted to ask this question: Being a male, what do you most envy about Women?
Created by: zerowoman at 10:55:40 AM, Monday, May 31, 2004 PDT


Ability to Give Birth: Women are primary in reproduction.
Acute Senses: Research demonstrates that women have more acute senses of smell, touch, taste, and hearing. Women have better night vision.
All of the items listed.
Biological Fitness: Women live longer and have have superior genetics with two X chromosomes, males have but one.
Cognitive Abilities: Women have better mental abilities like intuition, memory, multi-tasking.
Sexual Capacity: Women have more sexual endurance and almost unlimited capacity to climax repeatedly.
Societal Advantages of Women: Many believe the future belongs to Women.

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