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The Worst Event of the Twentieth Century

Question: What was the worst event of the 1900's?
Created by: rude_child at 01:30:00 AM, Saturday, April 01, 2000 PST


30,000,000 Russians dying in WWII
Abortion legalized
all of the above
Atomic Bomb; Japan
Bill Clinton was elected
Birth of Bill Gates
childhood obesity
coming about of the internet - a whole n
Construction of Glen Canyon Dam
Creation of Israel
Dennis Rodman retired
dick suckers
digital recording
Election of Obama
Fantasia Burrino-She get things served t
FDR was elected
G W Bush steals election
Growth of International Communism
Invention of Aerosol Cheese
invention of the internet
Japanese Invasion in WWII
Jews taking over Palestine
Kathy Lee Giffords Birth
Kicking God out of Europe
Kicking God out of United States of Amer
Making this poll
open homosexuality
Puerto Ricans
rap music
Red Sox' Selling of Babe Ruth
reverse racism
Russia becoming a capitalist society
Sarah palin running for USA vp. I wouldn
sept 11
Sinking of Titanic
Split Up of The Beatles
The 2009 The Princess And The Frog movie
The apathy of the working classes of the
The Cold War
The contest to send a teacher to space
The Creator of this Poll was BORN
the day that the first idiot called Bush
the day the music died
The day the rubber broke!
The election of GW Bush as President
The Khmer Rouge
The Khmer Rouge
The Oppression of and Discrimination aga
the pop trend
the reagan revolution
the word regime
this poll
Umm, all of WWII I wud say matey
W Bush Stealing The Presidency
womens lib
World Tarde Center attack
world trade center disaster
Yo Mama

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