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How should women take proper control over male orgasms?

Question: In an emerging society where women will dominate over men,how could women control a male's ability to orgasm?
Created by: facefacts at 10:56:12 PM, Friday, January 14, 2005 PST


Male locked in chastity belt,allowed temporary release if he can prove himself to be a worthy servant of his wife/girlfriend
Male locked in chastity belt,mother retains key until he shows proper respect to women
Male locked in chatity belt and slave to women,not allwed release as its about time men paid for centuries of female repression
Male locked in chatity belt, allowed periodic release at times determined by wife/girlfriend
No chastity belt, but severe caning handed out for orgams unauthorised by wife/girlfriend, even during sex.
Points based system where men must earn points to orgasm by performing duties suited to women

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