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Can you (woman) overpower your husband/friend?

Question: I am a 64 year old Woman from Germany, very strong boned and athletical build. Last week I gave a party for my best four girlfriends and their husbands. After a few bottles of wine the men did armwrestling. Also did I and my friends. In the later evening my bettest girlfriend challenged the men to armwrestle against her. She won four of five matches, and the men got in big surprise. But in what surprise got we women. A few hours before she was the weakest of us women, and now just the strongest man could stand her. We, the women, did not say a word and captured our secret. Please tell me, if you as a woman know about similar events.
Created by: selma at 08:56:37 PM, Wednesday, September 08, 2004 PDT


I am much stronger, perhaps he suspects it, but I never show it.
I am stronger as my husband, and he knows it.
I am stronger, but I hide it.
I am the weaker sex.
I could kill him, and he knows it.

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