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Boys or men who work out to catch up to stronger girls or women

Question: Hey guys, have you ever been so bothered by encountering a girl or woman who was stronger, more muscular, or physically tougher than you that you started working out to catch up to her strength or surpass her?
Created by: dennismoore at 09:48:48 AM, Thursday, February 02, 2006 PST


No, I didn't care one way or the other.
No, I find meeting such girls and women exciting.
No, I was always stronger than any girl or woman I cared to compete with.
No, I worked out for other reasons and no female could equal me.
Yes, because her muscles were bigger, harder and/or better defined than mine.
Yes, because she beat me at armwrestling or some other contest of strength.
Yes, because she beat me up or physically bullied me.
Yes, because she showed off her superiority in front of friends and embarrassed me.
Yes, because she teased me that she was stronger and/or more muscular than me.
Yes, more than one of the above.

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