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Will men be allowed to vote in 100 years?

Question: The past 100 years have witnessed a revolution in women's rights. Only 100 years ago women were not allowed to vote. Today, they hold important positions in all aspects of government. Although women are still a minority in these positions, many believe that women's gains will accelerate, and that they will thereby displace men as the primary sex when it comes to wielding power. Others disagree. What do you think? Imagine the world of 2104 - 100 years from now. A national election is to be held in November. A man wishes to vote. Is he allowed to?
Created by: MLKemp at 02:56:36 AM, Thursday, July 29, 2004 PDT


1. Yes, for in 2104 there is complete sexual equality in voting rights.
2. Only if he is over 21 and married.
3. It depends on where he lives - each State decides for itself, and some have male suffrage while others do not.
4. No, male voting rights were abolished in the 21st century.

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